Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


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“Your Majesty, someone cursed the Imperial Concubine to be a demon star.”

“Cut his tongue and feed it to dogs.” A certain King said in a light and gentle manner.

“Your Majesty, someone’s hand accidentally bumped into the Imperial Concubine.”

“Chop his hand and feed it to wolves.” In an indifferent manner, a certain King said possessively.

“Your Majesty, someone said that the Imperial Concubine ran away.”

“Ran away?” A certain King’s sharp eyes narrowed, then said with a sneer: “It’s best if she doesn’t get caught by this King, otherwise this King will let her become aware of what ‘wanting to stop but can’t’ means**.

A modern era crossed over to become a wolf-girl. She originally believed that she could dance around with wolves, and in the end she truly did, but this ‘wolf’ was one of those wolves. He was a perverted wolf!!


* Imperial titles used in the description

Imperial Concubine : Huáng Fēi

Imperial Uncle : Huáng Shū

Your Majesty : Wáng

This King (“I”) : Běn Wáng

Note that king is not like western kings, but more of a prince or son of the Emperor.

** Idiom : yùbàbùnéng

Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū average rating 4.3/5 - 66 user ratings
Associated Names
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Heaven-Defying Beastial Imperial Concubine: Seized By The Lecherous Emperor's Uncle
Nì tiān shòu fēi: Huáng shū dàrén jié gè sè
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shouahang58 rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: c6
The first three chapters caught my intention. It's already good with the first three chapters by itself. Makes me wonder what's going to happen from here on out! I look forward to it.

The description above sorta sucks. It don't really tell you what this story is about.



... more>>

Basically the female lead is reincarnated and as soon as she is born people are sent to kill her cause she is cursed or something along that line. And her parents try to protect her but they get caught. Her mom than hides her and is chased and jumps off a cliff while pretending to jump with her and her dad gets caught by the people. (wonder what happens to the dad.?? Bet ya'll that later in the future she reunite with her dad.) later that night after the mom jumps a wolf picks her up and walks away with her as a baby.

Time skip to 14 year later and this is where the story takes place. And since she is reincarnated she remembers her past lifetime.

My guess is that since the mom to jump off the cliff while pretending she had the mc with her the people chasing them and her dad who got caught probably thinks the mc is dead.

And another guess is that she is born from a rich household cause her mom gave her a necklace before hiding the mc from danger. So the mc will probably find her dad (if he's not dead yet) show the necklace and yay! A family reunion!!

So right now we know
-mc is supposedly cursed
-mc dad is taken away while her mom is presumably dead (I hopes she's not dead)
-mc is from a different world? Timeline?
-mc has memories from past life
-raised by wolfs for the 14 year of her life

This is pretty interesting cause the beginning is not like the other novels where the mc is chased to her death wakes up in a 14-19 year body and have the previous owner's memo who was trash. But this one is where she gets her own new body as a baby and don't know much about the worlds she in. Plus this has wolfs in it and the wolfs are scared of her, lol!!

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