Brought My Wife Back from Another World


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This is the day-to-day life story of a knight who returned to his home in another world, and the salaryman who crossed over with him from modern-day Japan.

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Bringing My Wife Back from Another World
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06/23/19 Ars BL Translations c4
04/20/19 Ars BL Translations c3
04/12/19 Ars BL Translations c2
03/19/19 Ars BL Translations c1
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Karry rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: Completed
I honestly love the prequel of this so much that I went ahead and mtl-ed this sequel and HECK! I LOVE IT!

It's nice to see Ilias's point-of-view in all of this as we did with Azusa in the first novel. The way Ilias just frets and worries for Azusa is just so heart warming I honestly just can't with it all. No regrets.
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