I Just Want to Be in a Relationship


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In the last life, Movie Emperor Yu listened to the company and listened to his manager in order not to expose his sexual orientation. Until his death, he never had a relationship.

Yu Qing Huan didn’t want to be a money making machine in his current life. He wanted to travel to the best place, see the best scenery, eat the best food and then find the best man to live a happy life together.

Hou Qu is a genius savant who can easily learn chemical formulas just by glancing at them. One day, he gets lost in the busy streets and Yu Qing Huan helps him.

Little does Yu Qing Huan know that his wish to stay out of the limelight may not ever be granted as he had unknowingly been locked on by a hungry wolf hidden in the shadows because of his single act of kindness…

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New procrastination_day rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c173
To me this story is pretty average. But I'll give it 3.5* for having a unique ML

I enjoy the MCs charachter and his happyness every time his luck seems to be going poorly on the fame front. The ML goes through quite a bit of charachter development though it looks like he's taking into the typical yandere super compitent ML route.

Having the ML struggle with his shortcomings is one of the strong points of this story, the autistic qualeties of his are pretty well written but do not always feel... more>> consistent. But it's still better than how it usually is portrayed in MC or MLs in other stories.

Thing's I don't really appreciate is how some of developments or qualities feel a bit forced like:

    • the ML has a fit eye-candy body even though he never works out and doesn't exercise on a regular basis (???, okay I can suspend my disbelief because this is pretty common for Garry Stew)
    • Spoiler

      MC explain to ML at one point that sometimes people say 'no' when they actually mean 'yes'. Cue for ML to use this on MC in bed. That's pretty dangerous since it is a typical trait for autistic people perceive things in only black or white. But so far it only plays into allowing the MC to play the hard to get game. Though he sometimes needs to break this and take the initiative when the ML innocently doesn't know what the next step is (that's a bit more refreshing)

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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Ahh, my eyes, and heart, mind, feelings, and soul. *tears up*

This novel is simply wonderful.

The sweetness and the mixture of comedy and slight face-slapping is present.

... more>> Definitely a breath of fresh air from all of those angsty novels.

The MC's luck is certainly off the charts *laughs* like a living God of Luck.

It was entertaining but then as I read deeper and finally finished the novel.... the reason why our MC had such good luck is so... *bawls my heart out* gosh, the feels people, the feels.

And our ML, I've never seen such an adorable ML. Honestly.

And once you've finished reading this and have finally connected the dots, you'll realize just how sweet this story is.

The fates of our MC and ML have been connected starting from the moment of his (MC) rebirth.

(The extra chapter really hit me on the feels zone. Just, simply *ahhhhh* ML, my heart goes to you.)

*I want to spoil it a little bit but then I want you to experience the sweetness yourself* *screams*

will definitely re-read. ❤️

This is an HE novel with lots of fluff. <<less
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February 18, 2019
Status: Completed
This relationship is the most unique I have read.

MC reincarnated and was blessed with incredible luck that he has no idea why.

The luck itself was ridiculous. However the MC never abused it. In fact he ignores it and went on finding a potential lover.

... more>> This story inspires growth. To overcome difficulties and what it means for someone to love you. What it takes to change your weaknesses into a better you.

It sorta gives a picture of the reality of the effects from actions that character take. From the story u see some characters has consequences taken from their actions but it's not much.

I enjoy the growth that both the MC and the ML from their first meeting to climax where the ML shines the most of his growth.

Now a little bit of my dislike is that the MC has already mastered in acting to the point there's no difficulties but that is just my opinion.

Some may not like the ML as much due to setbacks. But he has more character development than any of the characters here. Plus he is cute I can't deny that. And Loyal too.

Give this story a read for some fluffiness and strong couple relationship. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: Completed

seriouslt though guysm this is legit fluffy and teary. So f*cking sweet that im willing too drown and have diabetes. I love this story, this is definitely at the top of my favorite bl list. Cuz f*cking why not.

I dont want to give any insight of the story cuz spoiling u guys will ruin the fun. JUST READ IT DAMN IT. ITS MY FAVORITE. I never judge things wrong (tf bru)

... more>> 100 STARS.





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rambling.d rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: Completed
The fluff is strong. ❤ I was so happy reading this my heart was just overflowing with sweetness.

I highly recommend if you're into that kind of thing. Sometimes, I really hate too much drama and this was just right. 👌🏽
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Vannie rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c35
Note: Read the rest of the chapter's via mtl

This one gives you a light hearted feeling cause of the fluff and cuteness of the chaters, but also have some heavy topics. The mixture of both are really well balanced. I could say that the characters growth are the most interesting point of this novel.

Different characters started in a different ways and grew up due to their interactions with other characters.

For example

... more>>

MC at the start could be seen as just a person who had been reborn, he won a lot of awards from his past life and have no further motivation in being in the entertainment circle, but as the chapters pssed by, it could be seen that he lacks the soul or lack the drive to be fully immersed in his role (becoming the character that actually lives in the story). Due to his perfectionism, he decided to improve himself more. Also, with ML being too naively warm and caring of MC, MC was able to slowly open himself more and show his weaknesses to ML.

54 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elvira12 rated it
March 5, 2019
Status: Completed
5 stars!!!

This novel is such a jewel. I got misty eyed in some parts. It is so fluffy and touching. I love the ML and MC. Such a courageous MC to choose differently in his new life. I also love the ML. His development is very very good and warm.

I especially liked the part when they celebrated new year together and ML gave MC a necklace that contains their DNA. And then ML said to MC, your DNA is the most beautiful thing I have seen. Waaah!!!
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Doytch Magient
Doytch Magient rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: --
Even with the used thousand times plot, the story still gives you the feeling of excitement. Also, Deeply pleased with this unique type of gong. It's fresh.


gong is having slight autism (which he can't remember roads, unable to socialize in normal way (just like a kid)), plus he's also got OCD. Despite that, he's suprisingly a genius in math field and professed as professor in best univ.

52 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Perhaps the only reason I gave full stars was because the previous novel tore my heart to little pieces, and this novel was like a healing ray of sunshine.

The premise is interesting and rather unusual, but the execution is mediocre. The whole story has a slice-of-life filter put over it, and a lot of important moments are just skimmed over, as if the author is afraid to write any serious conflicts.

One example is

... more>>

Early on, MC told ML that "sometimes 'no' means 'yes'" because he rejected him and then regretted it. Later, near the end of the story, ML used this phrase to take advantage of MC when he wasn't 100% willing.

Instead of going with this overused 'gong attacking the protesting shou' trope, the author could have had ML taking every 'no' as a 'no' and MC learning to say 'yes' when he means it. Just this little change would have added so much to their relationship!

Honestly, this is the only part that I actually disliked. Sadly, many BL novels like to have one person weakly protest the whole way and then be unable to move the next morning, as if the relationship where both parties are on board with it and no one is hurt are some kind of disgusting apparitions that no one wants.

This novel had so much potential to be different. But it wasn't.


Apart from the points that disappointed me, I really like this novel. Just because it could have been better, doesn't mean it wasn't good. I'd give it 3.5-4 stars if it wasn't for the fact that I really needed something sweet and light and this novel was just that. <<less
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darlingv rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: Completed
With so many similar themed novels out there, this one seems rather inconspicuous, but don't let that stop you because this understated novel is like a ray of sunshine that warms the heart. In fact, I can say most definitely that this is the best one out of all the rebirth/entertainment novels.

First off, what makes this novel so special is the characters. Seldom have I come across a novel with both MC and ML that are equally endearing. Alone, they are great characters, but together they are the perfect unit.

The... more>> way these two complement each other can be seen by the effort they both make to understand the other party. ML, being on the spectrum, struggles with emotions and social situations, is often misunderstood by the world but still willing to open his heart to MC, whereas MC takes into consideration ML's difficulties, slowly learns to understand ML's way of thinking and starts to let go of his past insecurities.

The cherry on top is the way the author writes and creates each scene. There are so many scenes in this novel that have moved me to tears, not out of sadness, but from the renewed conviction that love definitely exists!

I'm a huge sucker for love stories, but few have moved me as much as this one. I wish I could put into words how amazing this novel really is and the emotions it'll leave you feeling.

All I can say is, read it for yourself and find out. I promise, you won't regret it. <<less
52 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tutubitter rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c39
Hhhhhhhhhh *wheezing*

I love this novel so much. MC and ML are both so cute. I wish could just read the whole thing but MTLing hurts my brain cells so much and I feel like it takes away half the joy of reading it.

Very very thankful to the translator for updating so frequently. *kowtow*

c14 (08/27/19)

sigh... seriously man, they are such little baby darlings that deserve the world. I tear up in almost every chapter because of how precious and adorable they are 😭💓🙆🏻‍♀️
51 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tsukkin rated it
March 4, 2019
Status: --
Overall this novel is so satisfying, in a lot of ways. Too sweet so that your heart will start hurting and your eyes will start tearing. Single dogs are not suitable to read this novel, but well... if you insist, don't regret it hehehehe *evil smirk*
50 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
My gosh, definitely one of the best BL novel ive ever read. Readers can feel happy, sad, angry and etc.

MC character is ordinary except that he is really lucky in the second life. He only wants ordinary life, but life unexpectedly gave him surprised. While our ML is...... How do I say? Sometimes, I feel that his character is unrealistic, but still acceptable. A maiden wolf gong. Hhahaaahhah.. Anyway, I recommended this.

Btw, the MTL ed version is easy to understand
49 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: --
What a sweet story! I can’t help but read it again. More updates please! The ML is so lucky to meet this cutest MC. The way they care and support each other is heartwarming.
48 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JunWuXie rated it
July 26, 2019
Status: Completed

theres not much conflict, and a very light and fluffy novel.

The Gong is not ur typical dominant type gong. The development of their relationship is gradual for the shou side. The story is focused on their relationship and theres a character that you will feel a bit of pity

all in all, if you want a feel good and very light novel this is for you
47 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Asveses rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c12

It's so cute!!!

My hear is melting...
47 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Probably the luckiest MC you'll encounter in your BL journey.

But fluffy enough to have you keeping turning pages.

The end was surprising, kind of sums up all the details you'll be wondering about while reading it through— a thorough HE ♥♥♥
47 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bookworm_nb rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: c11
So sweet! I already can feel the tender and sweet sweet love out there between Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu. So romantic! By the way, Huo Qu is so cute!
46 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aliceV rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: --
This story is so so so cute. I definitely get hooked in it. Wow. Huo Qu is so adorable, like a loyal golden retriever. I really want to hug him. Zhao Qingyuan is like a husky, very funny. He is a chatterbox. All the characters are so cute. Love them.
42 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aria rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: Completed
While I don't consider this story as the best, but this is the most unique take I've ever read.

First, ML is a genius-autism (HFA? Asperger? I don't know the correct term). His IQ is 180-190 and is the younger physics professor, but he failed at everything else (such as communication, understanding social clues, navigation, etc)

MC is also unique since instead of typical "I went back to the past so I'll be God!", MC wish for a lowkey life

Overall, this story is very realistic except for MC's BS luck

... more>>

which will be explained at the last chapter


If you really want to know:


MC died saving ML, and in the future-past timeline ML won a noble prize and instead of giving a speech, he said "I wish he (MC) would come back".

A lot of people agree and they wish the same thing and said if MC (could) come back, they're willing to give their luck to let him live a good life.


And by realistic I mean that relationship isn't always smooth sailing, you have to put effort and made concessions - which this story shows.

4 star because this is a good and unique read (I read all 105 chapters in one go).

The missing 1 star is because the plot is too smooth sailing - which didn't envoke strong emotion from me.

Tl;dr one-of-a-kind pleasant read. <<less
40 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
narusaru rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute, Fluffy

Sensible MC

Adorably Awkward ML


I feel heartache when reading about their past life T^T

39 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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