Sha Qing


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He uses desire to ensnare others, he uses blood as temptation, he uses his appearance as a disguise. Like a wolf, he hunts for prey in the shadows. He is among the FBI’s most wanted list of serial killers. He lives by his own law, the Lex Talionis. He does things his own way, independent and reckless. He gave himself his own name: Sha Qing


The first time the two officially met:

“The purpose of the prison is not to destroy people’s lives; it’s meant to replace the broken chains of law and morality, to bind the beast in their hearts again, until it is completely subdued,” said Leo.

“Everyone has beasts in their hearts, agent, and so do you.” Sha Qing extended an index finger and pointed at Leo’s heart.

“Yes, but unlike you, I will use those iron chains to lock it tightly in a cage.”

“It’s not as easy as you think, Leo. Things are always changing, and often beyond your control …”

With his blood-stained lips, he suddenly kissed the stunned FBI agent.

The salty bloody taste spread in their mouths and the fiery contact was enough to burn the tips of their tongues.

Leo’s eyes suddenly felt heavy, but his face did not show any irritation from being calculated upon.

“Have you foreseen this in your plans ?” He raised his wrist with effort, then slowly closed his eyes.

Sha Qing looked down and saw that a pair of steel handcuffs had fastened his left wrist with the other’s right arm.

He lowered his head and kissed the sleeping man’s wet, dusty hair, and said in a soft voice:

“Goodbye, brave young lion.”

He then dislocated his own hand to remove the shackles that bound them together.

Sha Qing stood up and walked away, until his figure disappeared into the darkness…

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Sát Thanh
The Killer of Killers
The Last Killer
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21 Reviews

New wkhekwjewkej
May 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Butterflies and Jitters and

a whole lot of s*xual tension.

I want to emphasize that Sha Qing is NOT for everyone. I mean you can tell from the premise that this isn't some angst-free hero x villain story. It's an actual bloodbath of a romance between two people, opposites on the moral spectrum.



    • Beautifully written. I don't think there's anything WRONG with

      the 'Bixing' arc.

      It was a twisted idea but also a deep-rooted desire. If you carefully observe the arc you'll get what I mean. I love how the author didn't just whip up the arc for the sake of it but showcased a lot of subconscious details of both characters.
    • The pacing was just right and I believe it's right that it should've been quick-paced. It was a hot-blooded possession, filled with contradictions- The cases were also really amazing, I enjoyed the dog-hunt.
    • Once more, this isn't a simple romance for the sake of a trope or being gay. It's way deeper than that- explores a lot of psychology within, it's not obvious but it's scattered all over the place in clues.

    • Let's talk about Leo first. He's normal, he's your average citizen- a self-proclaimed righteous policeman- you'd meet like five of them in Mcdonalds everyday. This is exactly what grew on me and made me like him. Because he's NORMAL, everything in this book stands out. Fundamentally the demon locked within. He's hypocritical. Desire or principle, altruism or hedonism?
    • Oh Sha Qing, my dear. He can be considered somewhat of a hypocrite as well (lol) You'll love him, he's a menace. He's much more simple compared to Leo BECAUSE he isn't normal. You can predict his actions and be equally shocked by them. A vigilante and a mu*derer.
    • Li Bixing shows vulnerability, softness and fear, all unlike a certain person. Why is this important? You'll know when you read.

    • This is NOT going to be a 'healthy' fluffy relationship, I'll lay that out. There's a Non-con, hidden intentions, twisted ideals between this romance. In societal terms it's not healthy but these two in societal norms aren't supposed to be interacting this way anyway.
    • Referring to a certain commenter on

      the cliche end of coma. I'll admit I hate it when it has to go to the crematorium chasing route but with these two?


    • To be honest though, Leo was supposed to be someone smart and efficient. I won't say he isn't written like that, but we never got to see it nonetheless. Sha qing took too much of the spotlight, Leo pretty much ended up under his shadow. Yeah it's 'Sha qing' but I wanted to see Leo have his time as well, oh well.
    • At the end of the book we can see huge character development, but I feel like there could've been more communication between them. Okay, I read it through MTL and my below-average Chinese so I may have lost the conversation flow and deeper meaning between the lines, but nevertheless, something I would've liked to see rather than bathtub s*x.
Overall, amazing novel that delves into humanity, psychology, law and morals. I probably won't read it again but it was well-written nonetheless.

personal (critic) : 4/5 overall: 5/5
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Aug 21, 2018
Status: Completed
Can't believe there's no review yet for such an outstanding novel (perhaps because it's relatively new?).

Oh God, if only I could give more than 5 stars...

It's a story about 2 heroes: there's this righteous hero - a young, handsome (duh), rising FBI agent, and his counterpart the dark hero - a serial killer hunting serial killers, worshipped and loved by the people.

They're hunting the same criminals, but want a different end for them. One wants to follow the law and put them behind bars, the other one wants them to... more>> have the same ending as their victims. Both for the same reason, they just do what they think they should do.

Despite not being able to be more contradictory, they find themselves tangled with each other with a different feeling than hate, as they should have.

There's also another critical character beside the FBI agent, the double-edged sword. You'll figure out along the story (very easy to notice I think, I had my doubt since the first case lol).

The plot is full of twists, with very good details and expression. It has American style of writing so I find it more comfortable to read and easier to imagine.

Each character is thought well, the author enables us to properly understand why they do this and that. Don't forget to mention how conflicted their feelings are toward each other, my heart ached for them! The feelings are actually very human, I believe them. There are many happy moments as well, until one point when things seem to have gone too far without no return.

The only things not fitting my taste are (1) we won't be able to solve the mystery in some cases due to insufficient clue given and (2) too much detail on other people's perspectives and stories which are not that significant and could even be removed at all with no impact to the story.

Other than that, I would say this is very well done by the author. This novel succeeded in pushing me stay all night to finish the chapters during weekdays when I had work the day after, when I normally have enough self control lol

The ending is highly satisfying, couldn't think of a better one honestly (don't worry it's not a tragedy!). At the 3/4 of the stories I just wanted everything to be revealed fast so they could find their happy ending, which they truly deserve.

You won't regret trying this novel, trust me ;) <<less
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Nov 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.1 Finished with MTL. Will contain spoilers.

The serial killer 'Sha Qing' is by far the highlight of this novel. He is flirtatious, yet sharp and cunning, ruthless, with a smile stuck on his face in a way that's horrifying. Any part of the novel that flaunted Sha Qing's skills were beyond enjoyable. He was legitimately a threat to the ML at times and a toxic person in general (just what you want from a serial killer character). Leo (ML) was okaaay. A bit of a standard 'straight laced', but... more>> the way he was written made him seem more flawed and genuine, which made it so he wasn't intolerable.

Cons: Dynamic between MC and ML were either funny or enjoyable tense, filled with s*xual tension. However-- The issue here is that for over half of the story, MC disguises himself as a 'pure, sweet, yet intelligent' boy just to get close to Leo, which was rather boring.

You know--you start reading this story to see an angsty love/hate between two enemies, but instead that only happens 35% of the time...

This is very similar to stories that start with an interesting premise or character, but decide to make them an amnesiac for the sake of keeping the plot 'mysterious' and etc. I've never been a fan of it personally. And in this case it was to limit the knowledge Leo had of Sha Qing and extend the time he was kept in the dark.

For one, it was painfully obvious that it was Sha Qing in a secret identity (I mean for us not necessarily for Leo), two, this personality is boring and tame compared to Sha Qing's true personality as a serial killer. Interactions between Leo and Shaqing when they were 'enemies', but forced to work together against a bigger threat (other serial killers), was much more riveting.

The cases they solved were interesting but never delved into the mentality of the serial killers very deeply. Additionally, I felt that Sha Qing was always way more mentally stable than Leo -- which felt jarring considering one was supposed to be more 'unhinged'. It made sense that Leo's sense of morality was being forcibly shifted by Sha Qing which caused him to act out, but as for Sha Qing, we only learn how he was thinking towards the end from a short paragraph. I think there should have been more hints along the way leading up to that, rather than piling them on at the very end. Which leads to the next point--

Story pacing.

It felt slow at the start because of the 'fake identity Sha Qing' and Leo getting along, and the cases were also too straightforward. It picked up at the chess game killers arc, where Leo and Sha Qing the killer finally met head to head for the first time. It dragged a bit, then was once again picking up speed at the 'killer island' arc... but then... at a point when I figured Sha Qing would find another way to miraculously escape a situation, he simply gave himself up to the police and entered prison. This is where the story ultimately went on a downward slope. I really liked the overarching plan Sha Qing followed after entering prison, but it took far too long and all interactions between Sha Qing and Leo were reduced to abusive hate from Leo after he found out that Sha Qing had mind f*cked him with the 'fake identity' thing. After Sha Qing breaks out of prison (having gotten the information he needed), the story is practically over. Everything is sappily tied up by the classic 'Sha Qing enters a coma and Leo regrets his actions, taking care of him until he wakes up'. They then make a truce and live happily ever after---

Uhhh, that felt like it should have been the halfway point at most, honestly. The mercenary and gang factions tied to Sha Qing and brought up in the prison arc were left unexplored.

Pros: MC and ML are a switch couple. This is exceedingly rare and should be greatly treasured. It was also treated quite well in the story, given the somewhat twisted nature of the MC and ML's relationship to begin with.

Seriously, since both are men in a BOYS LOVE story, don't you ever wonder why the 'bottom' and 'top' in most BL stories don't even discuss who will be on 'top'? That's because almost always just a given than the 'more petite/shorter height' 'pretty' 'weaker' one will always be the bottom. That's heteronormative tropes to a T my friends, go ahead and read a switch story if you want to broaden your horizons. Especially in stories where both MCs are made out to be a 'power couple', I find it strange that in 95% of all BL the 'bottom' doesn't even want to try being on top once. Anyway, that's just a side rant about underrepresentation in media.


Story, although rushed, still wrapped up nicely. It was good for a light read and had enough fun if you really like the mu*der/crime genres. Some of the action moments such as the killer chess and islands arcs were just a lot of fun to read, especially when you know Sha Qing is going to try and commit mu*der right under Leo's nose. There were also some lovable side characters like Rob, Leo's police buddy, and Molly (Jasmine), Leo's sister. <<less
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Nov 14, 2018
Status: Completed
I loved this so much I actually went to read the raw when I finished the translated chapters, and that, I know it doesn't sound impressive, but for me it is an actual event!!!

The novel is fast paced, careful of details and realistic, thrilling and clever, the kind that you can't stop reading until it's finished.

On the romance side, it's lovely, no insta-romance but not even painfully slow, particularly in the second half of the novel, where there's the real flirting and hot stuff (really HOT stuff! I mean, ... more>>



The MC and ML (and all other characters, really) are great, well thought, with their own well defined personalities, and, well, issues, but I loved the psychology behind it all, and it's great how they manage to solve their problems together and how that deepens their relationship.

To sum it up:

Story: 9/10 (because of a personal principle that there's always room for improvement, I never give 10/10, even if it's the vote of my heart)

Romance: 5/5

Translation: 3/5 (as far as it went, obviously)

I want to read other works by this author!! <<less
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Jun 06, 2020
Status: c26 part2
Out of this novel's 93 chapters, 39 are locked on jjwxc due to censorship laws regarding gore and s*xual content.

Hot damn. If that's not exciting, I don't know what is. (I'll put a real review when it's actually finished, but I just wanted to share.)
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 30, 2020
Status: c54 part2
Seriously, I just want to say this. I love this novel very much and all the adventurous yet thrilling journey of MC and ML make my heart throbbing every time I read it, really! But, I wonder why not many translator pick this novel and the update is so slow. Please, for the current translator, Foxaholic, dun' forget Sha Qing! I am, as a a loyal reader always waiting for the update!
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Dec 12, 2018
Status: c8
Good start. My only complaint is that whoever the narrator is, is very unreliable.

It's a very irritating point of view that makes it hard to tell who main couple is. It seems to be third person omniscient but limited by Leo's knowledge. Because of that, I consider Leo to be the MC and Sha Qing to be the ML even though they're apparently reversible. At least for first 8 chapters. I have no idea if the writing will change.


The MC and ML are:

Leo Lawrence, which is pretty obvious, and Sha Qing, which is also obvious. Less obvious is that Roy = Sha Quin = Li Biqing

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Sep 13, 2020
Status: c26.1
Listen, I haven't finished the novel yet I'm at chapter 26 part 1. I.. Am shook, speechless and extremely grateful to be alive and well reading such a great work of fiction you know what there was no need to wait for me to finish the novel to know just how good and well written this is. This is.. Like my dream novel. Extremely well written, supsenful, full of mysteries and interesting characters. The chemistry between the two male leads is *chef's kiss* I'm speechless idk what else to say.... more>> Give it a try I'm %99.9 sure you won't be disappointed.

Thank you guys for translating this, you don't know how grateful I am to you all <3 <3 thank you truly thank you <3 <3

for the person who recommended this to me, you are a life saver ^w^ <3 <<less
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May 06, 2020
Status: Completed
This one was a great read, although not a light one. Full of action, with fleshed out lifelike characters who act psychologically thrustworthy in accordance with their personalities. Both ML and MC are mature, with their own strong beliefs and goals. There’re no s*upid misunderstandings: they either scheming agains each other or straightforwardly tell about their feelings. The author leaves us some clues, if you’re observant enough, you’ll guess about some secrets before they are revealed.

Another question is, that those feelings could be too difficult to accept, them being the... more>> serial killers’ killer hunted by the FBI and the FBI detective. As a result, there will be some ugly and hurtful things between them, but in the end they will resolve everything. As someone has already said, the ending is very satisfying (I was wondering how the author will solve all the contradictions between the characters and it was done beautifully). All in all this was a thrilling story with good pace, likable and lifelike characters, great chemistry between them and super hot smutty scenes! <<less
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Feb 01, 2022
Status: prologue
One of the best psychological thrillers danmei I have ever read! Couldn't resist the urge to write a review. Each and everything is so well-balanced. The plot, mu*der cases, mystery, action, MC-ML interactions, fun, flirt, romance! Damn, man! Why didn't I find it earlier!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 26, 2020
Status: c28 part1
I really love antihero stories, these are actually quite hard to come by. Will rate it a 5/5 at c28 as my interest is piqued.

The crime solving aspect while still pretty fun to read, is rather superficial imo as the plot doesn't really go Super deep into the history and psychology of the criminals. Not much time was spent really dissecting the crime scene and piecing the clues together. Each story arc is written in a rather touch-and-go manner and lacking a bit of suspense. But I'm surprisingly kinda ok... more>> with it as the tension and chemistry from the MCs made up for it.

ML is an enigma for now with many faces. I like his character set up, it leaves room for readers to speculate his next move. (I enjoyed the first few chapters of the story, I felt that it was a great introduction of the ML and see how he works. Sets the tone for the rest of the story.)

Well it's still only 1/3 into the story and I do hope the story intensifies and dig deeper into this morally correct vs incorrect trajectory. Excited to see how their relationship develops too. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 10, 2023
Status: c84
this is my first negative review bc I wanna leave something for the readers who- like me- gave this novel a shot on the premise of an interesting plot, positive reviews, as well as the (sadly unpopular) reversible couple tag... and came out utterly disappointed. curiosity was the only thing that had me reading all the currently available 84 chapters- and I'm using the verb read very generously in this case, for I was doing a lil more than skimming for the past ten or so chapters. if it weren't... more>> for the 'happy ending' tag, I would've dropped this at least halfway through bc I could already guess how the author would go around a bad ending, but a happy one? in these shitty circumstances? I needed to see it for myself.

as far as the plot goes, the stuff in here probably won't be keeping you up at night. sha qing is not a horror novel and while the censored chapters contain some gore, my personal opinion is that the reader can feel only as much as the characters make them and seeing as the the mains are a serial killer and an fbi agent, both of whom are accustomed to seeing such scenes, I was also pretty nonplussed with it all. the suspense comes and goes: the first case was decent enough as a starting point, the second was pretty interesting, the third was underwhelming (the plot point with debbie felt like a good idea hindered by lazy writing), the fourth was the most dramatic and eventful one, and everything after that... well, it happened. (yes, that was the most suspenseful/high-stakes part; no, it wasn't enough to get me invested in the plot.)

honestly, most of the novel feels underdeveloped. the detective work feels superficial and rushed, sha qing's 'eye for an eye' principle is more interesting in theory than it was in practice (or rather more interesting in the prologue than for the rest of the book), and the supporting and minor characters are just so-so (i can think of like... two relevant ones and a couple of cannon fodders along the way). I get that this isn't a very long novel, but I still expected more of it simply bc it had the potential to be more. unfortunately, it left me feeling very underwhelmed and I couldn't help but compare it with other stories that had a much better execution of the concept of conflicted feelings between people on different sides of the law. the further I got, the more it felt like the author was making strange compromises with the characters just to be able to make a happy ending seem plausible, which wasn't necessary. I wish it had gone one way or the other: either that the mains realized how irreconcilable their differences were, or they changed because of each other's influence and found some common ground they could compromise on. instead, the characters were developing in opposite directions, and the author kept shoving them together in a way that made me lose the last bit of longing for a happy ending and now I'm just hoping they separate for good- i'll gladly accept the death of either one of them or any other excuse given.

as for the mains, sha qing is definitely the more interesting one. we don't see everything that goes on in his head (especially in the first half of the novel) but he is a complex character (not necessarily lovable in everything he says and does but that was to be expected) and even as an unreliable narrator, he gives you more food for thought than the steadfast ML who's more of an open book from the start. and let me tell you, that is a open book I would Not like to read: he's basically just a box of issues wrapped up in a nice packaging, supposedly serving as a contrast to the wicked serial killer but they aren't even that different all things considered. while sha qing is the hero of the people who wanted to see the justice the law wasn't offering them, leo is the epitome of that warped justice that lacks humanity. he's tolerable at his best: in contrast with sha qing who's self-aware to a degree, this guy just suppresses every intense emotion he feels until he can't tell any of them apart anymore and ends up being so out of touch with himself that he can only self reflect for an occasional second or two, usually right after abusing the MC.

the romance between the two is mostly subpar and occasionally decent, in moments spurned by the intense emotions and curbed by the characters' awareness of their opposing moralities. "it's a thin line between love and hate" is the basis of all enemies to lovers novels, so you'd expect this kind of storyline to give us some great contributions to the trope, right? nope. given the nature of their acquaintanceship in the first half or so, it makes sense that there isn't much acting upon attraction even though it was there, but later on, they just had me rooting for the appearance of anyone who could potentially be a new love interest for MC bc I had no hopes of him and ML ever working out as a couple. another thing to note- as of now, the 'reversible' tag boils down to neither one of them wanting to bottom, and the one who does end up doing it concedes bc the other wouldn't have it any other way at the time, which kinda beats the point of the tag in the first place.

also, this one's entirely on me for missing the raрe victim becomes lover tag but yeah, that is also a thing that happens


and it especially pisses me off that
1) the whole situation starts off w/ sha qing requesting leo to bottom as payback for giving him intel so once again, for them, bottoming = punishment;
2) it happens pretty close to the end, so I'm already expecting for it to be shoved under the rug in a few chapters or even worse, made up for by making the rapist bottom;
3) it was instantly acknowledged for what it is but despite the emotional connection we're supposed to believe they had, the rapist keeps going with no regrets; cue these lines:

"leo knew it was r*pe, be he continued anyways. the man had it coming- leo used this excuse to convince himself."


[MC has a trauma induced panic attack in the middle of being raрed, ML stops and collects himself somewhat, noticing the mc's now bleeding аsshole]
ml: "you'd better go to the clinic to stop the bleeding in time"
mc: "advice from a rapist- much appreciated"
ml: "you really don't have to put so much gunpowder in your words. after finally seeing through it all, you couldn't provoke me anymore" [literal seconds after f*cking Losing it... can you believe the audacity of this guy]


ml: "i know what I did was wrong, but I don't want to apologize for it"


will I finish this? yeah, probably, only because I'm still curious about that damned ending to come. would I recommend this? not if you're a seasoned crime novels fan (even if you've just one csi tv show under your belt, you'll be able to predict everything that's supposed to be a big reveal), or even if you're looking for something psychological or thought provoking (though it did end up provoking me enough to feel like venting in this review). obviously, there are people who enjoy this, but I honestly have no idea what I personally would use as a selling point. read this if your bottom line is somewhere below mine when it comes to tolerating everything this novel has to offer? or if you fancy yourself some mentally unstable characters in a shitty relationship, I guess... i'll be back to edit this when the tl is finished, maybe. <<less
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Sep 02, 2021
Status: c56
I was surprised because the writing style and language are both the best I've seen in the novel, translation is also amazing. Interesting plot and overall a pleasant read.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Mystery ✔
Great plot✔
Enemies to lovers who try to outsmart (kill?) each other while having interactions that will make you blush because it is so freaking HOTTTT✔✔✔✔

Sometimes, you see everyone is reading the same books but there is rebel streak in you that wants to read something else. Suddenly, a stranger in a discord server recommends a not-so-well known novel, AN AMAZING ENEMIES TO LOVERS, about a an FBI agent and the serial killer who targets serial killers he is chasing, and they say it is the best thing they have read... And even though translation is not complete your interest is piqued. And you fall, you fall hard; so much that you end up mtl-ling the rest of it because it is SO DAMN GOOD!!!!

The behavioural analysis and criminal psychology elements are brilliant. I would like to gush more about every single aspect of it but it would be a spoiler. And I hate spoilers. Just believe me when I say this story is riveting, the main characters chemistry is so hot to the extent that I was afraid my Kindle was going to combust multiple times, well fleshed out side characters throughout the novel, full of twists and turns, some you get hints of them, some completely unexpected, morally gray characters who are a painful reminder at times of what justice really has become in this world, and a very satisfying ending.

Last extra made me choke up at the end. I am so glad I found Sha Qing! Thank you dear stranger in the discord server!!!
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Mar 26, 2022
Status: prologue
Okay. Don't hurt me cause I haven't read this yet but I will and I know for sure, 100%, that I will like this story.

I wanted to comment first about the TAGS. There is a tag that says, "Unreliable Narrator."

I just thought that was really funny. Lol. I'm sorry yall. Okay. I'm out!

Will come back to edit this when I'm up to date and caught up.

Okay. I'm back. What happened to Arc 1?
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May 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This gets a reluctant 5/10? The last 20 chapters or so just didn't do it for me, I found it rushed and it felt like the author completely lost their direction and started writing whatever came to mind. The characters at first were more carefully presented to the reader and the pacing was flowing much much better. Such a shame really.

The ending was okay.
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ex devil
ex devil
Apr 13, 2024
Status: Completed
Honestly I liked the writing style of the author it’s simple yet knowledgeable, but then idk what happened but the plot was thrown away from the 3-4 arc, but this is just my opinion.

The MC’s character is pretty well done, he is pretty skilled in disguise, fighting etc. he’s the only reason I’m giving this novel a 3 star. I like his character a lot.

slight spoiler

... more>>

I somehow can’t understand why he loves the ml... He gave him so many chances but the ML was so f*cking ugh, I dunno why sha Qing fell for him.


The ML is a f*cking idiot in my opinion, and he’s stubborn as hell, and you either like that or hate that aspect.

The Plot could have been better, the first few arcs were good as I said earlier but then it felt as if the author was passed by a demon later, I did not like the ending much either. It could have been a good novel if the author was consistent with their style of writing.

kind of a major spoiler


The MC gives a bed to the ML without consent and later on the ML r*pes the MC. They both are f*cked up but the ML always thinks that he’s always in the right.

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Jun 10, 2020
Status: --
This novel is my cup of tea. Dunno what to say.

Action. Mystery. Psicological. A bit drama.

But I'm the type of people who once they got what they wants, then stop cz feel enough. (Sorry my english is bad haha). So when MC and ML finally together, I stoped reading this. If I remember correctly, on 3/4 they finally together.

Afterall thumbs up for this novel (y) (y)
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Po Yun
Po Yun
Oct 04, 2023
Status: c60
It's barely a 4 stars for me.

This one is definitely one of the better ones in this genre, I just had to, unfortunately, stumbled upon it immediately after reading "Po Yun" which is a far cry better novel. The writing style is not my cup of tea and most of the characters behave like a piece of wood (I couldn't for the life of me remember any of them besides the leads.). But I cannot deny that some of the cases here were brilliantly written. It's smart, exciting, and challenging.... more>> It addressed a fair amount of social issues (which I honestly wasn't looking for coming here, but still very appreciative). This story has enough of an enigma to keep me until the end. At one point, amidst being pissed by a lot of things in here, I still found myself not being able to drop it because honestly, what type of genius writing would be able to solve this hell of a complicated love story... I need to see it. (Alas, I haven't read the ending yet.)

I just hate that the author didn't bother to take a bit more care of their main characters. The male lead guy (I think his name was Leo?) on paper sounds like the most desirable male human on this planet Earth and I started the book rooting for him too, but reading further, I've come to realize that he's a bit dense? and not as smart as he's supposed to be, as, you know, the (FBI HEAD INVESTIGATOR). He also lacked a sense of presence, in the book, that he led, which was ultimately the one major problem I had with Sha Qing. He could've been erased completely from this novel, and it wouldn't have changed much. But I still like him very much though, he made me feel very warm.

The other guy (the MC), he's a bit luckier, cos he's a great character (relatively). Although, I have to admit that, his intellect comes with a lot of help from the old school "lowering the IQ of everyone around you" trope. I also hate how unserious this whole FBI organization became the further I was into the book. It's ridiculous really, take it with a grand of salt.

But it's still a reasonably entertaining read nonetheless. I suggest you give this book at least a fair amount of chapters first, before trusting my very outdated review. Sha Qing will not make you scream or cry in pain, nor will it make any groundbreaking statement on the crime investigation genre, but again I read this after I finished PO YUN (which is the most brilliantly written crime novel I could find here) and still felt something. So I wouldn't dismiss it completely.

Although it's been a really long time since I read this and I have a strong feeling that had I gone and reread the whole thing just for the sake of this review, I'd like it even less than before. So this one gets a very very very generous 4 stars from me.

And it's a VERY generous one. <<less
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Feb 06, 2023
Status: --
Initially, I wanted to put 4/5, but then I decided 5. Why did I doubt it? You could say there was one very bad moment for me!

Scene where ML extinguished MC in prison! Violence is unacceptable! ! Even if they are happy at the end, I still have sediment after that incident... And in general, MC is my favorite, and he deserves the best! It was because of him that I changed my grade to 5! I didn't really like ML... well, it's a matter of taste🫣

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Jul 10, 2022
Status: Completed
The story was good. Lots of crazy adventures. Best part of the novel is the first half before the reveal, the interaction and support for each other was sweet. But after the reveal, ML just completely did a 180 character change and the sweet personality was GONE!!! I just can't relate to falling in love with someone with as crazy as Sha Qing, especially with him being so difficult, constantly saying mean sh*t to provoke MC, and kept pushing MC's button. However, the novel was still very enjoyable to... more>> read. <<less
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