The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration


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Xiao Jingting, a postgraduate agriculture student transmigrates to family outcast in the wild mainland. Xiao Jingting, who has been single for more than 20 years, is excited to find that he has a handsome male wife, but his wife sleeps in another room, and his two sons treat him like a monster. Xiao Jingting was somewhat frustrated to find that his predecessor was a scum who was only good at eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling and even beat his wife and children.

Now, how could he reverse his image?

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The Master of Spirit Plants
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P2wo rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I like this novel so damn much that I wish it had 300 or so more chapters. I slept around 4-5 hours a night the whole time because I couldn't stop reading it. Yeah, it's that good.

This story is not a love story, more like a family story that spans over hundreds of years. There is no BL cliche whatsoever.


MC, Xiao Jingting, transmigrates into a xianxia world onto a body of a big scum of a guy who is into whoring, drinking, drugs and gambling, and beats his ger... more>> husband (ML) and his two children all the time. His parents are missing. His relationship with his relatives is bad and his husband and children hate him. Now he has to change everything.


    • The MC is a family man. Any new addition to his family will automatically get benefitted by the golden finger of MC. He is a very likable character. I don't even think he has any flaw. He is not a typical 'top' guy so his character is quite fresh.
    • ML is also a rare strong 'bottom'. He is very resourceful and good at gathering intelligence. He is very smart and diligent. The relationship between the main characters is so harmonious that it's worth envying.
    • The side characters are mainly the sons of the main couple and their partners. All of them have distinct and lovable personalities. My personal favorite character is MC's third son's partner. He was introduced late in the story but he easily became the highlight of the story (at least for me).
    • The other characters include the relatives, rivals and friends of MC, ML and their sons.

    • MC has a magic space but it comes at a price. Thus, although the magic space is a golden finger, it is not easy for MC to freely use it. This 'price' really adds a good layer to the story.
    • Apart from the magic space, the story has farming, traveling, magic beasts, magic pill making, tools refining, business, secret realms, upper and lower realms, spirit stones and other aspects of xianxia novels and all of them are explored in the story nicely.
    • The ML and the eldest son realise that their family head (MC) has suddenly changed into a different person quite early in the story. So this explains why they easily turn their hatred towards the original owner of MC's body into reverie towards the MC. The transition is not awkward.
    • This story is basically a family story. I personally love stories focused on families rather than the main couple. This has made the novel wholesome.
    • The plot itself is enjoyable. It is funny, full of adventure and heart-warming. The MC initially hides his strength in order to not implicate his family. He decides to be a strong person so that no one would dare to bully his family members. But as the story progresses, he slowly starts to show his strength and later becomes such an existence that his name alone can shake people.
    • There are many time skips that I found actually interesting. There was one time when the MC's family spent around 100 years just for traveling from one place to another, it felt quite hilarious.

The writing style is definitely not top-notch. There is no originality whatsoever. It's just another 'mass production' writing style. There is no vivid description of characters and things. Characters are just described as ugly or good-looking, fair or dark and so on. The surrounding is usually not described. For example, the arrangement of the rooms, magic space or garden is not described. Many mechanisms are not described. For example, how the cultivation works, how the spring water takes effect, how the pills are made, etc. I remember these being so lucidly described in the book 'The Legendary Master's Wife', so in comparison, the writing of 'The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration' really is not upto standard.


Nevertheless, the story has such an undeniable charm that kept me hooked to it. I actually read this a month ago and have already read several books after that but I can't help but remember how great this book was. It always comes to my mind all the time. Well, it's worth reading.


The Legendary Master's Wife: TLMW is couple-focused rather than family focused and the couple is made up of 'typical' top and bottom characters. Other than that, various elements of both the stories are same. Also, both stories are plot-heavy.

Banished to Another World: BTAW is actually set in stone age with cultivation so there are some heavy elements included like s*avery, r*pe and so on. But since the setting is stone age, these elements only add a good layer to the story because MC transmigrates to the stone age era to correct all these social evils. BTAW is also family focused and plot heavy and elements like medicine, magic space, etc. Are common in both novels.

The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse: Both novels are wholesome and give similar kind of feeling. TROCOPFTA is a friends-focused slice-of-life novel focusing on a post-apocalypse time. MC is not transmigrated but reborn. There is no magical space but there are abilities. There is no magical beast but there are mutated animals with abilities.

P.S. Sorry for any grammatical errors and typos. <<less
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Amatullah rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Time skips. Be ready for alot of time skips, from a couple of months, to afew years, to 30 or so years, and even a 100 years. The story spans about 500-600 years in total, it basically follows the MC (who is the seme), Xiao Jingting, as he transmigrates from mordern earth, to a cultivation world. Its different from other cultivation novels in that its not a novel about chracters cultivating, but rather about character going through cultivation. It might be a little boring and repitive for most, but I... more>> quite liked it. Its also refreshing because the MC is almost always accompanied by his family

his male wife, thier 3 sons, thier spouses, and thier children, his second elder brother and their family; although the second brother's family are ignored after he ascends to a higher plane


The good

  • The MC isnt the typical cold blooded character you see in most cultivation novels.
  • There wasnt any misunderstanding or secrets between the MC and his wife, the wife finds out about the transmigration and his space.
  • Theres was an interesting cultivation system in the first part of the book
  • Its pretty chill. The MC never really loses, he just runs away alot.
  • The relationship between the MC and his husband is pretty lowkey but they had thier strong moments. They supported each other alot

The bad

  • As I said, the characters were going through a cultivation world, so most things about cultivation were just summarised
  • The author totally and completely dumped the magic system that was developed in the first part of the book
  • For a world so large, information desseminates too quickly, its too unbelievable.
  • Two of the MCs grandchildren were completely ignored and forgotten after they were born.

All in all, it was a good, mellow read, I enjoyed the ending too. <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: 300+
Honestly, the first 75 to 100 chapters were good. From then on it starts to go down hill.

There was a great family dynamic at first but then the writer focuses only on the 2nd son to the point it's like the eldest kid dropped off the map. The initial silly attitude of the 2ns child quickly turns into an annoyance. Though it seems the writer realised this and slowly integrated the rest of the family back into the plot.

The development of the side characters quickly becomes an oversight later on.... more>> It is hardly touched at all and very brief. And the writers skips a lot of details in the world building. For example, how does cultivation work? How does pill refining work? What are the different abilities? How do you gain techniques? A lot of these things just pop up and we, the readers, have to accept it and move on. In fact, the initial elemental abilities seems to become redundant as spirit roots take the main stage.

Later the plot gets lazy and just says this and that happened.

After they move to the bigger continent, the story has its ups and downs. It picks up and stagnates.


on e thing that itched me the wrong way was the romance plot the writer decided to build for the still silly SIX YEAR OLD second son. I know the MC's original soul had a child by 13 or 14 but couldn't the writer wait till the kid was at least ten before they started hinting at these crushes?


Past 200 chapters, the story is difficult to read. At this point, the main characters are no longer the main characters of the story! They sit on the sideline instead and the plot moves on to focus on a completely unexpected small side characters while the main characters provide comedic relief.

Past 300, it's just rinse and repeat. Nothing interesting anymore. Oh maybe you might like to read about the kids now. <<less
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Siya rated it
July 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTLed this story and its easy to understand. And I personally loved this story. And the ending is quiet satisfying.

The romantic love moments between the MC and ML is very average I wish if it had more it would be quiet wonderful.

Overall its a good story which tells us about who the MC rises his position from the bottom to the pinacle of cultivation
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lazykitty_99 rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Well I enjoy farming and family novels so for me this was an enjoyable read.

This novel doesn't have a "wow" factor but it is still good on many aspects.

MC is one of my favorite characters in this novel. He is not a cliche one, cold, arrogant, son of heaven, indifferent.

MC is more of a normal human being. Rather than fighting to death he would run away (yes, running away like many times) and come back when stronger. He isn't keen of revenge too. He is just a cheeky guy who... more>> tries his best to advance and keep his family safe.

ML knew about MC not being original from very start and it's funny how ML knew. Basically MC was a novice so ML knew after their "first" time as ori MC was an experienced one.

Even MC eldest son too knew his Dad changed.

I like how MC "golden finger" isn't heaven defying. It needs money in the form of "spirit stones". Yup a bottomless pit. MC need to earn later rob (3rd son in law versed in robbing) many spirit stones to have his golden finger work.

His whole family knew in later stages about his jade space (sons & their husbands) which I rarely see in novels.

Another good thing, kids aren't just props for plot rather most of the time MC is accompanied with his family. Most of the time with 3rd son and his husband (in immortal world) , then first son. Least is given to 2nd son's husband and 2nd son in his adult years.

After MC. Most likeable or funny character is 3rd son's husband, long jingtian that guy carried the last part of novel. <<less
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Akih4645 rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: Completed
This is my personal opinion, but I'm pretty sure many of you will agree with me;

The ML is actually the best character in the earlier chapters, but the author gave him too little screentime and did not give him enough potential.

Further more, the romance is indeed too abrupt, or should I say, there's no romance between the main couple at all...

... more>> Although the MC is always present in the earlier chapters, his existence is actually overshadowed by his sons and other side characters.

And the most pitiful character is probably the ML... because, his existence is very very vague that you'll only see him a couple of time in the later chapters. Even the beast pet of his son have more existence than him.

I'd say, this novel is a bit similar to [Love The Villain] but it is far worse than LTV.

The MC in [Love The Villain] is also a seme, he is also an alchemist with plenty of methods to deal with his enemies, he also take cultivation seriously, but he didn't forget to dote on his lover.

Meanwhile, the MC of this novel is just too... cold? I won't say cold because he's actions are actually pretty normal. But he is indeed a bit lacking when it comes to the "lovable seme aspect"

And most of all, The MC is also a pushover. In the earlier chapters, I can actually understand his actions, but in the later chapters, he doesn't seem like a main character anymore.

After he ascended to immortal world, his screentime is greatly reduced. To the point where you'll only see them as background characters or what they call "light bulbs."

In many mpreg novels, I actually love it when the MC and ML got their own child. But not in this novel!

In [Love the Villain], their son is actually independent.

He only relied on the bracelet space to cultivate but he wouldn't ask his parents to wipe his ass all the time. But the MC's children are just too pathetic in this novel.

They rely on him too much and they also grabbed too much screen time. Showing them for about 1-2 chapters is okay, but showing them off for about 10 chapters or more is just too much!!! I also forgot who the ML is after reading those unnecessary chapters!

I'll give it 2 stars because the MC is loyal to ML. The romance totally disappointed me though. <<less
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Shimatta rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: Completed
There are some interesting things about this book:

  1. Strong familial bond: As long as MC thinks of someone as his family, he treats them extremely well. For example, MC's third son-in-law is a famous troublemaker. Instead of asking him not to make trouble, the whole family plans to run away as soon as he achieves whatever he wanted from the trouble.
  2. MC doesn't act like he's some big shot. He always acts according to the situation. If he's working under someone, he will never act domineering. He will always fulfill the job-related demands. If he becomes a big shot in a place, he will act like that instantly.
  3. Different places have different world building and values for the most part.
This novel holds a special place in my heart, and I have a deep... more>> affection for it. However, it is not without its shortcomings:

  1. The ML remains a secondary character throughout the story, serving as a constant support to the MC. While he's introduced as an intelligent and brave character, working to bones to support his kids, after the MC appears, he becomes meek and well-behaved, totally submissive to the MC. Everything ML does seems solely for MC's benefit, making him appear more like an extension of MC rather than an individual with his own personality and ambitions.
  2. The story introduces numerous characters, but the author seems to forget some of them from time to time. Some characters who are supposed to be important are not even introduced. For instance, the children of MC's first and second son remain unexplored.
  3. Some characters are given excessive screen time, particularly MC's third son-in-law, who is introduced late in the story but receives nearly as much attention as MC. This appears to be due to the author's love for his unique status as a dragon and phoenix hybrid.
  4. The writing quality is subpar, often simplistic and resembling the work of a primary schooler. Characters frequently nod, and chapter endings, especially in the first half of the book, lack engaging cliffhangers. They often conclude in the middle of a scenario or conversation.
  5. The author includes odd and unbelievable details, such as MC having a magical space on Earth, where the only thing stored is plant seeds, which feels illogical. And he doesn't even use them.
  6. Several significant events are mentioned in passing, leaving readers wanting more information. For example, the birth of MC's first grandchildren and the second ger son's pregnancy are briefly mentioned without proper development. The following is the exact paragraph we know about this incident, and then it's never mentioned again. The family travels everywhere, but MC, ML, as well as their children, never talk about the grandkids. How can you not worry about your grandkids when you are leaving them for centuries???

    Xiao Xiaodong (first son) walked through the eerie little village, his brows tightly furrowed. After the appearance of miasma-related deaths within Azure Cloud Immortal Sect's territory, Xiao Xiaofan had been assigned to investigate the matter. Due to Xiao Xiaofan (second ger son) being pregnant, Xiao Xiaodong took up the task. Chen Xu (first son-in-law), feeling uneasy, entrusted their son, Xiao Ziyu, to Xiao Xiaofan's care and followed Xiao Xiaodong.

  7. The story lacks thorough explanations, for example, regarding the cultivation system. While it's mentioned that MC and other plant cultivators can accelerate growth, the process remains unexplained. Visual effects or more descriptive details could add a sense of wonder to the narrative, but these are missing.
  8. Specific details about the physical appearances of important characters are often missing.
  9. A significant portion of the book consists of repetitive conversations, especially in the first half of the book. While conversations are funny in the second half, the first half is dominated by repetitive gossip and criticism of MC and his loved ones, creating a monotonous cycle of discussions with different characters but the same content.

    And it goes like this. MC does a thing. MC's enemies talk about it. Then, MC's irritating eldest brother's family talks about it. Then, MC's past crush talks about it. MC's second brother's past fiancee talks about it. MC's aunt and cousin talk about it. Then, MC does another thing. And the cycle continues. The same conversation, literally the same conversation, is repeated several times. The only thing that's different between these conversations are the two people talking.

  10. In summary, the author has good ideas but falters significantly in their execution.
The novel has even more weaknesses, but it's still an average book, a good read to pass time. You shouldn't expect great things, but you can still expect some fluff, adventure, family bonds, funny conversations, and cute characters. <<less
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dday0425 rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The fact that I can finished 397 chapters in a breeze means this novel is not bad at all.

Overall, I have an enjoyable read. This novel is a cultivation novel, which the focus is more on the cultivation and survival of the main character and his family than the romance between the main couple. I don't hate it. It's nice to read a work where the protagonists ain't always in two person's world sometimes. Although the MC was practically cheating through the cultivation world with his spiritual space, his progress... more>> didn't seem too rush. The MC himself also wasn't unreasonable nor problematic. I'm pretty convinced with most of his deeds and actions. The author has done a good job in escalating things and pacing the characters's growth.

The story can be roughly divided into 3 parts; each taken place in wild continent, spirit continent and immortal world. The whole story has nothing to do with the MC being a postgraduate agriculture student at all except for one grafting that he has done "once" in the second continent. Personally, I think the story of the first two worlds are quite fun to read. Although there are sections after the first 100 chapters where I find to be boring and repetitive, after that part past, it's all fine. The only thing I want to complain is that the MC was extremely bias towards the second son. I feel bad for the eldest son who was forced to be sensible early because of his (real) father's ab*se and frugal living conditions. He's only a year older but have to bear a lot of responsibility, yet his two fathers only complimented his troublemaker but lucky little brother. My heart ached when the eldest son fell into an illusion where he had the most desirable dream.

In the dream, his father said that he loved him the most. He said that among the three brothers, the most productive person was him, and the most capable person was him.

meanwhile, Xu Muan, the wife, is very capable and supportive. It's unfortunate that he has faded a lot into the background in the later parts, which is a real pity for such a strong character. I'd rather see him fight alongside the MC instead of his dragon son-in-law.

The third continent is a bit of a mess though. There's nothing much besides bickering, robbing, killing, advancing and gaining fame. Everything became repetitive in this continent. The dragon clan, in a whole, are too damn annoying, especially Long Jingtian. Most of their dialogues are so nonsense that I speculated the author just wanted to fill up the word count. This is where I deduct my actual rating from 4.5 to 4.2 stars. Luckily, this part isn't particularly long and there are still some sections that can be considered redeemable.

I'll rate it 5⭐ though, since the current rating is too unfair and disappointing. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: c95
From the summary, what I expected to find is just a simple story of transmigrated MC gong that needed to repair his relationship with his husband and children, and making money to live while face slapping both families and his enemies.

But what I get later on is full blown cultivation theme, a xinxia novel basically but it started just like normal farming husbandry. And then it'll go to another level of cultivation, sect, and immortality theme.

This is not what I want to read. So this one is not for me.
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MissJo47 rated it
November 13, 2022
Status: c1
A short and Mpreg version of Legendary Masters Wife. I enjoyed reading this specially the The Dragon Clan part, I laughed hard reading about the bickering of Long Jingtian and his mother and father.. I just wish that there are more sweet moments of Xiao Jiangting and Xu Muan grandchildren.. A must read nevertheless
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August 7, 2022
Status: c1
Overall this story has a good plot, although the theme at the beginning of the story seems a bit changed too suddenly, it's all still acceptable.

... more>>

At first this story was described with the theme of Agriculture, Business, and light cultivation, but as the story progresses, it turns into the theme of pursuing cultivation to become immortal.


The weakness of the story itself may lie in the author's slightly ambiguous pov description??? This can be seen from the author's depiction who sometimes shifts the pov in the story from the MC to other characters.

Honestly it's really make the story become messed up, because this made the position of the MC (Main Character's) itself unclear.

Meanwhile, for some characters who suddenly disappear... to be honest, this is a natural thing considering that this is a cultivating novel where everyone's age is different, depending on the abilities of each character.

Maybe if there's a character hole, it's in the MC's grandkids which doesn't have a clear ending??? like they are only briefly depicted and then just disappear which doesn't really make sense considering the MC's family has a really great feelings for each other.

So it doesn't make sense for MC and his children to forget their own lineage. <<less
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May 13, 2022
Status: 345/397

There are many good things about this novel, but there are also a lot of bad things. When I think of my experience of reading this novel, I remember the bad before the good.

First, most xianxia authors don't develop the MC's partner. In most cases, the partner is kidnapped or killed very early in the book only to reappear at the end. I have always hated this troupe, but after reading this book, I realised that things could be much worse. The author chose to make the MC's wife... more>> a kind of hanger-on shadow-he is always next to the MC but he does nothing most of the time. Once in a while, he will smile or breakthrough, but he does nothing significant. This was especially true in the middle part of the book. The worst part of this is that Xu Muan-MC's wife, is my favourite character since the beginning. At first, he was smart, strong, and driven, but all he became was the MC's support. I can't emphasise how much I hate the author for treating Xu Muan like this. It is a complete waste.

Second, Long Jingtian. This guy was likeable at first, but his character became too annoying. He is already past 500 but he acts like a child. He is married to the third son, but he doesn't restrain himself. Xiao Xiaojin has to keep making excuses for him because this guy is rude and speaks whatever is on his mind. He has no respect for anybody and I honestly think that it is too tiring to be married to a person like him.

Third, in the middle part of the book, the author seemed to forget that the MC had three sons instead of two. The third son was completely ignored, and when he reappeared, there was no explanation of where he had been and what he was doing.

Fourth, in the latter part of the book, the novel is mostly driven by Long Jingtian and Xiao Xiaojin. The MC and ML became secondary and I can't say that I liked that especially because Long Jingtian is too annoying.

Fifth, the romance. The beginning was good and promising. The middle part was terrible. For a long time, I wondered whether the MC and ML love each other or were just settling for each other because they were already married and had children. Don't get me wrong, the two have always gotten along and there are no third parties in the mix. However, romance is practically nonexistent. The latter part of the book is better for romance, but it is only better compared to the middle part.

All in all, I can't finish this book and I don't think that I will ever reread it. <<less
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Dooka rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Massively disappointing after the great start. Same complaints as others, great beginning, boring middle, atrocious end.

My biggest gripe is that the wonderful Xu Muan is ignored after the third kid comes along. Almost like "welp, you've served your purpose and popped out a kid, you can fade into the bg now". Muan used to go hunting and was really kickarse but by the 100th chapter you rarely even see him. Ruined the best character.

The second biggest issue is that the annoying Xaoifan is such a huge focus, he's slightly cute... more>> when alongside Xaoidong, but irritates me up the wall most of the time. Every time he does something wrong, he just gets rewarded with food, and then sometimes he screws up and it turns out really well and he just gets luckier and luckier. He should grow up to be more arrogant and spoiled than Quingyan was originally.

There are a million other issues with the s*upid novel, but if these 2 don't turn you off, you'll figure it out yourself. <<less
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anotherworld20 rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel accompanies me through many things.

I can stop reading it, to do other things and then continue it, without feeling rushed to finish it.

This novel is the right choice for those of you who want to find a relaxing reading.

... more>> I'm glad I chose this novel...

a long and surprising journey from start to finish where I can be satisfied with the end.

I love the ending, which makes me smile and happy...

I feel like everything is worth it... from start to the end.

For character I love Xiao Xiao Fan, unfortunately he doesn't appear as much as I want to and I love all the baby... they are so cute...

if I could ask for more love scene between ML and MC.. that would be perfect...

Just try it... <<less
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janinazation rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I like it. Not too much blood-dog drama, but still has the face-slapping scenes. Time-skip and pacing is very much acceptable. I love the main and supporting characters’ bickering.??
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Goodreadsonly rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: Completed
A fun read. There's a lot of funny moments and slice of life/domestic parts too.

It does skip over events randomly sometimes and that did through me off the first time it happened. There is a few characters that are part of the family and you never hear from again lol.

I liked the writing style and it never got too caught up in small details. It moves from plot point to plot point consistently, which is nice since some authors will drag out stories out to hit a word count.
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trash_generalist rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: Completed
First things first, the quality of this novel is definitely not the best. The TL is okay, but the writing itself is very simple, like... super basic with lots of repetitive phrases (if you did a drinking game for every “—— was speechless” or “—— was at a lost for words” you would have probably died of liver failure... DX). The pacing is super fast too, and the characters not very in depth. Altogether, definitely a rough work. BUT! Well—- the main premise of the move is the MC making... more>> money, spending money to get stronger, making even more money to get stronger, and so on and so forth. The setting is a fantasy cultivation one — starting off with a relatively backwards place and then transitioning to richer areas over time.

I’m the kind of reader that likes poor-to-rich and weak-to-strong stories~ I find it very satisfying. So, I was able to read this novel without getting bored or too turned off by the overall quality. If you’re the same, I highly recommend that you give it a shot as well! Otherwise, it’s probably best to stay away lolol.

RATING: 2.81

Too lazy to write a full review, but based on my usual criteria, it’s not the best but not all that bad either. Because I like the poor-to-rich/weak-to-strong aspect, I have better feelings for it and read it purely for enjoyment! As for how the rating was decided:

  • Characters: [5/10] As mentioned, the characters of this novel are rather simple. The fast pacing and the large world doesn’t really allow complex character development. So all the characters are very one-dimensional.
  • Romance: [3/10] The romance in this novel is pretty cheap. The Shou!ML is more of an accessory... he doesn’t do much outside of following the MC around T.T Meanwhile, the MC pretty much just accepts the fact that he was married and decides to go for it even though there were no real romantic developments. So yeah, not a very sweet story at all!
  • Setting: [7.5/10] The setting was pretty good, not the best cause the fast-pacing doesn’t really allow for much detail, but the wide cultivation world was still quite interesting to explore.
  • Plot: [7/10] Outside of the poor-to-rich/weak-to-strong development, there was also a lot of family drama. The romance of the two main characters may not have been outstanding, but the author still spent some time establishing family dynamics, with each character having an opportunity to grow a little.
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Akri rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a BL versión of The ladys sickly husband on steroids.

Transmigration from the future, humble start, farming, business, getting rich, getting popular, travel to bigger city, finding rich strong backup and start all over again... a few times...

It's about the life of ML (pretty self aware individual) and his family, not much romance but still pretty sweet, they have some dificulties but they don't last long and they end up better than before.

I'm only trobuled bout the cicle of weak-to-super-boss, it's too predictable at this poin (ch300-ish), which is still... more>> fine because it's almost the end of the book, so... ok

there is a Lot of time skip and MC is almost almost always there but doesnt Say/Do much but when he does it always on point, the "Kids" are pretty good, I mean, I hate when there are children in the main narrative but I just loved the oldest and third child, ML knows his capabilities and doesnt over do it which gives some "realism".


MC and ML fell in love when? I don't know... Because the afrodisiac? Did they just stay together because they were married or do they really liked each other at the begining?? I mean I just needed that tiny scene where they fall in love, I mean, they seem in love but like an arrenged marriage of 500 years, like MC seems resignated to his destiny and ML is an old virg*n thats married so he doesnt trouble himself looking for true love

*End of the rant*


It's pretty good so far, so much I started reading mtl, i'll edit when i've finished it

Edit: that rant was solved at the end of the book 🤡 <<less
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Blaex rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: Completed
This story really suit my taste. Love it. It took four day of my beauty sleeps. Lol. Although I think this story has many loops hole but just ignore it and only understand the interesting part. Dont question the abnormal part.
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Novelstalker rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm giving it 4⭐ because eventho I was disappointed at some points, I was still entertained and got hooked.

I MTLed almost the later half of the chapters so I can't for sure say the I accurately understand everything.

First of all.. I chose to read this novel because I thought it would be a relaxing farming type of novel but NO.. It is not. Well who wouldn't think so too. The title has 'plant master' then the MC is a agriculture student so that's why I assume it's a farming novel.

Well... more>> I kinda got hooked with the story so I had to finish it. 🤷 Anyway, as I've said the farming is only at early chapters then afterwards it's all about cultivation and alchemy.

Then there are lots of time skip from 20 years to 100 years from seclusion, trapped and secret realms.

I like that the MC is not OP at all, I mean he isn't killing his enemies left and right. MC is thriving along with his family to success.

I also like that there are parts or arcs for his every son. There's a part where the main concern is with his second son, then there's for his eldest and of course the youngest.

Face slapping is kinda mild, I say. It's not like other dog blood novels that every enemies were killed. Though there are some who died but mostly the face slap are the MC's success.

The ending is mildly sweet.. No extra chapters which is somehow a let down cause I wanted to know what's what with the other characters.

What else.. I guess that is it. 🤔 Should I give a 3⭐ instead? Well it is what is. Too lazy to edit the star rating. 😂 <<less
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