Shepherding Humanity


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During the ancient tribal era, the world was vast and inscrutable.

Through constant exploration, the ancients were horrified to discover that God walked the land. The Wise Beast stood ten-thousand-feet tall, trampling mountains and shattering the earth.

Hundreds of years later, in that dangerous environment, mankind triumphed against the giant beasts and finally built the glorious Sumerian civilization.

On that day, the Wise Beast suddenly descended, trampling over mountains and rivers and destroying the entire nation. The land and the sky crumbled. Cities collapsed.

Has God descended to punish men for their sins?

“I’m sorry, but you’re just ants living in my yard. You’re all over the place, and I accidentally stepped on you while passing by. That’s all there is to it.”

This is the story of a slightly disappointing Creator and his hyper-competent creations.

Associated Names
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Chăn Nuôi Toàn Nhân Loại
Nurturing Humanity
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New Rhypnic rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Finally a breath of fresh air from reincarnated and action genre. This novel focus more on development of world
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telamont rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c1163
Translator here. Leaving this review since the official summary is a little vague on details.

This is a novel with a focus on world building along the lines of "Low Dimensional Game". The main protagonist acquires the basic building blocks of life and what amounts to a hyperbolic time chamber, and uses them to create new life and build entire civilizations from scratch.

What I like about this novel is how the main protagonist creates all these interesting worlds with different methods of cultivation that are populated by epic, larger-than-life characters. Each... more>> "world" serves as a semi-independent arc and has it own main hero driving events, while the main protagonist functions as a sort of Dungeon Master / Guiding Deity.

If regular cultivation novels could be likened to an MMORPG where you move from map to map while level grinding, then this novel would be the "Civilization" series of games centered on building a civilization on a macro-scale from prehistory up to the near future. It's at times funny, at times epic, and the side protagonists remain relevant far into the future.

Try it if you're looking for something slightly different from the usual fare. <<less
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: Completed
basically this novel is better & superior version of Low Dimensional Game, MC Xu Zhi who have a middle Stage Cancer decide to quit Chemotherapy because its useless & waste his money, living without any relative &losing will to live he decide to resign from working at foreign company & decide to return to his Village to spend the rest of his life that's what suppose to happen but his fate began to change after meeting with a Black Beetle which is the Queen of Tyranisia Civilization who on the... more>> verge of death due to failing on her invasion against the Supernatural the Land of Eternia, thus she decide to give the hive mind of Tyranisia to our glorious MC Xu Zhi & embark upon creating a mini world with Ant Size Sentient Being behind his backyard while opening the Virtual Reality Game of Spora Evolution in order to figure out better Optimized Species via beta tester.

No Nationalism, No Racism, No Arrogant Young Master, No Harem, albeit there's some romance with CHen Xi that's not the main focus & Xu ZHi isn't the type who act using his d*ck which is a good thing.

the only complain here is the translation chapter is too few thus I have to read MTL because this story is so awesome with MC act as God of these ant Size Civilization while at the same time he's the Game Master of the Virtual Reality Game of Spora Evolution.
just Ignore these Arc because its too hard to reread certain arc so I put it down in case I forgot about it.

- 1st Arc the Chronicle of Sumerian Civilization (Chapter 1 - 19)
- 2nd Arc the Chronicle of Babylonia Civilization (Chapter 20 - 142)
- 3rd Arc the Rise of the Age of Potion (Chapter 143 163)
- 4th Arc the Chronicle of Western Era (Chapter 164 - 215)
- 5th Arc the Rise of Ancient Tree World (Chapter 216 - 270)
- 6th Arc the Unification of the Three Realm (Heaven-Mortal-Hell) (Chapter 271 - 342)
- 7th Arc the Chronicle of Ishdar Civilization (Chapter 343 - 402) the first Technological Civilization
- 8th Arc the Rise of the Three Pillar God (Chapter 403 - 461)
- 9th Arc the Rise of Grotesque, Calamity Approach the Three Realm (Chapter 462 - 504)
- 10th Arc the Rise of Samsara Realm (Chapter 505 - 564) the world of reincarnation with sixth path
- 11th Arc the Creation of Small Universe (Chapter 565 - 589)
- 12th Arc the Establishment of Lord Samsara's Hegemony (Chapter 590 - 617)
- 13th Arc the Rise of Asura Path; Pixel War saga (Chapter 618 - 635)
- 14th Arc the prelude of war; Six Realm War Mobilization (Chapter 636 - 663)
- 15th Arc the Six Realm-Three Pillar God War (Chapter 664 - 723)
- 16th Arc the War in Heaven (Chapter 724 - 842)
- 17th Arc the Incorporation of Two 8th Tier Civilization (Chapter 843 - 965)
- 18th Arc the Battle Against Fate, Defy the 10th Tier Existence (Chapter 966 - 1139)
- 19th Arc the Creation of Pseudo Universe (Chapter 1140 - 1175)
- 20th Arc the Multiverse of 10th Tier Dojo (Chapter 1176 - 1242)
- 21th Arc the Era of Bloodline Universe Creature (Chapter 1243 - 1308)
- 22th Arc the Rise of Heavenly Order of Multiverse (Chapter 1309 - 1360)
- 23th Arc Resisting the Bloodless Creature (Chapter 1361 - 1474) <<less
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sideofbread rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: c903
The story is great if you like an god protagonist/ kingdom building protagonist. Each arc is interconnected with each other and major characters in each arc are remembered throughout the story. Take with a grain of salt from a bias view on what's bad.

1. It suffer harem like story where most side characters are introduced as girls, at current chapter I'd say there's 3 guy characters.
2. Spore system has too little insight on what's going on with other countries only showing Chinese perspectives with no other religion or mythology from earth being reflected in the 'game'
3. Again little depth of presenting the daily life or technology of the different worlds

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xxxvirtuexxx rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: c239
Very good start, payoff for world building is great for the first few arcs, but as I continue reading, it gets more tedious and boring to read, especially when it starts to focus less on the protagonist.

... more>>

It starts to focus more on the individual players and how they interact with the world. I care about the protagonist's interaction with the world he made, as well as the world's own development and its reaction to the protagonist who is their God.

However, when the players start interacting with the world more, it gets harder to find enjoyment to read, especially when they themselves are not suitable to be protagonists. It sets them up to have a great impact on the worlds they come into and make them seem extraordinary, but in reality, (and this is an annoying trend that whenever these players run into trouble, be it the threat of a virtual death, which wouldn't actually kill them IRL, to just being in trouble) they cry and complain and bit*h for help online for the rest of the world to help them, which it does. There is no player who has a stroke of genius or has the strength to surpass these obstacles in their paths. There is not a single compelling player I enjoyed so far once it started to move away from them just developing Spore monsters, because the players are shitty protagonists for their stories. The only time they were enjoyable to read about was when they were just developing species, because it actually felt like they were intellectual while being the comedic breather for the world's development.

In the end, the world the protagonist creates and the beings in those worlds are far more compelling to read about, such as Gilgamesh or Medusa. They have actual stakes to their challenges and adversities, ones I hope they surpass, but I cannot say the same about the players and their misadventures.


The beginning is very strong, but it gets weaker and weaker unfortunately. I give it a 3.5 <<less
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Daresan rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: c55
Honestly This is awsome novel if you like OP MC creating his own world. MC is like creator and he is very petty. Its really funny. This is better version of low dimensional game. Needless to say but ofcourse you need to turn of your brain if you want to enjoy it fully. Still it does not get that bad and many things mske perfect sense. It is very fun novel you will love it.
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Doge salad
Doge salad rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c54
(To be perfectly honest I mainly write this review to say, dear translator... can you please have some way of directly contacting you like an email as, I can’t comment on your site without being redirected to a page telling me I’ve been suspected as a bot! And, with how there’s no way of directly contacting you I can’t even talk to you about this issue without writing a review which you might not even see...)

A great and fun series that I just binged through all the currently... more>> translated chapters despite how late it is right now heh.

The series follows a human main character that gained the power of the god of his own world. So I recommend this to people interested in a plot centered around the main character raising his own world with interferences here and there that affects the trajectory of said world in various ways. This series also has humor, frequently referencing various games even Spore shockingly enough to me and various humorous happenings that elicited laughs out of me.

Although, this is a series about evolution so it definitely does have it’s dark moments and certain characters you will see die so don’t get too attached to the characters the MC is raising that’s for sure. The series also includes quite a lot of religious symbolism directly reenacting one scene from the bible at one point, so those that are sensitive about religion be warned. (Last warning is that the novel also does have some ironic chuuni/cringe teenage fantasy humor)

All in all it’s a series that has a lot of goods and tickles a lot of my fancies I’d wholeheartedly recommend me people that, like me, enjoy stories about the MC raising/creating his own world while also keeping a balance of interference so the world develops in an interesting direction while also not being completely controlled by the MC. Also being the type that spent too much time nerding out on mythologies and fantasy novels when we were younger to appreciate references the novel makes about those stories like the sword of Damocles! (^∇^)

(p.s. translator please let me comment so I can leave funny message referencing the chapter I’ve read) <<less
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Titan LLS
Titan LLS rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: Completed
When I first saw the summary I thought Wtf?

I mean what is with that premise? It just sounds so whack. I have been screening through so many stories, I forgot a good story can be one in-spite of it's premise. I mean a story about a guy who faces a mid-life crisis trains so hard he looses all his hair and beats all his enemies in one move, sounds like an absolute joke. Something not suited to read or watch. Or a story about a failed odd jobs business headed... more>> by a samurai who cant even be bothered to use a real sword so he use's a stick. I could go on and on. Another story that has unappealing premise but great delivery is simply what this is. For an author lvl it may be a bit lacking for a 5/5 but as an early work or a work in leisure. It is really great, and worth that rating. This thing is just a gem that I really recommend. <<less
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AtnShadid rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c900
The story was good at the start, but got boring later on and it does have a HUGE defect. The fact hat everyone believes whatever the MC says out his mouth as FACTS and are not questioned (No matter which identity he's using at that moment). This is not obvious early on, but becomes more apparent later on, and it's very ridiculous.
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Nevermore101 rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: c38
I like how the story is going. There just aren’t enough stories like this (that I can find anyway). I was skeptical about the ‘Spore’ feature At first, but I like it. Cant wait to see how the story progresses
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Kdv210 rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c10
Reading this book, got me so hooked!

Well I say that this book is like "creating a sandbox world" and "lower dimension game" but quit better, with less power and great control over a small great world, a height of a human is tens of thousands of meters high, civilization is as big as ants and biggest is a cat.

The way the world was made is less expansive and evolutionary than LDG but is way better than CSW.
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EFermi rated it
December 17, 2020
Status: c41
It's a rock solid 4+ stars up to ch. 41 where I'm currently at. I can't yet give it more than 4 since chinese novels are usually looong (easily going over 1000 chapters), and they tend to get monotonous/repetitive/cliched after 500-600+ chaps, but to this point it was delightfully good.

When you read the description, the idea seems kinda weird, and you wonder if it's even possible to make a novel in this sub-genre entertaining and captivating, but trust me, once you get over the first couple chapters, which are kinda... more>> sorta just explain where MC got his "backyard civilization generator" and give him some backstory so he doesn't seem like a flat image of "I wanna play god" type of character, it gets better to the point of sometimes hitting 4.5 stars easy. The only annoying thing is that just like over9000 other chinese novels, author chooses the easy way and reworks existing real mythology without even burdening himself with changing character names. Also, if you hope to see actual real evolution on a smaller scale, it's not here - it serves the same purpose as reworked mythology, that is to create background.

From what I wrote, it might seem like I give a lot of criticism, but when it all is put together, it creates a very decent entertaining story. Try it, and you might really like it. <<less
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Karma rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Quite a good story, In the beginning it is more about "raising humanity" but later on in the story it goes more into fighting. But it all relates back together to the main power the protagonist gained and how he uses that power to win in the end.

This is pretty general cause I don't want to spoil the story.
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