Grasping Evil


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Master said, the woman I held in my hands, I must protect for the rest of my life

Master said, it’s hard to cultivate as a Demon, and once you enter the Demon Dao, you should never look back.

Master said, Heaven is a Circle and the Earth is a Square; that Circle represents (is) consummate perfection, and that Square represents (is) the edges and corners of one’s Heart, it’s a rebellion against Fate, a Disobedience to Heaven.

My master is named Ning Fan, he’s not a person, he’s merely a Butterfly who has entered Demonhood. He was searching for someone. No one knew who he was searching for. No one knew how long he would search for…

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Chấp Ma
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New Blackbuster rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c1256
If you're someone looking for some complex cultivation system and grand Dao, than this is the novel you're looking for. This novel is amazing.

The start of the novel was not that great as some other reviewers have already stated, but it gets better after 300 chapters for me. The novel was not bad at the start, it's just that MC character and plot development was slow, that's it, still readable, no reason to drop the novel. The novel gets better and better as I read more and more and now... more>> the novel is at the level of awesomeness.

The novel has three stages in which it could be stated as good, better and best.

Good: After 300 chapters

Better: After 700 chapters

Best: After 1150 chapters

The author's writing gets so much improved in these three stages that the plotline and MC becomes the best than any other Chinese xinxia novel. The plot gets deep, way too deep and author engages the readers through the plot superbly and would surprise you more and more through these stages. The moment you think, you know what's going to happen, than the plot deepens.

The MC cultivation which is stated to be dual cultivation is only relevant for 200 chapters and is only part of his cultivation and is not all mentioned currently. In fact, as I have stated at the start, this is one of the best cultivation novel ever and MC cultivation method is one of the best, if not the best in the novel.

The talent of the MC is one of the best in this novel and MC is never shy admitting the same. I am actually glad that author doesn't make any of his harem members to catch up with his cultivation for no reason at all. I mean, this guy is one the greatest talent, goes through great lengths, gets some resources through sheer luck, travels from one place to another throughout the novel to only just improve his cultivation as fast as possible. If the author actually makes his harem keep up with him, than I would have been damned. I have read so many novels where author just makes the harem keep up with the MC cultivation without any reason, so all the hard work and things the MC went through seems just a waste of time.

Also the chapters are long, very long and gets longer as read further. So if not for this long chapters, it would be equivalent to 2500 chapters of a normal xinxia novel.

I would highly recommend this novel, if you're looking for great plot storyline, great MC and great cultivation system. <<less
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Senior Brother
Senior Brother rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: --
Woah... what a fantastic gem. A sexual cultivation xianxia similar to God of Slaughter with more interesting and solid plot, but it's also more sexy and hot.

I can't believe no one translate this amazing novel, left it untouched for years to rot in the basement.

Good work for translator, don't stop.
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Pedram rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: c1231
Okay ! I guess it's finally time for me to do a BIG and complete review of this Novel after reading it regularly since 2.5 years ago,

First of all, This story start in a way that might throw off some of the new readers, but as long as someone read past the early 200 chapter, they will surely start to see why this story shine and what make this different than others. Moreover the more u go, even after 700-800 chapter, it become even better with all the revelations... more>> and samsara plot getting more developed.

Now if you want reasons of why early 200 chapter is not so good, and why it's actually good, read the Spoiler:


There is mainly 4 reason :

    1. The author is kind of amateurish early on, It's his first novel after all, and he added some scene that he thought would bring him some extra attention. but he is already working on this novel for over 5 years and after first few 100-200 chapter, He become really good at it.
    1. A lot of the new readers get thrown off with how Lucky the MC is early on, Like he get great inheritance early on and then again it's shown how lucky he is all time, it's so much that you think it's not normal !... Well Guess what ! It's indeed NOT normal, it's a plot point, but it will only be hinted here and there, while u can guess somethings wrong, it wont be revealed until a few hundreds chapter later. and NO ! it's not that our MC is the son of god or some beautiful goddess is looking out for him from a higher realm and making him lucky ! No, it's a Feeding the sheep to butcher it later, scenario, Some guy who can control the fate of ppl, plan thousands of ppl making them get lucky or be at a certain place at certain time etc so that in the end he can collect all the benefits and most probably kill off those ppl or devour them. and MC is one of those guys.
    1. There is a s*x scene with his first girl, some ppl call it pedophile rape, but it's neither a r*pe nor pedophile, MC told the girl to leave, she came back herself, and both MC and the girl are 13~15 years old, it's not like MC is a 20~24 years old dude, they are just having minor sex.
    1. And Lastly, Even tho this MC got the best and most favorite Personality for me at current chapters, but early on, he was just a immature kid who was mad over losing his only family member. his personality is not really take form yet in early chapters, he will have times where he will reflect and think if he should have done differently, plus he got inheritance and memories far more than his own life-time making his personality fked up early on, his personality will be made over the years as we read the novel and become my most favorite MC personality ever.

Now about Story Overview :

This is not an story about being Evil, So don't expect a psychopath MC that don't have any emotion or will do evil or annihilate entire clan just coz someone insulted him. But the World of the story itself is quite cruel one.

This novel is actually a really well made and deep one, You can always see author putting in a lot of effort and care for it, unlike most Chinese novels with their filler and repeatable arcs.

The story is deep, like there are hints and foreshadowings all over the novels, hints that u only notice they were hints after 200-300 chapter pass and they got revealed ! or foreshadowings that make u think and Speculate what could this mean and be excited for the new chapters to come and the revelations that you been waiting for !

The Story, specially after you read a few hundred chapters, feel really fresh and unique, it don't have the usual cliche of most novels,

The world building and Mysteries in this series are Top-notch ! the whole series revolve around getting over hardships and going against fate, not giving up and pushing forward toward your obsessions.

At many time in the story you are left with some foreshadowings or mysteries that you can't help but stop to speculate and try to guess, even go to groups like discord and discuss it with other fans, It really make ppl excited and hyped for more and keeping you interested, specially at latter chapters.

Last thing to mention is the later half of the story is WAY more than early, like latest chapter is 4 time bigger than first chapter, it's like the better the story quality the longer the chapters, if you cut chapters into normal Size, then instead of 1231 chapter it would have 3000 chapter right now.

================================= End of Short Review =================================

Now Lets go for a Deep Review :

This story is not your usual simple and wish fulfilling novel, there is a lot of mysteries and hints all over the story, something neglectable that someone said in chapter 400 and many people would forget, might be a hint about something that will be revealed in chapter 800 ! things like this happens a lot.

So I gonna explain some stuff a bit more farther and also giving my review on each part of the novel.

I try to give more of a tease and less of a spoiler to not ruin the fun.

What's the meaning behind the title :


The title is Grasping Evil, It's Zhi Mo and Zhi mean Grasping or Managing,

The meaning behind it is Managing Evil or Controlling Evil,

It can give us few speculation about the novel :

    1. The MC is gonna go on the Evil Path, But he is not gonna turn Evil, and gonna manage his personality and acts, He will control himself to do what must be done, but still have a bottom line and a set of principle that he will no go back on !
    1. The other meaning of Zhi can be containing ! it can mean the MC gonna contain and restrain all Evils ! there is hints of it in the story, of a world of peace, a World where the cultivators and immortals does not dare to do anything evil ! everyone can live a good life in there, but of course for making such a world, you would need the power to back it up.
    1. Many many chapters later MC actually become a Grasping Cultivator which also hint at what I said above and reflect on the whole theme of the novel, which is Grasping Fate/Going against Fate and Changing it.

How is the World and the Theme of this novel's world :


The world in this novel is quite a harsh and cruel one, Pretty much as long as you are a cultivator, you have to be strong or you will lose ur life or freedom !

There is people planning others behind their back for their own benefit everywhere.

There really isn't any rule or anything anywhere, there is some Righteous Dao cultivator who talk big and about being noble but when it come to acting like it, they also love their lives more than anything and if the enemy is really strong, they won't bother to show up to help !

there is also LOTS of demon cultivators or sexual cultivators who drain other ppl cultivation using sexual techniques, be it Male or Female, there is even Female cultivators who raise males only to harvest their cultivation later on ! same for the male cultivators as well.

MC and his brother were also sold as Dual Cauldrons to such a places at start of the novel.

Most of the Sexual/Dual Cultivators will raise or buy Dual Cauldrons and drain them completely, then the Dual Cauldrons either die or get sold again to brothels or whatever.

Pretty much the lives of normal Dual Cauldrons are all miserable.


How is the MC's goal and back story :


The MC in this Story, is different than most other novels, He is not the Chosen One, He is not the son of a God or Goddess, He is not the reincarnation of some Top of the World old cultivator ! He wasn't any strong or Rare Dragon in his past life either.

He is a ordinary guy in this life and he was a ordinary one in his past life too, the Only thing he got better than most is his talent.

Even his Yin Yang Demon Vein which is Rare in mortal world, is just rare, it's not the best vein in the world, there are other veins better or worse, it's like each Vein is good in their own special field. there is no Best for All.

More Spoiler-ish info about MC's past life and his fate :


So the MC and pretty much most ppl in this novel, Get reincarnated many times, they go to Samsara and get reincarnated, mostly without their old memories, if they cultivate and get stronger, they might get some flashback or dreams from their old life sometimes, but its pretty minor and Samsara also try to remove any trace or memory of ppl's past life.

MC mostly was an ordinary butterfly in his many many past lives, pretty much all the times also didn't really had a happy ending. whatever he was a butterfly or anything else. you could say he is fated to be ordinary and fated to never be forever happy.

he is sometimes lovers with a girl in his past life but they all not get happy ending and they both die.

But he never gives up, and in this novel he reincarnated as a human, he don't remember his past life, no memories, he is just a normal guy, but He will go on a Path to become a Grasping Cultivator and change his Fate !

and this novel Main theme is also this, Reunion with his loved ones and fighting against Fate and Samsara.

we also get hints and revelation about his past life here and there, in a nice ways all throughout the novel, there is no info dump or lame asspull that suddenly show us a new plot point.


So yeh, MC is just a ordinary guy not fated to be anything big or get a big happy ending. but He become a Grasping Cultivator to change it.


How is the Romance and Harem in this novel :


MC's Lovers, consist of both new girls who he meet and and old ones from his past lives, They All pretty much got a nice story and back story, Early on in the story first hundred or so, he got a bit more girls with less story, but they become much less in number and each one get a bigger story and backstory too.

BTW ! The "r*pe Victim Become Lovers" Tag in this story is not really correct, non of his Lovers were raped, Author does not use the r*pe the girl and she suddenly fell in love with MC kind of thing with MC's Lovers, they all had their own story and back story,

The Romance is not really any Masterpiece, but it's not bad or forgettable, they all have their own uniqueness and honestly I enjoyed all of them. and there is not really too many Lovers for him, They are still in a normal number and I can remember and name all of them and their stories.

But that's only the Lovers, MC also got a lot of woman that he own, Which are called Dual Cauldron, As I said above, The world in this novel is really cruel and with no moral, lots of sexual cultivators who get stronger by draining opposite s*x of their cultivation, MC once capture 17 Females who were raised only to be drained and killed by some old guy who wanted to kill MC. They become his first Dual Cauldrons, but unlike other ppl, he will not kill them or sell them off, he let them live in his World Treasure a happy life of w'o worries. even help them cultivate once in a while, but they are not his Lovers and no real romance. unless special cases.

Later he also get a lot more in a funny way, see spoiler if u want to read :


2 of his 17 Dual Cauldrons who really helped him before, once was accompanying him on a Auction House, There they saw Thousands of Dual Cauldrons put on Display for people to buy them, MC was not there to buy these, he didn't really need these girls, but the 2 Girl with MC knew these girls are gonna be sold and die or have miserable life, got sad and get on the ground crying and begging MC to Buy them all, MC could not reject them since he owe them a favor and bought all 1000+ Dual Cauldrons... lol ! everyone in the Auctions House went crazy and start calling him a s*x Devil from then on lol


What is the Demon Path that MC is following, does it mean he is Evil or what :


The MC here was not Evil, but was forced to go into a Demon Path, now the Demon Path is normally mistaken as the Evil Path and Evil Dao, but It's actually a Path about doing what you want w'o restrain and not giving a f*ck about any moral and consequence and following your obsessions !

So it mean, a Demon Path Cultivator being Evil or not, depend on the person itself and what he want to do,

And since MC here is not really Evil, He do what he need to do to get stronger and reach his goals but he won't go against his bottom line and principle, He is mostly a morally gray character.

He isn't arrogant or full of pride, specially as he mature up in the story and become stronger, his view also get bigger and if there is a guy much weaker than him who is ignorant and insult him, he dosen't even spend the effort of looking at the guy, and just ignore him. on the other hand if someone tried to kill him or his friends, he just kill him w'o batting an eye or caring about his background.

But if he really need some item that someone have for whatever reason, he wont care if the guy is good or bad, he will take that item ! but if there is no need to slaughter, he will not kill ! like he would ask for the item or try to trade for it if the other guy is ok and chill, but if the other guy just wont accept and want to fight to death, he will fight to death for it.

in the story there is both kind of enemies. it's not always idiots who underestimate MC until its too late and they are dead. some of them figure out they are "kicking a iron plate" early and try to mediate with the MC.


how are the Side Characters and Story and plot about others (not harem members) :


In this story, there is a quite a nice amount of side story and plot about others, there are some nice and emotional stories too, some make you so emotional you really feel with those character,

the Emotional aspect of this story is strong, There is a story about a baby girl in he meet Fierce Wilderness for example,

or the Story of Sen Luo, who start as a Mysterious guy in the story with everyone calling him a devil or bad guy, but as MC come into contact with him we get to know of his story bit by bit.

Then there is his Master Ancient Chaos and many other characters got their own memorable stories that either happen in the novel or is told to us that happened before novel start.

backstory/story Aside, Many Side Characters still stay relevant, Author never forget anyone tbh, he remember some ppl and bring them back up that most readers almost forgot ! and I'm talking about enjoyable Good Side characters who had some relationship with MC,

not the enemies.

The Enemies all pretty much die after their parts, there wont be cockroach enemy that keep on running away or coming back to fight MC which would annoy many readers.


Explain what you mean by foreshadowings and hints that get revealed many chapter later ?


Okay, I'm gonna give you guys an example that I think most ppl know of.

If you watch Game of Throne, you know of a Character named Hodor, who could only speak Hodor. Since Season 1 !

Then I think in latter part of Season 6 which mean 5-6 years later, you see the scene ! when he is being controlled by the stark boy I forgot his name, while he was watching the past events with his power ! then the girl keep yelling Hold the Door to Hodor and the Past Hodor suddenly get a seizure and from then on was only able to speak (Hold The Door =>) Hodor !

At that Time most ppl watching were like

OMG ! So thats why he become like this ! WoW !

Well, This novel is also like that, It got a bunch of such a scene, where there is some hints or something, which will be revealed later,

A last yell or curse from a defeated enemy that u couldn't figure or didn't even notice, get revealed to mean what after few hundreds of chapter !

a random legend or description about some technique or person, get another hint which speculate a relation between them in a chapter 1 years later !


So yeh, There goes my big Review about my most favorite novel,

I won't tell you to Read it or not, But I believe if you read my review, You will know if this story is for you or not ! So you can decide by yourself.

Happy Reading ! :D <<less
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c1188
Best novel I have read, yet - 9.7 / 10.

Very interesting MC that follows his own path, doesn't care about the public opinion about him and doesn't become hypocritical as the story progresses like most Xianxia MC's do. He has tons of women by his side, but don't think that he is a perverted hormone driven teenager, quite the opposite actually - women usually lust for him, and even if he takes girls he does it because they want to kill / r*pe him (that's the rule of this world... more>> basically).

There are no pointless filler chapters - no boring auctions, throwing insults, bragging about abilities for several chapters, etc... They are also very long and and about 3-4 times bigger than the average ones and almost the entire chapters are spent on explaining new stuff or plot development.

Plot progression is sufficiently fast, many stuff are introduced and explored in earlier chapters, which brings me to my next point - don't be repulsed by the massive term introduction in first ~50 chapters, it all calms down very soon and new stuff are explained moderately and progressively.

Author also prepares everything several hundred chapters before. You have to keep track of nearly everything because it all comes back later on and fits into the story - most of the stuff is foreshadowed and almost 60% of the side characters are important because they are gonna be reintroduced later on and have some major role in the development of the plot. Story is almost always interesting and something is happening all the time (be it exploring the dao / samsara, getting inheritances, battling... it's always there)

There are tons of mentions of daoism and especially samsara slided trough the novel - MC's past life plays a big role as well as his parallel world self later on in the story. He also gets tons of inheritances and powerups and is extremely buffed later into the story, but so are the enemies he is facing, and every time he jumps realms to fight someone stronger than him, its backed up by his powers or prepared stuff he brought

The only bad thing I could find here, is that he doesn't spend too much time with his harem and that's what lowered my rating from 10 to 9.7

Would recommend this to everyone that likes novels with mass inheritances + power ups, dao-immortal based cultivation system, big harem (and actually using it) and samsara / parallel dimension exploring. <<less
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dvize rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: v1c4
This novel is great. I have been waiting a long time for an evil protagonist. At the same time, the story tries to humanize the face of evil. The translation seems very good. However, there is a lot nsfw material in here and based on his cultivation techniques, bound to be many more. So a warning for the folks that can't deal with that.
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c25
Legit can't read past chapter 25. The story has no tension whatsoever since MC never suffers any setback. The pace of the story is very off, normally a novel would slowly reveal the world it has to offer for you but noooo, author just throws in anything he wants which makes reading this a huge pain.

As for the whole cultivating thing, it makes no f*cking sense. How the f*ck did a spirit realm cultivator, aka MC, manage to subdue some old monster with a bewitching technique? And don't even bring... more>> up the bullsh*t : "her body is too sensitive." Or "that was the first time any man touches her." That's just a bunch of random crap author thought of so he can write bad erotica.

Sometimes I wonder why the author even bothered to think of cultivation levels when MC just gonna speed-run through all of them or straight up ignore them.

And what's up with authors these days? Can't you make up some less bullsh*t reasons for MC to f*ck other than "he was out of his mind, if she didn't do it he would die." Or "she has a weird constitution, if she doesn't have s*x for too long she will die."? Seriously, what the f*ck kind of reason is that? Stop trying to justify having s*x with a twelve years old!

Oh, and did I mention MC is a pedophile who f*cked a twelve years old? Not to mention he doesn't care about consequences at all. He does what he wants when he wants. There are many characters like this, but most of them suffer some kind of setback, forcing them to hide and cultivate until they're strong enough. As for this MC, nope, nothing. He just stormed through everything in his path (even if that everything is two large cultivation stages higher than him) or relies on his OP master.

To end this lengthy review, I'm gonna level with you. Despite this novel's high score, don't read it. It's a waste of time. Questionable cultivation, off-setting pace and lucky pedophile MC. Just don't. Seriously, go read something else, even Emperor Domination is better than this sh*t and I f*cking despise Emperor Domination, I think that's enough to say something about Garsping Evil.

Overall, read at your own risk. If you don't have any problem with self-righteous MC, bullsh*t cultivation system that makes no sense, rape, pedophile and heavenly treasures keep on falling into MC's hands then Garsping Evil is for you.

Edit : Saw a review down there that says this story has a 'solid plot' and have to write this. That's f*cking bullshit, this story frankly has no plot whatsoever. It feels like the author writes whatever comes to his head which results in, as stated above, very off-setting pace and all over the place plot.

Oh yeah, and the whole "he is evil" "he is not a hypocrite" thingy that so many reviews below mentioned, yeah that's bullsh*t too. The MC's personality feels very half-assed, it's like the author couldn't decide what to go with so he just throws it all in. Also, MC makes a 180 turn around the first day he got sold (I call bullshit), his personality changes so frequently that you can't understand which is supposed to be the real him and lastly, despite hating evil cultivator for raping him, he himself commits the same f*cking act so the agrument is invalid.

It's like : "the world f*cked me so now that I have power, I'm gonna f*ck the world back" kind of thing... yeah srsl, f*ck this novel.

Edit : MC is plain dumb <<less
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bearnanny rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c30
Put nicely, This novel is not deserving of it's 70+ five point score. I am not even complaining about the pedo garbage, that's what you get from a s*x centric novel. I thought that this novel actually would do something different and try to focus on story. You kind of get that impression when you read the opening chapters. It's so much more disappointing then to continue reading if you get that impression.

In the beginning chapters, the character is basically bait-and-switched for the ultimate gary stu character possible. A one-shot... more>> kill technique, unrivalled skills in cultivation, crafts, and even dancing. He's not the same character before and after, but the author pretends they're the same even though the earlier character is gone. The entire novel is trivialized, and the only thing left is for the MC to walk around and pick up harem members. Anyone who rates this novel highly is the kind of person who is impressed by the lyrics to gucci gang. <<less
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NastyOlRoshi rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c1232
July 27th, 2018: I just erased my previous review of the novel. A year and a half has gone by and I still consider this novel the best Xianxia story. Everything just feels right, the author is just so self-aware of everything he has to do in order for the story to make sense and be fun. Big props to him. Uhm I don't feel like writing a long review, all I have to say is that everything is close to perfect.

Action is top-notch (lots of hype moments and fights),... more>> cultivation is very interesting and not boring at all.

Moreover, although I wouldn't necessarily say that comedy as a genre can be linked to this novel - it sure as hell exists and lots of times you will find yourself laughing like an idiot.

Even though there's lots of girls that have a relationship with the MC, it doesn't feel as superficial as most harem novels. Don't get me wrong, obviously they are not always around but they somehow leave an imprint on your mind and they are brought up a lot. As for romance, although it's quite slow; there's couple of girls (and especially one in particular) that have a more meaningful relationship with the MC. In general I have no complaints with the harem and the romance; everything just somehow blends perfectly together. That's probably due to the nature of the novel, being epic in the truest sense of the word.

World building and the plane which the story takes place is very well done. For once I'm craving to see the MC go on more adventures. Higher worlds and whatnot are very exciting. They do not feel as something that the author came up with just so he can prolong his story. They are part of the bigger picture which the author had planned very early on.

I have to say though, the best aspect of the whole novel is the plot. I'd say it is deep and very well presented to the reader.

Another thing I appreciate is how the author has incorporated so many tropes in the story in a very unique way. Nothing felt out of place or just written there just to fill pages. For once, the author truly cares about his work; which also explains his gigantic in length chapters (especially later on, they average 10-24k words) despite the fact that writing this novel isn't his actual job (he works somewhere) and he isn't that popular on Qidian (not nearly as much support and monetary profit as he deserves).

I wanna end this review or comment (call it whatever you want) about the novel by adding that you should start reading it with a clear mind and be aware that since the world the MC is at, is kinda dark; you are bound to read some bizarre stuff. If you actually remain focused and read up until the most recent chapter, chances are you will love this book. Oh and please do disregard people that only read 20-150 chaps, the start is very important yet a bit slow. They do not know what they are talking about. Although I should say that if you reach chap 120+ and the novel feels boring or disgusting or bland to you, then you should probably drop it and search for something else. Clearly we all have different preferences in what we wish to read in order to entertain ourselves. <<less
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Soren59 rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c1230
First off, don't bother paying attention to the reviews of anyone who read less than 50-100 chapters, they're not nearly enough to give an accurate judgement of this great gem of a novel.

The story is really good overall. I'm not the type to tolerate boring or irritating plots so the fact I read over 1200 chapters says a lot.

I like the MC, Ning Fan, a lot. He doesn't do bored jobs like saving people he doesn't know if there's no benefit, but he's open-minded in that he never differentiates friend... more>> from foe based on their race/species, only if they're disadvantageous to him. He also won't pursue women unscrupulously, but he won't avoid them either. He's sort of free and easy in that respect. But he'll never drop out someone if he considers them a friend/lover.

Also one of the things I like most about this MC is he doesn't bother wasting words or actions on people who don't need it. I hate novels that take 3 chapters of taunting back and forth before the MC actually fights his opponents, then eventually kills them. This MC does none of that. If he really wants to kill someone he won't wait for them to start spouting bullshit, he'll just shut them up the good old fashioned way.

Another great point of this novel is the cultivation. Unlike a lot of Chinese novels with relatively linear cultivation, Grasping Evil has a lot of diverse cultivation techniques and systems. Similar to Martial World's trio Body, Essence, and Soul cultivation but with more realms and interesting unique abilities, as well as more emphasis on comprehending Dao.

The plot gets more intriguing the further you get into it, especially after ascending, and out of all the xianxia/xuanhuan novels I've read this one has best world building.


One of the most funny situations is when he meets an Immortal woman while still in the Mortal realm due to her being pursued and injured. Because of her having an innate bewitching physique which she can't suppress due to her cultivation being sealed, Ning Fan gets betwitched and has butts*x with her (if he did it the normal way he'd explode due to their cultivation disparity). It turns out she's one of his harem girls' mom, but due to a misunderstanting which doesn't get cleared for a long time, he thinks she's the girl's big sister.


Overall strongly recommended as long as you're open-minded.

There's occasionally some odd s*x scenes.

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RarestProGamer rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c269
This is by far the best Chinese novel that I have ever read, from a guy who has read ATG, HJC, MGA, MW, TMW, ISSTH, CD, so that's saying a lot. After reading so many novels, GE feels like a breath of fresh air unlike the other novels in the similar category that have arrogant one liner single cells antagonist who gets offended for every little thing with a Hypocrite Protagonist who does whatever he wants, but none of that here. What makes this novel truly different is that our... more>> MC is no Hero, he has fully inherited Evil Dao and on his way to perfectly master it.

-But the thing where this novel truly shines through and stands apart from the rest of the novel is Romance, Harem and Sexual Cultivation. Like most of the CN novels, the harem disappears time to time because the said Protagonist has to go somewhere far away to achieve higher cultivation levels for no reasons just because he/she wants to get stronger, but none of that bullsh*t in this story. Our protagonist can make himself and his harem stronger through sex, lol, and his harem is never forgotten. They have a role, they have a personality and feels 3D and alive. Honestly, at this point I am freaking tired of words poetic words like "Hot rod, Twin peaks, valley" to describe s*x for children, the best way to describe this novel it is like Chinese version of Berserk where author never shys away from putting and getting anything. I am literally surprised that this novel has been dead for so long and no one translated it properly, it really really deserves the praise and needs more attention. Ignore all the negative reviews, they clearly don't know what they are missing, but you don't have to. The very first 5 chapters should tell you how much different and great this novel is. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aakashwadhwa7 rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: c990
This review got a few spoilers in it so read it on your own risk.

Even though I was hesitant to pick up this novel before but after reading upto 30 I couldn't stop doing so anymore it just went better and better. There were few times where I wasn't quite happy the way MC reacted but overall the story build up is fabulous there are twists you won't expect how.
... more>>

The characters which should be build are built pretty well. This novel is basically about cultivation as a main theme with every thing else which could be used as a boost for it would be used as a boost so here comes the sexual cultivation (dual cauldron in the novel) MC got a whole harem of them with thousands of women waiting for him even though MC doesnt really have any romantic development towards them but he treats them well.

His women in his harem till now are around 10 or something? (The one's who are actually developed and loved for). They usually don't show up for most of the novel but its built like they wont be forgotten that is MC reminisce over the past love with them.

Overall this novel is really worth a read.

17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fathom rated it
October 4, 2016
Status: c27
I was quite surprised on how different this was from the typical xianxia novel where the MC gets bullied and ends up getting an OP cheat skill, then starts bullying his enemies.

In this series, the MC is quite pitiful. A s*ave that was sold to a sexual cultivating female cult to be raped by it's 100 cult members for his yang spirit. Of course, like most xianxia, he ends up getting his own OP cheat skills. However, what makes this different is that he's definitely no hero. This marks his... more>> path towards evil. But is he really evil? He wants revenge, to save his brother, and do what he's free to do without rules. That is his path towards evil. It's an interesting concept.

What is slightly uncomfortable in the beginning is his dual cultivation with a 13 year old. He's 17, but she's quite young. Although, it started out as a bit of an accident, it's still a bit uncomfortable. If you can get past that, the story is quite good thus far. On a side note, his evil master is quite cute. His methods of robbing, his jealousy of his own disciples skills, and his fear of his disciple becoming his brother-in-law keep the story quite light hearted despite the darkness of the plot. I look forward to reading much more. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
riida rated it
October 8, 2016
Status: c20
It feels like this LN was partially inspired by Murdering Heaven Edge, unfortunately it's too inconsistent with the alignment of evil/good, the story and the characters.

There's no focus and the author doesn't really seem to know where he wants to go with it, as everything is all over the place and the author is already stalling for time with what I can only describe as small fillers.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lordfifth14372 rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: c80
According to earlier reviews story gets better after 200 chapter, I tried a lot reading past 100ch but ended up dropping. Story swings between random things, MC is evil at one moment and acts like righteous moron other time, he is portrayed as overpowered and next moment he is scared and running for his life. His master who recovered his power after long time ends up close dying very next moment with in few sentences.

Even with above mentioned points I was not gonna drop the story, biggest turn off for... more>> me was harem and his interaction with girls, with in first 70 chapter he has 6-7 harem members, another 15 girls to increase his power. Supposedly very powerful women end up with MC for s*upid reasons, (like girl who was fighting with void fragmentation guy one moment ends up with MC very next moment literally with in two paragraph cause of vague explainaton likesealed power) it seems very forced.

MC picks up girls right and left, and gets confused how should he treat them afterwards, sometimes he captures girls who came to kill him then becomes indecisive what to do.

Overall very forced story and kind of indecive MC with random things happening out of no where. Supposedly story gets better later but if you are not big on harem then there is high chance you won't move past first 100 chapters <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 28, 2016
Status: c7
This is a story about a cultivator of the evil dao. At the same time, his master of this path says lines about allowing young love and taking care of the women you have 'relations' with. Which means that this dao doesn't need you to be comically, mindlessly evil to every single person, and just to the people you feel like being evil to (with the added caveat of 'fail me and I kill you' as a rather high bar for disciples to live up to).

So honestly, this is... more>> the same as the other cultivation novels around here, but it has that key honesty that makes it endearing. So, when the protagonist later probably goes around destroying sects and taking women as his own... you don't feel like he is a hypocrite. He is firmly with team evil. Take what you want, and kill everyone that you feel like killing. No need to worry about honor and that junk. This is about gaining power and using it.

The protagonist has lines he would rather not cross, and can feel that he should repay and care for certain others (his lost brother, the love interest)... but past those friendly relations, this work does not appear to hold any pretension of morals that is later betrayed by the protagonist's acts. And that is refreshing, since any mass murder he does is going to be completely in character with the stated moral code. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rGaha rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: c1244

I saw a lot of review giving 1 or 3 Star but the thing is they haven't even read 100 or so chapters. Trust me guys If u miss out of this then you will regret it alot.

Scroll down and see if any 300+ chapters review gave less then 5 star. I will delete my review if you found any.

... more>> Anyways I will keep it short so don't worry. Pros:

1. PLOT: A Very-very-very Deep Plot with lots of Foreshadowing and Side Stories. 2. WORLD BUILDING. Very Satisfying. Best of all.

3. COMEDY. Sometimes it can makes you laugh till you die. Otherwise its always here and there all over the novel. Its always a fun read.

4. CULTIVATION AND DAOISM. Very Interesting to read.

5. MC. The coolest and most Sane MC of history of CN Novel. He do whatever he want, no one can stop him. He doesn't even care what other think of him.

Later in the story, he got an ability to talk to non living things. And one of his Harem member saw him talking to things. She end up thinking he is mentally ill. MC tries to explain it but they still don't believe him. So he just let it be this way.


6. HAREM. Usually I don't really like JP and CN Harem. On one side there is no end to Platonic relationship and Fan-service, on other hand women are just source of unnecessary enemy. BUT here everything is for the sake of plot. Especially I like how author manages the Harem without them being an Annoyance. Even the FMCs are included in Harem because of important reason, which you know once you start to read it.

7. LONG CHAPTERs. 8. ANTAGONIST. Enemies here are not Young Master or Something. Most of the Antagonist are old fox here, always planning from behind the scene. Which makes the Plot more interesting. And We can find clues of more possible Big Antagonist through out the Novel.

9. Lastly Everything Happen for the sake of Plot. So just wait for Author to reveal it.


1. Long Chapters but takes alot of time to update. 3 Chapters in one month if you are lucky or one Chapter in 3 month if you are extremely unlucky. Usually its the former.

2. ROMANCE. Harem build is good but it lacks a little Romance mainly because MC is usually cold and have low EQ (?). But still I like the interaction between them.

3. Not much Translated Chapters. I have to make do with LNMTL. Lately the Plot is so deep and Complex that understanding it in Mtl becomes very difficult.

Honestly I will give this a 9.9/10. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dao Seeker
Dao Seeker rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c1229
This is a f*cking awesome novel. Nothing like you had read so far.

why you should believe? As everyone has their own preference and how they view a story differently. Because its coming from guy who read these stories till current chapters

Tales of demons and gods

... more>> Against the gods

Emperors domination

Martial god Asura

Release the witch

Martial world

True Martial world

Long live summons

I shall seal the heavens

Chaotic sword god

Cultivation Chat group

Library of heavens path

Desolate Era

A Eternal will

Otherworldly evil monarch

Warlock of the magus world

Nine yang sword saint

World Destroying demonic emperor

Forty millenniums of cultivation

World of cultivation

The nine cauldrons

Immortal Executioner

Stellar Tranformation

As you can see most of the stories are very popular and awesome ones, But Grasping Evil is way more awesome than all of them. Its very addictive to me.

If you had read "Grasping Evil" first and read the other stories next, all of them will look very boring to you. Because the author wrote the story in such fashion and way, it will be very enjoyable to read and you can feel the continuity and nowhere it will look forced. Once you past 200+chapters there is noway you can stop reading, even if you wanted to. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
qull rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c1223
*Do not believe reviewers who read less than 200 chapters. The real story started at 200+. Trust me.

One of the best "xianxia/harem" novel you can ever find. You will be exploring a lot of xianxia elements----reincarnation, universe, life, death, emotion, etc--- and development of each characters, namely the girls.

A lot of the heroines background and story do intertwine deeply with MC's journey. Every girls MC met have their own circumstances and backgrounds story to be told.

Adult genre is big in the original version. However, author did remove most of the... more>> explicit part in latest edition due to aggressive censor law in 2016. Harem is done better than average harem, no girls are ever forgotten--- but sometime it takes time before MC actually get to meet them again.

One of the good reason for reading this novel is consistency and understanding of xianxia world by author himself.

  • There are lucky encounter, but there are no sudden nerf/buff to MC just to "spice up the boss fight". MC can sometime annihilate the boss in one blow OR just abuse every treasures he has in his arsenal.
  • Realm level is not the absolute determining factor for strength difference, and there are many many other factors... contrary to common people belief.
  • Not all men are perverts. In fact, most of old dudes who live for 10000+ years could care less about women, rather they care much more about gaining absolute power and longevity.
  • There aren't many cliche young master that "suddenly see MC's women and want to r*pe them on first sight". Most of them would prey on women for cultivation or political power. There are some with attempt to woo the girls out of looks, but they are not as dumb to taint their sect reputation by attempting assault. In fact, some even disgusted with the fact that they are forced (by their sect) to woo with non-virgin girl.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SovereignDao3000 rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c715
This Novel is Just Amazing. It's different from the traditional stories,

beating up by someone, run and then go back to revenge.

No, MC Ning Fan a character that always has a plan and does t suffer losses, even if suffer always gain something, there is lucky encounters and destiny but his destiny is justified that you would get terrified ,

... more>> Epic world and deep characters, a lot of cliffhangers, a lot of mysteries,

a Great system of power : 1 step being immortal, 2nd step to distinguish between truth and false 3 rd step time and space 4 step Samasara and maybe there is 5 step who knows ? There is no peak,

the novel all about Dao comprehension which is fantastic, that you would love the way he get insights.

actually there is some vibe from I shall seal the heavens from it, I just can't understand why it still without translations. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ANI3792 rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: c1200
One of my best novel with only drawback is that it is not completed yet.

  • Best MC, even though he's not a transmigrator or reincarnated char but you'll get the same feeling after reading 500-600 chapters. It shows the character growth of the MC is well executed.
  • Plot is very very well written, it's also very interesting (not the usual repetition one) and after every arc, you just cannot wait for the next arc.
  • One of the best harem novel with good ecchi, s*x scene. You also get some family (like his parents & wives) staff here. Initially at the end of the every arc, you'll see our MC will leave the harem girl confirming that they will meet again in the future. So you just can't stop yourself from reading unless finally they get together.
  • Even though our MC start from the scratch but because of plot armour he always gets the necessary protection from big sects/organization /leader, accepted as apprentice from a powerful teacher and so on. Even though you don't get the nervous feeling about our MC but somehow he always deals with the high level, powerful chars in every arc making the story more interesting than ever.
I can promise that you'll not waste your time reading this novel, the only reason for its less rating or less rank is its... more>> slow start or slow progress in between 100-200 but after that it totally ROCKS... you'll definitely miss something, if you don't read it. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mrttao rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: c104
Treat this review as if I gave it 2.5 stars. While it has major issues, I for some reason am still reading it...

I feel like this could have been ranked 4 stars if it was not for several issues. The amount of luck the MC has is over the top even when compared to other xianxia stories. He keeps on stumbling across over the top treasures and inheritances at too great a rate. And thanks to that can ignore cultivation ranks and act as if he is several realms higher.... more>> We are talking about him defeating gold core experts (major realm 3) while still in qi condensation (major realm 1). And surviving (heavily injured) trading 2 blows with someone 2 or 3 major realms above gold core if he uses up a (very rare) consumable (good thing he keeps on stumbling on rare treasures and has a steady supply of heavenly consumables). Also MC personality seems inconsistent, shifting his level of ruthlessness wildly.

MC also has the informed trait of being "evil" and by that the author means "kind, loving, gentle, friendly, and helpful to allies and subordinates (anyone in the city he owns really) and even temporary allies of convenience! but will ruthlessly kill his enemies and even their whole clan, except when he takes a few as s*aves and ends up feeling merciful towards them later on; also occasionally robs unaffiliated of some tribute but not all they own and without really harming them". Basically, he is nicer than 99% of the alleged non evil xianxia protagonists

Sexual cultivation is taken to its logical conclusion, with many many sects kidnapping both men and women and then sexually devouring their life-force, killing them and gaining some power. MC got an inheritance of a mutually beneficial sexual cultivation technique that benefits both sides and is even superior to consuming the other side...

Except by ch 40ish MC suddenly decides to not use it because he doesn't have the heart to "pluck" the cultivation of his waifus or even his female enemies which he mind controlled into being his devoted "cauldrons" (people whom he plans to yin-yang cultivate with; except he doesn't). Thus deciding to dedicate himself to acquiring pills and rare consumables.

What plucking? MC has the immortal emperor tier cheat technique that is a mutually beneficial technique that gives superior results to plucking to both participants! he won't be plucking their cultivation! the author just realized he screwed up by having it too easy for the MC to cultivate and wants him to fight for resources instead of locking himself in his harem chambers forever (he effectively got adopted by a cultivator king, so could easily spend hundreds of years in seclusion doing mutually beneficial s*x cultivation).

So he uses the above self contradicting excuse to have the MC start going after resources and ignoring the core cheat he has. It might just be that the author plain forgot what cheat he gave the MC, because about every 5 chapters he stumbles across a new inheritance and gets a new cheat which he will proceed to under utilize.

Also, be warned that there is explicit s*x in this story. and loli (so far just one, and MC himself is also of similar age; she saved him and he ends up marrying her). That all said, it is not all bad (if it was I would have given it 1 star). Some parts are genuinely enjoyable, but they are brought down by all the issues. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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