Transmigrated As Second-Rate Cannon Fodder


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Mu Chen lay on his bed in deep thought. What should one do after transmigrating into the body of a second-rate man who, according to the original novel, backed out of his marriage for a white lotus, threw his money away for a white lotus, fought to the death with the male lead for a white lotus, and eventually got his father killed and died!?


Struck by lightning, Mu Chen’s soul transmigrates into the body of a fool cannon fodder in a cultivation novel he had once read. Now that he has taken over the body, Mu Chen refuses to end up in the same tragic way as the original soul; instead, he works hard to reach the pinnacle of this cultivation world while facing off against the protagonist shou and chasing his childhood fiancé, Shi’er.

Top: Mu Chen

Bottom: Ye Shi

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After Rebirth, I No Longer Wanted to Be a Cannon Fodder!
Crossing Over As Second-Rate Cannon Fodder
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16 Reviews

Jan 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Another over rated novel from the same author.

My first review was chaotic because I can't simplify how much I hate this novel.

There are pros and cons, but the pros are in the earlier stage of the novel only. If you manage to finish this novel, you'll see how crappy it is, specially in the middle stage of the novel.

Here, let me list the cons in this novel;

1.) The writing

... more>>

The author is so preoccupied with the profit that the novel became so chaotic because the writing itself is unplanned.

The updates are too rushed, resulting in many typos and syntax errors, which also makes it hard for us to read the translation.


2.) The Plot


Too many unnecessary chapters. Those fillers aren't even interesting at all. The author will just randomly write a chapter about meal time where the MC is cooking something for his foodie wife, which is boring and a waste of time.


3.) Too generic. If you've read some stories written by this author, you'll see that her novels have the same taste. Bland, boring and long

I love reading long novels, at least 300 chapters or more. But not from this author.

4.) The Characters

  • MC
  • Spoiler

    The MC is very overpowered. His golden finger is his ability to learn. Yes, he is smart... BUT... In so many cases, he appears dumb and keeps making unwise decisions. Or maybe, the author is just not smart enough to keep up with the MC that's why she forgot so many plot points in the novel, leaving so many plotholes. Sometimes, he even appears hypocritical all throughout the entire story.

  • ML
  • Spoiler

    He was cute at first but he became more annoying as the story progressed.

  • ML's androgynous grandpa
  • Spoiler

    He used to be one of my favorite characters. He's funny and I love how he reacts to ML's annoying comments. He was a very nice old man, unfortunately, the author changed his character into an annoying androgynous. It turns out, he doesn't actually look old and he's not a real man. He's androgynous and he was r*ped by a man when he was young. He was even beaten so badly that he suffered internal injuries and mental trauma. But instead of slowy taking his revenge, he chose to confront the rapist years later and annoy him. That's a really dumb move, see?
    But I don't pity him because he actually became very annoying in the later stage of the novel. Even the way how the author turned him into androgynous is very irritating. I love BL, but it's a different story when it's too forced to have a BL vibe.

  • ML's male grandpa
  • Spoiler

    Red flag.
    He's a rapist. The first incident was understandable because he was poisoned that time, but the second time he r*ped the other party, he was undeniably a scum. The androgynous grandfather is even a bit pitiful because even though he hates this character so much, the MC and ML keeps on pushing him to have a relationship with this scum.

  • ML's androgynous father
  • Spoiler

    I don't actually hate him. I just find his setting ridiculous. In the middle stage of the novel, it says that the more powerful the Spirit clan's fortune telling, the poorer their aptitude is.
    ML's father actually belongs to a very talented fortune teller because he even managed to summon the MC from another world through fortune telling to change the ML's fate. But I don't know if the author forgot or whatever, it suddenly says that the reason why the ML's father 's cultivation is low is because of the residual poison coming from the ML's grandpa when he r*ped the androgynous grandfather. That's really a big plot hole.

  • MC's son
  • Spoiler

    A combination of ML's annoying personality and MC's hypocritical nature.
    He married a bird that he originally wanted to eat. He even instigated his partner to eat his relative, which they did.

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Jan 13, 2023
Status: Completed

Honestly I am really surprised because this is one of my most fav danmei ever! I already re-read this once (total read: twice), from the 1st till the end of the story.

I really really like MC character so so much! (and I like ML chara too, later) (i will explain!)

... more>> The story is basically about Mu Chen and Ye Shi adventures in cultivation world lol. If you are a fan of OP MC, I highly recommend this to you!

The MC is fucckiingg OP bro, trust me. He literally mastering every department in the school! from alchemy to the department that make tools (i forgot the name), he mastering everything with top (highest level) knowledge and ability!! crazy.

This is what I call OP MC to the max extra super level.

What's more, since he can mastering everything, of course he is high in IQ, and HIS EQ IS ALSO ONLINE OMFG (means that the chance of getting miscommunication is less and we got many sweet interactions between MC and ML).

What I really like is he is the kind that is scheming, and with those high IQ, he can formulate many strategies and way to breakthrough the challenges that are going in the way of them (MC and ML).


There are some thrilling experience regarding the moments where ML meet his father (the man), Ye Shi nearly got beaten by the father's family, when this happens I really WHALSIALSKAO and to make it worse, MC at this time is not in ML side!! Well, in the end the father stop in time and it ends well.

And, the grandmother (ger) part... I think the review above already explain it that the r*pe part actually really annoying... it's clear as day that the he is got r*ped but the family did not get angry? bro he is your elder!!


Why I am not really like ML's character in the early to middle part of the story?


MC, as I said, is not that PURE, he is scheming and can strategize way to maximize profit, pr to make his enemy worse if they touch his bottom line.

What is Mu Chen bottom line? Of course Ye Shi.

Honestly, at first, really at first before they got into the school (the sect I mean), I like ML. But when they got into the sect, especially in the part where ML's parents are trying to sucking ML blood by wanting many money in exchange of the secret book of ML's dad (ger dad of Ye Shi). But, Mu Chen did not agree. He feels that the parents are not telling the truth and only planning to fool ML.

For your information, ML's step father (non biological aka Ye family) is not treating ML well! That family even squander ML ger dad things! And make his dad in comatose state! You can imagine that this family is a villain right?

But Ye Shi hesitate a looot here. He feels like it's okay to give the money to the parents (bad parents) as long as the books is in his hands. He even feels like that MC is too much. Turns out, Mu Chen is right, the parents tried to fool them by exchanging the real book to the fake book.

And it also discovered that MC step father (bad parents) is involved in gambling debt because of MC doing! And you know what, this is what make me feels irk about ML.

Ye Shi, feels uncomfortable, that Mu Chen, is actually that bad.


He shocked and absent minded when Mu Chen talk to him. But tbh I am so disappointed with his reaction😔

I remember Ye Shi is scared that Mu Chen didn't like his personality because he is bad, but he himself feels uncomfortable that Mu Chen is actually a scheming person?

Well, when I first reading it, I didn't take this scene seriously, but when re read this again (the second time), this moments make me feel... dislike to ML.

In addition, ML also riding over the head of MC... like so arrogant? I know he does that because MC always spoiling him but still... no


I just want to say that I really like this story, because of personal preference, I like ruthless character more than the virg*n mary or holy mother one (where the MC is forgiving or refuse to kill). The MC and ML are pretty ruthless in my opinion (in later stage), they will kill kill if they have to, not the kind that I will give you a chance whatsoever. Remind me of Mo Junlan🤭 (this is actually the main reason, lol).

Maybe some of you thinking that this article is a braindead and too illogical (since the MC is too OP sometimes) but honestly, this is my favorite novel, so the review is highly biased based on my preference.

Absolutely recommended,

100/10✨ <<less
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Jan 17, 2023
Status: --
I actually feel like this is fine, many s*upid characters, OP MC etc, but it's fine and I like the adventure until the grandparents side pairing? It makes me so mad that no one cares about the ML's grandfather who got rap*d and concieve ML's mother (?), I know they are in a bad place and need the ML's grandfather's rap*st partner help but it just felt so wrong, they kept dismissing the grandfather's feeling even tho he clearly said he want to kill the said rap*st once he got... more>> strong but everyone just doesn't give a f*ck, I stopped reading but I can see that they both probably ended up together (vomit), and you know what that damn f*cker even r*ped the grandfather again in front of everyone (like literally taking him away and want to dual cultivate) and no one stopped it, everyone is just wow feels good ya to have your cultivation improve, wtf? And the breaking point is when the ML gives birth and the r*pist actually was sad because he was hoping to have his family name for MC & ML's babies but ML gave MC's last name instead and said to him that oh yall are young and can have another baby and the r*pist actually thought of getting ML's grandfather pregnant again even if at that time ML's grandfather still hates him and mind u he is afraid of everyone and doesn't want to have any relationship with anyone bcs his first time is very painful

If they actually remove the grandparents pairing or sick plot of it, I'll probably read the rest of it since I already got into 200/300 chapters <<less
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Jan 15, 2023
Status: --
I didn't get far in this novel and frankly don't want to continue.

1. The writing itself.

I don't know if it's the MTL (probably not) but the way the novel's written rubs me off the wrong way. The dialogue is awkward, along with the character's reactions- they feel unnatural? Overexaggarated? I can't pinpoint it but all I can say is I don't like it.

... more>> 2. The characters.

Mu Chen, our main character is barely fleshed out. We just know he's a genius (doesn't forget stuff, has amazing talent, does things on the first try etc.). As for his personality.. I have no clue. He gives mixed signals and is very confusing- from the start we don't know anything about him except that he knows how to cook and was a genius back on Earth. How does he feel about this transmigration? What's his reaction? He seems awfully calm but even that seems barely described to me.... if you were to ask me what kind of protagonist he is, I wouldn't be able to tell you. He's all over the place.

Now, Ye Shi, our main love interest... *sigh* he really gets on my nerve the more the story's progressing. He jumps to conclusions a lot at the start, and comes off as a tsundere. Now personally I'm not a fan of tsunderes but I didn't mind it as much because Mu Chen read his real thoughts really well so no misunderstandigs- however. The tsundere thing get's lost along the way and Ye Shi just becomes a bashful idiot who insults for no reason. Bashful because he gets shy often. Idiot because imo he seems so s*upid- like, can you not understand this? Why do you jump to conclusions? Can you not think for yourself? Do you not understand how the world works even after you've been kicked out by your family? I know he's supposed to be 13 but even I wasn't that dumb at 13💀 As for the insulting, it goes well with the 'idiot' thing. Over time he just insults Mu Chen for no reason? I think it was supposed to be comedy but honestly I can't tell... he doesn't ask Mu Chen if he actually knows how to do alchemy right but assumes he doesn't and throws insults around that. Like... just ask your fiancé??? Why do you have NO trust in him?? It definitely tried to be comedic but in this kind of situation it just comes off as Ye Shi being an idiot who doesn't understand the truth and jumps to conclusions. This isn't the last time something like this happens btw. Ah I really don't know, he and Mu Chen seem fine and sweet one time and then the next Ye Shi just ìnsults him (sorry I'm using insult so much lmao). Make it make sense. Because it doesn't. If it's comedy, it's not funny.

3. Plot

Well... it's okay? I guess? Mu Chen is striked by lightning and transmigrates into the novel he was reading. The original owner was an ass and Mu Chen doesn't want to be an ass and chase the protagonist like the original owner did. Boom that's it for now. The premise isn't bad, it's simple but these stories usually start out that way, I like the premise. However it gets destroyed by s*upid s*upid characters. Istg does anyone have a brain here? Even the characters that are supposed to be powerful and all seem kinda dumb imo.. the original's father, Mu Yuanfeng. He's not that bad of a character but sometimes he seems kinda dumb.. like if you're the head of this big family you should be smarter yk? Do you really need advice from your 13yo son to know that you can sell an elixir at an auction? He's not the worst though, the other characters sucks ass. Chen something is one of Zhuang Yu's (protag of the original novel, white lotus b*tch) lackeys. ISTG, neither he nor Zhuang Yu think for themselves!!! How delusional do you have to be??? CHEN SOMETHING, YOU HAVE NO BRAIN. I can't even explain it rn, just go read and take a look. Zhuang Yu too, he's so dumb and jumps to conclusions, savior complex.

Anyways I'm at the point of the plot after Mu Chen and Ye Shi advanced a lot with those blood baths and they got like, tickets? Invitations? Anyways they're about to go to some nice school. I dropped it because I couldn't care any more. See the story had potention, I'm actually curious about the school and all, but the characters just ruin it for you... and if they grow in the future, good for them. The author didn't make me care though.

4. Why is everyone dumb?

I think the issue that causes this is the way of writing. It feels immature, like I said, the reactions and emotions sometimes seem overexaggarated, and even incorrect? Like, I'm pretty sure this isn't how this characters are supposed to feel while saying this and in this certain situation... it sometimes also lacks describing how the character feels (you know, eyes flickering, pursuing of mouths, etc) rather than just saying "he said helplessly". Not to mention that the character isn't supposed to feel helpless at that moment at all!! Wdym said "helplessly" it just doesn't fit!!... well anyways, this kind of writing makes the characters that are supposed to be powerful and wise (head of the family, grandpa of the family, those older wiser people) seem like 13 year olds in a play...

Ahem that's the end of this review. I think I said everything I wanted to. Also, if this is one of the first books the author has written I don't want them to be discouraged- progress can be made if you look at the reviews and what in your book made the readers feel uncanny. That's why reviews exist! <<less
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Feb 07, 2023
Status: c37
As long as Ye Shi exists, he will always have a faithful hater. Me.

Thats all I have to say, everything else have been already said. Either u lover or hate this novel but for me is a no, tsunderes with no $$ are a pain in the ass, if he was a young master of a rich family I will like Ye Shi a lot, but he isn't, in fact, he's a abandoned child from a family in decline which makes his personality so out of place...

MC love ML because... more>> the author wanted it, other than that explanation, there is no other way MC would have make a life with ML in it. <<less
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Jan 14, 2023
Status: Completed
This is light and fun with many familiar tropes. The MC reminded me of the MC of a quick transmigration novel who'd already visited many worlds and could easily learn anything he didn't already know, so he could spend his time pampering the ML and face slapping doubters.

However, I disliked many of the side pairings. The MC & ML have many admirers but no real friends. The ML's parents and grandparents had dog blood relationships with misunderstandings leading to separation only for ML and MC to find them and reunite... more>> them. The misunderstandings are then dismissed easily so everyone can pamper ML and his kids. <<less
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Mar 22, 2023
Status: --
To be honest, compared to other stories made by this author, this story can be said to be one of the best (???).

I mean I know the writing of this story have a lot of typos, but it's not too fatal... and apart from that, the plot itself is also pretty good.

At the beginning of the story the plot will be delivered a little rough and hurry (I personally almost stopped reading because of this, but thanks im not), but when it enters the half of the story, the plot... more>> actually become very well written.

Last, for the ending itself... It was pretty good, but I think it could be better if the author tried harder. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 14, 2023
Status: Completed
For me, it's a fun story.

To be noted, this is a world inside of a novel. Altho it's a world that works on it's own, the characters settings are already implemented. So yeah, the ML (shou) being naive and silly is a default setting, shouldn't hate him for it, you can hate the "author" For the bad novel tho. I mean is there a novel with main character like ZY and all the gongs being arrogant idiots like this?! 😅 The only anomaly, MC, fortunately is a genius, altho he's really OP, he did work hard on them and not easily gets instant results.

Remember, the spirit pagoda time is slower than the outside world. It seems fast to outsider, but it took time even for a genius, the real cheat is actually the material the pagoda can give after it recorded the arts


I'll say the real OP one should be ML, who's luck is really the worst. I'll tell you why.

ML has 3 special bloodline, 1 from the spirit clan, 1 from a formation clan, 1 from the refiner clan. From the spirit clan, he has a talent to predict altho, and tho I'm not quite sure bcoz reading MTL, possibly the luck to find treasures is inherited from the clan and the ability to tame special fire. From the formation clan, he inherited the special bloodline and has a top grade formation eyes, very talented and way surpassed his own father. From the refiner clan, he's said to have a talent, but yeah, he's not interested in refining.

Supposedly with those, his luck should hit through the roof, but no, the author sentenced him to be a love deprived loyal unlucky shuang-er. I mean wth with this novel world setting. His shuang-er father probably woke up and tried to change his luck, and I'm guessing this is why MC got transmigrated here.


And I found it's kinda ridiculous when the dad had almost no doubt about the change of characters, but the one doubting is actually the Father in law.

Anyway, the story is quite nice, and has an open ending whether they will ascend or not, the extras tho, I find them rather boring bcoz the sons doesn't inherit MC's excellent intelligence. Poor KB, 🤣🤣🤣
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Feb 11, 2024
Status: Completed
I liked it. Could it have been better? Sure but as is it was a fun read.

The pacing of story made it so I didn't get bored. I do wish more time spent on the last arc. The few chapters did tie up loose ends ridiculously fast.

I think its funny how people complain how dumb the ML is when that's the whole issue every other character has when dealing with him. ML is a die hard stan of MC; he's just dumb and in love lol. I thought the relationship... more>> was so cute between them. <<less
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Oct 29, 2023
Status: C97
I have read 5 of this author book.

I can safely say, you either hate her or love her. Unfortunately for this one I also have mixed feeling after all this is her old story. I love her other stories simply because I am a sucker for adventure story, and that's what most of her story is.

I paused this story at chapter 97, but will try to continue if I didn't find any other good story.
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Jan 16, 2023
Status: c147
It's entertaining as long as you enjoy the usual face-slapping and OP protags that you typically find in Chinese wuxia and xianxia novels. You do have to turn off your brain to read this one because of how simple-minded and honestly s*upid the characters are. I do agree with some of the other reviewers in that it's really hard to like any of the characters. Mu Chen is super OP and basically masters everything as soon as he lays his hands on it and he really likes Ye Shi, for... more>> reasons unknown. He does mention that Ye Shi is his 'type' at least visually, but Ye Shi's personality....... really does leave a lot to be desired.

He is supposed to be tsundere, but he just comes off as standoffish and pretty self-centred. Ye Shi mostly takes everything Mu Chen gives him for granted, while on top of that taking advantage of Mu Chen's generosity with a lot of the things Mu Chen makes. Granted, in turn Ye Shi does share the inheritance he has with Mu Chen but...... something just rubs me the wrong way. It might be Ye Shi's lack of 'trust' in Mu Chen's abilities early on, followed by him taking Mu Chen's success for granted after he realises that Mu Chen can literally do anything. He also does a lot of small-minded things like misreporting how many pills Mu Chen needs to make for an order so he can skim off the excess for himself. Like, Mu Chen is willing to spoil him anyways so there's not much meaning in him lying to him like that?


Mu Chen's character comes off as a bit...... flat? He gets into a lot of fields and succeeds in all of them, without any roadblocks whatsoever. He's cautious about the few things that would cause his original character to die in the original story. He mostly just makes stuff --> gets a lot of money for it --> gets famous for making so much money/the thing he made --> buys what he needs to cultivation/equipment to make more stuff --> gives the rest of the money to Ye Shi to do whatever with --> Ye Shi goes around boasting about how much money he has. Rinse and repeat. Throw in a few antagonists to be jealous of how much money Ye Shi and Mu Chen have/are making, and conspire to find ways to get the money out of their hands, etc.

The side characters don't really have much to like about them either, granted you can say that they seem more 'human' in the sense that everyone is selfish as heck. They mostly wait to see if the protagonists can be beneficial to them and when they see they are, suck up to them so they can get some of the benefits. Some of them miss the chance and spend their time going 'damn, wish I tried getting close to them when they weren't as successful'. The few that do manage to get close to the protags get thrown a few bones here and there to make them happy.

For example, Mu Chen gets a 'master' later in the series, who basically after seeing how powerful Mu Chen is becoming, just up and declares himself Mu Chen's 'master' in front of a crowd. He never teaches Mu Chen anything, but does serve as a deterrent to other powers after Mu Chen heals him. Mu Chen doesn't care much for this 'master', to the point that when Ye Shi tells him to spike the master's food with laxatives, he does so???


TLDR; Turn off your brain to read if you like face-slapping, but be warned that there aren't really any likeable characters. <<less
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Apr 11, 2024
Status: c208
I do not know how this story got so many 5-star reviews. This novel is a 2.5 at best due to the fact that this falls into the tr*shy category for me.

The MC is super op I don't mind op MCs but that's all there is. While reading this I had a hard time getting a picture of what our MC's personality is like. His views and motives just seem so detached. All we know is that he is a super genius who is good at everything, "ruthless" to his... more>> enemies and loves his fiance. He's like a blank canvas whatever the plot requires him to do he'll do.

Another thing the MC is called ruthless and scheming multiple times. For example MC helps the ML get back an important book. MC uses unknown methods to somehow get a character to be addicted to gambling. He also requires said person to sign a life or death contract to make sure ML doesn't get cheated and buys book at a lower price after the other party tried to extort more money while also selling a fake version of the book. The ML's companion finds these actions to be too ruthless and ask the MC to stop seeing the ML. And I'm like ???? Maybe it's due to being desensitized by other cultivation novels but cultivation worlds are cutthroat why would you want the ML to be with someone who is easy to bully.

The ML is annoying I didn't like him at the start of the novel and he never got better for me. In the early chapters the ML has a very snobbish attitude towards the MC due to the rumors of the MC being a waste. Like another reviewer mentioned you'd think with a personality like this he would be from a well off reputable family but he's not. All he does in the 30 or 40 chapters is talk sh*t about the MC, complain, misunderstand the MCs intentions, and take the MC for granted.

To be honest I don't know why the MC actually wanted to be in a relationship with the ML. Later on in the school section of the novel ML is the MC's number 1 fanboy. ML during school arc is either getting into cat fights, eating, or praising the MC.

The novel is just full of low IQ shameless characters. This can be entertaining but it's back-to-back small-brain characters randomly holding grudges and being overly entitled. A few unreasonable characters are fine but it's everyone.

Entire plot lines and characters get forgotten about. No one seems to know how to scheme besides the MC. The characters are blatantly evil or shady and no one does anything. It's extremely overt if you have to read this novel the first 10 chapters will showcase what little brain power the characters have which is none. <<less
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Mar 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Horrible horrible novel. I had to finish it just cause I can't not complete novels but it's been such a waste of time. The character change is so drastic, even POV changed.

Side characters spoke more than the MC and ML in the end. Yes, a lot of typos to the point of mixing up character's names even when speaking to each other.

Basically can write this novel by copy pasting these:

... more>> YS: MC is the most awesome. Don't you know? And This is edible, this is delicious

MC: I'm not that awesome (humbly). I'll catch that for you to eat.

Putting this in my: never ever reading again list <<less
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Feb 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I like this author, I also quite like the story, at least enough to reread. The MC (gong lead as per this author style) is so very OP, so much so that at the first chapter he was cursed to death because he's too talented 😂 he then transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a Jack Sue reverse harem novel. The ML (shou) is your usual s*upid-genius character that the author always written in (like ML & MC 2nd son in The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration, or the ML in... more>> The Abandoned Son Runs Rampant).


ML is actually a part of a big shot family in another continent that will show up in the middle of the story. The story of his birth is also quite dog-blooded 😅 the Jack Sue plot is also have some secrets to it. But because our MC is too OP, he practically demolish the hundred years plot by himself.


This isn't a short read by any means, though the story per chapter is quite short. Anyway it's quite an enjoyable read, and CG is known to choose the best story. <<less
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Mar 02, 2024
Status: c52
Only read 52 chapters but I honestly can’t get past the fact that (for now) the characters are supposed to be 13. I am particularly uncomfortable with the rumours about the original Mu Chen (before transmigration) being a « who*e » and regularly frequenting brothels when he’s a kid. I read enough wuxia and xianxia to know that ages are a bit f*cked up but the characters are fleshed out as older teens with their talks and actions then you get slapped in the face by their « real »... more>> age. It’s even more disturbing when you think that the MC is a college student. The cognitive dissonance is too high.

Ignoring the age problems, the writing seems to be indecisive about if the characters are supposed to stay characters from a novel or real people. Aside for the MC and his father, everyone seems congealed in their role from the original story, unable to really understand and react to MC’s changes. Everyone is one dimensional as well as contradictory. The original’s white moonlight is just an indecisive profiter who enjoys the attention and gifts and like to medle pretending to be nice but is also the most advanced in their cultivation. Their court of dumb hopefuls is here to throw gift and money together to them while being irrationally jealous of other men outside their friendly harem. ML doesn’t look like a stereotypical twink so he’s ugly and also he’s obsessed with food. Scheming uncle is a scheming idiot who’s jealous of his brother but they are about the same in cultivation.

Yeah I couldn’t pause enough of my brain for this story. <<less
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Dec 02, 2023
Status: c83
I've read this at chapter 80-ish and then discontinued.

... more>>

Simply because I this reminds me of RSCB Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being 重生之至尊仙侣. Not the plot, just the overall feeling that I got from reading, minus RSCB's dramatic tragedy plot. (or maybe so? I'll never know since I didn't finish.) This book have a more comedic vibe to it.


Protagonist is a genius which a trope that I don't mind and I like how casual he is to overall situation. However the more the story progress, the more I feel like this going too slow and nowhere (just like RSCB). Mu Chen as a genius seems to always have trouble with money, which is just confusing and at times take too much of the story focus. I really find in uninteresting when they spend so many words and chapters just to explain why are they still lack of money given... (insert whatever situation).

I also find the love interest, Ye Shi, irritating with his snarky attitude. He never think twice, make silly dumb move, and also doesn't seem to understand his own situation. Ye Shi is more like a third rate cannon fodder type for me. He's there and you can't shake him off. Do I find him pitiful? No. Do I find him endearing? No. Do I like him? No. So naturally I really want to skip whenever the story focus on him. I just can't excuse except that silly-blunt-airhead seems to be the author's favorite character type. And tbh, this kind of characters can be hit or miss for me.

As for the plot, it's so-so. I enjoy Mu Chen's effort to outmaneuver Zhuang Yu's luck. But I can only read this far. <<less
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