Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’


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Ling Jingxuan—a secret international doctor and assassin, capable of saving lives with one hand and taking them with the other, his name inspiring awe and terror in both society and the underworld. Then he transmigrated, only possessing four bare walls for a home as well as an added free bonus of two stir fried little buns. Ling Jingxuan could only be speechless: Could this life of his be any more unfortunate?

Yan Chengrui—the only prince of the Qing dynasty with the title of General. Thanks to a single accident on a mission, a perfectly fine man was transformed into a dutiful slave to his wife. The entire imperial family was disappointed. But what slavish husband becomes that way in a single day? This poisonous consort was peerless in both medicine and poison, so who dared to throw their life away trying to straighten him out?

“What? 30 Wen? That price is so expensive it’s practically robbery!”

One day, Ling Jingxuan took the two little buns to the market to buy living necessities. After hearing the price, the faces of these five year old little buns were so stifled as to turn red, their stir fried little hands desperately clutching the broken coin purses. Ling Jingxuan suddenly wanted to cry but had no tears: my sons, how else can I support you except by spending this earned money?

At the very end, despite clearly carrying two liang of silver, whatever they bought was only the lowest quality lowest price goods. Seeing the smiles of satisfaction on the little fried buns, Ling Jingxuan secretly vowed: There will come a day where he raises them into super meat buns, true rich kids without a care in the world!

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Lolkika rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: c400


Great novel. Focused too much on the children!

I only read it until the second half of the story.

What I like from this novel is that the MC is strong.

Doesn't rely on the ML, He's a bit... Well... He's black belly, and strongly opinionated.

... more>>

As for the ML, he's the father of the buns. Who rapped the original owner, although it was because the ML was drugged. But he still had to work hard to gain the trust of the MC.

The MC doesn't appear much in the first forty or fifty chapters, well he's bedridden, and lost his memories. (it's cute that he thought he and the original owner was a couple and wanted to get back together. Well the MC is... black belly, it took him a while to accept the ML.)


We have great 3 dimensional supporting characters. and the characters are realistic, a bit like the big landlord without the military aspect

Cute pets, farming, etc...

It's long but worth it. <<less
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August 14, 2019
Status: --
Seeing as this has hardly any chapters out (aka not enough to read to judge) I wont be rating it yet. I will say, however, so far it seems to be my lovely cup of tea (anything with mpreg and/or childcare usually is) so I'll probably be giving it a high rating later. I've done the favor of adding more tags so more people with my taste can find this potential gem easier, not to mention AlieAHey asked for more tags so that they shall receive. I'll add EVEN more... more>> when we have some more chapters to go through.

Now any one looking for a "nurturing" and or "family" feeling like novels like this that can help fill the time in between these chapters, I can suggest: "Lessons on Raising a Partner" and "Never Marry a Man with Twin Tintins" (yes titans is misspelled in title) to you. The fist one has no actual childcare or Mpreg but its very family feeling. The second suggestion is also family feeling but it actually has Mpreg as well. Hope these help to pass the torturous time in between updates on this one.

P.S. Although I've seen worse wait times, 1-2 updates a month is still not that many chapters to read so I'd hold off until they have more chapters before you start this. Granted the translator could start pumping out more chapters a month later on but I rarely see this happen. When they start out slow like this they usually stay slow in updates or even release slower. It sad how MOST of the really good stories update slowly but on the flip side they seem to be translated rather well. Again, I'd wait to read until more chapters are released, don't torture yourself -cough- like me -cough-... <<less
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AlieAHey rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: c1
Although it's just starting, I feel like the story is pretty good so far. The two fried buns are really cute.

... more>>

They both seem to be smart for their age, the older twin acts more responsible, while the younger twin is a bit more naive. I think they will grow up to be quite capable super meat buns.



The MC, in my opinion, is a bit different from the usual 'strong people in their past life and died on a mission'. He, instead, died from helping other people escape. Even though he's said to be vicious and stuff, he died from a moment of softheartedness for a man who liked him and wanted him to follow them. I like it how in the summary, his introductory paragraph said he's all hard-faced and scary, but after that, he's bargaining for food with his two buns while planning to turn them into rich 2nd generation young masters.



I don't know much about the original owner of the body, but from what the buns were saying, he seems retarded or mentally lacking.


In my opinion, I feel that the tags should be more specific, as it doesn't really say much. Overall, I think it's a great start. <<less
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agathe rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: c40
Because being a godly doctor is not enough, the MC is also a godly assassin, and then I does more than dabbling in agriculture, not to forget how could he conquer the world without being wickedly good at making money : selling future stuff and hackinginto medieval businesses... yes plural

oh ! Didi forget : it’s a transmigrator ! Because he was not OP enough, he also has a gold finger

despite all of that, we don’t know why the writer insists on describing him as pretty selfish and self serving, hopefully... more>> the secondary characters are rather nice, but nothing can alleviate the fact that so much Extreme for the MC depiction, is kind of nauseating

if that’s not op enough for you, a voice from the future (incredibly tiresome thing) will regularly remind you that your are in presence of the mighty and the halo of a godly prsence qill also be high so the kids are also to become the most famous or youngest this and that, and the sidekicks will also be forerver thankfull to the blessed MC... and if it wasn’t enough they shall to eule over the world !! ... because - of course- in case you didn’t guess (or read the summary) - the scum lover - happened to be... tada ! The soon to be emperor ?
Now don’t be be too disappointed, there’s really no god in that universe (i think ?)

well, that’s boring enough for me

you have other transmigration into peaseant with babies and business gods, this one is simply too long and too much...

i stopped it when then »omen voice » mentioned something like « a price to pay to regret for a lifetime... « because what made me endure was the cute and kind surroundings, so didn’t feel like losing a brother or a mother, and I don’t want to cry on a not so great story...

if it hadn’t been for that, I guess I could have enjoyed a bit longer, at least until the op would strike to hard... or one of these megalomaniac voices made another bogus comment on what to expect next : seriously I never knew these could also be used to ruin a story too !! <<less
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January 25, 2020
Status: --
I'm not going to rate this yet because I haven't read it but god is the summary bad and it makes me not want to give this a shot at all... Like seriously? It's incomprehensible. It says a lot without saying anything...

I hope the story is better than this and if it is, whoever it is that writes (or translates) these summaries, you're doing this story a huge disservice.
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