Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I’m Going to Sleep


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The story of a human reincarnated as the Creator God of a new world, and her observation logs of the burgeoning new world and life.

Dragons, which have existed since before the birth of human civilization, became the guardian dragons of the empire.

But whether you guys call me that or not, I’m going to sleep.

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늬들이 날 수호룡이라 부르든 말든 난 잘거야
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New ThemosTrash rated it
June 22, 2024
Status: c137
The story goes as a god reincarnate the MC into a new world, fresh with nothing in it. As the god said do whatever you like and the MC filled it with life. And how the life gets filled turns into ecosystems then civilizations. It was a pretty enjoyable read imagining how the world developed as I read it chapter per chapter. Then as the world grows there are conflicts popping up, and the characters inside has a pretty good development.

All in all, it's a world building in the purest... more>> sense that it's actually building a world and we see how it develop from the MCs eyes and how she meddles in it to create a better or maybe even worse situations. <<less
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chairlight rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: c15
This is honestly a really good story so far.

It's the usual trope of "a god sends someone who died untimely to another world, and give them cheat powers". MC is basically a god, with cheat powers of time control, innate control of magic, the ability of creation, and google.

And it looks to be setting up a typical fantasy world.

But the author decides to go a completely different route. Establish the MC at the beginning of the newly created world, as a mini creator dragon. Whose job it is to do... more>> whatever desired, and gets to fill it with whatever life he wished to create.

And if he can truly achieve something that truly satisfies him in his new life, the god will give him any wish he desires, including going back to his original world.

This is where the novel really shines, as it becomes its own unique fantasy isekai where things are being steadily shaped into forms we recognize.

The author just has so many good ideas, and a great writing style that really shines with this translation.

Covering things like:

  • Slimes being the LUCA, the Last (and only) Universal Common Anscestor of this world, the form of life that ends up mutating into all of the animal species on the planet.
  • The creation of Dragons, and why they have reverse scales. An extremely rational reason for the creation of Dragon hearts, low birthrate of dragons, etc.
  • MC becoming an adoptive dragon mom and grandma getting caught up in disputes between dragons and their relatives, tearing her metaphorical hair out at them always ending up fighting each other despite everything she has tried (including making good use of the time reversal ability).
  • Speaking of, the time reversal ability is dependent on her past self at the target date accepting it. How unique and novel a concept!
Meanwhile the author also shakes things up and provides short "modern day" anecdotes related to the choices of the MC, almost as a footnote to some chapters.

Like a article written by a fantasy version of a paleontologist disagreeing with the church of life's proposed origins of life, citing instead the fossil record which indicates (correctly) that slimes are the origin of life.

It just adds such rich character to this story. It's a fun juxtaposition between what we just read actually happened, and what future people are trying to understand.

This story at the moment of this review is still effectively in "prehistoric times". Humans don't really exist yet.

I speculate that either this will continue in the same manner for much of the future story, or that events will accelerate until we get to c0, which may become a slow life style story, where MC can really come to accept contently what she shaped over the eons.

Final Note:

If you like fantasy stories at all, I think you will enjoy this, period. Whether you are a western fantasy enjoyed, isekai type fantasy enjoyed, or someone who is burnt out fantasy isekai clone #42, 651.

If the author can keep maintaining the quality of writing, this will undoubtedly become a hidden masterpiece of a series. Everything is top notch at the time of this review.

Seriously, give it a read! <<less
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Noobao rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c60
The mismanagement of the main character is annoying. She feels like a beta jp MC with the way she acts. That being; she is extremely incompent and naive. Even after spending thousand of years in her evolved dragon form, being the creator of life and all that, she is still maintaining the same worldview she had as a human being after all these changes on her existence. It's all very incredulous.

Let me give you an example; war, why is war bad? From a human point of view, war is sad... more>> due to the loss of life.

From a greater perspective, the perspective of a creator who has engaged on the survival of the fittest as her method of creation, why war between intelligent species is foolish? There's nothing inherently wrong with it, haven't you watched the sprouting of life from this method and derived enjoyment from the fierce competition of various lifeforms? You condoned this method.

Heck, don't you have god given powers that can directly alter matter, the thought process and existence of such beings as a whole? If you don't want war, why not just modify part of their existence? As an creator, you have done this many times after all. Why not do it this time?

Also, why intelligent life seeks war? Due to some resource or desire that allows someone to accomplish what they want. Simple right? Yet it seems our main character failed to realize this.

This dragon gal is a moron. She has rewound time hundreds of times and has meddled the equivalent of more than a hundred years for the war among intelligent species she has indirectly created, her meddling has only fueled the war and only after it ends she asks, "Why are you guys fighting? Don't you know war is bad and all?

Seriously? This is not the only instance of such a thing, the author seems to severely undermine the intelligence of characters and skip details in order to progress the story the way he wants.

Not recommended. Unless you really want to scratch that itch of creator main character and superficial character progression where the text clearly alludes to the main character changing but their thoughts and methods pretty much stay the same through all the story. <<less
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Giernold rated it
May 2, 2024
Status: c45
starts out very well, but eventually the apathetic (cares about literally nothing) protagonist turns the story into an uninteresting one.


why should we care about this world, or the creatures in it, when the protagonist doesn't care at all about anything. No stakes, no action, and even if there is a plot, none of it matters to us anyway beacuse even if everyone dies the protagonist is just as happy lol. Felt like a huge waste of time after a while

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The Reader No.222007
The Reader No.222007 rated it
March 24, 2024
Status: c13
This is the story of man reincarnated as the mother dragon at the beginning of time.

Equipped with a power so vast that it could put Goku to shame, he (now she) tried to create a peaceful world where her children don't try to kill each other. And finding what truly makes her satisfied from the bottom of her heart.

All in all, this is a pretty good story.

I personally have a knack for dragon creation myth stories like The Life of Mt. Hororyuu, so for me this novel is a golden... more>> 5 stars. <<less
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Myssoferia rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: c58
If you enjoy The Life of Mt. Hororyuu novel but desired more of its content, then this is what you are looking for.

This is a tale of history of the world and its myth creation. The protagonist is akin to Creator God-in-training. Reincarnated in desolate world without any lives and granted omnipotent power and unlimited lifespan, she distribute life across the world that is the root evolution of all living being in this world. She might create them because of feeling of loneliness, but she tried to take responsibility for... more>> it. Sometimes guiding them, sometimes punishing them, sometimes she fails, sometimes she need to make solution for the troubling matter in this world. As the guide of various races and community, she hold multiple identity in various myth and religion. As well as her action in current time is reflected in the future through passages of history book, sometimes accurate, sometimes blinded by faith, sometimes doubted by scholars.

Omnipotent power might make the some story boring, but as the protagonist tried to not ab*se her power and respect free-will of sentient creature, as well as various problem on worldly scale. The story on how the protagonist tried to mediate the sentient being peacefully and tried to find solution to problem that arose makes the story not boring.

By the way, I just realize the protagonist doesnt have name. The genderbend part is forgettable. She, or It might be more correct, was a man before reincarnation but after that without any discomfort It becomes genderless dragon. It got called by the sentient being she first named as 'Mom' and Its morphed form is fixed to female. This might dissatisfy people who are looking for strong genderbend aspect, or a welcome for people who didnt enjoy genderbend. I insist for both sides to atleast give it a try, for this is such enjoyable story that you can read in leisure time. <<less
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Anondesu rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: c85
In one word this novel is "AMAZING".

World building 10/10

What I like about this novel is it is "FREE". It's not bound to one conceptualize idea.

... more>> The author really knows what they are doing. The flow of the story is top tier too. You can really feel that "You" are part of the story. Probably only me who feel this way.

One of my favorite is that the author also includes snippets of the feature from different kind of people talking about the events that happened in the story.

TBH, I can't really make a constructive review because my english is bad but... Let me tell you one thing. I'm that kind of person who will NOT use money for online entertainment but this novel made me do so.

Give it a try, you will be hooked after prologue. <<less
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Sareza rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c61
Imagine waking up to find yourself standing before an entity beyond comprehension, its form elusive to your bare eyes. It speaks, proclaiming your demise, yet offers a proposition: reincarnation into another world. The allure of a second chance at life entices any human soul. However, the catch lies in the condition—you'll become the first sentient entity of a newly born world, bestowed with the power of creation and control over time. As you part ways, the entity grants you a wish, to be fulfilled only when true satisfaction graces your... more>> heart.

Thus, you find yourself reborn in a realm devoid of life, manifested as a dragon. With the gift of creation, you breathe existence into the barren landscape, witnessing the evolution of countless creatures. From the solitary beginnings, you shape the very fabric of the world, a nurturing presence guiding its growth.

As ages pass, you guide them through the challenges of life, sharing wisdom and nurturing their progress. Through the trials and tribulations, you stand as a beacon of hope, steering the course of destiny away from disaster. Your influence touches every corner of the world, shaping civilizations and cultures in your image.

But with the passage of time comes reflection. Millennia spent in governance weigh heavy upon your soul, a relentless burden that wears on you. Despite the peace you've brought, an insatiable longing remains—a desire for fulfillment that even your creations cannot satisfy.

As the eons stretch into eternity, you find solace in the embrace of weariness. The relentless cycle of existence ebbs and flows around you, yet you stand firm, a pillar of stability in a world teetering on the edge of chaos. With your duty fulfilled and the world flourishing beneath your watchful gaze, the time for rest beckons—a respite from the ceaseless cycle of creation and care.

This novel presents a captivating exploration, delving into the perspective of an omniscient-like being—a rarity in contemporary literature. While reminiscent of "She was both called god, as well as satan, " the narrative eschews the dark and dramatic, offering a wholesome journey of creation and nurturing. The meticulous weaving of cause and effect, coupled with glimpses of the future, heightens anticipation and engagement.

While not reaching the pinnacle of a masterpiece, this Korean novel proves immensely entertaining and enriching. Its blend of whimsy and depth captivates, leaving a lasting impression. A hearty recommendation awaits those seeking a fulfilling literary adventure. <<less
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dsdasfaf rated it
June 6, 2024
Status: --
MC started as apathetic who gets mad when problems force her to act but once humans came she became racist.

The spirits she taught for a bit, ignored for a long time after and punished when the dragons went out of control.

Dragons she ignored from the beginning and then gave them a choice of punishment without ever making an effort to let them understand what she was actually going to do to them.

... more>> Lizardman she gave a single gift to and then ignored for entire generations.

Humans she saw and spent years helping their race grow, provided many relics, treated their wars as being not worth addressing, and even crafted a hero for.

Elves she made from humans for her own personal reason, gave a single gift to and then left them under a god that could never shower them with as much blessing as she does the humans and has been totally beaten to never defy her.

Dwarves she made for the same reason as elves, gave another gift and then just ignored.

Beastman she treats with contempt and never helps at all just because they dared to take humanoid form. Even though humans are just monkey beastman. <<less
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Wololololo rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c41
This is not just another tr*sh power fantasy. It's a power fantasy... but with responsibilities and consequences for each character, action and event. And the writing is on par with light novels. And the MC is hella cute.
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ManLord rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c41
Basically, a plot about a god that reincarnated man to a god dragon, she create a life, manage and develop it. And in the far future it will be a general setting of fantasy world.

Nothing to complain about, the premise and the plot very interesting so far.

This is a gold piece that everyone must read at least few chapters.
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AZ09XO rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: c224
As a sucker for world-building novels, this novel easily takes the cake for the best world-building.

Though there is the TS aspect of the MC being a former man turned human, the story focuses on the MC building the world and their various tales as the world they build advances and evolves on their own, with certain people/ civilizations getting some help from the MC.

The novel goes into the nitty-gritty in all the important aspects, with interesting characters with well-defined motives and personalities, the history of the rise and fall of... more>> important countries, extra information on the items that the MC creates and their importance to the people it's made for.

While Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I’m Going to Sleep's world-building is on par with other world-building novels like She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan, or The Life of Mt. Hororyuu: The Forefather of all Life and Magic at 4.6 Billion Years Old, what makes it rise above stories like this is the MC's writing, who truly feels like a Main Character of the story, with their interactions with more interesting and reoccurring characters that don't feel like a one-off in the story, with tales that have a proper end and tie together with the history of the world overall, with callbacks to older parts of the story that bring help strengthen the fact that the characters did exist and is a part of history. <<less
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Lion_steel rated it
May 15, 2024
Status: c0
The story was interesting in the beginning but in the middle everything you just became very and became boring and the story just stopped feeling like it's progressing it's just going with the vibe

the only reason I'm even still reading this novel is because of the future of the hero's Adventure Party that's the only reason this story is still somewhat good

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May 26, 2024
Status: c110
For the first 80 chapters, this is a pretty neat little creation myth type story. The world that is built is interesting (especially when she ... more>>

creates the afterlife, and the perspective of the humans and the Hero descending into the Afterlife to retrieve the soul of a friend).


If you like Terranigma, etc. This is a pretty decent read. As for the reviews regarding her personality, yeah her personality doesn't match her age at all. But to be fair, for her, centuries fly by in the blink of an eye and she still feels like she was a human yesterday. Although she does act rather s*upid at times. Just an amateur writer I suppose.

Translation: Translation seems competent. At the very least, it doesn't seem like MTL (or it's very well edited MTL, if so). <<less
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