The Short Story of ShaoWang


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The omega school tyrant, legendarily known as “Yan Ge”, Jiang ShaoYan’s heat is approaching. He thought he had no other choice but to seek out an alpha stronger than himself to get him through it, but suddenly an underclassman appeared saying he liked him? Wait, wait, wait, having such weak pheromones yet daring to hit on this Ge? This Wang isn’t that foolish, right?

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Shh! My Dear Alpha
Woof A Little Less
Ít Uông Vài Câu
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Xixiryn rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c33
Did not finish. I got too mad.

Get ready. Ranting ensues...

I really like strong MCs who knows their mind and who can protect themselves, but I don't like this MC at all. He gets on my nerves and really pisses me off. He comes across as rather inconsiderate, which creates many unnecessary misunderstandings with ML. Honestly, I have no idea what ML sees in him.

... more>>

The ML is too insecure and 50% of that is the MC's fault. I get that the MC likes animals but it's not okay to always call others, especially the ML, a dog without expaining to him that it's not meant to be offensive. In one instance, the ML's cousin pointed out MC's hickey, and MC said to the cousin, referring to the ML, "That dog, so annoying." ML heard him and was obviously upset but it went right over the MC's dense head. The MC didn't even try to apologize or explain that he didn't mean it in a mean way. Poor ML!

The MC is also constantly trying to change the ML, trying to make him more assertive and more forceful, when it was the ML's kindness and thoughtfulness that made the MC like him to begin with. Can't you just like him the way he is? That's all he wanted. Also, he is not a dog for you to train and order around.

And, would it hurt to just sit down together and tell him what you like about him instead of just letting him hear all the negatives? No wonder the ML is insecure, especially when the MC straight up told the ML that he would like him more if he changes and becomes less sensitive. It was already bad enough that other people are telling the ML he's not the MC's type. I would be completely insecure too if I'm dating someone like the MC.

Also, what genius thinks that it's okay to go to a dance with someone to dump that person and then confess to the ML? That's right, the MC. And of course, things got out of hand, creating more fodder for ML to misunderstand that he was the MC's last resort/rebound guy. Would it hurt to just, I don't know, maybe call the guy up or meet up with him first and just say, "I don't think we're a good fit" and then go to the dance with the ML and confess to him?


Arrgh. I'm just so mad for the poor ML. Lol.

These are just my personal opinions and perceptions so take it with a grain of salt. I gave up at Chapter 33 so I can't comment on the rest of the story.

Although I don't like the novel, I do want to compliment the translator for doing an excellent job. <<less
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tailor31415 rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Translator here~

I really love this story because of how realistic the interactions of two people who have never been in a relationship are here. The two main characters are flawed, just like real human beings, so there are misunderstandings and problems that arise as they get to know each other. But in the end, they are in love and it's very cute and sweet~

also the face slapping in this novel is very bearable. it's unavoidable in cnovels but it's pretty amusing and goes by quickly here~

Addressing the complaint discussed in... more>> another review here....


the MC wants the ML to change because he's scared of *literally* dying during his heat because the man he loves might not be able to emit enough pheromones to suppress his fever. that's a very reasonable and very understandable motivation. it's no surprise that he gets frustrated and scared, wanting to be with someone he loves but also wanting to, you know, survive. the ML isn't perfect, he could have just told the MC it wouldn't be a problem, but they were both too scared to be honest - both too scared of losing each other because they had never been in a relationship before. again, it's all very realistic, imo.

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stardustmist rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is refreshing to read as the Omega isn't a damsel in distress and dependent, he doesn't need anyone to rely on and can beat those arrogant Alphas' asses easily, strong and respected. Not your typical Omega who gets trampled on by those a**holes.

The ML is very sweet and considerate, he's stubborn and protective, but not in a suffocating way. The ML is very much like a big pup and I want to coddle him~

It was fine until I found the MC too annoying, he's just inconsiderate of ML's... more>> feelings, he's too inflexible, and very much insensitive. He made the ML so insecure and god, don't even start about the misunderstandings......

He calls ML, a silly dog, cause ML reminds him of his golden retriever, but he doesn't say that to the ML and ML gets too insecure ://// MC really wants to train him as his dog and I didn't like that... The ML deserved better, honestly...


There is marital dubcon and I am glad that the translator reminded us of that. ML goes on a business trip and an Omega tries to seduce him, but the MC thinks that it's ML's fault and punishes him to not touch him for a week. After that they go to the business party and MC introduces himself as ML's senior and gets mad at the ML again when things don't happen his way... He tries to make ML jealous, the ML gets drunk and ML forces him, I don't condone r*pe, but I felt bad for the ML instead...

Then the MC drugged ML's drink just so he can act upon while MC is in heat, that was too cruel. First, MC was the one who extended his not touching punishment and instead of saying that he wants the ML, he just drugged him.. The ML was so guilty about his previous actions that he doesn't dare touch the MC again, poor boy.


The MC gets more annoying in the extras and god, I have wanted to slap him so badly. I am sad, the ML deserved better : ( ((

Plot: 3 stars

MC: 2 stars

ML: 5 stars

translation was very good, the translator did an amazing job, sadly the characters wasn't my favorite. Was gonna rate it 4 stars, but the extras ruined it for me. <<less
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Xian-laoshi rated it
July 23, 2020
Status: Completed

I was initially too lazy to put a good review but seeing that the rating for this cute story is declining, lemme help save it.

  1. In my defense to the other negative reviews regarding MC's personality, ShaoYan is a rather realistic, strong, independent, and considerate person. In the beginning, he was confused with his feelings for he also had other concerns he needed to pay attention to (his inevitable estrus, ya know) and was not verbally direct with his feelings towards the ML. That might how the notions where he was an emotional abuser, insensitive, and inconsiderate stemmed from. In fact, if you look closely, ever since he realized that he like the other person, he began to worry about the wellbeing and feelings of the ML.
  2. This is also a rather great ABO Danmei novel where Omegas could be said to be treated fairly and with care.
  3. Ahhh. The smut boy, the smut. It was so hot. It was vivid, beautiful, and erotically written. Others might not like 'cause the MC was always bullied in bed but, dude, his partner is a young vigorous Alpha. What would you expect?Ayt. Cheers to smut lovers like me!
  4. The supporting characters may not up to one's taste but for me, they're alright. I mean, considering that it's...
  5. ... The fluff focuses on our two leading characters so, yeah, expect that the character and romantic developments will solely focus on the two.
In conclusion, it's a good read. Worth reading and rereading.
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vanishmentthisworld rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c50
I didn't finish the story because of the MC. The MC is very strong and brave. He is not afraid to stand up against the arrogant alphas who would make a move on him. However he is also insensitive and inconsiderate of his partner's feelings. Almost as if he's taking him for granted just because he know how kind and thoughtful the ML is. I honestly feel like MC is taking advantage of ml's feelings for him. Yeah I know he wants the ML to be stronger because of the... more>> things regarding his heat but there is many other way to solve the problem without being mean and hurting ml's feelings. He makes the ML so insecure and he's not even aware of it because he is so self centered. Aghh honestly I just write these review because I am so annoyed by the MC. Anyway this is just my opinion so if you want to read this just go for it. <<less
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numba1nobody rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Really good one and I don't get why others got annoyed with the MC. He isn't rude but kind off but not the kind of pathetic one and overbearing and the misunderstanding really help them became more intimate.

really deserves 5 star.

Too cute too much sweetness my teeth hurts so much that I actually ended up in the dentist. Bot MC and ML are overbearing in bed lol the MC is not really much of a sl*t but still can be considered one and ML is pretty considerate and that's what... more>> makes him special. Actually I never understood what the ML really liked about the MC but you can actually see that they like each other.

There is a part in the story where literally shook my soul and almost killed me when I read this scene I feel myself going on heat TOO MUCH SWEETNESS JUST SO OVERBEARING I WAS DRIVEN MAD LIKE CRAZY!!!

The part I'm talking about is an spoiler But I still suggest not to read it if you haven't read the story for The real sweetness. This is just some of it.

"Then I'll give you a chance now, mark me. Do you dare? If you can leave a mark, I'll reconsider you. If no mark, there won't be another chance in this lifetime."

However, Wang Zhe stopped right in front of him.

He then lowered his head slightly and gently kissed his fingertips, the touch brimming with deep affection.

"I deeply cherish you, Xuezhang, please cherish yourself too."

Jiang ShaoYan's heart was shaken.

Wang Zhe's voice was soft as he continued, "Of course I really want to mark Xuezhang and want to make you mine, but what's the use if you don't like me? We wouldn't be happy together. I don't want to make you unhappy..... So, marking and all, such things should be left to the one Xuezhang truly likes. "

Jiang ShaoYan could only feel the heat that still remained on the tip of his kissed fingers. The temperature of that heat didn't fall but kept rising. It penetrated into his skin and flowed through his veins to the center of his heart, making his internal temperature rise and disrupting the calm of his mind. All his irritation was completely dissolved, until only that burning heat was left.

"..... what if the person I like doesn't value me, what then?"


I was literally like in heat when I read this part like really this is the first time this happened to me.

I feel pity for the ML because of the misunderstanding. <<less
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April 11, 2020
Status: c50
This story is so good

Translation is also excellent


MC is so strong and ML is ridiculously puppy-like. But turns into a wolf when they go papapa.


This ABO story actually believes in consent and they don't go immediately ballistic when omega goes to estrus unlike some. There's clear affirmation and care. It's very refreshing
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Needyneedle rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I was pleasantly surprised this novel didn't kill my interest, especially with many reviewers leaving comments such as unappreciative MC and misunderstandings that authors love to milk. You know the drill, the usual norm, and the typical plot devices. Be prepared to roll your eyes because I will be milking the word misunderstanding here too. In all serious note, the disputes didn't really infuriate me. Perhaps I'm already numb from reading all the misunderstanding gimmicks, but I thought it was not as bad as what some people made it out... more>> to be. The MC did an excellent job of trying to rectify the mistakes that resulted in ML misunderstanding him.

Before they did the deed, MC overwhelmingly clarified everything with ML. In short, the misunderstandings were justified because this author created a realistic MC character. Don't get me wrong, he was still over the top, but man the realization and his thought process were *chef's kiss.* I cannot stress enough how I appreciate his perspective.

Ok ok ok, before they did the deed, he also promised that:


He will always say I love you to ML every day if I'm not mistaken. What I am not mistaken though was he continuously did this throughout the years, albeit the time-skip and author-san only giving us one sentence. Y'know, just informing us that MC made an effort to improve their relationship.


Yes, sometimes MC's plans and actions can be categorized as overstepping the line but he usually gets the short end of the stick. Basically, he reaped what he sowed. Lmao If you think about it, this is their first serious relationship, so it's reasonable that they don't have a perfect relationship. Is there even such a thing as a perfect relationship? I will never know! I think the author did an excellent job with this novel. I also would like to applaud him/her for actually writing a story where a shou and a gong don't have the normal formula personalities!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this novel but I understand if it's not your cup of tea! 3.5/5 <<less
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Rutabaga rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Seeing as most people who gave this novel a bad rating has a problem with the MC's personality, I guess the how good the book is is dependent on the reader.

This is a novel with high smut and high fluff. Most of the readers have a problem with the MC 's personality, and I can see why. I suppose the author' s intention is to make the MC, an omega, "strong". And the author's strong came off as stubborn, or Forceful. There are some aspects of the MC I definitely... more>> do not like, but for the most part, he came off to me as "fresh", I guess. Its not often you see a "strong" omega.

The MC for the most part thinks that an Alpha should respect their mate, and his attitude on how to express that is not that good, so he seems Forceful. He also has a bad temper, so that adds to it. I think the biggest problem is the MC and ML both make a lot of assumptions on their own, and that creates a lot of misunderstandings and a "unpleasant" plot to read.

The Unpleasent parts (sort of explained but with spoilers) :


A lot of misunderstandings? It's quite annoying to read for me, but I suppose it's normal in a drama/romance novel. The MC also has a bad temper, so he blames a lot of things on the ML, like f*cking him too hard and the ML not cherishing himself (the ML) enough, but he uses quite a lot of foul words so it seems like he's overreacting or scolding the ML.


The first extra was quite nice, but in the second one the ML kinda forced himself onto the MC when he was drunk while the MC kept refusing. The MC also put some drugs or medicine into the ML's drink, to make the s*x more... You know. To be fair, he didn't blame the ML for f*cking him till he cried, and blamed himself for it, but it's still unpleasant.


On the part about "s*upid dog", a lot of reviews complained about, it actually isn't that bad? Its 傻狗 in Chinese, which doesn't really sound as bad as it does in English. Even among friends in China, we often call each other "s*upid <something>" or "you dog" as a nickname or a joke. Some people even refer to themselves as dogs as a joke. (单身狗,我一条狗的人生or something like that) (Of course, It's different if you use it as an insult). I definitely understand how the ML perceived it as an insult, but I also understand how the MC used it as a form of endearment. Also, the whole premise of the story is built from the fact the ML seems like a huge dog, as seen from the title: 少汪几句 - 少 (Little, less) 汪 (wāng, bark/woof) 几 (a few) 句 (sentence), so it means "Bark a few sentences less" which obviously sounds terrible in English, but smooth in Chinese. (so you can see its clear at first glance that there's something to do with dogs, even if the translated version doesn't show it)

If I had to say what the best things of the novel were, I suppose the freshness or the smut. The smut, as other reviews say, are really good. The MC is also not all submissive and stuff. No OP MC and ML either. It's also nice they fell in love with each other for their personalities instead of because of a one night stand like some ABO novels.

I don't know if I'd recommend it, honestly, but take a look at it if you have free time. <<less
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devils_dont_fly rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: --
The ML is painfully in love, and the MC is too emotionally stunted.

The ML's supposed love is too unrealistic and hard for me to accept. He is way too devoted, to the point it is unhealthy. It's like his whole life, all his thoughts revolve around the MC, getting the MCs love, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I had no problem with it while reading the novel, but now that I look back, I am very uncomfortable with that premise.

This 'love' of ML makes me feel concerned for... more>> him. Okay, you are in love, but can't you have some self respect? His love is unhealthy, period.

And due to this, I think the MC doesn't deserve his love.

I despise the setting of the story that makes it like the Omega will suffer if the alpha's pheromones aren't strong enough, and that's why there is angst in the first part.

The ML says he has really weak pheromones since he didn't want MC to be with him just for his pheromones, and honestly, this might seem so noble but I don't agree with his actions. Made the MC go through so much emotional dilemma over this.


Tbh, that was just a weird plot device for the author to shove in the angst.

And the MC, okay he is cool. He is also a basic bitvh. A gender-norm defying omega, beats up alphas, but tbh too inconsiderate and very hard to like. I hated him, I despised him and I can't fathom why the ML would be hopelessly dedicated to him. Damn, work on that emotional intelligence. His behaviour towards the ML in the first half...... yeah if I was the ML I would just not bother with the MC anymore. The MC can go date an alpha as*hole for all I care, since he never wanna care for feelings of people other than him.

ML is way too sensitive for MC to handle. And thus happened more unnecessary angst after they confirmed the relationship. Which annoyed the hell out of me. Basically, the relationship dynamics are just... problematic.

Tbh, I know that I am only pointing out the bad parts of the story but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it to some extent. I liked some parts of it, and I thought the ML was extremely cute. A decent story overall, but it did piss me off at some parts.

And yeah it definitely isn't a very fluffy story, there is lots of heavy angst too. Read it for the smut maybe. <<less
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ylial rated it
December 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Cute smut story ❤️but has a lot of flaws. ML is strong yet timid. He has low self esteem despite being handsome, good body. He is also slow. I'm annoyed with ML because The MC said several times that ML is his alpha yet the ML misunderstood his feelings since the MC also said he likes he-ge and rui-ge. 😅 Whereas the MC is tsundere and domineering. Making the insecure ML feels more insecure 😅

In reality, if the situation is prolonged where the partner is too domineering while the other... more>> has low self esteem, it won't really last. The low esteemed person will eventually feel humiliated and thinks he loses dignity,.. He will just get suddenly snapped.. Fortunately the MC knows when to concess and coquettish only to ml. <<less
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April 18, 2020
Status: c61
Stopped reading at chapter 61 because to me... They already have a happy ending and I don't want to ruin that by continuing.

Plus I'm on of those people... Where if I have it, I don't want it anymore. But if I don't have it, I want it all the more. So... Now that they're together... It's no fun.
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darkelf01 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c18
I'm very thankful of this novel because I just found out that novels with MCs like this one is my auto-dislike. Casual disrespect and unwarranted treatment to a perfectly fine ML are apparently my One True Berserk Button.

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Psychoutre rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: Completed
It lost a star purely because of the extras. OMFG I wish I time-travelled and knocked myself unconscious, it was a super sweet ending only to be ruined by 'dub'-con - which I'm normally ok with but I personally think there wasn't any consent involved at all.

... more>>

It was so depressing to read, ML was oblivious to protecting his chastity from others and had to get taught by MC having physical contact with a stranger.. And then there's MC who would rather drug his husband just so he can be bedded (honestly he could literally just tell ML that he wants to uplift his 'no-touching' ban in the first place but NO let's get complicated). ML realises his s*xual abuse, begs for forgiveness in which of course the MC willingly gives..

ugh I know omegaverse has this sort of 'animalistic' and 'uncontrollable' aspect to it but the number of times the shou has kept warning and telling the ML to stop just made me uncomfortable all around. I really cannot see the 'dubious' here because to me it just looked as if the shou just gave up, out of his love for the ML, and maybe also out of his own guilt for being the reason as to why ML was under the influence of drugs in the first place. I really could have done better not reading these last two extras.


So word of advice to the me in the future who would want to re-read this again: STOP after the first extra (~62). You don't need to know what happens after that. It would be the perfect ending.

Going to give a quick review and disregard those last two disappointing extras.. Ugh someone please wipe my memory of the last two extras, it is still leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

MC is confident, strong, independent after growing up with his single omega-father, ML is the pining, adorable, alpha who held onto his first love for a number of years. MC while I admit does have his flaws, I appreciated that he would stand up for ML and would try to reassure ML of his love for him. They both can be quite sweet together, and the dynamic in itself was interesting (puppy gong x overbearing shou) which is why I kept reading.

The premise of the story being that your one true love doesn't necessarily have to be your deemed 'type' is really nice. Misunderstandings are very cliche though, and the faceslappings were what you would normally expect. All in all, translation was amazing and made me enjoy the main story. I finished it in a few hours. <<less
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Ritu rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
The first few chapters are FRUSTRATING !!!! But that's only because we are only superficially introduced to the characters. The MC and ML are such an amazing match tbh. It's really cute. 100% recommended to read. The smut is also pretty amazing.

The ML esp, wow it wasn't until that certain epilogue that I really appreciated how in control the ML is. The contrast between nature vs nurture couldn't be more obvious then. The ML is amazing. Ignore everyone calling him a wimp. He may be a wimp but he is... more>> amazing.

On that note, the epilogue has some parts that are con but seems highly dub con because the MC and ML were idiots. I honestly skipped past them because it made me super uncomfortable. Dub con is nothing new in ABO, I've read so many of it. But the way it did not fit the MC and ML, it made me uncomfortable. Honestly they were both so apologetic to each other after. Be careful while reading it if you don't like stuff like this. I honestly feel like the author wrote that part as a contrast to show how bad the "traditional" ABO troops and how it's not a healthy relationship. <<less
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A.S.P. rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I was really scared to start reading due to all bad or mixed reviews. I really hate when I need to stop reading a book due to emotional scenes that are heartbreaking. But this story is sweet. The misunderstanding that other reviewers point out came due to both characters fault. One has too much of 'strong-show with actions not words-shy' and the other is 'supper attentive to his actions but attention he gives must be temporary as I am not his ideal type' mentality.

I like their interaction as is in... more>> a way very realistic and in line with backstory. And the setting which personality in abo world isn't set in stone is nicely done, author even takes care to show the preferred way of things in abo world and set's protagonist as rarely seen but still possible personalities. If author has no psychological knowledge I am certain that she did some research.

Recommend reading this story as nothing is white or black. Each character has more than one side. <<less
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secondthots rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: Completed
“If there was a ‘most sincere & devoted alpha in the world’ award, this fool would surely win.”—c38

I am not lying when I say that it’s extremely difficult to find an ABO novel that sits well with my moral compass. The universe is usually pretty hardcore, sexist, & full of dog-blood scenarios. HOWEVER, Shaowang is a silver lining to many of the garbo ABO themed novels. Not only does our alpha have presence, pheromones, & a smoking bod, but he also has the purest & most loyal heart. Our omega... more>> isn’t your standard pretty boy either. He can surely pack a few punches & even hold his ground around the arrogant mavericks who wish to subdue him. The premise won me over: a fierce omega ends up being roommates with a docile alpha who happens to be crushing on him.

Someone please call the ambulance because I think I just went into a coma from this novel. Incredibly sweet, especially during the moments where our adorable alpha demonstrates the extent of his devotion for his omega. Enticingly smutty, specifically THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BOOK. Fluffy to the bone because I felt like an abused single dog to the very end. This is your read if you’re sick of your standard ABO tropes. However, don’t be fooled by our meek alpha’s demeanor... he’s only docile around his baobei ;)

TL;DR read for the smut & fluff guys... you can’t go wrong with that <<less
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UsuiAh rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Good pacing. I don’t know why I kept seeing someone like pokemon jynx as the omega JSY hahaha I had to repeatedly look at the image on chapter 1.

The only unrealistic part was how the Alpha was super devoted, like Hua Cheng-levels haha. But he makes the story super sweet and happening.

Happy ending, lots of smut. Count all the 5 star reviews.
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ryzll rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay, I do admit that this kind of novel isn't really my type. Like I'm not really into misunderstandings category but this especially gave me so much heartache with the two of them always missing the other's meaning.

Emm, but I do think they're pretty reasonable, sometimes yeah, but not all the time. God knows how frustrated I am because of this couple.

My point is, MC being a little lying tsundere and ML being a big insecure coward isn't really fitted to be together. It's chaotic, but the fact that they... more>> together got through that phase really amazed me that I have to say that they are truly a match. The character growth from MC too is really cool.

The smut... uhh let's just say with how frustrated I was at their early stages of dating, was how fee I was at the later scenes of the story. Literally 24/7 h**ny this two are.

Oh let me tell you the f*cking alpha antagonist. Hoo, boi is too arrogant and in need of a beating or two, no maybe a lot, with how he treated MC before, I was really wishing him to just reappear sometimes just to get faceslapped and be a punching bag for ML but ehh I guess it's good that he's out of the way now.

Another antagonist is the omega partner of the f*cking alpha above. Ok, let me tell you that I condemn his actions, I really do. His partner is an as*hole and he is a idiotic scumbag. Just... I somewhat understand his thoughts even though I disapprove of it. Like translator said that his thought process at the time maybe was Someone bullied my partner, I can't win against that bully, Let me call a few older ones to help me. Yes he wants to "teach" MC a lesson for his "wrongdoings" but he never intended for MC to be r*ped. Not that it happened, but for a second there, I gave him a clap for at least still having a principle. He isn't generally a good person but at least he still has his morals.

Also the second fanwai, I advise you not to read it. It's pretty uncomfy and the translator has already warned it ahead of time.

there's r*pe. yes it's r*pe. I genuinely didn't like it and couldn't tolerate it because ML really isn't that type of guy that it's hard to swallow. Everything could've gone okay if not for that. Seeing these two whom I really grew fond of after spending chapter after chapter with them acting like this, my heart can't take nor accept it. So skip, skip if you're not up for it. Really.

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Onelazygirl rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I love the ML. Like seriously I am in freaking love with him.

I don't really like the MC but I can understand where he is coming from.

From what happened in his childhood he wanted to be strong so that no body can trample on him. He was prideful (even when taking the initiative with the ML he did it in a domineering way). Which led to a lot of misunderstanding in the start.

It may be a bit frustrating but for me they came as of real people one prideful... more>> and one insecure. I could understand them and love them for what they are.

My favorite line is "this is my devotion to you"

Good God the Ml❣️❣️😍😍

MC would have f*king saved the universe in his last life to be able to meet a man so devoted like our ML

God I am sooo jealous of the MC 's fortune. <<less
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