Kiss the Black Cat


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Nidel, who belonged to the Technological Magic Order that held low prestige, became the bodyguard of a foreign prince behind the scenes. Left with no choice, he assumed the role of a bodyguard, turning into a black cat using the transformation magic he prided himself in, but the one who assumed the role as official bodyguard was the Royal Knight Legato. Nidel, who one-sidedly held feelings of affection towards Legato, thought of this circumstance to be interesting, butー

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Kuroneko ni Kiss wo
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vasiliassy rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c29
Its different from tipical character BL European kingdom that Japanse ppl normaly created.

... more>>

seme is experience with many both girl and man partner and uke can tease seme like normally experience woman teasing, but uke never have realtionship before.


Yeah you see normaly seme and uke didn't have an experience in BL JP but this different and the s*x scene is good too.

Super funny, I can't stomach it after reading this gem novel. HE,


All ppl tease them so much lol and even support them (but the kingdom still didn't have gay rules)

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thepinkfleurdelis rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: c10
I really like this novel. It goes against the cliche style of novel with characters who are three dimensional. I feel for the MC, and I am looking forward to his continued interactions with the ML. Although, he does seem to be a little oblivious, so that might be fun. Then again, only four chapters until the NSFW comes in... waiting!
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Hasr11 rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: extra 2
Translator Here! I picked up this novel for translating, so it goes unsaid that I love it! I'll try to keep this review mostly spoiler-free...

TL;DR, If you want a novel with good chemistry between the Main characters, awesome smut (there's quite a bit), and a good plot, this is the novel for you.

Now onto the detailed review...

I know most of you guys out there avoid Japanese Yaoi novels in favour of danmei because of the lack of good stories in them. This isn't one of them. And that's what makes... more>> it so unique. The characters are well fleshed out, you feel for their struggles, and the romance isn't like '*bam* and they fall in love'. In fact more than the cats and the fluff, which is wonderful in its own right, it is the romance that makes this novel shine

Sure, the seme

isnt a virgin

and the uke pretty much

seduces the seme

but it doesn't feel forced. There's enough interaction between the two for their feelings to grow and although the

smut happens

a little to fast, I don't think there's anyone who doesn't want it (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The leads aren't Titanium-level dense, and are aware of the other's feelings, even before the confession.

(Nidel doesn't have the confidence that Legato loves him though)

The uke is assertive, and though he might look a little delicate, he isn't girly at all. Both the seme an the uke have an understanding and healthy relationship.

Coming onto the supporting characters, they're the best ever! Especially in the part where

Legato admits they're a couple

everyone is supportive, much to Nidel's surprise. The people in tech even say that

what's surprising isn't that they're both guys, but that it's Nidel and Legato who got together

. The Prime Minister and the King are one of the best wingmen I've seen. Although the kingdom doesn't recognise gays, the fact that nobody judges them is wonderful.

The story isn't all fluff though, there's a little angst in the latter half of the novel, but it gets pretty much resolved by the end. We get the seme's point of view in the novel too, which we don't often get in Japanese ones. And then there's the fact that this novel is HE.

Lemon Suzuki, the author, has written straight novels too, and I think this shows in her writing. There's a few cliches here and there, but they aren't overused. The novel is concise, and

the first bodyguard arc

is actually the longest one. This is my favourite BL novel and I'd totally recommend it to everyone! <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c13
This series has kept me cracking up every few chapters so far. I was shocked and disappointed when I caught up because I couldn't read the next chapter right away (Give me more!). There is a lot of fluff so far, but the action thrown into the mix was fun. Each character has his own history thus far and own perspectives about various matters.

The MC is easygoing but also works hard. He enjoys being a cat way too much for his own good, which is always good for a laugh.... more>> He asserts himself, and, when he decides to pursue the ML, he pursues the ML. He's very likeable, and I like his casual but diligent nature. The ML is awkwardly serious most of the time, which leads to him getting teased quite a bit. According to the other reviews, there's another side to him which hasn't been revealed yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

I recommend this for anyone who likes BL and wants an entertaining and funny light read. <<less
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