Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~


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I woke up in an unknown forest.

It seemed like this place was a fantasy world where strange-looking beasts ran rampant. And just like in a game, I seemed to be able to check my enemies’ and my ability.

Let’s hunt monsters and gather titles in order to level up and evolve into a Greater Dragon!

And I heard a mysterious voice in my head, “Let’s aim to be the strongest!”

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Tensei shitara doragon no tamago datta ~ saikyō igai mezasanee~
転生したらドラゴンの卵だった ~最強以外目指さねぇ~
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New druzilla rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c19
Obviously I am only 19 chapters in so I can't write an overall review. The story started off strong and I understand some of his dumber choices from desperation as well as his cowardly nature of wanting to get stronger by fighting weaker enemies. However the MC isn't just cowardly which can work if the MC is shameless and smart and wins using his wits but this MC is a complete dunce and cowardly I have to give it up this story just isn't for me. It gets 2 stars... more>> for the idea behind it and the writing quality but loses 3 Stars due entirely to MC. Again this is just my opinion take it or leave it I don't care either way. <<less
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New Lanboy rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: c202
This story (as the others have mentioned has bad pacing) is very good overall.

As a reincarnation story's ability to win over an audience is heavily dependant on the pacing and exposition this one (as you can see in the other comments) has leaned over towards exposition. Creating a gringfest and frequent status pages that take out the charm of these plot devices.

However I believe the story it is trying to tell is very good and enticing. The main character has an interesting dynamic with some entity forcing him to... more>> become "evil" while the damsel in distress character is likable and has reasonable motives. The main antagonist, however, feels like an incomplete product. He has no overarching motive and only gets into conflict with the MC in very subtle circumstances. And the tension of a time limit till the damsel in distress's death is virtually gone become of the pacing issue.

But things where I'm in the story shows much promise hence I recommend you start reading <<less
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CaptainToast rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c42
Short story is this. Don't bother reading this novel. The synopsis might sound good, but the actual story is badly done. 1/5

Maybe my standards have risen a lot lately or I'm just looking back on Kumo desu Ga better then it was, but this story just couldn't keep my interest. The MC is an idiot. That's about all I can say. Not the comedic mind, the aggravating kind. And while that could be forgiven if there was something interesting going on with the plot, or even just other characters, there's... more>> nothing. The story lacks the humor that allowed Kumo desu ga to only have the MC for 200 plus chapters. Without that humor, it's like reading a bad text based adventure game. I gave the story 40 chapters, and even if someone says it gets better later on (which according to the other reviews it doesn't) that's really not saying much. If a story can't establish and get me interested in after that long, that's a rather large failure on the authors part. The very first thing EVERYONE learns when learning how to write is that the introduction sets the tone for what follows. Everything between that and the ending is just filler. <<less
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Justcallmejust rated it
August 3, 2016
Status: c91
As you can see from the reviews, most of the people marking this low because "he's not an angsty fellow hell-bent on revenge even with those bad treatment". Well too bad he's not, you can't force him to become your favourite MC in another LN. I will say this though, this novel is not as bad as those people said. The evolution trope is always interesting and this novel has some cool evolution type. The fights is dragging, just like how shounen usually are, no mindblowing movement but still some... more>> are good. The dragging boring fights are actually things that lowered my rating of this story, from 4.- to 3.5 rounded to 4 (Psst, just skip the fight if it bores you). The MC might seem dumb and indecisive, but he has his own situation to handicapped himself and do things the way he do (mostly because his loneliness, evolution and scheme to befriend human). The drama is quite good, I actually feel sad for some of his "situation". And as you can see he's maturing and you can feel proud of him. It's true the comedy of his blunder can become irritating. But hey, most of JP novel is kinda like that tho, it's for advancing the plot right? Life's not thrilling if you don't blunder into life and death situation, I guess? Btw, some people say this novel is just an inferior early Kumo desu ga. Those people are just looking at the same leveling and evolution trope. While early Kumoko is more of a thriller of beating stronger monster after becoming the lowest in food chain, this novel is more to the side of drama and melancholy of a dragon restricting himself to find ways so that he can connect to people. Maybe to the side of Kumoko' sidestory but with evolution, kinda? <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
April 8, 2016
Status: --
I read it till c51

It's so slow~ and rather than [weak to strong]... It's might be more correct to say it's [weak to ordinary?]

There's not one bit "fierceness" that indicated [Aiming to Be the Strongest]. Rather the MC is kinda re****.

Drop it. -_-
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DekuHero rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: --
I HATE WEAK MC'S. When I say weak I do not mean they lack physical strength. I'm talking about a mentality. Mc's that do not learn, always jump into things with emotions instead of logic, Spineless, balless, scared of intimacy with women, and anything else you would expect to see from a sheltered naive child that hasn't experienced how the world really works. I see a few phrases like "Edgelord" or "Angsty" being said by the people that gave it a high rating. I have to assume that these people... more>> are the sheltered kids I was just talking about that can relate to this MC on a level that others like me cannot. We are not expecting "large explosions and blood-curdling excitement", no we just expect the MC to have a brain, balls, and some type of character growth if he's going to start out being so damn annoying.

What is the point of making a story about reincarnating into a dragon if the MC doesn't even use his dragon abilities? Whats the point of being nice to people that could give a sh*t less about you? What's the point of the story if it just repeats itself over and over without the MC learning anything and growing as a person in some way? Last but not least the title doesn't even make sense! "Let's aim to be the strongest." He never aims to even be strong in any way.

No, we aren't "Edgelords"... we just can't find enjoyment in the story for obvious reasons. It deserves less than 1 star. <<less
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Passerby rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: c96
The story so far is enough to keep me interested and it has lots of potential. If you are not fazed by the negative reviews, it is worth a shot as the end of c95 is as if all the previous chapters are just 1 huge intro. As a minor spoiler, there's a bit of a twist around chapter 80+. In other words, reviews before c80 are basically those who have given up on the story before it starts to raise up the main plot.
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Helious rated it
March 23, 2016
Status: --
61 chapters!! I can't believe I read that far but f*ck it. This novel has THE most hatable MC ever! I mean wtf... He wants to get close to humans but they are afraid of him and attack him the second they see him, and the stupid MC just takes the beating without attacking even once and still tries to get close to humans and cycle repeats!!!

The fights against the other animals are even worse because the MC refuses to use his more powerful abilities because they're "evil". Instead he... more>> gets the sh*t beaten out of him and just barely manages to survive because of the plot armor!! Overall I'd like to give this novel a -9000 if there ever was such a rating. <<less
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Tykos rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c174
This novel is probably the most underrated novel of all time. Easily in my top 5. The story about a dragon growing steadily stronger and fighting loneliness that comes with strength. People keep saying this novel is bad because the main character tends to make stupid decisions, but not all main characters get reincarnated with cheats and judgement to breeze through every situation. The main character is not overpowered and simply wants friends and family, however circumstances always make him evolve into a strong and evil dragon to defeat his... more>> enemy. This is a story about someone who wasnt born overpowered, but worked to get stronger and with every upside there is a downside. A realistic story about a reincarnated dragon who wants to get stronger, survive and make friends.

PS: Dont listen to Azigards review. Dude, fighting goddess? It hasnt been revealed if she is even behind all this. And MC is struggling to survive let alone fight the heavens. You read waaay too many chinese novels. And you are upset because MC is rolling as a way of fighting. Well, sorry but when your options are limited you do what it takes to survive, the idea is original and it is refreshing to see that the first attack he used is still used later on. As for stagnant plot, that is a bit of a problem, but again realistic, it takes awhile to get stronger, rather than xianxia authors that pull trouble directly from their asses. And only 10 or so chapters are poorly translated

PPS: need faster uploads... <<less
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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c19
The story:

20% MC making stupid decisions

80% MC pointlessly lamenting over the consequences of his stupid decisions

... more>> Repeat ad infinitum

There's the tag: 'Naive male lead.' But naivety implies a lack of knowledge due to a lack of experiences; whereas this MC is just a straight up fool who never learns. Maybe if his idiocy was for the purpose of advancing the plot I could forgive it, even though it'd be poor writing, but there's no such thing. The author just straight up purposefully made the MC an idiot just for the hell of it. I guess it's supposed to be humorous, but it just turned out to be annoying and unfunny. If the story were written from a third person perspective I might be able to laugh at the MC's idiocy, but since it's written from the first person perspective I just feel mentally exhausted after having read 20 chapters from the viewpoint of an incurable fool. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 22, 2016
Status: c103
First off, ignore the edgelords saying that it is bad because he's "spineless". The MC is not spineless, he's just not a psychopath, he sticks to his convitions even though there is an easy way out, because it goes against what he is actively seeking out.

The pacing is great, it does not rush through things and nothing drags on for more than is needed. Although there are problems with the translation's in a few areas it is still well within my ability to tolerate (I am a grammar nazi). The... more>> setting is interesting and the premise is, while not original uncommon so it should be a fairly new concept to most.
The chapters are kind of short at times. That can be considered a downside to some, I personally don't mind it but it is deceptively short.
I love the characters as well.

The fact that the author got me to care about 5 characters that have no lines outside of noises should tell you how good this series is.

I read this in one day. A single sitting marathon of 103 chapters. So everything is fresh in my head as I type this review.

Now back on topic.
The MC was born from an egg as a dragon, and fights to evolve. And as any being with human intellect would in the situation of being totally alone while in a strange world that they don't recognize as a strange creature he naturally started to feel lonely.
This is one of rhe MC's character flaws (and for the people who don't know; a character flaw is usually a trait of a character that makes them either do something dumb or grounds them and makes them more relatable. In the case of this MC it is both.)
He ends up messing up because of this and it comes back to bite him in the ass.
This is how you write a character. When they mess up, they should be punished for it.
Unlike a lot of the novels here. It is also not suposed to come out of nowhere it needs buildup and resolution.

This is ho estly a great series and I recommend everyone who enjoys lighthearted adventure with a dark undertone to read this. Although, if you're into grand adventure and not the smaller scale adventure then I'm going to make sure to tell you that this is not some massive adventure. Although that could change since it has some good pacing.

Well my thoughts got a bit jumbled up but whatever. <<less
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Nikail rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: c89
I think its a pretty good novel, the fights are boring but thats just because I have read too many fights to care how the MC wins, cause they allways do one way or another.

I gave it a 4 mostly cause I love dragons and evolutions so thats 2 stars as base, the MC its not a re**** so half a star (though not amazingly bright either) has a band of monkeys and a lovely lizard as a love interest (somewhat sentient) so another half star and the last one... more>> is because it has a lot of potentiall, its just starting to really go somewhere, the real story stars from now on (c89 forward). <<less
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Ardavix rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
Thank you Japan for ruining another potentially fun-to-read novel with piles of cringe worthy [insert here] trope JP plot armor (that one's for you lizard) and another [surprise] impossible-to-relate-to wimpy MC


FYI the lizard that I'm referring to is a random lizard that the MC fought (and lost to pathetically around chapter 40 or so) that somehow magically ends up practically falling in love with him after the fight

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metazoxan rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c197
I put this novel down for a long time after being fed up with it around ch 90 but I finally felt like picking it up again. Okay so some people give this a 5 while some give it a 1 but to me this deserves a solid 3. Because while I highly enjoyed it up to chapter 90 a rather annoying patterns is starting to emerge and it's just not satisfying to me. The pattern I am referring to is the "tragic/misunderstood hero" theme the author has devoted himself... more>> to. Sadly even as the story progresses rather than at least make the most out of this forced premise the story instead keeps losing focus on side quests.

See the story starts out pretty simple. MC reincarnates as a dragon and slowly gets stronger thanks to a level up system. A lot of people compare this story to Kumo no desu ka and they are rather similar in their setting. The biggest difference is the characters. While Kumo's MC has a mild interest in interacting among humans she also doesn't especially care since she's bad at social skills. She also has a complex and fun personality. Drago's MC on the other hand, while not bad, isn't especially great either. I will way he isn't spineless like some people claim, he's actually really brave and sticks to his principals, so he's not a bad character overall

The first big problem shows up around ch 90

See while the MC is getting started he saves the live of a young girl but is forced to flee because stupid villagers think he's bad. Well 70 something chapters later they finally meet up again and she even helps him FINALLY learn to understand the language. He then rushes to the village to help save it from a disaster and even befriends some old guy.

Everything is looking great until a rock dragon shows up and they can't beat it. The MC then decided to quickly evolve to try to win but only one evolution can beat the rock dragon and it causes everything around it to die. Well he gets out of this by the old man begging him to save the village even if he has to die. So the MC kills him and this apparently nets him enough bad karma to unlock a different evil dragon evolution which is even stronger but doesn't instantly make everything around him die.

Well after he wins the villagers attack him since they saw him kill the old man (But somehow ignoring the people he saved) and he's now what is known as an evil dragon. The girl though tries to vouch for him.... only for him to briefly attack her before running off presumably because he's trying to play the bad guy all of a sudden.


In theory this isn't a bad move but the problem is that in the end we've been getting teased at the MC getting a human form and the story moving to the "living among humans" arc or something. But instead we get stuck with a tragic hero type who has to go on a wandering on his own arc because he's an evil dragon. In terms of writing it's not the worse I've ever seen but it's just a lame pay off as what it effectively does is keep the story going the same way it's been going. With the MC wandering around, away from humans, all while wishing he could live among them.

Meaning instead of his "save the village" adventure allowing him to grow as a character and finally allow things to change but changes basically nothing. It would be fine if he grew some other way but he doesn't really so it just feels like the author purposefully built all of this up just to throw it all away for the sake of a "twist".

To make matters worse, as mentioned before, the story rapidly loses the ability to focus on anything as almost immediately after he gets into a random fight that gets him washed away to "world 2" or in other words a desert area where he can't find his way back. After this is just a lot of him wandering and wasting time alone until he meets a rabit monster who he makes friends with and then wastes time with until he meets a catgirl who he then proceeds to waste time with.

The problem with the story at this point is it loses the ability to commit to anything. For example regarding skills


For example before Ch 90 when he meets the girl she starts to try to teach him the healing spell [rest] which he wants to learn so that he can eventually evolve away from plague dragon... he doesn't even bother trying to learn it again until after ch 150. He also constantly fusses over his human tranformation skill doesn't doesn't try to grind it's level besides the initial grinding he did way back before ch 90


So even though level and skill grinding is one of the big appeals of a story with a level and skill system the story pretty much halts with that for over 50 chapters all while talking about the stuff he wants to level up before immediately getting side tracked. There is even a point where the noevel spends 3 chapters on FISHING! and no this doesn't result in anything important. It's just 3 chapters of the MC SLOWLY talking about fishing. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
The story is incredibly hard to read. And I’m not talking about the machine translation we have here (though that’s obviously not great either for all the usual reasons), but I’m talking about the original Japanese. The story is mainly told through internal monologue since he’s a dragon and rarely ever has anyone around him to really talk to, and it’s absolutely grating to read his rough speech pattern in Japanese. Yes, that can be a bit of a matter of taste, but when taken with how stupid the main... more>> character is it just feels like you’re listening to an uneducated a***ole complaining all the time (since most of what he does is complain about the consequences of his own actions... and then brush it off and never learn from his mistake). He’s so stupid that the author even gives him an ability called, “Just an Idiot, ” which honestly feels more like an excuse for the author to run roughshod over common sense and have the main character do stupid things for the sake of advancing the plot than the comedy device it was likely meant to be. When the narrator of the story is as grating as the main character here, it’s really hard to continue reading.

It’s rough since there’s a lot of potential that just ends up feeling like it’s wasted. His actions around chapter ~10 against the wolves and with the village definitely tugged on my heartstrings and got me excited about the future of the story. But when the main character is supposed to be making a self-sacrificial choice that makes himself look bad for the sake of everyone else and the only thing I can think is how many other obvious and much better choices he could have made, you have to wonder how much of it is the main character’s stupidity and how much of it is the author’s inability to write a more coherent story. In broad strokes it’s not that bad, but actually reading it just disappoints me. It’s even worse when the main character is just normally being stupid and making stupid choices for no real reason, and then screwing himself over and then complaining about it. It’s just not entertaining to read at all.

It doesn’t help either that he spends most of his time doing nothing but fighting one thing or another. Or later on, making something else fight one thing or another (that Rabbit, lol). There’s some plot around chapters ~200, but even that ends disappointingly. Stuff like Kumo desu ga? (inevitable comparisons since the premise of both are somewhat similar) gets around how repetitive fighting and leveling up gets by having a fun main character. With the idiotic and annoying main character we get here, we get none of what made Kumo desu ga? popular and all of the drag that a better author could have cut down on.

To put it another way, this story had a good idea and some possibly interesting plots, but the execution was done poorly and the main character was way too annoying and idiotic to enjoy. In the hands of a better author it could have been good, but as it stands all it is is a pile of wasted potential.

For reference, I’ve read up to chapter 90, and I’ve skimmed up to chapter 231. I’d say the story peaks at around chapter 11 and fails to do much of anything past that point. You could honestly skip about 90% of the chapters and you wouldn’t miss much. The author definitely needs to trim down on all the filler material that does nothing but bloat the chapter count. <<less
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Azigard rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c161
CAUTION, Google translator used.

Very long, very boring, very stupid and absurd. ... more>>

Everything was fine before the protagonist began to take care of this gluttonous ball and in the end everything slipped when he saved the cat-girl.

He even forgot that he was striving to become a "Good" dragon. I'll give this product a chance and read another 15-20 chapters, but if nothing changes, then I'll just throw it away and forget it. Oh, what a huge potential and what a disgusting performance. <<less
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Wolf_Paw rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
Because of chapter 83 (ot 84 dont remember) I had some hope about this but its the same. He is so obsessed with humans that even is he need to sacrifice his friends for some stupids humans, who also hate him, he won't doubt to sacrifice them, also he is pretty stupid and fight like a human even when he is a dragon.
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RenTheWitch rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c142
The reviews are mostly unfair. Its a good novel, though slow paced.

A lot of people blame the desire of the MC to be near what he considered normal, but all the clues about what was his personality like before being a dragon are enough to deduce he was fairly social person with lots of friends, so its normal to want companionship. Its fun to read, the battles are nice and he slowly gets friends in the most unlikely places. But, if you are a person with no patience and just... more>> want fast paced battle filled story with broken main characters right off the bat, this is not for you. <<less
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zyd rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
If you feel like reading someone RPG grinding game log, try it.

Sadly boring.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jdniff rated it
March 6, 2017
Status: c107
The story itself is very well done and is very similar to kumo. However the MC isn't a very like-able fellow at the start. I mean he's a total numb skull and will make you scream throughout the entire novel. However as you take the journey with him you'll find yourself growing attached to this dorky MC. Sure he's an idiot and you will wish he would get a brain but even then you will find yourself on the edge of your seat gritting your teeth praying for this unfortunate... more>> fellow. The translation is very well done and deserves an extra star, you should definitely check this one out if you like monster type reincarnation novels. <<less
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mikey10700 rated it
April 4, 2016
Status: --
I do not believe that previous reviewers have done this story justice. Although it may be true that the protagonist may make foolish or poor decisions at times, it is in his nature to do so. He is an innocent soul, pure as a newborn babe. Please do not expect large explosions and blood-curdling excitement; It’s not that kind of story. Instead, it is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery and friendship. I must admit that the some of the past translators’ work was poorly done. As a result, the reading... more>> suffers somewhat at times. In the end, whether you pick this story up or not is up to you. <<less
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ChronoSeth rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c197
The pacing is slow and horrendous. However the way the story went is realistic and relatable to me. The consequences and hardships he had to go for is so touching. Unlike other isekais, this one also denies him the easy way out, becoming a human and easily strolling into a human city to become an adventurer. Its refreshing.

The fact that he also has this caveat of becoming strong, yet evil dragon but tries extremely hard to counteract it to be able to live with his friends. It shows true resilience.
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