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Palcemith. A kingdom blessed by the dragons.

I remembered this was the world in the game I had played in my previous world, [The Dragon and the Sacrificial Priestess]. But I had reincarnated as the Prime Minister Anderheim who would be led to ruin with his villainess daughter Julieta.

However, now that my memories have returned, I do not intend to give up that easily.

Making full use of my memories from my past life, with my daughter, let me show the capture targets how to turn the tables.

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Doku wo Kurawaba Sara Made
In for a penny, in for a pound
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New Realvnv rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Imma just write about couples since didn't really have any big problems with the plot part.

Things went too smoothly, a hot knife would encounter more problems when cutting butter than this, there is no doubt about that; but then again, I didn't expect a sum mind-shattering plot full of mind games, conspiracies and such unfold in the short span of 65 chapters. I'm still satisfied with this work, kudos to translators and the author, BUT THE COUPLES-

... more>>

f*ck me, I wished to see Prime Minister Anderheim x Head Priest Malacia as the pair. They suited each other more than their respective partners hands down. Jolga's fallen for Anri's facade, but was too deep in the mud to escape afterwards; I didn't even get what's Lutora's deal... Seriously, I have been rooting for Anri x Malacia since the first time they have f*cking met, nearly cried when they kissed, AND THEN I REMEMBER THOSE LUTORA AND JOLGA SON/FATHER DUO AND MY WHOLE SHIP SINKS TO HELL-.

At some point, I even hoped Dragon Kharis would moliphorb into a human when he gets all his power back and snatch Anri away lol. My imagination did everything to help me out but it's just hopeless.

I'm seriously doubting wherever I should read the sequel, which is about Jolga and Anri's travels. Man, I need sum extras set after the epilogue, give Kharis more screen time.

... to think that I, a BL reader with years of experience under her belly, who's proud of her accuracy to determine the ships to hop on when characters have their first "hello"s is whining like a bit*h right now. I would give my BL senses 95/100 accuracy rate but this sh*t just had to be that 5/100. Like, hell, I'm not joking, anyone with eyes could tell Anri x Malacia is better, that's a match made in bloody hell.

Anyways, it's not my first Titanic, I will get over it in a day or two, probably...


Wait so how come I give this 4/5 when I had b*tched this much rn lol? Oh yes, r*pe, abuse, gore, s*avery etc. are all within my area of interest. <<less
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New Qutie rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Before you read this, beware that this novel includes, r*pe, pedophilia, s*avery, human trafficking, ... more>>

incest (like they're not related but they're basically related... just not in blood)

... and I think there's more.

Onto the review.
Well that was interesting huh? When I first saw the summary for this novel, I was hooked. "A remembering past live" trope, with the "an anti hero as the main character who is also a single parent?!! And it also has revenge?!! Take my money Author. Anyway.. this novel was definitely something.. it had the single parent trop, yes, but the author didn't play with that idea. It felt like the main character interacted with the other characters more than his own daughter. Because of the blurb I thought this was gonna be a story of bonding between father and daughter where the father only has a soft spot for his daughter and is exacting revenge on those who hurt her. This story was a classic action of tell but don't show. I kept being told that he loved his daughter and yes, I did read the whole book, I know the whole plot is basically for her, butttt where? His love felt... fake? Honestly I just wish we had more scenes of them bonding. If I were Julietta and Anderheim was my father, after the way I'd been treated, I'd honestly probably have some trauma.

Second, The antihero trope, I actually loved the way it was done here. If you like a male lead who doesn't easily get controlled by his emotions then you're in the right place. If we had a mother characters point of view that wasn't the Male lead, we'd probably hate him. But that's the beauty of a antihero isn't it?

Anyway since I'm on it let's get the the love interest shall we? Of course I'm not gonna reveal who it is! Y'all are gonna have to read to find that out for yourself. I didn't like him at first, like I honestly would've picked any other person...

anyway... the second last chapter happened and my heart dropped. I didn't expect him to grow on me.


As for the revenge part of the story...I'm annoyed.

None of the people who originally contributed in Julietta's demise got a super bad ending. Heck, some of them even got happy endings. Only the Crown prince and his fiancé were super hurt but what about the capture targets?! They contributed too why the hell did they get happy endings.

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rymes rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
The story of a poisonous man who takes revenge on a bunch of "capture targets" and the heroine who broke his villainous daughter's heart. Along the way, he falls in love. Not what I expected, in a good way. Couldn't put it down and even got teary in places.

If you've ever read a story about a bunch of naive hero kids kicking ass and taking names—and sympathized with the experienced elders who keep admonishing them to stop doing s*upid things, this is the feel-good story for you. I didn't expect... more>> the plot to be so dark with the "normal Japanese guy transmigrates into an otome game" setting, but it works really well. Bulk of the drama lies in political intrigue and plotting, plotting, plotting. The world-building is pretty solid, the schemes not so much, and there are some plotholes that are never closed (still, tons of fun).

The romance takes several chapters to kick off, but when it does it's on fire. Crazy, wildly passionate R18 romance. There are two main couples, both of which can be defined as cunning politician uke x loyal dog seme. Both have HE. There are a couple of extra side characters with their own pairings (straight and bent), and they're not dull filler.

MC is mature, calculative, and comes off as completely heartless. But he's a daughter-con and he likes dogs — a true family man. His friendship with the second MC is wonderful. I won't spoil who ML is, but he's experienced, loyal, and straightforward.

The author is writing a sequel set six months after the end of this book's main events, which so far looks to be just as plot-driven. Be forewarned that the end of this book actually jumps to the end of all things. <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I absolutely LOVED this book, primarily for the smut that is tied together with a decent revenge plot. I thought of it was a plot-heavy, dark fantasy erotica, and boy was it satisfying in this role. Some people might not like it for this exact reason - this is a dark, fetish-heavy story, with amoral characters, where the "bad" guy wins (though the outcome seems quite good for almost everyone in my opinion).

The novel has beastialty, r*pe, manipulative relationships, almost incest (no blood relation), and blackening of pretty much every... more>> character. As I said, perfect if you're in a certain mood, something to avoid if you want to read about clean, righteous characters.

I love how, while the main lead has everyone wrapped around his fingers, he is also taken by surprise multiple times throughout the story. The author doesn't try to make the main lead have the magical ability to predict everything, just because he'd played the game.

I also quite like how dark the story is, and the psychological manipulation that the main lead employs. If you think about it, the novel is rightfully dark - the basis of the kingdom it's set in is an ens*aved dragon being bled for his mana. The Kingdom proved its willing to take any measures for its own survival. I love how the main lead, like the kingdom, spins the truth until all the dark deeds seem righteous.


I also love how the most righteous knight, after learning about the main character's dark side, still loves him. Yet this doesn't mean the knight is bad, he still does his best to save people if he can.

Similarly, the priest is selfish and greedy, but it becomes apparent that those are traits beaten into him by his environment. It doesn't mean he's not done a lot of bad things, but it does make the love he finally finds even sweeter.

It's easy to love someone who is perfect. Too bad no one is perfect. True love is knowing all the bad in the other person and loving them anyways. And while I think the main lead and the priest started out as using their lovers, it doesn't mean they didn't really grow to love them in the end.

At first, I really wanted the dragon to be the male lead's lover, but I slowly came around to the knight, only to be really confused and given renewed hope in the epilogue. In my fantasy, the dragon was actually the main characters lover, he lived through the knight and helped the knight blacken and was able to finally experience some excitement by being with the main character. In the end, he goes wherever the main character goes and they continue to have new adventures together.

This book is definitely one that changes depending on where you end it. If you end it at 63, it's one about love and kicking away the previous heroine. If you stop at 64, it's a story about a heartwrenching love between two mismatched lovers. If you read to the end, it's about how revenge is a dish best served super duper cold, when everyone is gone and you're the last man standing.

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Achiless rated it
October 10, 2020
Status: c33
I geuss my hopes were set too high bc of the amount of positive reviews.

The start was pretty promising. A MC who's actually evil. But then it went al downhill. I mean I didn't expect that much from a face-slapping novel but it still made me sick.
-MC's daughter just became nice with one snap of the fingers. Wtf. She's the most illogic.
-The decisions of the character all change so fast and quickly like they're all NPCs. Everyone is 2D. As flat as a pancake.
-The "hero's" turn into... more>> villians also with the snap of a finger. There's no transition.
-The MC just decided to accept his past live memories like that as if he just transmigrated. That man has literally lived the life of a tr*sh and he just decides to staop that after gaining other memories? Shouldn't there be a clash between morals?
-MC and ML just got together like that? Way too fast. The moment you realise who the ML is was when they began f*cking. Boring. Also the ML's reason for liking the MC is weak af.
-The MC just fools everybody like that. Again boring. You also get no triumph from the MC. He's evil, yay, but calculating? No. I cringe so hard from his actions and the way he plays the victim. I get 0 triumph from his achievements. Only cringe.
-It isn't funny.

I can name a lot more bullsh*t that occured in the first 33 chapter, but maybe some illogical stuff will change later on so I won't include them. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
December 17, 2020
Status: Completed
A very unique otome-game-reversal.

The main character is the father, and surprisingly, he does remain a villain and does villainous things... to the end.

Other novels use the otome villain reversal to switch the places of the "villain" and the "heroine, " using very contrived means, to show how the villain was actually misunderstood or framed by the "evil" heroine. These reversals can be entertaining but lack creativity, ultimately leaving the entire promise of being a "villain" unfulfilled.

This story very early on establishes the MC as the villain. And he's an unrepentant... more>> one. He counterattacks the royal family, almost the entire country. Why? Because his daughter was insulted. He does the framing, the manipulating, the terrible acts of revenge, returning every "insult" with punishment way, WAY greater than what they deserved.


Normally, I'd be one of the reviewers admonishing the author for the excessive violence, r*pe, crazy shit, etc. but... the MC is the villain.

The MC is The Villain.

Think about it for a second. He's not a fluffy or misunderstood character. He is pure villain all the way through. And he does awful villainous things like ruin innocent children's lives for no reason other than collateral damage.


Just... keep in mind that he's a terrible villain, so don't give him any excuses either. The things he does are really really really bad.


His acts shouldn't be rationalized in any way (no matter what personality the heroine and her twin sister have, they didn't deserve those things.)

The innocent ill son of the heroine's family didn't deserve to be sold into s*avery / prostitution either.

And more.


That said, approach with an understanding that the narrator is biased and wrong. But it's a fun read anyway.


He even manages to successfully carry out the scheme for the end of the country... by causing calamities to befall it 2000 years later.


Although this is a great story, the pacing does suffer a bit. As other reviewers have mentioned, some of the foreshadowing is not very well done (such as for the reveal of the ML).


I did have an idea a few chapters before the reveal who the ML was going to be, but it was basically a guess because the plot was pretty weird regarding them and I'm still baffled how the ML fell for the MC so suddenly.


Translation is fantastic. <<less
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baekthoven rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: c48
I haven't been this entertained by an MC's calculations and plans for a while. It's so fun watching him lay traps for his enemies and seeing them fall hook line and sinker. Honestly, I loved the way he and his accomplices paint themselves as white lotuses - it had me cackling for hours. Despite this, the story does turn dark at some points, so not advised for the faint of heart.

The romance is surprisingly sweet, despite the web of lies he spins. If you're not well attuned to novel tropes... more>> the ML might surprise you at first. I had my suspicions from the start for the side couples too and I'm honestly pleasantly surprised. I loved seeing the relationships develop and I'm excited to read until the end. Thank you to the translators who do a wonderful job! <<less
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November 22, 2020
Status: c28

The first 20 chapters are nice, but characters have totally collapsed by chapter 28.
It changes from "dad gets revenge for his daughter who was sentenced to death by her former fiancee, embracing evil", into cheap cp, an incest ship (i think?) for julietxsigurd, and all of the blame being placed on "evil commoners", instead of the people in power, including the LITERAL PRINCE WHO CHEATED ON JULIET AND SACRIFICED HER.

I'll copy my comment from chapter 28 where I vented my issues with the cp that formed.
ugh f*cking gross

jolga should just prepare to die, you don't get to just walk back from everything he's done by... more>> saying " I want to feel your insides"

i remember now why I dropped this when I was mtl'ing, I guess I hoped that google translate had messed up. I knew it was coming, but was hoping that it was some other random who ended up in the cabin with anderheim.

i don't want to read ANY REDEMPTION ARCS for any of these people!! The entire reason I liked his character was: even though his daughter was cruel, he still supported her. He was willing to go do evil acts to "vindicate" them, ruin the prince's reputation, reveal that sigurd was the illegitimate child of jolga, and escape with juliet.

it seems like it's turning into anderheim x jolga, juliet x sigard, and malacia x lutora. Also, it looks like all of the blame is going to be placed onto melia and nasha - they're going to be killed or exiled, and vikram and the new prime minister are going to turn into bad rulers, and THAT'S going to be their punishment: finding out that if they had just stayed quiet, the kingdom would still be thriving under anderheim.

i hate this because it twists the original driving force of the beginning of the novel, that the prince's faction betrayed juliet, which is unforgivable for the Asbal family (no matter the reason) and turns it into "love-sick prince is fooled by s*upid, selfish commoners", where everyone else can be redeemed.

This novel ticks so many of my boxes for interesting bl novels. There would be a bl romance, but there is a larger story happening, with themes of revenge, and characters who are morally questionable.
less than 30 chapters in, and it has already dissolved into couples pairing up, and 2 people being the root of all evil within the group of antagonists. Sad times, truly <<less
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Akachxi rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c27
In the early chapters, I liked it so much that I went to read the MTL up till c50. There's a lot of face-slapping in this one, although I think it is wholly undeserved. The novel is very plot-orientated which is refreshing for the transmigration otome game genre. There's a few plot holes especially regarding Anderheim but that's easily overlooked because I like him so much. Anderheim is overpowered and sort of a grey area/evil character... more>>

so everything essentially goes his way.

The novel gets dark very quick and darker the further you go but it's entertaining and in my opinion, very self indulgent which is fine by me.

The translation is very well written and easy to read so I'm thankful for that. <<less
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Yumeru rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow it's been long since I read Jap novels that I can say had a good story. MC here has a great mind, giving traps step by step and moving people on his command. You will not know who is the ML at the start. MC made a bet if ML's choice is satisfactory he will really accept him. ML didn't let him down:) there r other couples here. You will also get your heartache for Malachia the -shrine head. As you will know his story it really sad but... more>> as Malachia showed he didn't really felt it/he did not love anyone-it's part of surviving. It is good that he met someone who will truly love him:) there's a lil twist at the last chap/epilogue

Some spoiler on what happend to ML/MC after making the kingdom peaceful, when MC just want to spend his days until 55 (Asbal/his family curse-they will only live until that age)

He and ML just live on the cabin on forest unfortunately ML died first before MC cause of accident protecting children from a destroyed house& MC did died on his 55 yr leaning on ML's tombstone


As for several yrs maybe 700 after jullieta died (MC daughter) Passed this is what happend

MC got reincarnated to a child, he frequently visits thier tombstone and on his 10th bday he saw a magical beast/ a dog crying on the tombstone. We can see that is the reincarnation of Knight commander haha hopefully he will turn into a human in the future to really accompany MC for many yrs

Also the dragon who turned into a stone after Jullieta's death, cracked and lived again after MC visited him. And tadaaaa there comes their free travel living the kingdom in Snow (cause there's no dragon blessing anymore) yep &the kingdom got destroyed haha


Wow you will marvel how MC set up his plan. Good for happy endings on some couple. <<less
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The-Lonely-Daoist rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm blown away. The book was so dark that I even, I, who read all the reviews was shocked. It was a great short read especially for passing time.

The MC is really a villain. I thought it would be the typical whitewashing novel like those other otome game novels, but I was proven wrong. Though the MC gained the memories of his previous life, his personality remains unchanged. He is still a scum. And that is why this novel was pretty dark. There's mentions of r*pe, bestiality, murder, prostitution, etc.... more>> All of those bad stuff. Don't worry though, it doesn't happen to the MC. It was a pretty short novel but the ending was satisfying. I give this a 5/5 just because it was different from those other cliche novels. <<less
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natsume142 rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c34
Much better than I expected! The drama and cunning plot really set this novel different from other Japanese Novel. Tbh I didnt even realized that this is a BL novel until the TL reminded me about them. Really, this is such a gem
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MaryPlayz rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: dropped
{EDIT} Before reading I just wanted you (whoever is planning to read but is hesitant) to know that there is r*pe in this novel and I don't know why it isn't in the tags. So if that's a trigger to you then I'd suggest not to read.

My review:

Not worth reading. Good idea bad execution. Although I like when villains are evil just for the sake of being evil, this doesn't really work out here.

... more>>

Also, I feel bad for Nasha's sister (whatever her name is idk) despite all the sh*t she goes through the author still tries to portray her as the villain. Although she's a bit*h at first, remember that the MC was the one who ended up driving her crazy.



Also, the reveal of the ML was so unexpected & honestly? That was what made me drop the novel. The author could've gone with the dragon as the ML but nooo they chose the most boring unimportant person. It really doesn't make sense how the ML would sleep with the person that stole his wife like there was no chemistry at all!


Honestly I feel like the author posted the first 27 chapters, and just started making up sh*t along the way.

Also after reading the other reviews, I'm surprised other people like this sh*t of an excuse of a story. <<less
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Lurkerunchanged rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Even though it was a pain, I couldn't help but MTL this just so I know how this story ends.

It has a somewhat tragic ending but our MC does complete his revenge and the rest of the characters have happy endings. If you want to know what happens you can read the spoiler.

... more>>

Sigurd and Julieta ends up having kids and the dragon protects their house on the hill. The priest and the knight are lovey dovey but there's not much development after the circus incident. Then we have the crown prince and Nasha which boy oh boy they got absolutely wrecked.

Nasha ends up trying to rescue his sisters in the circus but in process of doing so gets r*ped by the dog and eventually, as queen, gives birth to a dog (beastman). The crown prince is devastated but he has the patience of a saint and just cries it out with his cousin (who he later marries).

Anerheim dies at 55 as he is destined to, but funnily enough Jorga dies before him because of an accident. The 2 reincarnate later on and guide the dragon to leave Palcemith which ends up contributing to the town's ruin. This happens 2000 years after the main storyline.


This story is very much revenge p*rn and Im happy that the protagonist is somewhat twisted. He is by no means a good person so if you're looking for a selfless protagonist this is not the place. He's somewhat true neutral dipping to neutral evil territory in character alignment and that's what I love about him.

I think the story establishes early on that the character is OP but I had hoped that the crown prince and his faction would at least put up a fight but from start to finish our MC's life is smooth sailing. But then again this is revenge p*rn so it does the job perfectly well. <<less
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Hannalrd rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: --
the webs of MC’s lies are too cunning! Awesome face slapping, white washing a pair of villains to the point where butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth.. The MC reverses black and white and the story is dark.. It also made me cheer for the villain’s scheme so hard!

The supporting characters all have their roles - my favorites so far is the high priest Mal - I am sincere in my ship of MCxHigh priest, mostly because even though some characters have acted dubiously, still no clue who ML T-T... more>> (at least to my unobservant bum).. Its not the HP though, hah! MC and HP are just bros connected together by being partners in crime their playing with people’s world views. <<less
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idlehands rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c43
I've read a lot of very bad and questionable BL but very few reminded me so heavily of all the Japanese BL Manga from the 80s, like the (in) famous Zetsuai.

There are so many gay couples that, apart from one that you could see as incest, no one in this novel seems to be straight, and none of the relationships feels organic, believable, or genuine.

The novel as a whole can be pretty much filed under (torture) p*rn, it's surely an artform to reach this level of atrocity.

Characters aren't questionable or... more>> complex, they are evil for evilness sake, neither is there any revenge like the story claimed to be about at the start, it looks more like the author wanted to put every possible sexual perversion in it.

I'm baffled that this is even allowed, especially considering how detailed some of these things are.

I can think of countless great bad guys, Moriarty, Hannibal Lecter, Annie Wilkes, even Patrick Bateman, an absolute madman, is a better, more comprehensive and believable villain than any character in this novel.

It doesn't even seem like the author put any work into it, the story pretty much crawls from p*rn to p*rn, crime to crime, and that's all there is to it, characters only exist to give her the necessary cast to do so.

I was promised a villain but got "mass-produced Anime bad guy", MC has no real motivation for going so overboard with his "revenge", it's not even that he gets actual enjoyment out of it so I could see him as a criminally insane individual – he's obviously indifferent towards the suffering of his victims.

It makes everything pointless, shallow, and nonsensical, it's solely for sick personal reasons, either for the author or her targeted audience - sadly it doesn't have the quality that should come with that.

Characters change traits and sides faster than a model changes cloths during a runway show, the pure white knight ML turns into an accomplice in only a few chapters, falling as low as the MC, for the MC, for no reason at all.

The daughter who is one of the most vile people in the novel, is told to behave like a good girl and every single person is convinced asap, to make it worse, she actually changes in the blink of an eye and wholeheartedly acts like a saint with no transition whatsoever - her character setting collapsed like a poorly built house of cards.

No one in this story has any good reason for doing what they do, no one behaves even remotely believable, MC just has to do one thing that can be interpreted as good and everyone takes his side, despite his reputation being as bad as it could possibly be, every sane person would think of him scheming and acting, instead they all believe he was a good guy all along.

The cast shares one brain cell, a defective one.

Frankly, I have no idea what this novel is supposed to be, or why it even exists.

What I personally can't put up with, or want to support in any way, this includes giving a lenient review, is r*pe justified with "it happens to bad people".


Two of the "evil" women get sold to human traffickers, r*ped by beasts in front of an audience, and "hopefully" impregnated by said beast, so they can give birth to "puppies" and pay back their debts.


There are limits, this alone not only crosses them, it bulldozes them, sets them on fire, and sends the ashes to its parents.

It's sickening and seriously deranged.

Not that I expected anything else, but the "consensual" s*x isn't any better, I no longer have even an ounce of patience for female writers butchering gay s*x until it's unrecognisable, even more so when it, like in this case, would lead to severe injury or even death.

Don't write p*rn if you have no idea how it works, ask a gay guy to fact-check it, many of us would gladly do so.

To summarize it, it's despicable, borderline illegal torture p*rn, with a nonsensical story and abhorrent, badly crafted characters. <<less
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Nyarisa rated it
December 17, 2020
Status: c65
I loved all the face slapping

The only downside was


finding out that Jolga died 10 years earlier, than when MC would have died of the Asbal curse. Literally broke my heart. It was so unexpected. I wanted them to live life together longer. 💔

And the epilogue didn't feel satisfying to me. Like Jolga reincarnated into a puppy with a third eye or something? Like is the author hinting that maybe Jolga will be able to turn into a human form and be together with MC again? I wanted to see them actually interact, but whateves. I did love the fact that Kharis took both of them away from Palcemith. I wonder where they went to, or if they're exploring the world.
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fireflymaoh rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c60
This story was disappointing. The relationships just happen because the author says so, there is really not built up. That being said I found myself caring a lot more about the side CPs as oppose to our main CP, which was just awfully written imo. Story gets really dark and there is a lot of unnecessary abuse of side characters so trigger warning for r*pe, bestiality, pedophilia, etc. Abuse is used to further the plot and not in a good or necessary way. Main character is really OP. While I... more>> don't hate that trope, I was expecting a bit of a struggle. <<less
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Mickaela191 rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: --
The smut is top notched. AND THERE'S PLOT!

In transmigration novels, the couples tend to be toxic, with power leaning toward the ML. However here, the power dynamic is in the MC favor. Plus, the side characters have been wonderfully fleshed out. Like, your interested in their story but not to the point it's preferred to the main couple. Also, speaking of romance--its not completely emersive. The plot focuses on the MC's strategy, not so much a mindless MC in love. Honestly, I don't even think the MC loves the ML... more>> yet. <<less
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RRat rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: --
Wow. Just... wow.

How could I even begin to describe this novel?

I didn't expect this novel, with an otome game setting at that, to be so alluringly dark. Like inhaling a drug, it's so bad but so addictive at the same time that you can't stop reading.

After reading a thousands of cute and fluffy otome game novels, this one got me reeling. I think I'll need some time to get over this one;;
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Higgy rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: c37
This world building in this novel is very well rounded and intriguing.

MC is OP in terms of things always going his way (though it does show that he is very smart and his knowledge of the game has helped him). He's sly, he doesn't care about morals or doing the 'right thing', he cares about his in-game daughter and their reputation and life.

The only thing which puts me of, is his treatment of the side characters or should I say now-turned cannon fodders? Mainly the Game FL's twin sister.

... more>>

MC made her take the position (Sacrificial Priestess) his daughter was given, cursed her with a ring, manipulated her friends (with the help of the Head Priest) into giving her a deadly addicting drug (which she took to escape the extreme emotions and tantrums and pain). The drug eventually led her to have s*x and orgies with strange men (The same men who she had escaped from being r*ped in the premise of the game).

The MC himself acknowledges the fact that she was used as a means to get Game FL, but doesn't care, and exhibits really cold feelings and sadistic thoughts in this moment, which is something hard to believe can come of off a 20 year old boy from a well to do, loving family of the 21st Century (an era that cares for human rights).


His character is a an anti-hero of sorts, mainly for his daughter, and a crafty villain who comes across as an innocent noble who sacrificed himself for the kingdom. It's really fun to read a character with such a diverse range of feelings and to let go of our inherent 'goodness'. He also acts as a wake up call to the game Capture Targets : they're young and such naive brats; They cannot comprehend the workings of society, being brought up so sheltered. In-game FL deserves what happened to her twin sis (Her twin sister was annoying, but no one should pay for what they did not do or deserve).

I'm curious to see how the story will end and how the MC will make everyone face retribution for their actions. <<less
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HectorPX rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: c16
The story is about the MC crushing down this brainless righteous brats! Although I can't seem to predict who is the ML and no romance yet the intrigue will immerse you into the novel, high praise also to the translator.
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