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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

—— Dickens《A Tale of Two Cities》

I made myself a ghost back to life from death, with hatred in my bones and conspiracy brewed for years, sinking into the marsh, into the abyss. All I want is to bury the rotten roots, growing thistles and thorns which can kill like upas, to stab into the hypocritical civilization.

In the bottom of the muck……I found my lucida.

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Can Ci Pin
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shairiru rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: Completed
ADDED (1/19/19)

I've finished it! IT'S AMAZING. 10, 000, 000/10 stars

Plot: I'm not much of a "plot police" but I can really say the plot has been thought of very well. Something that happened very early on turned out to be such an important plot piece. The twists!! THE TWISTS. And the unfolding of past and present events too T_T Just so so so good. And if you're a fan of separation for a long time...... more>>

Yes they do get separated. SIXTEEN YEARS. And they were already a thing during that time. With MC not knowing if ML is still alive... and ML having strength because he promised MC that he will return to him no matter what, no matter where goes, and no matter how long he might be gone. He will always return to him T_T


Characters: It's interesting how you see the three major characters develop differently under the same situation of "suffering since childhood" and "having the same end goal". The way they approached situations and faced certain events truly highlighted these differences. I really love the MC's development from the bright, bouncy, naive young man that he was to what he became yet he never lost his heart, his dreams, and his goals. Truly a wonderful growing up story. Even how they dealt with relationship issues realistically... beautiful. ML's personal growth as well, how he was able to deal with the thorns that have plagued his heart for the longest time, how he is truly able to find his brightest star. I love their relationship!!!! Really healthy...

many points in the novel, you'd see them expressing how they're willing to let the other go if they'd be happier without the other yet they won't stop loving the person. And in crucial times, when they have to do their own responsibilities to save their galaxy, even when they could get separated again and they could even die, they didn't become dramatic with some "stay with me, don't leave me, let's just leave and be happy on our own"... they knew what they had to do. I like to believe they trust in each other that much that they don't have to be around each other 24/7. Really healthy.

Even the development of the secondary characters is very beautiful too!!!!

Writing: I've lost count on how many times I had legit goosebumps while reading because of certain lines. The book is full of wisdom. Makes you think about the current situation of the society... it certainly mirrors current dilemmas and it'll show you the many ways how humanity could deal with it and what will be the results.

tl;dr: Can Ci Pin is not just some BL novel, because I'm aware how some people would only read for the "BL". Can Ci Pin is way beyond that. It's a great novel wonderfully crafted, beautifully written, that just happened to have a gay couple, just as how other novels have their own het couple too yet that couple is not the main focus of the story. I think this pattern is a trademark to priest's work, and it's really great. TwT

ADDED: (1/10/19)

I'm almost halfway through and W O W. It really is a big plot and everything is so exciting! And the development between MC and ML's individual character and as a pair is *chef's kiss*. The development of the secondary characters is good, too! They're definitely not there just to add to the character but they also grow with the main characters and with the book.

Priest knows how to deliver her humor well, and she knows when to deliver the knives as well ;w; This is really a beautiful read... not just because of the cp but also because of the philosophical lines that'll make you think, the conflicts that reflect real world situations, and the imagery that'll paint you the world of Can Ci Pin vividly.


Struggling through the 60-70% that I can understand from mtl, but this is seriously so good. I highly commend priest's worldbuilding, it's what makes this book shine. Since I have no complete grasp of the plot yet, I can't really judge it already. But writing-wise, character-wise, as always, priest delivered. Even the dialogues, the lines, every is written so vividly, probably only lazy readers will complain about the worldbuilding haha

Even all the characters are precious... this has an upcoming donghua and I'm very excited to watch it ;v;

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meridianna rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: Completed
edit: I rewrote the review

to be fair, this one starts very slow. only around 10-20 chapter, the pairing is becoming clear. the plot is also starting to show. idk if people are okay about this. imo that's because the world-building in this novel is quite detailed.

the plot is.... WOW. just never expected this level from yaoi/BL. priest herself is quite acknowledged about Western literature. we can see from her previous, Silent Reading.
... more>>

in short it's a mix from Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (military space opera) + No.6 (dystopia - utopia) + dot hack (AI rampage). the dystopian world later in novel is also a mix between Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World. come to think, I should read those before lmao.


now about the pairing. the shou is very powerful. I mean not only in his power or talents, but also in character. I still find hard to believe this kind of man, a renowned war general, a very fierce and reckless man, with very strong mentality and very manly, very dense about feelings and romance, is a shou! albeit his face is good/beautiful, but it's the cold beauty-type okay! it's almost like I see Reinhardt (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu) here. welp.
praise to gong who could melt this ice :)
i say, Lin Jingheng is the most coolest uke. coz only coolest is not enough!
also I like the idea in this novel, pairing is about someone who can be equal to you, not 'to protect/to be protected'.
note: Zhan Lu is a qt AI.

yep, the description is confusing. but the last one is true and beautiful if you read.

oh yeah, don't forget to check upcoming anime/donghua!! <<less
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