Criminal Psychology


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One day, while Lin Chen read a book, Xing Cong Lian said to him, “You’re a psychologist. Can you help me find out what kind of person is suitable for me to marry?”

Lin Chen remembered telling him love was the most immeasurable thing in the world. Even psychologists couldn’t predict love, because its progress in two people’s lives had countless variables.

What variables?

Lin Chen thought, at the time, the first variable was: You’re just an ordinary police officer who liked eating crayfish at the stall with a bottle of beer. I didn’t know you were…

Or: I didn’t know when I fell in love with you or when you fell in love with me.

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4 Reviews

Sep 06, 2019
Status: c99
Everything somehow points back to Lin Chen.

Criminal Psychology is one of my favorite crime novels in any language. It's got a strong mystery thread, both on the case side and the characters side, and its webnovel format also allows it the room to slowly develop the characters and relationship, while still avoiding the medium's tendency to dawdle too much. We get both gripping cases involving, most of all, people, and also a heartwarming look at a normal, found family. The language is refreshingly straightforward but really readable-- it's a kind... more>> of writing style that's honestly not easy to develop, because it's very easy to have it be bland or repetitive, but this novel avoids that. The translation is great as well. The author read a lot of books and papers in writing this novel, the list of which is actually published. All in all, gripping, realistic, detailed and well-thought out.

But what's in Criminal Psychology? Well. Lin Chen is a man with many secrets. An incredibly brilliant graduate of the Psychology department from one of the best universities, how did he end up a temporary dormitory warden in an elementary school? How did he get here, and how did he get such a powerful enemy? When Xing Conglian, a Captain put on the case of a string of strange murders, tries to have him help with the case, these are the questions-- and roadblocks-- he has to face.

But Xing Conglian has his secrets, too. So he won't ask-- too much.

The novel is 310 chapters. The questions surrounding each of them both gets answered slowly, as the two of them develop a relationship of trust. And it really is a rare kind of trust and tacit understanding-- if they could firmly believe one thing, it's each other's commitment to saving lives. Even prior to them having a relationship they're living together and having very domestic lives with a teen that's like their son-- it's all very warm amidst all the tension of the cases. The two main characters are incredibly mature and thoughtful, so the development of their relationship is just great to watch.

I really recommend reading at least the first arc to decide whether this book is for you. Leaving before leaves far too many questions unanswered-- everything in this novel is more than what meets the eye. <<less
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Dec 09, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll go ahead and talk about what I think about the arcs in the spoiler boxes.
Arc 1: 一沙 (Ch. 1 - 17)
... more>>

Mysterious murder cases happen around the city, all revolving around sand.

I personally think this case's ending is rather incomplete, and it acts more as an introduction to our protagonist and shows some snippets to the ML and MC's backstory. You can see how the MC's personality is unwavering, determined and calm, no matter what situation he's in.

Arc 2: 双程 (Ch. 18 - 37)

A skinny teen robs buses, only asking for candy and nothing else. A school's bus suddenly disappeared, where did the teacher and students on the bus go?

This Arc was starting go father deep into the storyline. I think there are a few things that might have been difficult to actually think of, like how the thief actually wanted to bring attention to a case from five years ago, but this case was really good, and the words Lin Chen said to the thief was really moving. We also start to see more of the ML's personality.

Arc 3: 三坟 (Ch. 38 - 88)

Three bodies were found, and a death live broadcast started happening in the University.

This case was kinda pulling on my heart, and I thought about it the whole day. There is suicide and more sensitive topics mentioned in this case, so please be cautious before reading this. This case was also really heavy, with Lin Chen going deep into morales and all, but Lin Chen actually realising his crush on the ML really balanced the heaviness out.

Arc 4: 四声 (Ch. 89 - 163)

I was born in the sky, grew up in the scorching sun, and soared in the wind, never gone. Dearest girl, please don't cry for me.

-Song Shengsheng

This is perhaps the heaviest Arc out of all the cases. I left this case for the last to read since its really highly regarded in the Chinese community, and even if I'm just thinking about it, my tears are threatening to fall.

I don't really feel like making a summary on this case, and my hands are trembling just from thinking about it. There are mentions of r*pe and suicide. Like the case from before, please be careful before reading this.

Song Shengsheng, unlike his name that means sound, has never spoken a word in this arc, but he has the most beautiful and toughest soul in the world. You can read just from the description of his actions how much he loves the world. This is a really sorrowful case, and if you ask a reader of this novel, I'm sure they'll answer you that this the best and most memorable Arc of the novel

Arc 5: 五浮 (Ch. 164 - 301)

People start going crazy from a medicine. It may have something to do with a shady pharmaceutical company?

This case started with Lin Chen and the ML starting to get lovey dovey, got broken up, then reunited again. So it starts with a relationship plot. Then the case starts after that, and it immediately gets heavy. Also mentions of Terrorist attacks.

It is absurd to divide people in to good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

- Oscar Wilde

This Arc links all of the cases from before together and also reveals Lin Chen's past. It talks a lot about moral dilemmas (the famous railroad question, for example) , and whether "right or wrong" actually does exist. It also delves deep into society, and human beliefs. This case really leads to some deep thinking about your morales.


In general, these cases gave me the feel of a good mystery. You can tell the author tried their best to search for the correct information, and most of it is real and have actual examples and experiments. It doesn't give me a feel of "Genius doctor MC develops a cancer cure at the young age of fifteen", but rather an intelligent MC who isn't all-knowing (and apparently attracts trouble wherever he goes). It also challenges your morales a lot, so be prepared to think a lot after reading this.

For the romance, I'd say it's pretty balanced to read. It makes it easy to read despite the heavy plot, but the romance doesn't take over the whole plot. It's also nice to see that the protagonists don't seem to have lowered IQ after they started dating. They don't need to "protect" each other, they are strong enough to stand on their own, yet they depend and trust each other. Despite this amazing romance, I do have some bad things to say about the romance (it might be a major spoiler though).

The ML seems to be a control freak? Yet he does respect Lin Chen's decisions. And even if he wants to lock Lin Chen up, he doesn't. Is that good or is that bad? I don't know, but I think it's nice the ML does not impose his own ideas on Lin Chen without respecting him. A thing I didn't like was they kinda had s*x while Lin Chen was crazy (this is a really brief description). Although it's deleted in the actual version because (it's sex), it still makes me really uncomfortable. Well I'm pretty sure you won't read the sex, since it's a deleted scene.


However, the plot is really complicated and there are parts where the readers say they can't understand their way of thinking, even in the original untranslated version. The translated version might have made it easier to read through, but I didn't really read the translated version (Thanks for the translater's hard work though).

Lastly, I'll borrow a comment from the Chinese readers. "This novel is something that really shakes people's hearts greatly." The thing I'm trying to express is 震撼人心, but it seems I can't find a best translation. You might have a long time thinking about your morals while reading the novel, but you'll also get tons of dog food (in the latter half of the novel), and also a bunch of tears if you're the type of person to tear up. I would definitely recommend reading this (though not in your dark room at 3 am since some readers said they had nightmares while reading this). Sorry for the bad summaries (and English). Also thanks for reading this review. <<less
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Feb 12, 2020
Status: Completed
i rarely leave a review, but this novel surprises me so much. I mtl-ed the rest of the chapters so I probably missed many detail things. But I can say, this novel is amazing. For me, the cases are kinda different with the usual crime storyline. But they are interesting and they point out a meaning about human, humanity, morality. It talks so much about society, about right or wrong, black and white, about how people behave or act involving many psychological aspects (and as a psychology student, I can... more>> say the author did their best to research and portray psychological aspects in it). There are 5 arcs, the arc is honestly so long. And every arc kinda relates to one another and they revolve around the MC, lin chen. And the ML, xing conglian is always there. He's like lin chen's shield and both of them have this trust and mutual understanding. Xing conglian always supports lin chen's decision, because he believes in him, even if he doesnt fully understand but he knows, what kind of person lin chen is and the only thing he can do is to protect him, to make sure he's safe.

and for the romantic story. It's slow burn, but we can clearly see since the early stage how they care for each other. And it's so domestic and warm (they are like parents with one son) and it's so nice and warm to see their story even from the start. What I really love about this novel (beside the cases) of course their relationship. I can say, their relationship is so close to my ideal relationship I have in mind. It's so realistic, it's so simple, but it warms your heart. Walking around and looking for breakfast, chatting during a long journey, kissing, hugging ㅡthey are so many simple acts that I really find so lovely. Both lin chen and xing conglian are mature. They dont demand anything from each other, instead they keep on giving everything they can give, yet both of them dont feel like lacking anything. They respect each other, they dont try to pass the boundary, but they care so much that they are willing to wait for each other to open up (and still without knowing anything, they put their trust on each other).

it's like, finding a home to comeback, to let you tear up your mask, and there will be a person who will offer you their shoulder and say; "You are not alone. You can lean on me". <<less
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Oct 22, 2021
Status: Completed
★★★★★ [4.5/5 stars]

Seek truth, be kind, long for beauty, and fight against humanity's innate animal nature to the end. This is human nature.

This novel is one of the best crime/detective novels I've ever read! It's always so good to read detective cases that involves human psychology. And because I loved the TV series 'Criminal Minds', it's not so surprising that I've fallen in love with this. Especially when all the cases here are interconnected and it all comes back to the MC, Lin Chen.

But I gotta say, the fourth arc... more>> is my most favorite arc in this novel. It was the heaviest and hardest to read and I know a lot of the readers would agree with me. It was here in this arc where a character was introduced, a character that gave me so much impact throughout the whole series. Song Shengsheng, the toughest, most tenacious soul who didn't deserve the terrible injustice he had experienced. We didn't even get to really 'meet' his character, aside from the version of him in the videos/interviews from the past, but I would absolutely protect this amazing man if I only could. He was so strong that he endured so much all these years without a single person by his side to share his burden. He was a singer and he used his voice for a living but the irony is that he never got his chance to use that voice for help. I remember reading a line from this arc that brought so much negative emotions in me. I literally stopped reading for a few minutes, trembling and I bawled my eyes out just because of that one line, a line that made me realized how horrible he had gone through.


He said: "Among these screams, there is a voice that belongs to Song Shengsheng. Li Jingtian mixed Song Shengsheng's screams into his own songs and put them on the world."


Just the thought of Song Shengsheng, it's already making me tear up. This arc is just pure heartbreak. In the rooftop scene in the last arc, when Lin Chen was on the verge of mental collapse and Xing Conglian sent a few people to 'cheer him up', I actually thought of Song Shengsheng. If he was there, I'm pretty sure he would be encouraging Lin Chen as well. It was never mentioned but I know Song Shengsheng was so grateful of Lin Chen for discovering the truth. For him, it was never about the his shame and dignity, because he was one of the most selfless person. It was enough for him that Lin Chen dug up the truth. Even now, my heart is so heavy because of this man!!

I was born amidst the sky, amidst the scorching sun, I soar in the wind, never going far

my dear please don't cry for me

Song Shengsheng

Overall, this is a really worth the read. I recommend this so much. For those who love novels like Mo Du, SCI Mystery Series aor other crime/detective stories, you really should pick this up. Just beware of a lot of trigger warnings. <<less
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