The Perfect Destiny


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When he first crossed over, Chen Liguo did not want to accept it.

But he quickly discovered, after he crossed, he found that all the men he met had perfect figures and eight-packs. Furthermore, these men liked him.

As a gay man, Chen Liguo was so excited he shed tears of joy.

However, the world obviously wouldn’t have such good things.

Because, just as he was drooling and about to pounce, a system appeared and told him: Buddy, sorry to let you down, but you can’t be with these people.

Chen Liguo: What if I insist?

System: Hehe


Chen Liguo: You trash system! Destroying my youth! Ruining my s*x life!

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New nekomemeow rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: c1
One of my favorite BL novels out there!! I understand this novel may not be some people's cup of tea but I personally love the plot and all the arc and my fave arc is when the MC is the mysophobic doctor!!! Give this novel a chance! The relationship between MC and his system are hilarious!! Though they seemed a little blander towards the end but still fun to read and all ten stars for the translator bc they did a fantastic job!!! :D
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New Rida rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: --
Annoying and extremely frustrating. The MC does nothing but think with his lower half and the system has to keep prompting him, but even that gets repetitive really quickly. Unoriginal plotline with the same concepts repeated over and over. Do not recommend.

The only reason this got 2 stars instead of 1 is that the FL is not the typical brainless cannon-fodder like in a lot of BL quick-transmigration novels.
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Snowwhitefox rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: Completed
This was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! I went into this expecting your typical fast wear BL novel but wow... hahaha... the BEST thing about this novel, in my opinion, is the interactions between Chen Liguo and his system, as well as Chen Liguo's inner dialogue. Comedy gold.

... more>>

OK, you're gonna think the ML is a rapist, and for the majority of the novel, he is pitched that way BUT 1) he is able to see the MC's thoughts and knows the MC actually wants it even though he says and acts like he doesn't (because if MC says and acts the way he wants, that world will collapse and his mission will fail) and 2) as I mentioned, the MC really, really, really wants it


Another reviewer mentioned there was a plot hole about the ML, here is what that reviewer might have missed that explains it:


The ML has been following the MC through all the worlds but for the first half of the novel, he only has memory of the first world he followed MC to (that we don't get to see) because he inadvertently caused the MC to collapse the world, so as punishment, he has no memories of any of the worlds he follows MC to except the first, which is why he acts sad and lonely, not knowing when he'll see MC again. He doesn't know if he has joined him for two worlds or two hundred, he only has memory of the first. LATER, after there is a bug in the systems (correct, there are SYSTEMS), he regains memories. He still has to act out his roles and live to the end of that character's timeline though.


I literally laughed out loud on so many parts, not kidding. It's not as good as some other fast wear novels out there but it is one of the funniest. I recommend. :) <<less
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Jwel rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: Completed
At first, I'm hesitant about this novel but as I reach the ending everything makes sense. It is funny, hilarious, most endings are sad in ML's perspective.

When I reached the chapter about MC's "supposed to be dream life", it made me cry.

It is also the first time MC cried and showed his true feelings.

... more>> MC and System's interaction is

hilarious and sarcastic but there is a deep understanding between these two.

As you read the later chapters, you will noticed that ML is one person all through out. There are hints about his identity but every thing was cleared in the real world. MC realize that ML is a transmigrator like himself but didn't know the identity to ML's dismay.

Why MC acts like this with the system?


MC is an orphan but an optimistic, intelligent and a quiet person in real world. He isn't a perverted person cause in reality he died as a virgin and only love one person. The reason why he acted like a ret*rd with the system was because on the first world, he treated the people there as real people and got emotional. It collapsed the world. System advised him to treat the worlds like a game. Thus, changing MC's mindset and stopped being serious.


Who is the ML?


ML is the person MC loved in the real world. MC didn't know that ML love him and that he followed him when he died.

MC's job was to change the FL's fate and make them happy but ML's job was to make MC happy.

ML followed MC from first world till the end. MC fell inlove with him on the first world and made it collapsed. ML's system reprimand him cause MC should not be willing and should not fall in love with him. ML was punished by losing his memories about the other worlds except the first world. He was also not allowed to die immediately after MC died. He needs to stay in the world for few years alone.

ML is not happy that he has to force MC since he love MC but when he saw a "dialog bubble" above MC's head, he could see what MC thinks he knew MC is willing lol.


Some funny extra's


    • There is an extra where System visit earth
      in the real world as a child, MC cant stop himself pampering the system with food till he got diarrhea
    • Another extra was when MC ask ML which world he like, ML said he didn't like any cause everyone thinks he's a rapist.
    • there is also an extra on what ML thinks on the previous worlds. Well, most he was dismayed that his beloved MC only thinks of him as a "massage stick".
      He also doesnt know what to feel when MC died peacefully holding the jade d*ldo box.

      He was worried that he wasnt able to satisfy MC lol. He also have a complicated feelings when MC was his son and saw that above MC's head

      full of spongebob

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chekanalia rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c40
I tried liking this. I was very surprised that I didnt so I put it aside and came back later but this MC and system annoys me to no end. It is the damnest thing. His settings are so annoying... he is so thirsty and stupid; I have been spoiled by intelligent characters that when I run into this type, I just cant! The translator is amazing and the book is good but not my cup of tea. Do not let my review turn you off, it could be your... more>> cuppa. <<less
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GrimmyAF rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: Completed
Just like the summary, this novel is papapa, more papapa, and even more papapa. But like the poor system, it's all under mosaics.

Worried about dubcon? Worried about noncon? Worried about r*pe?

... more>>

It's half revealed at the somewhere in the middle and totally revealed towards the end. Everything is consensual, yes the ML knows that MC likes it and is willing even if his mouth is going no no no. The last world proves it, if MC really doesn't want it, ML doesn't force him at all.


The people who rated it low because of all the NC/DC, a good portion of them probably just read the first couple of worlds. It's around halfway that things start to change. It moves more towards fantasy roleplay after that.

Though it's understandable if the MC's not to people's liking. MC is shameless, boldly claims (and does) judge people based on their face, and is totally in love with one dude throughout the whole novel.

You end up feeling sad for the ML in the various worlds because of that.

ML is... Complicated. He does come off as a standard yandere, I'll break your legs to keep you with me, I'll lock you up forever type. And he does do all those things, a bit too extreme in certain worlds.


Like the primitive world. The readers (and probably the ML) knows that MC doesn't feel pain, and is actually enjoying such 'roleplay', but it might be a bit too much for some, especially with the abuse and power imbalance.


Reasosn are also given as to why acts in such a way.


Not because he's an as*hole who likes causing pain or anything, but because ML's goal as given by the system is to keep MC happy. MC is happy when he has sex, has drama-level roleplays, and when the female protagonist's progress bar is completed.


The FLs (aka the female protagonists) are wonderful, and I wish we could see more of them.

The system and MC's relationship changes throughout the novel, with them getting closer and closer each world, and the extras between them are really cute.


  • Not so much romance, more of a comedy with individual worlds and roleplay settings.
  • You'll feel sad for the female leads.
  • MC might get on some people's nerves.
  • Don't like dub/non-con? Not even in roleplay? Not for you.

Can't stand any of those tags up there, don't read. If you're worried it's actually non/dub-con? It isn't, and everything is consensual on both ends. ML knows MC likes it, and MC is really invested into roleplay. Has a happy ending, although there's not really that much romance compared to others. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: c52
Chen Liguo who was introduced to the world by the system expressed that he has never seen such a trash plot. (ch.52)

Who doesn't like self-aware novels. This novel makes an attempt at presenting stuff in a lighter manner, like a crooked prism that redirects readers' attention on how disturbing some parts of it are. Not to mention - weird.

The main point - MC is represented as rather kinky, loving abuse and being forced kind of personality. Tbh I see nothing wrong with it and let me tell you... more>> why, these are his personal preferences and he is a free soul doing whatever he wants. BUT.

The point the novel avoids - is the fact that the novel portrays a person forcing MC as UNAWARE. And he perceives it as non-con. Which basically means that ML is an obsessive, r*pey and forceful.

The problem of the novel - it doesn't try to play with the idea and add plot points to wrap this in a more justifiable structure. Like for the sole purpose of creating a real drama you can write about some unacceptable things, but it has to have substance and purpose. This novel on the contrary doesn't explain why ML acts this way. And even if it will, it will feel like an excuse for previous bad writing. From other characters and readers' point of view the things he does are horrible. Go directly to arc 4 where relationship of not-blood-related father and son is described. It could have been a drama, something really upsetting, but what is actually upsetting is how poorly it's handled. MC is happy inside, but acts like he is forced, ML is forcing down a kid he's been raising since age of 5 and quickly switched gears to "let's be lovers" on the basis of "well, we're not blood-related, so no biggie". The whole anguish of the ending has a bad taste, because though the drama could be there, it turned into something vulgar and upleasant. And this happens in every arc.

The problem #2 - the plot. It's stupid. I can't skip the ridiculous parts where MC has to help the daughter of fate, but what he basically does is get closer and does stuff for her with no explanation. I could understand if MC would have been involved in life of the girl somehow, but basically he's not and it looks weird, like who's this dude and what he's doing here. Though it's a lazy plot as well, because basically there is a "daughter of fate" and few of her misfortunate events have to be mended to fix her fate, haven't met any great stimulating twist. It's something that goes on the distant background and has so little impact, if none. The center of attention is actually the plot involving development between MC and ML. Though it's weird to call him ML all this time because basically there's no indication so far he's the one.

And another problem - relationship. So far I see none. Usually, what keeps me going is actually the link between MC and ML. The reason it doesn't work here, because there's no link. The top thing of QT genre is that MC travels with ML following him from world to world, main thing about it is also because MC somehow recognizes the ML in each world, which creates a special connection. NOTHING of that sort happens here. MC acts like he whores around with different male partners, though periodically mentions someone from his original world, which isn't convincing or meaningful due to him acting as a hoe. He has no idea if someone is following him from world to world. ML also is not indicated by anything, the only thing the share is their horrible personality. If it wasn't obvious from description I'd think that MC is by himself finding different partner.

In general, it's.... well... tbh I just want to find out about ML, which keeps me going out of pure need an answer for the question. So far these are my thoughts and the impression is really bad. <<less
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sakurahime rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: Completed
edit: I have completed the novel.


You will know why ML act the way he is when they're back to real life. He's amazing, don't turn off when ML 'forcing' MC at many worlds. He can see 'barrage' of MC's mind, he really wants it xD

Why the rating is low?? This novel is so good! And translator is amazing too

If you like :

    • Scum shou
    • Yandere gong
    • Sarcastic system
    • You love Scum Shou Survival Guide or Need to Propose to Seven Man
Read it! And give a good rating. I can't accept this 4.1 point
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chrysajin rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c52
The story has an interesting concept and a lust driven MC that has to pretend he’s not enjoying being brutally ravished in each world alongside an abrasive system.

I have read about four worlds in and I found a lot of the gimmicks kind of grow old really fast after the second world. The MC doesn’t really have a lot of agency or drive to finish his tasks besides indulging in food and sex, although I do appreciate his relationships with the girls whose horrible fates he tries to change. I... more>> feel like he grows dumber by each world. Also, the abusive system’s attitude really isn’t my thing.

There is also some uncomfortable subject matter besides “non-con”, so some people might want to be aware


In the translated chapters out so far, the entire fourth world’s couple is between the non blood related father and the son. Although the father did raise his son by himself since the child was five, so it felt like they blood related to me.


It’s a really long played out r*pe fantasy between the two characters.

I am interested in seeing the ending so I might change my rating after the novel finishes.

The translations are really nice regardless. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
siri_que rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: Completed
If you like Quickly Wear the Face of The Devil, you would surely like this!

I rarely finish reading a light novel to the end, this one though I completed (take note still using google translate).

What I really like here is how possessive the ML is.

This one have more romance and all. Excellent plots as well. Ai!

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hweianime rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: 63
This is great- it's not the best qt novel but it's definitely a good way to pass the time. I like how the MC is a bit (or a lot) of a slag though I don't fully understand why the system is so adamant for him to pretend he hates it? I mean, the excuse is that it goes against the plot or something except that's legit the whole point of him transmigrating right? Anyway, it's really just to legitimize the whole r*pe thing without actually technically raping I guess.... more>> I'm cool with it, it's a bit frustrating and stuff but I totally get what they were going for. As a consequence this has a whole ton of misunderstanding tropes so if you like that stuff I highly recommend!!
Also, I know technically the gong is a rapist but dude I feel really bad for them. Because the MC wants it but acts like he doesn't and so if you think about it, the ML is loving each life thinking he's a terrible person raping the man he loves who legit dies no warning. And like I kinda want to see the aftermath not going to lie

update for arc 4: I TAKE IT BACK. DONT SHOW ME THE AFTERMATH. Dude even though arc 4 was pretty taboo af (at least MC was legal) the banter with the system and the drama is probs my fav so far BUT that end! NO! Omg my heart. I teared up. The aftermath is so cruel it hurts. QAQ

Arc 5: *heavily sobbing* omg stop it I already take it back why are you hurting me like this ahh I'm going to change my rating from 4 stars to 5 for this dammit <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Doileeko rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: --
I meant to give 3 stars not 4

The MC will either be a hit or a miss. His character is something I've never seen before and is refreshingly unique.

The MC is quite shameless and very

... more>> very

thirsty for pa pa pa. But even though he is internally willing, outwardly, he acts as if he is unwilling.

This almost made me want to scream r*pe.

The system and MC have interesting conversations which are funny at first but gets really tiring later on.

Although this book could be good, for a world hopping genre, it's kinda underwhelming. The characters always act the same way, the ML is always giving out yandere r*pe vibes, MC is forced/kidnapped by ML every arc.

It gets real boring.

Real soon.

After the first two arcs were over, it was almost painful to keep on reading this. MC only has one charactler setting: thirsty.

I don't find the way MC goes men hopping very weird. Given how ML treats him, it would be a surprise if anyone fell for ML.

Simply speaking,

    • 3 arcs in we don't have any knowledge about MC's goal/ambition
    • ML's default setting is r*pey yandere
    • MC is aaalways thirsty
    • Plotlines have little to no deviation from one another
    • System is actually 'unhelpful'
    • Funny conversations tend to fall flat after reading this consistently for a few chapters
    • Why/ How ML likes MC is unclear in every world. It seems as if ML was born loving MC
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Rin.Rin rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: --
It maybe could be that I've read many of this type of novel, but this one is a bit lacking in the romance department.

The MC claims he "likes" the ML in the first world and when he travels to the second world he lust after another man??? Usually these type of world hopping novels, the MC would feel remorse and try to find out the ML that follows him in the next world. Although the ML does follow him if read some more, I expected the MC to remain loyal... more>> to the first ML in the first world; not thirst after another man and then realize its the same man after many worlds later....

The MC is a bit thirsty after men. He isn't "deeply in love" which disturbs me a bit. He gets turned on really quickly from dumb stuff that it boggles my mind. Each world, I'm picking up the feeling that the MC is getting dumber. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but I'm realllllly not feeling it. All the MC cares about is doing it with men and kissing them. No loyalty? The ML is a bit abusive and the system in all the arcs. There isn't much of likeable character development and although it isn't really r*pe, low key it can be.

Like I said before, it could probably be that I've read too much and held some sort of expectation. I've read a lot more with better plot line and development, so this one does not suit my taste.

I also didm't read far but that's because the transition from the 1st to the 2nd arc wasn't suitable enough for me to continue reading. But this is just me and my opinion. Feel free to read this novel, if you like the MC doing it with men.

Translation is pretty good. Variety of worlds is good too. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chocolatechipcookie rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: --
ML is quite dislikable, not really my cup of tea, the MC could also be tolerated...

I suppose, Yanderes like the ML are not really my cup of tea, I'm not really a fam of his tendencies.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rukachi rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: v3c7
I binge read the chapters today and just love this so much. MC cracks me up so hard. He’s just as Pervy as his ML with his crazy thoughts. Boy really likes his rough and kinky s*x lmao. ML is an absolute psychotic mess in every single world lmao. I swear he gets worse (in a good way?). I laughed at the reviewer who said it’s like a story about a couple with a weird r*pe roleplay fetish and I’ve gotta say- they ain’t wrong. However, I will say this... more>> might still be triggering for some people though we do know it is consensual. So just be aware of what you’re getting into, folks! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hilyantomi rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: --
Dear translator, I appreciate your effort.


The concept is indeed interesting. But in a general point of view, this is a endless cycle of repetition: Help female lead -> r*ped and imprisoned by the gong -> Shou dies after the FL is 100% HE -> Gong tortures himself.

I seriously don't know how people can even rate this 5*. I don't say that the novel is bad but there is something we must re-consider. Love is love, love is not the repetition of an abused imprison and multiple violent r*pe. This is... more>> not a story of "Yandere Gong and Cheap Shou",

it's a story of a psychopath and a bastard, as a human: the shou only plays his role, unlike the gong.

This is a sarcastic comedy inside a tragedy.

The romance in this novel is even worse than a big bucket of dog blood.

This is still a novel to read, but not a philosophy to understand. <<less
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dtfyg rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c30
Ever want to read a yaoi fan fiction about 2 psychopaths? Well here it is.

MC has the most severe case of Stockholm syndrome I've ever seen. Together with his extremely superficial outlook on relationships, this novel makes you want to hurt yourself. According to the MC, as long as the ML is handsome and has a good body, then r*pe, torture, being chained, being toyed with is all justified.

Perhaps the author is one of those people who think gay people are super desperate and only care about appearances or something?

ML... more>> is just a complete psychopath. He continuously r*pes MC whenever he gets displeased and enjoys toying with the protagonist's will and life. Like the system says, there's nothing good about the ML other than his looks.

I personally don't have a problem with relationships based on profit where you have s*x to understand your opponent or something, but this novel just portrays BL relationships so superficially that I wanted to suicide while reading this.

Even the premise, the one thing that sells this from any other BL system novel doesn't really have any impact. Although MC wants to fck, the plot just stops him from showing any signs of joy from it. I swear, this whole premise was made just for us readers to suffer.

The one redeeming factor of this novel is the system. The interactions between the system and the protagonist are actually pretty cute, but it doesn't look like the novel will develop that way.

Reading some of the top reviews it seems that the ML follows the MC to each new world. Yay, a touch of cliche to add to this mess.

Honestly if you think this is "comedy gold, " then you may have a few problems with your head. If somehow someone being tortured because of misunderstandings and getting continuously fcked till they faint is funny to you, then... I worry about the people around you. I get that this is fiction but really, you may wanna get some help.

Overall score: Read at your own risk/5 <<less
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Entreaty rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: Completed
After reading Quickly Wear the Face of The Devil, these world hopping series have been my newest interest and I'm actively seeking out them. This story is also world hopping. There is a lot of comparison of this novel with other world hopping series, but I personally feel that this is different on its own. With the premise that the protagonist cannot break his character, you can probably expect some angst in the story between the MC and ML. However, the MC monologues and his bickering with the system makes... more>> the story more lighthearted. I understand that many people do not like how sex-driven the MC is, but it goes to show that MC is quite human, as he is not the all perfect MC that does everything correctly.


In the beginning of the story, it is already made known to us that the protagonist got too attached to his first world, causing him to go OOC and the world's collapse. As a result, he learnt his lesson and decided to treat every other worlds as a 'game'. Nevertheless, he is still an ordinary human. If I were to be sent world hopping, while being unable to break my character at that, I will probably break down with all the mental torture I have to go through. I don't think I will be able to survive so many worlds treating them as a game as I know its not exactly a 'game'. In a sense, his desires for sexual pleasure can somewhat be seen as a way to retain his sanity, at least to me. I'm not trying to say that he is completely right. Nevertheless, every human is different. Each of us will find different ways to keep ourselves sane, and s*x might be the MC's way.


Unlike QWFOD, the MC here is quite ordinary. He does not photographic memory, and he certainly cannot do things out of his scope.

In some of the worlds, he needs the system to help him do his work. Eg. Operations, development of drugs etc. Just like us, we slowly forgot what we learnt in school after not touching them for a few months. And this is definitely so for the MC who doesn't touch them for years.


Don't get me wrong, I like QWFOD very much and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but we can't treat all the MC the same as they don't experience the same things and they have different characteristics of their own.

Next up is the ML. We don't really get to know much about the ML throughout the story. More is known about him only at the last bits of the story. There are concerns about the ML's rapist acts towards the MC. Without the MC's inner thoughts known, I will probably not look at the ML positively as well. However, I felt more pity for him after learning his side of the story. Please don't give up on him.


When the MC is sent world hopping, the ML followed as well. However, he treated the MC too well, causing the MC to break his character in the first world. As a punishment, he could only retain his memories from the first world, the world he had cause the MC to break his character, to serve as a reminder for the ML to not cause MC to OOC. So, in every other world, he could only approach the MC in this kind of rapist way. MC is supposed to fill the female protagonist's happiness meter, while the ML was suppose to fill the MC's happiness meter. The ML accidentally discovered that the MC's happiness was related to sex, so the ML headed that direction, despite the fact that he would be seen as a rapist by the rest of the world. Whenever the MC got too emotional internally, a panel will appear on his head to show his inner thoughts, which can be seen by the ML. Therefore, the ML knows that MC was okay with the sex. Unlike the MC who goes to the next world straight, the ML has to stay until the end of his life span, all alone. I'm not surprised if he breaks down before the MC.


All in all, this story is unique in it's own way, with a bit of similarity with other world hopping series but at the same time not quite similar. <<less
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February 26, 2019
Status: --
I will not rate it yet, I'll try to give the story one more chance. The plot it's not well developed. The MC is hilarious, but the system is very annoying. Instead of a "golden finger" is more like is bullying him and not in a "cute" mode. He is always trying to work against the MC and refusing to help, which is tiring. At first it was a little funny but now it's make you want to drop it after you see how is middling in MC and ML... more>> busyness. So far i-am at ch 30. There is no progress between MC and ML. No romance whatsoever. Oh don't get me wrong. He did some papapapa but again no romance. As for the plot is not about faceslaping or nothing major. The plot line is kinda dull, he's not doing very much regarding his missions, the system is annoying as hell, no action, no romance, no nothing.... I fail to see the point. I'll continue and come back with an review update and a rating. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mmem rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: v2c9
Still to soon to judge, but I really like the premise and the MC system interactions are funny.

Its just, more than a story about MC helping the FLs each arc, it's more like this is a story about a couple with a role play r*pe fetish.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fireflymaoh rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: --
Not a fan of these types of novels where the MC is physically and emotionally abused, but we pretend it is okay because he secretely wanted it. Giving two stars since author makes effort to write female characters that are more than one dimensional evil/jealous enemies. MC is also able to have non-romantic relationships with people that are not interested in him.
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FearlessMustela rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: --
Okay I must say I really enjoyed reading this novel. It has been fun for me. Yeah the MC looks like he is dumb and the plot wasn’t that deep nor it was too shallow, just a perfect reading for someone who doesn’t want to strain their brain too much (like me, that’s why I said I enjoy this one) but I just want to clarify for those people who are turned off because the ML keeps r*ping MC.

... more>>

It was because ML can actually see MC’s barrage of thoughts LOL. Yeah imagine those moments now that you know the fact that ML knows all of CL’s thoughts! And even ML actually felt bad because he felt like he is a r*pist. He said it himself that if he didn’t know what CL’s real thoughts are, he really wouldn’t force him ofc.


The last arc gonna explains a lot of things including CL’s background and it’s definitely my favorite arc because how sweet and kinda fluffy it is (but kinda sad knowing the truth behind it). So I won’t spoil too much.

Okay if you guys want something fun and not too heavy, go ahead and give this novel a chance. Just don’t expect too much and keep it mind that it meant to be humorous. <<less
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