The Magus of Genesis


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In an age long lost to legend and myth.

In an age where humans had still yet to establish a system of writing.

It’s said that there existed a Magus in a country named Scarlet.

It’s said that he imparted knowledge concerning language and writing, taught how to cultivate the lands, instructed the ways of raising animals, and brought about the gift—nay, the magic of fire.

It’s said that he was a dauntless youth, a dragon clad in scarlet red scales, a person worshiped far and wide.

It’s said that this man was the God of Civilization.

Yet strangely, his name had been virtually wiped from the records.

Therefore, he was simply referred to as—

—The Magus of Genesis.

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Hajimari no Mahoutsukai
Primitive Wizard
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Ziru Asteri
Ziru Asteri rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: v1c12
A man whose life goal was to look into the world's mysteries realized that Earth simply had no mysteries left that couldn't be explained through science---rather, it never had any true mysteries from the start. His dying wish was granted as he reached his end and was reborn into a primitive world that held little to no traces of civilization or culture.

With a first-person narrative writing style, we can see the protagonist's thoughts and the reasons behind his actions, as well as see how he reacts internally to the various... more>> surprises and discoveries he comes across through the novel.

... I may be biased as its translator, but I really do recommend this series for anyone interested in a protagonist who has to start from scratch. <<less
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Ruckkus rated it
September 19, 2018
Status: c20
If I had to pick one word to describe this novel, it would be "forced".

The world seems to conveniently bend to go along with whatever the MC is doing. It breaks immersion pretty hard for me.

The MC himself is pretty ignorant. His actions are irritating and his thought process is infuriating. Even in this a fantasy world that is in the Stone age for Christ sake, I have to have progressive "wamens aren't objects" rhetoric shoved down my throat. I mean, oh no they aren't allowed to go out and... more>> put their lives in danger to hunt meat and instead the men go out and put their lives on the line to bring food back to them, those poor mistreated women.... Give me a break, what kind of left wing nut job wrote this garbage?

In the same breath, even though he meets the elf on the cover first and they hit it off and hang out, a human girl comes into the picture and he goes crazy for her just because she grows big tits. Feels like he completely betrayed the feelings of elf San, even though based on the prologue, she has a lifespan that's similar to him. Because of her breast size... The same guy that was spouting sh*t like "don't treat woman as objects". <<less
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Titan LLS
Titan LLS rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: v2c30
This is a novel, I had a lot of expectations. I thought the vol 1 was nice, if I had to rate it 2.5/5 it was okay. My expectations were what drove me to continue to read. That said this thing has gone along to become a typical bend over backwards spinless MC story. I really am tired of these Japanese MC's that do this. Do I really have to go from one extreme to another with either a spinless MC in Japanese novels or a bloodthirsty MC from Chinese... more>> novels. Why are kindhearted MC's who can stand ground in important junctures so seemingly rare, or at least rarely translated. This story the MC started of well, by any definition he should be an individual near the summit of power. He treated everyone kindly and fairly but I never expected this just stemmed from the fact he was simply an individual without a spine. It was never such a big issue until the last 5 chapters or so.


In the story the Dragon is raising a school and teaching magic. Now as it goes along this is like Sesame Street really, in that their is no major conflict everything is nice and well almost everyone is friendly and kindhearted in this story or simply "misguided".

So violence is seldom the answer. now in this newest case of "misguided" conflict the MC and his student's decide to build up the agriculture of the institute. They have come across various problems the everyday farmer is destined to come across but solve them one by one, very conveniently until this latest problem. Rodents, now this is for lack of better wording the part of the story I have with passion come to hate. The rodent ingenuously decimate their agriculture and instead of finding ways to deal with the rodent they negotiate with them... who has ever heard of such a senseless thing!

i might bring myself to understand if it were one or two but it is a swarm of them. The MC actually in his infinite intelligence brokers a deal where they hand over their hard earned agriculture and in turn receive "help" (Their was never any help it was just a shakedown). Then the arrangement continues the MC and Friends because of the MC's incompetence as a leader just swallow all misgivings. Finally the other shoe drops, the mice have come back now, but look the numbers have swelled no longer was the original deal of food applicable the swelling numbers demand swelling resources to compensate...

The MC even now! instead of seeing the threat is still trying to compromise here, and then the natural course continues the mice now bode to attack the MC. By now it is not just the MC suffering people are dying! being killed by rodents they themselves labored to feed. Even as they are dying the MC still has not reached his point of breaking off and just killing the mice. Not until they solve that they must in fact kill his current love interest in prospect of self-preservation. least I forget to mention the rodent look forward to casualties regardless of side in the conflict. why one may ask simple "less mouth's too feed". This is the near principle of absurdity, I truly can only think that the MC might be an evil genies in disguise from the readers and his people. he plotted these deaths. This first time I ever felt being s*upid could be an evil greater evil than being just evil.

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roriconknight rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: v1c15
"No, no, I don't read because of the title" - most blantant lie by a lolicon like me.

I am the strongest being in legends. A dragon who breathes fire to mow down my enemies. I was -- damn, I was a salary man that pursues the existence of magic in my original world only to die found nothing -- live an unfulfiling live.

It is a light hearted story of a Dragon and lolis by the cover that is. If you have read, you might compare this to Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku... more>> Ki. However, this novel had several different points to it. While Garudenia starts with our MC sent into Middle Age-level civilization, Magus of Genesis have our MC sent into Ancient Age where even language is not mature enough and the people utilises stone and bone tools to aid their lives - there are no merchants, no nobles, nothing, just you, your sharp sticks, and mammoths. Our MC in Magus of Genesis develops his people by teaching magic and basic knowledge that he have - remember, he is a cultist. The development of magic invloves trial and error since it was hindered by two problem, nobody knows how it works and everyone who can use it comes as naturally as breathing - without curiousity, there is no technological development, or to be said as no drives, no progress. The third difference is the fact that it had lolis.

Basically, this novel is a slow paced light hearted story with (magic) Civilization tinge on it featuring lolis. You won't be running out of insulin for reading this. It is S A F E even for a non-lolicon that attracted with its Kingdom (or an Empire?) building.

Despite the second loli is obviously deeply infatuated to our Dragon.

I hope she will stay like that for a decade.. as the prologue has pointed out.


Do not forget to read the quotes on every chapters!

Each time I exhale, a blessing escapes.
... Literally.

19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
proxywarrior rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: v1c3
So far there is not a lot translated, but it seems to be quite a laid back Isekai/reincarnation sort of like garudenia. I happen to like those types of novels, so ill leave it at 5 stars for now (obviously not a lot to go on yet). For me, I think what will make or break this novel is how much thought and detail will be put into the world building and the actual aspects of teaching the underdeveloped races- a harem is fine and all, but in many instances... more>> it is not really enough to carry the whole story, something else needs to be there. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rosver rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: --
Your typical generic japanese isekai.

Like usual, the concept is barely utilized. The protagonist is reincarnated into a dragon. Why a dragon? The author just wants an OP protagonist and making the protagonist a dragon (or any species that is usually OP) is a convenient excuse. If the protagonist is anything else, then he would have been dead in a few moments. Then, as usual with these stories, the protagonist is able to turn into a human and the dragon aspect is pretty much thrown to the side.

And this presents a... more>> problem, aside from the lack of creativity, there is no tension in the story. There is really no danger to the protagonist.

And there is the prologue. Prologues tends to be sh*t and this is no exception. What the prologue essentially tells us is that the protagonist would turn this world into a generic japanese fantasy urban setting that you would see in almost every generic fantasy manga and anime. It prominently displayed it lack of originality.

The protagonist is the typical idiot inconsistent beta japanese Gary Stu. The protagonist is introduced by detailing his obsession with the unusual, things like magic. He sought the entire world and can't find anything strange about the world... Are you kidding me? Where is he looking at? The world is full of mysterious things. After a decade of his life dedicated to failing at seeing the mysteries of the world, he is reincarnated as a dragon in a fantasy world. What did he do? Absolutely nothing. We got a ten year time skip of him doing absolutely nothing. Where is your dedication before? Really, the more you look into the protagonist, the more you realized how much of a tr*sh he is.

The story is so cliched. The protagonist meet the first Harem member as a... Guess what?... As a damsel in distress! The most cliched overused trope you could think of!

And why the heck is an elf, who is supposed to be knowledgeable of the forest, who lived their life in it, failed to stay away from a giant bear and manages to provoke it that it is now dedicated to killing her and unable to save herself even though she has a very powerful magical ability? You can clearly see, with just this alone, how forced things are. There is nothing organic about this story. Things happens just because. It is what the author wants and the author can't be bothered to make them happen more naturally.

It also tries some drama but it is just so forced and melodramatic that you are likely to roll your eyes instead.

And the characters are really flat. At most, they just have one specific personality or quirk. One is even characterized by her lack of character. These aren't characters. They are really just there for the wish fulfillment and the Harem aspect. These are a bunch of puppets.

The setting is barely developed. You can't picture out what the world is supposed to be. There is really no world building at all.

The writing is bland. It just lacking in everything. There is virtually no description. The narration is clunky. It has no voice. The writing is just incredibly mediocre.


This story is just bad. It is not even bad in an original way. It is like it takes all the weak parts of the genre and the medium and bring it all together in one story. It is a literary equivalent of cotton candy. It has no nutrients, being made only from sugar and coloring, and lacks substance by being mostly just air.

But you know what? I understand why many men would like this. It is their kind of wish fulfillment story. It takes advantage of their weakness and desires. Make the readers pretend they are some OP protagonist, make the protagonist lacks any personality so the readers can insert themselves into the character, surround them with female characters who are there only for their looks (so as not to steal attention from the protagonist), and make them pretend that they are the bestest thing to ever live (like making people revere them as a god). It makes for a terrible story, but a great story is not what these people are looking for. They are in for the wish fulfillment aspect.

If you are that certain kind of person, then this story would be a great escape. A great wish fulfillment where you can get everything you desire and you become the most important person in world. For everyone else, just skip it. <<less
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Gondi The Cat
Gondi The Cat rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: v2c3
Let me just say from the beginning that this novel is now one of my top 5 favorites.

It starts off just like the popular isekai series, and in this case the man becomes a dragon. The story is in a first person view, so you'll see a lot of soliloquy / the MC's thought in the whole series. Currently, at least two chapters is written in another person viewpoint, which is always a plus for me.

He died of old age at the beginning of the story, which is a bit... more>> unusual in an isekai, and got reincarnated to an age where humanity has no civilization. At the beginning of some chapters, the novel starts off with the year to keep track of the chronological order of things. This whole building civilization thing really tickle a Civilization game fan such as me. And I thought that the way the author explain how the civilization were before he came was very interesting and well thought off. I also like the quote (from the novel characters itself) that the author put in the beginning of the chapters, which is kinda poetic.

Author definitely put some thoughts to the plot. They don't just happen without any reason whatsoever, and the explanations given seem to be understandable. For example, there is magic in this world of course, but the author put some thought to explain the "system" of magic in this world. As in, you don't just suddenly make a fireball appear from your hand. With just one caveat: throughout the story I think it is best to keep in mind that this is another era, with a different way of thinking than our current world.

The prologue might starts off like a typical harem story, which might put off some people at first. But I urge you to keep reading past that, as I found myself to highly enjoy the romance in this story.

There is quite a lot of actions in the story, but that's not just what this novel is all about. This is definitely not a novel where the MC just bash everything in his way. A lot of things happen in-between as the MC learn about things, the other characters react to him, all following the main idea of how he's trying to build a civilization. The mood can be lighthearted sometimes to downright serious and tear-jerking in some chapters. Plot does not feel cliche and there's some good amount of creativity involved in how the author progress the story.

Overall, I highly enjoyed this journey so far and I can't wait to see how it goes from here. And those gorgeous artworks.... I just can't get enough of them! Whether it is a picture of cute girls, fantasy lizardman, a wild man, or a dragon smiling! I highly recommend this novel to anyone who wants a not-so-cliche isekai story with a well thought plot. <<less
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Blackleg rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: v1c17
What do you think when you hear about the dragon?
Greedy, arrogant, cruel but ultimately it as strong and cool. Epitome of fantasy creature for any readers but the dragon in this novel how to put it? Pathetic.

Yeah, after reading about Smaug or even Vainqueer (Royalroad) makes you wonder this is a dragon!
I don't understand why author wanted MC as dragon? Want to punish a dragon just reincarnate it as Japanese dragon.

To make it worse 89 year old Japanese researcher reincarnate as dragon in primitive world spouting naive things (cringe).

If you think, it won't get any worse than this. No protagonist all of sudden started preaching gender equality to caveman.

Yeah, I know it is time to drop this novel. Great concept that very powerful being guiding a civilization but execution of that in this novel is not good.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zethuron rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: v2c22
This novel is seriously worth reading.

The premise of this novel is entirely different from other slice of life isekai novels.

This novel features a gradual development of the world over thousands of years all the way from the primitive age to the Modern age, the world being guided by the MC at a normal pace. He has to deal with the fact of him not knowing how to make certain things or them being hard to make because of the materials being still unknown or lacking in that world.

First we have... more>> the MC being a researcher and dying at old age. He then reincarnates as a dragon in a primitive fantasy world. He then goes on to discover the world and its magic with his extremely long life.

Despite this being a slice of life novel and MC being OP this occasionally also does have some occasional good action and tragedy.

By the way, if you dislike some of the stuff in the prologue, please do not drop this novel instantly, give it a try since the novel is SO much more than whats shown in the prologue.

Also, this novel is very well written, even for a Japanese novel. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kain Kazama
Kain Kazama rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: v2c11
The story is interesting enough, a good romance, a school building ark, and the time progression feels like it fits perfectly to the story.

Author also has some ways with the wordings, its nice actually, it is quite confusing whether the author is a lolicon or a big b**bies lover since it always starts with a Loli then they progressed into dem big b**bies, Author make up your mind OAO) /

Overall a pretty interesting story about a journey of an immortal dragon, creating civilization and such, plus MC is only OP... more>> because hes a dragon, might get pwned by other dragons though, not sure. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nvelist rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: v1c29
It still too early for me to say something to this story but I say "its a beautiful form where all begin, end and a new start".

Sounds good when it comes to LN. This story is pretty much biased in the genesis era/period in that world. Where like in the summary says he started inclining his knowledge from Earth to kick start a civilization. Everything is truly prehistoric and it'll take time for the protagonist to make some progress. Not much any dangers and action here as he himself is... more>> a Fire Dragon. As belonging to Dragon species, the species itself is the superior among all others lifeforms there even if its opponent are Spiritual forms.

There be dramas and moments in life as well as MC is a dragon that live longer than the humans he build up for them of civilizations. Happiness, joys, despair, sadness and yet overcome many things.

Beginning, end and a new start. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilverKing rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: v1c30
I find this to be a different type of isekai/reincarnation story and frankly I love it. Its pretty light hearted at times and can get somewhat dark at times (these times I love more). Ifs more about the journey in this story and it should be noted that time seems to be a heavy part of the story (at least for the first volume).
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sealteam14 rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: v3 illustration
If you ever need an origin to any mythical fantasy world (till his modern, lazy bump at the very begining of this story, this is how that world where our MC reincranated) had taken shape, these series is the whole explaination. There will be heart-warming, bloodshed, sorrow, action and everything you can anticipated in a telltale story of these novels. Your average MC at the very begining of the story is, in fact, the very myth of the things that happen throughout the course of history of his current... more>> world. He's OP, but not spineless, and he do, only have 1 girl in his mind, that with her (s) curse of become a Swordsaint, retain the memories of those who had, who currently & who will loved him & reincranated with a completely new, blank soul that retain only 1 trait that having great affection toward him, at the wimp of gods that reincranated him as a dragon that shapes the world on every aspect.

A true love story, slice of life & a retale of world evolution from our group POV (though I prefer called them The Pioneers). And don't be fool, he DO surrounded by girls, but only have 1 love interest, and the rest support him for it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
uncleqrow rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: v2c23
Umm... Are there anyone know whether Ziru is dead? I mean his/her site has not been updated for a while.

This is a really good series though, it would be a real shame if the translation works are discontinued (like the old Bakarina translation's discontinuation).

This is considered as one of my most favorite LN so far, so I will be waiting indefinitely for when someone decided to continue translating this amazing LN.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
majidf64 rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: v1c6
This novel wasn't what I thought it is from the description. If You want to enjoy this story, you should read it really lighthearted and don't think too deep or every thing falls apart.

The MC in his first life was a modern time Japanese man. With no interest in knowledge and modern science, he spent his whole 89!! Years of life pursuing and researching mysteries and supernatural subjects and at the end he came to a conclusion: "This world has no mysteries" and dies with tons of regrets.
Yet before death he claims that even if he gets reborn 10 more time he exactly repeat his first life again. Yes he is that much of a loser and not exactly someone you want to read his story.

But when he gets reincarnated as a carnivorous fire dragon in a mystery world, as if his past life was a lie, he does and learns nothing. His dragon mother kicks him out after 10 years and shortly after he tries to help an elf but we learn that he as a carnivorous dragon had never been in a fight. He doesn't adventure the world or try to learn in the slightest.

Then he meets some humans and finds out they live a stone-age era life style and has the audacity to decide that he wants to open a magic academy and teaches them his god-knows-what knowledge.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mezhanos rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: v2c9
This is a story that is fun to read and while presented in a lighthearted way touches sad subjects such as the death of loved ones and friends. While not many volumes have been released, the existing content is enjoyable to read.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Decaf Invidia
Decaf Invidia rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: --
I really enjoy this story.

The MC has a very inquisitive mind and accidentally becomes one of the driving forces of the principles of magic, and a pioneer of civilization.

He gathers other people to explore the wonderful mysteries of this magic world and its practical applications.

Its a very laid back world building story that spans several years due to the MC's lifespan, that should be an enjoyable read for anyone who wonders how magic would manifest in a fictional world.
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