The Transmigrated Pharmacist’s Counterattack


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After Lin Yi purposefully caused an explosion and perished alongside those who coveted the Lin Family’s property, he transmigrated into a different world where he happened to be on the verge of being married off to a man as his wife. Rumors stated that his future husband was not only crippled but also ruthless.

No matter! With him, there was a guaranteed cure for all diseases!

He hoped that for the sake of curing his man, he could be provided a golden thigh to hug.

Golden Thigh: Not only can you hug this leg, but you can also hug anywhere else.

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Wintercreeper rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: c90
It's a very basic, cliché, face-slapping, self-insert story.

MC is blind, ML in a wheelchair, but only for a couple of chapters because disabled people have to be cured asap to be worth anything.

MC is the female writer's projection, looks like a woman, acts like a woman, fills the role of the typical "miserable female MC in a cultivation novel" that suddenly heals, has a secret constitution, and races her way up to the top.

ML is the best looking guy around, from a powerful family, better at cultivation than everyone else,... more>> good a fighting, and so on.

There are lots of braindead villains getting slapped over and over, whoever isn't on MC's side is automatically intellectually challenged.

Conveniences, and lots of them. The protagonist halo is strong with both MC and ML.


ML accidentally meets a demon king from another world, said demon king happens to form a pact with him despite ML being a cultivation nobody and not at all worth of such a being.

MC happens to accidentally meet one of the best pharmacists in the world, said pharmacist happens to take him as his disciple because of MC's magical potential, yada yada.


The plot is inconsistent, the romance not believable, worldbuilding a mismatched mess, the writer used whatever they personally liked no matter if it fits or not.

Very little makes sense the further the story progresses, it seems like the writer didn't make a proper outline and made up the story while writing, plot points get changed or expended on with nonsensical explanations to justify it.


MC needs to hide his special constitution, so he shouldn't run around too much.

Then he gets a magical bracelet that hides it, but only from people below a certain cultivation level, so he still needs to avoid bigshots.

Suddenly he goes to a competition where lots of bigshots will likely be present and everyone just seems to have forgotten about the bracelet's limitation.


That's only one of the points that make no sense and shows that the writer makes up the story as they go, without checking if it's plausible or not.

Not recommended, there are lots of similar novels that are much better. <<less
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nitan rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: --
It's alright, it's a pretty simple and straight-forward story. The MC is annoying, if this was any other novel, he would be a really s*upid, 'full-of-luck' antagonist you'd want to face-slap because he's really abit entitled and entirely unaware.

Other than that, it's a pretty easy-going read. Shorter chapters so it feels like you can just breeze by. Not sure if I'd recommend but if you need a fix, maybe it'll be worth your time?
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Amatullah rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This is very similar to I Have Medicine and other works similar to it. So ML was a genius who got grievously hurt during a hunting expedition and is now wheel chair bound with no way in sight to cure him. The body that MC transmigrates into on the other hand is a disliked blind child who has a special constitution with the possibility of curing the MC if they double cultivate, but ofcourse that will be bad for MC, MC's family are a prominent family in their town, but... more>> MC is really disliked so they decide to sell him out to ML and his family. After they get married, MC cures ML using his medicine book that came through with him and also cures his eyes. After that, they go on a variety of adventures and competitions. Because ML comes from a prominent family that adores him, their journey is very stress free, and they usually dont have to hide their abilities.

I read this quite a while back, so I can't remember all the arcs, but they were very interesting, there isn't much angst as MC, ML and their friends always overcome everything they are up against, it also isn't the type of book where everyone is an enemy of MC and ML, they make alot of friends through out their journey. ML is a swordsman and MC is an alchemist. Do note that MC and ML get a biological child, which MC bore, he didnt really get pregnant in the traditional sense. There's also a plot of traveling to other planets. It spans hundreds of years. <<less
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September 4, 2023
Status: c118
OK. I agree with the people who said that basic and cliche.

Don't try to read this unless you are bored and don't have anything better.

It's rather dull... Not good (so far) as either a pharmaceutical/alchemy novel or even a cultivation novel.

Reminds me a LOT of 'I have medicine'

    • Rich/powerful/Ill/Dying ML
    • Sick MC with medical cheat that needs help

Both are rather 'slow' and only suited to read if you don't have anything better.
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Akkachu rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: c140
First of all the translator did a bang on job 5/5 but story wise I'll have to give it a 3/5.

I ended up MTL'ing the rest of the untranslated chapters and I gotta say I am rather disappointed that there's not a lot of focus of MC and his golden finger pharmacopoeia. The reason I even picked up this series is because of MC being alchemist. The first 100ish chapters are mostly focused on ML's cultivation journey and then you get a little glimpse of MC doing alchemy.

I'm thinking about... more>> dropping this if I don't see any progress and more focus on MC on his path of being a supposed pharmacist. <<less
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October 26, 2023
Status: c305
This story is a BL, face-slapping, self-insert novel with cultivation in the background. There is nothing new or unique about it.

It might even be worse than other similar novels out there. I read the raws, and from the author's notes, you can tell she's making this up as she goes, and if she has an outline, it's not very detailed, and the story is being influenced by audience feedback.

This messed up the pacing and the logic of the story. The reader's suspension of disbelief was pushed to the limits as... more>> the worldbuilding fell apart and the character's actions wibble wobbled all over the place.


The MC has a Yin physique that attracts demon cultivators. The MC's family is around these demonic characters, and they know about his physique. The MC and ML know the MC's family know about his Yin attribute. Yet, three paragraphs are dedicated to them trying to figure out why the demonic cultivator is after the MC, and they never do. Then, later in the story, they magically remember that this might be the reason the MC was targeted by the demonic cultivator. But, it gets worse. To add insult to injury, demonic cultivators can tell when someone with a Yin physique is in front of them. The MC even got a special bracelet to protect him, but it wouldn't work if the other person's cultivation was too high. Yet, the MC was running around in front of several demonic cultivators strong enough to see through the bracelet's protection, and none could tell. And before a reader says the ML's Yang physique makes it difficult to tell, this happened before they dual cultivated.


Would I have liked more from the story? Yes.

There were a lot of wasted opportunities to give the MC and ML more character depth and change this into something less formulaic. The MC was crippled in his last life. I think that would have an impact on a person's personality. Also, the ML was crippled at the start of the story, and the MC was blind. A seeing person goes blind and does not react? No moment to sympathize or comment on the man you're quickly falling in love with's situation?

The MC ends up in situations but shows no reaction to them. There were some emotions at the start when he was trying to figure out his situation just after transmigrating, but that stopped.

This quickly got repetitive because nothing was interesting about the characters or the scenarios they were experiencing.

Self-inserts are popular, so I can see why writers follow the trend. I'm fine with it, but stand-out works make the MC a blank canvas, but give the supporting character, especially the ML character development. This failed to do that.


Did I expect more? No.

This isn't really a romance novel. Romance isn't the focus, but it could have been handled better. The action/face-slapping is the focus. Those weren't written well, so everything became mediocre.

The MC was too dumb.

The ML was too smart.

Both the MC and ML intelligence fluctuated wildly depending on what the author needed the reader to know and understand. All the villains' intelligence disappeared as soon as the MC and ML showed up.

The supporting characters were also lacking. The whole South Coast arc made no sense. The Emperor and his Imperial court + The Mu family couldn't figure out there was something wrong with the grievances of those who had died until the MC pointed it out. This wasn't the first time they'd performed the ceremony since the war started, and there were no warning bells about the souls of the cultivators all being white.

I was also weirded out by how much emphasis was placed on the MC's beauty and the comparison to him being like a gorgeous woman. At times, it felt like the writer wrote a female MC but changed it to male later. This was poorly written to attract a specific female reader.


Final thoughts: I was entertained for a few hours before I found something more interesting to read. I wouldn't recommend this novel because there are a lot of similar novels that do the same thing better. <<less
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