Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’


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Ling Jingxuan, a once world-renowned doctor and killer, who saved lives with one hand and killed with the other, was feared by both the government and the underworld gangs solely by his name. During an accident, he had transmigrated to become a man who had nothing but the bare walls in his house and two children who looked like ‘buns’. ‘Why does life always go through such ups and downs? Could this life be more miserable?’, thought him while holding his forehead helplessly.

Yan Shengrui, the only prince with a general title in the Qing Dynasty, suddenly changed his sexual orientation in an accident when carrying on a mission. A tough man turned into a wife-con. The royal clansmen all felt much regretful. But no one dared to straighten him, since his concubine was an expert both in medical skills and poison.

“What? Thirty copper coins? Why don’t you just go robbing?”

One day, Ling Jingxuan took the two ‘buns’ to the market for necessities purchase. Hearing the price, the five-year-old little bun blushed instantly with his small hands dragging the worn-out money bag. Ling Jingxuan felt too deep for tears. ‘Son, we earn money to spend! Don’t tell me you wanna save the money for your offspring.’

The last of the last, they bought the cheapest goods with the worst quality among all the selection with the two taels of silver Ling Jingxuan had earned. Looking at the two little buns’ filled with laughter, Ling Jingxuan vowed secretly that one day he would raise them into super stuffed meat buns, and the dandy rich second generation!

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25 Reviews

New anotherworld
Jul 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel consists of 3 volumes and 31 extras.

I finished this in 3 months because there is so many things I had to do, and thank you to this book for successfully managed to accompany me through it all.

... more>>

First Novel
it was really sad for me at the beginning, where the children are very thin and the father has gone crazy, I personally feel like life is very unfair to the original Ling Jing Xuan, I thought there would be a explanation of what would happen to him, gave him a little bit of closure.... but it didn't.

in the first volume there is very unpredictable, really surprised me... that not only Ling Jing Xuan but also Chu Chi is transmigrated. I didn't expect the story to be like this, made me more curious... when at first I just casually read it.

The author likes to write a spoilers about what will happen next in the future managed to make me curious all the way.

There is a lot of evil female characters, and they punished them very cruelly.
sometimes I think the punishmen is to much.

in the first book it is more about building the family from zero, and everything slowly became a better.

their love story is very strong... they are a couple who support each other but don't expect to much love from it because this novel more focus on family

The first novel ends with the family leaving the village and heading to capital.

Second Novel

the second book tells about how they adapt to a royal life.
How they killed them all who got in the way.

You will begin to understand the background story of several characters such as Yan Sheng Rui, Chu Yun Han and many new characters are introduced that are quite interesting.

There is more about the battle for the throne, and it finally become clear why Chu Yun Han was punished for seeing Yan Xiao Ming's death ih his past life.

The end of the second book successfully brought tears to my eyes.

Third Novel

in this third book is very funny, Xiao Thuan Zi is 3 years old now and very cute... He made this book much more interesting and comedic... made me laugh so many times.

I really enjoy this one,

This book tells what happened after Yan Xiao Ming became emperor and finally Chu Yun Han and Zheng Shao Qing love was united.

Tells how they built an abandoned city and finished the war. But out of all that, the best main character is still the 3/4 year old Xiao Thuan Zi who always makes me laugh.

The book ends after the world reaches peace.


consists of 31 extras,
continue the story about what happens after the children grow up to be teenagers and get married
here we get a cute little baby sister but unfortunately my heart has been stolen by Xiao Thuan Zi who is now 11/12 years old, He is not as cute as it used to be but still funny kid, and all animal is having a family dan baby too.



I enjoyed reading this book, most importantly it made me forget the problems that I went through in these 3 months.

This book managed to make me curious even though it didn't make me addicted to finish it but I continued to read each volume without getting bored.

My favorite character is Xiao Thuan Zi and all the cute animals.

For those of you who want to read this book, I suggest you give it a try, it tells about family love, how a couple who support each other and this couple never fights about big issues.

This is about a love story that gives a sense of security,

Love that makes you survive through up and down...

Love that accompanies you in life..... <<less
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Aug 15, 2019
Status: c400


Great novel. Focused too much on the children!

I only read it until the second half of the story.

What I like from this novel is that the MC is strong.

Doesn't rely on the ML, He's a bit... Well... He's black belly, and strongly opinionated.

... more>>

As for the ML, he's the father of the buns. Who rapped the original owner, although it was because the ML was drugged. But he still had to work hard to gain the trust of the MC.

The MC doesn't appear much in the first forty or fifty chapters, well he's bedridden, and lost his memories. (it's cute that he thought he and the original owner was a couple and wanted to get back together. Well the MC is... black belly, it took him a while to accept the ML.)


We have great 3 dimensional supporting characters. and the characters are realistic, a bit like the big landlord without the military aspect

Cute pets, farming, etc...

It's long but worth it. <<less
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Dec 06, 2020
Status: --
The two children got real annoying real fast.

Why does this grown man let two four-year-olds boss him around like this? Especially with the backstory the author gave him?

I keep thinking that the children are way older than they actually are, and it's jarring when I remember their actual age. The author does not know how to write children.

It's needlessly frustrating reading their interactions. I had to drop this.
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Feb 27, 2020
Status: c40
Because being a godly doctor is not enough, the MC is also a godly assassin, and then I does more than dabbling in agriculture, not to forget how could he conquer the world without being wickedly good at making money : selling future stuff and hackinginto medieval businesses... yes plural

oh ! Didi forget : it’s a transmigrator ! Because he was not OP enough, he also has a gold finger

despite all of that, we don’t know why the writer insists on describing him as pretty selfish and self serving, hopefully... more>> the secondary characters are rather nice, but nothing can alleviate the fact that so much Extreme for the MC depiction, is kind of nauseating

if that’s not op enough for you, a voice from the future (incredibly tiresome thing) will regularly remind you that your are in presence of the mighty and the halo of a godly prsence qill also be high so the kids are also to become the most famous or youngest this and that, and the sidekicks will also be forerver thankfull to the blessed MC... and if it wasn’t enough they shall to eule over the world !! ... because - of course- in case you didn’t guess (or read the summary) - the scum lover - happened to be... tada ! The soon to be emperor ?
Now don’t be be too disappointed, there’s really no god in that universe (i think ?)

well, that’s boring enough for me

you have other transmigration into peaseant with babies and business gods, this one is simply too long and too much...

i stopped it when then »omen voice » mentioned something like « a price to pay to regret for a lifetime... « because what made me endure was the cute and kind surroundings, so didn’t feel like losing a brother or a mother, and I don’t want to cry on a not so great story...

if it hadn’t been for that, I guess I could have enjoyed a bit longer, at least until the op would strike to hard... or one of these megalomaniac voices made another bogus comment on what to expect next : seriously I never knew these could also be used to ruin a story too !! <<less
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Sep 21, 2020
Status: c14
It seems interesting, and I like the writing style, but the MC, his oldest son "Big bun" and their dynamic frustrate me to the point that I'd rather just drop it instead of feeling frustrated over them, making my read not so enjoyable. (The translators are great tho 👍) ... more>>

He (a grown ass man, who's supposed to be capable) lets a four year old child boss him around and tell him what is and isn't allowed to be done. He also leaves all the financial stuff for him. I repeat, he's a 4 year old kid, he shouldn't be doing stuff like that.

There's also the whole situation with him being really mature and all, but as someone with a four year old cousin it's just way too hard to imagine, and his level of "maturity" seems a bit too much, and it pulls me out of the story. I wish the MC would take over the money and house management fully, and lift the burden from the kids, and let them be kids.

He should be medically knowledgeable and also has the soul/spiritual spring thingy so I wish he'd use them better. I know it might still happen in the future since I'm only at chapter 14, but as I mentioned, the MC and big bun make this quite frustrating for me, along with how laid back the MC seems, and there's no real sense of urgency to properly nourish his kids or fix up his shabby house so I'm a bit put off and don't feel compelled to read more.

Maybe it's because I'm used to reading stories where the main characters try to solve their problems as quickly as possible and get quite a lot done even in a day, the slow progress of the MC and how he looks helplessly at his malnourished kids despite supposedly being an op doctor/assassin just doesn't satisfy me. I still might give it a try later, but it just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. (I might change my rating and the review if my opinion changes)

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Sep 27, 2020
Status: prologue
I agree with @agathe review. I could never say it that beautifully. I read MTLed version which was bad enough. I persisted up to 230 chapters and went from loving the buns to finding them so so so annoying. And let's not start with MC gosh it was very good in the beginning but later everytime MC would take revenge there would be monologue of him saying something like "I'll always take revenge" or "if u didn't push me I wouldn't have done this" lol plz we know you are... more>> a sinister person and there's nth wrong with protecting your love ones and punishing your enemies in novel. But you really don't need to defend yourself that much.

I stopped reading after he returned to capital. God the tyranny with no logic. It maybe coz I've read too many palace harem novels his lack of etiquette in handling things just annoyed me. Things could have done so beautifully but nope he got to become tyrannical!! Same goes for the prince.

Atleast side characters are good! I loved the queen and his family. <<less
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Aug 13, 2019
Status: c1
Although it's just starting, I feel like the story is pretty good so far. The two fried buns are really cute.

... more>>

They both seem to be smart for their age, the older twin acts more responsible, while the younger twin is a bit more naive. I think they will grow up to be quite capable super meat buns.



The MC, in my opinion, is a bit different from the usual 'strong people in their past life and died on a mission'. He, instead, died from helping other people escape. Even though he's said to be vicious and stuff, he died from a moment of softheartedness for a man who liked him and wanted him to follow them. I like it how in the summary, his introductory paragraph said he's all hard-faced and scary, but after that, he's bargaining for food with his two buns while planning to turn them into rich 2nd generation young masters.



I don't know much about the original owner of the body, but from what the buns were saying, he seems ret*rded or mentally lacking.


In my opinion, I feel that the tags should be more specific, as it doesn't really say much. Overall, I think it's a great start. <<less
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Mar 01, 2021
Status: Completed
Since many people probably won't pick up this novel because of the 'rape' tag so I will explain it a bit.

ML was drugged. He had no impression about the whole thing. Thus, I reluctantly forgave him. But if MC had not transmigrated to that body, ML wouldn't have taken responsibility of MC even though he is the reason for MC's original body's insanity. He would have taken the children back but left MC (with some help maybe; I forgot the detail). But then it was probably impossible to take a fool back to the royal family even if that person was your children's birth parent.


I don't know why there are so many negative reviews of this novel. Because, damn, this novel is so good. I f*cking fainted on my way home from college because I read the novel with minimum sleep. I would have ended in the hospital if my friend wasn't with me. You see, that's how great this story is.

Well, to be really honest, the first 150 chapters or so are bit cliche with the usual cheap relatives and everything. Many people, including me, probably cursed every few paragraphs because so many things are unbelievable and bizarre in the story. But after the relatives arc is over, everything gets so pumping. MC, Ling Jingxuan, really starts to show his true medical skills and ruthlessness he accumulated in his last life as a top assassin and a top doctor.


1. MC is a kind of person who really sticks to his principles.


When ML gets jealous over nothing, MC gets so angry that he lets ML stand guard outside the door the whole night. Instead of those silly MCs of many BL novels who really can't stand up for themselves against ML, Ling Jingxuan doesn't show mercy to anyone who does wrong, even if its his husband or children. He really sticks to his principles. It's worth admiring.


2. The MC has magic water called 'Crescent Moon Water' which he effectively uses throughout the plot to his advantage.

3. Instead of focusing on just the love between the main couple, the story focuses on MC's relationship with his family, relatives and friends as well as the plot. The story has a lot of couples and all of them have their own distinct love story and all of them add sweet flavor to the story. The thing that especially made my heart warm was MC's love for his family and friends that was equally reciprocated. MC really protects the people who are good to him no matter who. This includes not only his family members but also servants and friends. He always helps them to have better life. He even shook the whole capital by having a splendid marriage ceremony for his servants.

4. The novel doesn't shy away from showing the scary reality of ancient royal family, war, class system, s*avery, polygamy, gender discrimination and other social evils.

5. The story doesn't brush off any plot and shows everything vividly. The plot is intriguing especially when the royal arc or capital arc starts.

6. The way MC teaches his children is also quite ruthless. At first, I thought it was not good but later I realized how naive I was. I shouldn't judge the story from the modern viewpoint. The MC and ML are not common people so their children really needed the education that is not common. I must say I learned many new things and some of my views have changed.

7. The author has a unique writing style. It's definitely not the 'mass-production' writing style often found in many 'transmigration to ancient times' novels. Although some sentences are really repetitive but after all, it's the author's own style. At least, this fact needs a praise. And, the author seems opinionated about certain things which I personally like. The author has some unique insights to many things which made me feel that I matured a bit. You will understand once you read the story.

8. MC is way too cool. He has become one of my top favorite MCs easily. He is so different from MCs of many novels, BL or not. How?

a. He loves children. A LOT. He is always asking small children of his friends if they want to be his children. Lol. Who doesn't like MCs who love children? Right?

b. MC is extremely OP. He has brains, looks, wealth and physical strength. Basically, he has no weakness apart from children. I have never seen any MC or ML love children so much in any story, it's really heart-warming.

c. He is a family man. God, he loves his family so damn much, its unbelievable. His family doesn't include only husband and children but also his parents, aunts, uncles, in-laws and grandparents who are nice to him. As long as they are kind, diligent, and nice to him, he will take them under his wing.

d. He is extremely kind and loyal to people who love him. I had never seen any MC or ML on any BL story having best friends. You know the kind where they will do anything for their best friend. For example, when his best friend is sad, he will hug him and comfort him. Have you seen any BL story MC or ML actually hugging anyone expect their lover or children?

e. He is extremely ruthless. He has a clear understanding of gratitude and resentment. Well, he used to be an assassin in his previous life. He never provokes anyone but if someone harms his family or friends, he will pay them back 100 times. It's really something.

f. He is the kind of person who is never shy and always does things at his own pace. He is thick-skinned. You would never think he would get sad at anything but he cries sometimes. Oh, it gets really heart-breaking.

Anyways, he is really cool.

9. ML honestly doesn't have much presence at the beginning of the novel. In fact, most of the times, it feels like he wasn't even there. He is very stoic and only cared about MC and the children. He doesn't even talk much. But as the story progresses, he slowly transforms. He becomes more patient and starts to care about more people. He slowly begins to talk to many people asking how their life is going on and so on.

10. There is a sentence in the novel, "Princesses are just raised to be married." As a women, this poked my heart so badly. Not just this sentence but almost all the things in the story painfully points out the status of women in ancient times. They are just chess pieces in men's dream of power or indulgence. Only few of the women in the story are shown to be truly loved by their husbands. Men had many wives and concubines in the ancient times is a fact. In fact, in few countries, polygamy still exists. Because of this many capable women, instead of using their time to do something productive, can't help but use every means to satisfy their husband. Well, this is vividly described in the story.


Now let's talk about the cons of the story because there are so many especially in the first arc of the novel. You will find yourself wanting to throw your phone away every five minutes. But if you have the patience and can bear reading the story up to around 150 chapters or so, everything feels worth it.

Let's hear my frustrations while reading the story:

1. There is too much dog blood drama. TOO MUCH!!! Especially in the first arc. It was made way too long. It's just full of face-slapping. Even the way MC starts to like ML is awkward. MC keeps on telling that he is cold hearted and only likes one night stands and hates marriage and blah blah blah. But when he sees ML, it seems all his brain cells got fried. The original body of MC was f*cking r*ped by ML for goddamn sake and just left dying for five years. He was out casted from the family due to this. He turned into a fool for whole five years before MC transmigrated. MC just forgets about all of this and without hearing any explanation about the r*pe and the abandonment, he falls in love with ML. What the hell?

2. And let's not forget about the annoying brats.


This is what the four year old child of MC and ML said to ML in front a lot of guests:

"Father, how can you treat brother Yan like this? Didn't you teach us etiquette? Brother Yan is a guest. You are the Lord. How can a host treat guests like this?"

He says this and he is still praised to be very sensible who acts like a 40-year old.


And oh the eldest twin is so stingy, you won't believe it. But then, he grew up in extreme destitution, so I can understand it but MC gives charge of all the household expenses to a four-year old child. Even when visiting the town, the son carries the money pouch. Wow!

And the sad thing is that MC's twins only grow more and more annoying every chapter so much. For example,


The youngest twin loses the lives of around 300 children because he wanted to play 'general'.


3. I also don't understand why the family doesn't move to another village to settle down. I mean, they clearly know that if they build a big house in the village, their stingy ungrateful relatives will surely come to cause trouble. So why still live in the same village?

4. Also some of the teachings of MC to his children are so wrong. He teaches his four year olds to take revenge if someone offends them. Well, it's not exactly a bad thing but let's see how the revenge goes:


MC's children with friends and servants go to a jewelry shop. The eldest son asks the price of an earring. The child finds it expensive and roars whether the shop is robbing people. If he found it expensive, he could have just left the shop and it would have been fine. But no. He fights with the shopkeeper, so the shopkeeper calls him country bumpkin. And guess what, the child, a four year old, decides to get revenge because he was offended. Everything could have been avoided easily but I don't know what the author was thinking. This kind of annoying thing happens again and again.

Let's see how they take revenge on a ten-year old guy. The guy goes to Xinyuan restaurant and orders a dish. This dish uses the jam MC sells to the restaurant. This restaurant is also the sole buyer of MC's jam. The eldest son pours laxative in the dish without anyone noticing. Although these children are just four-year olds, so I know they can't see the whole picture. But it's still s*upid. I mean who wants to read children of MC taking revenge on people when they are so young?

And then they regret the revenge later on. And when MC sees their worried faces, what do you think MC asks? "What's the matter? Who did you kill?" Really? Is this something a father asks to his children? Then hearing about the whole matter, he says "OK, it's just laxative. He won't die. Be good, don't cry." Isn't this just teaching such young children to be bullies? But later MC finally teaches them that one shouldn't involve innocent people while taking revenge. Their revenge has implicated the restaurant and such things can even make the restaurant close down. I was finally feeling like: Yeah, finally MC said something good. But just after this. ML says this: "Don't listen to your father's nonsense. Nobody dares to move Xinyuan restaurant. It will be OK." Xinyuan restaurant is powerful isn't the main point in the whole story, is it??



Well, there are many ups and downs in the story. Some aspects are plausible but some aspects will make you feel disgusting or make your brain fry. But, all in all, I still gave it 5 stars because now that I look back, these few cons don't really matter much. The essence of the story lies somewhere else.


1. Banished to Another World

2. The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration

P.S. Please forgive me for any grammatical errors and typos.
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Jun 18, 2020
Status: Completed

Omg I like the MC and ML and the twin buns very much ??? Their love is sooooooo cutttteeeeeeee. I love that both MC and ML is straightforward so there is no really any misunderstanding between both of them. The only things that I don't like is that all of their kids turn out to be a gay ???? I don't discriminate this like helloooo this is danmei novel but at least how can you author made all of the characters here as gay ??? Especially the 2nd son and the emperor brother, they are cousin and one of them even an emperor who doesn't have any successor (prince) I think this the most unrealistic thing that bother me much during I read this novel. And MC and ML are extreme OP, even the emperor dare not offended them ???

*Note : their youngest son is the most precious baby in the world ???

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Apr 08, 2020
Status: c122

I've been ff the translation since July 2019, when I dropped the 2 shounen/seinen novels I were reading and just read the mtl of this book last Dec 2019 since the story is a pretty decent one, albeit the MC being described as too OP by the author on the first chapter.

The mc's background as an orphan, made him suitable for being an assassin.

I was really wondering at first if he really was the orphaned child that the people on that country side was talking about whose whole family was murdered on their family's home farm and the only survivor of the even. I mean he might have had posed as that child of that murdered family wherein the child was the only one who survived and claimed the deceased family owned land; the said orphaned kid might have been someone he knew or have been his patient but died and so he posed as him. The author was very ambigous about it, and didn't delve too much in it. So, I guess, he probably really was the kid whose family was murdered, huh. *Shrugs*


The summary is actually a part of a chapter in the book, can't remember which one but around c20-30?,

when he acquired money for the first time from selling fish on the market and he brought his sons to buy foods, clothes, and shoes. After he gained money, he made the older twin their family's accountant/budget manager in which the child holds their money dear due to those years they had suffered from starvation due to lack of money so whenever JingXuan wants to buy something wwhich his son thinks won't benefit them and is a waste of their money, in which JingXuan laments as the money he made but when given to his son looked like he was scamming him lol, so he have to convince him that the money that he would use would be twice as much he would earn in which his son would relent coz more money, more savings; more savings, more better life in later days and even years.



I'm currently on c122 when I stopped (coz I decided to finished other 100+/200+ chapters' books firsts) and the twins were gonna start studying in the city under the tutelage of a former scholar who own a bookstore and also had a kid which is older than the twins (around 8 or 10y.o.?). And this said scholar was actually a cousin of the twins father. That's why the father and son pair were shocked to see the twins who resembled their cousin/uncle; respesctively.



I would still continue this when I finished some 600+ Korean and Chinese psychological thriller horror novel that I dropped since June last year, since this is a long one each chapters were long but easy to understand mtl

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Nov 17, 2020
Status: dropped
Like I've written in a comment of one of the other translators for this novel.

... more>>

The fact that the prince actually r*ped the previous MC and forced him to have 2 kids, get estranged by everyone in the village, and actually made the previous MC lose his mind then made his children suffer traumatizing acts where the previous MC almost dies from being beaten by the village children.


Far too much. Not to mention.


When MC finds out that he found the prince was a rando dying dude, my blood boiled when he did nothing but saved him in the end. I figured I'd drop it since it was turning out to be that the prince would be the ML


Bottomline. I detest novels such as this. No regard to the previous MC's trauma and just disregard to how he suffered in the 2+ years as he lost his mind. The MC is outrageously overpowered to the point that it's annoying. I agree with other reviews where the MC shouldn't be leaving his responsibility of managing the house to the kids. HES AN ADULT. If he can magically be a "world renowned doctor and assassin" I don't see the reason how he can't be good at simple accounting.

And the fact that it didn't seem like MC was going to get revenge on the Prince made me hate it even more.

TL;DR. Slow life OPness MC + Poorly written faceslapping/villans = sh*t novel. Not as bad as other novels but if you're okay with an MC who disregards the body he now uses r*pe and dissent to madness then go ahead and read it. It's a heartwrenching backstory yet no clapback from MC <<less
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Omniscient Couch Potato
Omniscient C
May 31, 2021
Status: dropped
Okay I usually like long novels even if they had some plot holes but this one I can't just carry on..

I usually like children even if they sometimes act like adult. Note the word 'act'.

This is the first time I really find MC's elder child really annoying.

... more>> Yes he had to act like adult because his dad was muddle beaded but after MC transmigrate and got better. What does the child do?

Always nagging on MC how to not spend money. Even the MC's hard earned money is on that 4-5 yr old child's hand and he us very stingy.

Why do we make money? To live a better life.. right? But the child will howl like a mad man if MC use a little salt cause 'buying salt is expensive'. I wouldn't have mind much but the problem is the money is made by MC's hard work! Why can't he enjoy it a little? And give all to a 5 year old brat who acts like 50.

News flash even if you act like 50 you aren't. And did I mention how disrespectful he is?

Frankly I seem to want to slap him. Call it
child abuse but this is how we teach our children in southeast Asia.

And about ML raping the original owner. From other comment I came to know its because he was drugged. Ok he was drugged and did him. But was it necessary to throw him out to die after using him? He didn't even search for him in past 5 years.

I bet if MC didn't transmigrate and it was still the soft natured (I won't say muddle headed one, cause he got mad because of ML) father then ML would have definitely took the children and leave him to die. Again.

And MC yeah he is OP but his love for children and education isn't right. Who the hell let a child boss him around? Even if you love him do something to teach him not make him into a stingy person who doesn't even understand anything still thinks he knows everything.

And what I hated most about MC is his treatment to the original owner. He thinks original owner is a waste because he got muddle headed. REALLY?!!

Okay I'm a normal person I ain't a super doctor and assassin like MC. So I understand the original owner's pain of getting r*ped then left to die then getting kicked out of home then having kids as a man.

Even if its 21st century getting r*ped leaves a phycological shadow! And it was ancient times... it isn't easy for the victim! And giving birth as a man? Hell I think its scary to give birth as a woman then what would a man think??

I really really couldn't take in everyone's attitude on original owner.

MC is really great... May be that's why I can't continue this story. I have read many great novels with OP MC but never have I ever felt such a great rejection to a MC's charecter setting even though the plotline is pretty good.

I can sympathize more with the original owner. I feel distraced sad and helpless for him. How hard was his life. He was just a innocent cannon fodder who got everything taken away from him. Even his own body at last to make the son of heavens together.

As a cannon fodder he doesn't have a story I just wish he got transmigrated somewhere else and got the love and care he deserves.

I have read many supposed 'cannon fodder' MC's story but for the first time I wish this actual cannon fodder have a happy ending. <<less
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Mar 05, 2021
Status: c29
This is a slice of life. MC get to rebirth than wake up with two of his own kids. I gave up because the translator didn’t finishing the story and stop here in ch72. Don’t read anything from flying lines translator because they won’t finish their project
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Aug 14, 2019
Status: --
Seeing as this has hardly any chapters out (aka not enough to read to judge) I wont be rating it yet. I will say, however, so far it seems to be my lovely cup of tea (anything with mpreg and/or childcare usually is) so I'll probably be giving it a high rating later. I've done the favor of adding more tags so more people with my taste can find this potential gem easier, not to mention AlieAHey asked for more tags so that they shall receive. I'll add EVEN more... more>> when we have some more chapters to go through.

Now any one looking for a "nurturing" and or "family" feeling like novels like this that can help fill the time in between these chapters, I can suggest: "Lessons on Raising a Partner" and "Never Marry a Man with Twin Tintins" (yes titans is misspelled in title) to you. The fist one has no actual childcare or Mpreg but its very family feeling. The second suggestion is also family feeling but it actually has Mpreg as well. Hope these help to pass the torturous time in between updates on this one.

P.S. Although I've seen worse wait times, 1-2 updates a month is still not that many chapters to read so I'd hold off until they have more chapters before you start this. Granted the translator could start pumping out more chapters a month later on but I rarely see this happen. When they start out slow like this they usually stay slow in updates or even release slower. It sad how MOST of the really good stories update slowly but on the flip side they seem to be translated rather well. Again, I'd wait to read until more chapters are released, don't torture yourself -cough- like me -cough-... <<less
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Jun 03, 2021
Status: Completed
It's already quite good, more than average novel, the plot itself was interesting. Here, dramas & schemes hooked my interest on it. It's pretty much long with more than 750+ chapters & 30+ extras. I took breaks time to time to finish it.

MC was strong even without anyone. He can service literally anywhere. He was like if anyone don't provoke him he won't too but if they do he'll retail in 💯 times. MC was kinda invincible. ML was pretty strong & determined and truly loved and cherished MC. They... more>> were best compatible with each other. The believe & trust between two of them were truly remarkable and as the time goes by it only gets stronger. ^_^

Other characters were good too. They had there own stories. But the most annoying thing was the children, the twins and lastly the meat-bun. Those twins were too much mature for their ages. It literally annoyed me. Their behavior was like oldies. I like novels with kids but they were too much for me. And another things that astonished me was that the author portrayed MC & ML's kids as gays at young age even before they turned 8. It's okay to show it in a moderate time but here it was too much for me. (╯=▃=) ╯ (Though later it have extras containing stories of those kids when they grew up)

Expect for those kids I liked everything about this novel. So it was good to read. Give it a try if you have a lot of time and want to try something new.இ﹏இ <<less
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Feb 19, 2021
Status: c109
At first I enjoyed the story, but later I just feel repeated heartburns reading the rest. Why?

MC should be a godly doctor/assassin who transmigrates into ancient timeline after he died because of bombing.

... more>>

Suddenly, he become a hermaphrodite that gave birth to 2 kids and they're 5 yrs old twin buns. How he got the buns? Someone r*ped/gangraped him. That's all he knows from his memories inside that body. Talk abt ancient ppl, being r*ped plus giving birth as hermaprodite will get you a 'monster' title which is the excuse his Ling big families use to expel and chase him out of the family.


Yup. At this point I already hate the Lings.


So the Jingxuan before MC was left to fend for himself. Being ostracized is one thing. And then even his parents and brothers were worked to the bone for the Lings 'as a lesson' because his parents pleaded for Jingxuan. In the end, his mother used her own dowry to buy land for Jingxuan and his 2 buns to live. It's obvious that the Jingxuan before MC couldn't handle the trauma and mental torture of the ppl around him that he became insane.


Until MC comes of course. And then I thought MC might change something for the better. He's got such a grandiose 'doctor/assassin' title after all. But no. He's like a novice that just arrived at a farming village if this is a game.


Money matters for sure. I'm okay with him doing business to raise money for his buns and plans for the future. But he seems to let the dangers (which is the Lings) lurk around him openly with an excuse of waiting for good opportunity to strike them. Until it becomes too late. Among those ungrateful b*tchy Lings, some ransacked his house for meat and stuffs saying that his parents stole them from the Lings for him when in fact those are from the money that he managed to raise. They got bijslapp but it's not satisfying because another trouble comes after that. MC proposed to divide the family so that his parents and brothers can live away from the Lings. But those Lings gave a bunch of excuse not to agree of course. But MC still puts up with it. Until his mother was pushed by one of the Lings that she had a miscarriage. She lost the baby. But the Lings said it was because she was not careful enough and had nothing to do with that Ling xxxx. I forgot her name. Apparently, it was because one of the Lings wanted revenge on MC because he was diagnosed as infertile after he was caught red-handed by MC for abducting his buns. He's got no child and wanted MC's buns but he just abducted them like it's no big deal. He was divorced by his wife of course but covered the fact about the abduction from the Lings so he can trample over MC and his family openly. Of course the Lings are shocked silly after knowing the truth. And that is after they finally divide their families. It takes 100 chapters for the MC to actually separate his family from the Lings which in fact can be done in 10 chapters if he actually makes use of his doctor/assassin abilities.


At this point, his titles are just for shows because the way he acts is just like a woman catfighting with cannon fodders without any real abilities aside from having glib tongue.


Not to mention his rapist makes his appearance and he freaking saves him. Apparently his rapist is a royalty. He already lost his memories though when MC saves him. And then while the rapist stayed at his home with the buns, the rapist suddenly realises that the buns are his because they look similar. And then the rapist promised the MC that he will take care of MC with the buns. And it takes a while for MC to agree but he still agrees which baffles me. Talk about stereotype.


At this point, nothing motivated me to read further because of how brainless it feels with the unsatisfying face-slapping and how he didn't nip the dangers in the bud for them to come bite at him and his family again. I rest my case. I'll add more reviews to this if I ever continue reading this story. <<less
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Aug 01, 2020
Status: c454
MTL ☆☆☆☆ (very readable)

Its a good read. But quite a long read. Im still at 454~

BL, Mpreg, Ancient.

Ancient world where BxB are not uncommon but mpreg is frowned upon. Focus on childcare, business building to palace intrigue, romance of a lot BxB partners and face slapping annoying antagonists. MC and ML are quite OP.
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Mar 15, 2021
Status: --
Currently reading with MTL version, and so far...

What I like (so far) :

  • MC is hands on. I like how he's a no nonsense type of character that will literally face slap anyone that provokes him. I don't like characters that scheme and scheme forever and will take like a hundred chapters before said scheme actually takes effect. At least with him, he doesn't act until he's really provoked.
  • Side characters are good.
What I dislike (so far) :

  • First, while I understand that MC wasn't the OG!MC that suffered through trauma, once the ML started making moves, he's just like..."eh sure he cute". No son, it ain't cute. Dude literally left you to die. Whatever reason how that came to be, it still happened.

    He also did the thang without consent.

    Even if he's the baby daddy of the buns, I sure as hell will make him work an extra mile or ten before I'd even let him hold my hands, dammit. It's like MC turned into one of those blushing FLs usually found in romance novels. He's also supposed to be a cold killer but then eh??? I get that the buns are cute and will make your heart melt, and some of the ruthlessness comes out if necessary, but just...I couldn't picture the MC as this cold and hard killer, and just kinda makes me feel having his background in the past life sort of laughable. If only he was like the MC of The Big Landlord, then I'd be convinced.
  • Speaking of the buns, this point is what seriously irks me. The big bun (elder twin) is so incredibly and annoyingly stingy. While it's understandable that he's been traumatized because of the extreme poverty, so he holds on to money like he'd die if he spends just a wee bit of it, it's not right. It's also irresponsible of MC to let said bun control the money. Yes, it's important to teach your kids to save money and not spend cash willy-nilly, but it's also important to emphasize that money isn't everything. Also, the kid's five years old, and no matter how sensible and mature he acts, letting this kid nag at his parent isn't correct either, especially if said money is earned by the parent. You can treat your kid like your bff, but a line should still be drawn. Also, he's five. What in the ever loving frick does he know? You're the adult, control your spawn. I understand his nagging if the MC is a gambler or buys lands without a solid plan (looking at you, MC of Transmigration: The Farm Life of a “Fool”), but MC keeps on bringing in all the money, so the stinginess is useless.
  • I guess not really dislike, but rather frustrates me are the whole Ling family. It's not really a new thing in these novels to have the oh so ever loving and great and awesome yeah no that family is so blatantly shameless I'd slap every single of them without second thought too, elders be damned. I thought the families in stories from Transmigrating to the Ancient Times with Lu’s Convenience or Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife] was bad enough, but alas.
Wow it seems the dislike outweighs the likes, but I'm giving this one a chance (though the 400+ chapters is kinda daunting).
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Jun 27, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all I'm sorry if my words or grammar is bad, because English is not my mother language. And this is my first time to make a review lol.

I mtl this novel and read it until the end, and actually I'm very like this.

Maybe everyone things that the MC is too much with everything he do, but I think it's actually what he must do according to his past life... But, everyone has their own opinion.

Yes, this novel a bit boring when it comes to the Southern Xinjiang Arch... more>> (MTL based) so I recommend you to skip it hshshs.

This novel is a good one for you if you like cute buns, poor to rich, harem's fight (lol what's this), face slapping, overpower MC, and etc. It's too much? Well then I think I am a sad*st person then.

But well, you can try to read this first to know how it's actually going on. <<less
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: prologue
The story is good at the start, but gets worse as the chapters go on.

Honestly as far as I've read I can't really find the chemistry between MC and ML.

This all happened because the longer you read, the more you aware that rather than calling it romance, this story is more like a slice of life genre with family as the main topic. Because this story focuses more on how MC builds his career from beginning to end, while the love story itself is just like a distraction that has... more>> to be added.

Besides that I also have a few complaints about the depiction of the character of MC's children.


I mean, it's okay for kids to be a little stingy or greedy, especially in the case of MC's children who have experienced severe trauma. But as parents, MC should be able to guide their children to change or at least reduce these traits.

Because if you look at it seriously as chapters add up the nature of MC's first child increasingly looks ugly as time goes by. You could say his nature had gotten to the point where it didn't look funny/cute anymore.


Btw the MTL version of this novel is very hard to read and its very difficult to find a really good translation of this novel too. In Flying Lines itself this story is locked so that only by paying we can read it. <<less
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Oct 18, 2020
Status: c66

The novel is so good. Read all 66ch in one go. Easy to read and like the story.

Hope will keep the same.


Like how the MC doest give a sh*t and just clears his path. The Buns are ok for now. The ML, cant wait to know him more. And if in future there will be palace fight that will be hilarious.

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