Gate of Revelation


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We attend school, find love, work, buy a house, pay our housing loans, insert weird faces in WeChat, watch movies… do any of you find anything amiss? One day, a group of strange people entered this world, equipped in strange clothing and possessing extraordinary powers, cold-blooded killers! They call themselves [Players].

Wait! Wait! You people want to kill me? You say I am NPC (Non Playable Character)? Stop joking around! You crazy bastards! I will fight you to the death! I will survive!

NPC beating up Players! Original residents beating up Transmigrants!

My world, my rules! What makes you think you bastards can come over and boss us around?

Treading the path of the strongest saviour in history, one destined to be filled with excitement!

Chen Xiaolian: From today onwards, an organization whose sole purpose is to oppose those bastards is established! Our guild shall be named… Player Thwarting Alliance!

Guild Member: Leader, this name, if we are to say it out, I fear we will be beaten up…

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Gate of Apocalypse
Thiên Khải Chi Môn
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newbage rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c276
Highly Recommended. The premise is fairly unique. It's not like a VR/game world, although there are game-like elements. The characters are well-rounded and the author appears to be very well read on a diverse array of subjects. This results in a fairly rich world building as well as an excellent level of depth and detail when it comes to environments, scenarios, and character interactions. The story is fairly thought-provoking by webnovels standards and the arcs are never repetitive or formulaic. The MC is not op, but is intelligent, capable, and... more>> likable. He also undergoes character development over the course of the novel. Moreover, unlike the vast majority of Chinese webnovels, there is also number of fairly fleshed out supporting characters. There are even a couple minor characters (with greatcharacterization) that you get to see more than once. Overall, I seriously recommend this novel. It is highly underrated. <<less
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Amiraute rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c75
The author try to be original with concept of anti-player, awakened. However his explication is sometimes not really credible or hard to accept.
... more>>

soso is logically the same as the MC : an irregular. But the author said 'she has forgotten her memory of the dungeon due to dual-personality !' The second personality is cold and determined Or in the first dungeon she didn't seem cold and determined. On the other hand, Han Li is an awakened but he's also have no memories of the dungeon until he's KO. I find it strange : after exiting a dungeon the awakened don't have memories of the dungeon


It's very interesting the way the MC thought to solve puzzle in the dungeons. It's more fun after around 60 chapters, MC found allies. <<less
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ieatp-ssy rated it
October 1, 2018
Status: c673
Have you ever seen "The Matrix?"

In it, when Neo first met Morpheus, he was offered a choice of blue or red pill. Choose Blue, and he would end up back in bed, to believe what he'd choose to believe. Red, and he sees how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This novel starts out with a similar precept, except that our MC, named Chen Xiaolian, wasn't given a choice of pills. Instead, he tripped, stumbled and fell into the rabbit hole. It's difficult to explain the plot of the novel without spoiling... more>> it, so I will only tell you that this is a very clever and creative spin on the Simulation Theory. It does start out a little slow and a little confusing, but it soon turns into a good ride.

First, I cannot tell you how good this novel is. You have to read it for yourself! But, I can tell you some of the good things about it:

1). The MC really is a proxy for the reader. He's truly an 'everyman, ' in the beginning of the story. He doesn't have the benefit of 'having played this game before in his past life, ' or an old man's spirit living inside of his space ring, or a supercomputer system that helps him level up faster than anyone can imagine. The usual 'goldfinger' cheat system that most of the MC's of CN novels have, is not present in this novel. The MC's only advantage here is his job, which is an online novel writer, which gives him a more active imagination than most people, and enables him to think clearly, in crises.

2). Everything of and around him is at-risk. The MC can be hurt, and he can be killed. Same goes for his friends and allies. This isn't like a novel about some guy playing a video game, where the most risk he takes is he has to start from zero again, which for Chinese people apparently is worth committing suicide over.

3). The MC makes free choices. In this novel, he thinks through problems, instead of plowing through it with OP disposition all the way. He makes choices. Freely. He's not following some pre-destined path like most other CN novel MC's, but rather deciding himself as he goes. Sometimes he makes the wrong choices. When he does, bad things happen, and people around him die. There is a sense of crisis, in which the plot armor only protects him so far, in this novel.

4). The element of figurative face-slapping as main plotline is absent. This most annoying element of most CN novels is decidedly absent here. The novel has an actual plot overarc, with mini-arcs along the way, and there's enough tension and danger, so there's no repetitive Chinese-style figurative face-slapping. In fact, the phrase "YOU'RE COURTING DEATH!" or something like it appears very, very infrequently.

5). Worldbuilding in this novel is very strong.

6). The plot moves. There's not much fillers between the stories.

7). MC does not have continuously miraculous luck. He doesn't power-up like most CN novel characters, where he finds good fortune whenever he turns his head. The good fortune he has happens infrequently, and they could as well have been claimed by other people, if not for his observational and thinking abilities.

8). The MC is not perfect. He has fears and worries. He's not some all-powerful xuanhuan character that can overturn mountains and drain oceans. In fact, the best thing about this novel is that the MC is not all that exceptional. When he wins, you'll get to see that he actually put in some effort. Nothing comes easy to him, and victory is always a result of strategic thinking and a courage under fire. And like real life, he doesn't always win.

Having said that, I also understand that this isn't the kind of novel that would appeal to everyone. I've noticed that this isn't a very highly-rated novel, on this site. Understandably so.

To fully appreciate this novel, you'll need to command a certain degree of intelligence and emotional maturity. If you are a 12-to-14-year-old boy, you'll think the novel is to slow and is too 'talkie.' This novel is more a dramatic adventure than an action piece. It's deep, introspective and sometimes philosophical. This is the anti-CN-novel of all the CN novels.

The MC's journey down the rabbit hole is not a freefall. He has to slow down at some point, and speed up at others. The mystery unfolds one layer at a time, and in fact, every 100 chapters or so, you'll discover that what you believe you know about the rabbit hole is wrong, and with another revelation you find that the hole is something else, entirely.

If you want something 'different, ' read the first 100 chapters of this novel in one sitting. If you like the first 100, the rest will blow your mind. If not, I recommend you read something called "Tranxending Vision, " since you'll likely find that novel life-changing.

Just a side note, but this has to be the crown jewel in the author's body of work. Most of his other novels are decidedly mediocre with a serious tilt towards utter crap. If you're trying to gauge the novel by who wrote it, don't. I assure you, this is very different than his other novels.

Enjoy! <<less
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DekuHero rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: --
It's not a bad story, but the biggest pet peeve I have with it is the fact that they use the word bitter/bitterly way too often. It's like every 2 paragraphs.

It reminds me of of "Everyone else is a returnee". I haven't checked but I would not be surprised if it's the same Author. That person also used the word way too often. The only difference is that in "Everyone else is a returnee" it starts using the word bitterly very often right away and in "Gate of revelation" they... more>> start using it often around chapter 25-28.

It wouldn't be so bad if they used the word correctly, but they don't. It's just no matter what happens they "Smile bitterly" or any other time they need to express a certain emotion it's only bitter. It slowly turns me insane while reading it. At least the Author doesn't switch around than and then or Your and you're. I can't be the only one that is annoyed by the constant misuse of the word bitter right?

Id give this a rating of 4 stars normally, but I feel a bit bitter and decided to go with a 3 star. I highly doubt it was the translators fault btw. Translations were pretty good. <<less
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chocholate rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: c111
I love this story, the story concept is new and fresh, maybe it was because of me but sometimes I hardly understand the concept that the writer want to tell...

like arc about bai (forgot what its name, but it is second arc) I can't bring myself to understand it, like sometimes gone blank for me... lol

Although it was like that I can't help myself to anticipating the next chapter. btw, I love the 3rd arc, can't wait for the party \ (^o^) /
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Data rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
There are a lot of good parts but a lot of cheesy awkward parts. It’s a novel idea, and a very interesting one at that. However, the dialogue for several parts are... Forced. The fact that the MC is a web novelist yet similar to what nubdog stated forgets himself makes it really idiotic and forced to the point where it feels awkward to read.
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Diskat rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: c600
This story isn't bad at all. The world building isn't bad either.

MC gets a girlfriend and actually sticks with her instead of a harem!... so far anyways. There's some romantic undertones with other girls, but he doesn't go too far with them and even notes their love for him is due to suspension effect.


... more>>

It's also quite infuriating at times. MC is a mastermind, and is capable of solving complex riddles with deep understanding of history due to being a webnovel author, BUT, BUT, BUT, obvious solutions are often missed or pointed out by others.

For example, instead of using guild chat to find the sisters when they were kidnapped by their dad, he went searching for clues of their whereabouts. Many, many, many chapters later, he noted that he tried contacting them through guild chat, but he could not reach them, but that's only because the sisters were moved later into Zero City, which we find out that guild chat can't go between the Zero city and Earth. And guess what, we learn about guild chat function right after he becomes guild master. And he didn't even use this convenient tool to do any communications for pretty much anything until more recently. It's like the author forgot this function and only remembered about it hundreds of chapters later.

Another example is when he removed the defences of Zero city and removed his memory why he did it. I don't care what his [currently unknown] reason to do so. He didn't even give himself an escape route before the players beseiged Zero City. What an idiot. Was he trying to commit suicide and genocide? He also didn't even think of using his authority of Zero City to strengthen the defense of Zero City.

I'm also not sure whoever the tactician was in the Angel Core, obviously he did a piss poor job. Gibb's plan was obviously more ideal for defense, and it doesn't take a genius to figure it out [I too, like to use a beachhead tactic when playing against AI Civ5]. If you could defend using the choke point, you can take care of enemies and reinforcements much more easily, most famous example is the Spartan 300. Unfortunately, for the sake of plot, certain people must be have worms for brains.

MC's girlfriend dies permanently, but has hopes of revival. And this is just right after he got her back from her dad. This is a letdown. He went through so much trouble, and only for her to die in the next dungeon.

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Boon rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c321
4/5 despite a rough start. By 321 it is progressively getting better with each chapter, as opposed to many generic action novels.

It starts out with an interesting idea, the protagonist and his friends/comrades are merely disposable NPC's in a game. It hits several cliche's pretty early on, and I dropped this novel 2-3 times before I hit chapter 50. I highly recommend holding on, at the very least reading this as a filler between updates of your other favorite novels.

By the time this hits chapter 300 it is incredibly interesting... more>> in my opinion. Introducing many mysteries and more novel ideas. It has a memorable cast of characters, and the enemies are always very intelligent. The story and plot are advancing at a good pace

Despite the cliche's early on that made me drop this, and the occasional irrelevant info-dump that leads me to skim, I'm still giving this a solid 4/5. But this is still tentative. It has climbed back up from the hole into something I quite like, but it can always dive right back in. Out of the 200+ CN and KR action novels I've read on this site, this makes my top 20; scoring highly above many of the other action sci-fi's, and generic xianxia's like IET's. <<less
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Hantosh rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: c587
... more>>

Due to an (apparent) system bug, the MC discovers that he's an NPC living in a Matrix-like game. He gains game-like superpowers and has to fight for his survival in a death game.


- Translation quality is good.
- MC is likable. Side characters are interesting.
- Unique concept. Story raises some interesting philosophical questions.
- The "dungeons" have a background (historical) theme that the MC uses his smarts to overcome. One of the author's notes says he did a lot of research for this, which is unique I guess. Personally I find that it kind of takes away from the whole "kill monsters, get loot" theme of RPGs/games though. Even the players the MC meets don't seem to care about the game's fluff; though it makes sense from a gamer's perspective (who the hell would study (apparently fake) history to play a dungeon?).
- Interesting dungeon concepts/events.

- Writing quality is okay. Author can be long-winded though, which makes the chapters feel slow-paced and full of filler (eg: explaining the obvious). Author also keeps breaking the fourth wall with self-insertion and direct references to things like Gundam, which breaks immersion and deflates the seriousness/tension in the story.
- Power system is vague. Stats/items use an alphabet ranking (SS > S > A >... > F etc). Since the MC and everyone else starts at B you can probably expect problems with power inflation later on. Story's already using +/- after the alphabet characters.

As expected, later on there are massive power inflation problems. eg: fighting god-level GM characters; hints of interplanetary/stellar warfare (planet buster bombs, spaceships, etc). Level/stat progression is still vague as hell.


MC and the other special Awakened (Irregulars) received a cheat skill each somehow, which hasn't been explained. Apparently they're supposed to have cloned a player with the bug so I'm not sure why they only gained 1 super rare skill.


Kind of a mixture of the Matrix and Gantz, with a mish-mash of lots of different genres in the dungeons. The story's different, although that doesn't automatically translate into awesome. I would recommend saving up chapters and reading it in batches rather than following every new release. Definitely worth checking out if you're into the real world turned into death game world genre. <<less
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Recklezz rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: --
I like the novel, though the genre is a bit weird, though the translator/author mentions that it isn't infinity it certainly feel like it. The main characters break the 4th wall quite often and bleeds from other works (star wars etc.) happen in the primary story line. The main downside is that the foreshadowing happens too soon and that the MC gets introduced to an impossible task that we as the readers can't find realistic at all. What I would say that this is a normal virtual reality story that... more>> is jumbled up with an original from sites like RoyalRoadl. Not that it's the genre it posses, but the progress of the plot certainly feels like it. Great story overall, just a bit weird genre, that is all. XD <<less
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MondoX rated it
May 8, 2016
Status: c56
The closest comparison to describe this story is like the manga _Cage of Eden_ with _game-like_ elements and like a certain movie that if I mention the name will spoil part of the story. The story is well written, and fight scenes are described very well. The best part of the story is its uniqueness compare to other LN/WN, I have yet to come across anything similar. Anyone that reads this series will not be disappointed by the story.

Probably my only complain so far is the strength of the MC.... more>> Every time the MC fights, he almost ends up dead and most of the time he needs help to defeat his opponent. He does not need to be OP’d, but he needs to improve some. The MC also has the most useless, and wasteful skill I have ever heard of. When another rookie (noob) shows up, they turn out to be stronger than the MC. All of the MC’s allies and enemies are stronger than him, or have a better skill. Expect a lot of luck or help for the MC to win his fights, because I do not see him beating anyone with strength or skills. The one thing I will say about the MC is that he is not a coward and will fight. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Andeetected rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c454
Yeah, you know that feeling where the MC started as a weak but smart individual and then starts working hard to get powerful?

That plot where the MC gets push around every so often until he finally gets his break, killing of all his enemies and you feel like shouting GOOOAAAAAAAAL!

This is NOT that novel.

... more>> MC is weak: YES

MC gets bullied: YES

MC is smart: YES

MC improves: YES

MC kills his enemies: NO... not really...

This is the problem. 450 plus chapters and you won't have a sense of accomplishment at all. He gets to kill the small fries but the big bosses is killed by LUCK. Always by luck either by his team mates or circumstances.

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Xanax rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c643
Ok, as expected, the novel is not perfect. It is impossible to have a perfect novel given how Qidian operates, with the constant need for daily refreshments to keep readership up. Leeway is therefore given to the author for some plot inconsistencies.

The main appeal of this novel lies in its setting. There is constant backdrop of mystery that lies beyond our understanding in the novel. What is going on? Who are the Players? What is the "Upper Plane"? Such questions are what kept me reading this novel from Chapter 1... more>> all the way to the last Chapter. If you are a fan of excellent world-building and have the patience to stomach the slow moving pace of the novel, this book is for you. A commendable point here is that the author writes about multiple settings around the globe in his novels, from London all the way to a fictional dictatorship of Kombia in Africa, which brings out a rather refreshing taste to the usual deluged of China-centric webnovels we find on Qidian. At least the author recognizes that the world is not just China alone.

Another good point about this novel is how the author tries not to play into the Chinese nationalistic fervor when writing his novels. Some other Chinese webnovels (I shall not name names) tend to have a tendency to portray frankly ridiculous caricatures of Japanese, American and Korean characters in an attempt to resonate with the current wave of new age patriotism in China. It is frankly a massive turnoff for most international readers and just ugh.... disgusts me. This author though, has a wide variety of characters in the cast of his novel and well, does at least an above average job of showing some sort of international understanding and appeal in his novels.

The demerits of this novel though, lies in the inconsistencies with the other aspects of the novel. For one, the principle of Chekhov's gun is repeated ignored, with multiple plot points the author foreshadows in chapters ago seemingly forgotten. The same problems lies with the power system, with the power system being inconsistent and seemingly whimsically dependent on what the author fancies. This leads to the reader having no clear idea what the main characters abilities are and causes most fight scenes to devolved into typical Qidian, Chinese webnovel power masturbatory fantasy. Some element of strategy was present in the earlier chapters when the character was weaker, where he used this brain to fight and solve problems rather then his powers, but it has declined somewhat as the author got a bit lazier in the later novels.

This novel, overall, suffers from the same problems many online novels suffer from, with the need for quantity at the expense of quality showing through at certain instances. The best way to enjoy this novels is to enjoy then one chapter at a time as they are publish, as time helps dilute and cover-up some of the plot inconsistencies. Recommend. <<less
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Sinai rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: c98
Solid reverse transmigration story. Long story short, Earth is the world being transmigrated into by players from another world. This is a clever twist which provides immediate fuel for conflict and tension that automatically forces the reader to examine the tropes of the VRMMO/tranmigration genres.

In terms of character building, plot progression, worldbuilding, it is generally good, if not stand out, and the world generally retains consistent logic and fairly minimal plot holes despite the high complexity of the basic idea.

If there's one major problem, it's that the story is poor... more>> at maintaining tension and the kind of buildup and payoff that often defines great serials like webnovels

Pet peeve: I am immensely annoyed at his insistence on keeping his B-tier pet and using vast amounts of resources on it despite almost immediately getting a S-tier pet because he thinks it's cute, since his pets he's not using are more powerful than him. Especially since you can be damn near guaranteed plot armor will make it super-powerful. The implication that no player or awakened would have ever tried to raise a common low-tier pet is fundamentally absurd given how players actually play games (and part of the setup is that the extradimensional Players are basically like humans, as humans are have been made in their image). <<less
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0000000 rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: c602
A good read, quite realistic in terms of how weak the MC's team due to lack of coordination even though they are quite OP. Story telling by author is good, though a bit rushed. MC as usual becomes OP too quickly, though the story balance out by giving him even OP-er opponents.

Quick question, who the heck states that it will end at C801 when the author is still stuck at C602?!?!?!?
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Varno rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: c350
To read this novel you'll have to be willing to give up some time, it is slow. There's no denying that. The author can use up a whole chapter on a discussion or an explanation and he does it often, so be prepared or don't read it.

For me it feels like he's (the author) trying to lenghten the chapter for monetary gains, because characters will usually repeat things in a chapter for no apparent reason.

Now I'll tell you the good things about this novel. The world building and plot are... more>> probably the best on site, it is done so well you'll be able to draw a vivid picture of the environment in your head as you read.

Characters are fleshed out and almost none conform to a template, excepting the big breasted loli (find it in your heart or chest to forgive her).

Fights are really well written, so if your an action guy like me you'll probably enjoy them.

For me this is a solid 4.5 (would've been a 5) and that's only because the MCs starting to believe in that survival of the fittest bullsh*t. I hate that mindset so much, but I can somewhat tolerate it given his status as guild leader though this does show me why I prefer lone characters, they usually have their own sense of morals.

Anyway 4.5. A very good story.

Edit: 97 chapters required to get to the good stuff. <<less
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Archerreborn2 rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: c329
A word of warning this novel will not be for everyone. The MC is very weak at the beginning and his growth in strength is very slow. If you do not like weak protagonists I recommend that you stay away from this novel, while he does get strong it takes a long time.

I was blown away by this novel. Going into it, seeing the 4.0 rating I didn't exactly have high expectations. However I was pleasantly surprised. As some other reviews have already stated, the novel only gets better and... more>> better. Opposite of many other Chinese novels that start to grow stale repeating the same thing over and over again, this novel is both inventive and imaginative.

The Main Character is weak. Because of this, the majority of the novel he has to use his wits and brain to use what limited ability he has to defeat significantly stronger opponents. He also has allies who help him out, and many of the side characters are actually very important and helpful.

Another thing is that the bad guys are not united and many times they will even fight among each other. One memorable scene was when an powerful enemy showed up and it looked like he would be the main villain for the arc but suddenly the tables are turned on everyone (including the MC) as a third enemy springs a trap that they had set.

The synopsis above makes the tone of this story feel incredibly light, and many people going in may have been fooled by this. However the story itself is actually very intense and dark. At times it even feels incredibly hopeless as it expands upon the implications of the MC being an NPC and the world being just a game. But so far even at chapter 329 many questions about the setting are unanswered it keeps me guessing as many things I had thought were established facts get overturned with each new arc.

Finally the setting is well thought out. I can say with a fact that out of all Chinese novels this one probably has the least plot holes. Everything is connected and things that might feel like a plot hole at first are explained and expanded upon later. In fact both the plot holes raised in TerraEarth's review are actually addressed later on in the novel.

Overall I greatly enjoyed this novel. I would recommend it to most people. The beginning is a bit weak, but I would highly recommend people stick to it at least until the end of the second arc which is around chapter 80ish. <<less
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Asterism rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: --
It was refreshing reading this novel.

The world building was very well done, the MC basically becomes a virus inside a simulation due to a freak accident where a player was killed before they spawned. And then he finds out that the world is even more dangerous... and mysterious than his previous attitude.

The writing and pacing is decent; the plot is not recycled like the others you may find on this site - 4.5 in comparison to what I've read.
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Roslolian rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: c275
So first of all let me say shame on all the other reviewers who didn't give this a 4.5 or 5 star. You will see a lot of 2-3 star reviews on this novel which brings the grade down, but all those guys have complaints that were answered later on, like one dude was complaining how one person lost her memory after the dungeon is done, well that was explained if only he bothered to read the next couple of chapters. Anyway, GOR for me has the most misleading introduction... more>> here in novel updates. If you read it especially the bottom part you'll think the novel has a lot of slapstick like in the experimental log of the crazy lich, where the MC would say or do dumb things and the rest of characters would face palm. But upon the latest release (ie chap 275 right now) I haven't any of that type of mood at all. There's some comedy here but the novel is leaning more towards action, suspense and even a bit of tragedy. The MC and his friends just found out their entire life was a lie and they need to periodically go through dangerous situations just to survive. Unlike what happens in Japanese anime, that sort of stuff will quickly suck the comedy out of your life and turn you very serious quickly, so no, I've never read of the MC doing dumb stuff here, in fact he is extremely resourceful, quick on his feet, and does a lot of research before he enters the dungeon. Apart from the general tone of the novel, a lot of the stuff in the description don't really happen in the story. Maybe it happens later on but the "Player Thwarting Alliance" is not mentioned in the novel at all, the MC inherited a guild but the name is something that's normal. Also, there are lot of NPC guilds already existing, and majority of them are fighting with the players so I don't know why the intro makes it seem like the MC is creating the first ever guild that is created to oppose players. So yeah, if the description didn't appeal to you, please disregard that and give the novel a shot. Although I didn't like the pace of the novel at the start due to how everything wasn't properly explained in the beginning, if you stick it with it will become very good by the middle of the first act onwards. The author does a great job of creating memorable characters and these characters aren't the "flavor of the month" types you see in typical Chinese novels where the MC will interact with them for a bit and then leave them to go to a higher level or whatever. These characters stay with the MC for multiple arcs and it amazing how the author ties everyone together. I highly recommend this novel, try it you won't regret it. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: c40
This novel is very creative. Its hard to get bored when you find a lot of twisted line in the middle of thrilling scene. Unlike Terror Infinity where we get all the action and tragedy. Here, we get +1 comedy. I imagine the story is more similar to matrix rather than a game world.
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