Mistakenly Saving the Villain


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Professor System has issued a mission: to rescue the gentle, kind and tragic protagonist shou of the novel “The Exceptional Furnace”.

Song ‘Scholar-Tyrant’ Qingshi: “Don’t worry, Professor! I can definitely ensure the patient’s recovery!”

In the Immortal Realm:

Song Qingshi praised from the bottom of his heart: “My patient is the kindest and most beautiful little angel in the world.”

Yue Wuhuan quietly washed the blood from his hands and smiled softly: “En.”

Song Qingshi swore from the bottom of his heart: “As a doctor, I will never covet nor take advantage of my beautiful patient!”

Yue Wuhuan took full and complete advantage of the doctor and smiled softly: “En.”

Song Qingshi affirmed from the bottom of his heart: “Under my loving care, the patient will never be blackened!”

Yue Wuhuan secretly hid his monstrously evil thoughts and smiled softly: “En.”

At that inextinguishable summit, upon thousand and thousands of soul lamps, he sat on the god’s throne of white bone, guarding that piece of stone.

“You are the only one in this world who treats me tenderly.”

“And so, you are the only one I treat tenderly.”

Scholar-tyrant Song was absolutely delighted: “Professor! Can I get full marks?”

Professor System exploded: “You fool! You saved the wrong person!”

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Bàn về kết cục việc cứu lầm nhân vật phản diện
The Conclusion to When I Mistakenly Saved the Villain
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New C_Linnae rated it
July 21, 2024
Status: Completed
I like this novel, it angsty and handled sensitive topics really well (which I'm really, really, sensitive about).

Nice characters, nice plot, I really liked SQS's characterization & narration, he's just cute and somehow relatable.

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New NovelFun rated it
July 5, 2024
Status: c119
I tried twice to finish reading this story and better understand the characters. What came out of these unsuccessful (and not very pleasant) attempts.

1. The author really loves angst. ML is the most tragic creature in the world of mortals and immortals, as well as demons. Every page will tell you how he was sexually ab*sed. This is probably the most important thing in the character and plot of the novel.

2. After reading so much about ML's s*xual ab*se and numerous humiliations, you must be expecting some kind of reaction... more>> from him. Appropriate revenge, triumph of justice, etc. But nothing happens. Really, ML and MC are helpless, and the world around them is chaotic and drowning in depravity. ML takes petty revenge on one or the other, but this does not change anything in the end.

3. ML's character doesn't seem capable of growth. It seems that the author is only interested in his suffering, and not in his development. The same applies to the plot.

4. What to do with a character if, from a logical point of view, it is almost impossible to help him and return him to normal life? After all, he was so diligently destroyed over a number of chapters. - That's right, make him a god! After all, if you are a god, then the past must not be so important, isn't it? This is such a “Deus ex machina”. And this is so logical.

Unfortunately, the novel left an unpleasant impression. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Please read this novel. Please read this novel. Don't be discouraged with the low rating of people who have not yet finished reading this!

It is so unfair to the novel, being judged as something mediocre, not even halfway of the completion of the book.

The MC is not an OP character, he is not perfect, but he is adorable in his own way and perfect for the ML.

... more>> The ML is one of the most pitiful MLs I have read about. His psychology and way of thinking is both understandable and relatable.

Now there is a big twist in this novel. The truth about the mission, the truth about the MC and ML. As much as I want to spoil it for you, you better just read it.

The twist is mind blowing and at the same time, satisfactory.

You wont regret spending some brain cells in MTLing this one.

I do hope the translator wont abandon this novel. It is worth translating. <<less
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noeinan rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c9
I've barely started and already this novel is so touching to me as a survivor of s*xual ab*se that I cried.

Most stories venerate v**ginity and purity, especially in love interests. Here, the MC may have missed the target shou, but saves a character who would be universally recognized as broken beyond repair and not "worth" saving.

He offers him redemption, healing, and recognition of his humanity and agency. Respecting him in every way, helping him to recover himself.

It is beautiful and I'm so happy I picked this up. All survivors are... more>> worthy of recovery, all deserve to heal. No one is broken beyond repair. <<less
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XYJ rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c42
It started out good, I thought the protagonist, though socially inept, was at least smart and perceptive. And his antics were funny. But it got old quick, as it turns out, he's a weak, timid, dumb, indecisive character who lets people trample all over his boundaries, and his misunderstandings stopped being funny because at that point he's so obtuse he's become a flat line.

He realizes that the ML will hide his true emotions and trauma from him, and he determines that he can't just stick his head in the ground and hope things get better on their own, but he doesn't actually do anything to change his behavior to that reaction or try to solve that flaw, nor does he have any improvement in noticing things or understanding the ML



The protagonist just ends up as a clueless sheep surrounded and manipulated and toyed with by the wolves around him, some more respectful of him than others, but still, it gets irritating.


Also, this story has some undertones about equating being shou with being weak/womanly?

And there's a lot of moments, when the (rather weak) main character goes something along the lines of "I'm not like that, only girls are like that!" to bluntly show how manly and not-girly he is, and the no, the main character hasn't been overly feminized at all, he's "not like the other girls!"


Oh, and also the ML is nearly smarter than even the "scholar tyrant" MC in his own medical field, cause why not (and a genius in every other endeavor as well).
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Jwel rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I totally love it. I mtled it cause im so curious about the plot.

The MC is a study maniac and a great doctor. Well, there is a reason why he is cold, naive and love to read books.

The ML had a very hard life to the point that he feel that dying is his only escape.

I cried so many times on this novel. I could really feel the evilness of the world. Im just glad that ML was saved by MC.

... more>>

I also like the side characters. I adore An Long, he is like a big dog. He is suited to be ML' rival. He really like MC so I feel bad when he saw MC and ML getting close. Too bad his heartbreak made the demon able to control and corrupt him.

I also like Xiao Bai, this cute white snake is so adorable.

MC is a stone god. That is why he is cold. He loves to read and dont know how to communicate with others. His other hobby was to watch the Phoenix pass his window every day.

ML is the phonix god. His soul was captured and placed to the small world to be tormented. The Heavenly Emperor asked the other gods to save the phoenix. They lose their memories upon going to the small world and failed to save the Phoenix.

An Long, the black dragon is a close friend and sparring partner of the phoenix also failed and was stuck on the small world. He lost his merit allowing him to get controlled by the demons.

When MC found what happened to the Phoenix, he volunteered. They dont really have much hope with MC since he is cold and quite naive.

MC struggled and failed about 1350 times. But he never stopped saving the ML, even if the task was to save someone else. MC would always choose to save ML.

The MC dies when he fought with demonized AnLong. Another tasker came to kill ML, when ML found that MC died and that he will lose memory. ML almost went insane and wants to kill everyone. AnLong who became sober convinced ML to live. ML remembered something and he throw himself in the immortal flame. He reborn as the Phoenix. ML waited for 3thousand years for MC to go back. ML found from the tasker that MC may came back to do another task. ML's quest to purge the world started and he got his revenge.

After 3 thousand years, MC came back without memories and ML searched for him

Some things that made me cry:

    • MC asked ML to take care of the mouse. ML didnt know that he will be fighting An Long. When the other tasker came. The tasker destroyed the laboratory and their research. ML tried to protect the pregnant mouse MC asked him to take care of. The tasker killed it and said that MC died. ML cried. But he captured tasker. ML found that MC's purpose was to save the protagonist. ML was so devastatrd cause he think he is the wrong answer MC choose.
    • There are some past lives revealed on the novel which makes me sad. There is a time that mute MC saved the blind ML. ML became a sword master. During demon envasion the protagonist died, MC started to lose control and everyone though he was being demonized. They killed MC. When ML came home he saw MC lying on blood. MC tried to comfort ML but he is mute. He died in ML's arm. ML went berserk and killed every one.

There are too much darkness in this novel but everything makes sense at the end. Im glad that they had a happy ending.


Xiao Bai, the white snake with low IQ was able to turn into human. He became a child and calls MC father and ML as mother. ML was possesive but since he knew MC like the white snake, he took care of it. ML would bully Xiao Bai by feeding it vegetables. Lol.

When AnLong regained conciousness oin heaven realm, he decided to block his memories of the small world cause he doesnt know how to face the ML. He turn to a dragon and decided to vent his anger to demons.

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lordzukoisbae rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c120


I have finished it using this site under questionable translation BUT I STILL CRIED OKAY?

... more>>

it was revealed in the end that he was actually a stone that is refined to have a human form. MEANING. HE HAS NO CONCEPT OF HUMAN INTERACTION AND EMOTIONS. the entire story revolves on saving the Phoenix God A.K.A Yue Wuhuan who was trapped in this small world of Pain by the disgusting scheming demons. Since he was a Phoenix who valued purity, they defiled him over and over that he can't wake up from the "small world" he was trapped in. Yue Wuhuan had long since loved the small pure stone Qishing and would always pass by in his phoenix form at the place (in the heaven... place of gods? or something) and Qishing had long since admired him despite not knowing what love is. That is why when even An Long who was a Dragon General and Yue Wuhuan's actual friend (in the God Realm) failed to wake him up from the "small world" failed..... Qishing didn't give up. That's why he WILL ALWAYS choose Yue Wuhuan.



How Qishing didn't give up on saving Yue Wuhuan..... I absolutely hope y'all's will not give up until the end.

It wasn't a Mistake... it was the best choice in his life that he has ever made... and he will continue to do so. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
If you've read a lot of cliched novel transmigration stories, for example [Scum Villain Self-Saving System] or [Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan], lots of brainless face-slapping xianxia novels, or novels putting yandere MLs on a pedestal...

... and are fcking tired of it, this is a great one for you.

This novel seems to have been written by an author who is just as tired of those tropes as the readers.

... more>>

Whether it's the trope of the gong vs. shou, the more powerful ML oppressing a less powerful MC, the MC or shou always virg*nal and refusing s*x, r*pe victims being grateful to their rapists, r*pe victims having no psychological shadows and jumping right back into relationships,

the yandere ML locking a "poor MC" into a black room, a yandere ML's extreme jealous, ridiculous paranoia, lack of trust,

Tropes of love rivals being absolute tr*sh, of power being equal to righteousness, of stealing and slaughter in the cultivation world, of mortals being less worthy compared to cultivators, and more

This story upends them all.


One of the major things I really enjoy about this story are that the love-rivals and side characters have variety, integrity, are fantastic people, and have an impact on the storyline.

This isn't a story about MC and ML single-handedly saving the world (or MC single-handedly saving the world from the power of the ML's love), but many people making efforts and working together. Yes, including the love-rivals.

This is probably one of the VERY FEW novels I've ever encountered on NU with an author that realizes that having love rivals who are great, fantastic, lovable people, can make the MC or ML shine more than having 10 cutouts of absolute tr*sh constantly jump out from the woodwork to muddle sh*t up.

This is also one of the VERY FEW novels that show that being yandere really isn't that great. It doesn't seek to lecture or teach the reader the negatives of a yandere ML, but actually helps the yandere ML find redemption.


It is only by trusting again, seeing the world for what it really is, and casting off those twisted ways of thinking does the ML really find his true self.


Furthermore, the way the MC approaches the story using scientific method, reasoning, and logic, were hilariously unique and entertaining to read.

Finally, another reader mentioned that the story had undertones of the shou being weak/womanly; I disagree and think it's the opposite:


In truth, most BL novels portray BL relationships as caricatures of het relationships. Eg. there's a "top" and a "bottom" and the "bottom" is always associated with the female role, and the "shou" is basically the woman in a het relationship.

Lots of stories have the "shou/bottom" being called "wife" and "sister-in-law" and "mom." The "shou" is also the one being doted on, the one being supported by the "gong, " just like a "wife" in a het romance novel.

It's a bit absurd that someone's position in bed literally describes their entire personality and role in a story.

These tropes are turned on its head in this story with both the ML and other side-character "gongs" being more effeminate and more beautiful than their corresponding "shous."

So no, the author doesn't look down on women or effeminate men; there are powerful and admirable women and effeminate men in the story. Rather the author wrote it as a parody making fun of these other BL tropes constantly calling men (who happened to do a certain thing in bed) female pronouns.

Sure, it can be a term of endearment, but it can also be grating to see it repeated across the board unironically in 99% of BL novels, so I can definitely get behind the author's choices.


Fantastic translation, flowed really well and really enjoyable overall. Many thanks. <<less
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SleepyMintii rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Notice that most of the ppl that gave this a low score, didn't read much of the story. I'm sorry did you just say the MC is... useless? The plot is FLAT???... ARE WE.. READING THE SAME THING AT ALL???

First off- because I dont think this is getting mentioned enough- It is so.. SO GODDAMN REFRESHING to read about a HEALTHY and COMMUNICATIVE COUPLE.

● The MC:

is absolutely adorable. He is book smart, eager to learn, passionate about his hobbies, and never gives up... He is so supportive and honest about... more>> his feelings and always tries his best. And you could clearly see it from his actions... I really don't understand how you could possibly call him out for being "useless". Boring? Maybe. Because that depends on your taste. But useless? And that he just depends on the ML? Just where in the story did any of this pop up?

The MC was ruthless when he needed to be. Killed who he needed to kill. Planned to continue helping ML get his revenge from those disgusting rats. And on the contrary, the ML was depending on him just as much. The MC held down his own fort and the things he knew he wasn't good at, he asked the ML to do for him. Where's the problem in a power balance? He didn't just stumble around like an idiot, confusing his lefts with his rights and doing nothing but blush and rely on the ML to do literally everything else. He's not the annoying himbo that some reviewers are making him out to be.

Just because he's not a cold beauty who face slaps with both hands and feet every five to ten seconds in a single chapter, isn't op, and actually struggles, doesn't mean his character is annoying. He has his flaws yes but they're just ordinary flaws. They make him seem real. He fails and he gets back up. He loses and charges back into his fight towards his goal. He learns and he thinks and he figures sh*t out. He's not a useless fool.

● The ML:

Now.. I honestly hate "yandere" characters because theres just no sense to them at all. I don't understand the romance behind it. Oh, you're gonna be overly controlling? Gonna get jealous if your significant other so much as breathes in the direction of another living being? Gonna be overly possessive, and just downright gross?? And it's gonna be portrayed in romance genre?? *insert absolutely disgusted face here*

BUT.. The precious ML here.. Oh, this precious little ML right here... I can absolutely cheer on with all my heart. I wish for both him and the MC only the best of the best as if they were my own sons!! (They're so precious!!!)

I'm not just picking a bias on why I like this "yandere" character and not others. It's because he's well-written. Because his actions make sense and I can't blame him. Because I can see the love from his actions and words. Because he's self aware enough to realize that he shouldn't have these dark feelings about his loved one. And because later on, he gives him his trust. He grows and he heals.

He never hurt the MC, and all his messed up thoughts were due to severe trauma. I can't imagine what he's been through. The ML goes through a very damaging amount of trauma that could leave a person beyond broken.. I'm actually really pleased with how mental health was tackled in this series.

Also.... I have never rooted for a couple more than in this book... orz

● The plot:

Now, some people argue that the process or the romance was a little slow for them, but it would've been so shallow and out of style of this story if things were more fast paced than this. I personally really appreciate the pacing and think it was very well balanced. *chef's kiss* A lot of things get uncovered later on and the romance keeps building up more and more, leaving you with a tooth-ache from all the sweetness and heartache from all the pain.

The plot turned out to be A LOT more complicated than I initially thought it was. Everything had a reason, it all made sense, and there werent any loose ends left. It steered away completely from what I thought the story was going to be about...

Initially when I read the synopsis and bad reviews, I thought it was simply about a transmigrator accidentally and cutely saving the villain instead of the protag, when he later realizes he failed his task after being pressed on the bed and fighting a hundred rounds with the villain in the sheets, he goes and attempts to fix his mistake and find the real protagonist, but the minute he attempts to, his big bad wolf of a ML would show intense jealousy and fight him in the sheets once more. Then that once would turn into twice, then that twice would turn into thrice.... Then, through the boring MCs plot halo and luck, things just work out for the best and the MC would choose to just live happily ever after with his domineering, dark, powerful, and handsome "villain" ML. The end.

... But thankfully it surprised me instead!! With an interesting story, loveable characters, and an adorable couple that respects eachother, and only want the best for eachother. And oh! Oh! What's this? Sweetly fighting in the sheets instead of being pressed on!? My sons!! I'm so proud!!! <<less
32 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ellz rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Phew, I binged this for one day.

I love the author, I can tell she really cares about the plot and doesnt like to add unnecessary details.

She cares about all the characters and everyone has their own important role.

The whole story is about "healing".

Yue Wuhuan journey was painful and he was greatly ill mentally.

But soon Song Qingshi came to his life and took care of YW wholeheartedly.

First 5 / 6 chapters are painful but then it will get better and mind blowing!!

The ending was splendid!! Cant say more, just read!!
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dorothea2000 rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: c6
I am torn between regretting not camping longer for more chapters, and the joy of having read the wonderful first 6. It's very good so far, both heart-rending and hopeful -- although I'm confident the pain will be cured by our lovely Song Qingshi.

Thank you for translating this gem, and I would absolutely recommend it to someone looking for a good read.
28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
allegna rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: c109
I'm almost to the end, but I just want to leave a review before I finish this!

The start of the novel was really interesting, so I went ahead and MTLed the rest of the novel, and it is surprisingly readable!

The MC is such an interesting character. He is dense, but not naive, a bit low on EQ, yet he always tries his best to understand as well as convey his feelings well. He is such a loveable character and a pure soul, that you just can't help but root for... more>> him.

The ML just really, really needs some healing. He has been through literal hell and back, and you can inderstand why he turned out the way he is. One thing I actually liked is that it really took a while to heal his trauma, and even now he still is not completely over it.


He keeps on seeing himself as dirty, and he keeps on hesitating, not wanting to soil his loved one with his feelings. He also had developed some serious trust issues, but can you really blame him after seeing what he's been through? He is aware of his tendency to monopolize, and how this had caused problems to MC, but he realized that while he was willing to give everything to the MC, he never gave him his trust. Thus, he also looked to changing that aspect of himself.


I just absolutely love the way the characters were written (I likeeed the side characters! Absolutely liked An Long, Opteron, and even the peacock), and how the plot unfolded and developed (the pacing was good, and the events made sense! There were little to no occurrences that felt forced, as everything flowed naturally).

Overall, it was a good read (despite me just powering through the MTL), and I can't wait for better translations, so I could reread this! <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lav.ender rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: Completed
For the sole purpose of leaving a review on this novel, I've registered on this site, don't mind me, I just want to emphasise how much I love this novel! I found out about this master piece two days ago and I couldn't help myself from reading all the raws in Chinese.

The author managed to create the perfect balance between the hardships that comes from having a traumatic past and the sweet everyday life of healing. The main characters have their own struggles and nuances, I didn't feel like they... more>> were 2D at all, so much so that I cried a handful of times while reading. There aren't too many twists and turns, just enough to keep the readers entertained (tbh I preferred it this way, I don't quite like over-dramatic complicated sitcoms like novels).

Now that I've finished reading this novel I feel a bit sad and empty, It really was a great read, It has everything that I like, for example: a doting possessive ML that respects MC (consent is always hot), a kinda dense MC but once he realises his feelings will go on attack mode, a realistic portrait of human nature and trauma (that needs time to heal) and last but not least many fluffy moments with a HE. If you're hesitating to read this novel... don't. I totally recommend it! <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Personally not my taste,


The OCC was too unbearable for me.

... more>> From the very beginning,

In the first arc, the MC was given a character that is cold, eccentric and erratic and yet immediately after he becomes nothing but a weak bumbling shou who's just a little smarter than most.

It's a little too quick for me, and I cringe whenever he interacts with the sides while hardly even trying to maintain his persona.

Like I understand his social anxiety and lack of knowledge but dont you think adhering to your characters personality would be a smart thing to do?

Maybe I'll pick this up again but for now, I'm going to look for other gems here on NU <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
poyopoyo rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c32
holy sht this is so good I'm gonna think about this underrated gem all day...

I'm really loving this so far.

MC is airheaded and innocent due to his single minded pursue in medicine. I personally find him very very endearing and adorable.

... more>> ML shatters my heart! He's just a regular boy trying to cultivate but the fates and heavens are really against him... He suffered so much. I cried. Be prepared to get heartbroken.

MC and ML are so adorable together. I really wish them all the happiness in the world. Their relationship is a fluffy slow-middle?-burn that develops very well.

ML is a yandere but he's very respectful and loving towards MC. He never tried to mol*st or force himself on MC. In fact, this is one of the few times I've read a xianxia danmei where none of the love rivals are creepy mol*sters/rapists. (So far lol) I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Fair warning though, it touches really dark topics. I hate seeing children suffer. Makes me very sad. <<less
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blackkoi rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.6/5

A heart-wrenching story of undying devotion and redemption!

Why you must read Mistakenly Saving the Villain!

  • Beautiful romance Without giving much spoilers, our MC and ML are meant to be together. Their beautiful ending is only achieved through sheer efforts and dedication for one another. Their relationship is one of trust, open communication, and mutual respect (despite the yandere tag). One of the best "defying fate" stories I've ever read.
  • Medical-obsessed cinnamon bun MC / no.1 devotee to ML Our MC is a cinnamon bun who is obsessed with medicine and research. He loves research, books, white mice, sweet, and our ML most of all lol. His naivety towards love and R-rated stuffs make for hilarious moments, but do not underestimate his intelligence, capability, and ruthlessness (when needed). You will fall in love with his pure heart, silliness, dedication, and utter willingness to indulge his lover (including in bed LOL). Seriously, one of the best "gong" I've seen in danmei LOL.
  • Yandere, traumatized & beautiful ML Our ML's journey embodies a major theme of MSTV, which is about redemption and rebirth. His tragic past shaped him into a cunning, ruthless, manipulative, and obsessive individual. His past and continuing struggle will make your hearts break. It's a difficult and painful journey of overcoming past trauma, letting go, and subsequently achieving freedom and happiness.

    Through the ML, the author did an excellent job of exploring and subverting yandere trope (small, dark room trope included). Best character development in a "yandere" character I've seen so far.
  • Painful but heart-warming journey Is this book tough to read? Yes, at times. But tragedy does not exist solely to evoke pity from readers. The story is tied in together beautifully, and I swear that the heartache is worth it! You cannot stop smiling ear to ear by the end. As the MC says, "you mustn't be afraid of failure... Every time you fail, you are eliminating a mistake. As long as you don't give up, you will find the right answer."

  • Amazing side characters and side pairs Not just our main get the spotlight, the side characters also get the opportunity to shine - to overcome past trauma, and find their paths. The side pairs are lovely, and I very much wish we have more extra! One thing I particularly adore in MSTV is the portrayal of women - capable, steadfast, and every much outstanding as their male counterparts.

  • Perfect sprinkles of humor Considering the heavy subject matters, MSTV has one of the best laugh-out-loud moments. Mostly contributed by our oblivious MC, subsequent misunderstandings, and distorted public perceptions LOL. The humor is one of the reasons why I wish for more extra stories!

Despite my initial reluctance to read a heavy story, I ended up binging MSTV. Without a doubt, this book is one of my top 10 for danmei. That said, please head the tags and warnings. Considering the heavy subject, it's unfortunately not a journey for everyone. But if you are willing and able, trust me, it's worth it.

P/S - Fav scene

"May I hold this hand for a lifetime?"

The youth's eyes curved into a smile. "Yes."

The phoenix has perched on the Wutong tree and the beautiful gems that had been waiting for years finally had a home.
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yukicchi rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: Completed
  • If you want to read a BL Transmigration story that bends all common tropes, then this one is for you.

    ML is a cannon fodder that was mistakenly saved by the MC. You might be wary of the r*pe tag but this doesn't apply to their relationship. The tag was for its plot, ML was sold as a male prostitute since he was young. His parents doesn't know it, he was scammed, believing that he's going to become a swordsman cultivator in the immortal realm (the world is divided into mortal and immortal realm). After serving too many men, he decided to end his life, the MC then transmigrated at that point. Since the system doesn't give out too much information, he was under the impression that he saved the right protagonist shou. It was described that the protag shou suffered too many wounds and is very beautiful. He must save him not just physically but also mentally.


    After reading the story, you'll feel how they loved each other. It reminds me of Hua Cheng and Xie Lian's love but this time, it's the MC who proves it more.

    I don't know if this matters but...


    MC (Song Qingshi) is the shou and ML (Yue Wuhuan) is the gong.


    Plot wise, it's refreshing. I've read only few of transmigration stories but the author actually gives answers to questions like, what happens when the MC fails to do the mission and what should be the correct answer to the mission. The author also gives an answer as to what other options can they do in order to save the mission. The character developments are just! It's the first time I've read a yandere type of ML that has a lot of endurance to his desires towards the MC. Also, expect some angst. Right in the first volume, it's already inevitable but as the story progresses, everything's still a bittersweet experience.



    Both of them are gods. The MC is a stone that obtains a human form and ascended while the ML is a phoenix god. The demons plucked a soul of the phoenix god and poured it in a tree (forgot the name) that allows taskers (guess you could say they're transmigrators) live in different worlds and clear a mission. The phoenix god was trapped in those worlds and the god realm issued people to save him. Countless of people failed until the MC volunteers.


    I totally recommend this, it's a hidden gem. There are a lot of face-slapping from the author to every authors who only promotes r*pe in every misunderstanding that a couple experiences in BL.
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Yukinakazen2004 rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: c113
Read first before you judge! People have different tastes but you gotta atlease read a few chapters first so that you'll know whether you'll like it or not. Don't stop because of the bad reviews.

At first. I was hesitant to read this cus of the low ratings and the reviews I've been reading how they say that the MC is useless and other bad stuffs they say about him and also the ml.

But bro. I fell in love with this after reading the first few chapters. For the people who... more>> are saying bad things about the MC or ml, I think they def haven't finished reading the whole story to understand why they are like that. You def have to finish cus there's a reason for everything y'know. And the author didn't leave those stuffs. They explained it pretty well.

There are some things in this novel that are also new to me and those that I don't actually read. For example


Like how the ML have been entered by lots/different kinds of men, and too much ab*se.


I only usually read the pure type ml/gong that are clean. Ab*se abit but not too much like the ML of this novel.

It really led me into a new reading experience. I usually can't tolerate those kind of stuffs. But surprisingly, I accepted it just like that..

So MC is not useless He's actually kind and caring to the ml. His character is pretty lovable (for me)

And ML may be a black belly yandere but he didn't do anything bad to the MC. Infact I think he's the most outstanding yandere out of all the yandere characters I've seen.


He doesn't hurts or force the MC even tho there's so much going on in his mind on what he wanted to do with the MC (y'know, like want to fk him n stuff, lock him up, etc) he holds it in cus he doesn't want to hurt him (/I really have high respect for him/).


The story is also interesting it stays with the plot and doesn't stray away from it. The transelations are great! (Thank you transelators) MC and ML's love is beautiful. 2nd ML sindrome is no joke.I really had fun reading this, I prolly won't be able to move on from this for a week, I wish there's atlease 1 or 2 extras T~T.

This is my first comment or review in novel updates. So I'll prolly be stoping here now. I have a lot more things to say, but I'm tired and I've forgotten about them and no one will prolly read this long lol. And sorry for my bad English grammar. <<less
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August 24, 2021
Status: --
This novel is traumatising for people who have never touched upon a protagonist that's actually been se*ually ab*sed to the extreme. If you've got a low psychological barrier to this sort of thing, then evacuate now bc I so regret having coming in clueless and being scarred for a period of time (yes I use my imagination a lot when reading so you can imagine how it is like when the author describes how the ML went through that physical and mental torture in the most freaktastic detail 😶)

Other... more>> than that, the novel is not bad in the sense of plot and characterization, however my heart is too fragile for this, so I'll leave it shelved for later or perhaps forever. 👋 <<less
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earlydiaries rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
i read this a few weeks ago and forgot to leave a review so my thoughts aren’t as fresh as after just having read this, but I loved the romance in this and the mystery behind the plot! However, the message it lowkey sends in relation to ml’s situation was very wrong and tone-deaf to me.

overall pacing, plot, characters, and romance are all good. No dragging on, no extreme misunderstandings, also no 3p, this is completely 1v1 even if it seems it’s like not. Try not to get too annoyed... more>> at our local thirdparty. It’s not his fault, alright? Although I was also annoyed by him being such a c*ckblocker to MC and ml’s romance ㅜuㅜ

my main reason for liking this is the romance. The MC and ml’s love comes from a place of such deep love. I love how MC embodies the act of loving your partner for their entirety. He loves the ML so much that his love and patience makes ML realize that he’s safe with him. Witnessing that was my favorite part of this story.

plotwise, I loved the big twist at the end. The big reveal was amazing. The foreshadowing was good so we get a hint of the truth but there was actually more to it once you continue reading!

now let me talk about why I was disappointed by one of the messages this story puts across. Be warned! The following will spoil your reading experience. I recommend not to read this bit if you want to fully enjoy the plot and romance.


okay so ML is incredibly jealous and possessive, edging on yandere lmao, but stops himself because he doesn’t want to upset MC even though MC knows about this side of him and even indulges him. Ml’s grudge is what causes him to be stuck in that world when it isn’t truly where he belongs. He continues to kill to get back at those who humiliated him and the MC even kills for him as well but what helps him revert to his normal self and ascend was by letting go. This is the part that I disliked.

ML endured years of s*xual ab*se. Too many faces haunt his mind. The entire world knows of his r*pe and how he’s been “used” by different men. I hate how negative the image of the ML here is. There could’ve been a more positive approach to this. I understand that this happened because demons or devils (?) were what entrapped him but isn’t that also exactly the point? The fact that he should’ve been able to defeat them instead of being forced to go passive and “let go” of his grudge to be free? I never understood why that had to be the solution to his problem when he’s a literal divine being and supposed ruler of that world and many other worlds. Anyways, in general, that he had to let go of his grudge in general to become “clean” is f*cking s*upid. When he chooses to enact revenge, he’d fall deeper and deeper into where he already was? It’s like saying SA victims are wrong for choosing to be mad and that “being the bigger person” would help them more. It’s insensitive and so ignorant that it’s maddening to think someone would so boldly put out that kind of message. Letting go of their anger won’t free victims. That won’t give them back the years they lost to trauma. Although the ml’s actions were extreme in this case, it was still an expression of his anger and his retaliation against his trauma. If the author wanted to break the cycle of violence, something else could’ve been done for ml’s character. This isn’t set in the modern world. It was kill or be killed. Not to mention, s*avery was still so casual. The ML could’ve been empowered more, giving him the time to cultivate and be known more for his cultivation rather than his reputation as a s*ave. The author doesn’t want the ML to continue on a path of anger and grudges but the mc’s death for some reason is what sends ML into a killing spree so that he realizes he was actually a phoenix. How ironic. Pick a side!!!!

all the same I love mc’s love. Even when he had to try and save the protagonist and ML at the same time and ML kept making him fail by killing the protagonist he tried again and again and never got mad at the ml. He knew the ML was like that so he just tried to work around it. Where can you find someone so patient and understanding? This extreme tenderness is what shakes ML and makes him realize that he can trust the MC. That he won’t leave him so easily, won’t think he’s dirty, and won’t look down on him for wanting to kill those who have wronged him. At least that was one good message. SA victims can still be loved and they will find a person who love them even if they’re still haunted by their trauma and still so angry because of their trauma.

if you’re a victim of SA, I hope you don’t think that “letting go” is necessary and that being angry is immature or should be avoided. You should be angry and you can be angry. But your trauma also doesn’t make you. You are still your own person and how you deal with your trauma is up to you. There is no wrong way. If anything, I just hope you get in touch with a professional because they may be able to help you more and surround yourself with people who you love. Remember that there will always be people who will love you.

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Chickensbokbok rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c40
I tried SO HARD to like this novel but I honestly couldn't. It's a very slow burn with a one-sided romance from the ML, which I get because of the MC's personality and ML's trauma. However, this made the story very flat and boring, honestly. The MC is annoying and can't do anything. The ML is much smarter and more skilled than the MC at his own field of study 🧐. The MC said that he would protect ML at all costs but ... more>>

when An Long came and kept messing with the ML, he barely did anything to stop An Long 😑 despite knowing about ML's trauma. Yes, the MC did protect ML from the tribulation but ugh. 😒 And the fact that the ML always has to suffer alone, I feel so bad for him (past trauma, dealing with An Long, saving MC, etc).


Overall it started off interesting and around ch 19 when An Long joined the story and the plot revolves around the love triangle between them, that's when the story got super boring and annoying. There was too much drama and conflict between the ML and An Long that there were barely any cute interactions between the MC and ML. <<less
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May 23, 2021
Status: --
3.2 stars

Although everything was going great in the start... My interest in the Main Character gradually fell. I'm more interested in the Gu character compared to the main characters. I'm sticking around only because I'm curious about this half demon child the MC saved.

Also, the MC's character is getting plain with how oblivious he is. It's getting old.
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