God Of Slaughter


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Growing up parentless, Shi Yan, who was left with a large inheritance money, bore a general disinterest in life.

The only times he felt alive was when adrenaline coursed thorough his veins. He quickly found that extreme sports, bungyjumping, cave diving & skydiving, gave him the biggest kicks. The bigger the adrenaline kick, the closer he was to death, the more alive he felt.

Waking up in a pile of dead bodies in an unknown land, after a diving adventure had ended disastrously, he quickly realizes the body he now possessed was not his own.

Follow Shi Yan as he explores this new world where danger lurks around every corner, and death is only a breath away; a world in which Shi Yan could not feel any more alive.

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New metallic_hitman
January 10, 2022
Status: c3
What a disgusting character he is, I don't even like him from the 2nd chapter idk how will he do after he gets powerful.

MC is so narcissistic, he treats women like toys to play, is this MC meant to be liked by humans?!

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to express my disgust for this one...... hope he gets better after few chapters or I'm dropping it
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keklel rated it
September 1, 2016
Status: c1608

FINALLY completed this novel after about 300 hours of reading. It began to feel like a chore somewhere around chapter 900 or so.

There is a sh*t ton of loose ends. Like 90% of the characters introduced are never seen again even though there is heavy foreshadowing e.g one of the demon kings escaped with his soul intact, we never find out what happened to him. I know it's normal for characters to get introduced and then forgotten later on but at least give some closure. In this novel there's a ton of characters who get like single sentence descriptions, and then a few chapters later they're mentioned again but you've already forgotten who they are. A few characters like the MC's grandpa are reintroduced every so often just so they can pat him on the back "as expected of my grandson!" even though they have absolutely nothing to contribute to the story whatsoever. It is very weird that these useless characters are repeatedly mentioned just so you remember that they exist and are useless. I can't even remember what happened to his mom and dad since they're never mentioned again. It is constantly mentioned how the girls who turned him down earlier are regretting their decision because now he is strong. This is repeated every 5 chapters or so. It is very jarring and does not seem to serve any purpose. Am I supposed to feel sad for these girls that they didn't get to bed the MC? Most of the text is pointless like that.
Lots and lots of repetition. Often times one character will say one thing to one character and that same thing will be repeated again by another character to a different character, and then the author will reiterate the same thing yet again.
Lots and lots of the setting go unused. The actual "powers" used in the story are space, time, the 5 elements, and the "evil" powers. That's about it. Even though the narrator says there is an endless number of powers (or martial spirits or however they translated it), only a handful are ever shown in the story. In particular, the devouring power is apparently OP and beats everything else so nothing else really matters, which I think is pretty s*upid since in fights it's said "everything has a counter", which apparently does not apply to MC's OP power.
Also, this has been bothering me ever since I read Dark Blood Age (which is one of the worse CN webnovels out there) but:


You can't have fire counter water and then have water counter fire at the same time! That makes no sense! If fire counters water, then if you have the same amount of fire and water then fire will win. And vice versa. I hate authors who can't keep track of something so simple as "X counters Y" rather than the other way round.
Too many pointless sexual/"intimate" moments with random women we see at most 3 times in the entire story (the encounters consist of conversations about some plot device or a few pages of s*x talk or ecchi, often interrupted by other people walking in). The MC has sexual encounters with something like 20 different women at different points in the story and even though he has a "main" love interest, they barely spend any time together. Instead the MC spends more time with random women who appear for a few chapters and are never seen again, like that time he had s*x with 4 women in the city. It was very pointless and those women are mentioned only once or twice after that arc. It feels like all these women do is:

1. Stay a virgin all your life, devote yourself to cultivating your power.
2. MC comes along and steals your virginity due to some bullsh*t contrived scenario like you got poisoned and the ONLY WAY to save your life is to have s*x with the MC, or you accidentally drank aphrodisiac and had s*x with the MC.
3. You are now a s*x fiend who can't live without MC's dick. Your entire life revolves around him and you think about him 24/7 for the rest of your life.

This same pattern is repeated throughout the novel and the MC has s*x with like 20 different women this way (the ones he didn't r*pe, at least), who become his companions 4 lyfe (actually not, they're never mentioned again after the arc ends).
It is often mentioned that the MC is supposed to be super wise, smart, cynical and yet he acts on his impulses all the time. Often he does not need to kill someone and yet he does because "she tried to kill me", then it turns out the person he killed was the daughter of some powerful cultivator who then goes on a rampage and kills a bunch of people close to him. For someone who is wise and smart he sure acts impulsively. He couldn't have just let her live. No. He just had to kill her and make enemies for absolutely no reason.
Most of the novel is just pages upon pages of useless backstory or boring fights.
Every fight goes like this:

Bad guy: You stole my woman! Prepare to die!
MC: She chose me of her own accord you cuck.
Bad guy: Let's see how you fare against my special weapon!
Bad guy proceeds to beat the living sh*t out of the MC
MC: Holy shit! I'm about to die!
Suddenly special power comes out of MC's soul and kills the bad guy in one hit.
MC: Phew! That was close!

MC wins all his fights via deus ex machina, like the ray of light that randomly appeared out of this treasure the MC happened to have at the time when the shapeshifter tried to kill him, or the demon that instantly got summoned from billions of km away when the MC was about to die. The magical ring also saves him on multiple occasions, as in a magical light comes out of the ring and kills the bad guy. It's very boring to have all fights won by deus ex machina and the MC goes into most fights without any planning. There is basically no tactics involved during fights at all. Even at the very final chapter where the Big Bad was revealed it was very anticlimatic and the MC wins via pure luck.

Big Bad: I planned this entire story out since billions of years ago when I dragged your soul into my universe.
MC: I can't die because I'm not from your universe.
Big Bad: f*ck. I lost.
The closure was terribad and in the end the MC can apparently bring people back to life, so he should bring back like people who was close to him and died hundreds of years ago right? I can't even remember how many people he wanted to bring back to life. In the end he only remembers a handful from the last arc. Also, he is apparently God now and can create and destroy life as he wants. Also he is going back to his universe but it will apparently take billions of billions of years. I don't even know how the laws of physics work in this universe. Is the author aware of entropy?
Overall it was much worse than I expected and just kept getting worse as we went deeper into the story. I kept on expecting exciting tactics (like in Dungeon Defense) or characters I actually care about (like in Reincarnator) but there was none of that. None of the characters are ever developed beyond "she loves the MC" or "she's a b*tch". They have no substance. The sentences go something like:

>MC is about to die but suddenly female #1241543 saves him but gets seriously injured while saving him.
>MC heals the girl and they have s*x afterwards. She has a smile on her face as they leave their hideout.

It is not developed beyond that and it is very jarring. The MC has s*x with tons of random girls and they all fall for him for no reason other than because they had s*x with him or he saved their lives once. They don't have hobbies, they have no personality beyond loving the MC. The MC and his love interests never discuss any tactics or exchange any ideas whatsoever. In fact all the dialogue in this novel is extremely boring consisting purely of plot exposition. "Did you know that MC did X?" "Wow! No way! I don't believe it!".
The author does not understand show not tell. An example is the "battle formation". So MC's faction knows powerful "battle formations", literally how to arrange troops in battle. Are these formations ever shown? Never. He tells us they have these powerful formations but never shows us, nor does he explain how or why they are superior. It's like saying MC is strong, but not explaining how or in what way he is strong.
All in all a very forgettable novel. On par with Limitless Sword God, but not quite as bad (not to the extent of forgetting about resurrection items since there are no resurrection items in this story - not until the last chapter anyway).
I would say the first few hundred chapters of Realms in the Firmament and Transcending the Nine Heavens are much better than this, so if you want a CN webnovel I would recommend those over this one.
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echiomega rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: c113
Dropped at around 100-120 chapters.
The beginning of the story was good.
MC get power.
MC meet girl, get girl.
MC fearless.

Then it gets bad.
The whole MC being a arrogant ass who can't express his feelings.
MC doesn't consider the consequence. (basically dumb MC get save by plot armor)
The whole 100+ chapters was basically useless because the author abandons everything build up.

Most of my review are in the spoiler below explaining the bad.

... more>>

Example of not considering the consequence:
1. Get transfer to another world at the beginning and see girl naked, then start trying to r*pe her. Of course she's going to try to kill you.... Cause of this he later basically ruin her whole family.
2. Kill the clan son that was protecting the two girl when they separated. This cause him to get hunted down, but later get saved by plot armor (good family background).
Some might argue that he was saving them cause that clan was going to give one of the girl away. But what he did was worst cause it basically screw both girls (he doesn't help either of them later).

Example of childish behavior:
When the girls choose the safest way to survive and even invited him to come join them. He just cut all ties (because they didn't choose him, and he's hurt lmfao)
Then he gets all sad cause he see them with someone else. Boohoo...
Starts trying to destroy the place that could have protected at least 1 of the girl.
End around 100+ chapters. The main girl ask for help and is willing to do anything.
MC being a prick he is. Said: "You're not qualified" (Even though he never had that family background until only a few chapters ago...)

The MC just sound like a child throwing a tantrum for not getting what he wants at the very beginning.


I don't recommend this for the MC pissed me off more than other arrogant MC.

Read these instead:
Otherworldly Evil Monarch (hate the racist part but was still good. *smart MC with a developed heroine*)
Long Live Summons! (Similar perverted MC and sexy time, but at least he's not a total ass compare to God of Slaughter.)
Against the Gods (The world building is good. There's enough mysteries. The harem member are pretty developed. The bad: massacre of innocents for 1 part (only 1 so far hopefully)... A lot of tournaments... Sometimes the MC preach too much...)
Hail the King (smart MC, better moral than any I've read so far. But character development of heroine isn't good) <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c50
This novel takes a rich adrenaline junky and dumps him into the useless body of a young man in a cultivation world. He is promptly given his special power and off the story goes. The story is obviously aimed at an older audience so this means you get descriptive brutality and some s*x to spice things up. The MC, most of the time, is calm and calculating but I have notice that at times he switches into acting kind of like a petulant manchild making rash decisions and throwing (really)... more>> minor tantrums. Which to be frank probably fits the image drawn of him before the story started. But the first is more likely than the second (which usually happens when women are involved).

We're still early in the novel but the author has taken a bit of time to draw out some of a wider world I can see this story growing into. For example in tandem with the normal cultivation methods there exists bloodline powers, something that I can see being cool if handled well. My main gripe with this novel is that occasionally a character will do something that does not fit in with their personality prior to that point. One notable example is a female in the novel who was eminently likable until suddenly she's a haughty b*tch, like, wut. No foreshadowing just a switch at a point in the novel. Overall I like this novel, it may have that R-18 tag but so far it has not degraded to smut. It's walking a nice line, with a cultivation novel setup and a modern male MC that is aware that he is male, his pen*s exists and that females also exist. (There has been a sex-based cultivation powerup tho haha) <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c107
Typical narcissistic self-insertion novel.

The MC is overpowered, protected by a plot armor so thick there's no surprise and a lot of the other characters are just there to tell him how strong he is.

Good points: decent writing, good fighting scene, a few interesting characters (apart from the MC).

Bad points:
*The MC is unbelievably s*upid and aggressive, he keeps doing horrible stuff to people way stronger than him and he should have died ten times by chapter 100. The tricks of the author to keep him alive are so ridiculous it... more>> is a bit sad.

*The hatred of women is really strong in this story, you can feel that the target audience has no hope of ever getting laid. A bit of advice, if it's not your thing DO NOT read the readers comments. It's scary, seriously. <<less
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Four-kung rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: 320
Story is not interesting at all. I skip many chapters because I know the plot after chapter 60.

Story line: MC->meets girls or finds treasures->greedy people (robbing treasures) / lustful persons (aiming for the girls) ->MC kills these people (if they are men), f**k/kills (if they are women) -->MC absorbs enemies' power or train to increase his power-->keep retreating non stop.

When our author has no idea to develop any more plots for MC's family, friends, enemies or girls, he just discards them all. He gives a lame excuse in the story... more>> to move MC somewhere else to find new enemies, new friends, new girls, etc.

MC character: MC only has 1 personality dimension without brain (mostly for s*x and kill) . Female characters: Almost all women whom MC meet are pretty or beautiful. These women (friends or foes) are born for two purposes: (i) creating problems to MC and (ii) allowing MC to have sexual interc**rse to improve his power.

Enemy characters: No matter where and when people in this story are, they always have lustful eyes or greedy eyes. They are all the same regardless how intelligent they are in the story. Also, they always have greater power than MC but he can somehow kill them at the end. Similar to female characters, they are born for two purposes (i) to be killed and (ii) to be absorbed by MC to improve his power.

It is very similar to PMG.

In summary, I have two recommendations for this story so far: (i) do not read this novel and (ii) change the story name to "God of Slaughter and interc**rse". Cheers <<less
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Stark3 rated it
July 22, 2016
Status: c1341
Reviewing at ch 588; additional review at ch 1341

TLDR; Decent enough at the beginning, but afterwards author relies on cliches and repetitions to fill up the chapters. Significant plot branches are occasionally brought about by s*upid or out of character decisions - author can't write a nice believable plot twist. Not recommended

It's an ok enough read. The concept of tapping into negative emotions to gain a power boost at the cost of backlash is interesting.
The beef I have with this though is:
- The ring he has is... more>> used as a plot armor device waaaaay too much.
- The MC sometimes acts in a manner that is totally different from what he would normally do / what he has set himself out to do, just so the author can introduce a new element into the plot.

At one point, MC decides to focus on learning the deep meaning of his various Martial Spirits, and to use that comprehension to break through to the god boundary. Several dozen chapters later, he somehow gets the idea to study spatial transmission so that he can help bring over his family from one area to another. Because of that though, what he finally comprehends to pass over the god boundary is the strength of space-time. Now, the plot is full of stuff that needs his space-time powers to solve -_-


And of course there's the annoying over repetition of stuff, the reaction scenes you can see from a mile away. But then, that's almost standard for this genre, making those novels that CAN stand up without them shine all the more, IMO.

Am continuing to read for now, am hoping that the plot will stabilize without the use of excessive deus ex machina as I go further along.

- fortunately, the author got over his fascination of constantly using the ring as a plot armor device
- unfortunately, s*upidity steeply climbed above triple-facepalm levels by this chapter just to steer the plot the way the author wanted it to. Will be dropping the novel as I can foresee that the rest would just be either endless repetition, or weird decisions leading to plot changes

* rant on *
MC and friends plus opposing side encounter a lifeform that they mutually acknowledge as extremely powerful, and is on the same level as the lifeform that serves as the basis of their universe. They've identified that the goal of this lifeform is to end / consume their universe. To make things worse, the entity they've encountered is only the control portion; there are 11 other portions of the same life form wreaking havoc in various galaxies of their universe.

They manage to suppress the control portion by having someone combust their lifesource. They detect that the 11 other portions are coming back to integrate with the control to fuse into one super powerful entity, and they only have limited time before this happens.


This is NOT what happens. What happens is, they decide that it's time for the most powerful warrior from both sides - the ones that could really make a difference in their conflict with the entity - to have a 1-on-1 duel. They duel in a place that's near the control entity (so as to avoid having their camps deal with the side effects of their battle, they say). Everybody else gets so drawn in by their battle that they forget EVERYTHING else. They don't notice that the dude combusting his life source dies, so now there's no suppression on the control. They only notice it when the control sends the two warriors off to another place / dimension. Afterwards, they panic because they notice that there's only moments left before the other 11 portions of the entity arrive and fuse.

*rant off*

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alphaGulp rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: c124
Update: like with other CN novels, the beginning was fun but then later it gets terrible. Here was my original review before it tanked (after a reset where everyone / everything is left behind by the MC) :

This is a really fun, albeit still flawed story. In particular, the male/female relationships are shown in a very Red Pill (ie: ~macho) kind of way, which is fun and refreshing.

Mainstream society expects men to always be big dumb White Knights for any and all babes - as if that was women's natural... more>> due and men's unquestionable responsibility. This story is like a breath of fresh air, because the MC looks at those social conventions and he just LAUGHS AT THEM and goes on with his business.

So although I find it disappointing how little the MC tries to synergize with people (like in most other wuxia), regarding the part of the story where hot babes expect all sorts of special treatment from the MC only to get harshly rejected: is the MC just being sore and childishly/pointlessly mean to the girl, or is he not in fact trying to communicate how her expectations were annoyingly out of whack the whole freaking time, and he got frankly sick and tired of it?

Other reviewers would have you believe that women are innocent little snow flakes and that you always have to take their crap with a smile, but real life teaches otherwise (women tend to brutally use men, given half a chance) and reason also teaches you to question: why should I?

As a man, why should I become a woman's tireless knight, when that ideal doesn't even work in practice? God of Slaughter is about a dude who decided to live a free life. He doesn't give his power to women just for s*x (which is so easy to get, after all), but at the same time he isn't an abusive douchebag (IMO) :


At the start of the story, the MC only happens to look at the hot babe taking a piss in the woods (as indeed any sexy macho guy would back on earth, where the girl would really only have herself to blame and wouldn't really care / mind, in fact, so long as he is also attractive), only to have that psychob*tch's reaction be to try to have him tortured/ens*aved/murdered.

So *IN FACT*, when you look closely at how the MC later sexually assaults, r*pes and kills her, we are talking about him returning AT MOST 5% of the evil and harm she tried to do to him without justification (since from the start all he did was look at her piss).

So just that part of the story is uplifting for most men: we have a rotten b*tch who, FOR ONCE, doesn't get a free murder and mayhem pass just 'cos she is hot and female.


Another interesting development is how our MC gets laid with some of the hottest sex, and then builds relationships with women without losing track of what he wants or what he needs to offer for the relationship to be fairly equitable.


Although I was disappointed by the reset that happens past chapter 100, where the MC leaves behind EVERYONE he had gotten to know up to that point (as so often happens in wuxia), once you accept the fact that the MC wants to be a loner (since AFTER ALL he isn't powerful enough to really be able to protect any babes, realistically speaking), then you understand that he really has nothing to lose/gain with respect to the two babes who want to be with him.

And clearly, the uber-babe that he didn't bang always treated him more or less like crap, and always considered herself to be SO SPECIAL that she thought she could also treat him like that. Even if she was smart enough to adjust her behavior somewhat along the way (seeing how much she was actually dependent on him), it was always kind of annoying, I guess?

I mean, as a man, you learn to put up with all sorts of childish behavior from the people around you (especially women), so is it that big a deal? Did the MC need to be so harsh when he rejected the uber-babe in public (hence making his family not want to help her either) ? I personally don't think so, and therefore I think he could have found an even better thing to say at that point, but even still, it is kind of fun to see a hot babe be taught a lesson she needs to learn: get over your good looks 'cos they don't actually matter all that much.


In fact, here's one problem hot women have: hot women are only interested in the most attractive men, so they turn down most men and offer opportunities to only a select few. But here's the issue with that: the group of men who can attract ONE hot babe can in fact attract most other hot babes as well, so for them, a hot babe is just one of PLENTY. So really, it is kind of laughable when they try to get all high and mighty on you...

Anyhow, this is NOT a story for white knights or manginas - they will be deeply revolted by this story and everything it represents. For them, a hot babe is something unattainable and 100% pure, and they will do ANYTHING for her, including trying to castigate and shame the free-thinking men who laugh at her silly games. <<less
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Smooth Che
Smooth Che rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
I recommend this novel for everyone who is tired of dense MCs. Plot is developing (a bit slowly but it’s not a bad kind of slow) and badass fights
And the translations are getting better now since they are changing their translator
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c269
This isn't very good... You can easily tell the Author is just making up stuff as it drags on. In every Arc there has to be a fortuitous encounter.

Romance: It makes me sick to my stomach. The Writer is just trying to gain our awe and sympathy for the couple. It was really forced and disgusted me. Sexual harass a girl = gets girls blush and shy. Its fine to r*pe girls as long as they are bad people. Basically all women are b*tches... more>> in this novel. Forgive my language but its the truth.

The 1st r*pe: She was a good character/villain. But Character gave no regret & no reaction. It was too boring. (There are other r*pes in this Novel just naming the first one)

I hate the most is that Author is trying to make MC look like a good guy by doing good deeds to other people. MC one of the biggest hypocrites ever.


He's seriously trying to justify the r*pe. Because of his "frenzy" Bro you were going to r*pe her either way, frenzy or not. He even said this himself in the beginning. Also by showing other people who do sexual cultivation and make them seem like the true villains. When MC is no different then them!


[I'm saving them because I owe a debt]

[No, I'm saving them because they are my family]

[No, I'm saving them because I need the kills!] NO!!.. Please just STOP. The writing just contradicts itself. I have a headache now.. This is just one of the few examples.


The only character I liked was Zhou Shi. A wonderful character but easily discarded and easily fell in love. What a waste of a good potential.

Don't get me wrong. I do like the Abilities and I enjoyed the dirty guy humor too. This Novel does have its moments. But I recommend you just skip this novel. It gets ridiculous. You'll have times of losing interest or rage quit. I recommend you read the Author other work; Great Demon King. Its like a better version of this and more well thought. It might have the same Pervertedness but at least it makes sense. <<less
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niks27 rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: Completed
Novel started differently from usual novels with upright MC and it took the path of an pure antihero, ruthless, shameless etc MC which may be unbearable to some people. BEWARE if you don't like this kind of MC then don't bother reading it any longer in hopes that MC will change bcoz he won't instead he becomes even more ruthless and antihero MC bcoz I have read the mtl upto chapter 800 and for people who don't like the MC will only rage as the story goes.

I believe everyone should... more>> have looked at the tags on this novel and should have expected the MC to be ruthless. Well some people might say that MC's ruthlessness is upto extreme but to me that's what makes it unique so choose wisely.

Now about the novel
1) MC is extremely ruthless and badass at the same time. 2) yes there is r*pe, sexual cultivation, extremely weird cultivation technique and OP MC.

3) it has fast cultivation so yeah MC gets powerful quite quickly. It has harem obviously as the tags suggest.

4) cultivation technique that MC uses is based on negative emotions and negative energy that drives his desires and makes the MC the way he is so you can't complain about his slaughters, r*pes, ruthless nature etc.

5) as the title says "GOD OF SLAUGHTER" the novel is loaded with bloody slaughter and that's where MC shows most ruthlessness.

6) MC do have sentiments and care towards his family, friends, followers and the women he loves which he shows latter in story so don't worry he is not just mindless psychopath.

7) story is well good enough at least for me. It's a story about a reincarnated guy who is addicted to adrenaline rush and he finds himself in a bloody scene and a forest where survival of the fitest is the rule so MC tries to survives. Most of the story is based on the law of the jungle rule as MC is constantly fighting throughout the novel.

Lastly I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone who hates this kind of MC, but if you are fed up with all those righteous MC and want to read a novel with pure antihero, ruthless and somewhat battle addicted MC then give it a try. <<less
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TekeTK rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: c81
Main character isn't ret*rded and knows when to be serious at times. Dark powers which just works and feels good. Story development is nice. Gets girls in a reasonable manner I suppose. Not warm gentle lovey dovey stuff btw. Levels up pretty quick chap 1-40, but not a bad thing. I enjoyed it.
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moonmang rated it
June 11, 2016
Status: c70
This is some good stuff. I love how heartless the MC can be. Been looking a while for something like this and dear god did I hit the jack pot. If you are looking for a book with insane martial arts and a bad ass MC, then you have definitely come to the right place because this guy is the guy you wish you could be.
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Cien rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c203
The usual xianxia except it is more poorly written than usual. You get the underdog, plot armor, etc. but less badass-ery

The main thing that annoys me is that the author loves to introduce certain things, but then in the middle of the journey, something "unexpected" happens and everything introduced earlier turns to useless information.

The story does not stay still in one location but keeps digressing and digressing. Family gets forgotten, girls gets abandoned (maybe still reasonable), goals keeps changing without proper resolution.

He gets his body "refined" for like 2-4 chapters,... more>> then 5 chapters later his bones gets crushed easily in a fight... WTF.

It was promising only up until he left the merchant union, the rest is turning into garbage. <<less
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animeceek rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c83
Haha I gotta say Shi Yan is one of the most exceptional main characters on the market as of now, this guy does what he feels like doing and he also knows that there are certain lines that shouldnt be crossed. This novel is gut wrenching funny literally the first scene after he comes to new world is seeing this celestial beauty spreading her legs to take a piss in the forest and he just stands there watching lololol anyways I recommend it 110% youll love it
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Cruelflix rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
haha, I found this novel to be a good read... MC is just too badass.

i like his unique martial spirit, the healing and taking qi from dead people, and how he can get a backslash too :) also how he's avoiding that backslash is hilarious (sex)

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MyriadBooksHermit rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c561
Honestly, this novel sucks. at first it was alright, the story flowed, albeit with some flaws but it went along. but then it got repetitive. MC comes from a mortal world where he loved the fearless adrenaline junkie lifestyle, but almost as soon as he shifts over, he fears everything and everyone, like WTF? most enemies aint even his match but he still fears them, yet he could steamroll the pieces of sh**.

the guy depends pretty much on nothing but plot devices that are not even his from the get... more>> go. you can pretty much say he does the talking but the "mysterious ring" controls everything else, everything is handed to him with no real goal in the plot before its useless or forgotten.

and don't even get me started on the bullsh** relationships.... if people get off reading about r*pe then sure read this garbage, because pretty much every girl he sleeps with is r*ped.

after reading this I came to know the authors mind is sick. he could have done excellent work with the piece since there is so much potential but he had to throw in a lot of tr*sh so his MC could look "cool" which really didn't make him look cool considering he f**cking fears everything!! god damnit it pisses me off that I wasted so much time on this tr*sh.

** beware- you don't get your lost time back from reading this novel, tread carefully <<less
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KazutoKamito rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: --
It was a decent story at the start but those who can’t get over a story where the MC have s*x with a women that love him and then they are throw away few chapter later to never be see again it just annoy me how the author wrote this story. Even though this story is pretty good these point in story just make me so annoy that I only read few hundred character before I can stand it.
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Recklezz rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: c0
This novel started out, different, not in a bad way but rather good. Though it all went to sh*t when he gets out of the forest. While it is entertaining the author just made up his mind to temporarily remove all the character development and introduce new characters for the MC to interact with...

The power system is also very weird and imagining the effects doesn't really feel epic, but rather disgusting! while the MC is kinda OP his power system is extremely weird..
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Munya rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: --
Epitome of evil being. That's the MC. You wont find another human more evil than him. Frightening yet very interesting.

In the world where the strongest stands above all, in struggle for gaining more power, he still so happy to become himself. Pursuing pleasure, do whatever he wants, but seems like heaven blessed him with the greatest luck ever. You all will scream : where is justice! (Lmao).

To understand his characteristic, maybe will be a very hard task for mostly readers. While we binded by morality, laws, etc, we cant help... more>> but want to curse the MC to the lowest part of hell. But who can really say that this is black or this is white in a grayish world afterall..? No standard set up yet, and the only natural thing as law is :killed or to be killed.

This is a good story. Maybe only me who said that (?) But who cares..? He already dead once, and gained another last chance. For what..? To be a monk..? What a bullshit... If you can have everything in this world with all your power, why bother to be " the - last - on - the - list " kinda person..? What a waste of talent. Better to use all of your sources in this world to get the best among the best than regret everything inside the coffin.

Great story in the end...! <<less
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heishiken rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
Interesting story with good plot progression and while the MC is kind of s*upid sometimes (like why did he not kill her right away and fondles her, which nearly made me quit the story early on, but read on) it still is a fine read.

Also his antics get better after a while or well better said that they are explained better.
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