The Transmigrator’s Cultivation


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Within the Immortal Realm, there were nine thousand major realms, with three thousand at the top, three thousand in the middle, and three thousand at the bottom, along with countless minor realms.

In Xu Ziqing’s previous life, he was sickly. In this life, he originally thought about passing his days freely amongst the scenery in between the mountains and rivers, but unexpectedly, the year he turned thirteen years old, in just a single morning, his life became a fantasy.

If your body had Spiritual Roots, then you had to set foot on the path to immortality. If you were unwilling to do so, you would become a rock under someone else’s foot. Thus, he could only push forward against the currents trying to push him backward, repeatedly overcoming the obstacles in his way.

Under the Tianzun, all were insects. Xu Ziqing’s life was like dust, but he wanted to hold fast to his sense of self, following his heart to pursue his Path, turning his body into one like a kunpeng’s, quickly advancing, and traveling everywhere underneath the nine skies!

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Tsukkin rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: Completed

one of very few bl xianxia novel that I fancy. It's from the same author as I Have Medicine, Modern Taoist, and Silly Spring Attack (?) (i think the translated title is a bit off, it should be translated as "The Spring of A Silly Attack" (attack= 'gong'/seme)). I have to admit I am an avid fan of this author, so I have read most of her works.l, and this one is absolute enjoyment to me.

Why u ask? Hmm plotwise, it's slow and a bit dull, bcs... more>> the main point of this novel is to achieve immortality so the process is long and boring. It starts with the MC going back to his main house for selection of the sect. Unlike other MC, I really like this one bcs he's very down to earth, humble, honest, and although a bit naive at the beginning he can overcome his naivety and become stronger without being too coldblooded (with the help of ML).

BUT THE ROMANCE THO....i really like it!!!!!

ML cultivate the ruthless killing sword but he can't level up bcs the end of ruthless killing sword practitioner is only death unless he found "one affection/one emotion" or something like that, so he cut his soul into half and seal it in a ring then throw it into small world to find his destined person, then MC found it and activate the ring when he's betrayed by the Xu Family and almost died, and that is the beginning of their friendship

ML is cold, too cold even with his own master, even though he actually cares but bcs of his personality and way of sword is very ruthless, ppl are scared of him. But MC is like obedient puppy in front of ML. They are very sweet and caring to each other. And what I like is that the romance is not so passionate like most bl novels. To say it simply, their love is not like raging fire, but warm sunshine in spring. U get it?

Honestly, this kind of slow paced slow romance and boring type of love is not for everyone. Please note that u need to read at least 300 chapters before they get married. And after that the romance is still so little, most of the story is about fighting, getting stronger and cultivation so I said this novel is not for everyone. But if you like this type of story, you should definitely check it out~ <<less
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charysa rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm a big fan of this author, who also wrote I Have Medcine. This is her earlier written epic saga, and it's a more traditional story of the cultivation genre than IHM. The stages of cultivation are the really commonly used ones from the genre. There's a lot of emphasis on mental cultivation alongside cultivating actual power, as well as on karmic debts and ties later on.

As a BL romance, it's not quite as slow burn as IHM. That is, the protagonist figures out his feelings for the ML have... more>> become romantic "only" before chapter 200, hah. The progression of the romance might not be everyone's couple of tea (since there's a lot of plot twists involved), but be assured that none of it is dog blood at least. There's no love rivals, just life and death danger at every corner, lol.

The MC is a gentleman type personality. Usually you find this kind of character as second male lead in shoujo stories. The ML is the ice king type, which is more stereotypical, but he's not domineering/yandere, which is wonderful. The ML serves as a mentor and anchor for the MC, so there's that kink. The MC is an emotional anchor for the ML, though that part is more stated than shown (aside from that one steamy segment...)

Oh yeah, I think this was also written before heavy censorship rules were enforced on jjwxc. So there are quite a few s*x scenes which get outright explicit. Like, their marriage bed scene is one obvious example, though that did turn into an exposition on dual cultivation halfway. Then as an old married couple, there are plenty of places where our pair roll the sheets and some of them are pretty steamy. *winkwink*

The overall plot is pretty well done too. At first, you think that a lot of the arcs are standalone adventures. But trust me, they all end up tying together in the end, and it's pretty satisfying to get the sense of continuity and worldbuilding. <<less
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XYJ rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c68
There's some nice things about this story. It's a fairly standard litrpg xianxia novel, with lots, and lots, and lots of grinding, the world building is extremely, extremely thorough, and the main character is a decent person for once, hooray!

But, the negatives are there too. For one, it's pretty damn wordy, and the language is very expository and matter-of-fact with lots of unimportant info dumps here and there that really drag the pace down. Sadly, most of its wordiness is placed in explaining x random plant/beast or the reward system... more>> of y organization/sect/family (you could probably just take this book and turn in straight into an mmorpg) or a detailed description of battle between unimportant npc z and random enemy, instead of focusing more on developing the relationship between mc/ML (or even focusing more on the ml), which makes even their friendship feel really weird and shallow. Mc's near absolute trust in ML seems preettyyy unfounded, especially after ML pretty much just bystands while MC nearly gets killed. It's pretty bonkers to place so much trust in someone who can look coldly from the side while

you get some holes poked in you by nasty backstabbers and nearly get mauled by wild apes. I really doubt ML would intervene even if MC really died

. So of course, characterization in general is pretty meh. MC trusts ML cause author says so.

Basically just read this as if you were vicariously playing an mmo thru the perspective of the MC and skip thru the extraneous cutscenes. <<less
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katiethairu33 rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I wanted to write a review even though I haven't completed it because I find some comments here and on JJWXC site pretty incomprehensible. The ML, presumably a great sword cultivator following the ruthless Tao, often does not intervene until the MC has his life threatened because he wants him to grow up. MC is a cultivator. Not a princess to be spoiled. I really don't understand people nowadays. One says most shou are like women. Why write danmei when it's clearly a romance covered in the shell of a... more>> danmei? When this MC actually appreciates ML for not spoiling him, they say it's all force majeure. The author says so, so the MC will be grateful. I mean, it's so plain to see whether he cares if MC dies or not. Why would he save him time and again if he wants him to die? So confused. Also, there were many complaints that the MC was a virg*n Mary saving everyone he sees. But he's clearly not. He's just righteous. He is timid and always weighs his own strength. He's on the immortal way. If he doesn't even have the least bit of righteousness, what can he accomplish on the immortal way? He'll be mediocre. Anyway, what I want to say is, this book is very mellow and slow and interesting. The world building is intricate. It would've been more pleasurable if I hadn't read the reviews and came in with colored glasses only to be pleasantly surprised. So my advice is to read it with an open mind. My reading experience was a few points less because of all the presuppositions I had. I will change my review later after I finish this but it's pretty long so it will take a while.


Ok, I'm at the part with the ape battle.

The ML, a dignified peak Huayuan realm person, instead of cultivating, would go around spying on the people who are trying to harm the person who happened to use the storage ring he is in? Please, at this point, he didn't fall in love with him. Even if he is a good friend, what can those little shrimps do that he can't stop? And if it's not life threatening, then it's a long experience for our pure-hearted MC. So, at this point, I really feel that the ML was shot while he was lying down.

I'm wrong. The senses of the ML are strong enough to perceive the maliciousness but he deliberately didn't remind to sharpen the mind of MC and change his nature. He is kind but unguarded which is dangerous on his part. In this case, it is even more the case that the ML was teaching him, so how exactly is this not caring? Ugh, I'm so confused on ML standards these days.


It is magnificent. The world building is very beautiful. The character development is amazing. MC grows so much by the end of the story, that it's amazing. And he does it with the help of ML while not being subservient to him. He is definitely obedient towards ML, but that's more because he is his senior and has always had a role similar to a guidance instructor lol. I love their interactions. Especially this ML, he is so special. Yeah, he is the typical cold ML but he is not a caricature. He has so many aspects to him that are intriguing. He is straightforward, aggressive, direct and most of his character is shaped by the stubborn persistence he has towards the Tao he cultivates. He is amazing. Also, the fact that he is

a reincarnation of a sword stone is so hilarious! It makes sense too considering how rigid he is~ It's so cuuute~

The way they get together and how they make up for each other's defects is so adorable. Like, though there are reasons for them to be a match for each other, they put in effort to become a match made in heaven for each other. They make space for each other to integrate themselves into the other's life. It's so very sweet. Although there were some very minor logic issues in between,

like, when they double cultivated at the Sword Conference, MC was upgraded to mid Nascent Soul & ML went to Late stage but when they went to the Nine Void Realm, MC was in early stage & ML was still in late stage. The armor gifted by the Li clan was never used again even though they needed armor. And some of the situations during the war were too jerky for me. Like, he knew the broken mirror was refined using the body of the outer monsters but he told the sect leader that they were made using the time & space crystals in the heart which led to a waste of research. Also, he didn't say anything about the medicine refined using the bodies or the armor made from the bodies. Also, the Moon clan were too obviously linked to those outer monsters for me. Just little things like that.

it was pretty good overall. The plot is very complete. I wish they went back to the Nine Void Realm again though. It was pretty interesting. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c100
if your expecting sword fights and constant battles you've come to the wrong place. There are some, but a majority of the time is taken up with other concerns. Like most BL, the shou MC isn't a sword cultivator at first and has an aversion to violence, which he slowly overcomes. Personally, I find the MC too nice and a little timid at times, while at others he has a bit of a hero complex, always wanting to save people. Those traits are in line with a young man coming... more>> from a peaceful nation in the modern world but it's somewhat jarring when your used to the usual ultra violent step-on-everyone protagonist template used in most mainstream cultivation novels.

thankfully, despite that timidity (and his white knight syndrome), the MC is likable and while his IQ might not be at genius levels, he has a normal intellect for his age and doesn't act like a child in need of constant rescue and protection. Even in the first 100 chapters there has already been some character growth as the MC learns from his mistakes (i.e. Too trusting) and cultivates to a higher level as he slowly matures. To be honest, I like the ML more for letting the MC make those mistakes and grow up without interfering or trying to coddle him and I hope it doesn't change once they get together.

so far I'm enjoying the story well enough, though I plan to stop here and let the translators catch up. For now I'm rating it a 4 and will give it a final rating after the story is finished. <<less
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priest1drago rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Cheering the translator on to finish the whole 800+ chapters of this epic story!

I read the entire book in MTL so I really appreciate someone picking it up. The story, as others have mentioned, follows the traditional xianxia cultivation route. A brief introduction of the main characters: ... more>>

the MC shou is a single root wooden cultivator and the ML gong is a genius sword cultivator practicing the ruthless way.


The romance is super slow burn, however their relationship progresses from friends to good brothers quite quickly. You can enjoy each of the arcs and their own unique adventures, especially if you already like xianxia novels. <<less
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June 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I like this author so I obviously liked this book.

One of the main reasons that I like this book is that the CP is very well balanced. Both are powerful and their strengths make up for each other's weakness. Because of this, both the ML and MC are relevant throughout the story which is very rare in bl cultivation novels. Just for this reason, I can't dislike this novel.

The second reason is the romance. This book doesn't have fluff or exaggerated gestures of love. Instead, the romance is very subtle... more>> but it is very well done. Unfortunately, it was affected by censorship and the smut scenes, including the wedding night are nowhere to be found.

The third reason is that the novel is long. I like long novels, which have world hopping, secret realms, etc and this one fulfills that like.

Fourth reason, the plot is quite good. I always like an underlying overarching plot and this story has one.

Unfortunately, this novel isn't fully translated (June 2022). I am a veteran of MTL but I still struggled to MTL. I am pretty sure that I missed a lot because of that. In the end, I can only hope that someone will translate for future readers.

In most books, the middle section is usually the draggy section, but my favourite part of this book was the middle (after leaving the small world and before soaring to the immortal realm). For me, the first part was draggy and exaggerated while the last part was a little rushed-as if the author was tired. Either way, the book is worth reading.

All in all, the book is a solid 4/5. <<less
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Kimchichie rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: --
Finally someone pick this novel to translate ahhh!!! I can finally continue readinggg!!! Oh yeah this novel is beautiful like the other novels i've read. There's nothing I can add becausd I'm still reading and I don't want to mtl.
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whateverusername rated it
January 25, 2024
Status: --
I gave this novel like 50 chapters and it is a SLOG! Dead boring. I mean I Have Medicine from the same author also starts slow but this one just doesn't click. Things were fine till they were at the secret realm arc in the initial stages but then things took a nosedive. Personality wise MC has one thing going for him and that he's nice and the ML is an ice block. WHAT ELSE? It is just too bland, like plain white noodles. Noodles can be damn good, but... more>> where are the side dishes? The spices? The flavour?

The problem with this story is that I was reading it but I couldn't immerse myself in the world here. Maybe it gets better later. But if I couldn't have much fun by now then I see no point in subjecting myself to this more. <<less
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Great novel! I love how the story was written. And the story between tue MC and ML. Maybe the cons I can see is that some important supporting characters don't have much scene or background story and how the ending was kind of abrupt to me, would love to have some extras.
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July 16, 2020
Status: c96
Reading this under MTL (and it's a rough translation sadly).

But obviously I like it well enough to keep going.

So what is it about....... this is all in the very first few chapters so not going to bother with spoiler tags on this part..

... more>> Someone dies at age 18 and gets reincarnated into this cultivation world (from a place w/o cultivation we presume since he knows nothing about it)

His father (who was the patriarch of their particular side branch)... dies when he's a baby... and so does his mother... so his uncle becomes patriarch and the MC is basically banished into a 'village'.

But the rules of the main family say that all the kids have to get tested for spirit roots at age 13..... so they send for him and he has to go get tested with the rest. No surprise he's got at least some talent... but they call it weak....

So add in your basic tropes of being thought of as tr*sh for cultivation talent....


We all know he's obviously gotta have super talent right??? DUH!


As to the 'romance'


As of c96 there is no obvious romance... but I'm guessing it's the guy in the ring.....


I'm very hesitant to give it a rating at this point. But I think that it should get translated... the translator of the first chapter put that it was a 'teaser' so I don't know if they plan to continue translating it or not. <<less
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OP_Female_MC rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: c34
I read this far and have no warm feelings for the MC, he is basically a pushover who powers up due to plot armour. Also why make him meek and give him a blood thirsty cultivation art and 'master' this just confuses the who plot, just when you accept that he is a 'nice guy' type.
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September 17, 2023
Status: c66
I have read I Have Medicine, thought I was critical at first I still became a big fan of the story. This one though seems a bit lacking.

It seems like u can't go through a few pages without having the word gentle attributed to the MC. Is it really necessary to keep repeating it like that?
At first I thought he lived a quiet life indifferents to most around him but care greatly for his loved ones. Then he seems to become almost a version of bodhisattva going around saving and befriending everyone. All that but with no real strengt to back it up.

The slow romance is still ongoing, I've only read up till 66 but I didn't mind this aspect. The MC and ML interact already even with the ML few appearances.

But somehow the story elements just keep stacking up one after another like they want the world building but can't dump it fast enought to get to the point of the story they want to write about. Then it's another jumble altogether.

To each their own taste I guess.
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