The Mechanic


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In a world controlled by a super artificial intelligence computer, persecuted male humans gather in Lost Paradise and execute their last stand. They have spent decades developing their “God Descent Plan” – to steal the North American server of the super artificial intelligence “Eden”, download it into the body of a male human “Adam”, tame and control him, and use him against the omniscient “God”.

Zhang Xun, an unmarried tech nerd, was fortunate (unfortunate?) to be in charge of the final stage of the plan – to be responsible for maintaining and taming Adam. Now he was facing a life form with a human body and a mechanical brain, a reverse version of Ghost in the Shell, and Zhang Xun’s life was plunged into confusion and chaos, and in the struggle to control or be controlled, his life became exhausting.

One- sentence introduction: Cyberpunk/Steampunk tech nerd saves the world.

Adam: gong, all-powerful, fakes being endearingly silly (really black belly) X Zhang Xun: shou, older, tsundere tech nerd.

Inspiration sources include (but the settings, stories and characters are all original, and these works are not related): The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Suspect Tracker, Westworld, Ex Machina, I Robot and other sci-fi works.

Content Label: Sci-Fi, BL, Apocalyptic, Fantasy

Concept: Co-evolution of artificial intelligence, technology and human beings

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New dee_ism rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: --
Probably the best sci-fi story that wrote about human-AI relationship.

The intense battle of belief and ideology. And I can't help to also get frustrated, heart broken, anxious, suspicious while reading the whole journey. There's no one wrong, just different ideals which resulting the contradiction.
And the writer amazingly bring out those contradiction.

Especially the battle between the human MC and AI ML. They love each other, but their ideology is crashing. They struggling with their own difficulties and it brings the angst, my heart pained. The writer wrote them beautifully, never... more>> out of character, and the plot progress is engrossingly logical. <<less
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New hymki
August 1, 2022
Status: c50
I just want to say my review is from my own view as a female reader who is reading a novel where females are put simply 'the enemy'

I want to say though I'm really enjoying the novel itself so far, the underlying themes do make me a little uncomfortable, especially as somebody who is a low key feminist.

I do agree with a lot of the other reviews who say that a lot of suspension of belief is necessary.

Overall enjoying so far, though uncomfortable with a few of the themes but... more>> not enough to drop it. <<less
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Mint Mint
Mint Mint rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: c10
I have no words to express how excited I am for this read!!!

The author definitely created a scenario that I have never seen in any book. It's just surreal and each chapter makes you want more.
This is no simple romance, ladies and gentlemen:

... more>>
I don't know if this is exactly a spoiler because it's already more or less explained in the summary, but... here we have the story where male people are persecuted by the Eden server (AI) for being the main cause of catastrophes in the world. Tired of all the chasing, a group of guys get together to "turn" this AI into a human being to supposedly understand that this extermination is not a good idea (it's actually more complex than that and you'll only understand better when you read).

As for the translation, I can only thank the translator for choosing this gem in science fiction form. The translator did a magnificent job
To the translator: thank you very much for the translation. You are simply amazing. Please don't give up on this romance and take care.
Anyway, just read and enjoy. <<less
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An rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
After having read 莲兮莲兮's novels starting from Age of The Sirens, to Falling into the Abyss, and now The Mechanic, I feel like there's a certain formula that is used. The MCs and MLs suffer a lot (with perhaps the MC in some cases, suffering more probably because readers get most of the perspective from the MCs). There a bleakness in every world to the point it makes one wonder what the point of living is, with themes on human greed for power and resources, climate change, what it means... more>> to be human, etc. Main characters and supporting characters are all chess pieces, carrying out a plan that was set for them by something/someone else. Additionally, in the dark, depressing parts of the novels, there's rich, vividness of love that gives you a false sense that everything is going to be okay but then you get pulled through a rush of angst, so intense to the point you lose all hope for a HE for our main characters and their friends/family. The MCs are all self-sacrificing people who care for others and the world⁠—even when the world doesn't care about them. They care so much that they will give up themselves for others/the world. There's a common theme of strained family relationships (e.g. Fathers). MCs and MLs grow up unloved and lonely and they just really want affection, understanding, and someone to accompany them to grow old. The good thing is, MCs and MLs find what they lack in each other. I really enjoyed The Mechanic and my only disappointment is that I wish we got to see more instances of their happiness together (I say this for AotS and FitA). You really feel the pull that Zhang Xun and Adam have in their relationship; it's really one where they're torn by their love for each other and their sense of their duty to the world/humanity.

"A thousand paper cranes in exchange for a chance to meet again."

Compared to the other two novels, The Mechanic is really a HE in comparison (the author acknowledges this too in their note in the final chapter). <<less
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sakirol rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: c121-132
5/5. Recommend a read. HE.

Dystopian scifi-esque setting. The novel is fast-paced (similar to the author's other works).

The story is quite romance-heavy. Tons and tons of angst. The main couple are very endearing and cute. Maybe one of my favorite couples.

I very much enjoyed the characterizations of our MC and ML, and the pacing was great.
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uwu_Nabong rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c100
I still haven't finished this story, but I have to say it is wonderful.

The world building in itself is pretty engrossing, it further develops outside the first setting in the later parts of the story.

I like how the author depicts humanity and the world, as in many other of her works, as it is decaying. It is a dystopian novel in a semi-futuristic setting which narrates a hopeless reality and explores human nature.

I feel the author's approach to the concept of individualism and humanity is pretty insightful. She criticizes human... more>> unpredictability and sometimes violent tendencies as she brings up the question: how? How can humans, who even in peaceful circumstances are restless, be happy and free?

She develops a reality where the first propose to that question was eradication in an attempt to create equality only to find out human nature cannot be judged just looking at the big picture.

She criticizes human dependency and herd-mentality, while constantly stressing the importance of individual identity and pride to be able to be considered... Human.

I like how one of the first questions Zhang Xun asks Adam is if he ever considered humans are different individuals whose personalities could not be assumed because of their circumstances, before he did what he did.

She explores the love between the main character in a way that, if in some way has already been explored, is somehow fulfilling. Dependency and possessiveness would fall short to describe it.

Love between a human and an AI, it may sound tacky and outdated, however the author approach is not. Adam's love is not the "selfless possessive love to a creature", it is his first attempt and realization to a feeling completely alien to him. One party is exploring human nature and unpredictability, learning in baby steps what feeling are like, and the other is literally having his first (romantic) love experience ever! How could (healthy) love blossom immediately in those circumstances? Had it been that way I would have in fact been disappointed with the author a bit.

The first part of the story is focused on building the world, in exploring Adam's journey as a human and Zhang Xun's dilemma towards himself and Adam's being.

It doesn't depict a desperate "I would kill, die and damn the world for you" kind of love. Zhang Xun has his goals and principles, Adam does too, once those same things differ, they... Clash. Their love is selfish and it wavers many times, they hold on to it and try to let go, they struggle to be sincere as both of them trying to convince themselves it can't be love because it can't! It would go against both's goal, indeed.

Their love is young, however, neither of them loses themselves for the sake of the other, they stay true to their beliefs, to their people and to themselves and stand for all of it even if that brings them unsurmountable pain and loss.

They are both ruthless to each other and to themselves.

As for the side characters, indeed, many don't have enough scenes at the beginning to be considered 3D, however some of them are made justice in the later stages of the book.

I specially like Zhang Xun, Pan and Enoch. Zhang Xun is smart, trying to look coolheaded as a self defense mechanism, while being infact a sensitive person. He is open minded, trying to understand what is hard for him to fully accept, he is full of imagination, determination and passion. Once something becomes his goal neither human nor machine can stop him

He is not weak-minded and panicky, even in times of despair he manages to come with solutions under pressure or at least, analyze the situation to act accordingly. He is loyal and the only thing he asks in return is for people to not betray his trust, he doesn't open easily to others and can be stern and leader-like when needed. He has a bit of a domineering personality at times that may make him seem aloof and indifferent to other, but that is his way to survive in a place like where he lives, even so, he's not abusive nor unfair.

As for the later two, they are specially endearing (specially Enoch, I want to hug him tight) in my opinion.

As for Adam... Alas, he has me conflicted, he's is a pretty interesting character, one of the most wonderful parts of the story is to read his reaction to his new reality, his acceptance and conflict over human nature and everything else, however, he makes me so mad at time, hahah.

I wish we have more parts narrated from his POV.

As for other things I have to say...


That damn creator of Eden, couldn't he freaking use Asimov's three laws of robotics????? Was it so difficult?!? He literally doomed humanity just because the mf couldn't add to his programming that Eden was not allowed to hurt humanity, I go for the bare minimum, not allowed to kill would be nice, yk???? Did Asimov do anything to him to recent him like so?? Did the kill his family??? Ruined hid career?!? And why is humanity at fault? Couldn't he add that command??? Ahhhhhhhhhh

That's all I have to rant about


Having said that, I strongly recommend this novel <<less
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RedMochI rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: Completed
"A thousand paper cranes in exchange for a chance to meet again"

I loved this. The ending was so good

it was a bittersweet journey. I smiled. I laughed. I cried and be hollowed with the couple. This is my favorite novel ever.

... more>> i've never read AI novels before so unlike other people saying this has same patterns, I don't know but Definitely try this out.

I saw a post that says the romance is none because of their relationship but who are we say so?
Personally, I saw the bright, burning love. Sure, it is not expressed well or a lot but every little gestures of the couple bring out their love.

I loved the side characters so much, even the father.

Even if the writing is not the best, the focus in the novel should not be it because it's not so bad that you can't just concentrate.

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July 9, 2022
Status: c61-70
I'm not rating it because it's too hard to be objective, everyone should just try it out for themselves.
Personal rating would be three stars.

The world building is very interesting but up until chapter 70 the whole story takes place in a single location, the rest of the world exists only through what we hear about it, which is limited to what's absolutely necessary for the plot to work.
It all seems extensive and well thought out but is actually very shallow.

For the premise, it's either based on grossly outdated... more>> concepts or the writer's personal point of view, so it makes little sense when you think about it too deeply, you have to take it "as is".

Characterisation is a mixed bag, there are a lot of side characters and none of them gets enough spotlight to become 3D, they are archetypes, stereotypes, and only there to play a specific role.
MC is okay enough to like him a bit, he's a genius that makes limited use of his abilities, quite surprising considering the situation they are in. He's helpless, clueless, and poorly prepared because the story needed drama, not because it fits the rest of his character or his environment.
ML's character is hard to write, the author did their best for sure but it falls short, his development is predictable right from the start because it has been done like that several times in other books/movies. If you aren't new the "AI becomes human" trope then you already know what's going to happen.

The romance... is a matter of opinion. For me there's none, their feelings stem from being creator and creation, that was even mentioned quite a few times, and I don't see the possibility for it to change, there just aren't enough chapters left to rectify their relationship.
It's obsession and possessiveness, not love.

For the story, it's predictable. Things happen exactly like they need to so other plot points can happen, it feels very artificial, like a clear view of the writer's outline and pre-planed beats. It's just not organic.
To me the problem probably stems from the overall topic that doesn't work well as soft-sci-fi, it's obvious that the writer has little idea how AIs work or could work, or technology in general.
You can see where the inspiration comes from but it's just that, parts copied from others without the needed awareness and understanding to really use them, it's a Frankenstein-novel made from different parts.

I don't know if I recommend it or not, it's a very generic novel that does the same things, in the same way, a Sci-fi nerd has already seen or read countless times, and likely done better.
Maybe worth a try for people that are newer to the genre. <<less
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