I Work Hard Every Day To Make My Husband Bankrupt


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Lin Meng was an enviable woman, and her life was perfect.

But a nightmare shattered her shiny shell. She was shocked that she had lived in the novel “The Highly Valuable Step-wife Of The CEO”. she was a vixen wife who did not support her husband’s career in the novel, always made a fuss and stopped trying to make further improvements. The affectionate husband Zhu Yushen would show affection to another girl after their divorce.

Lin Meng decided to get out of marriage and do her best to spend money, make her husband feel the smell of bankruptcy. But this profligate journey made her a famous Hand of Midas in the entertainment industry.

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FreyaS rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: --
if you want to vaguely know the plot, look below. I read up to chapter 50 something with MTL and then I just gave up and dropped it. Its all just entertainment sh*t with MC making terrible financial decisions but coming fine because she’s luck incarnate and also everyone thinks she is a saint and wants her to succeed.

... more>>

MC has a dream that her rich husband will cheat on her with his new secretary and based on this DREAM, decides she will ruin him and then divorce him. So she sets up an entertainment company and starts buying scripts that she thinks will make net losses. If the director wants more money, she says go for it. No expense is spared. Unfortunately all the scripts she picks are unpolished gems and she ends up making money instead. Woe is her.

Meanwhile, he workaholic husband who literally never sees her starts noticing she isn’t obediently waiting at home for him anymore. Somehow, despite never making time for her, he’s super in love with her, so he texts to come home. And then proceeds to do nothing else about the relationship for the next like 40 chapters. It’s ok tho, I’m pretty sure he’s only in 2% of the story.

Oh and it turns out that the dream she had, was sent by the secretary who has a system that was trying to help her steal the rich husband. Except rich husband is totally devoted to the wife he never makes time for so the secretary fails. Honestly I have no idea why that was even part of the plot. Like why couldn’t the MC had just decided to divorce her husband/ruin him for legit reasons, like him taking her for granted and not being a present partner???

oh and they only make time to actually get a divorce like 40+ chapters in. At which point the ML has gone full crazy and gives her a huge part of the shares in his company. Also he decides he’s gonna win her back, but something tells me all he’s going to do is text her puppy dog faces and never show up in the plot.

And that’s about where I gave up. This is an incredibly boring story with no romance and a cringey MC. Also, it made me so angry that she didn’t care about what ruining her company would do to the people that worked for her. Like she had actual employees who would lose their jobs if she failed. And directors and actors who may be negatively affected by box office bombs. Just because she does end up succeeding doesn’t mean it’s okay to play with people’s livelihoods like that.

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Jevanka926 rated it
March 19, 2020
Status: Completed
This review might feel like a mild spoiler

The female lead was a woman who had descended from her 'throne' and retreated behind the curtains, standing there to be a virtuous wife. -Which made her and her husband's communication delayed instead-. Meanwhile her husband was a founder of a big game company, he rarely returned home and he barely had a good chat with his wife.

This novel is a fluffy one, the angst is less than I expected. The romance is.. Not much, just like another review pointed. I think... more>> the novel focused in the female lead's development. And honestly? I love how the writer developed her character, from someone who thought that her 'kindness' and silence should've made her husband realized her dissatisfaction, to someone who finally realized that communication matters.

In business, well, what can I say? She only wanted to bankrupt her husband because she dreamt that she would get divorced and she hated the thought that her hardworks and efforts would be enjoyed by another woman. She built an entertainment agency -or company? Idk- to burn her money. But, to the contratory, her companny became a big one.

Anyway, it's an enjoyable read, and it deserves a high rating.

PS: I had a good laugh when female lead's employees reacted to male lead

after they knew that their boss had divorced and her ex husband tried to chase her again



Her dreams were sent by her husband's new secretary. She had this system that gave her a mission to make her ML's new wife, which she failed. After the system stopped working with the secretary, it tried to rope the ML by tempting him iwth abilities that could help him in chasing FL back.

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Efu-sama rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: Completed
There's several points I found it very interesting in this novel. Oops, first thing first I would like to say:

First, Please don't give a low rating to this novel just because the translator are bad. This novel is originally not in English. So, if you give it a low review for the FREE translation, it's really affecting the NOVEL itself. The content of the novel are different from the translation attempt after all. Giving it a low rating because of the translation will demeaning the novel content.

Lastly, Please do check the TAGS before you read. This novel has SUBPLOT romance. That mean, the romance is not the main point of this novel. Therefore, don't complain about the lacks of romance in here. Have you not see the TAGS, dear friends???

Alright, now enter to the real impression from me here.

    • From the plot, this novel is actually a mature romance novel. This novel didn't deal with how a woman and man knowing each other and starting to build love towards each other. Instead, this novel tell us a couple who already married for almost a decade, a couple who already fall in love until they decided to marry each other before this novel started. The problem is, do you think after the marriage, would every couple last together forever and happy to old age? NOPE. This novel tell us a story about a marital problem.
    • You can marry for love, you can marry someone you love and someone who love you back. But, can that be a guarantee to have a smooth ride in marriage? Can that be a guarantee that you will always be in a lovey dovey state after the marriage? NOPE. This novel tell us that even a couple who got married because they love each other dearly, and have been facing so many problems together for so many years, even a couple like that can have a marital problem. Marital problem did not always come from third party.
    • Then, let's go the to the plot about marital problem. Most mainstream novel would usually give us a third party to make a marital problem. But in this novel the problem come from their own self.
    • Man, when they have a wife who can only stay at home, wasting the husband's money, and can not understand the husband's difficulty when they face a problem at work, those man will complain, those man will lament, those man will disdain their wife for only wasting money and do nothing.
    • On the other hand, there are also man, man who marry a woman who is perfectly capable, or perhaps even more capable than him. Then, those man will feel afraid, they will feel anxious because their wife is more capable than him, and their wife didn't even need their husband to live or solve their problem.
    • In those two case, it can lead a marital dispute and shook the ship that has been sailed even for years. Human nature are like this. When they were given an inch they will still be dissatisfied and ask for miles.
    • This novel tell us a marital dispute, before, a man (ML) was working hard while his wife was at home, spending money. When the wife (FL) asked him, "where are you? When will you go home? I miss you..." Then, the man will be very dissatisfied and complain, "I'm very busy. You should understand it."
    • This novel then tell us the reader, the wife (FL) who spent several years given the cold shoulder by her husband, abandoned because her husband was busy, started to feel dull about their marriage. In this case, the wife decided to stand for herself and distanced herself from her husband. She went to spread her wings and proved herself to the world of her capabilities.
    • When finally the FL stand for herself, the man (ML) finally feel the crisis and anxiety as husband whose wife is very capable and perhaps didn't need the husband in her life.
    • What's a man most scary nightmare? It's being a useless person.
    • A man will feel useless when they earned less money than his wife.
    • And A man will also feel useless when they earned much money, but his wife can actually live by her own using her own resources.
    • Take the function of "money maker" from a man, then those man will feel useless.
Regardless, the romance in this novel is a subplot though. It's true that the marital dispute was the "background" of why this novel started. However, this novel didn't use romance as the "fuel" to advance its plot.

What's interesting in this novel is how a capable woman prove to the world that she can become a capable boss.

I understand that many people say this novel is plain. Of course it's plain, because there are no such thing as spicy conflicts and tearjerking dramatic romance journey. The romance of this novel is not about making a ship from scratch, but instead tell us about fixing and mending the problem in your already built ship so that it'll succeed to sail until the end of the world...

Another interesting point and actually is the main plot from this novel is, the entertainment world. In most novel we read the perspective of the MC when they're actor or actresses. But in this novel, we see the MC acted as the investor and producer. It give us a new perspective in the entertainment world.

Beside, the movie plot, the drama plot, the variety show plot, even the marketing technique that this novel show us, are also very interesting. In fact I think if those movie, drama, and variety show truly exist and made in the real world, I would be glad to watch them due their interesting ideas.

All in all, this is an interesting read. But It's not suitable for people who search for high intensity conflict and a heated romance.
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ludagad rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: c1 part1
5 stars for being an enjoyable read, but I'd give it 3 for romance, haha. In the end, it's not really a novel concerned with romance, so I can't fault it. It's about a woman building an entertainment company with the strange idea of losing money, but actually ends up helping a lot of people and creating a good name. It's interesting to follow along with her new projects, the stumbling blocks, and the results. Personally, I wasn't bored. The love story takes a backseat and only pops up occasionally,... more>> so for readers who value romance more, this novel isn't going to fill that need. It's a well-written novel and I was entertained from start to finish. Definitely recommended if you want to read something light and heart-warming. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c40
What else can I say, even the main premise is utterly flawed and s*upid. And the translations are basically split unedited MTL of the raw. Even I can MTL better than that.

The author simply don't understand basic finance nor marriage in general.

It's mentioned in the description, but basically the MC aimed to spend a lot of her husband's (and hers, because it's a shared asset) money because she honestly believe he's gonna divorce her and have an affair. From that alone you should notice the problem.

It baffles me how the... more>> author wrote MC as a honest to god s*upid person. I mean, she aims to spend all their money in THEIR joint account. It means she's basically aiming to make herself bankrupt too ???

Anyone would know that if someone's preparing for a divorce the first thing he/she'd do is securing their personal assets, which means basically transferring money/properties to their name. Nobody is s*upid enough to mindlessly throw off money without reason, and it's THEIR money, not his husband's alone.

I know the MC's basically a golden koi and everything she touched turned to gold, but the main point is she aimed to make her husband AND HER went bankrupt, which is s*upid since she can just open a personal bank account and transfer the money there or but some properties/investments on her name.

Of course the MC's (or rather, author's) s*upidity doesn't stop there. She just decided to give up on her marriage and chose to divorce from the get go because of a dream. She didn't even confront her husband, at all, nor make any effort to build their relationship. The husband only worked and worked long hours and all he got is a cold shoulder, HE DIDN'T EVEN CHEAT.

I'm extremely sure that the author is at most a high school student who doesn't have the slightest idea how finance and marriage work.

ISTG this is one of the s*upidest MC (and author) ever. <<less
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June 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I had read this novel up to 79.

The flow of the story was all about how epic fail the MC plan on making her husband to bankrupt. It had no deep romance, but the novel romance was had a different way. For me. I give 5* because for me, the romance flow was unique. In the end of the novel you will know what was ML and MC love story was. The ML character was he had ideas and emotionally cold. He always looking forward but not to look back... more>> what way he made. He can't denied that he had no feelings from MC if he had not why he always tell his secretary about the gifts for MC, only realised that he truly deeply love MC when she was already lost, it wasn't something like but it was when he turn his head back to look for her but she was already far behind and until she's gone.

At the beginning MC was full of patience, support and understanding to ML. Until time pass by until love lost its sparks and MC had a dream. Maybe she got her dream when the SL*T got near the ML and she had a golden finger cheat (i haven't read why she got that dream on the novel). After a week of observation and organising her dream thru reality, she choice an other way. Instead fight her right as a wife like the dream was doing, she chose to give up on ML and start a new life with slight revenge, hahha revenge in a funny way. For me, thingking and doing to make your husband bankrupt was an act of revenge haha.

The SL*T ready did alot, other than ruin his/her image the both ML and MC views, seduce to ML amd more. Well, she actually succeeded the MC and ML got divorced. Because MC didn't follow on that book/cheat the SL*T had and plan. The ML was full of MC from the start until the end. Well if MC follow that dream of her fight her right as a wife and love to ML, no doubts the ML will be disappointed and push to that SL*T.

When ML finally realised what his treasure was already lost. He ready made a brainstorming in how to chase it back.

Well anyway, they said second chances are always sweeter that the first one. And I do believe in that. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Yes, this one is less romance focused and more on FL's life - this was quite clear that the tag is Romantic Subplot hahaha

I would like to respectfully give out a POV for the reviews here that are saying that both ML and FL are dumb and a lot of their problems could have been solved by talking - but that is a real life problem. And the way it was portrayed here (where they skirted around the issue for so long and was doing petty things), is how a... more>> lot of people handle uncomfortable situations.

The way in which FL kept doing things where she thinks she's "helping" him while ML kept thinking that he's doing the same for her. They do all this without telling each other and expecting the other person to read their minds. It sucks because when you're in a long term relationship (especially one like theirs where they started off quite young and humans are ever-changing), sometimes you get too comfortable and expect your relationship to hold up without doing the work. I'm not saying that makes it okay, but for some, that's the truth.

It might seem quite petty that she's trying to lose him money for something he hasn't done yet- but clearly, the cracks in their relationship are already there that FL could easily believe a dream. Not saying FL's approach was reasonable, but I can see why she would suddenly lash out after years of feeling she has "sacrificed" herself for the sake of this relationship, and losing herself in the process. I enjoy the fact that her "petty revenge" company also became a way for her to find something she was passionate about again, gave her self fulfilment, and had a hand in helping her heal and "find" herself again - because her world stopped revolving around their relationship. People take notes - you can't expect a relationship to be the one to complete you, you need to complete you.

I like that at the end, ML and FL both realizes that they were BOTH wrong in this scenario and that it took YEARS to heal from it. I find it extremely unrealistic for a lot of novels when they just go around forgiving people willy nilly and jumping back in together and live happily ever after. Relationships are complex and feelings are messy. And most times, it can take time to accept that "oh I had a hand in this shitty relationship too". <<less
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julaihajamahat rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all I want to say sorry for my poor english because this not my mother tongue language.

This is a nice story and a reality about a married life. From my life experience I seldom saw a very romantic husband like you see in TV or novel. Yes you can see a very romantic boyfriend who will fulfill your imagination buying rose, present and will be there when you need. Especially when the boy court the girl.

When you married, it's not the man don't love you but the romance... more>> just missing in action. She have become your spouse so no need the romance. Now is time to build a family and give them a better life. Work hard, work hadr and work hard. Even sometime the husband forget their wife birthday or anniversary. For woman they always assume the man can read their mind. This were the conflict will begin.

This same with this story. The ML just want to give everything to his wife so he work har to build his career. He give luxury gift to his wife because he think that will make his wife happy. The FL enjoy her life but as a woman I don't think she feel happy. As a woman if my husband don't spend time with me the will a wild imagination, did he love me? Did he remember me? Did he have another women? And many more. In this case, her husband did not return for week. So come the dream that break all her confident about their married life.

Both of them choose to run away and hide from solving it. The FL choose to work to keep herself busy. When both of them busy. When ML realize there was a problem with their relation he also runaway. He doesn't want to meet her. He afraid she will ask for divorce.

How do you think a man who never know romance will solving this crisis. He want his wife back but he never have any experience chase others because it always other chase him. With zero knowledge and EQ so forget about sweet word or flower. He just a boss of games company so he style is a bit awkward.

I love this story because he gave a new approach for women to face a cheating husband (in this story it just a dream). She not cry and pleading or to mend their relationship but she build a business to make his husband bankrupt so if they really divorce the husband will be miserable. This what we woman should do. We are with them when they was in their darkest life. But when they succeed they want to kick us and find others to enjoy the fruit of labour. For me from make the husband bankrupt I will take the asset and built my career. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c46
It is not a Romance story but more like a comedy-drama-showbiz story. Our MC is smart, talented, savvy lady who helped her husband in the business but later decided to concentrate on home. But due to her dream, she decided to make her husband bankrupt! But no, she won't let anyone say she's throwing away money, there has to be a legitimate excuse for bankruptcy! Thus, entertainment industry!!

MC always wants to lose money in a way that seems like she tried her best, but was unsuccessful. And thus, even though... more>> she picks up projects that have bleak prospects, she tries to give her best support and of course, in the process, spend as much money as possible, leading to a lot of humorous misunderstandings! But she's like a lucky charm, all projects in one way or another end up giving her more than she spent! And gain a high reputation for both herself and her company!!

Romance takes a very back seat - the ML thinks that making money and buying gifts is all he needs to make his wife happy, and doesn't really recognize her importance. Only after MC starts working late and staying out, that he realizes what he's been missing, and then, it's a redemption story for him.

A 'perfect life' system' tried to attach itself to ML with a lucrative offer to win over the MC - but ML didn't give it a chance, as he wants to get his lady back by his own efforts, and not because some system forced the MC...

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shouahang58 rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c22.2
I actually skipped a bunch of stuff while reading this novel. Why? Cause the story was too bland and filled with what I personally thought, filters and unnecessary things.

The novel was very boring to me and there was nothing interesting about it.

I also think the MC is dumb. If she really wanted to get rid of all her money then she shouldn't had join the film industry but donated all her money to charity instead, I can't stand novels where it's " I'm gonna do this but not actually do... more>> it". <<less
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Lilliah rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c27
I don't understand why this novel have so high ratings and reviews...

I'm going to be honest, this type of story it's not anyone's cake, the story telling, the writing style, the edition, are not the best but at least they're not horrible... Even so, it have so many flows that make me impossible to keep reading.

The story goes so slow!! The author doesn't explain how time goes and it's so unreal that the FL expends more than 6 or 1 year (it's not even clear) without having any contact with... more>> the ML when they're married, for God's sake hows that possible?? The communication between those two it's the worst that I have read in my entire life, the development it's so boring and slow that I couldn't even care to read more...

I have read this expecting something "fluffy" like a lot of reviews her says, but it's not even close... In the first chapters it's so interesting how she approach the entertainment industry without knowing nothing and everything goes so smooth (she's like a living Koi) but it's really boring how she never afront any complications, finding everything and winning everything cus, u know, she has a really goood, goood luck.

It's entertaining, but not enough, like everyone says... The characters lack of a lot of personality... It was a waste of time, really.

It u have time, give it a try, but it's not something that make u hold ur belly of how fun it's the story. <<less
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tedy2004 rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: c64
This novel is tiring to read, the chapters are long 80% of how FL's entertainment is so striking money ... more>>

because basically her films wins everytime because plot shield. The plot romance barely exists, once the villainess is out of the picture, boom ML comes back and tries to get back FL, sadly the plot still talks about dream entertaiment, wanted to finish it however be warned the chapters are extremely long to read and mtl is okey, but it's not even good to pass time with this novel full of chapters that feel extended, though I quite liked some parts of the novel but it deserves 2 star to me.

Fl's friend Feng lingling barely appears;ccc, when she was the adviser for FL to invest in entertainment where is high loss/win money, r.i.p.


Don't recommend, rip my time.

P.S. No bed scenes. <<less
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losernoodle rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: c30 part7
Fair warning to incoming readers: this story is less focused on the romance aspect and more on the entertainment business. If you're looking for a heartrending story or one filled with fluff, better luck looking elsewhere. With all that said, this is actually a decent story. I personally liked the fact that there was little romance (not non-existent, there is virtually no male-female lead interaction in the beginning half of the story and more towards the latter half).

After becoming heartbroken, Lin Meng starts to invest in the entertainment business in... more>> order to waste her husband's money and make him go bankrupt except... all of her projects turn into successes. While there is face-slapping in this novel, it's all in the entertainment business. This is something I can appreciate as in other novels the protagonist face-slaps their family, mothers, love rivals, sisters, and so on until it becomes one huge mess. There was no one character that I found too annoying which is a huge plus (there was the love rival, but she was barely in the novel so I didn't have time to garner any hate for her). Every character has their own flaws, and there's a slow but steady character development in terms of the leads and a few supporting characters.

While this story is a decent read if you're bored, it's also not some genius work and has a few cons of its own. The main problem in this story is the lack of feeling and emotion. While in other stories there might be some cute interactions, some dramatic arguing, sad or heart-thumping moments, in this story things just... happen. Most of the characters and especially the female lead are bland and I feel little emotional connection to them.

This story is one in which I might come back to every so often, however I wouldn't lose sleepless nights over it. <<less
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weirdnshort rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c9 part1
I really liked this one. It's heartwarming, about achieving one's dream and under dogs becoming successful. I don't like the woman's husband, and could care less about him. It's a great read. The translation is great.
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Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumyoshi
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
It's been a long time since I read a mature novel and genuinely liked it. If people know about the famous book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, you would know the line that says, it's the journey that matters more than reaching the destination. For the MC of this novel, it was the journey of her growth that was portrayed in this novel, the ML's thoughts, and feelings and his efforts to chase back MC are secondary. Surprisingly, the character development of each and every director along with the MC... more>> is shown vividly. They changed their way of thinking to repay the generosity shown by the MC, and the result brought huge success. The MC also patiently navigated within the entertainment world without the constant back-stabbing and catfighting that are usually present in other entertainment novels. Her acts of revenge are more innovative and mature, not like a lot of others that seem like teenagers fighting.

The ML's character development is what made this novel sweeter. The ML thought he was showing love to his wife through materialistic gifts sent regularly to her, but he didn't know that his way of communicating is not reaching her. So when the MC started over, it took ML quite sometime before he realized the wrong in his ways.

All in all, it was a good read, hence the 5 star. <<less
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Meiyap rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c35
I haven't read past chp 35, but as of right now, I think this is a beautiful novel.

Not for the reasons you might think. Transmigrated MC wanted to drive her husband into bankruptcy and then divorce him as a form of punishment. Her cold unfeeling husband isn't as cold as he seems. Just highly insensitive? Its like it'll be a love com thing with these two.

This isn't why I think the story is beautiful. As a millenial, we are at the working age now. Our dreams are often crushed by... more>> the turbulent waves called reality. Being rejected. Failing to reach expectations. So you try to search for another dream. Another go... And then rejection comes once again. Till you fall into a kind of mediocrity. Just going through the motions so you could fulfill your responsibilities. It's not the same for everyone. I know. but most of us are like this. I think this story, at least up till where I've read, is beautiful. If we could actually pursue our dreams without holding back... I begin to think.

Thank you very much for sharing this story wownovel. <<less
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nightstrikr rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This is mostly a comedy of errors, showbiz novel with a dash of romance. Short novel with fast pace. I love showbiz novels, the journey of turning from zero to hero and thankfully, in this one, the audience is not shown as idiots who just sway with a single post of the 'bad guys' on weibo again and again. Translation is okish, but thanks for the efforts.

The MC is a very capable woman who was initially partner with her husband in starting their very successful business but then retreated behind... more>> the scenes to be a virtuous wife. She is super tolerant and understanding, so never complains to husband when she feels lonely or unappreciated. Her ideal life comes crashing when she dreams that her husband will divorce her soon, after cheating with his secretary.


So although she knows he hasn't cheated yet, she realises they have become distant long ago. In a fit of temper, she doesn't want them to enjoy her hard earned success and embarks on a mission to bankrupt the husband, by investing in entertainment industry. She doesn't want to look s*upid and has some ideals so she only picks the projects she finds worthwhile, but is sure are not commercially sellable.

I quite liked her interactions with her entertainment agency colleagues, the journey of how people succeed in their long lost dreams with her koi luck, turning every job she is sure will be lost cause to major block buster.

But also, here is the problem for me. All her people respect and love her, idolise her and think she is giving sincere suggestions for the betterment of their project, which is filled with their hope and heart and soul, while she is doing exact opposite. From her perspective, she is giving ideas that are sure to fail, not caring what it will do to the careers and self confidence of so many people who look up to her.


The romance is very less, the husband trying to win back his wife but not every ML can be overbearing super powerful BOSS, this guy is a sweet simple man who, while super man at job, doesn't know flowery words and who gets jealous at her various fan CPs quietly in his office. But once he realises his mistakes, quietly supports her from the sides, happy with her own moment of glory with her own achievements. Also, the MC realises her own mistakes, communication gap that she also never tried to bridge and accepts her faults as well, just that she wants to move on.


Her dreams were sent by her husband's secretary with system given mission to make her ML's new wife, which she failed. So not sure if he ever cheated in any life, Loved how when system tried to tempt the ML with abilities that could help him in chasing FL back, he rejected it outright, not interested in trickeries in their love.

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Drake888 rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c30 part7
The summary is a good description of what is happening but at its core this is a story about a woman rediscovering happiness. Basically FL and her husband were young lovers who worked really hard to become rich and successful (and somehow reached that point in their 20s). FL then retired due to overwork. Their marriage slowly went cold and then the story begins as the summary describes and FL starts trying to waste money. She obviously fails and continues to become successful instead but a recurring theme seems to... more>> be that her efforts to waste money help people who were crushed by their own pursuit of money. Various directors and actors who are being crushed by the rat race of the entertainment industry are saved by her and do their best to make her successful as thanks. At this point the story is all success and face-slapping (I mean that in a good way. It is very positive and refreshing.) but the FL is starting to come out of her shell and her husband is trying to make things right, so I have hopes for a happy reconciliation.


Lol. I wrote a summary and forgot to leave a review. Basically this is a shallow but positive story. It feels good to read if it is to your tastes. No deep meaning or plot but it is well written enough to be entertaining. Like a tasty snack instead of a filling meal. But sometimes a snack is what you are in the mood for instead of something heavy. <<less
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Zefelina rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: Completed
First of all, this novel is quite interesting and I really recommend it! I mtled it to the end, reading every chapter without skipping for 3 days straight (each chapter is quite long).

This novel describes a successful woman's journey - first beginning with disappointment, but then finding a lot of reasons to strive forward. It is mostly about entertainment industry, mixing many different characters together to create a relaxing story.

The only real downside - not much romance... I would have really wanted more romance, but the main couple was very... more>> sweet in their own way. So there's that =] <<less
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maijys rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this MTL and although there were some struggles with that, the overall story was quite understandable and I was looking forward to a translated version. I still hope someone can translate this completely, because I really do love this novel.

Although the novel summary talks about the MC realizing she was a character in a novel, this is just a catalyst for her to realize how unhappy she is currently. She goes out to ostensibly spend all her husband's money before the novel ending out of spite, but she... more>> actually ends up developing a flourishing career that she really enjoys, and becomes a really great and considerate boss.

It's really not a romance novel, the majority of the focus is on the MC getting her groove back. However, while I enjoy her career, I do have to say that the reason I love the novel so much is because of the relationship between the MC and the ML, and how it is handled, even though it's mostly in the background.

The focus of the novel is mostly on her career, but the few times she and the ML reflect on their relationship and eventually talk about it, I like that they both admit their wrongs. Neither of them were perfect, both had their reasons for acting the way they did and both realized they were partially at fault. The ML, due to his poor background, thought making lots of money would bring the most happiness - but realized that all the money he made couldn't make up for emotionally neglecting his wife and never spending time with her. On the other hand, the MC realized that she was also responsible for things getting this bad because she never spoke up when she was unhappy and expected him to realize it on his own, but he's not a mind reader so how could he know if she never said anything?

It was a very adult and very realistic portrayal of what can happen if a couple doesn't put in the work to maintain their relationship. I wouldn't say it's a HE because it's really not an ending, their relationship is a work in progress, as all relationships are, but the novel does end on a hopeful note and I love that as well. <<less
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