My Family’s Omega Has Just Grown Up


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The 18-year-old Ton Yan has gotten married. The marriage partner looks mature and handsome, but also serious and stubborn. After living together, he felt that the other man was just seriously raising a child. At least before they got together, Ton Yan never thought he was capable of speaking such words as “I can’t sleep because I miss you so much”.

A fuming Ton Yan after pregnancy: Don’t tease me (╥╯ ^ ╰╥)

A Zhuo Xiang Ming asking for a good morning kiss while fixing his tie: People who constantly feel they’re being teased say they’re afraid to speak

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Novelreader 22102
New Novelreader 22102 rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved the main couple of the novel. They get married because MC has a pheromone disorder that needs to be cured by being around a little bit of alpha pheromones daily. Their interactions, the way they grew to like eachother and how they learned to communicate were nice. I dont like any of the side characters except the robot and MC's classmate. I know they aren't the bad guys or meant to be the antagonists of the novel but atleast if they apologised or someone else in the novel... more>> called them out on it it would have been nice.


The ML's parents basically were going through a fight while they had him and so he was brought up by his grandparents. But when they had another kid (an year or so later) they decided not to divorce and stay together to bring up the child but completely forgot about the ML? They never brought him back and put him in a hostel when the grandma died. Like what??. The father is worse than the mother. He never wanted to do his family business and pushed it all to the mother after their marriage but now that the mother is sick he wants the son that he never cared about to come pick up the family business. And when the ML says no he basically guilt trips him into doing it. And the ML's brother is just annoying. He was brought up spoiled and it shows. He gets jealous of the ML always looking after the MC because the ML never coddled him and tries to annoy the MC despite him being almost 6 years older than the MC.



Now the MC's dad and brother are a whole another thing. The father decides to marry of his 18 year old son to a 26 year old alpha and then gets mad when they later decides to make the marriage real. Like you put an alpha and an omega together in a house, got them married, let the omega be in the presence of the alphas pheromones daily and now you act suprised when they developed feelings? He acts like MC is a small child who can't be trusted to make decisions while ignoring the fact that he married the MC off. Like pick one, is he old enough or not? The worst part is that from when MC was a child the father was physically never available near them but now he is all like "come home", "why dont you like to spend time here", "I can't believe the ML doesn't spend every second of his life with you" 😑😑.

The brother is even worse man. He agrees to pick up the MC, who is btw sick and can't be around too much pheromones, from school and then doesn't show up because he was too busy doing it with another omega (who is the ML's brother btw). Atleast let someone know that you're busy. Then when the omega shows up at his house, hes decides to do it with him upstairs completely ignoring the fact that his brother is still in the house. And in doing so he exposes his brother who can't be around pheromones at all to an omega in heat and this sends the MC into heat too 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. He also never enquires about a scandal that the MC was in by claiming that he is very busy. He is so busy that he can't even reply to any of the MC's messages but somehow he has the time to reply to every single mssg that the ML's brother sends him.


If the side characters apologised atleast once or atleast showed some remorse for what they did then the novel would have been much more bearable <<less
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CarinaNovel Updates
CarinaNovel Updates rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Chapter 55

Attention: The description is misleading, there is no pregnancy in this novel!

Cute teenager/jung adult omega (with over sensitivity to pheromones) x mature, steady, gentle, reliable, solemn adult alpha (10 years older as MC)

ML is a person who has great difficulty talking about his thoughts and revealing his heart. Their marriage starts as a business relationship only, but slowly develops into something more as the little insecure omega starts to open up to his solemn, but very caring newly wedded 'fake' husband.

Comment from Kleep: (I hope she doesn't mind me quoting her comment)

"I love that ZXM (ML) is the perfect combination of doting, caring, responsible, possessive and horny. I'm so ready. Also, I really enjoy the tacit understanding they've developed."

Mating/bonding in chapter

45 - 46


I like how this omegaverse has a more serious approach to mating, the darker parts are also explained for example: alphas lose control during (estrus/) mating and it will be like assault until the omega submits. ML has intense sexual desire, is very clingy, possessive, carefull and emotional (afraid of hurting MC or being hated) after mating. MC has a few bruises is tired, clingy and happy. He trust ML very much.

Tong Yan suspected that he'd been infected with 'skinship hunger' disease. But ML wasn't better of. Tags: carefree, neglecting families, extremely pampering ML, childish MC, sweet fluff,

Exactly my cup of tee, I love this novel!♡

Very lovable story! Dream husband! Perfect match! I can recommend this story 100% and I should reread it again some time.
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Shio rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: 16
The story is basically about marriage of convenience. The omega MC suffered from some trauma that made him oversensitive/ pained by alpha's pheromone, but it could be healed after as long as he get used to alpha's pheromone. The process was too intimate, so mc's family asked ML to help MC. ML agreed since:

1) his mother asked for him to helped
2) it would be beneficial for his family project
3) the marriage is just temporary.

The two met, get along together, add in some pheromone. Boom. You got your relationship.... more>> The characters aren't two dimensional, which is a good sign. I got a feeling this will be filled with drama tho, considering his illness and his tendency to be overly sensitive. As of ch 42 it's still mainly fluff. <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: c50
Personally, I found this novel rather mediocre. Nothing was particularly bad or good. There were a lot of morally gray spots, but despite being talked about a lot, these moments still failed to leave a deep impression.

Neither of the leads was relatable, both were so perfect that even their flaws were specifically chosen to make them appear more attractive. I didn't care much about any of the characters.

Some people might be concerned about ambiguousness of consent (spoiler of the 'marking' process)
... more>>

When they did it, the alpha was 'uncontrollable' and unable to stop for days, no matter what. It was not a r*pe, because omega knew it would happen and agreed to it before it happened and later confirmed that he was OK with it through the whole process. However, if he did want to stop, it would turn into r*pe and his feelings would be ignored, since alpha looses rationality and is completely controlled by desire during the process. This idea of uncontrolled possession did not feel romantic to me and I can see some people repulsed by it.

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BanniNotBunny rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: c58
Keywords : if you are into them then read it.

Healthy Relationship

Communicative couple

Mature and understanding ML

Sensitive and smart MC


Lovey-dovey couple

Slice of life; nothing complicated

I always ignored this novel because of negative reviews but then one day I thought of giving it a go as it only has 55 chapters.

And it was good. It's not extraordinary but married couple is one of my favorites so plus point for that.

Recommend for a light read.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
teagsho rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I have no say about this novel tbh, this novel is fluffy and drama-free. But the second pairing is really........ unlikable somehow, especially the gong, Tong Yang, MC's older brother.

I've tried many times to be tolerant with how Tong Yang interaction with Tong Yan (MC), but still annoyed.

And the second shou too (ML's lil bro), he's somewhat kind of pitiful since like, his big bro (ML) care much about MC more than him, and his lover, Tong Yang, is MC's older brother, so he kind of envious and teasing MC,... more>> but I know he means no harm, but still, he's annoying lol.

The relationship between second gong and second shou is annoying, and both the shou and gong is annoying too. Perfect. HAHAHA

Okay, the main pairing is better than the 2nd haha. I love them, they're cute.

Honestly yeah, Xuan Gui (housekeeper robot) is more likable than Tong Yang and ZJS lol, no lie.

Absolutely recommended! 9/10

If you feel pissed of by how MC and ML treated by their each family, just endured it for awhile. It's not like the family is the antagonist. They mean no harm to the MC ML.

Update c 33:

f*ckING TONG YANG IM REALLY ANGRY OKAY?! He didn't even answer Tong Yan (MC) call but he chatting and spamming happily with ZJS f*ck this kind of gong who cares more about love than his own family. Is not like Tong Yan demanding something hard, he's only want to talk, want to chat a bit. f*ck brother like him.

Fortunately, ZJS is more caring to MC right now (seeing that he's giving advices and listen to MC's problem about ML).

Update c 55

Okay it is heartwarming and really light. AND SO FREAKING SHORT AAAAHHH I WANT MOREEEE. The main couple is reallly goodddd ahhhh whatever I will re read this later I guess.

I will say it again, my rate is 9.5/10 <<less
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BobChan rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c15
Oddly, the ML is more relatable than the MC and honestly, I don’t like the MC as much. The lovey dovey part are so-so, my heart is aching more for what the ML has to put up with.

The MC is your typical omega. He seems shy out front but he’s a little tiger. The way he’s described clashes a lot and you have much contradictions at times, but... it is what it is.

Only being about 1/4 of the way in, trying to keep it optimistic—but it seems like it’ll end... more>> up more of a disappointment due to the MC’s personality (really hope that there’s some really big growth coming soon).

p.s. Thank Kaz for their great translation~! <<less
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Ritu rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: c35
Fluff fluff fluff !!!

Teeth rotting sweet. God so fluffy and heartwarming !!! Really loved this !

They are so cute together, , , discovering each other and falling in love. Really made me happy reading this
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ColaArcie rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: c30
The story is okay... It just need more intense scenes LOL... The MC and ML are cute they are just lack of experience ???

I also wish to see the love progress of little bro and big bro of the couple if they have...

I'll give it a three star for now...
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anuska rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: --
I really enjoy slice of life. It would have been okay even if there wasn't any drama but my point is its so boring. Both MC and ML are so bland.
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Aurinne rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Very positive 3.5 stars from me.

A short preamble:

There's a stereotypical danmei couple (or even BL generally) which matches a taciturn, doting and somewhat overbearing gong with a gentle, innocent shou. I think how much you like this particular type of couple will influence how much you enjoy this story and possibly how you perceive the MC's character (i.e. Unrealistically childish or not).

For me, I'm not the biggest fan of these couples unless the power imbalance they typically show is significantly lessened, so this perspective will influence what I say about... more>> the story. If you're someone who really likes this type of couple, bear this in mind as your perspective will be somewhat different.

(Also very light/unspecific spoilers ahead.)

So, this story is a fairly sweet and mild slice-of-life showing the developing relationship of a pair of nice people who have married for reasons other than love. They expect it to be temporary but instead find the other provides them with a kind of love and support they didn't quite realise they were missing.

Their relationship progresses neither quickly nor slowly, which is something I appreciated. Their communication and willingness to acknowledge when they're wrong is refreshing compared to many stories that rely on poor communication and misunderstandings to create drama.

Their families are the story's main supporting characters and I appreciated the way the author wrote them moderately - flawed and sometimes troubling, but not without any nice qualities. Not the greatest relatives, but certainly not the trope-filled drama creators you find in many danmei novels.

I mentioned at the start that the main couple fall into a type that many danmei authors love to write. The aim seems to be making the shou character one that can stand in for the stereotypical female in similar CN het romance novels: The shou is weaker, the shou is more emotional, the shou needs protecting and the shou will be swept away by the gong's overbearing passion (always saying "no, no, " but being ignored and not truly hating it). Meanwhile the gong is powerful enough in intelligence, age, finance, position and physicality to get his way whenever he wants. He frequently doesn't, because he's a doting gong who will indulge his shou, but he can and will whenever he really wants to, and that's intended to be romantic.

The couple in this story basically fit that stereotype, although luckily their characters have been given enough depth and reasonableness to make this a sweeter and more palatable version than many. The main character is written to have grown up sheltered and loved and yet somewhat neglected. The author uses this background to write him as in some ways a little innocent and inexperienced, but with a high EQ, awareness and pragmatic positivity that comes from having had to cope with many things independently. And yes, he is often rather babyish in his interactions with the ML; this is supposed to show how much he can let go of his usual constraint and be indulged by the ML, but unless you really enjoy the doting gong x indulged shou couple dynamic, this gets a bit much sometimes. Not enough for me to give up on the story, but I perhaps might have if I hadn't known it was fairly short. The thing I appreciated about this mildly complex characterisation is that it allows him to be sensible and aware when it comes to communicating and reflecting, which is one thing that redeems what would otherwise be an extremely imbalanced relationship. (Just the same, I had to quash those "it's just dependency" thoughts with "it's just a romance novel" sometimes.)

What I appreciated about the ML is that the author has written him to be taciturn but inherently kind and not reluctant to communicate, even if he's not as good at it as the MC. The author has also given him an imperfect upbringing that manifests in this and some other ways in his relationship that saves him from being always perfect or in control.

One thing I didn't enjoy as much was the way the whole story emphasised that the ML was dating a "child." He might have been somewhat sheltered and inexperienced, but the MC is a self-aware 18yo who is supposed to have started university if he hadn't had to take a year away from high school because of his health problems. Yet the story constantly shows all the characters thinking of him as "the child, " and treating him as such. There's even one point where a doctor is talking to the ML about the MC and consistently uses terms such as child, children, young children when talking about his health.

Finally, we have the ABO aspect and I'm going to be blunt here, I see the use of the ABO world as an excuse for the author to get the main couple together initially, and then to make them into a weak shou and overbearing gong couple. The MC isn't really childish, the MC is an omega and omega = girl, and girl = weak, emotional, clingy, spoiled etc. Furthermore, an omega MC fits the accompanying physical ideal - thin, pale, pretty, not hairy, soft-skinned, almost childlike.

For the most part, the ML isn't particularly overbearing (just parental), and tends to listen to the MC seriously, try to please the MC and reflect on his own actions. He's a very nice and very sincere ML. Except he's an alpha, which gives the author the excuse needed to make him act out of character when it finally gets to the bed scenes. Because pheremones. So the author gets their sweet and reasonable ML as well as their overbearing ML who ignores the MC's pleas to stop. And it's OK because it's the fault of pheremones, so the MC and the reader can forgive him every time. I'll give the author credit for making the ML genuinely concerned about this.

Overall, it's a sweet, somewhat thoughtful, very lightweight short read. It's easy to read and is a nice way to kill some time, and especially nice if you're a fan of ongoing fluff in your novels, although this occasionally suffers from having little else to break it up and stop it from becoming monotonous. If you're not a fan of a weak, sweet, babied shou x older, indulgent gong, you might struggle a little, but for me it is definitely one of the more tempered examples of this couple dynamic. I enjoyed the healthy communication and generally happy relationship. <<less
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hiddencloud rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: Completed
  1. Overall a light read for ABO verse. Nothing really major happens.
  2. ML falling was abit sudden and unfounded. He went from not interested in a partner at all, only meeting his wife-to-be at the altar to somehow looking at his partner as a wife all along.
  3. MC is an innocent child-like 18yo who loves wholely.
  4. Spoiler

    Both ML and MC have childhood abandonment issues. Thus they connected well inna way due to this.

  5. Couple of rushed arcs here and there with insufficient development before it was over.
  6. Spoiler

    Can be seen as ML is super duper possessive of MC as he is deathly afraid of being forgotten and abandoned again.

  7. Spoiler

    Like typical bigger age group couples, ML is afraid of holding back and inflencing MC's decisions, got into abit of a spat between them due to this. ML's tendency of being afraid to even try keeping what he wants due to being overly disappointed as a child made it worse.

  8. Overal a good read if you want to see a father-child like couple. Author seems to keep putting the label of child on 18yo MC's head and ML's certain actions and doting is more like between father-child so read only if you are okay with this.
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JuneV rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: Completed

To say in a line : Two people who grew up good by themselves without much love and attention from their families ended up being in love and for each other.

The ML is the best. He is so good as well as has his own flaws. Their way of getting along and their relationship is just so good, how they overcome difficulties involving in couples, their mutual trust and understanding, feeling distressed for each other, everything is beautiful.

There are many parts that's so realistic. Especially when... more>> it came to ML's way of handling MC. MC is a teenager, so ML teaches him regarding life and decisions I liked it so much.

I originally thought Pei Shoaze from Accidental Mark was the most understanding and mature ML. But Zhou Xiang Ming just straight up on par with him or even more better than him in some aspects cause their partners are of different personalities. Cheng Xia from Accidental Mark is also a teenager, but he is proactive and had a happy family with lots of love and sunny and bright On the otherhand here, Tong Yan is a precious treasure who grew up with no attention and no love from his family, he is full of love but noone is outlet for him until he met ML and learns give and take love.

When he fell in love, he learned that when someone got caught up in their emotions, they would always panic. Perhaps one second they would be full of affection, but the next second, they would feel anxious and insecure. This feeling was unpleasant but, Tong Yan thought, this was probably the taste of love


I don't know why people say MC is not good, in fact he is better than anyone who is in their 18, he grew up without much love, grew up so good by himself, what's wrong if he is childish with ML? In my point of view, he is not unreasonable he is shy and awkward sometimes, later he always apologize or explains to ML why he was acting like that. That's a good point, don't always complain. The author wrote their characters deep and profound. <<less
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YuzzuUzzzu rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: Completed
It is a cute, fluffy, no angst, no drama novel. Though it takes me some concentration to read because the author doesn't really pay attention to details. Like a flight from China to Los Angeles is 6 hours or just something impossible details were written. Overall it is a cute story and the seme is super gentle, understanding and kind. Also, no smut besides kissing so I'm thirsty and can only imagine huhu.
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jklm rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Cute and relatively light hearted. The best part is definitely the communication between the MC and ML. Way more consensual than your average ABO story.

The MC is babied a bit, there is definitely some cognitive whiplash where one moment the MC is being treated very much like a child with the ML in a guardian role, and the next moment they are making out. But it's not actually that bad--and really shouldn't be surprising in an ABO setting. And more importantly, a) the MC is of legal age, and b)... more>> his youth is acknowledged but not sexualized. (Unlike all those BL stories that wax poetic about dumpling cheeks and hairless legs and tofu lips among other things).

If I had to find something to criticize:


It would be how towards the beginning of the story, in an interview with the press, the ML corrects someone calling the MC his wife, and there is a comment about how referring to male omegas as wives is kind of insulting.

But then the ML proceeds to refer to the MC as his wife multiple times throughout the rest of the story. I guess the author forgot? I wouldn't have even found it annoying, especially considering it being an ABO world so the MC really is basically female, but it was s*upid to establish doing so as rude and derogatory and then have the ML do it.


But really, it's not a bad story. There isn't much drama but there is plenty of cuteness. Because there isn't much conflict, the story is pretty short which is nice. Also, for a short ABO world story, there is a fair bit of depth to the side characters. There isn't a huge cast, but everyone definitely has their own personality and back story which smoothly integrate.

Four stars, worth a read! <<less
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TiredIsAPersonality rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Compared to the many r*pey novels on here this one is more mellow and is being labeled boring in the reviews.

There are no dramatic plot twists neither are the MC’s completely different by the end of the novel compared to the start which often happens in other stories and to me those are unrealistic. I can’t understand why people have to have dramatic character growth.

This is one of those slow burn relatable novel which can be a relaxed read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lea168 rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: Completed

This story was much better than I expected!

I thought MC would be a childish character, as the summary hints that ML is raising a child. However, I think MC is written in line with what it is to be expected from a 18y boy and sometimes he acts even more mature.

... more>> The relationship between the couple is beautiful. Lots of respect and care. Personally I love age gaps, it always is a bit kinky imo. And I don't mind that at all in novels.

ML really dotes on MC, so do expect lots of fluff! Though it is slowburn, it is not that awfully slow. I love how they slowly explore their physical relationship. As a reader I could feel their attraction and sexual tension building up. At least this story has a few good smut scenes, super satisfying after so much cuddling and rubbing. Love that MC

gives ML blowjobs!!That is rarely really mentioned in Chinese BL. So I was pleasantly surprised. It was hot!


Too bad the Extras aren't translated (yet). The pregnancy only occurs in Extras. I still need to read that. I MTL'ed, but found it very lacking (But

rest assured if you are afraid if MC will be a teenage dad. Nope, they only get pregnant few years later)

. I'm going to use the read aloud function for the raws as my Chinese listening skills is much better than reading Chinese. I will update my review accordingly after finishing the Extras too. <<less
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qpzmal rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: Completed
A cute and relaxing read. There's no major drama, misunderstandings, or anything of the such. It did get a little boring in the middle, but the rest of the novel was really heartwarming. But I wouldn't recommend this to people who want a plot since the whole story is just them falling in love with each other and nothing else really happens.
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Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumyoshi rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Just made a novel update a/c to write review for this piece of goodness.

Idc about readers who called the uke too immature and said people around him treating him like a 10/yo. All I know is this is an ABO novel with the most consensual relationship and respect and brilliant communication between the MC and ML (there's no way to differentiate, both of them have equal role in the novel).

This novel totally pointed out the HE that could have happened if many miscommunication did not take place in many many... more>> other shoujo/bl novels. The protags were absolutely respectful to each other, and yet kind and understanding to each other. The best thing was the doses of realistic advices and life lessons put in between brilliantly.

Yes uke Tong Yan is only 18, but he's more mature than many 28 yo out there. And yes Zhuo Ming is older than Tong Yan, but he rarely patronized Tong Ya using the advantage of his age.

Main reason why many people called it "boring", because there's no evil mother/sister/brother/classmate making shitty conspiracy and ruining the protags' life. The problems faced by them are more realistic, something we face sometimes when we are in a relationship, or even with our family members. This novel is NOT melancholic, melodramatic, heartwrenching. It's heartwarming and a novel of two people with abandonment issues being the support of each other's life.

So those who are looking for pain inducing drama, this is NOT for you, go somewhere else and don't leave 1 star in this novel. This novel does not deserve so less. Σ (ಠ_ಠ) <<less
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Kitsunesuki rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c10
This story is strange and a little creepy. The MC's family all treat him like he's about 10 years old and so does his husband. Naturally, he also acts like he's 10 years old because of this. I cannot fathom how these two are going to have an intimate relationship and it honestly seems kind of disgusting. I bore with it for 10 chapters hoping it would get better but it doesn't so I'm dropping it. If you're not interested in pedophilia oh, you might want to skip this one
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shreyshrey rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c55
The side-character's siblings's selfishness really put in a bad taste in my mouth (The two siblings especially were a pain in the ass) . They are the kind of people you need to cut out of your life or perhaps retaliate to some extent. But there was never a proper confrontation or call out in this regard. I really needed some random third character to explicitly say 'dude, you are an a**hole'.I mean, I get that people were trying to write the second CP as a troublemaker duo or something... more>> but you can make a character a mischevious personality without making them an as*hole ? Or perhaps too much of an as*hole ??? (Ocassionally, I like a**holey characters-but only if they are interesting enough).


The one part that really troubled me was when the MC's brother forgot to pick him from school, did not even write down a message for him and when he just went to screw his lover (ML's brother) upstairs, not caring about the fact that his little brother has a phermone disorder and cannot stand the phermones of an omega in heat.


MC's father *sigh*

he was gone for the most part of MC's life, entered into this business contract to get MC and ML married and then when MC's married off, comes back looking for trouble. He's angry and surprised that MC and ML got together -even though he's one of the parties who made them live together?? Sir, what were you expecting throwing an aplha and omega together ??Then he gets jealous of MC showering affection on ML and his family members.Now you have time off work??!! What were you doing all those years??!! Overprotective family members is I admit, a trope that annoys the heck out of me but it can be endearing if written well and also considering that this novel is chinese (and some asian countries have a very family focused culture) , it's not out of place but.. If an elder is putting restrictions on you, then they also take up a lot of responsibilites to do their due to a child. MC's fatherly love arises out of nowhere, is not required and misplaced and is way too many years late.The hypocrisy sickens me.


The side characters have many flaws but this book is still a 3 star because of MC and ML's characters and dynamics. ML was so respectful, so caring, putting in so much efforts. He's just so soft for MC and MC's so soft for him and they are so soft together and now I feel all gooey inside :''). MC is a gem, he has so much love to give to everyone, I am glad he now has someone who reciprocates it for once. They connect well together -although they have lived different lives, they are very similar in a sense. <<less
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