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Childhood, upbringing, family background, social relations, traumatic experiences…

We keep reviewing and seeking out the motives of criminals, exploring the subtlest emotions driving them. It’s not to put ourselves in their shoes and sympathize, or even forgive them; it’s not to find some reasons to exculpate their crimes; it’s not to kneel down before the so-called “complexity of human nature”; nor to introspect social conflicts, much less to alienate ourselves into monsters.

We just want to have a fair trial – for ourselves and for those who still have hope for the world.

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The Light in the Night
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New Efu-sama rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Truly a marvelous novel! Sometimes I didn't realize that I'm reading a BL, and a webnovel at that, and think that what I'm reading is a true classically printed crime/detectives novel. I think even people who never read any BL novel would likely to enjoy this very much. If this novel ever get translated to English for real, I'd never hesitate to buy a copy and have it in my collection, without shame, and would definitely bragging about this novel towards my friends who are not even a fujoshi. Because... more>> this novel truly deserve it. <<less
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New melongoh
February 8, 2021
Status: c136
This is a very good novel actually. The plots and stories are very unique. Priest is a very good author. Unfortunately the bl romance was too little for me to the point of misery, that I lost interest by the time I finished 136 chapters. I decided to take a break from the novel, read something else and return later, but I never did.
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LadyBlue rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c11
This novel takes a while to make sense, so please read at least 5 chapters before making up your mind about it. Good things are worth your time and patience XD

I know the summary above maketh no sense, so here's my amateur take on it with some very minor spoilers-

... more>>

Basically, our story starts with a murder. A gruesome murder on the poorer part of the city evokes much interest and outrage from the netizens, forcing the Police to involve the MCs team. Now let's introduce the main cast *clap clap*

Luo Wenzhou (MC/seme) - police officer, hates Fei Du, very gay, in love with his straight best friend

Tao Ran - police officer, very poor, straight best friend mentioned above

Zhongyi- murder victim mentioned above

Fei Du (ML/uke) - rich young master, playboy, good at playing detective, bisexual... maybe, also in love with Tao Ran, hates love rival Luo Wenzhou,


I find the MC and ML's relationship as love rivals very amusing... especially since the object of their affection has made it clear that both of them have a rat's chance in hell with him. I'm really looking forward to how they will go from can't stand being near 20 feet from each other to don't touch my boyfriend b*tch.

One of the reasons I like about this novel is the fact that neither of the MCs are straight from the start. Most Bl stories start with one or both of the main characters being straight, then slowing becoming gay *insert air quotes* for each other. One of the things I hate most about BL is the "I'm straight but I'm gay only for you" trope *rolls eyes* which I'm glad this novel manages to avoid cuz I'm so sick of that crap.

I feel like many authors miss their mark when it comes to character-driven stories--this one doesn't. Priest is an excellent author and this was one of the top 3 books in 2016. There were a lot of small details I found when I was reading that I really found interesting and amusing.

Warning- I helped editing and QCing this novel so my opinion may be biased. <<less
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katiethairu33 rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I have to say this first so as to make sure no more people have misconceptions because of the reviews here.

Fei Du, MC, is not ridiculously OP like mentioned. He is rich yes. From the very first chapter, he is portrayed as a flamboyant dandy. His father was a workaholic and left him most of his wealth when he was very young. He is a CEO but most of the decisions are made by a managerial team and his stakeholders. He doesn't spend any large amount of time on the... more>> company and spends most of his time playing around (as it seemed). Secondly, he isn't a rich f*ck who just gets to participate in police cases because of connections. His DEGREE is in Applied Psychology, specifically, criminal psychology, which, last time I checked, still has influence in police cases. In real life, criminal psychologists do work with the police. It is an actual police job. And besides the first few times when he was actually at the scene and actively helping the police, the rest of the cases he participated were as an INTERN => someone who is doing their JOB.

Untrue statement: a genius psychologist, a millionaire who runs a company, and also has time to help the police solve their crimes???

He doesn't run his company. He only signs documents when necessary and takes in reports. And I believe he is a billionaire. So it's worse. Haha. He is a psychologist and that IS his job with the police so it's not mutually exclusive. So I don't see how he is 'ridiculously OP'.

I'm not finished reading this story. I'm only at the one-third mark and I decided to write this to stop people from having misconceptions like I did after reading the reviews here. I'm unlikely to change my 5 star rating. This is my first Priest novel. So maybe it's because I'm objective and I don't find them OP at all? Both MC & ML have such blatant flaws. I don't see how they can be categorized as such. Anyway, I will update this review once I'm finished.


I MTLd it from around the 70s. I'm sure I missed some of the nuance but the story was so complex and well-written. Everything has an explanation and Fei Du makes such amazing progress towards the end of the story. I love the ML because he really managed to reform a person through sheer love. Haha. He has so much patience and doesn't press the MC for answers any more than he can handle. I would rate it 5 stars just for their relationship not to mention the amazing supporting characters as well as the intriguing plot. It's definitely worth it. I haven't started reading Priest because I can't find completely translated works but now I'm regretting not starting them earlier. I should've not cared if it was MTL. I probably missed some great books out there. QAQ <<less
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rICKY rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: --
Alright, so I lightly skimmed the novel, but listened to the audio drama pretty carefully to where the story is currently.

This is gonna be controversial: the problem I have with all priest fics is how are... the main leads so ridiculously overpowered??? Fei du, the ML, is literally a genius psychologist, a millionaire who runs a company, and also has time to help the police solve their crimes??? First of all, a police department would never let a civilian do half the sh*t Fei Du does. Secondly, this police is... more>> wildly incompetent if

fei du can interrogate a child sociopath better than a psychologist that works with the police department. they didnt even attempt to bring a child psychologist!!!


If your main lead is this ridiculously overpowered, for me, it takes a lot of the storyline tension away. As for the plot -- it's mainly case-solving. I'd say each case is just alright. The pacing gets a little slow and some of them drag on longer than necessary.

Overall, I didn't enjoy it because I really don't like overpowered ML or MCs unless it's hella funny and self-aware. The plot itself could be enjoyable, if you like super dramatic murder cases with like way too many sociopaths lmaooo. <<less
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shairiru rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I've seen many readers praise Mo Du highly and now I know why. It's really brilliant, how the things were woven together without losing its sense of being believable. Really really smart. Priest definitely gave the plot a hard thought.

Definitely more plot-centric, but the interactions between the main CP are intense af and are oh-so-good.

The main characters are precious. Starting from a sort of 'love rivalry' to becoming lovers themselves... their growth together was really wonderful, too. Fei Du is a really really interesting character. The way Priest showed how... more>> he was dealing with his trauma was really... unnerving? And much real. Some comments about him before was that he's too efficient (intelligent + with resources), but you'd realize it makes sense that he has this when you arrive at the later parts of the story.

Luo Wenzhou is very precious, too, both as a police officer and a boyfriend <3 He's a good character in every sense and has great dynamics with Fei Du.

The secondary characters have greay development, too. They have their own motivations and are definitely essential to the story.

The cases tend to get heavy, e.g. drug trafficking, abuse, gruesome murders, etc... but written well, it's so worth the mtl hahahaha

Priest's characteristic humor and philosophical writing shines as usual.

Highly recommended !!

p.s. Mo Du is Douban's top suspense/mystery book of 2018 for a reason :) <<less
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Donutts rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: c71
This novel had sat in my unnervingly long want-to-read list for the longest time and I don't know why I never bother to try it out until now. Even though I've been holding on to the concept that I shouldn't write a novel review before finishing it, I firmly believe that this novel deserves more attention since the summary doesn't do enough justice for this masterpiece.
    • MC : Even though it's stated above that the shou is a coward, so far he's not showing any signs as a coward aside from having hemophobia and suffering a trauma due to his childhood experience. He's dealing with his trauma amazingly in a realistic way. He's a scarred genius, with lots of witty remarks and sweet nonsense to spare.

      I especially love the way he evades unwanted topics ridiculously smoothly and his 'realistic psychotic's way of thinking

    • ML: A capable police officer, the son of a somewhat powerful figure in the police department. Shameless. Kind of a love-rival of the MC, since neither he nor the MC is expecting positive result from their love interest.
    • The author didn't make the main characters unreasonably capable while the side characters are left with brain-dead disease. The side characters have their own distinct characteristics and charms as well as developments. Even I who often have troubles remembering names, while I may not be able to recite the name, once it is mentioned, I can easily recognise which character the name belongs to
This is plot-focused story. There is no information dumping chapter here. You get to know the background story of the characters bit by bit through their interactions. You get to unveil and guess the path of the cases together with the characters.

Although it focuses more on the plot, the interactions between the main characters are really loveable too.

I've been hooked to the story after two chapters. The author has a unique style of delivering the story. I have the mind to MTL and finish the entire novel, however I love the translator's choice of words too much. The story flows really smoothly, and I would hate to miss lots of details in a mystery novel.

This novel is a must read! Both for the mystery and the romance! It's amazing in every aspect.
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Aila rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
When I'm trying to find a novel to read, I learned to ignore the 5/4 ratings and move on to the low ratings so that I can determine what others find inadequate in it. Alas, in this case there was only one such review which was quickly refuted by later reviews. In any case I proceeded to read this as I was curious and adamant in at least reading one crime novel in this site (as I used to read that kind of novel in the past) and this was... more>> a good candidate.

Now, while this may be referred to as better than some of its kind in this site, I did find some unsatisfactory things in it.

As the story progressed it was engaging, to say the least. While it has the unfortunate elements common to such novels — the two protagonist are indeed more intelligent than their peers (more so with the ML). It can be reasoned that as MC is the leader of their unit, he is naturally their brain. While ML, well let's just say he understands the minds of psychopaths really well. However I found it suspicious that MC asks ML questions that he should know/deduce already seeing as he's an experienced police officer! (This happens later in the story btw) It's like the author is deliberately making it happen so that we should know ML is more intelligent and so on. Side characters also somehow can't come to their own conclusions and always need to ask questions to understand things. Now while these things may not be a major flaw this bothers me and one of the reasons why I don't find this novel good as the majority do.

The major flaw I do find is the way things are strung in the climax... is kinda convoluted. As the author made it so that the cases are connected in the end, the end product was not handled well in my opinion. It's like connecting the strings together and maybe what the author envisioned after it's done is a beautiful artwork, but what I see are strings that are so tangled I find it hard to believe. Pity that, as the individual cases shined in their own way and I was enjoying them too.

Now that I finished it and as I looked back on it I don't find it that impressive. Or maybe my expectations of what I find impressive are just that high, as in the caliber of rational fics.

Tl;dr As the novel neared its end and revelations after revelations are revealed, novel lost its luster to me. <<less
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T1t4n14 rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow!!! What a ride...

It's a great stories with great closure and great translation I have no complain. Just in case your are confused like I was, e danglars completed the translations of 5 volumes and an epilogue. Enjoy the ride.
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SilverStream1706 rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: epilogue
Really one of the best BLs I've read, because Priest doesn't write it as if it's a Bl; this is a story about dark conspiracies and murders, and incidentally, it turns into a love story woven together by those same mysteries.

Both protagonists are strong in their own ways and in all aspects are equals. Luo Wenzhou s a clever, sharp tongued police officer. Fei Du is the insolent rich young master who has a knack for seeing murder from the criminal's point of view. They start off as frenemies but... more>> get closer as time passes. Flirting and UST starts from the almost the first chapter but they properly get together around the end of Book 3.

The plot is amazing, just the right amount of suspense, humor and gore to keep your attention. There are A LOT of characters and things that happen in the first chapters become significant in the last few chapters. It's best to read Mo Du in one go, otherwise you'll end up forgetting some details.

All the side characters are well developed, and so are the villains. Luo Wenzhou's fellow police officers start off as comic relief but by the end, they're characters you want to root for. The villains do awful, irredeemable things but Priest forces you to see things from their side, making their actions understandable.

This novel has a lot of dark themes, such as:

gore, child trafficking, pedophilia, mentions of r*pe, child abuse, psychological torture, physical torture


TL;DR Amazing murder/conspiracy investigation novel; slow burn; strong MC/ML; great side cast; plot twist after plot twist. Go read it! <<less
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stardustmist rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: epilogue
This is one of the best written novel out there, not just the plot and crime cases, but the whole of characterization and foreshadowing. I got goosebumps while reading this and not gonna lie, my heart and stomach became so cold, I had to take a moment to breathe and continue this novel.

One reviewer said that the Police is incompetent if... more>>

They didn't invite a child criminal specialist to interrogate but Fei Du has said that there was no evidence and they were running out of time, also, so he wanted to take the chance and talk with the little girl. He was the one who made her drop the weapon, too


Fei Du isn't OP as people mentioned because if you have read the book, you would know why his thinking is so different from "normal people"

Fei Du was trained by his father to be a sad*st like himself, he was abused and filled with the thoughts of harming others since young. His hands were tainted red from the lives of baby animals and birds: his father tortured him into being a monster. He treated himself with electric shocks to unlearn those habits, he had PTSD and forgot some of the memories. He also studied about serial killers and their cases. That's why he knows how a mind of a psychopath works, he places himself into their shoes and analyzes the cause and effects.


These cases were like threads of an old silk scarf, messy and tangled yet so deep rooted that there wasn't a link between them on the surface. I couldn't comprehend some twists and was felt awed by how Priest meticulously wrote the cases. Each and every one of them were so intricately written and overwhelming that I couldn't read a few lines more.

You don't only get familiar with the main characters, but the side characters make you feel so devastated, because not everyone gets their happily ever after. Priest made me feel so strongly even for the passing characters, I truly am amazed and heartbroken.

Wenzhou and Fei Du are such a perfect couple, and have an amazing dynamic. They are so well written as if they are so real and you might encounter them in your life. Sometimes they are shameless, other times tender and loving, sometimes bittersweet and pain. They leave a whole range of flavors in your mouth that makes you crave for more.

WENZHOU BEST GONG EVER, HE'S JUST THE IDEAL HUSBAND!!! AND, FEI DU, OH MY BABY, I'VE ADOPTED HIM!!! Please read to find out about the best husband and his little husband!!!

Mo Du is definitely one of the best novel written by Priest. It made me cry, made me laugh, made me smile, made me heartbroken, made me think over many minute things concerning life and people, but moreover, it made me fall in love with the book and the characters.

I highly recommend people to read this, unless you aren't comfortable with the cases. There are many TW, so please pay attention before reading!!

P.S. YiGuo is the best cat ever, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! Long Live President Guo!!!! <<less
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Luxe.d rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I really love it! Specially the ending, it was so satisfyingggg!! A good read, brain-wrecking cases (for me, since I'm slow) I love the character! They really are well-developed! Anyway, give it a try!
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clxndestinely rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: Completed
[Technically a 4.6, but I'd prefer it be rated higher than lower].

Despite the story being a bit dull at the start, the pace picks up once we know who the two MCs are. Although their personalities can sometimes be "unstable", there's a overall grasp, and they can end up being the people you love the most in the universe.

The main plot... is a bit convoluted. Of course, the arcs generally make sense, despite the occasional confusion and info-dumping. It's the majority of the story and gives life to the world,... more>> really. Whilst showing us how cruel humans can be, it also brings with it hope. Admittedly, there are some rollercoaster-like twists that get your head spinning in a not-so-good way, but you can understand the shape relatively well if you ignore the blurriness.

Meanwhile, the romance is rather slow-burn. I think this is my favourite part of it, actually. It takes a realistic pace that makes us, the readers, desperate for more. Kind of like drugs, really. Despite the difference in personality, both MCs work well to discover the truth, and they're equal in one way or another. When they're in troubled waters, they will sit down and communicate, though it takes some time.

Side characters... To be honest, it was hard to keep track sometimes. Some had one-time uses and others were remembered in volatile segments. Of course, I still understood and possibly sympathised with some, but there were too many to keep track of, which makes a bit of sense,

considering the crime-organisation thing.

Let me give you an example of why I got confused. Here are some surnames that appeared: Zhou, Zhen, Zhang, and Zheng. Perhaps my memory is too bad for this, but I'd prefer not to have so many major guys with surnames beginning with "Zh." Seriously.

The ending was satisfactory. That's all I'll say for people who wanna know without reading. ☺️ <<less
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Iamadragon rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: --
It's the one of the best bl novels i've ever read. Unlike many other webnovels which are written in a light hearted fancy way (well, I'm not critizing them, they r entertaining in their own way), it has a more serious and philosophical style. The plot is 10/10, writing is suberb (well it's Priest afterall), and the characters are very interesting. The relationship between MC and ML is realistic and amusing, yet very touching, especially in the later chapters where Feidu's past is slowly revealed.

(I've read many crime novels... more>> where everyone else beside MC and ML seem to be brainless, but this novel is certainly not one of those. Side characters r all unique and capable in their own way.)

MC-Captain Luo is a policeman who is smart and good at his job, but he's no Conan. He solves crimes not by his super duper intelligence but in a realistic way as a police officer with the help of his equally capable coworkers. He's openly gay, a good captain who buys breakfast for his subordinates, has a cat, and overall a very charming character.

ML- I have a soft spot for this CEO boi. Fei Du is an especially well written character even by Priest's standards. His personality is very interesting. For most ppl, he's a flirty flowerboy who plays around. In Captain Luo's (early) opinion, he's a dangerous person whose mind is scarily close to that of criminals, yet still a pitiful child who is neglected. But as it's slowly revealed in the story, his actual personality is much more complex and deep than u might think. He's a genius in criminal psychology, and a rich second generation, but he's not OP at all, and his involvement with the police is reasonable and well explained in the later chapters.

In summary, I strongly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a crime lated and psychological type of story, with a slow but heartwarming and straightforward romance between the characters. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: Completed
As expected, Priest's works never disappoints!

MC: a CEO that works with the police

ML: a police officer

... more>> Summary: The story is a series of cases that delve into the dark side of society. There is child prostitution, murder, drugs, corruption, and much more. From enemies to lovers, the MC is smart and shameless, not afraid to go after what he wants. While the ML is a perfect mix of tsundere and shamelessness.

Overall: The story is very well written! This is my first police-detective themed bl novel and I'm happily surprised by how engaging and thrilling the novel is. I love the interactions between the main characters and the side characters. I'm very curious about the side characters' background, their relationships, and future stories, but sadly this is the end. I wish there were more side stories! TT^TT <<less
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aWangrn rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c68
Priest goddess with her blessed hands has done it again!!! My cup of tea ah, psychological thriller, murder cases, detectives and a mysterious second rich generation smart MC. Although the protagonists might come off as super OP billionaire and crime genius I personally loooove his whole character design. We can see hints of a dark past and trauma, giving an idea of the reason why his train of thought is not like most people. The contrast to the normally righteous law abiding and good person protagonist is wonderful and fresh,... more>> the struggles he presents and how his relationship with the ML develops is really good. Anyways this is a story with some dark, cool and mysterious vibes, amazing world building and portraying of emotions, thoughts and feeling. If you are into this kind of stuff–– welcome to heaven! <<less
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Alya fujo
Alya fujo rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: c37
Ok so first of all this novel is only for people who like to read detective-criminal stories so those who are only into stuffs like romance, fluff, meng, etc can say goodbye to this novel now.

This novel also requires patience if you want to read it. I almost dropped it because the beginning part of this novel is just not interesting. But as more chapters I read, I got engrossed into the story.

The ml, Fei Du is stated as a coward but he is actually not. He just has a... more>> phobia of blood and that's normal. He's a millionaire and has a company but he's always there to help solving cases with the police department. How does he have time to help them when he runs a company? Well he hired people to manage his company so that's why he has so much free time. Also, he's familiar with the MC, who is the captain of the police department and his subordinate, Tao Ran so I think that's why a civilian like him always gets access into the department. Fei Du seems like a typical playboy who only knows how to fool around but he actually got a big brain and he's also quite sassy.

The MC, Luo Wenzhou is a capable police officer who is both smart and strong. I don't have much to say about him but he's a good character.

Every crime+mystery scene is well thought and written but you should read it carefully because sometimes it can get confusing. I will say this again, if you don't like crime solving type of book, then you may go away now. For those who want to read more chapters of this novel, y'all can read it on wattpad. The chapters are up to chapter 55 as I'm writing this review now. Here's the link, https://my.w. Tt/qxoXjdFOb3 <<less
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xiexia rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: c96
Dropped this novel today, unfortunately. BEFORE YOU LEAVE! Hear me out a bit.

The novel itself is very well written. A good amount of humour and an interesting, albeit complex, story make for an altogether well rounded book, one that proves Priest’s position as one of the more prominent BL authors.

I only had one qualm about this novel - its focal points. It’s pretty plot-heavy with hardly any romance in the first half. Where I dropped off, things were starting to heat up, fortunately, but I lost interest by then. It’s... more>> important to note that this was probably the turning point in MC and ML’s relationship lol. Don’t get me wrong - there are romantic interactions, but maybe not as many as I would have liked.

I understand that objectively this may not be something to criticise the novel about. However, if you are like me and need that perfect balance of love and plot, you’ll understand where I am coming from. Turn your mind, for example to MXTX’s works - imo, the *supreme* leader in terms of what should be included in a BL novel in terms of the amount of romance and interesting storylines.

TLDR: the novel is well put together and you can tell the author spent a lot of time on the plot, but if you are looking for a little more romance, look elsewhere.

side note: if you are like me and have a bad habit of sometimes scan reading when you lose interest, don’t! You’ll probably miss out on some important details. Like I did. <<less
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Queen_of_Chaos000 rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Silent Reading is a package compact with thriller, psychology, law, romance, and comedy.

Though the romance is on the low side, it was still very endearing when mentioned.

Both President Fei and Captain Luo are awesome characters, that contribute equally to the whole story. The villains were equally intelligent, but since President Fei was more than a little crafty their plight at the end was a little nasty and well deserved. All in all, very well thought out.

One of the best Chinese novels I've read, and it definitely deserves 5 stars.
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AngeryBunny rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
If you've heard reviews saying that this book isn't for those looking for something romance-centric, definitely take them seriously. The romance probably accounts for around 5% of the entire book and I guess I was a little disappointed as a die-hard fan of another popular bl crime-thriller (Breaking Through the Clouds/破云).

I think 默读 is quite well-written for its genre, and things I particularly liked are: 1) Its cast of lovable characters, 2) Scenes capable of making me laugh out loud and 3) Often I would chance upon quotes that make... more>> me linger in thought. I can definitely respect it as a book where a lot of thought has gone into writing it (nothing less expected of Priest). But you'll definitely have to be willing to use some brainpower if you want to follow the story. Personally, at some point, I was suffering from such an overload of information and names that I started skimming everything just so I could complete the novel. <<less
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August 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Omg what a ride. Pls protect Pres. Fei. He deserves all the hugs in the world. It's a really good read. And alot of good explanations behind why people act the way they do. And how sometimes, a group of victims become an echo chamber of revenge-seeking individuals that has been twisted with malice. I love every second I spent reading the novel. All the footnotes, explanations and nuances are quite well expounded.

I highly recommend this novel. Please read it
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InkPaper rated it
August 16, 2020
Status: epilogue
5 and more stars.?????.....

After binge reading the novel for two and half days and nights, here I am to leave my first review on NU - Okay, what can I say, how can I describe this fulfilling story with such fantastic plot - although second arc gave me a little scare haha - ahem! Now if you are a newcomer who stumble here, on this page then what are you thinking more for, just click the first chapter and start the journey.. a worthy journey.

Sincere thanks to the author "Priest"... more>> and as well to the wonderful translators.. Thank you!? ? <<less
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