Film Emperor’s Adorable Wife From Ancient Times


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【Ancient to Modern transmigration, Little Bodyguard and Film Emperor marry first later love, Entertainment Circle struggle】

Yang Anyu, he is the general’s personal bodyguard. In the end, his soul transmigrated into a second-generation young master from the modern world, and after that, he once again encountered his “General” Yi Chenyan.

The great general he especially respected and revered, actually became an actor? (And is in fact, the popular Film Emperor)

What made Yang Anyu more shocked——he was already “married” to Yi Chenyan.

Several years later——

Fan A: Our Little Yu’s face-quality is high, acting ability is good, can sing and dance, when filming action scenes he is even more handsome, handsome to the point of collapse! Completely is a capitalized Su word!

Fan B: If I cannot sleep with Yang Anyu in this life is there still any meaning to it?

Fan C: But I heard he’s already married, his wife must have saved the whole world in her last life ah!

Yi Chenyan: ……

Big Film Emperor Yi looked at a certain Yang Someone under his body, recently he’s been becoming more and more possessive towards him, what to do?

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New dyodaks rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: c39
This reminds me of the Chinese BL novel “How to Say I Love You”, they have similar elements but I’m enjoying both so far. MC might seem happy-go-lucky but he’s very observant. ML softens up quickly, love rhat for me. This is a light read, don’t think about it too much.
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Nic rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: Completed

The story revolves around the main couple [MC] Yang Anyu (...the transmigrated bodyguard)...and [ML] Yi Chenyan.

About the MC...

... more>>

MC died by blocking a sword to protect his general (... the ancient Yi Chenyan).

Then he transmigrated to the body of the modern Yang Anyu after the latter met with a car accident.

Feeling that the ML looks the same as his general, MC tried to get close to him. It was difficult at first because the original body has bad character, but later on, the ML noticed his change and gradually warmed up.

MC has a bright personality. One would adore how he shows his intimacy towards the ML.


About the ML...


ML frequently dreams of a young soldier. In the dream, whenever he tries to reach for him, the young soldier turns bloody. (... it is reasonable to say that he is the reincarnation of the ancient general).

ML debuted as a singer in the entertainment world, but something happened and ML couldn't sing anymore. So, he tried acting instead which led him to stardom.

ML married the original owner of MC's body for a reason. They were married for 6 months when the MC transmigrated.

ML's past was grim - his parents died, a friend betrayed him, and the man he treated like a father lied to him. These caused him to not trust other people again... until he met MC.


The pacing of the story was just right. It was not rushed nor was it draggy.

The relationship of the main couple is light, fluffy, sweet, and very intimate!

They support each other and are very direct with their feelings. So, there were no major misunderstandings.

The side couples are definitely a big plus!

    • MC's big brother && MC's singer friend
    • MC's broker/manager && MC's personal bodyguard
There are other side couples that were briefly mentioned but the 2 pairs above are the main side couples.

The antagonists were all related to ML's past and were dealt with briefly towards the end of the story.

There's a twist regarding the modern MC (original) and MC's past. The twist was actually unexpected! I didn't see it coming while reading the raw chapters. Good job, author!

The bottom line is... you shouldn't miss this!!!


There's an extra chapter in the novel covering the story of the modern Yang Anyu. He transmigrated to the ancient times and eventually, had his own happy ending.

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max2payne0 rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: --
First of all, I would like to state that this story is pretty great. I loved most of it, but I can't rate higher than a three, because some parts of it seem a little iffy to me.

... more>>

For example, Yi Chenyan looks and has the same name as the old general in ancient times, so it's most likely he's a reincarnation. But for Yang Anyu, even though the modern and the one in ancient times share names and looks, they are two different souls, not a reincarnation. I know there aren't necessarily rules for this kind of thing, but it still got me thinking. And, the MC also gets the memories of the original, but his soul has definitely left. I know it's not an exact science or anything, but still.


Also, I feel really sorry for the Yang Anyu in the modern times. When others figure out he's gone, no one even worries about him, he could be dead and the ML and the MC's brother don't even care, because they prefer the current one. It... pretty much stops me from completely loving this story.

I also feel like these two got off way too easily. The MC's bro didn't like the original much, and was still a bit mean to the current one a few times, so their current relationship bothers me, because I didn't see any apologizing (even if he suspeted his bro had changed. It didn't change how he treated his half brother, who'd lost his mom and went under a personality change because of it. I feel the original MC is really pitiful)

Same with the ML. MC should give him a harder time, not fall for him so easily.


I read in a spoiler forum that MC asked ML for a divorce. Sadly, this was after he fell for the ML, and after the ML's feelings changed, but I wish it would have happened, and the MC would have let the ML chase him, even a little, he gives in too damn quickly.


About the original MC...


Luckily, there's an extra in the story where the original MC went to the ancient times and found his HE. I'll probably wait for the complete translation and read that first before I go back and read the whole story, MTL is easy to understand but leaves much to be desired.


Anyway, besides all that, the story is pretty great, and the MTL is easy enough to read, but I'll just wait for the translation to be done and hope by the time I get back to it, my problems with this story would have died by then. I feel, between this and Stop Bothering Me, Emperor,

the MC in that story was smarter and got by without the cheat of getting all the original's memories at once, and that was a true reincarnation for both MC and ML (or transmigration, not sure really, since the originals didn't have much personality until the MC and ML souls transferred.)


I may or may not read more of this story soon, and may or may not edit this review later, but for now it stays. <<less
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PasserbyA rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c16
Seriously I want to force my self to keep reading but my chest felt way too stuffy to continue. Like? It's good, the plot is good and all but what's with this disappointing relationship of the MC and ML? Seriously this is like reading about dog being neglected but the dog thinks it's ok cause the ML is his male god. The MC's continuous "cheerfulness" personality after being ignored/avoided/neglected by these characters such as ML and Older Brother is seriously way over stuffy. Now I'm sure that in the future... more>> things will get better in the upcoming chapters but it's really hard to keep reading abuse

p.s translators did an amazing job. <<less
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Ri Hikaru
Ri Hikaru rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c3
This novel is good!

The MC comes from the past and inherits all the memories of his body except about his husband. Because of his memories, he is not awkward in modern times unlike other novels like Stop Bothering, Me Emperor.

I'm looking forward to new chapters!
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lteye rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: Completed
This story was so good that I had to create an account to let you guys know. After finishing the 33 translated chapter, I had to MTL the rest but it was worth it. I'm definitely going to reread it as the translated chapters come out. (https://www. Danmei. La/book/5/5386/)

It's sweet, fluffy, just enough angst to move the plot along, and the author is legitimately one of the best smut writer I've come across since I started reading Chinese novels a few months ago and I've consumed A LOT of... more>> literature lol.

I think the biggest plus about this book is their relationship. Once it starts, they're both fully committed. I feel like often times in these BL novels-- first it takes forever for the men to wrap their minds up about liking another man (which is understandable) and then its another drag to get to them sleeping together. Then it always feel like the bottom has to coerced every time the top wants s*x and that it somehow makes them less of a man to be a bottom.

And refreshingly there's none of that in this story. As soon as they're in a relationship, they are both free with their affections, their love, and intimacy. Yang Anyu (the bottom) wants Yi Chenyan (the top) as much as Yi Chenyan wants him and doesn't hide it. No one feels like they're being forced into a relationship.

They are in love supportive husbands fully aware of each other's secrets and faults and I wish I could have kept reading about their world forever. <<less
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March 29, 2019
Status: Completed
Read the ch1..

MC felt interesting and cool-headed with a sunny side. The way he shows his amnesia is very realistic, not like other MCs where they tell you that they have amnesia and can't remember anything. His interactions with the bodyguard are also very funny and cute.

Read the ch2..

... more>> I felt that I wanted to bury my head into the ground. MC exclaiming about general with his cool-headed performance in the first chapter totally caught me off-guard. Fortunately, he held himself and returned a little normal.

Read the ch7..

Feeling bad for MC.. ML practically became his stumbling block. And MC can't separate ML and the General. Feeling bad for both...

Read the ch8..

I wanna go and beat that actor. 😡😡😡

He hurt the MC and I want MC's big bro's attitude to be changed towards him although I know it can't be easily changed. But that bro should still try to understand this kid. He is just running off from reality about his little brother.

Read the ch13..

I wanna go and beat that judge who only pleases well-known people like MC's bro.

After all it was because of him that he gave MC a green light. But when the rumors started he must have thought that was MC's bro's doing and so gave him a red light.


Read the ch14..


MC's bro's attitude changed for better due to that Qin singer but still I feel not pleasant because of what he did to MC's audition.


Read the ch15..

My heart is warming... 😊😊

Read the ch17..

Got some news about MC's past when he was a kid. Feeling like crying..😭😭

Read the ch19..

MC's showbiz road has finally started. And ML seems to start having feelings about him while MC is a fanatic fan of his now. 😳😊😊

Read the ch25..

MC's bro now has been turned into brother-control yet still can't stop our ML from meeting MC and having sweet moments.

ML also has opened up to his feelings and realised that MC is not the same as before as a person. MC doesn't know this and now he has some aspirations about acting. ML is slightly jealous of Qin Nuoxi.

Ahh!! Happy!!😄😄😄

Read the ch35..

Ah!! I wanna hide my face!😆😆


First kiss! And MC also likes ML....


Read the ch36..

MC and ML are too fast.

They got together just after MC's first kiss and now they are both fools in love.


Novel Finished...

Ah, it was a sweet rollercoaster for me. All characters were fleshed out even the original MC. Although there were enemies, in fact only one character was the true antagonist to the point of obsession.

The ending was good but I wanted the world to know that they are married, watch MC-ML and Yang Lan-Qin Nuoxi both pairs get married and wanted to watch the bodyguard and the broker's love progress.

Ah... Too many unsatisfied feelings that the novel is finished. But I really liked this. There's another regret that there wasn't much showcase of MC's martial arts. Everyone had emotional problems and knots that they wanted to solve which they did slowly. All side pairs are also really good.

This novel is a gem!!! 💎

All my regrets were fulfilled by extras. <<less
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: Completed

Filled with DOGBLOOD (*which is kinda awesome for a change)


Yang Anyu (MC) and Yi Chenyan (ML) have had a loooo~t of history and I can't say that this is fluffy enough for those who thirst for BL fluff.


The MC was a total powder and an idiot-in-love. He defined the ML as a Blackbelly S but I can say he's a little M-ish on the side. (But don't worry!!! Their personality scales are perfectly normal if you look on the character development.


The side couples were a little obscure but they were adorable.

MTLed this to last, chapter 80 and it worked quite well. I could rate this for 4.6 stars. (Round up to 5 so I could give a little more justice)
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elvira12 rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this story. It is very easy to read even via MTL. It is light and fluffy. S*x scenes are also hot. So read it! ^_^
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Mimilove98 rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: Completed
First of all this story doesn't make you feel frustrated with all the misunderstanding between the main couple. They get together around first 30 chapters. The plot is good. But the ending kind of became anticlimactic. Overall it is pretty good.I personally like the manager and bodyguard sidepairing. They are pretty cute.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 5, 2019
Status: c13
I don't know why but I hated this novel, haha. Maybe it's the way the story was written or something else but it repeatedly give me the urge to stop reading, so I just can't read ahead anymore.

Regardless, it could be an interesting story. As various review have mentioned. I just don't read enough to make a review and rate it.
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