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By accident, Lu Zhiyu found the entrance to a low-dimensional world, and thus began a totally different journey!

Free to control everything in the low-dimensional game, Lu Zhiyu felt like a gamemaster, and even God.

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New PoSunBanYi rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c198
The novel so far is great and surprising, but I just came across this and I can't believe it's the same author from 100 ch ago:

" It is likely that someone will do something bad to you! ". Seriously. Did you suddenly regressed to 7.

(i deleted all previous childish but true points of the novel which I felt inmensely disgusted and betrayed)

... more>> Actual review (i only bit*h when an amazing novel makes me go mald) :

It's an amazing concept, but it stayed like that until 110 chapters into the novel, sad.

The thing is, author (NOT gonna remember his damned name) took way too much focus outside its principals, and then it went all the way to create little short stories that lead noway nor everynone all over the place for more than 300 chapters (about 7/10 of the whole novel) so it was boring and senseless, who could ever enjoy that.

All characters and 'coincidences' feels like could be made by an essay of a 14yo, and that's after the first hundred chapters or so, as I said- sad. <<less
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October 15, 2019
Status: c407
Yep, I'm one of those prestige users you hate and love. You know why I'm willing to pay/support the author/translator for this novel? Because the story is 1000% awesome. If I'm not saving money I might have bought the highest 20 advance chapters prestige. Right now I'm at 15 adv. Chapters.

Forget, @apa 's review. He doesn't know shit. Low Dimensional Game is really amazing. Lu Zhiyu is at the final step at this chapter, and I hope you'll also see what I'm seeing. A wonderful story.

A story about myriads of... more>> lives are one of the best. In this novel you see each characters' life one by one. As if you are ubiquitous, every plot is revealed, the only thing not revealed is how the characters will act. And that's one of the best parts of this novel. <<less
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apa rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c380
Everyday I was waiting for a new chapter.. until it got boring

... more>>

Our boy Lu Zhiyu finds a white canvas noting in it from his house and this is how the story starts.

The story starts slowly with Lu Zhiyu trying to figure out a couple of things until he finally succeeded creating a new dimension in the canvas. First thing is the ants and they are left there to be for Lu to observe.. Soon some of the ants starts to genetically manipulate them selves (The queen) And at some point where it goes bit too far Lu decides to bring it to and end and breaks the dimension.. The queen who had been taking in all the powers from the Zero Dimension is now banished in there and forgotten for the entire time.. What is the one thing you get in there?? power. So now for thousands of years the ant has been getting PURE power and could probably even be stronger that the other "gods" but is never brought up.. Its like the ant never existed. pfppt

OK so that was a failure no we bring other animals, make rules and let them some what be.. all good they gain self awareness and become somewhat " human " great. we observe and so on and the story goes on on on.. Soon we get actual humans.. Wars, kingdoms, , and so on then the story goes on.. Its somewhat boring but I love it..

Now at the somewhat end or close to the end.. THE STORY GETS SOO BOOORIINNG.. the problem is that Lu who has lived alone as a GOD with the powers far from what humans could ever think of obtaining not only does he keep his sanity he feels like he is one of the humans.. I find this utterly and completely bullshit.. couldn't have he get some kind of grandeur some kind of god complex from it... ok I don't care. be what you are.

Then comes that when his student find out who he really is.. That he created them.. That her life was a lie all along that she was born from a test tube.. whoowee fuuukking a.. and what happens when they talk.. She tells him that some day she is going to be as strong as him and kill him.. that she is going to bring her self into Independence arght... then what happens she and the wizards that want to leave he creates a new world for them.. with no laws or interference from the "gods" and that's just what happens... they own world with no gods with no Lu.. haha guess what not only when does she Wendy the elf that found out about Lu and his "true" identity when she is trying to do something, becoming one with the world or something like this.. and she is getting rejected by the stars the "people in the stars" Lu goes there and stops them from rejecting here and killing.. he tells them to not to engage in the name of the Creator.. What gratitude does he get from Wendy?.. absolutely nothing.. the only thing she tells him is to f*ck off and someday I am going be stronger and I am going to kill you.. boooriiinggg.. the f*ck you would... never you would, not in a million years you could...

then there are the Angels.. his "daughters" what ever their names were.. I absolutely hate them.. not only do they not bring anything to the story.. they are ruining the story


soo yeah.. I could have been a good story.. until the little thing started piling up and in the end ruined the story. <<less
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allentey rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: Completed
One of good story about "what if he is a creator" due to not bias and treat all species equally. But suffer from the braindead ending. Cut 2 star from it. (That how bad the ending is)

P.s. U can check my other complete reading review.
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Sircus rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: c34
While the story has some interesting parts Its no wonder that the novel is only 456 chapters long. The MC became superpowerful extremely fast. We are told in chapter 14 that the MC now indirectly has the power to destroy the earth. Yeah... I can totally feel the tension from any possible antagonist at this moment. Like, where can the story even go from this moment on? It feels more like a wank trip from the writer what he would do with godlike powers. One Punch does it well while... more>> this story deals poorly with it´s overpowered main character. <<less
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Alex Woods
Alex Woods rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: --
  1. People criticizing the novel want to read wuxia. This is not it.
  2. Here, the MC becomes as basically a God by 100 chapter. Its not instant buy he does it by researching and stuff.
  3. The MC is intelligent, none of the s*upid lustful stuff.
  4. He designs a fantasy world with all the elements present in a typical Western fantasy and explains it in prospective of a God, how he designed it in his way to immortality.
  5. As the book progresses, it shows how small actions of the MC affects the world as a whole.
  6. It explains everything
  7. All though the book he slowly increases his powers to immortality.
  8. Character development of other characters is very well done.
  9. MC doesn't struggle with other rules so, not wuxia. Struggle is between the inhabitants of the world by the MC.
  10. A girl tells the MC that she will kill him, he ignores her not because he is too forgivable. It you tell God that you will kill him one day, what will he do except laugh at you.
  11. If you want to see the MC struggling, training, tournaments, the old ancestor the book is not for you. If you want to see some brilliant world building the novel is just for you.
  12. This novel is everything that I like Chinese literature for, their innovative interesting ideas but the same old wuxia young masters shit.
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moneng85 rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c466
A rating between 3.7-4.2

A bit unnerving at first, but becomes almost a different novel at the 100th chapter. Lots of flaws at the beginning, but also lots of well thought writings at the latter parts.

A good ol' immortal and creator setting, but not too deep on the melancholy part.
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HellSingFang rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: Completed
The beginning of this novel is a very fresh read.

Even later when it starts telling the stories of the created world's "Protagonists" it ended up 8/10 enjoyable. The 2/10 is boring and it show that the author started to use the same descriptions and telling us the same thing over and over. So, just to make the word count of the chapter.

There where moments in the story that I was so invested in it, that I could not wait to read what happens next.

And here comes the ending, my god... more>> (rubs temples)


At the start I didn't realize that it was the ending, until the next chapter which is part of the epilogue. I still feel the frustration. It's like you read your favorite story, in the climax of it, then the novel is Dropped.

-1 * for that.

But the epilogue is satisfactory and closes most of the story (personally ~95% of the whole dimension)

Overall it is an enjoyable read and it has it's moments where you are curious, sad, exited, happy. It is definitely worth reading and I don't regret spending my time doing it. <<less
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HadesXIII rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c98
If you keep reading it gets better, it's like when you were a kid and made 2 different tribes of ants and had them fight while dropping things on them. Now change it to different species and give them different power systems.
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October 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This was a great story. Even though most scientific facts were wrong, atleast it was self aware and didn’t try to come off pretentious. I was only sad that the MC remained OP throughout the novel like some “ modern MC finds other world treasure and becomes invincible” troupe, I would prefer if he faced some hardships, atleast at the beginning of the story. I rate this 4/5. Because it managed to create some females characters I hated for no reason.

... more>>

The 2 girlfriends he got from earth, who literally broke up with him simply because he’s a nerd and doesn’t know how to love, instead of teaching him and seeing if their relationship works. They literally just used him as a dildo and threw him away the moment they found out he’s not well versed in relationships. On Maria’s world, Wendy has been the most entitled selfish brat that literally thinks she’s the MC. I couldn’t even enjoy the extra chapters because of it. It’s like she was created to a d*ck to the MC for everything he does. At first, when she said his tower was ugly and thought he was an evil manipulator, I thought that was just her rebellious character. But then she requested an entire world outside simply because she didn’t want to live in his world. At the funeral, her first thought was everything was his fault and he disdains mortals, which shows she never thought well of him, even after he helped her eliminate the star souls as she ascended to level 7, she started ranting about how he’s being invasive and evil. Even after he left the world in peace, she started claiming he’s lost interest in them as toys and went to find new ones. This is the worst character to pick as a second MC, there’s nothing redeeming about her. She was an elf from the start, therefore she was privileged from birth, never has to struggle from the start like all characters in this novel yet she complains the most.


  • They are the worst, probably because it was fantasy and the author just wanted to speed up their development. As the plot itself, it can get boring at times, but if you like world development stories, then this is for you. Just know it’s over summarized and time periods can get confusing, but if you ignore that. It is great.
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Eater69 rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novel I've read. Granted, it's pretty slow at first, however, this is a very fulfilling read.
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AtnShadid rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: --
Not bad, then again the MC gets too OP really early. So don't expect the MC to be the one in the plot, as it's more of him watching the world he made develop while providing some guidance to some people he feel that would be able to become a god of his world.
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LTigh rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c130
The story started with a promising premise and some fairly intriguing chapters at the beginning, but it was all downhill from there.

MC is already an antisocial loner to begin with, and his sudden acquisition of power only increases his general dickishness and disconnect from humanity.

Seems like the MC is designed to appeal to a particular segment of the Mainland Chinese audience that delights in masturbatory power fantasies and pulling the wings off of flies while setting fire to an anthill with a magnifying glass, i.e., sociopaths. Throw in a God... more>> complex and some Harry Potter fanboyism, you've got the perfect storm of hot mess and increasingly dickish MC.

Author fails at pacing, thanks to Chinese web novelist getting paid by the chapter, thus dragging out some plot threads longer than necessary then abruptly wrapping it up because the author is unable to stretch out the action any more.

In all, a slap-dash attempt at a cash-grab, poorly executed story ruining a great premise, and a douche MC designed to appeal to the worst of Mainland Chinese web novel readers.

Gets two stars thanks to the initial premise and solid beginning. If I read any further and it gets worse, I'll subtract another star or two, and I really don't see it getting any better. <<less
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paradigmfriday rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: --
It's a nifty story but there's a review up there that says that the ending is braindead and honestly since I'm only on the 98th chapter and I can see many ways the author could s**t the bed here I'm afraid to say readers should go ahead and read. I'll just say its a novel concept done fairly well besides its extremely cringy beginning and the author trying way too hard to sound like he knows what he's talking about when it comes to the science before thankfully just leaving... more>> everything vague and magical enough that our BS meters stop pinging. All in all the story is a four but I'm giving it a five because honestly from what I've read it deserves to be more than a 3.4, I don't know about you...I generally don't finish these things anyway... their too long and thanks to webnovel too expensive... lol. <<less
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Pavilion rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I have very mixed feelings about this story; on one hand the author is absolutely one of the most imaginative people coming up with this wacky, somewhat consistent, book that included everything you could possibly think of in it (fantasy perspective) but on the other hand they're really not that good of a writer as many of the plot strings and hooks were just abandoned and forgotten- not to mention the fact that the story by itself never really developed into any kind of.. How should I put it.. 'A... more>> creation' that we readers would develop feelings for and relate to.

The way this book reads is at first maybe 50 chapters the main character is relevant, after that he steps down and the story becomes about his creations, their life and choices they make as they learn the truth about their existence. Some of them take it well, some never find out, some obviously for a good reason flip out.

I'm too lazy to go more in depth right now but all in all it was relatively entertaining book in its own way. Don't expect some great 'battles of fate' or 'saving the world' -crap. It's really just not going to happen here. Its pretty tame and stale all the way though. <<less
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February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
The world building is nice... Binge reading this was fulfilling but the ending though, was a bit disappointing. We barely even see the MC appear and even then it's just for a few chapters. Almost all of the book is about the world that the MC created. I guess for me it was kinda fresh so it wasn't that boring.

... more>>

After the MC finally becomes the "Creator", that's the end of the novel and I suggest to not read the last 37 chapters (the epilogue chapters) if you don't like a cliffhanger ending or don't want to know what happens to the universe the MC created after the real ending

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JKingSniper rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I love world-creation novel likes these, and Nurturing Humanity but its sad that the author dropped this so we got an cliff hanger ending.
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MeAndOnlyMeSaltedfish rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is a bit short and it seems because the MC move past, becoming too strong in early chapters. The ending is.. I didn't care or what so ever since it the last chapter. :3
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ResNovae rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a good example of something that could have been very but good but falls flat, failing miserably.

There is A LOT of useless exposition and forgotten characters I could write for hours about.

Basically every single character presented while Lu Zhiyu is on earth has no purpose besides increasing the lenght of the novel. He has two girlfriends, an ex, classmates, a elementary school crush and more, all of them have no purpose whatsoever.

I wonder why the author even wrote about his daily life in the beginning since later... more>> on it's completely forgotten.

Somewhere in the middle the novel is actually pretty good and I really liked some of the stories that happen in the various worlds as well as some of the characters presented but even considering the flashes of greatness here and there overall the novel has a lot of glaring issues that drag it down.

The major issue is that the story has no antagonist and no struggle from the beginning so everytime you aren't reading about some guys making history in one of the worlds you are basically reading about nothing.

My conclusion is that this is a decent collection of short stories but the authour inability to write a decent plot and develop the main cast of characters makes it an absolutely mediocre power trip of a sociopath MC and nothing more. <<less
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girisuherman rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Good story, in fact, the MC is very OP, and character is good. As the MC is immortal and turning cold after thousand-year passed and then not interested in the worldly matter and only care about the experiment but I really don't like how it end.. Too much thing left unexplained as if the author run out of idea and hastily end the story
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Novel Daoist
Novel Daoist rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: Completed
I'd like to say, the 1 star rating was accidental. This Novel deserves a 3.5 rating review.

The novel was amazing and good, the immersion was good, but the action was bland. He's just too overpowered, he's basically a god which makes this sorta... boring.

The interactions became less and less interesting as he gained more and more power, he seemed to know everything, he became... bland.

I'd have given it a 4, but the last few chapters made me reconsider. This Novel in its entirety... deserves a 4 for the beginning and... more>> a 2 for the end... but about 3.5 overall. <<less
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