After I Got Married, Those Who Betrayed Me Were Reborn


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For some unknown reason no matter what Ruan Tang does, he is regarded as a black-hearted lotus by people. Any type of relationship he has falls through, every friend and lover leaves him for his younger brother, Ruan Xi.

After his reputation is thoroughly ruined and all his loved ones have either left or betrayed him, he decides to give up.

So when his family tries to pressure him into marrying one of the most infamous royals, Duke Auston, he agrees.

After he marries Auston, he finds this infamously ugly, disabled Duke to be surprisingly cute and decides to seriously pursue him. Ruan Tang finds not only his happiness but also a caring husband who helps avenge the grievances of his “poor, bullied” Omega.

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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: Completed

An ABO World where the ML treats the MC as an equal! No forced marking due to heat or whatever!

The ML who seems cruel and bloodthirsty but actually has a soft maiden heart. He's a Tsundere *laughs loudly* especially once their relationship gets really developed. He's so pure.

... more>> The MC is strong. He's determined and his willpower is amazing. He's been blackened from the start and was left with no choice but to marry the "evil" ML

All of this was due to his younger brother who was a transmigrator with a system. (He's the antagonist or rather.... The system is) All of the other reborn characters didn't do much.

They were just filled with remorse and it's nice to see the MC standing up for himself and his relationship with the ML.

✔️ An Omega who chases his Alpha.

✔️ Both virg*ns (Lol, ML I can't with his pure heart)

✔️ H.E. (Happy Ending)

✔️ MPreg

I want to give the ML a hug. I can understand his POV. When everyone else betrays you and you're left with nothing, how will you act? His face is disfigured, his legs are amputated. He's supposed to be the darling of heaven but he was sent to the darkness.

I really like how the MC helped the ML and let the ML's insecurities heal and the ML became the MC's huge goldem thigh/backer and protected him from harm.

Both if them developed themselves and their relationship in this novel.

Pheromones don't matter, 95% or 100% pheromone match isn't important. I love the ML's willpower.

Your feelings is what matters. An Alpha can control his reaction.

I really, really, really like and recommend this novel! Thank you for your efforts!! ? <<less
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akpanda13 rated it
December 4, 2020
Status: Completed
At last! An alpha ML that understands consent and a very 3 dimensional MC.

Refreshing in that the MC chases after the ML first and that the ML doesn’t want to take advantage of the MC. (The ML believes the MC only thinks that he is in love with the ML because, comparatively, he has not been as scummy as other alphas in his life. So yay, for an aware ML.)

The ML is also very human in that he has his own insecurities and is willing to show his “bad”... more>> side to the MC without shame. He is secretly a very pure-hearted child on the inside in regards to love and relationships, so he hates the idea of pheromones coercing others into doing things against their will. The MC is also quite grounded in that he isnt a holy saint who forgives those who misunderstood him and only really fights back in defense. He’s pretty level headed yet still is funny and brash when dealing with the ML.

Both the MC and ML bring out the childish sides in each other and are such goobers for each other. Overall a cute read. I mtled this and it was easy to read. Though I’d skip the last two arcs in the extras if you don’t want to ruin the flow of the story. <<less
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Soleus rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Love it! Absolutely love it!

Yes, this is your typical transmigration story where a reader tried to steal the MC's golden finger with the help of the system. The so called reader stole the MC's fiance, slander him and blablabla. And lastly MC was rendered to choose a well- known madman alpha for his marriage.

Love the dynamics between MC and ML. They are so cute together. The ML will appear like lunatic initially and then he changed... well rather than changed... he showed his inner tsunderism. LOL! He's a tsundere and... more>> that was cute. As for the MC, he initially is so cold and little indifferent and as he fall in love with ML he began stole ML's pickup lines to woo him since ML is being so tsundere to admit love. LOL!

Oh ya about the transmigrated reader. What I liked was that there was no dragging of the story. When the story picks up all you see is the continued downfall of the villain. Not the annoying comeback of the villian with the help of system everytime.

It's a worth read. 5 stars.

And there's this one side arc involving ML's secretary which is so sad. Well he deserved it but dang I still pity him. Kinda remind me of the story of character Xue zhi xuan of 'twin of different fates' from novel Quickly wear the face of devil. Sorry, just want to vent my sadness. <<less
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Lisarra rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is by far one of the best ABO novel I read. I loved every little thing about this novel.

ML is a true tsundere under the disguise of a yandere. He is literally too cute and vulnerable that you just want to hug him tight and not let him go.

MC is very rational, calm and very very cool. He is kind of the back-bellied one in their relationship. I loved how he subdued the ML with his love, care and also some tricks here and there.

Also on the bright side,... more>> the other side characters are also very rational later in the story. I said later because before...

The villain white lotus used his attraction halo (bought from his system) to blindside them and only see that MC is the black lotus.


The one other fact I loved about this novel is that the Omegas are not quite weak and bottom of the social status. Even though Alphas do have their egoistic tendencies, lots of other Omegas apart from MC were already in high status and power. Also MC never hated the fact he was born an Omega (like some other MCs from ABO novels)

Overall, I loved this story and would recommend others to read if you want some lighthearted romance. <<less
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softblackgirl rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: Completed
This story does a good job of captivating the attention of the average bl reader! But I had to give it three stars because the story lost most of its meaning halfway through.

... more>>

We spend so much time witnessing the amount of time and care our MC puts into reassuring our ML that his looks don't matter and that he doesn't have to change his appearance but the story becomes so cheap when you realize everyone ends up conventionally beautiful in the end. Even when ML's true face is exposed to the public, the public is okay with it because they can tell that without the scars on his face ML is still attractive. And then ML decides to get scar reduction so he doesn't "scare his future kids"...

I think also the use of the Villain system was ill handled. When stories like these are built on villains with no choice but to mistreat the MC, I'm always less interested in the plot. And I also had an issue with the fact that both of the main villains turned out to be illegitimate children from poor, abusive beginnings who got "too greedy".

What is the purpose of villains like these in a story that values seeing beyond appearances and how someone was born? It cheapens the words MC tries to encourage ML with because the narrative reinforces negative stereotypes about mistresses, illegitimate kids, orphans, and poor people. These people are also "ugly" to society but they are only shown in this story as cannon fodder to be face slapped, assualted, or used as pawns in plots against MC.

I'd love it if a story was daring enough to actually subvert the typical tropes and I think I got a little of that in one of the side stories about Austen's second in command. I can't accurately translate his name but I'll call him G.

G is an alpha who is a military man and for the past 6 six years of his marriage, he has been abusing and neglecting his omega husband. It isn't until his omega decides to divorce him, that he is given a wake-up call but then it's too late and his omega moves on to find true happiness. This side story was so great for dog blood but also it satisfied my wish for trope subversion. No scum gong that keeps getting forgiven! This shou stood up for himself really well. The only weird thing was how the narrative wanted to blame everyone involved when G is clearly the only one to blame for everything.

I also didn't like the romance between Ruan Yang and Ryan that much. It just felt really forced to me. Yang acted like an adoptive father more than a husband.


Overall, it was entertaining but I've seen stories like these done way better. If you do read, make sure you heed these content warnings:

s*xual assault between married couple (both are victims because this is omegaverse but one has worse injuries than the other and it's treated lightly in canon), multiple miscarriages (by side character), child ab*se, discussion of abortion, domestic violence, non-consensual drugging, fathers selling their adult children for money, postmortem child birth

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sfarraday rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c35
Dropped this. I did not expect this to be a classical palace drama with brainless schemes when I saw the sci-fi tag.

I was dissapointed since I like my sci-fis : (.

To call this sci-fi is an overstatement, the same old drama happens but in the interstellar, which is strange to me. I mean, after so many year of development and space travel to see countless new wonders the petty conflicts stay the same? Shouldn't there be a broader scope?

Also, the futuristic world was not established, some elements of future science... more>> were added here and there but sooo minimal that I could not even imagine the setting.

I continued reading since the reviews said that the MC and ML are equal and what a different ABO this is (maybe later on, at ch 36 the Omega is still inferior and his arguments are all over the place), but I did not have the patience to continue once the same trope of online nitzers started. Is this idol drama? Certainly not!

Not even the tyrant with a growing heart device is done right. I am sorry, but if you have fancied a Beauty and the Beast retelling or 1000 Nights, this is a poor rendition. <<less
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SAddict rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: --

The ML's hostility towards MC at the beginning seems unnecessary. If he does not want to get married why did he let MC in his house. He's already out of control and has been single for awhile so why not reject it. ML keeps playing tricks on MC like a child throwing a tantrum. It's really childish. ML's mother had to step in. Characters around the white lotus step-brother are so illogical. Ex-fiance is mad that MC is getting married when he's the one who shamelessly left MC for his step-brother. Aparently MC has no right to be mad after being cheated

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Killgore rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This was a wonderful read! Finished it in one sitting.

The plot was good but what really sold me to the book was 4 things.

1. An insecure ML who is not overly jealous or possessive

... more>> 2. The Omega does the chasing

3. An AO pair which is NOT controlled by pheremones

4. A pair which just wants the best for each other.


It gave me genuine joy reading it. The starting parts were a bit choppy but the author got that through. The villains were very 2D and got solved in like 1 chapter and some of them just screamed annoying to me but what I noticed was the author did not drag the novel too much. Sometimes when you almost forget the villain when they focus on the main couple, there will be a mention which lets you know that the author did not forget them but that doesn't mean they were good villains. The author wrote well, MTL was readable so I am pretty happy.


There were times I would forget this was an ABO novel set in the interstellar and that everyone can live up 100 - 200 years which makes me feel the author could have mentioned it a bit more but I also if they had implies too much, the story would lose its class. The Reborn people were not even mentioned, I don't know why they gave the title as such but they are barely mentioned except the parts where get reborn and feels instant regret which anyone could have guessed. There were a lot of characters that sometimes I had doubts on who was who. Read it. It's fun. I rated it 5 cuz I wanted to bump the ratings, otherwise also it would have been 5 cuz I can't put 4.5 in here.

Main couple - 5/5

Villains - 3/5

Story- 4/5

Translation - 4.5/5 <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This is nice 🙂🙂🙂

Love the main couple and side couple.

The first time I see a childish girly Alpha ML 🙈 I'm so fascinated 😆😆

I like the concept, the story, also the character.

Let me get the copy of my comment at the mtl...

... more>>

"Every time I notice Ruan Xi's name in the story, I feel so disgusted like my guts falling apart. 🤢🤮 But everytime I see the Duke Alston with Ruan Yang, I feel flower blooming in my heart. 🌹 🌹 This contradiction make me suffer for a long time until I finally finish the novel. 🤦🤦 Good read 👍👍"


The mtl kinda hard to read but still okay.

You won't regret reading this novel.🤷

I recommend it. ❤️❤️


There is a heart-wrenching extra but it's not about the main couple or side couple. (I didn't read it cause it's so sad, I hate angst)

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shadow1716 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: --
The ML is too disgusting be considered a person. Trying to beautify his obsession with torturing and killing people is disturbing. No matter how the author tries to make it seem reasonable torturing someone sadistically because they were forced to try to bed you isn't forgivable. The only HE would be if the ML was put to death for his crimes.
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AnuBis28 rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed
A rare Omegaverse where Omegas can be strong, Alphas can resist pheromones.. No r*pe..

Main Couple : Too cute.. The Alpha is a tsundere.. But the Omega isn't a saint either.. This Omega is very strong, very resolute and also very smart.. He made the Alpha dance in his signal, and the Alpha didn't even realize it himself.. Their bonding will make you fall for Omegaverse stories.. They totally compliment each other..

Villains : Brainless.. I can't think of any other word than this..

Villain no. 1 is the... more>> protagonist Omega's brother and a transmigrator.. And the most pathetic transmigrator I've ever seen..

Villain no. 2 is even more useless.. He only appeared to clear the protagonist Alpha's way to the throne, and to make the protagonist Omega's big brother find a cute little husband..

Plot : Many unanswered questions, like, how did the characters reborn ??? Where did the system come ??? How did it jump from one person to another ??? What about the other MLs that appeared in early chapters ??? Did the sister get well or not ??? Etc etc..

Time : I'm confused about the time span, like, protagonist Omega's big brother was said to have an accident when he was very young.. And he was in coma for twenty years.. But in the side story he was already sixty-four.. I understand that compared to 300 years lifespan he is quite young.. And considering his 20 years of frozen time, his mentality stuck in his 40's.. But I can't match it with his early descriptions..

Side Couple no. 1 : ML Alpha's subordinate and his pitiful love story.. But honestly I couldn't feel much for him.. He claimed to love his Omega husband.. But left him alone on his estrus.. Didn't consider his pain at all.. And for six whole years !!! He even denied to divorce him, and had the audacity to ask him to remove his gland !!! So that Omega left with his brother-in-law.. Life doesn't give chances again and again.. That Alpha learned it in a hard way..

Side Couple no. 2 : Protagonist Omega's big brother and his fiancé's story.. Big bro rejected his previous boyfriend aka Villain no.2 and got engaged with his dead teacher's son.. As for why he fell for that young Omega, isn't that clear.. I found that little Omega quite interesting.. But sadly their story finished too quickly.. I really wish there was a bit more about them.. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
raibowpony rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't usually write review but but this novel is well written despite being extremely cliched. The best part is the author doesn't dwell long on drama. Misunderstandings between ML and MC quickly solved and even during amnesiac arc (the cliché of the clichéd) was satisfying.

There's no plot holes, everything was explained by the end of the novel and the redeeming arc for each reborn character was swift and realistic. MC doesn't care about them and they only silently help MC without appearing in the novel so there's more scene... more>> about MC and ML bonding.

Unlike most novel, there's no instant bond between MC and ml. Both of them got together for convenience.


Ml: used mc's pheromone to heal his illness.

Mc: use the marriage to escape from his father and climb society ladder.


Their bonding time is my favourite. But the ending is too abrupt. I want to know more about mc's older brother and his omega (the only side cp) but there's not even extras but I assume they got together in the end. <<less
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Skite rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: --
Unique and extra fun because the hideous, disabled, psychotically violent duke.... is actually hideous, disabled, and psychotically violent.

His reputation is real and well earned. There is no "oh! He was secretly a misunderstood, model-hot, #1 bachelor, who people just thought was a hideous and evil monster for no apparent reason, except as a plot device to prevent the favored, but b*tchy, older daughter from wanting him as a groom" garbage. He's got no legs, his face is an open wound, and he is literally insane and enjoys hurting people. He... more>> flat out tells the MC he wants to skin the MC to make a lamp.

The premise of the story is based on two extremely ab*sed and damaged individuals finding each other and discovering their jagged, wonky edges fit together just right. And they are bizarrely sweet, darling, and well suited as they work out their unconventional romance.

The MC:

The MC was meant to be the blessed protagonist of this world, overcoming adversity to become beloved by all and earn his happy ending. His place is usurped by one of the nastiest transmigrators I've ever read. Armed with a system which syphons off the MC's protagonist halo, this false main character has ensured the MC has been betrayed on all sides and become a wretched, hated, person people openly mock. The MC's faith in humanity is destroyed and his kindness calloused over after his father's affections are stolen and twisted, his mother and older siblings wrecked and abandoned, and his love interests pe*verted into reviling him.

The false lead is unable to kill him directly, but needs him to die so the false lead can finally and fully step into his protagonist role. With his white lotus powers, he maneuvers their dad into arranging a match between the MC and the ML, fully expecting the MC to be skinned alive without the protection of his original harem, who have all been stolen by the transmigrator.

Unfortunately for this uppity transmigrator, the MC is a main character for a reason. All the sh*t the MC had to endure (the neglect, the crazy mom and sister, the horribly disabled brother, the complete disenchantment with handsome, powerful alphas) has made him the ideal match for a psycho freak like the ML, and the fake is going to regret this.


The ML:

The ML had a similar downward trajectory. The eldest, and once the most favored and golden of all the Emperor's children, the ML had been Crown Prince at one time. But, he was kidnapped at age 10 and suffered catastrophic injuries. These injuries could have been fixed, but the Emperor, finally seeing how powerful the Empress and her family are as they razed organizations to the ground to regain the ML, decided to hobble his wife by leaving their shared son ruined. Power hungry and brilliant, the Empress does a 180 and abandons her once favorite child as useless. She eventually manages to have a second son, who became the new favorite Crown Prince, and never gives her oldest a second glance. Meanwhile, crippled, abandoned, and in tremendous physical and emotional pain, the ML begins to twist. His own father, the Emperor uses him as a boogey man, letting him take all the bad reputation for removing the Emperor's enemies, leaving the Emperor's hands clean.

But, in a twist of fate, his younger brother dies, and the ML is the Empress's heir once more. She's going to have to support him, if she doesn't want one of her husband's illegitimate bastards becoming the next Emperor. So she finds her son a spouse, with the intention of taking any resulting children as her new heir.

The ML may be a twisted, violent, and a psycho, but he is, at his heart, very lonely. With the MC able to speak the language of his insanity-driven logic, his crazy calms enough to acknowledge the ML as his. Their relationship may be unconventional, but it works for them.

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Ani-chan89 rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: c26
I couldn't get past chapter 26... I wanted to read this for the non-rap* ML but it was so badly written that I couldn't bear it (also the characters are too 2D for my taste).

I have read a lot of bad novels and oh boy this one must be one of the worst.

I am glad that a lot of people liked it but unfortunately I did not.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 16, 2022
Status: Completed
It's definitely flawed, there's definitely moments where I felt like I was walking on tight rope with some of the plot holes (trying not to see) -- but god I have to give this a 5*. I just enjoy the CP dynamic so much, they're probably one of my favourite couples even though it gets a little tiring after chapter 80. Omega who pursues the alpha, a maiden-like alpha who's Scandalized and is a little cutie. Both of the characters cares alot about each other, there's no ambiguity about how... more>> much they like each other. The relationship develops step by step through communication, and it's just an overall very very sweet text. If you enjoy reverse alpha-omega where the omega is strong independent and gently pursues the alpha. And the alpha is a tsundere with a tough mouth, soft heart, easy embarrassed but still protects the omega with his everything/gives him his sincerity to the max. I think you'd like this novel alot

I really enjoyed how the MC isn't macho, nor is the ML. Although he's pursuing, he has the right balance of forwardness and feelings that makes you relate to the ML's heart flutters actually. It's a bit funny because I didn't expect the audience to actually emphasize with the ML so much -- but yeah no it's a great novel. I love the CP dynamic and I gobbled the entire thing just to get more of them.

I like it alot, not to mention how refreshing it is to see a CP that genuinely likes and cares for each other and isn't afraid to show it. I honestly don't get a lot of heart flutters when I read danmei novels nowadays. But this one had me in a chokehold everytime they interact; giggling and feeling very very hooked on their flirting.

Its just. It's great. I rate it 5* just from my personal enjoyment. It's definitely flawed and I can see that, but I'd still give this my full support because god. Not even some well-written works can make you feel things like this for their couples. So why not rate this highly just for the emotional satisfaction I can feel from it alone.

In short -- I'm emotionally attached to this novel and their CP and I just love it alot. <<less
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vikkiead rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: c82
I'm so happy that I picked this up because I've read so many books especially ABO novels where the ML will use the MC's attraction to them as an excuse to sleep with them even when they are resisting. But in this book

... more>>

The MC fell in love first, spent about 20 chapters trying to convince the ML to sleep with him or mark him, the MC is an omega and naturally has an estrus period, and the ML and MC have 95 percent match, and in addition they are married which means that according to the normal ABO way of doing things the ML had a "right" to sleep with the MC when he wanted to do so. But in this book, despite all of those things the ML asks again and again before they finally do the deed. In addition, one of the reasons the ML resisted in the first place- apart from not being sure the MC really liked him or just saw him as a first hope out of darkness and was thus grateful to him- was that he didn't like the idea of being a beast because the pheromones matching usually made alphas lose control. And even when he had confirmed the MC truly liked him, he still had this whole talk with him about the losing control part where the MC assured him that since MC liked him he would be okay with the out of control aspect. Like this is just a breath of fresh air, and it's an example of what people mean when they say consent. Just because I like you or I'm attracted to you or we are in a relationship does not mean you own me, a lack of consent implies that you are claiming ownership of the other person's body or rather denying that the aspect of the other individual's rationality or humanity since every human is a free being

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orpheus_rm rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: Completed
All of the reviews bashing the "insanity" of the ML are all less than 20 chapters into the story. The ML has a somewhat complex past and doesn't give one flying f*ck about his reputation in the media or amoung the noble circles, which is where we get most of our information from in the early chapters. If you juxtapose the ML and the MC you'll see that the way they're treated by society is very similar. They have their own reasons and motivations for what led them to similar... more>> places in life, but they both possess what the other lacks most. Whether they know it or not, they are dependent on and hold affection for each other. It's not a perfect romance. I won't even say it's a healthy romance, but this is pretty much an imperial political drama with some sci-fi mixed in. Almost all the major characters have personality problems (ie. They pieces of shit). Makes sense that our ML and MC wouldn't exactly be saints.

Not a big fan of the way the relationships with all the ex's panned out, but at least there's some substance, kinda. I'm usually not very generous with my ratings because I like to keep things as consistent as possible, but this novel is solid. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JackieChu rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Nice read. MC’s not a weakling. Everything’s very good, it’s just near the end when ML concealed his treatment and side effects from MC, it became a bit uncomfortable to read (?). It was like ML didn’t take MC, his partner serious enough or something like that.... I know he doesn’t want MC to be in distressed because of him but, still, he should have told the MC or even give a heads up to his subordinates to inform MC if something bad were to happened to him. Yet he... more>> didn’t. So his subordinates also didn’t take MC in their mind and put the ML and another omega in a room....

Anyways, it was okay read. But won’t come back again lol. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Homura_Choi rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c86
Very cute, I love the MC and ML. I liked how the MC is like the alpha in this relationship, especially when he was chasing ML. He was very manly and straightforward when he admitted his feelings and created various scenarios to possess his lover. Huhu

BUT I do have a few issues. The rebirth of some of the characters seemed unnecessary and almost random at times. I didn't really see the point except making MC's path easier. I would much rather prefer present time face slapping instead of the typical... more>> rebirth route for characters to feel remorse.

Another thing is that this author really likes to repeat Omega and alpha, not a big deal, but readers will get what I mean. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lea168 rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed

I read this story after The way of the Empress from the same author. Though the premise is very similar, the feel is very different because MC and ML had very different personalities from the CP in The way of the Empress. I liked this story more.

MC is OP and he is gorgeous looking, but it isn't as emphasized as in The way of the Empress. MC is bold and I really loved how he chased the ML and uses tricks to lure the ML into admitting that he also... more>> loves MC.

Lunatic ML was excellent, I loved his character design and his antics a lot! He scared the hell out of people. I really missed the lunatic ML antics in the end when he got normal.

It's Omegaverse but it didn't feel like the typical omegaverse story (all about pheromones etc). The romance was beautiful and so sweet how they became a pair! <<less
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