The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I’m Pretending to be a B


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As a Beta, Ning An’s goal in life was to work hard, make money and get rich. However, his own dear father changed his aspiration and made him become a military academy student. Initially, he wanted to spend his days lazing about. What? The first place in the year gets a generous scholarship? Then staying up to study and train my body is nothing at all! The first place scholarship is definitely mine!

The A in the opposite dorm: So you’re actually an O.

Ning An: Ah?

The A in the opposite dorm: I know. You’re risking it all to prove that an O is not inferior to an A.

Ning An: You know my ass. Laozi is a B.

The A in the opposite dorm: You need to correctly recognise your own gender ah.

Ning An: …. Teacher. Report. I’m afraid this person is s*upid.

Note: Pretending to be a B’ is 装B (Zhuang B). 装B also means to boast or show off

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Acidelia rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: Completed
It's really refreshing to see a AB pairing in a ABO world, but even so this was written well! Ning An is gunning to be one of my favourite MCs; he's charmingly social, has a good sense of humour, spoils his sister, and is rational and always resolute in his decisions and what he wants. He's male god material tbh.

ML is cute too; he's basically digging for his own small misunderstandings about MC, but he's well-intentioned and isn't charmed at first sight.

The side CP also served extra dogfood (which I... more>> gladly fangirled over) and, as someone with a serious brother, I really resonated with the sisters in this story.

My only complaint is the sorta abrupt ending, which I think was due to health-complications by author. I really wished it was longer but I was also happy with where it ended. The updated/extended ver. Is currently being translated, and I will probably update my review when the current tl finishes.

Regardless, this is a recommended read, and I thank the translator-sama for picking it up and bring it to my attention! 5/5. <<less
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Lady Lullaby
Lady Lullaby rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: c1
I suggest everyone take note of the author Notes /translator's notes.

the Translator clearly stated that the author had a medical/health problem which resulted in them making a rushed ending. Consider this when you read.

This series was a pretty good read; unfortunately, because of circumstances it ended up in a rushed note. So I don't want people to just go ahead and say that this story is not worth your time.

... more>> I'm pretty sure the author didn't want to end her own work this way.

I'm hoping that the author is doing well now (人*´∀`) 。*゚+ <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Good start, but the author unfortunately was unable to follow up with a lot of the implicit promises we saw in the story.

The translator mentioned that the author may have had to stop due to personal illness, so this is an unfortunate result. At least they tried to wrap up the story for the readers.

Regarding the dropped plotlines:

... more>>
  • MC wanted to get money to start a business from scratch, it was his life goal; nothing happens and he randomly goes into the political department (which he hates)
  • Derek is first written as someone with a rivalry with Fu Ke (ML) and a lot more perceptive, but this is also immediately dropped and he becomes a clueless wingman
  • Qin Zhao, the teacher, had some kind of epic scandal in the past, then he gets into an inexplicably good relationship with the MC and assigns the MC a ton of extra work, but we never know the reason for the scandal or why his relationship with the MC became so good
  • Fu Ke (ML) is foreshadowed repeatedly as someone who buys into "straight male cancer" stereotypes (aka, Omegas shouldn't be in the military and should do "what they're good at") but he never gets his redemption arc, it's all dropped
  • We never know why the MC's parents didn't want him to follow in their footsteps in business when it's clearly the MC's passion
  • Some foreshadowing regarding piloting mechas, but it never happens
  • Supporting character Xu Yu Sheng is an OP Omega who dreamt of piloting mechas, but he's automatically banned from his dream despite getting 1st place (or close to 1st) in all of his scores at school after being found out as an Omega
  • Furthermore, in the extras, Xu Yu Sheng is suddenly diagnosed with a random disorder because he took "inferior" inhibitors when he was in school (his family is rich and were all supportive of him going to military school, why the hell would he have taken "inferior" inhibitors?)
  • Furthermore, in the extras, Xu Yu Sheng randomly meets an extremely pushy arrogant assholish/entitled Alpha and then is forced into a heat/estrus situation around him. It's as if the author is telling all readers, oh the "strong" omega would never enter into a relationship by himself, he has to be r*ped/forced by his hormones <- disgusting.

Furthermore, the story unfortunately still falls into a shitton of problematic ABO tropes despite being advertised as an "exception" by having a Beta protagonist.

For example:

  • Every time the characters go out to have fun together, whether it's in a group at the mall or something else, some random Alphas come to hit on omegas, or an omega goes into heat, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • Almost every single conflict or trauma is related to Alphas trying to force omegas or being r*pey
  • ML mistakes MC for an omega... after MC finds out, he makes a HUGE deal out of it. Like "so you only got close to me bc you thought I was an omega? *punch* "
    • It's understandable that MC would be mad that the ML approached him with seemingly ulterior motives, but the author writes the MC super mad NOT BECAUSE of the ulterior motives but BECAUSE he was mistaken as an Omega
    • If Omegas weren't seen as "inferior, " the MC (a beta) wouldn't have reacted so badly
    • If you replace "omega" with "woman" it's pretty obvious that the MC felt that his masculinity was in danger so he popped off
    • The other omegas in the story (like the MC's sister) all gasped in shock and were like "omg if I were mistaken for an omega while not actually being one I would be so mad too!!!!"
    • The implicit sexism here is really pretty hypocritical and ridiculous
  • ML immediately feels confirmed that MC is an omega because he cared about skincare / was seen wearing a facial mask (????)
  • Like what other readers have said, it feels like all the omegas in the story had a single personality (shy, innocent sweet, obsessed with appearance) minus the single "strong" omega Xu Yu Zheng
  • All the things with Xu Yu Zheng in the extras

To be honest, the side character pairing really saved most of the story for me as that was the most wholesome thing. <<less
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Alexa Esme
Alexa Esme rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: c51
I'm reading the fixed version right now (extended if you will) so this is my review.

I really like the MC. He's very refreshing and has good head on his shoulders. He's straight forward, direct, hard-working and despite coming from a very rich family, is very down to earth and I love how he can get along with anyone despite terrible first impressions, even with people who have certain rumors about them bcuz of his direct nature that doesn't believe in hearsay. He's level headed and doesn't let misunderstandings spread and... more>> tear things apart (unlike most novels). His character is, again, very refreshing from all the ABO MCs I've ever read of. The ML is the ice-berg, expressionless type but what's nice is that he's quite childish. He has good character development so far and the chemistry so far is very good. I love the side characters, especially the sisters, and how they all are trying to help the pair get together. And there's character growth for the side-characters too which's a plus.

One of my fav things in the novel is the difference between how the MC n ML each treat their sisters. The MC spoils n pampers his sister a lot and she in turn is very free and caring with him and is very willing to get spoiled too lol. Overall they make me very jealous n will make u wish to have a brother like Ning An too (MC)

While the ML n his sister have a very simple n at bay relationship (although they care about each other but definitely aren't at all as close as the other pair) to the point the sis writes things n then deletes them a hundred times just to send him a simple text to request him of something. Oh n BTW this happens when he's literally in the room right next to her but she's too scared to ask him directly lol. So the sis often gets jealous of the MC n his sister's relationship too cuz of the difference of night n day between theirs n hers.

Would recommend this for anyone who wants a nice, relatively short ABO story with good development n a nice romance. <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Really not worth it.

While the start, the concept and setting is interesting, the ending of the story is so rushed and doesn't feel natural (MC and ML getting together) whatsoever...

I normally don't really care about endings and really love short stories like this, but the ending here was so bad it affected my whole reading experience srsly... I'm most upset about the MC..

... more>>

MCs feelings toward ML were like barely addressed if at all..?..

He went from thinking about ending their friendship to suddenly confessing to the ML in a hot minute.... Like wtf

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glitteryjoon rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: --
I started this with high hopes and a lot of expectation. I thoroughly believed that I'd finally find a cute abo novel/plot that wasn't just the basic alpha omega smut trope.

I've been really searching for a cute little fluff of a novel that was completely translated and would just allow me to pass the time.

But here we are. Thoroughly disappointed as one tends to get when expect too much.

It started off interestingly enough. I enjoyed the affectionate family and the spoiled little sister. I even enjoyed the roommates and who... more>> was supposed to be the villain (?) but as the story went on, and I begin counting down the chapters until it ends I was left trying to figure out where these supposed romantic emotions where gonna come from?

where they going to just appear out of thin air? From what I understood before I dropped this (at chap. 30) ML seemed to have some type of feelings for the MC but the MC seemed like he was more aromantic. most characters tend to think about getting into a relationship for one reason or anotber, they have these thoughts, but the our Mc's main concern was how to make money, which... mood but not the point.

what I also noticed was that the characters personalities seemed super inconsistent? but I'm not sure if that's just me or not. it was like, one minute, derek seemed to be secretary in love with ML and was looking to bully the MC because of how often the ML was staring after him and the next hes bffs with everyone.

One minute Derek is sneakily trying to get the MC and the ML to exchange numbers as a wangman and then he also completely forgets that ML is staring after him constantly.

not to mention, the ML seemed far more expressive in the first couple chapters and then he becomes a cold quiet and unfeeling sort that apparently can't do sh*t but awkwardly stare at MC. again, maybe this is just how I saw it; but it felt really inconsistent. even with the side characters, it seemed like their initial impressions were just figments of my imagination.

That aside, we start seeing the sparks of a secondary couple coming into play and I pretty much threw the whole novel away when this couple was more talkative than the main.

Hell I was hoping the whole sudden black out thing during the fight with that one guy was gonna lead to some crazy discovery or something but it seems that was another trick being played

There was a lot of room for this to have been a really interesting and cute fluffy novel, but it fell flat the first 10 chapters. <<less
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SuouNono rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: c29
The current translations they have right now is one updated by the author, so it's not the same abrupt ending that others have reviewed about due to the author falling ill. It's going pretty great. Although it is a bit fast-paced, it's fine because you can really swiftly binge when reading it. The MC has a good personality and I really like how he as a good head on in most situations. There's not really much development between MC and ML as of the moment except for ML slowly growing... more>> his feelings for MC (but yet to realize this fact). The second CP is growing steadily though, and they have such cute interactions. I also really love the relationship between MC and ML and their younger sisters, as you could see them really supporting each other.

I also really liked the character development of Xu Yu Sheng as he realized that the way he was going about things might've blinded his thinking


So, yeah, pretty good overall. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a really good short story. The characters are well-fleshed out, the MC is not OP but very very hard working and intelligent. ML is not your typical toxic alpha but someone who is actually pretty sweet.

Highly recommended!!!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Paroot rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: c59
I liked it at first but the story is really rushed (at least towards the end and a lot of chapters felt kinda pointless for the plot tbh and same themes were circulated in them again and again) and the ending is really sudden. I've read a lot of stories with abrupt endings but I didn't even realize that this was the end of it when I read it. Really disappointing and confusing story. It had a promising start but a lot of things were never really explained and I... more>> never got attached to the characters and they felt kind of empty to me. To me it was kinda like eating bland bread when I expected a good sandwich. It was just frustrating to read with all the misunderstandings too.

Maybe it's just me, but I really didn't like this story. Translation was good but the plot was really rushed and it ruined it for me. <<less
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Melange rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Youch, this was a difficult read.

The main couple is so awkward and emotionally deficit that the side CP takes off ages before them. I guess they deserve each other, as they'd probably be perfectly fine sitting in awkward silence together.

Where did the romance come from? Ah, well it really never arrived. After starting a cold war, MC and ML realized they liked each other... as friends.
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limonata rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: --
It could be a good story. I don't like alpha and omega relationships. There is no love and soul in alpha-omega relationships. A ens*avement system based solely on the pheromones. In these universes, the pressure of the pheromeners should have increased thanks to love. How beautiful is that. They also make the omegas dependent on them. The alphas can be with omega coming in front of them because it is weak against the pheromones. These kinds of relationships are stories that do not have love and loyalty to each other.... more>> It is suitable for adolescence because hormones provide it. Sucks for the older ones. So I started reading the beta and alpha related story with great hope. But the story is very mediocre. ML character fails too much. MC, ML characters are not compatible. It was not a fluffy story. Like an uncooked meal.
If you know alpha-alpha or alpha-beta stories like the arc in the "Heroic Death System" story, please let me know. Alpha and omega stories are not unusual, extraordinary and romantic for me. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YellowNoodle rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Haiz, if only the author was okay then this would have been a great story.

The plot and characters were all lovable, but unfortunately the ending was rushed due to the author's circumstances.

I won't say much because it's literally 33 chapters but you should read it for the fluff. But if you'll be unsatisfied by how rushed it is then don't. Oh the potential this story could have been.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gryffinpuff rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c51
Okkish story... Pretty much a school romance in ABO setting with immature protagonists agonizing over 'he loves me/ he loves me not' with plenty of misunderstandings to go with it... Super supportive family members and friends. Though it's a bit interesting that the main and side couple are alpha-beta... But the dynamics are left unexplored- how are they different from AO pairings and what trouble/oppositions/discrimination they may face etc. The feelings of main leads are also not well depicted.

Considering it's a short story, it's a passable read...
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Poopster rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c20
One word: disappointed

TBH, I'm very traditional and am not a big fan of things that go out of the ordinary aka in this case, AB dynamics in ABO. Nothing against it, just not my favourite~

But regardless of that, I was still very interested to read this novel when I read the summary, as who knows what treasures lie in the deep.

... more>> Alas though, it was not to be!

The story fell quire frankly, flat on its face after the initial introduction of all the characters. I was in love with the MC's family, was interested in learning more about the ML and his friend, and also the MC's new classmates- but perhaps due to the author's health they were unable to write out to their full potential, which resulted in promising characters suffering from bipolarity.

I felt their characters' personalities weren't consistent with their introductions which is frankly what made me the most sad, as they were really growing on me.

Anyway basically I've decided to drop the story as what I read from other critical reviews lined up with my own feelings. Even so, if you don't mind too much about characterisation or are new to ABO, I don't see why not to give this a try, as some others seemed to have enjoyed it plenty.

Tis a shame, but who knows maybe I'll get a taste for it again in the future.

Thank you to translator-sama and also original author for the good work~ I hope the latter is better since then~ <<less
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Rustle silver butterflies
Rustle silver butterflies rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: c43
It's fun and relaxedly. I like this ABO stories, which don't go by original way

Honestly I see that main characters are usual and plot is small described, but I like this atmosphere. I'm rest when I read this, this school life, relationship between this fools.

MC is small silly child who interested business and very weak at start, and become more powerful with time. Wonderful, but his dumbesty doesn't irritate specially me.

And ML, idk, he is caring for person who like and ignorant at love issues same like MC. He is... more>> usually taciturn and have only one childhood friend, but I don't think he is cold or moreover yandere. He is kind guy just has bad communicate skills.

I can't call this quality novel but this short story in genre slice of life and I like this for simple plot and fun interact. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c36
Cute, very cute!!

I love MC, he's the son of a rich man but he's very grounded and ambitious and works very hard for his goals. I also love how much he spoils his sister! ML is also pretty good, his background is powerful but he's also very grounded and quite realistic. He can also be childish, which I find quite refreshing.

The side characters are also all good; putting aside the sisters, the friends are quite funny too.

... more>> A pity that the chapters are so short and the ending got rushed.

Thanks for the translator's hard work! <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c32
Ok, I was about to send my 5 stars their way. But I drop a star due to realizing that the number of chapters is really small. And knowing what happens right now and how there's only mere 20 chapters left to wrap it up it's easy to judge that something happened and the story got wrapped up earlier on.

The beginning shows great potential, I love non-conventional pairs in ABO verse, since alpha/omega is basically asking for a beating, it's nothing more than nonsense, wrapped up under the pretense of... more>> being a love story. Pairs that don't fall into category are way more interesting, since there is already a conflict in there.

Secondly, the story laid down a really good foundation, the societal structure is there, which many ABO stories lack.

And last but not least, the MC is wonderful, pretty much I continued with this story because of him.

For some reason I don't want to rate this story badly, because rushed endings for small stories usually have some backstory. It's nothing compared to stories where it's 300 chapters in and then the rushed ending, here is obvious laid down foundation for a pretty decent time and switch between the events and characters, but you know that mere 20 chapters are not nearly enough to give them time and place. SO I don't have the heart to just smash this novel down, after all I had good time with it. <<less
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HaiRyuuKi rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: c32
I actually like this novel. It is different from the overused omegaverse since this time, it is alpha-beta pairing. No drama for forced estrus or affected by pheromone, etc. Just a straightforward story. MC's character is likable since he is a direct person, no nonsense guy. He is also hardworking. Meanwhile, ML still needs for a development. It was already stated in the summary that ML misunderstood MC, so there, we finally have the drama. Though I doubt the drama won't last long since this novel is only 50+ chapters.

If... more>> you are looking for a major drama in an omegaverse world, then this might not be for you. This novel is a good read if you want to kill time. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pavetta rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: c1
A promising start! The translator also has good grammar/spelling/punctuation and so on, so I could read the text quite comfortably.

From what I understand, the MC hugged his omega sister as long as possible on his first day of school in the hope that he'd pick up enough of her pheromones to be thrown out of school, since he was signed up to military school against his will, but the school inspectors see through his lie. However, he does bump into a fellow classmate (the ML?) who smells the pheromones and... more>> becomes convinced the MC is an omega.

It's a simple but sweet premise and the execution so far is well done. <<less
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Asteroit rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel had a great potential. The pairing is Beta and Alpha and I really like it to be that way. The novel was funny and enjoyable but unfortunally due to author-sama's health it ended Quickly and we didn't get to eat much dog food from Our main couple. Side couples were also good.... more>>

again Beta x Alpha and in the extras we see Omega x Alpha

I also wanted to learn some more about their families, teacher and other friends but it can't be helped. Still it was a good novel. I don't like ABO but enjoyed this one. <<less
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