She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan


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In the distant future on Earth, there was a girl with God-like powers. That girl is the last survivor of the former human race that flourished in ancient times.

The Ancients.

And on that very same Earth, a new breed of humans with the ability to wield Magic emerged.

That girl began to observe the new human race silently.

Sometimes called a God, other times called Satan, that girl continued to observe the new human race.

This is the story of the happenings between the lonely girl and the hardworking new human race.

Associated Names
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Kami to Yobare, Maou to Yobarete mo
She Was Both Called the God, as Well as the Devil
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OfficePony rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c20
If you were immortal, had run out of things to do, and were practically waiting to die of boredom in a very literal meaning, would you not be something like her? Would you not try to derive pleasure out of everything that takes place around you that is unusual, intense, or different from what you expect? You no longer have the drive to do, but those around you fascinate you in their desperation. You no longer have a will to do, but those around you fascinate you with their perceived... more>> ingenuity. Like watching a child grow up from birth, you see them taking the steps you had long before, noting the differences, and delighting in the learning process as they grow. You let them make their mistakes and learn or not on their own. You protect them from something which is so beyond them they can't understand it yet. Just watching and enjoying their progress all the while. <<less
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MaxMax rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c93
i've read the raws, and this novel is one of a kind. It is completely unique and I have not seen anything like it. It is quite short, but isn't unsatisfying to read.

... more>>

[S] The Ancient humans achieved immortality and complete enlightenment, but slowly died out because of their lack of interest in their own lives and the universe. The last ancient human is a girl who lives alone on an artificial island and whose only remaining joy is observing the new earth and the primitive people living on it. The new world she observes is a world of magic, elves and orcs, and adventures aplenty

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Godleydemon rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: c96
I have to say, this novel surprised me. I wasn't sure what 100% to expect but the author managed to write what it would be like to be immortal and live for millions of years. Yes, we're talking millions here. Some people comment she must only be 3000 years old or so but by the end she mentions new humans going to space over a million years ago.

The MC is INCREDIBLY complex but it's subtle, you have to pay attention to her thoughts. Because they contradict themselves constantly, she exists... more>> somewhere in a state of complete insanity and calm rationality. All because of the nanites in her body that keep her healthy at all times, including her mental health. But her long life has all but driven her insane as well, often the result of not being able to understand what emotions are. She's unable to experience emotions herself it seems, and can only experience them by watching the world struggle to survive, she lives through the "new humans" she watches. That's all she does, she just watches and observes, she only ever talks to two characters throughout the entire novel. One around the middle and one at the very end of the novel.

The novel also projects what it would be like if humanity had everything it ever wanted, including immortality. The way the MC describes it: "First to go was society, there was no more need to be in large groups for survival when you have the powers close to a god. Next to go was Friends, without society creating moments of interaction more and more people just stopped going out. There really wasn't a need to, all needs were met in ones home. Next to go was the concept of marriage, couples and procreation. Children could be born with implanted knowledge, morals, ect. There was no need to raise children or create them through normal means when you could just combine DNA to create a better child. Next, people just started killing themselves after a while to get rid of the boredom. Humans cannot live without some kind of conflict or goal." It was incredibly sobering and the MC talks about how her race could never possibly comprehend what she was doing observing the world to experience emotion. She even laments the fact that she cannot go out among them, because she's so afraid that her mere presence would cause the balance of the world to fall into chaos. She simply wanted to watch them struggle, and figure it out for themselves, to possible go in a different direction then the ancients that she was a part of did.

The MC appears once or two every few chapters, because the story takes place over thousands and millions of years. So main characters only exist for a single arc, with sometimes later arcs referencing them. One becomes part of a famous story book that gets a good chance to shine in another arc for example. But, every story is either about a new conflict for the new human race to over come, or there the main character that finds the way to solve it. When the researcher I previously mentioned finally discovers the cause behind something that's been plaguing humans for thousands of years, the Main character legit claps and celebrates for a year lol "Someone finally discovered it!"

There is one scene I thought the most worthy of mention over any other scene in the novel, it's not really a spoiler as he's introduced in one chapter and dies in the next. The "Hero" when he attacks the MC's island and is stopped by its barrier in front of the MC. The MC walks to stand in front of him desperately clinging to the barrier to keep from falling into the ocean swarming with monsters. She lifts her hand up and sets it on the thin barrier separating there hands and smiles, "Hello.. Welcome, I have watched the moment of your birth, the moment you picked up your first sword, the moment you killed your first monster and the moment you fell in love with the saintess and I will also witness your final moments" the hero then falls into the ocean and dies. This is kind of important because it cements it, she WILL NOT lift a finger for anyone on that planet, she is only an observer. In fact, she is happy to watch him die. She feels that life starting from birth to death is beautiful and she does nothing to stop that process for others, they live, love and die accordingly to their own wishes and wants. She only ever defends the earth once, since they could not possibly do it themselves and she was afraid that the new human's would not have a chance to grow anymore unless she did something.

Also if it helps, I read this while stoned. LOL <<less
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Liv rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: c93
Very good story.

The rise and fall of an entire species seen from the perspective of a god-like bystander. People rising from the dirt and slowly crawling up, always repeating the same mistakes, only in slightly different contexts, iterating forward but eventually still making things hard for themselves.

It was quite a moving read. I'm impressed.
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Robertp3001 rated it
November 20, 2017
Status: c93
It's a great story about the observation of the last human on the rise of the new races of Earth. Below is pretty much the synopsis of the entire story, read at your own discretion.

... more>>

It follows the races through each era. Each era has its own protagonist that overturns common sense of the era to usher in the new one. It also provides the POV observations of the last human as she watches them grow. The story continues to watch the new race as it follows almost the same path of the humans except they never figure out the truth behind the origin of magic. Eventually the new race dies out to the last one just like the human race did before last human and the last of the new race meet for the first time. The story end with both of them observing the new new race creating fire.

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Kailyria20 rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: c36
Plot holes, it was said that humans w/o mana organs also get mutated due to mana pollution, but somehow they became 'special' later on and remain normal just no magic and demons don't attack them due to lack of these mana organs.

Then it's mentioned that if the mana organ is removed then one cannot use magic anymore, and yet the researcher that removed her own mana organ was still able to use magic.

Yea, forget it, it's inconsistent and plotholes the size of the universe is opening up.

The story was kind... more>> of interesting at first, but the plotholes just killed it for me and then reading some chapters from the pov of cannon fodders aren't that interesting either tbh, I'd rather see it from the MC's pov when some people catch her eye instead. <<less
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madospicy rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: --
I had read hundred of web novels in syosetu, this is one of the best for me so far. You can't simply find this kind of story at that site, this is very unique.

From what I remember this story is divided into goddess and demon lord arc, religion revival arc, religion fall arc, automata arc, and space war arc. The plot is stay true to its path, no fool's errand plot and heavy filters, so simply yet so good.

Personally, I feel that it was quite rushed near the end but... more>> the good execution of the ending compensated for that, and it stills remains dear in my memories. <<less
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zuizui321 rated it
September 26, 2017
Status: c93
Having to suffer through the google translate was one thing, but it was totally worth it for this novel. Even though I kind of expected the ending since there are so many hints, it was still fasinating to watch the growth of humankin through the eyes of our MC, espeacially when there were so many heartwarming moments. Though, one thing I would say that is a bit lackluster about this novel is the timing as some event happened too quickly and kind of destroy the potential of further story development.... more>> I definitely wouldn't say that this novel is extraordinary (but don't take my words for it as I read the novel using google translation and many terms may have been misinterpreted), but it was indeed a refreshing reading experience. <<less
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dmonjunkie rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c92
what might you do if you were granted eternal life?

if humanity had cured its own mortality and achieved true utopia, would that not spark an endless stagnation? would it not cause us to regress into decline? is death not the one thing that binds us together, the one universal experience shared by humanity? well, existential dread and questions you probably asked yourself in middle school aside, it'd be quite the nightmare for the feint of heart

immortality is something that's been explored a countless number of times - whether it be... more>> perfect, flawed or simply ageless it's an interesting thought experiment. death really is truly the one thing we're all going to experience some time or another, and in its absence, you become devoid of purpose. there's only so many things you can do in life, and eventually... well, your metaphorical bucket list is going to run out. our protagonist, though nameless is as close to perfect as one could think of - and could even be described as a god of sorts, as she is by those she observes. over time; and as the last remnant of ancient humanity, as one who's lived hundreds of lifetimes alone, she doesn't really have much attachment to anything and is very dissociated from anything outside her bubble

and honestly I can't blame her - if you were an ageless, near-omniscient being with with no history of forming connections with anyone, without anything to do other than literally watching life build itself back up and evolve over tens of thousands of years, you'd probably hold a similar indifference towards it. she never once interferes - only silently observes. death, famine, genocides and even apocalypse will pass, and she'll still be there, looking out at passing travelers from that cliff, as the world rebuilds itself all over again. the whole idea is a nice thought experiment - and also, the mana organ causing monsters to exist idea makes a lot of sense and I wish more DnD-ish fantasy stories adopted it

on a side note ever read the silmarillion? no? well I wouldn't think so, but it's pretty much a history book of lord of the rings' world compiled over tolkien's life; in a similar vein to it, I like to think our main character an impartial observer akin to its own narrator. not so much living the events of each era, but being present for some of them nonetheless

I'm not making many actual points and this is more pointless ramble than review, but let me just say that this is an interesting read and makes you think about things from a different point of view - one life, while precious, really is a minuscule dot in the grand scheme of things; realistically, everything we do will eventually be forgotten, even if we might be of some influential standing or had done something of note in history it'll likely be gone within a hundred years. empires fall, nations crumble, you get the idea, but nothing's truly timeless. it's the small things in life - the insignificant, minute details that we take for granted, that in my opinion gives our lives meaning. eventually, with time even the immortal will grow tired as her counterpart did at the start of the story, ushering in an entirely new era - as she does near the end. <<less
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GooseMaster rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: c93
After reading the 50 chapters, I was so entrenched that I went to read the raws. This novel is one of those once in a decade novels. The way that the author conveys the main character's thoughts, in an appropriate and enjoyable way is what made me give this novel 5 stars.
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Rekidel rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: c92
I absolutely love this novel and I have no idea why.

This is just the cycle of life from the perspective of someone that had the opportunity to witness its rise and fall. This is the only novel that could get away with having a protagonist that doesn't even talk with another person until the end of the story.


Once I started reading I just couldn't stop. I finished reading the complete novel in two days. There's just something so simple, relatable, and intriguing about the premise of this unique story.
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DarkD rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c22
The simple explanation for this book is about what the synopsis says. The human race grew to the point of becoming godlike beings, then became bored and went into seclusion, slowly dying off to the point that only one remained. Then she watches as the universe that once revolved around her species, evolves and develops now that the humans are gone.

However, a different synopsis that I think also applies is that this is an argument for atheism. The author pretty much demonstrates how people who can't explain something rationally, uses... more>> "god" to fill in the gaps to create a religion—much to the detriment of that species. <<less
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gg_wp rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c33
after reaching to the peak of the universe as a species, achieving immortality and longevity the human who control the universe return to earth after they lost the driving force to live and feelings and one by start to kill themself in ordedr to move on. Our MC is the last one of this Superior species and live her days in indifferent manner until one day she see a new humanity has began evolving on earth. This story is one in which we follow the grow and struggle of the... more>> new humanity throughout the eyes of multiply key people in thier history and the way they perceive the MC and their influance on her. The story of insane yet rationale spectator and the new humanity she keep who perceive her over the years as different beings, such as a "goddess" as well as "satan". <<less
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salazar rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: c37
filled with plot holes & MC does what she wants on a whim which is fine, however it is not conducive to the building of the world or characters. It just further emphasises her insanity and everything she does gives a feeling of childishness and immaturity for the sake of immaturity. The characters themselves seem idiotic and the story is basically one big idiot plot with a bigger immortal idiot looking down on their play. I would recommend reading this while high to make it bearable past 30 chapters.

edit:... more>> I gave 2 stars just because the concept was interesting especially with the passing of time. However, if it didnt even have this I would have given it half a star. <<less
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Mr.Tiemos rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: c22
Absolutly love this novel. It's a bit difficult to relate it to others (at least from all that I've personally read so there may be something similar in which I'd love to read that as well), but because of that I'd ask that you give this novel a chance.

Soooooo spoiler for first chapter? In time it's shown that she's a bit mental, but she IS AT LEAST 100 Million y/o based off of the first chapter, as it's stated she became the last Earthling 100 million years ago, so give her some leeway with her mental state.

Anyways, again I ask you give this novel a try, as to me it's pretty unique and captivating.
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Sherrynity rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c7
... boi, where should I start it... Basically we are looking from the PoV of an ageless being. About how the humanity arise, fell into ruin, then arise again. You can see how twisted her PoV as an observer, for being ageless for too long. I mean, she felt happiness for being seen as the world's enemy smh. **laughs**

Not to the point of completely wholesome, but it's still fun to read.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitecrow90 rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: v1c5
Best thing i've read that was rather original for a while now.

Interesting story that is not fluff. It's like the observational diary of an anthropologist went and observed Magic using beings in a parallel world. I'm just sad that it's not longer. Hopefully this goes on and doesnt get dropped and reaches completion.
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YellowNoodle rated it
March 16, 2020
Status: c43
Interesting concept, few plot holes, and dull.

The premise is interesting but that's the thing, it's interesting but the writing doesn't catch my attention.

I think the only thing I didn't skim over was the battle event she partook in.

... more>> All the other chapters are very dull and the way she observes everything is like a collection of one-shots. Extremely short one shots that are written and finished in 1 Or 2 chapters. And those one-shots feature all different human emotions but mostly anything depraved.

There's really no goal to propel the story and at the moment she just gets an or**sm over people "living their life".

She won't change or interfere because she wants to experience the emotions the "new humans have". Its ironic if you think about it.

In the end, everyone not apart of the ancient race will continue to pass and she will continue to observe. And we the readers will observe with her not feeling any attachment and just moving on.


It's an alright.


Enjoi and adieu.

Maybe I'll come back when there's more chapters, but that'll probably take a while. <<less
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Kemori rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: c23
Despite what people here may be saying; you CANNOT read this and enjoy at the same time via google translate.

Since Japanese is a contextual language, you often have to work out what's being said by rearranging and rereading what was just written in order to gather what is being talked about, which means you have to suspend your reading to go back and make sense of what you've just read.

That being said, I enjoyed this up to the translated chapter (currently 22), it's a shame that we're still in the... more>> early days of translating, almost every novel I've read so far (easily between 200-300) has been in an unfinished translation state and it's quite infuriating to begin to get engrossed in a world, only to have the story suddenly become inaccessible.

4/5 - the story itself is 5 stars up to this point, I took a star away because the current translator has barely managed to translate a single chapter per month this year (2018) - if he/she hadn't uploaded two chapters this month, they would've fallen below monthly releases. <<less
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Remigius2003 rated it
March 31, 2018
Status: c93
The story is about humanity who developed godly technology and became bored, so they quitted the world and that where the story began, the MC is the last human who didn't quit the world. She discovers that the world after the human quitted it started to evolve again, so she begin to watch the beasts became intelligent, she watched them create a village, a city, a country, makes the same mistake of human, ect...

It's an amazing novel, very original, unique.

Trust me and read it, you're going to be satisfied!
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