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In the spirit of humanitarian aid, to help his ex-boyfriends walk out from the shadow of heartbreak as soon as possible, every time before Ye Ming leaves a world after filling up the favorability value, he initiates a (heart) amicable (less) breakup with his boyfriend.

However, just when he finally saved up enough experience points after transmigrating to the nth world, he was notified by his system that all of his ex-boyfriends had blackened! The accumulated blackening value had exceeded the world’s critical levels, leading to the failure of all of his capture missions… he had to go back to those worlds and eliminate the blackening values for his missions to be considered complete!

Ye Ming: This is an outcome I didn’t predict.

System: I warned you early on that if you did this, you wouldn’t have a good end.

The ex-boyfriends all laughing coldly: He he. That despicable, shameless scum who ran away after deceiving me is finally back. This time, you have nowhere to run!

Ye Ming: …

System: The death you sought yourself, even if you kneel, you have to see it to the end.

Ye Ming: Luckily, I have a special whitewashing technique ^_^

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Sổ tay sinh tồn của tra thụ
Zhā shòu shēng cún shǒu cè
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Hmntlzn rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: Completed
What can I say?

I hate this story but I love it more... Just why in the end of the arc always make me cry like a baby?


It's not harem but 1v1 with HE


This story a little bit similar to need to propose seven man what to do. So MC just acting to complete all his mission. But My heart

(I feel bad for all the ML)

And sometimes I'll laugh for the interaction between MC and The system

-MC can make the system (and us) speechless...
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flower4 rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c110
This novel has me really conflicted. I binged through over 100 chapters in one go because it was so addicting, which is probably something to do with the author's knack for writing heart-wrenching scenes. I found myself immersed into each world and shedding a few tears at the end of each arc.

However, this novel also really stretched my patience thin. Every single arc is a rinse and repeat of the MC's torture, to various backdrops. The ML never even does anything different or creative for his revenge and so his... more>> treatment of the MC in every arc just makes me hate the ML a whole lot. The way the MC left each world in the past is pretty bad, but the retailiation is seriously overkill. Even when I'm getting emotional at the end of each arc, I'm always slightly irritated too.

Secondly, the author has a nauseating love of r*pe. You could make the argument that the MC enjoys it, therefore it isn't r*pe. However, the novel is written through the viewpoint of the body the MC is currently inhabiting, which means these scenes are written with the perspective and thoughts of an actual victim. To combat this, the author usually shoves light-hearted dialogue between the system afterwards, with the MC showing enjoyment and making light of the situation. However, it feels incredibly calculated on the author's end, a way to be like 'he likes it so it's okay!!!!' and to help distract you from the fact that you just read something so gross.

Another thing that really put me off is that two of the seven arcs I've read feature a father-son relationship, which is almost a THIRD of the arcs I've read. Being non-blood related is a thin excuse to mask the blatant in*est, especially when the children were single-handedly raised by the 'father' from a young age. I have a very low tolerance for in*est, which is ultimately why I stopped reading, but it was really only a cherry on top of the manipulation and humiliation masquerading as love. How heart-warming.

Maybe one day I'll go back and force myself to finish this. However, would I honestly recommend anyone else to read it? Unless you're a more forgiving reader than I am, probably not. <<less
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Naruin rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: Completed
it's good. The MC may be bad in others point of view because he is scum who makes the ML sad but he did those things because he's concerned. Well for the first world it is. Hahaha later it became kinda "oh how about I do this as parting gift ^^". Hmm really scummy hahaha But as you read the story, u will understand that he may seem to treat the worlds as game coz of convo with system but it's just a self-defence mechanism. Would someone really be unaffected... more>> by staying in a very real like world with people who have human like feeling and with someone who loves you very much? Would you really be ok mentally if you are tormented for a long time even if its in a game? Hahah well I just wanna say that this novel needs to be read till the end to make it whole. Other worlds can be skipped but the real world arc is a must!

P.S. Its very good for those who want to shed their tears hahaha <<less
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 12, 2021
Status: -
I'm simply dropping some thouhgts on this author, not this novel in particular and as you may know this is the author of:

    • Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong (2017)
    • The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth (2019)
    • Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today? (2020)
Now, what do you think is common about all four? Drama and misery and tw. 3 out of 4 have harems. Other 3 out of 4 are QT with the same outline (by that I mean MCs transmigrate with a goal, act a role, end up as miserable as possible, lead MLs into becoming more and more scum and their death drives the targets into misery).

I could have defended the 'Strategy' novel once, since I had no idea about others at the time, but when it comes time after time, I honestly want to ask the author - sweets, some details on how to make people miserable are not that bad, but don't you get tired of writing the same thing and same characters over and over again?

Let me explain my opinion on the trickiness of such writing and I speak in general about all QT novels from them:

    • Emotional involvement. I'm sure many people shed tears while reading this author and thought "Damn, this MC is really miserable", but what they're sympathizing with is the drama itself, the situation. When you look at MCs of these novels, they really don't give a f*ck. Most of it is playing with a goal in mind and when you reach this thinking, your liking for the MC starts dropping. You also practically don't know what they're like, because all you see is acting, despite it being good or bad.
    • Are males really scum? It's situational, really. But one thing is common, their scummeter would grow with MC leading them on their way to the Olymp of scumminess. In the end we get a list of tw. Just to drop few examples: the MC of this novel basically breaks up with targets before leaving, which is the s*upidest thing I've heard, but also leads to targets to blacken. In strategy targets were people that we part of MC's life, but weren't really involved with it, so I'm sure most of those wouldn't even blacken or end up miserable, if MC didn't come around.
    • Hello repetitiveness. I've read my share of QT novels, no matter what I still find them pretty entertaining and I always look for new ideas. But this author is not ready for changes. Their weapon is the Misery charm they're using over and over again. And the more miserable the better. The only good thing about it is that you have a good cry and it's actually not bad for stress relief.
    • The thin relationship. I'm not saying it is always should be written with some sort of indication where ML is, I'm not against a REAL slow burn in QT genre, I once read an awesome, never before seen type of QT 'Born to rebel' by Sangwo (has no Eng tl) and there was real slow burn between MC and ML and it was very well-developed. Now, the trickery of such novels as this is that you know there's ML, because you're a reader, but there's no indication of that from the novel's perspective and you read how MC is with different men, abusing them emotionally. But there will be put something convenient later, as per usual.
To wrap this up a small advice - be responsible, take misery with moderation :'D Oh yeah, also not rating, just sharing thoughts here.
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maiasia rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: Completed
First and foremost, you will get attacked by onion ninjas. There's no avoiding them. Second, the MC is scummy but reading to the end, I understand why he does the things he did. In fact, you really can't blame the MC because when it comes down to it ... more>>


he just found a way to be pragmatic and practical. Honestly, though I feel that this MC is slightly scummy, I really do like him all in all. He is EQ smart and he knows his "targets." This MC is what I think the MC of I'm Scattering IQ to the Protagonist should be and falls shorts of. <<less
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
karwasama rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: c89
Your enjoyment of this story is really going to depend on what you expect from it, especially in terms of realism.

Is the ML (so far) a total douchebag who lowkey excuses his abusive and sexually violent behavior because he "loves" the MC? Yes. Are there plot holes and do things go the MC's way a little too smoothly? Also yes. Are the arcs repetitive and offer little more than an endless cycle of "MC does something horrible to ML, ML stews and harbors hatred for the MC, MC comes back,... more>> ML abuses the f*ck out of the MC, ML finds out MC wasn't really at fault and feels guilty, MC dies"? What do you know, yes.

I went into this knowing full well what kind of shallow, dog blood novel it was going to be, and for what it's worth, it delivered. A yandere ML and a MC whose smiling on the outside but actually couldn't care less on the inside. And you know what? I enjoyed it exactly for those points — this is like one of those tr*shy soap operas you watch at night under your covers. A guilty pleasure, something you know doesn't have substance but you like anyway.

I haven't read the entire thing yet, so I'll reserve some space in this review after I'm done. As of now though, it's a solid 3.5/5.0 stars.

I decided on whim to MTL it. Here is what happened/my thoughts on the last four arcs.

Zombie Arc:


MC and ML are normal humans who haven't awakened their "abilities" yet. They come into a safe zone ruled by Douchebag (I don't remember his name, let's just call him Douchebag for now) who takes an interest in MC. He basically steals the MC and forces him to be his s*ave, and to prevent him from killing the ML the MC is like "Oh, I don't care about the ML. He means nothing to me" so that Douchebag will just let him go instead of throwing him into the zombie pit. ML overhears, is heartbroken, awakens his abilities, becomes OP, and vows revenge. He comes back and takes over the safe zone, enslaving the MC. They go through the cycle mentioned above - so basically, ML abusing MC until he finds out the truth - and in the end the MC awakens his abilities to transfer wounds. After the ML gets bitten by a zombie, the MC transfers the bite to himself and becomes the zombie instead. The ending is a rather creepy scene of ML having locked zombie MC in his bas**ent and feeding him meat...

A pretty solid arc, in my opinion. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed all the other worlds, and it wasn't any worse or better.


Adopted Son Arc:


Okay. This one was a bit... difficult to swallow. ML had an adopted sister he had a mild crush on, but she liked a different man and had the MC with him. She dies, however, and the ML takes in the MC. They have a father son relationship at first (and an age gap of 18 years...) but the ML slowly begins to have different feelings toward the MC. He doesn't do anything, but one of his business rivals reveals to the MC the truth about the ML's feelings, both toward him and his mother, leading him to run away. Then the ML wakes up to a couple years before the incident happens, and he begins to heavily manipulate the MC's life in order to get the MC to fall in love with him. First, he lets one of the MC's "friends" sexually harass him and then "rescues" him from the situation. Then, he gets "drunk" and makes out with the MC. In order to normalize the MC to gay relationships he more or less tricks the MC into watching gay p*rn. When the MC expresses interest in a girl, the ML exposes his identity as his "heir", which causes him to lose all his friends. He pays certain people to be the MC's new friends, and uses them to persuade the MC into agreeing to be in a relationship with him.

I didn't read the last two chapters of this arc (when the MC "figures" out what the ML has done) because it made me so uncomfortable. Like, I know this sort of emotional and social manipulation isn't anything new, but I guess there was always an air of fantasy in all the previous arcs that helped to really separate it from reality. A sense of "there's no way this could happen in real life", I guess. In this arc, however, the gaslighting and abuse was so realistic that it was a bit hard to process.


Brother Arc:


Basically, the ML's father killed the MC's parents in order to get their company. He was going to kill the MC too, but his wife adopted the MC and cherished him like her own son, so he never got the opportunity. The MC and the ML fall in love naturally, but when the MC finds out that the ML's father killed his parents, he shoots the ML in revenge. Then he disappears, but the ML's father finds him and kills him. 10 years later, the MC has been reborn into the body of another boy. He runs into the ML, who somehow recognizes him despite his new face (which I thought was stretching it a bit but whatever), and the ML uses him as a substitute. When he finds out that the MC is, in fact, the reborn MC, and what his father has done, he is remorseful and asks the MC to kill him. The MC gets attacked and loses his memory (which is a cliche I'm honestly sick to death of but okay) instead. I don't quite remember how this arc ended (I think the MC attempted to kill the ML's father but died himself instead), but I do know that the ML turned his father over to the police.

Not going to lie, this one was a bit boring. For the final world in MC's transmigration journey I guess I just expected a bit more, but it just fell short of my expectations.


Real World Arc:


The MC is basically a heir to a rich family in the real world, but he wants to be a low key actor so he keeps it a secret. The ML, who he went through this whole transmigration journey for, is an amnesic man that he fell in love with six months ago. At first the ML cycles through his previous "personalities". It's pretty funny to see how the MC tries to juggle the ML's personalities with his real life (as in, he has to hold a press conference regarding his boyfriend/the fact he's homos*xual and then introduce the ML to his family all while the ML is basically a different person each day). Once the cycle is done, however, it's revealed that the ML is actually the Lord God, who controls the worlds and the systems. ML acts indifferent and like he doesn't care about the MC, but then the MC and ML of the prequel show up and threaten the ML. They're basically like "if you don't negotiate with us we'll kill the MC, but that doesn't matter because you don't care about the MC, right?" and the ML is like "fine whatever I'll do what you ask as long as you don't hurt him". In the end, after the ML and MC of the prequel leave, the MC confesses that he loves the ML and he loved all of his "personalities" in all the arcs as well. The ML returns that confession, and the two promise to an eternal love.

Honestly speaking I felt like the ending was rather open ended and didn't really tie up any loose ends. Like what do you mean, eternal love? Is the MC just immortal now? What about his family? What is going to happen now? Are they just going to be living in the main world forever, or is the MC going to join the ML in regulating all the worlds/systems? I still have a lot of questions.


Overall though, I would say my rating hasn't changed. Still a solid 3.5/5.0 stars for me. I liked it for the dog blood drama and the writing style, but it didn't have a substantial plot or development or ending. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this simply because I read the prequel and it didn't feel right not to read the sequel. Boy do I regret it. This is bad, like real bad. It's like everything wrong with the prequel made worse?! How are you gonna write a bad prequel and a worse sequel?

If you want to know the story just read the first and second arc of the prequel, the last arc of the prequel, the first and second arc of this novel, and then the last arc this novel. Don't even... more>> bother reading the middle arcs if you're not a masochist, because they're all the same and contribute nothing to plot progression. You'll save yourself a lot of brain cells that way.

Every arc can be summarized as:

MC go back, ML mad
Drama grr angst angst angst
Truth reveal, "ML, I actually love you!"
Happy ending! JK MC dies and ML cry


For those who want to know the whole story but don't want to suffer:


MC from the prequel (Xie He) and ML from the prequel (Lu Ting) wanted revenge on the Lord God (ML in this novel) for their suffering, so they scattered Lord God's soul into 10 worlds. One of the soul fragments became an amnesiac man and fell in love with MC in MC's world. He fell in a coma one day so MC had to become a host to save him. Cue 10 worlds of dog blood. At the end, MC comes back to his world and uses his points to buy an item that wakes ML.

ML wakes up but cycles through all 10 personalities before becoming the robot-like Lord God personality. He refuses to admit he loves MC. Xie He and Lu Ting come and stir up some drama to make ML confess he loves MC. Then everyone negotiates terms so that hosts get better working conditions.

17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Myscatonia rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: Completed
I love the premise that the MC goes back to his previous worlds to fix the blackening of the opposing ML. It's a refreshing twist from the typical "Fast Wear" stories. Not gonna lie, this made me tear up countless of times, the way MC resolves them is heartbreaking. The inner monologues of the opposing ML made me cry so much.

Pairing spoilers if you're interested to know if it's multiple MLs or 1v1

... more>>

The story is 1v1


Click if you want to know if it's Sad or Happy Ending:


Satisfying happy ending


The story manages to explain the MCs character and reasons for doing things. The supporting characters are great too and have their own motivations and goals.

End part opinion that may be spoiler:


I really liked the part where there is no main villain in the story, no person they should defeat to end up together. It's a very well done story!

I would've liked it if the story added more backstory about the MC's "original" boyfriend before he started all this world-travel.


I MTLed the whole thing, it's amazing. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fltstrt rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: c20
As of c20 (end of first arc) I'll give the story a rating of 3.5/5 and TL: 4/5.

I was inducted to the Quick Transmigration genre rather late, I gather it's because there are more translated yaoi QTs than cannon ones and I don't usually prowl about in the yaoi section... anyway I am enlightened and eagerly exploring this whole new world hoho.

Arc 1 is more melodramatic than I would have like. I wanted it to end quicker as it honestly felt longer than the 20chapts.

I felt like I was watching... more>> a train wreck happening and the worst thing is it's all orchestrated onehandedly by the MC. In order to complete the Mission, MC puts the ML on an emotional rollercoaster; expertly manipulating his thoughts and actions and trapping him in his huge web of lies.

I gained zero emotional satisfaction by the closure of the first arc. I almost wished I didn't pick this story up.

I'm conflicted by the MC. For now I am unable to discern if he has genuine feelings for the ML in the first arc. This is due to the fact that the author gave him contradicting monologues.

MC would wholeheartedly act out his pitiable role– his inner thoughts would also reflect his emotional anguish however that sob narrative would soon be overwritten by 'comedic' banter with the 888 system where MC mocks the ML's love/situation.

I feel the author really missed the mark here, or maybe this story is just not my cup of tea. I am unable to enjoy the supposed heartbreaking romance panned out due to the 'cruel fate' as the entire plot from start to end has been schemed by the hands of the MC.

The author should stick to one stronger narrative and not attempt this half baked Scummy Shòu with a white lotus tendency. Its quite annoying and hypocritical. Either wholly invest in being a villain MC keen on achieving his goal or be a relunctant participant swayed by love in this system's Mission.

Overall the story is unique but the freshness wore off before the first arc even ended. I'm already tired of the formula. I much prefer other stories of this genre (eg, The strategy of clean washing a slag shòu.) <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EndlessLove rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: Completed
I couldn't wait for the translations so I just used google translations.

First things first... that was a whole rollercoaster of emotions. There were two particular stories I sobbed my eyes out, and couldn't even continue reading with how sad I felt. I got so into it, I felt my heart physically ache. So a fair warning to new readers, read with some emotional barriers. It is a good series and there is a happy ending.

Secondly and lastly, the MC is very clever and witty. He is simply a weasel, down... more>> right cunning. I both loved and disdained how much of a "scum" he was. The ML's didn't have a chance.

Again, it is a happy ending. That's the only reason that helped me to continue reading because I wanted to read the hard earned happy ending. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Realvnv rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c79
I have quite a bit of complaint about this one, so bear with me a little lol.

Like @fltstrt, I also find MC hypocritical. I don't mind villain MCs, really, nor do I expect him to give all his heart and soul to love MLs in each different world. He's a human too bruh, being dragged from one love game to another is tiring in itself, I dunno how one could cope with love as deep as the see, as pure as the dew on a wildflower hiding in mountaintops, etc.... more>> Tbh. I just can't stand him laughing at their (MLs) foolishness while maintaining an unattainable white lotus act.

You don't love them? Sure, don't. You're just gonna dupe them after completing your mission? Fine by me. But just why you must make them wish they have never met ya in the first place or wish for dead after your departure? Man, I seriously feel bad for them.

I can't even find the strength to curse them for all the wrongs they have done to MC lol. If they're a firecracker, MC is the aftermath of the atomic bomb.

And to be frank, MC knew the consequences of his actions. I'm not saying ML is in the right by raping him, nah, but as someone who knew their character design like the back of his hands, MC'd know ML's response wouldn't be anything good if he just gave him free rein. Ugh, what I'm saying, he clearly could have solved things before they became such an unbearable mess and part on good ways. He just had to follow the shittiest part. Ma man 888, help me, I'm this close to strangling your dear host.

I'm thinking back to what MLs did to deserve this rn.

In Arc 1, MC stole ML's hard-earned money and eloped. MC transmigrated again, pulled out the legendary "terminal illness UwU" card, got himself thoughtfully abused before that obv, made ML a living corpse.

In Arc 2, MC fooled around with his ex and told ML that he's too meddlesome and he's just a plaything. ML, instead of shooting him in the knees, departs quietly. MC transmigrates back, haha abuse goes brr, "it's all just a misunderstanding I love ya" card, a dramatic death and another living corpse ML.

Ancient arc, behaved all ambiguously with the ML, ML ascended the throne and confessed, MC told he misunderstood and went to the countryside to get married lmao. F*cking god, in that conservative era, even a single glance could be mistaken and brew into such gossips that even telling ones would feel ashamed. BUT THEN HE BEHAVED ALL MUSHY MUSHY WITH THE FUTURE EMPEROR IN SUCH A SETTING? DONTCHA WANNA LIVE ANYMORE? I started skipping from this arc onward, I barely read interstellar one.

Anyways, leaving this all aside, arcs are also super long. After each chap I feel exhausted lmao, by the time an arc finalizes it would feel like 40 sth years have passed, but it's clearly just 20+ chaps. I read books to pass time and enjoy myself, not to feel even more tired after reading it.

Translation quality is good, too good for this kinda story.

Well, it's a good bedtime story. It's long, has a bunch of melodramatic monologues, even if you don't fall asleep in the middle of reading, you can just cry yourself to sleep. That's if you don't find this story outright abusing and annoying like me lol. <<less
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Frau Benham
Frau Benham rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: Completed
If you want a dog blood novel, enjoy abusive gongs and a real scum shou. Then you are welcome.

Honesty, those with 1 or 2 star rating get me irritated. Not because their opinion is without ground, some of them have a good points, but because most of ppl didn't come to this novel for some masterpiece. We came here for dog blood, for heavy dog blood, we don't need some super logical novel, I'm sure most of ppl who came to read it understood what type of novel it is,... more>> but no, there of course would be ppl who just can't stomach dog blood and give it low ratings.

I agree that some arcs are repetitive in terms of ML behaviour, but, cmon, am I the only one who was more interested in plot of arcs and how much MC f*ck*d up this time to resolve it? This is the most interesting part of the novel.

How come long arcs is a minus? It's a big plus! Much better to have detailed plot than to have a rushed arcs where you only started to become interested but arc is already finished....

This author has an unfortunate pattern, all her MC are not invested in what is going on at all and thus feel quite cold. All of them have their reasons, but in this novel I found MC indeed quite annoying with his completely indifferent attitude, thank goodness there is 888 who slanders MC every chance it get and this way relieving my heart.

The main plot is not really empathised and there are some open holes, but, once again, I came here for dog blood stories and they were satisfying, so I don't really care whether the main plot is detailed or not.

But one reviewer managed to astonish me, really. This person read completely a prequel, which he didn't like and read till the end this sequel which he didn't like even more, and the reason is you can't not read sequel of the story you read (and didn't like!!!) if there is one!!!! Just what kind of logic is that?! Why did you read till the end prequel you didn't like and why you not only picked but also finished the sequel you disliked even more??? Is it some kind of new masochistic method, bcs I can't explain such a behaviour otherwise.

["Don't even bother reading the middle arcs if you're not a masochist, because they're all the same and contribute nothing to plot progression."]

But since you read them does this mean you yourself confirmed that you are a true masochist? I will tell you a secret, we, lovers of dog blood novels and abusive gongs, are masochists and are not ashamed to admit it! Dear reviewer, you should not be ashamed too, since you read it all, then you must have this desire for abusive novels too and liked this one.

In the end

My advice, you want a heavy abusive novel, with illogical in some parts dog blood plot? Than you are welcome to enjoy this novel with us, it's a good read of its genre.

If you don't like smth like this don't even start, so as to not give low ratings just bcs it's not your cup of tea. <<less
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hiryukaede rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: Completed
This is good novel, hahahaha... Many secret plot from each arch.. so its not really boring all the time...

My favorite arch was in zombie world, woaaaaahhh, its was super sad, and many feeling to get from that world huuuu T-T...

ML has same same personalty tho, he likes to lock MC and really possesive, (in each word ML like to chain MC) hahaha,...

... more>> well, can't be blame, its also MC foult tho,... They are really cool, their love and hate feeling,... I like it~~~

Recommended for anyone who want read scum and shameless MC,...

Ah~ poor ML,.... Well, in the end, its happy ending tho, XD <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dango rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: c20
This sh*t is good, one of the only novels I actually went to MTL because I couldn't wait.

MC is a slag through and through but I love him, reading the novel you can tell he had at least some feelings for the different MLs but when the time was up he had to go, thus coming up with such shitty plans that tbh shot him in the foot.

Finished the first arc

... more>>

so MC has to reduce the blackening of his MLs, in this case QinYu. I like how every deduction has a reason behind it. Like MC purposely bought a camcer cell from the system's store to get cancer *cough* slag *cough* and with other reasons the points were deducted


The only problem I see with this novel is


it's f*cking tragedy, he can't stay with the ML even after reducing their blackening to 0, he still has to go one way or the other. In the first arc, MC dies of cancer and they got f*cking married f*ck! This is the first novel to really rip at my heartstrings

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cherryblossomsinsummer rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c20
This author has really bad taste ah... The first arc already left me crying for 3 hours. I walked out of my room to go downstairs a while ago, I bet even all the ghosts in my house are drop-dead worried about me now. Anyway, I'll need to take a break first 🙂 It certainly is very refreshing tho, the storyline is different from the author's previous book but the abuse is even heavier 🙂 I really have to say that I prefer this plot better than Strategy to Capture... more>> that Scum Gong and Perfect Destiny. <<less
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Rin.Rin rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c36
This novel is the male version/BL of Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here.

Dog-blood drama and is very similar in other aspects. I love the heart-ache but thats because I personally like it.

People say the MC should suffer/reap what he sows, and yes he should. BUT I don't think he should get so much hate for it. He only acted the way he did in breaking the ML's heart in each arc before the "blackening mission" was because he didn't want the ML to be left alone and in despair... more>> when his body suddenly disappears or die when he leaves the world to his next mission. So he breaks the ML heart so that the ML would hate him and move on and live out their life and forget him. Sure the MC could've changed his way to breaking up, (which makes him a scum) but he did it in a cruel way as such to make sure the ML would despise him and have no problem forgetting him when he leaves. In other words, the MC actually really did care for the MLs' at one point.

All in all, translations are excellent quality. Keep up the good work translators! <<less
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Pfuong rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: c33
Before you start reading this novel, do let me recommend you on preparing: tissues and a water bottle to rehydrate.

No matter how much you prepare yourself for each arch, you will still wail like a baby after each one of them.

Even if you know that the scum shou is truly just a scum, you will still wail like a baby at the end.

After finishing one arch and having drowned your everything with your tears, you will still want to read the next one and the one after, because you have... more>> just become an addicted masochist.

That's how good it is. <<less
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owlzeyes rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c25
So far it's pretty interesting. But I feel like MC has bipolar or something because he switches between the comedic confident MC with his system to the heartbroken MC and it's seriously so confusing. Cause one moment I'm laughing at MC's overconfident comments to systems the next I'm tearing up because MC is spilling out seriously heartbreaking inner dialogue. I feel like I'm reading about 2 different MCs. It's just so weird but kinda funny tbh Other than that it's pretty fun to read because I'm always wondering how MC... more>> is gonna try to turn his misunderstandings around with ML. And honestly props to MC cause he does a hell of a good job. When I was reading the ending for arc 1 I was seriously on the verge of tears from MC's explanation then I remember oh wait MC was the one who created the misunderstandings on purpose and he's just bullshitting right now. Anyways I recommend it. <<less
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April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
If Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong was less painful. Basically the same plot and the MC uses the same tactics (i.e. Get abused, a bunch of r*pe, clear up misunderstandings, abuse the gong, die, etc.). For SCSG, I was just there to read abuse and get my heart broken, but for SSSG, it's the same angst level, but there's a surprising amount of fluff and sweetness. It's literally the exact same thing except for the fact that in this novel the gong is forgiven and they get back together.... more>> Let me just remind you: It's exactly the same as SSSG, even the repetitiveness. Exactly the same. But I loved this novel since I love happy-angst, and SCSG was major angst so this was a perfect follow up. <<less
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fireflymaoh rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: --
The MC has an interesting personality, sadly each arc is just about him getting physically and emotionally abused by the ML. The thing that bothered me the most was that the ML never felt remorseful for his actions, he felt like he was on the right to act that way. This gets old really quick, it is pretty much rinse and repeat in a different setting.
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