The Crimson Dragon


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Floren, the most renowned realm of all realms, yet forgotten by all. The soul of a person from Earth accidentally crashed into this unexplored realm, ending up in a dragon egg. Transforming into a crimson dragon with the mindset of a human, Claudius was different from other dragons. He only wished to live an easy life, enjoying his lifespan of thousands of years to its fullest. However, the world is not such a forgiving place, dragging Claudius into countless struggles and death battles. Is it really possible to live a leisurely life?!

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Rosver rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c27
Alright, I have up to chapter 27 and it did become worse.

The MC is frustrating. Said the author: "A normal person." No! He is a ret*rd. I honestly could not see the protagonist as a normal person. Author, is this what a normal person is to you? Or do you even know what a normal person is?

Then the author said: "He, however, did not inherit the brutal... nature of the Dragon tribe" and that is a lie. These later chapter clearly shows it. The author is dishonest... or the author... more>> is also bad at making descriptions, take your pick. Whatever it is, what you got is different from what is advertised.

The other characters are no better. They are one dimensional and dull cliche's. There is barely any effort to develop and flesh them out.

In the first dozen of chapter or so, we really got no plot. Nothing of importance happens. We all just read about the protagonist eating and growing up.

Then, it seems that the author realizes the apparent lack of narrative stakes and plot, so the author added one. And, God! It was botched up. The protagonist becomes even more ret*rded and easily manipulated. He killed intelligent creatures... just to look cool, I guess. The plot is incoherent and very anticlimactic. And, strangely, with a plot, it becomes more tedious to read. No wonder the story lacks any plot at the beginning, the author is just awful with plots. A twelve year old could do better.

And the storytelling, it was bad when nothing actually happens, but now that something important does happens, it seems that author's abilities are strained to the breaking point. It is atrocious. There is no flow. The prose is a joke. The humor is distracting and unfunny. The POV is broken. The attention keeps shifting from one character to another. The pacing is horrid. Descriptions are absent... And other elementary mistakes. Mistakes that any responsible authors knows how to avoid. How could something as badly written as this ever get published? Or maybe, the atrocious writing is the translator's fault. Whatever is the case, the writing is one of the worst I ever seen.

This story is just awful. Everything is just done wrong. Is this some self-published title? Did the book goes through a screening process? Is this the first draft?

I kid you not. This story is as bad as those terrible fan fictions that float in the internet. It even has the feel of one. Terribly written characters, absence of description, terrible prose, garbled plot, messy POV, OP protagonist, etc.. Nothing is done right. It is nothing but an embarrassment. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c45
Sigh, we've seen it time and time again but this example is possibly the worst I've seen thus far. A synopsis that grabs the attention and a good start that makes you look forward to what's to come. Than all of that goes to sh*t all because of a horrible excuse for a main character.

At the beginning I was really enthusiastic about this novel simply for the fact that I'm a dragon fanatic and the synopsis and cover picture told me that this was gonna be a great story. Unfortunately... more>> as the story progressed you get to learn that the MC is an incredibly simple-minded JACKASS with his head so far up in the clouds that he could catch a peek up Jesus' robe. The author goes out of his way to make the MC so impossibly ignorant of everything important in this new world just so he can end up in troublesome situations in which he usually end up getting rekt and fleeing with his tail between his legs.

So many chapters in and the MC so far has done nothing much besides eat, sleep, literally scratch his nuts and fly around causing unnecessary trouble all over the place and digging a new lair after his recent defeat and retreat.

In the beginning the MC realizes that his sister has been kidnapped and his immediate response is to go sleep for a few years. Bare in mind that the mc's soul is that of a modern day human from earth. Then after waking up from his nap, he decides to free her from her captor after meeting up with her on a whim. The end result of that is that he gets easily deceived by the captor and burns down her army in a fit of rage and when you expect that he is gonna free his sister, he just ups and leaves her there just like that with her captor still alive even though he could easily kill her and flies away to start a new adventure like none of that even happened.

From there the MC seems to get more and more ret*rded as the story progresses while slowly developing a mentality similar to most Chinese side-villian characters and in the end the story just lost all appeal to me till I eventually dropped it around chapter 45. <<less
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Chillingbear rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: c61
Alright a lot of people seem to have missed a huge plot point of this novel. The MC is in no way human anymore. He is a dragon and a pretty chill one at that. Every review is talking about how ret*rded he is, well surprise surprise the entire point of the novel is about a brawny dragon who was once human, but has pretty much no memories.

Take human nature and put it into a dragon, what do you get? A lazy dragon. He is not influenced by the normal... more>> behavior instincts his species has which leads to a hilarious and fun to read novel. <<less
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redbat5649 rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c42
tbh, I don't understand what's going on anymore. This flow of the story is tr*sh, the author intentionally makes the protagonist do s*upid things in order to create unnecessary conflict. The dragon protagonist becomes more unintelligent as the story progresses, and because of that, the story also becomes worse.

-dragon gets lair.

-dragon kills random things.

-random thing has friends/background

-proceeds to fight/lose then find new lair. -Repeat.

-random enemy dragons/humans/monsters appear to try and kill the protagonist for no reason other than being, a crimson dragon.

- protagonist has down syndrome.
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Lakios rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c43
The more I read the less I like it... It started as a 5 stars novel for me... and now I give it 2.4 stars and going down. The Crimson Dragon is becoming a very boring story about a special arrogant dragon MC that has no other goal than not dying and keeps encountering enemies while "adventuring" because the story needs it... if he is strong enough he kills and if not runs away.
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Qrofol rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: --
Setting has promise, but the author seems really amateurish or immature (perhaps both). Most of the translation seems fairly decent, so I don't think it is the translator's fault, but there have been a bunch of sentences that make no sense every now and then. There have been several situations that just seem illogical - the author seems incapable of explaining why certain things happen or why the MC does some things. Things just happen and the author doesn't bother with 'why' and just sweeps it under the rug. And... more>> in the 20 chapters, he has reiterated how young of a dragon the MC is so many times, that it is ridiculous.

Could've been decent, but the writing is not up to par. <<less
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GregLuck rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: c18
An unexpected good novel, I have a slight prejudice against chinese novel, yet this novel break pass through the common troupe of novels.


... more>>

Good story, unique MC, worth read


A unique story involving reincarnation as a dragon, but not your usual type of pu*sy MC like japan's common story, or bastard prideful know-it-all chinese's story. The MC is smart, genuine, felt real, and still have that quirk that makes him lovable. It's the kind of likable and relatable.

The story pacing is good, the info dumping on the earlier chapter is fine and doesn't feel forced.

The world building is good and steady, it grows as the story progress and unveil new info.

The characters is well developed (still 3 that have come, the rest still haven' appeared), although with only little chapter you already get the gist of them.

Basically, some fresh wind for the novel reader that read too many novels and bored with the usual trope. <<less
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Kemori rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c62
Wow, honestly this didn't read as a Chinese novel. I was thoroughly enjoying it. Not sure why everyone is complaining, this is a unique story, much different from the typical OP MC trope. There are times when there are multiple consecutive chapters in which the MC is sleeping, but that doesn't hurt the story, it helps it by giving us a break from the MC. I especially love how he accidentally creates a humanoid race and they just do their own thing whilst he sleeps.

I'm not sure why this was... more>> dropped to be honest, I guess people don't like to read something different and instead want more of the same. Same thing that happened with the TV show; 'Stargate: Universe'- it got cancelled because people were complaining it didn't follow the played out, boring ass theme as the other two Stargate series. You know, they go into the gate to a new world, find bad guys or some problem, solve it, hurray, next episode, repeat. In SG:U they looked at the psychological and survival aspects of being stranded in deep space on an alien ship, complete with the political theatre that entailed. But you know, people aren't smart enough to enjoy that type of show- they just want more Goa'uld to get shot and some more explosions. Plebeians.

Someone in another review said that it sucked because the author said he didn't have the brutal nature of a dragon, but later said it did- That person is an Idiot who can't read, or at the very least retain what he read. Upon approaching an adolescent/teenage stage, the MC hits a point where his Human soul merges with the Dragon soul (when some of the sealed hereditary knowledge is released) so it ceases to be a "Human in a dragon's body" and becomes a "Irregular Dragon" story, about a dragon who keeps accidentally encouraging the wrath of the Gods whom then command creatures to attack him.

There was one plot hole- He flew away after being tricked by Sylvia, resulting in his sister not being freed and Sylvia getting away with tricking him (she only had her army destroyed.) <<less
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Allstarall rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c18
Really like it.

Good things to note-

1. He's a dragon. Nuff said

... more>> 2. He's actually intelligent and clever, with less recklessness and idiocy one may expect. (It's a Chinese novel, not Japanese, despite what the theme suggests.) ((Yes, I stereotype novels by orgin))

3. Not human centric, humanity isn't the main focus here! A good blend of dragoness, and humanity so we can clearly tell it's a bonded different species (not just human stuck in a animal body), but still can somewhat relate.

4. Mildly op. Not over the top, but he's powerful.

5. Not a coward or 'brave' Knows his limits.

6. Not a pancomic loner or a social butterfly. It has a fresh mildness to it. (May ignore this one, cause it's based on what I've been reading so far) <<less
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Dark_Messiah rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c8
Wow, such a novel to be discovered by accidentally seeing it on the front page. This is a novel, where the MC gets transported to another world and becomes a dragon. The plot so far what little there is of it, is quite good. Although things get streched over multiple chapters, it is to be expected when the chapters are so short. The translation is of good quality, with very few grammatical errors, and is proceeding with a satisfying speed. I recommend reading it, although I also recommend waiting for... more>> a few dozen chapters to be released due to the short chapter sizes. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: --
EDIT: Changed my mind, this story is BS.

Feels like it was written by a kid... which it probably was.

The author repeatedly mentions facts only to contradict himself or throw them out later. He also forgets plotlines:

... more>>

The MC goes through a load of trouble to rescue his dragon sister Britannia who's been ens*aved by the dragon Sylvia, but then completely forgets about this. After Sylvia tricks him, he kills off a bunch of her underlings to spite her and then flies off to go explore the content. Britannia is still ens*aved! Dafuq!? It was so bizarre that I had to go back and re-read a couple of chapters just to see if I missed anything.


Another good idea wasted. I'm still hoping someone will do a good Forgotten Realms story sooner or later. <<less
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Fallion rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c14
A MC with a brain, highly unusual. It's very promising this far but I advice people to wait for a bit more chapters. I'd set something on fire if it would result in faster translation right now. I'm not sure if that's because I'm impatient or the story is just that good, probably both.
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Skoll028 rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: c39
This story was painful. I went in, thinking, cool reincarnated character that became a dragon. Dragons are cool. NOT THIS DRAGON. The MC is a bonafide idiot, and more tempermental and unreasonable than most Wuxia/Xianxia MCs that people complain about these days. At one point, he decides to kill a perfectly intelligent sentient being for no reason other than being curious enough to prod it needlessly, when he could have left it well enough alone. He's also quite arrogant, loving to ignore and trample on those weaker than him, but... more>> is also a bit of a coward who will run away when things go south for him, cuz he thought he could handle them and got arrogant only to get his ass kicked. I stayed hoping the MC would wise up, but he never did. Hell, 30+ chapters in and we still have no f*cking clue what his goal is other than being a more powerful than usual but overly s*upid crimson dragon with no real life goal. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c2
This one has a great deal of potential. Maybe I am judging it early. However, the first two chapters have REALLY let me down. The information dump wasn't so bad, but rather the grammatical fallacies are so rampant that it makes me want to puke. Some parts make you think they didn't proof-read at all. Spelling is fine, but grammar is SUPER poor, and sentence structure is a pile of simmering CRAP.

Here is one example of poor structure:

"However, none of the gods or intelligent beings noticed the significance of this... more>> event. Combining with an island from the universe between realms was nothing special, but combining with the body of god was indeed a special occasion."

It never again mentions or connects to whatever this sentence was alluding to. Pretty weird, right? Additionally:

"As the muscles around his eyes could not support his movements, he was still deprived of his sight. However, he could feel that his hands had nails through shaking hands with himself, and also feel that he had grown an extra organ."

The sentence structure is still acceptable, but the way some of the more sensory elements are described seem like something more befitting of a first person writing style. "H-hey, What's... this...? Is this.... this isn't a normal body part!!!" Is something more

suited for this kind of description. Also the 'organ' he is describing is an extra LIMB (not a freaking organ). That in mind, I do not have any say on the author's writing style, but I can say for certain that a writing style that is

neither third person nor first person isn't 2nd person, its just super awkward to read : (

Overall, some editing needs to be done to some sentences so people don't get super confused, and the point of view/descriptions should be at least halfway first person EVENTUALLY if the visual descriptions are going to be so well described yet so open ended and impersonal.

And finally:

MC asks someone for their name,

The dragoness proudly raised her head and spoke, "Orfesta!"

MC-Such a strange name, I'll call you Britannia instead.


The MC is an insensitive dink. He renamed her on the spot not because the name is hard to pronounce but because it was "strange".

I will probably edit this when I find the will to pick this up again, assuming I can get past this flat MC <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RexDhru rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: c13
I find this novel to be a breath of fresh air. Whenever I get tired of xianxia, Xuanhuan. I look for novels like this. I can literally say that the numbers of novels concerning about dragons can be counted on one hand in this site. It gives me slice of life feel. I can't really complain about it. The MC knows he is no match for anyone, and I really like that. "Know your enemy, and yourself. And you shall win Hundred battles.". My only problem is this novel has... more>> not much chapters all total which makes me kinda sad and slow translation releases. Again can't blame them, real life calls. Plot and character wise. No problem. Its CH 13, I can wait. <<less
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Ol bugga
Ol bugga rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: --
Sad to see this dropped

One of the few slice of life novels I enjoy. A lot of people who have reviewed this novel with a 1 star solely because of one reason is simply ridiculous... more>>

Our dragon MC abandoned his dragon sister while she was still ens*aved, even though she'd be free'd in 10-15 years? less not forget that his sister chose to stay when she clearly didn't have to.

You lot seemed to have forgotten that our MC is no longer HUMAN, he is a dragon. It's clearly been stated that their love for siblings is weak and that their instincts/feelings will gradually change the older they get! Shame that all these crybaby's are ruining one of the few fun to read sol novels... <<less
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ediav42 rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c13
Some may think it has a "slow start" but I don't think it is slower than it needs to be and actually does have enjoyable action moments of resourcefulness, problem-solving and quick thinking; and this is a story that probably gets better than the "slow" beginning so just by that it is good. But I suppose raising expectations too much is bad, but the short of it is that this is a "must read" story. More details one after next sentence. Gonna be some spoilers and my own conclusions (theories)... more>> from the given info, so Spoiler alert I guess?:

Chapter 1 starts off pretty confusing with mentions of worlds, galaxies, universe (s?), realms and other stuff but should still be read to the best of your ability. This is almost certainly due to the author as the translation is solid; but the confusing and contradicting information more or less stops after the first 3 paragraphs and at the beginning of the 4th ('The story begun on...).

My own conclusions from that confusing initial info dump is that the MC's story will take place on a planet called Floren. Also, there is this being called The Mage (or Mages? since it was referred as plural once, but I think it is just the one) of the Seashore that I have decided to be the equivalent of The big G (there are little g gods later in the story but their power is far inferior to the Mage, hence why it has the big G) God as it is stated to stand at the pinnacle of all of existence and has created the Crystal Realm. I believe the Crystal Realm is a catch-all term for all of creation (universes, realms, planets, etc made by the Mage). The Mage seems to live on 'the Mission World' which is an 'endless world' located next to 'the mountain located near an unknown sea (hence Mage of the Seashore I presume). The Mage even sets off the events of the MC's story unintentionally as it has a tendency to create 'ripples' accidently by doing whatever it does (the Mage even has certain rules and laws in place to deal with these events that happen all the time!). Can't think of such a being as anything other than God.

So there is a place (called its own universe) that exists outside of time; it is the "space" that separates the various realms that make up the Crystal Realm. And in that space is an endless expanse of various small floating islands (some being bodies of dead gods and such) that, along with this space as a whole, do not obey science and the laws of physics. Quick side note, travel between worlds and dimensions seems possible, but I believe the method used to carry it out is to "directly" travel (teleport of some sort) from realm (A) to realm (C), bypassing the space between realms (B). There are 4 dragon eggs on one of these floaty islands that will not grow up and hatch as time doesn't pass. In fact, my own theory on the space between is that it is impossible for anything "too big" to pass through the boundaries, which is why only small islands, dead gods, weak spirits (like MC before it fuses with one of the dragon eggs and the force propelling it enough to merge with Floren), and nothing that counts as being alive yet like eggs exist there. All of these islands and such are likely places and things that simply "fell through the cracks" and float around until it will eventually merge with another realm.

Well, MC hatches as a "weird" fusion of his knowledge and memories as a human (only has vague knowledge of his past self, but other memories and such remain) and the inherent knowledge and instincts (MC has no particular aversion their dietary and environmental preferences). MC has a subtle "cheat" (may be better to call it a privilege he recieves from him successfully reincarnating) which is an accelerated growth compared to other dragons (size and stats), ability to see (only see, can't allocate points or have modifiers for "dice rolls") his own "stats screen" (strength, dexterity, charisma, your other basic DnD scores) with an included picture (looks like Deathwing without the metal, smaller and more red than black) and seeing other's stats, but he becomes unable to use that quickly. MC has a sister from the same clutch of eggs who is an ideal example of what a Crimson Dragon (dragon species name) is, but MC is "weird" since he doesn't have any particular attachment to treasure (he at least won't die for it) or excessively high pride that will cause him to fight an impossible battle and has info from his past life to help him. Also seems Crimson dragons from the same clutch have a magic bond that can tell if their siblings are fine, if not their location. MC and sis get along well enough (although sis is a bit of a tsundere due to the inherent greedy nature of Crimson dragons).

Info a bit all over the place, but reviews are a rarity from me, so what can you expect. This series just deserves some good reviews, so I did it. Read the story for an almost certain good time. Only downside is translator has a rate of one chapter a week at best (barring exceptions that have a reason) due to being busy. Not enough of a reason to dump it since the quality of translation is very solid. <<less
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Dsouleater rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c62
A fun story for those looking for a light hearted story. MC is not smart. He has no memories as a human and starts as a new born with no easy access to knowledge. But I find his personality pretty chill and like seeing what he’ll do.
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kratos301 rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c62
Very sad to see this dropped. Hopefully it's gonna get picked up by someone else soon, since for once there's a translator team that actually warns that a novel is getting dropped and doesnt simply stop posting, forcing the "3 weeks wait" rule. Anyway, english is not my main language, so im sorry for the inevitable grammatical errors.

In this novel, the MC is a person that get's reincarnated in an evil crimson dragon in another world. Not much is said about the MC's past life, even if it is possible... more>> to understand that he "probably" was a college student or something similar (With some basic knowledge of building and engineering), that occasionally played Dungeon & Dragons and World Of Warcraft.

The world he get's reincarnated into it's litterally THE Dungeon & Dragons world. Everything works like in D&D (magic tiers and daily limits to spellcasting, artifacts, species, and even the gods themselves, and he actually has already caught the interest of some gods like Pelor, ecc) minus the dice roll, and all that's related to it get's obviously adapted, since it's something that doesnt make sense "in reality"; he also get's a few more or less minor cheats (in the sense that they do not simply buff him directly to godlike levels) :

(this stuff is in the early chapters and uses D&D terminology so it's not really much of a spoiler but eh, better safe than sorry)

    1. Spoiler

      he can see his own character sheet and the character sheets of living beings of similar or inferior strenght. these sheets dont have skill levels since the dice roll it's not a thing and he can't modify them in any way, but they are usefull for comparison and information gathering

    1. Spoiler

      he has a stats grow increase when compared to others of his species. it's not an UBER level boost but he's constantly 8 or so strenght and constitution above the average of his age; the strongest part of this is that on top of this his dexterity actually grows up when levelling up, while his species is supposed to be locked to 10-11 dex no matter what. A lot of his enemies get a deadly surprise when with that big body of his he dodges attacks, even magical ones, as if he was a goddamn level 20 monk thanks to his dexterity well in the twenties (he pretty much capitalizes a lot on the surpise factor)

    1. Spoiler

      magic resistance and divine energy immunity. now, this gets a bit complicated. in the novel earthlings are pretty much described as anti-magic humanoids, in the sense that they have an anti-magic field that surrounds them and weakens magic, and when enough of them live in world, magic disappears from it (or something to that extent? been a couple weeks and I don't have a perfect memory). Since he reincarnated into a magical creature, he couldn't keep the anti magic field effect, but after his 2 souls fused completely he got a really strong magic resistance effect in it's place. the divine immunity still hasn't really done anything by chapter 62 tought...

    1. Spoiler

      mana system, a deviation from the D&D standard that manifest itself pretty much in a permanently active, for better or worse, metamagic talent. He isn't limited by daily number of casts and can even cast the same spell all day as long as he has magical energy in his body. This however comes with a very big drawback: his spells are always considered of higher levels when casting, which makes learning magic a lot more difficult for him (by chapter 62 he's still locked at level 0 spells and a couple of level 1 because level 1 spells for him are as difficult to learn and use as level 3 ones

Now, let's get some stuff out of the way. this IS NOT a "i wanna be human again" type of reincarnation novel. The MC has completely accepted his new incarnation as a dragon and lives like one. Sure, the human part of his does have an impact on his mentality: he's relatively smarter and a lot less vicious than others crimson dragons, which pretty much attack everything that comes in view just for the sake of it; walks on 2 legs (i imagine it like Final Fantasy 10 bahamut summon), thing which makes his hind legs develop a lot more creating a human like clear legs & arms separation and loses some "dragon like" instincts (for example, he doesn't have the slightest impulse of collecting gold and other type of stuff to make a treasure trove, making him the "poorest dragon in history" and creating some comical moments), but he still lives like a dragon and doesnt have a problem killing, thinking or eating like one (even coming to consider elf meat extremely delicious when he chews a few dozen of them in a certain battle).

That being said, he isnt the smartest of MCs. he does make a fair bit of irrational decisions that some may find "triggering" and dislike in the comments, driven by the crimson dragon aggressive instincts only partially suppressed by his human mind or by simple ignorance and carelessness, but I actually find that a bit refreshing coming from novels with "perfect" MCs that almost never commit a single mistake.

appeareace wise, he doesnt looks at all like a normal D&D crimson dragon, and the more he grows up the more he looks like

Deathwing from World of Warcrafts (the MC himself even says it), becoming pretty much a copy of him in his adult state.


If you end up reading and liking this novel, consider putting a positive review and putting it into your reading list, so that it will hopefully get adopted soon (i need more of this :P) <<less
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wintang rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c46
I was addicted to this novel when it was about early chapter because I love dragon novel that MC still a dragon not human-form dragon adventure around the world OP everything. But turn out that later chapter becoming more and more confusing. The MC gain knowledge from dragon heritage when reach certain age which was confusing. Suddenly start cursing some god that does not even mentioned before. I feel like this novel is the mixed c*cktail of author's fantasy mixed together. Just throw whatever in his mind in the story... more>> whenever and wherever and say oh its the dragon ancient knowledge.

Now everything seem out of place. He fly somewhere fight, lost, win, fly somewhere again, fight with some random enemy. Everything in so fast pace. <<less
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