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[Xianxia, villain, sweet pet, top protagonist, alchemist] Liu Mufeng drowned and accidentally crossed into a novel he was reading.

The original owner was a stepping stone for the heroine, a small character who was mu*dered by the male protagonist and the female lead.

In order to live well, Liu Mufeng can only do everything possible to change his destiny as a stepping stone.

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HellaCe rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c205
I like this kind of story, an adventure with a lot of chapters. Unfortunately few of them avoid their biggest drawback: plot holes. I'm only at a third of the book and apart from few details, the plot is ok, but the characters are a mess.

It's simple, all the people in the book are villains, they're unstable with negative EQ and often dumb which is so tiring.

80% of the characters are villains: I want what you have/I'm jealous/I feel you should be beneath me (so I should kill you) ;... more>> 20% are normal or indifferent: I treat you as you treat me/I don't care about you (of course most of them will act totally out of character or against their interest and become a villain) ; 0, 1% are good people (maybe the author thought there wasn't enough villains, so they can become one). The story goes: Passerby A meets MC and ML, is jealous of them, try to belittle them, fail, try to kill them, Cousin B meets MC and ML, is jealous, demands to be given their treasures, is rejected, go to see Uncle C and Grandfather D to ask them to threaten and bully the treasures out of MC and ML... and so on. They are all envious, arrogant, bellitling, scornful, traitorous, smiling one minute and trying to kill you for s*upid reasons seconds later. Of course, the bad people, who try to rob the MC and ML, and finish dead, all have big and powerfull family members who then try to kill the protagonists, it never ends (well until the whole family and their friends are dead). It's not a happy read, I felt the author had lost faith in humanity.

As of now neither MC's nor ML's characters have been developped. They're the exact same as in the first chapters and as unstable as the other people in the story (for example saying they don't care/have forgotten about Family Member E and killing him for vengeance some chapters later). The only one who the MC trust at 100% is the ML who is unsanely obsessed with him. It's you love me, I love you, you leave me, I kill you then me.

But well, the plot is ok, a pity the rest is not. <<less
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Onixsan rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I apologize for my English, this is not my native language.

This novel can be classified under "The Legendary Master's Wife" and "I Have a Medicine".
Ideally. There weren't enough rated s*x scenes, and so... There is everything you want: slow character development, travel, acquiring a family, raising pets, having a child.
Liu Mufeng moved to the world, which for him is a book about cultivators. Because he remembers the plot (the main character has a perfect memory, he does not forget anything), he knows that he has three years before his character dies in the book, crossing the path of the main character of the book and one of his wives. Therefore, Liu Mufeng begins to change his fate for the better. He begins to practice alchemy, finds the treasure, and makes a contract with his first pet. On the way, he meets the book's "villain" character. He does everything for this "villain" Jiang Xu to pay attention to him and choose him. Jiang Xu as a developing swordsman, as well as a her (third gender, male, but can give birth to a child). When they are married, their main adventures begin.
The story is consistent. The heroes gradually develop, and the villains also develop. They rise to higher continents, find teachers, friends, pets, new enemies. I love how Liu Mufeng and Jiang Xu loyally love each other and are willing to die with each other if given the choice that only one of the company will survive. In places I burst into tears, it was so touching, despite the fact that they had been together for two thousand years.
They will eventually have one son. The enemies will be defeated, and Liu Mufeng will achieve his goal - to become strong in order to protect his family.
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viviheart rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: --300
As of right now 99% of the character are villians and if they not they turn into such by the author for no good reason. I was ok with it until...

... more>>

the author suddenly turned two good brother (Fang) characters into a villian within less than 1 chapter and killed them off. I dont think younger brother that die was evil. Fang Heng died trying to save his brother (Fang Qi) from being killed by ML. I really wish the author didnt turn these two brothers into villians. I feel sorry for the parents and sister of these brother for treating MC & ML like family. Just left a bad taste.

Another one was the ML master's wife. Really why turn her into villian. And then the god father (mc' master) just killed her off without a 2nd thought. At this point I am just waiting for MC and ML masters to turn villian too by the author. Gotten to be so ridiculous. I am surprise the author havent turn their contracted beast into villians yet.

Like one of the reviews said the author " lost faith in humanity". So many unnecessary villians = a messy plot, if there is one. Bc right now, any decent character I met I just assume is gonna be killed by MC or ML so whats the point. So sad the story start off really good.


The beginning of MC and ML was actually pretty cute and sweet.

I might change my rating if I ever finish this novel. <<less
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Goodreadsonly rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c203
I give up on this book it's so frustratingly dumb. I came to the reviews to check if I was the only one who had an issue with the 'villains' and see if this was a trend that would continue. (I'm not and it will, so I'm dropping this.)

The villains are just so dumb. And theres so many of them its ridiculous. You're telling me this couple can't keep a single friend or just friendly relationship? Its like the game of thrones but just for villains becuase they eventually... more>> kill everyone. And I'm supposed to think they're the good guys??

In the begining, MC complains about the original couple and how they're so domineering and every bad thing they do is twisted into something "good". But now thats all the MC and ML are doing.

That and the initial relationship between MC and ML was so sweet but now the ML is so obsessive and toxic. All the negative traits of the ML is continously brought up just to get swept under the rug because he had such a bad childhood so it's okay.

This could have been such a good book because I like the overall plot and the worldbuilding. The characters are so illogical and the personalities just switch so quickly into 'villains' it gave me whiplash. Sure some people could act that way but 99% of every character introduced? Ridiculous

I was going to give this 3 stars but after typing this out, it's a undeserved rating.

2 stars. Read if you're bored but there are better books out there. <<less
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Akih4645 rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Everything seems to be going well, until the author decided to complicate things.

It's very ironic that the characters can live for thousands of years but misunderstandings about "mundane" things still happened.

The emotions are not on point, and even the romance got greasy later on.

... more>>

Meanwhile, I have a lot of bad things to say about the plot, but I won't deny that I enjoyed it at first.

I hate the fact how petty the villains are. I mean, their reasons for turning into a villain is too ridiculous, and a major plot hole itself. <<less
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Fullname rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved the story at the beginning (first 200 + chapters). At the beginning, MC and ML just try to get stronger to survive this world, adding a bit of youthful and sweet feelings. The ML is the original villain so he behaves as such in the beginning (not a yandeer) but MC understands him and make sure his experience is different from previous life to change his villainous thinking (So I give 5/5 for the first 3rd of the story). They get stronger then move from continent to another... more>> over and over again
mid and end of the story has some repetitive parts and can get boring eventually (3/5 for it) :

meet cannon fodder -> cannon fodder wants to steal/kill/kidnap-> MC or ML kill them-> repeat with new cannon fodder

the only reason that kept me moving is the beginning of the story that is so good that I had to give it more chances...

when I saw the huge number of chapters I actually wrote the names of characters with 2 word explanation to be able to recall them in between breaks (i did not read in one shot). I would cross whomever dies to avoid confusion (as the surnames and few times full names are repeated with different characters).


I found myself crossing 75% or more names as the couple would kill most cannon fodders pretty quickly. the ones not killed right away are used to stir the pot and add drama for few more chapters... and get killed eventually so crossing names can go to 90% per continent. I recall even not writing a name to cross because they get killed within 1or2 chapters

they get married and have a kid but the story skips most of the kid childhood and he turn to an adult with a lover pretty quickly


There is also the fact that 90% of female in the story are villain, s*upid or shrew... I mean I understand that this is a bl novel but no need to make all of them into one mold. A lot of bl stories do that but it is done much more in this story


actually 99% of female are villain. There is only 2 non villain female characters in the entire story and only 1 that the author keeps around for long enough to remember

there is 3rd woman from snake clan who was not a true villain who turns sides to help them as she was smart enough but eventually she dies much later in the story


Overall, despite the negative points I mentioned above I truly enjoyed the story and recommend reading at least the first part. I highly suggest you to write character names to not get lost as some come back to the story after 50ch+ <<less
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WaterlilyCC rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Very sweet novel. Everyone should definitely read it. Love it.
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PicturesqueSeeker rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c45
Okay so far, I like it but at the same time, the pace is too slow imo so I get bored easily and now I'm beginning to skim chapters which doesn't really make me miss much.

... more>>

example for chp 44, I got so bored with MC spending a whole chapter wanting to get a spiritual fruit and the trees itself from a bunch of mortals.

I don't mind a righteous MC but describing the whole process is too much for me and my attention span is extremely short (literally 5 minutes) so if I lose my drive, it will be difficult to pick it back up for a while.

I even skimmed the chapter but not much was missed so there you are.


I personally think the pace is far too slow and not much has happened.

Romance -


Now I love a proactive MC chasing after his crush. It pulled me in and I was very much invested in how their romance will play out.

ML is cold at first and I thought he would be a cold beauty but no, he is quite cute and awkward but considering his age (13) currently, it's not surprising.

As for MC's age, he's physically 13 but mentally an adult (forgot the age but I think he's in his mid 20s?) so there is this dubious part but bc of the way the story is written, it makes you completely forget that they are just 13 year old at this current time.

Furthermore, this thing about ages in any cultivation stories shouldn't even be taken into consideration at this point (rolls eyes), it's too much effort at this point when you've read so many.

ML doesn't accept MC's love right now bc he's in love with someone else which is nice, I like how MC has to try.


I thought I would like this, and I did at first but I slowly began to dislike both MC and ML the more I read. The trust they have in each other is sweet tho.


MC literally revealing his spiritual space.


Side characters-

So far very one dimensional and MC's way of handling them by avoiding them is kind of annoying but it also makes sense at the beginning, tho very frustrating.

Plot -

Can't say much about it rn except 45 chapters in and all I've learnt is MC and ML developing their relationship, increasing their cultivation, travelling, making and selling pills and trying to get more money, lingshi.

Overall, 4 stars cuz I haven't read the entire novel. <<less
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whimsandfantasies rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: --
This novel is a bit of a no-brainer and should be taken with a grain of salt. If you are looking for something with the standards of "I have medicine", then you might not really enjoy it. It is a more watered down and childish version of an adventure story. It is better to just enjoy the novel without nitpicking on the loose details. It is indeed enjoyable that way.
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Yakumomo rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Sorry for my english, it's not my native language


  1. Warning for you readers who doesn't like repeatitive plot, don't read this, I don't reccomend this novel for you readers who bores easily. I dont want to spoiler you all so I'm just gonna say that MC and ML have a one track mind and that is to become strong, how do you become strong in cultivation world? You probably know (secret realms, treasure, pills, etc).
  2. This novel actually good to binge read. Like really good, the story is not to heavy (i think its because point 1), and I dunno with you all, but cannon fodders in this story is not just suddenly appearing, this story just have TOO MANY people in it, family, heir, lover, its easy to forget them and maybe that's why it seems like the cannon fooders appear out of the blue.
  3. The concept of this novel is quite unique in my opinion, why? Because to defeat the common stallion novel with harem of beauties, this novel MC have many foster parents, this one I have to say is quite sudden and useless in some chapters. Just read

    like MC is a calculated person, cunning and everything so he only become some random people and couple son to have backer in cultivation world, there's NOT EVEN a shred of family fluff, MC just accept being adopted son, use his adopted parents name like one, two times and that's it

Saying all this, I still enjoyed my time reading this novel, does it worth it? Yea, its quite enjoyable, does it worth to read a second time? No, definitely no, even for me the repeatitive plot quite bores me sometime
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Yakisoba rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: c187
First of all, I would like to thank the translator for translating this. Unfortunately, this one does not worth their time and effort. Now onto the novel rant, there were countless times MC and ML mentioned their hardships every-time their relatives asked for help. But to went as far as to mention it to the strangers and held grudges for not giving a hand. Mr. ML, they did not know you back then, so how would they be able to help you? It’s ridiculous. This incident happened in Ch-186.

... more>>

There was a Master/Disciple romance between ML’s Master (3rd Elder) and his 1st disciple. I get that troupe. But the thing is 3rd elder literally raised the disciple since she was 5yrs old. Ain’t it kinda fall into g*ooming? I don’t know it just feels like that.


Tldr; read this for brainless face slapping and negative IQ characters. <<less
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Kairella rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: c268
This novel is kind of fun if you're looking for something a bit brainless to read with a lot of face-slapping. It really gets repetitive though and it doesn't feel like there's any suspense. Things happen and get wrapped up quickly. Enemies are low IQ, show up, are defeated easily and everything ends up well for our protagonists. Also almost all the women are copy paste petty villains; it gets boring.

I was hoping for some sweet romance but this isn't quite it. Not sure if it's because I don't really... more>> like MC and ML, but it feels greasy like another review said. I always just skip past it because it's not that pleasant to read. In fact I skipped through a lot of stuff and don't think I missed out on anything important. You could probably skip whole chapters and get a good enough idea of what happens just from the titles.

In any case it was fun while it lasted but I can't bear it anymore. Read it if you have some free time I guess. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GianCarpio rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Read in 5 days. I loved it but this deserves 3.5 stars at most.

This kinds of stories are the one I love, like Legendary Master's wife and I Have medicine, you cultivate from the bottom to the top and it is very satisfying for me. 80 percent of people would find this repetitive and get bored of it but it is a joy to read. First time I MTL'ed something yet I still understood pretty much everything. Very fast romance and slow cultivating progress. Quite nice
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BelleLikesToRead rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: c364
The biggest drawback in this novel is the characters. It feels like the author tried too hard to have face slapping scenes and wants almost everyone to be villains; however, the author did too little with putting efforts with his characters. It felt like the villains are all from the same mold. I agree with the other reviewer that the villains/cannon fodders are either jealous/second generations who think too highly of themselves/stealing treasures. He made everyone into a villain/cannon fodders even if they didn't have any foreshadowing nor any potential... more>> to become a villain and just reasoned it out as them being jealous. And even their lines are almost, if not, exactly the same!

The author did good with the adventures though.

I'm dropping this though. I don't find any joy or excitement in reading this because of the lack of distinction in the characters. <<less
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Liyu rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: --
Seems like the author doesn't know who their main audience is : girls and women. This author maligns women so much that it gets annoying. There is NO balanced fleshed out villain character, and even more so if it's a female "villain". There is even at one point, the male protagonist told ML "women are like clothes, you are my brother", the ML was actually moved by that instead of thinking that if he thought this of his own romantic female interest, what would he think of the hermaphrodite ml?... more>> Also, he dared to confess to the male protagonist before his own fiancée and has the gall to try to look innocent. What leaves a bad taste in my mouth is that in real life, we have these trans-"women" and this looks like a fantasy they would have. In real life, they actually bully women like men when it's convenient for them. So, I couldn't enjoy the novel because parts of it were too realistic. <<less
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rainydayromantic rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c199
This story is like potato chips, not the best food to eat and not super filling, but still delicious and addictive in a guilty pleasure kind of way. If you like watching a couple grow from weak to strong with non stop face-slapping of s*upid greedy villains, then this is the novel for you.

One thing I find of note is that there has been ZERO r*pe or s*xual violence in the story thus far, not even for the female villains, which I find absolutely refreshing. The MC decisively kills his... more>> enemies and so far they haven't done any unnecessarily cruel torture or mu*der. I also find it refreshing that his wife, a "dual" (aka an omega/ger) is stronger than him and they have a very loving relationship dynamic, even if they are a bit too obsessed with each other lol. They barely even make any friends. Also I find the insect beast pet part of the story is quite unique among the cultivation novels I've read, so kudos to the author for bringing something new into the story rather than another fluffy tiger/bear/rabbit pet.

The downsides are: it's a bit repetitive, most characters are s*upid villains without any depth, like many BL almost all the women are villains, and not much character development in the main couple, let alone side characters (who don't tend to stick around long anyways).

It's shallow, but it's still an enjoyable read IMO. I still recommend it. <<less
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YoYoSama rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c92
I do not recommend. It's a pretty boring flat read without anxiety but also without interest. MC gong (top) but it doesn't play any role because there are no scenes 18 here and the author failed to make kisses and the like interesting. In fact, there are few moments of interaction/chemistry between them. They eat together, but discuss nothing but cultivation and a similar fate. Apart from cultivation, they don't do anything, and there is nothing from the thief in ML. The most boring and tasteless distribution of slaps, cheat... more>> codes that destroy the interest in watching the heroes. Oh, sure, and everyone will be constantly fascinated by the fact that MC is a walking encyclopedia. He never forgets, so in battle he always knows exactly the weak point of this or that monster. No problem solving, he just knows it. Boring He will never find himself in a really dangerous situation when and since. Boring The romance is pretty fresh, just a sugar factory and that's it. Evil relatives to whom too much text is devoted. Boring There are also "dual" ones, but in fact ML is the only one we see. And finally... the original owner of the body, who was a hard-working, if somewhat naive guy, why not just give him the necessary knowledge of the canon as in "respectable devil wants to know too", instead of giving the body to the transmigrator, which in fact is not which had no effect. So what was the plot necessity for him to transmigrate? <<less
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dd737 rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: c330
Quite entertaining for passing time. Although as I go further, I am quite bored because there were too much brain-dead cannon fodders. But, if you like face-slapping and also revengeful protagonists, this one definitely will satisfy you.
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AriaSoul16 rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
The relationship between the MC and ML is very deep and moving. Unlike other cultivation novels, this one has a more pure and passionate love, is family oriented and it is not only about repeatedly getting stronger, revenge and defeating enemies. I like that the MC chose

to become the master of the plane instead of ascending and leaving his family behind.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hancock23 rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I really love this novel, especially because of the romance between the MC and ML. The cultivation is also very interesting and even when the CP has to cultivate in seclusion for long periods of time, it doesn't make you feel sad because the author doesn't let you suffer through it. It's a good book and I am really glad that someone is translating it.
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