Moonlight on the Snowfield


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The world was comprised of 17 countries and 5 races. Afflicted by a disease, the crown prince of Rintz Kingdom in Schell continent, Ernst, was stripped of his rights to the throne and made the lord of the poorest fief, Meissen. The citizens of Meissen lived a destitute life in extreme poverty. For the sake of the citizens living now, as well as the citizens who were yet to be born, Ernst will sow the seeds for their future.

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Setsugen no Tsukikage
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April 27, 2019
Status: v1c26
Translator here! At the time of this review, I've just finished reading the first arc (including the first interlude).

Moonlight on the Snowfield is the story of Ernst, a crown prince who is stripped of his title because he suffers from Kleber's disease, an illness which makes the body stop growing past childhood. He is thrown out of the palace, and for the first time, he must experience the outside world. Ernst is lonely and naive, but noble and farsighted; no matter how sheltered he may have been, he has been... more>> taught to rule and care for his people. Thus, when he is exiled to the poorest and harshest land of all, Meissen, he seeks to do what he can to create a better future for the people who are counting on him.

His love interest is a man from the Dunbert race, which are a powerful group of warriors who are traditionally mercenaries. For some reason, this warrior man served Ernst in his bathing chamber. Though Ernst had always believed himself to be alone and replaceable, to this man and this man alone, he is the most precious existence.

After reading the first interlude, I can confidently say that the romance in this story is wonderful. The both of them are supportive and caring of each other, and while Ernst and his love interest each have their own goals and desires, they both show a willingness to support each other and stay together no matter what. Their feelings are very pure and heartwarming. When I first started translating this story, I was concerned by Ernst's appearance - because he's so naive and sheltered, it was easy to think of him as a child, like his looks; this made me hesitant to touch the romance, as well as the R18 scenes. However, the perspective from other characters shows that Ernst is competent and mature, and even if his body is small, his mind is capable of many things.

Plus, his love interest makes him so happy. I want to support him!!

If you are interested in a long and thorough fantasy story with worldbuilding, economic/political development, heartwarming romance, and major character progression, please give this story a try.

Also: I am translating the R18 version of the story, so there is some... content that you shouldn't let people read over your shoulder. <<less
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SilverSerenity rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: --
Im loving this story so far! Thank you for translating. The story moves through character development very well.
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