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Moonlight on the Snowfield
JP Moonlight on the Snowfield
Drama Fantasy Romance Yaoi
The world was comprised of 17 countries and 5 races. Afflicted by a disease, the crown prince of Rintz Kingdom in Schell continent, Ernst, was... more>> stripped of his rights to the throne and made the lord of the poorest fief, Meissen. The citizens of Meissen lived a destitute life in extreme poverty. For the sake of the citizens living now, as well as the citizens who were yet to be born, Ernst will sow the seeds for their future. <<less
Releases: 42
Tenseishitarashii Nodesuga, Zensei no Kioku ga Mattaku Arimasen
JP Tenseishitarashii Nodesuga, Zensei no Kioku ga Mattaku Arimasen
Fantasy Yaoi
A world with only males which summons their wives through reincarnation by the use of a ceremony. And summoned to such a world, a ‘man’... more>> which was a ceremonial failure. The husband has a muscular structure of a bouncer and looks somehow scary. Am I going to give birth to this guy’s child? Or rather, do I have to? But you know, we both have no interest in our fellow men at all. If so, then it should be fine even if I don’t do it. I want to aim for a peaceful everyday life where I soothe my husband with home-cooked meal and make him forget about doing it <<less
Releases: 19