Ancient Strengthening Technique


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A human warrior cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique has transcended dimensions and arrived on Kyushu. Together with twelve ravishing beauties with looks that were unmatched in their generation, will he be able to stand on the summit of this world?

This novel is about the main character, named Qing Shui, who transcended dimensions and arrived in the Kyushu continent. Storms of blood and wind, resulting in corpses and bones strewn about are extremely common here. The young warrior Qing Shui forged ahead in his path to cultivate, using 10 years to train himself, only to seek vengeance for the one who had forsaken his mother!

Note from Author: I Am Superfluous
To put it simply, this is a story about the rising up in ranks, and getting hot chicks along his journey to stand at the summit of this world.

Ancient Strengthening Technique average rating 3.7/5 - 592 user ratings
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Mỹ Nữ Đồ
Portraits of Beauty
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Alkaron rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: c383
The story is a typical Wuxia/Xianxia story, with a "Heaven-defying" artifact, woman who are throwing themselves at the protagonist and plot armor. A friggin tone of plot armor. As I said: A typical Wuxia/Xianxia story.

The is only one problem with this story and it is the maniacal obsession of the author with describing every single woman the protagonist comes across as a peerless beauty. If you read this, you could swear, that there are no ugly woman in existence. But that is not the main problem. The main problem is,... more>> that the author simply compares the beauty of this girl and that girl and another girl with absolutely everything. I'm pretty convinced that one day it will be: "Qing Shui looked at the road ahead of him and saw a stone lying on the ground. The stone was smooth, but not as smooth as the skin of girl-a and girl-b. Although the stone was smooth it could not compare to the jade-like skin of girl-a or the soft like a peach skin of girl-b..." and then it will continue to describe the beauty of the two for the rest of the chapter.

Alright, maybe it will not be as bad as the example is, but seriosly, I had to skip a few chapters, because they were nothing more, than descriptions and comparrions of beauties.

The story is by no means bad, it's just that the descriptions of the "heaven-defying" beauties is over the top. <<less
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KeiranD rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: c381
This is not slice-of-life. I get why people may think that. And the reason is because author does not give much spotlight to things happening. We are getting half of chapter describing a single new skill, or an upgrade of existing skill, or a new piece of equipment/dish/pill, and if it's a combination of those, it's common to get entire chapter of nothing happening at all. Is author trying to actually teach us those skills via thorough descriptions? Maybe it'd be fine, but important things like fighting or talks and... more>> decisions don't really take much space. We read a lot about new skills and such just to read after that how MC kills another villain with 1 strike, and then annihilation of enemy clan that takes two sentences to describe. It's extremely anti-climactic. Basically author sets up something bad happening, we get the bad feelings we are supposed to, but then everything is solved in extremely short time and we do not get the good feelings we're supposed to, leaving bad aftertaste.

Another thing is romance. It's... barely there. Girls flock around main character just to give us some fanservice and another plot twist. It gets even worse with

the 380th chapter that has that NTR feel, mainly because it's extremely retarded plot twist full of plot holes (just like most NTR stories). I'm not sure if this is the reason for NTR tag? Or maybe it gets worse further into story.


And it's obvious this entire thing was written just because author is trying to give girls some kind of 2deep background. When I started reading it, I liked it, but the more I'm reading, the worse it gets. It started pretty easy-going, but now author is trying to go towards drama... while also trying to maintain some of that easy-going feel. If you're thinking about picking it up - my advice would be...don't. At least wait for another hundred or two chapters to be released. Maybe it gets better. But right now, in my opinion, it's only getting worse. <<less
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dysry rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
The MC is a gamer who was reborn with his past memories. Raised by his loving mother, he sets off on a quest to reunite his family for her sake (while creating a new one with every woman he meets).

AST’s most distinctive aspect is that the MC is constantly horny, with a taste for mature women who resemble his mother (and also his mother) and the real purpose of his reincarnation is to explain his preference for MILFs. While most XX/WX novels feel like they’re split 50:50 between... more>> training and women, AST appears more like 10:90. It’s called Ancient Strengthening Technique but there’s really only one muscle he’s training.

Other than the MC’s tale of two heads, there’s nothing particularly distinct about him. Coming from the gaming world, his cheat includes his memories and a set of skills he currently can’t use. He trains hard (kinda), he enters fights (occasionally) and does/will do all the things and women a normal MC does (mostly the women). <<less
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Rudeus30 rated it
June 16, 2016
Status: c118
Garbage, uninspired piece of trash.

This is perhaps the most cliched xianxia out there. Weak-Strong, unprecedented talent, pissing off powerful foes, wooing every female in a 50km radius, powerful beast companion (it's coming), lots of luck, etc. But, this novel is so poorly thought out, it's just plain asinine. For example, Qing shui gains completely random culinary skills after cultivating to the 4th level of his manual. Why?? He doesn't even know why! Random shit happens and the MC is like: "Wow, this method is truly formidable!", dafuq? Don't even... more>> get me started on how stupid this dude is, or just how plain unlikable he is. He has the depth of a 2inch deep shitcreek, only thinking about food and sex.

Anyway, read this one if you are into a brain dead wish fulfillment xianxia that has a horny ass for an MC. <<less
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cia92f rated it
June 17, 2016
Status: c119
It's true that this novel doesn't bring something that new to the whole xianxia genre but the story is still pretty good. What makes this different and intresting is the MC and his romance partners. While a lot of xuanxia claim to be harem there is barely any interaction between them and the MC, here he's not just a loner that ignores every female he comes across like they are plague and neither do u need to wait 100 chapter to see that female again. In this novel there is... more>> mix of action and interaction between the MC and the romance partners, u can see how the romance progress also and there is a good distribution of his time between them. The MC personality is also good for this novel, he actually does what every other sane man would do in his place, if he likes a girl he actually goes after her, he knows how to talk also. In conclusion if u want a little break from the forever alone MC that cultivates for 50 chapters non-stop and want some interaction between him and other characters this novel is a good one for you. <<less
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rx229 rated it
September 5, 2016
Status: c90
Of all the xianxias I've read this the the most cringey. The mc literally walks around with a tent pole in his pants ALMOST EVERY CHAPTER. Every single female falls for him at first sight and exist in the novel purely to serve him

He considers himself noble and humble but constantly looks down on the "arrogant young master of rich clans". He despises lecherous people when he himself ties to molest very girl he comes across. He even rapes a guys fiancé because he was feeling horny, yet he... more>> shifts the blame on others and still considers himself a romantic gentleman. Its 90 chapters in and he's already pursuing 5 women ( including his own mom) and most probably they will become nothing more than pump and dumps. Barely a chapter goes by without the mc thinking about sex. There is no romance in this novel, more like slave like obedience by one dimensional women

Tl;dr This novel is a massive cringefest <<less
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strixflash rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c121
Don't know why this novel is so popular. The novel has no plot and it lacks engaging characters.

The story is so bad that it would make you cough up blood from seeing the stupidity of plot.

MC would pick two heaven defying treasures from an old man who is trying selling the two "junks" from years. The ancient strengthening technique would offer him random techniques at random levels without any logic. MC would impress the ladies, who are supposed to be mature, with his stupid dialogues. I don't think author... more>> has any experience with ladies otherwise he wouldn't have wrote such bland conversations between MC and females.

The world author created is surely lacking in common sense seeing how characters believe that MC is smart ~_~ <<less
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Qrofol rated it
May 13, 2016
Status: c310
I thought this series started ok – fairly typical xianxia in many ways, though the basis is sort of different. Recently though, there has been a huge focus on the women in the series and it seems like the series slowly went from Ecchi to actual Smut.

I’m kind of worried if this series is going to be non-stop fucking from now on, especially since

... more>>

it seems like one aspect of his cultivation is going to be linked to fucking women.


I’ll give it a handful more chapters before I decide whether or not to drop it.

EDIT: I'm still reading it, though it's definitely among the worst series I am following. Mostly because I think his cultivation method is somewhat interesting and he is pretty OP, which leads to plenty of gratifying reactions from other people.

I do have to say that the plot is subpar, the "romance" is utter garbage, the characters often behave like idiots and sometimes the chapters can be totally incomprehensible - there have been few chapters where I felt like I was reading a MTL. I'm not totally sure if this is a problem with just the translation or if it is just compounded by it.

Lowered my rating from 3 to 2 stars. If you have nothing else to read, go for it. It's pretty much in the bottom of my reading priority list, but since this series is updated pretty often, it tends to have chapters for me when I need something to read. <<less
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grandplex rated it
October 7, 2016
Status: c263
This story has diverged to an incredible degree after it gets into the 150s+, it started as a xanxia with a unique cultivation technique, and turned into a slice-of-life harem building/new production skill grinding book. To say the least, the new change isn't done well and is really annoying to read, as it doesn't progress the overall plot-line much at all, it is basically the most filler I've ever seen, practically 100 chapters straight. 1-star is well deserved. Dropped.
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Alhana rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c133
Honestly, the first 30 chapters makes me bored to tears. but after that as he got to know more ladies, i began clicking next chapter after next chapter like there is no tomorow.

How can this be a cliche novel? I dare say 99% of xianxia novels now focus on cultivation only for the sake of cultivation. Ancient Strengthening Technique feels like a slice of life genre in combination to a xianxia cultivating novel with the cultivation theme as a darker backdrop.

Starts off by reincarnating into a new world,... more>> using a rpg unlocking system type mode in his brain that grants his information if he level up by sex. A sure read for horny males and females. (that was a joke). Truth -
I read this for the cheeky interactions between MC and the female characters and I lost count of the moments of times i slap my knee in laughter. The only thing i hate is the MC is fking stupid when it comes to my favourite female character Yu He. Truly feel like pushing his face down inside a toiletbowl full of shit. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RarestProGamer rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: c330
Sigh, I, seriously don't get these people who gave it negative reviews. Sometimes they ask for a Xianxia novel where MC values relationships and characters that don't fade into the background or they expect a novel where the story is always about MC being cold blooded and always on killing spree and who treats his harem like it is his personal property to satisfy his Libido, but I will tell you this that this novel is nothing like that sure it is bit repetitive.

-I will put this right away that... more>> this novel has 20% action and the rest 80% is about MC's slice of life interaction with his harem members and cultivating to reach higher realms. So if you are looking something along these lines, then keep on reading. MC is kind and acts like a saint who always values his relationships over anything, and this is where this novel shines through because here harem actually feels like a genuine harem, it progresses step by step. Women just don't throw themselves into his arms, their character and personalities slowly develops throughout the arc which is quite rare to see in Xianxia novels. The charm about this novel is that MC can be ruthless and cold-blooded only when someone tries to threaten him through his harem members or the people he cherish specially his mother, but it only happens on rare occasions and this is what you want. So that, you won't ever get tired like those tedious generic 2D MCs who only knows how to spill someone's blood because they did something to dishonored him. MC in this novel feels more realistic to me because he has many traits, sometimes he becomes a pervert, sometimes he wants his own harem, he respects women and never forces them to join his harem, he can be truly evil if he wants to be and he is a big hypocrite jerk, he never realize that though.


Right now, I am at the payback arc where its almost time for MC to fulfill his promise he made to his mother and every chapter only builds up even more hype and for now, this is the one main thing that I have looked forward to from the start


:-Although, I did check the raws and it is 2k+ strong which baffles me, so yea it kinda worries me as for how Author is gonna develop the story in future because honestly, I don't mind the bit tedious habit that author has to describe every beautiful women that MC come across in long 3-4 paras. I love this perfect combination between your action/ruthless Xianxia genre MC and generic harem seeking male lead with high E.Q and I.Q! Hell, the author himself said this "To put it simply, this is a story about the rising up in ranks, and getting hot chicks along his journey to stand at the summit of this world". So, I don't get the hate behind this novel? If you don't like then it simply means it is not your cup of tea, don't hate a genre for being faithful to its genre. <<less
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Trejon rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: c138
Well... The story is really good, the MC is a good lad and works really hard to get stronger, there are few cliche situations really and you get unexpected situations.

The mc is also quite lustful but he never intends to rape or force a girl, he will only do it if he and the girls want it and even then he will still ask one last time before doing it, so i quite like his attitude...

Now the um... Heart spike we will get later so strong that im sure some... more>> will rage-quit and come back a few weeks later to keep reading, so i will post this so you can prepare... DEATH happens <<less
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MondoX rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c213
The beginning was boring for me, but as the story progressed, it became better. I was liking the story, and how the MC was becoming stronger. For the most part, the harem was good, with not too much emphasis on it. However, approaching 200 chapters, the story has been overtaken by the harem. It would not surprise me if each new chapter, a new girl is introduced. To make matters worse, the author is one of the most inconsistent authors in wuxia/xianxia. Examples:

... more>>

When the MC reincarnated to the new world, one of his plans was to explore his new world, and meet all kinds of beauties. However, after having the chance to have more than one beauty, he states he does not believe in polygamy. A part of him still has some beliefs of his old planet, but he has killed with no remorse or hesitation. The MC also date raped a girl in his new planet, then when another girl does something similar to him, he feels disgusted. Later on he meets another beauty, and does not hesitate to become a polygamist.


The MC flip-flops too much, it becomes annoying, but I continued reading because his goal to punish the clan that made his mom suffer. Now, he still has that goal, but about 90% of the story is focused on the harem. <<less
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Incredibly boring and lackluster plot

Out of every chapter I've read so far there's only about one or two paragraphs every chapter that's important, the rest is just repetition and useless information that won't ever be mentioned again. The upside of this is that the story is fast to read. I'm averaging about 1 chapter every minute. The writing is mediocre at best, with the author unable to describe anything. So far I have no idea what the MC even looks like.

The author repeatedly states that the MC is an adult... more>> in a child's body, yet all his actions seem to indicate that he was a very underdeveloped and immature adult in his previous life. Early in the novel the MC gets ridiculously pissed at a horse because it "looked arrogant" and starts cursing the shit out of it. Everyone acts all nice and friendly with him yet he goes out of his way to insult other people, including insulting a man he has never even met before bcos the MC thought his fiancee was hot and couldn't control his d*ck. I'm barely 40 chapters in and hes already making PMG look like a holy saint.

- Also I'm not sure if this is a translation error but it seems the author isn't very good at maths. The author seems to think the age difference between a 21yr old and a 13yr old is 2 years. ?? Also this one side character whos is younger than the MC by one year suddenly becomes 7 years older than him the next page with no explanation. ?? After a period of 7-8 years have passed, a 21yr old person only ages 4 years. What is going on? I am serious confused if this universe has its own unique time flow and aging system or that the author simply never learnt how to count <<less
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Novel_fan_manga rated it
May 13, 2016
Status: --
Pretty dull story, nothing unique about it. Assuming the author's note in the description section is actually from the author then it is a perfect summation for this novel, there is not much to it besides fighting and "getting hot chicks", MC is boring, supporting characters barely have any personality. All in all a very shallow novel, unless you have read almost everything else I would not waste my time with this one.
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Zom the Monk
Zom the Monk rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: --
I read this novel for quite a while, and I enjoyed it, but there has been a problem cropping up that just makes it hard to keep reading it. This issue is how poorly the mc/author handles the harem, we have a mc who actively pursues a harem, and neglects them. Which it is good that the author actually has the harem members realize it, but it just does not bode well for the future in which he will probably be constantly getting and forgetting his loved ones and only... more>> remembering them in order to make a plot point before going onto the next conquest. <<less
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Rwings rated it
February 17, 2016
Status: --
Review for up to Chapter 11. Rating 2/5 (Read using Bluefire Translations)

The biggest problem with this story is that it isn't a story. This is a show and tell from the author where he tells the reader whats happening instead of a story happening.

After reading the first 11 chapters I know almost nothing about the characters, the world, or why I should keep reading. The only three points covered is the MC is weak, his mom dotes on him, he wants to be stronger. We as readers aren't told... more>> that through interaction with other characters but from exposition.

There is roughly only five instances of non exposition dialog in the first 11 chapters and they last four sentences on average. When there isn't exposition the MC trains by sitting and then a breakthrough happens. It's as dull and uninteresting as it seems.

The main character is 'trash' then he isn't. He's the weakest in the village and then he becomes strong. The transition from one to the other happens exactly as I stated above. He just is one thing and then the next with just the bare minimum amount of justification from the author.

My review is only based on 11 chapters out of 2500. So I would assume it does get better at some point. The problem though is the first 11 chapters are so extremely dull and uninteresting that its hard to know if/when it does pick up and actually become a story.

If you like reading a book report highlighting the life of someone, interested in a simple ranking system made to seem overly complex, or are extremely bored I would give this a read. Otherwise it is something to put on hold until there is a lot more chapters translated so you can power through the very rough beginning. That's of course assuming the story gets more interesting at some point. <<less
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rdawv rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: c270
The epitome of a lewd MC who is lucky with women. Each female character introduced is described as ridiculously sensual and alluring, and for one reason or another each is also more powerful than the previous. Even the tragic single mother love interest is described as having unlimited martial potential.

If you disliked the fooling around of Yun Che from Against The Gods, you will find more here. The MC flirts outrageously with almost every woman he sees, and the author throws them into situations where these peerless beauties had no... more>> choice but become dependent on the MC for one reason or another. Outstanding beauties of status and/or with powerful bearing, one by one they get reduced to blushing, weak-kneed women. Strong sexual images are described herein, so if you're looking for suitable 'payoffs' after some courtship instead of herbivore naive MCs, you'll find it here.

The story itself is a mish-mash, the MC has a long term goal of protecting his family but he veers off here and there, tripping over women and offending the faceless trash that wants the women for themselves. <<less
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AnarchyDev rated it
September 5, 2016
Status: c215
The start of the novel is great and upto chapter 100-150 are readable and then it's just Mc going on a SIMPLE journey to collect women through some efforts; effort as in a few lines to show off MC's macho-ism

Couldn't read the simple plot. Though to be fair, the Author had warned that in his summary I guess. So if you are looking for a simple plot, then this is the novel.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zalpha rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: c155
I truly love this stroy, it was about chapter 80 when I realised not a single person had died yet since the story had started, and here I thinking they were going to kill his mother of by chapter 15 (Lucky it isn't like other perdicatible novels). Really it is a very well told story with very cool ellements thrown together to create a unique world and character system of gaining power. My favourite scene was a horse ride back to town that sounded ultra hot.
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Raine rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
sigh, this is one of those xianxia novels that would have been better if the MC was not reincarnated cause the whole reincarnation thing only made sense for about 20-30 chapters after that, the MC seems to lose all his manliness and become some love drunk teen, seriously is annoying, the story is slow and even slower than you can imagine.
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chaosmagez rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: --
Starts off pretty boring and lackluster, but it gets better as it progresses.

It takes about 50 chapters for it to start getting better. So, I can definitely see why people would drop this story since that's quite a bit of reading before it becomes decent.

Recommend the story, but don't feel too bad if you can't stand it anymore. It's a pretty boring beginning.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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