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One day, the sickly prince of the Maillard Kingdom woke up in an unfamiliar, gorgeous room. He was told that this was the royal palace of the famous country Barthelemy, a place known for its advanced medical treatment, by Fernand, an angelic beauty serving as his new attendant. The food, clothes, and scenery outside all confused the prince. After all, the life the prince lived in his own country was…

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Kimi no Oukoku
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September 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I like sickly character LOL

It's a short novel revolves around fernand & licht soft love story. Despite the cover, it's a rly light hearted story and yeah, reading just to kill time. Not much of rollercoaster ride. A rly simple read.

just a bit disappointed they didn't reveal that his kingdom had fallen and fernand was the one who killed the king and everyone else from licht's country

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August 30, 2020
Status: c6
lovely cute story, so far so cute albeit confusing as the chapters are still too few.
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Vyathra rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm too fed up from reading rebirth/transmigrated novels these days, so this one is quite a refreshing one.

Well tbh, from me it's 4.3/5, but i'll just round it up to 5~

While reading, I'm always thinking on how I can transmigated in this novel to protecc my cute cinnamonroll prince. Argh I will protecc him for the rest of my life!!

But, the ending is quite abrupt. Many things are left unexplained.

... more>>

As to what is the true indentity of the gardener? I thought he has some important secret role, like a spy, or the millard's king's bro, or whatev. But well, nothing happened.


Also, I think my cutiepie prince's feeling is formed too quick. It's like their story is being shortened, and many details are being removed.

But, the story plot itself overall is good. I can see the character growth from the first and last chap comparison.

Although I wish it has longer story and pace, with more interactions to see my cutiepie healing process more

ヽ (´_つ`) ノ <<less
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SeraTheDevilSlayer rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good, definitely worth reading when you are bored. This novel will make you cry because of the hardships that the MC go through, and also make you melt of how sweet the MC and ML relationship.

... more>>

The protagonist is loveable. He is naive, cute, but also strong at the same time because he had a sad past. The ML is also deeply in love with MC, although at first he denied his own feelings (and I love how his aide always teased the ML how he is really in love with MC). The ML is the playboy type who likes to sleep around with another man, but didn't playing around anymore when MC came to his life and he's really patient when it comes to MC (love it). MC gradually became attached to ML and became really expressive of how he loves the ML.

There's something that really unfortunate though. As the other reviewer mentions that ML didn't tell MC that he killed and ruin MC kingdom. And the second is because the MC is naive, when they finally sleep together the MC didn't know that they had s*x IMO.

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earlgreyt rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Not bad, a sweet short story.

There were some serious moments where the MC was suffering from his past trauma.

At first, I thought it was going to be mindless imprinting/MC falling in love with the ML because ML was the only person he interacted with, but it was less like that (thankfully).

MC started coming out of his shell near the end.

Overall an enjoyable and fluffy read.
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MynameisFork rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I thought this was gonna be longer but it felt pretty short 😅 anyways (3, 8/5)

The story is pretty straightforward mind you my review contrast spoiler

Long story short an abandoned prince was entrapped in an underground prison of a castle because ... more>>

he's a mystical wing creature that was believed to have blood to make you return to youth

he was then captured back by the ML to his kingdom and so the love story begins

If I were to describe the MC he's pretty pitiful my heart hurts reading it but I couldn't cry he's like a child in a grown up body along the story, also ps it maybe yaoi but it runs more on the Shounen AI side, the ML is pretty cliche? If you ask dude likes beautiful things because the things he goes thru that's why he caught the MC. He's caring and quite patient but also maybe a wolf in sheep clothing.

I recommend this story if you want a good quick read tbh, it felt like reading a 20? Ish BL manga 🤣 overall it's quite good if you want a quick angst like an abandoned child, MC who has past trauma and fantasy <<less
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