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Yan Suizhi, the young and accomplished dean of the interstellar Maze University’s law school, wakes up in a body that has been gene-modified to resemble that of a twenty-something-year-old. He had supposedly ‘died’ in a premeditated explosion a few months ago but someone had managed to save him. In his search for his saviour as well as his murderer, Yan Suizhi encounters his former student, Gu Yan, who is now a successful lawyer at Southcross Law Firm.

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The Lawyer
Yi Ji Lushi
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New Victuri rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: c100
I love the concept of the novel and the characters’ bickering are witty and funny when they jab at each other. The CP development is at a good pace and isn’t rushed like some others that suddenly get together. It’s not about the sexually tension but about them supporting and teasing each other through the issues that arises which I like about this novel.

One thing to note, however, is that if you pay attention to details often then the way the author wrote court trials and cases will irk you.... more>> It is not realistic of what happens in reality such as the trial ending quickly within a day, hard evidence (fingerprints, recordings, etc..) are skimmed and not addressed again somehow in comparison to evidence the MC mentions that’s only enough to bring doubt not actually prove his client’s innocent but somehow does.

Although, the trial scenes are rushed, the author probably wanted to focus on the CP interaction more and make the trials scenes shortened to make it less complicated for readers. Thus, the holes in the trial scenes, but overall it’s a good comedic and warming novel if you want something not as heavy hearted and have a good giggle.

(P.S I meant to click 4 stars but accidentally clicked 3 stars. It’s really good, just not accurate for law really.) <<less
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New helix1s
July 16, 2022
Status: c18
The plot and pace are very natural and easy to digest, not to mention the humor, it's been a while I enjoyed a bl story which is not sappy and tragedic or dumb, rather than the lovey dovey, this sharp n witty characters are hooking me fast!
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aiji rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: Completed
"No matter what you encounter, you always have a good demeanor. But nine times out of ten, it's fake.

There's not much truth, many are lies.

Good at irritating people, and extremely fussy. Easy to get close to, but it's just superficial. Actually stubborn, cold and passive...

... more>> ... But I like it."

—— A certain lawyer's unique way of 'praising' someone. Guess what happened after... (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My third completed novel by Mu Su Li. A very solid author. Here's my 5/5 rating!

And since there are very few reviews for this novel to date, and very little chapters translated so far (aww.. a shame xD), I'll be very generous in providing points and things worth-considering when deciding whether or not to add this to your reading list. I also added some tags for your reference. Personally, I like it very much and certainly recommend reading this.

And with that, wall of text, incoming...


Adding to the description provided here in NU, the story takes place in a futuristic interstellar setting, where technology is super high-tech as you would see in many works with sci-fi genre. The story follows the 'adventure' of the protagonist, Yan Suizhi, as he try to unravel the mystery behind his 'death', the gene modification he underwent after the explosion incident without his knowledge, and find clues in cases and events he encounters along the way together with his former student, Gu Yan, while trying to hide and live under his new identity—as Gu Yan's intern. This is a plot-driven storyline packed with thrilling suspense and mystery, comedy, and a chill romance.

Despite having a screaming 200+ chapters, you will not get bored as this is very well-paced, no dragging dogblood drama nor cliché romance tropes just for the fluff and fan-service, as this novel is primarily focusing on the plot's mystery-solving side rather than the romance part. But nevertheless, since it has been already tried and tested by yours truly that the author uses a very 'unconventional' way of scattering sweets and dog food, you'll find every treat very sweet (and hot *with stress*) and rewarding for every tensed and mind-puzzling episodes. Slow but stable and convincing, the love bud blooms naturally until it matures into awkward moments and sexual tension. And nope, unlike other long novels, this has no several chapter-long backstories, which greatly surprised me too. But expect a few heart-wrenching snippets of some of the characters' tales and background that will make you teary a little and will surely warm your heart.

With sci-fi and interstellar type of setting, despite my first time reading with such genre, I gotta say that I'm very fascinated and impressed with its stable world building and vivid description of the setting. And don't be fooled by the first few chapters as this is not really focused or the overall story will not revolve in repetitive court case episodes despite the misleading title ("The Lawyer" — seriously, personally I find the English title here in NU unappetizing myself xD). I'm telling you in advance, this is not solely about a lawyer and his cold case endeavors! The literal English translation of the title is "First-Class Lawyer"—which is an element part in the plot, and literally a title bestowed to outstanding lawyers in this novel. Please don't be misled. Murder plot, conspiracy, "secret society"-esc tone, virus infection (nope, not covid-19), human experimentation, and disguises are just some of the significant and intriguing factors you can find in this novel's intricate plot.

Overall, story-wise, I have nothing much to criticize. Everything is just perfect. Every questions are answered, every mysteries are solved splendidly, and conspiracies are revealed one by one in a very climactic way. This is one of those excellent novels I've read to date and a definite worth-rereading in my book list. Maybe only one, I guess... ? But if I say it here, it would become a spoiler. But just a little. It won't affect much to the overall enjoyment pace.

※ Mild spoiler. Read at your own risk!!!


It's about a certain young master surnamed "Manson" and Yan Suizhi's... past. It's not properly 'settled' (jeez, I was really looking forward to it! xD). I bet some readers who have already completed this know what I'm talking about. I was dying to see this young master's reaction once he learned the truth. But to my disappointment, it never happened!

Well, it's not really a big deal but I was expecting a big reveal or something, lol. But I guess I was really low-key hoping for him to be a third wheel, haha.

Well, if you're curious, read it *wink*~


After reading this novel, I gotta add, I was enlightened how justice system works and how lawyers, especially on the defending side, supposed to perform their duty, and that it's really not all about lying and winning a case. It's about credibility and making sure that their client only receive what they deserved fairly—no more, no less—regardless if they are guilty or not. I guess my conscious bias of bad image of lawyers has been reduced significantly, lol~


This novel comprises a solid and well-fleshed out set of characters something to look forward to, as they help pave the way in solving the mysteries behind the MC's current sorry state of a poor intern in a law firm.

The MC, Yan Suizhi, is (was?) a First-Class Lawyer and a (former?) dean of Maze University Law school (welp, you see he 'died' according to the papers hence...). Anyway, due to some explosion he 'died' and now living the life of an intern as "Ruan Ye", under the supervision of his (now) teacher, Gu Yan, the ML. The ML is described as someone with cold and expressionless face—whenever and wherever, basically someone with perfect poker-face and inborn facial paralysis, who harbors a long time 'ridiculous idea' (a.k.a secret love thoughts) for his 'dead' teacher, the MC.

This two's personality gives me the Wei Wuxian-Lan Wangji pair vibe of Mo Dao Zu Shi, and the only difference of Wei Wuxian with Yan Suizhi is that the MC here is a little more... tamed (lol), and values his "face" very much over any other things regardless if his health is at stake. He's elegant yet stubborn, shameless and playful, good at irritating people while wearing a gentle smile, loves plants but possesses a very poisonous hand thus branded as "God of Death", an 'underground' racer, a self-taught actor, screenwriter, and director of his own inpromptu mini-film. Seriously, one of the best and hilarious scenes here is the MC pulling off a stunt using his flawless and shameless acting skills to slither away from unfavorable situations or to deceive others. Of course with the 'special participation' of the ML—who can't do anything but to go with the flow as the MC is such an unpredictable and quirky character. Maybe one of the most memorable scene for me was the MC's "sophisticated way" of deceiving the enemies right in their faces—a "way" every ML will surely love *cough*. The dynamic of these two is just superb you will find every chapters entertaining, thrilling, and also heart-warming you won't stop flipping every page. I loved how this story not only revolves around the love relationship of the main protagonists, but also subtly tackles a heart-warming story of friendship, father-son relationship, and the unconditional love of one of the side couple.

A sadistic doctor who loves to watch a father and son fight, a faceless hacker friend, a father who loves throwing ashtrays, a self-proclaimed bestfriend of a certain lawyer with a pure heart and loves unconditionally, a pitiful "movie queen" nurse — are just some of the side characters I find memorable in this story. Also, expect some low-profile characters who are actually played a big role behind the scenes that it will leave you with goosebumps and a drawn "oh" along the way.


A well-structured plot with every elements you would love in a novel worth-rereading.

If only not for the fact that this has a very stingy number of translated chapters, I would definitely re-read it after finishing the bloody MTL journey. I mean, there are lots of awesome and hilarious scenes here I'd like to read over and over again. This is how enjoyable this was. Just like the author's other novel "Global University Entrance Examination", I suggest to refrain from reading any spoilers as this one really revolves around unravelling mysteries so as not to take away the fun of reading as the truth behind the "whos" and the "whys" unfolds. Maybe you could try MTLing this yourself (if you have the guts) as the author's writing style is very smooth, but I strongly suggest to not to rely on only one machine translator to preserve your sanity, and also utilising a good Chinese online dictionary/sentence example is a must for a not-so-bumpy journey. Or better yet, simply wait for this to be fully-translated first before reading (aww.. RIP xD). I dunno if there's any available avenue where we can do some petition or something to get this done as... duh, it's already November, and the latest translated chap was in July! xD

So if you're a fan of sci-fi, mystery, with a touch of comedy, heart-warming tale about friendship, family, and unconditional love, and if you don't mind reading a mild BL romance, try this one out. For hardcore yaoi fans, sorry to say that it has no smut scenes. Intimate moments are depicted in a non-explicit manner, but I personally find it kinda steamy and hot (the author is just so good in this area!). Maybe prepare a glass of water so you won't get dehydrated just in case xD

Finally, this is an excellent story with happy ending. I highly recommend it. <<less
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phosphores rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite novels by Musuli! She's a wonderful writer who never fails in making my heart twinge. The CP dynamics are great as well. Even though Gu Yan appears to dislike Yan Suizhi at first, he actually doesn't! Don't be put off by it. They're actually quite sweet. They're also great people with the soft hearts and firm principles. Love them.
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maunnier rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: Completed
I just finished reading the raws and there are honestly... so many good things I can say about this novel (but I'll try to keep it short!). First off, Musuli's a wonderful writer and she somehow manages to write hilariously witty dialogue, heart-fluttering romance as well as deeply moving scenes that made me cry multiple times.

Also, there is so much... warmth to her characters and while none of them are 'perfect', there is also so much kindness and good in them that renews my faith in humanity. Yes, some of... more>> the characters have heart-breaking backstories but their tragedy doesn't define them, and it's their strength in spite of their struggles and their ability to love, to hope, and to believe in the good of others that truly moved me.

A quick list of things I enjoyed:

-Yan Suizhi and Gu Yan's bickering at the beginning was hilarious and Yan Suizhi continues to be hilarious throughout the novel. Comedy aside though, both characters are very mature and intelligent and the way they complemented each other while working together was fantastic.

-One of the most beautiful confession scenes I've ever read!! And plenty of lovely romantic moments afterwards too. While the romance is more like a warm cup of your favourite tea than flashy fireworks, there were still many moments where I had to take a pause just to process how profoundly they loved each other.

-Great plot and pacing - there are so many mysteries and cliffhangers I couldn't stop clicking on the next chapter. A lot of clues and foreshadowing are scattered throughout and the ending ties everything up very neatly. Despite the 'lawyer' in the title, the main characters are more like detectives and the majority of the story takes place outside the courtroom, so the story was anything but boring.

-So many wonderful side characters! It wasn't just the main characters that moved me to tears, Musuli really fleshes out the whole cast and I found myself rooting for all of them (and wishing she would write more about them).

If you're hesitant about starting this because 215 chapters seems daunting, I will be the first to admit that I'm not usually one for slow burn but let me tell you, the wait was SO worth. Highly recommend! <<less
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peachlove rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c21
To be honest, the title and summary of this novel was a bit off-putting for me. I love mysteries, but I thought The Lawyer was going to be too brainy for me to understand.

I was wrong!

It is so easy to get into, and any legal concepts brought up are explained very well and simply. And the writing is really funny; the main CP's back-and-forth is so hilarious, I can't get enough of it. It's a very welcoming and fun atmosphere for a more intimidating setting, while still gripping you with... more>> its mystery elements. Can't wait for more chapters!! <<less
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Neollle rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c35
Its already good so far and Im really curious about YS's saviour and killer, but there's still a long way to go with the translation. That's why Im gonna MTL this one while waiting for updates :)
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fltstrt rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: c90
I am currently reading ahead and am at c90 of the raws but I decided to wait for the English translations as it's great!

I'm almost mid story and I really wish the story is more succinct. I wanna give it a 5 stars but it fell short. That is my only criticism so far and it's quite a crippling one. Perhaps I am harsher than normal with my critique as I had high expectations.

I shall not iterate the good since there are so many stellar reviews and instead talk... more>> about the bad.

Whilst on the whole, the plot is fresh and entertaining, I am not a fan of Musuli's draggy pacing for this story. Superfluous descriptions that doesn't add value.

There are numerous instances where certain incidences were written in great detail only for it to go nowhere and never mentioned again.

One such eg, the author spent 1-2 chapt writing about the MC's rental apartment viewing experience in extremely great detail (intro a new character- apartment's owner, complete with his backstory) only for the MC to change his mind and continue staying in ML's house in the following chapter? The rental apartment viewing could definitely be glossed over with a paragraph or two as this detail is inconsequential to the plot thus far.

This isn't a slice of life story afaik... It gives me the impression that the author is pulling things out of her backside to inflate the story's word count.

I duly hope that I am proven wrong in the end and that pacing will pick up in the second half of the story and for the irrelevant details to somehow reappear as crucial plot points. I really want to induct it to my BL 5-stars list. I will be holding on for now as I do genuinely like the character and world setting.

Will be updating my review once I've completed the story! <<less
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remiss rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: --
Unexpectedly really good! I usually would ignore novels with a title like "the lawyer" however it is worth a read!

Despite the main characters being lawyers, the plot is more about mysterys/cases and the development of chemistry between the MC and ML.

MC is actually really funny and a poor actor (when he tries to pretend to be an intern, but literally breaks his role every few minutes). MC is a genius who is a bit eccentric and is quite well known at his law firm.

ML is a typical cold/aloof tsundere character... more>> who cleans up MC's messy act and helps him out alot.


ML probably figures out MC's identity from the beginning haha.


ML is pretty cute, he has a big soft spot for MC, but from MC's perspective, he thinks ML hates him and can barely stand him.

The two get caught up in small cases all the while trying to figure out the people behind the MC's accident. <<less
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Common_people rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
When I read the tittle, I thought it would be boring, something serious and too brainy for this little human missy. But it's actually so good! I feel like my iq and my taste improve. Haha. Actually, even this novel case looks complicated, it doesn't make you thinking so hard, it just let you flow with the plot and hook you to read till the end. It's amazing to thing about case by case that come to them actually part of the big case. A big drug net case. The... more>> MC and ML looks cute together and mature. I like the way they in relationship. This one is the perfect sample for student teacher relationship in my mind. <<less
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Evellyn rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: c91
Simply amazing. The best yaoi ln i've read for now and he isn't even finished.

Seriously I was so immersed in the plot because everything is just so smart and smooth i've got no words.

So i'll just say that the romance plot's long to appear but absolutely attrative with electricity in the air.

... more>> All the characters, even not in first plan, are well developped and above all it's so smart but not at all boring !!

Please give it a try this merit a lot mot highlighting.

PS : if anyone know another kind of story like that send me a message please <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: c90
At first I was afraid being thrown with the content of a law book, *laugh embarrassedly* ah how silly.

In this book, the MC (Yan Suizhi) mostly works as defence lawyer (technically he is an intern). He (accompanied by ML) works mostly on field, searching for evidences or the lack of it to defend clients from accusation againts them. It felt like those mystery-adventure 'finding object game' which I really like.

There's no debate on desk about which law to use against or something.

Due to Yan Suizhi's personality, the usually-boring interview with... more>> the client also become full of 3T, trick, taunt and threat. The scene on the court also become a fun face-slapping arena instead of a menacing place.

I don't know the adjective but he's the type that make you want to slap him, but can't, either he's right or he's too shameless.

Fortunately he will also be ready with his chicken soup.

Meanwhile, the ML (Gu Yan) feels really cute in comparison. He has the usual common characteristics of a ML, but being a much younger former students he dareth not being too impolite or unrestrained in front of Yan Suizhi.

Oh but it doesn't stop them from bantering.

On the surface, it's like they really say whatever in their mind without filter, not caring the other's feeling or face, but it's actually more joke or teasing than the truth. From their action, we know that they really care for each other (Gu yan is such a Tsundere, ne~?)

Then, when they truly say what they feel, they said it in taunting manner. They're really hopeless.

There are a bit of nice flashback there and there, which giving us the idea about their past and how their relationship back then. I like how this giving a comparison with the current relationship and also a lot of other heartfelt feeling (?). Author put them in nice place.

There are 90 chapters already, but only two cases (court) so far. But this story is not about solving those cases, so it's normal that there are a lot of stories between it, like slice of life story.

This is a story about one first-class lawyer trying to solve the mystery behind his murder-attempt, while pretending to be an intern under his former student, who happen to have to solve those small cases in passing.

I love how they only solve cases until it's 'enough' to defend the client. As lawyer aren't police or detective, they can just go home merrily without looking back at the continuation (in case like if another suspect is found and new investigation is needed). It's really suit Yan Suizhi's detached personality under those ever-smiling mask and merry-making surface.

edit: but he's also a bit of tsundere how he pretended to not caring about his clients afterwards, but later on he still get news about them. I mean he did give them chicken soup for the soul too so...

They also doesn't actually genuinely solving cases. They gave a feeling of making analysis first then finding evidences later -- anything works as long as it's to defend the client (ofc not). It gives some sort of moral ambiguity to me (well it's lawyer, what do you expect), but these two protags really do have sense of justice.

Anyway it's really refreshing from detective story.



fortunately all their clients (two) so far are innocent. I really want to see how they will handle guilty clients and how author can make them still stand on the side of justice.


But, although the cases doesn't feel important to the main mystery, I feelt that many things will be tied later.

Tbh, the love confession is a bit sudden, but at least there are hints that the other began to have feeling... so probably the author just thought to push it since it won't evoke negative reaction from the character. And that already slow burn.

edit: Anyway it's not a fast paced story, you can enjoy this like a slash of mystery and slice-of-life but everything connect in the end.

edit: some word choices to prevent misunderstanding <<less
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WordEater rated it
March 16, 2022
Status: c128
Fantastic! I'm honestly thrilled with how their attitude on court makes me feel so pumped up. You know that protagonist would win the case, but the building up of how? It was satisfying, especially seeing the other party lose. It was not that difficult to feel otherwise since the opponents are quite a jerk.

I had been putting off reading this for a while now since I'm not fond yet of Interstellar fics but I'm so, soo happy that I happened to just read this tab without realizing the fact. It... more>> immediately caught my attention. The world-building is alright and their interactions? Golden. Wu, Wu, Wu, I'm soo on the edge of my seat right now pondering about the plot of whys.

Little Emperor Yan's every move and attitude fascinates me and pushes my lips to turn up. Quite hard not to when this shameless guy just- charismatically make chaos everywhere he go. Grouchy Student Gu does not get behind, he was pretty quick in the uptake yet still puts up his usual attitude. Nice pacing with their relationship especially since they were estranged after graduation. There's bits of teases with their dynamics but I'm glad that the plot and cases were also not that behind. All in all, I'm excited to read the next updates.

When you get to the scenes where Gu Yan wants to help Yan Suizhi, I'm betting that you'll go ROFL. It's EPIC!!! Gu's just so done with this unrestrained dean. P.S. His name is very hard to remember ah, hardly anyone ever mentions it or calls him by that.

Yan Suizhi harmed the venerable doyen member of their Southcross Law Firm. I can't- HAHAHAHAH

Warning, I don't know if you need this:


Human Lifespan: 250 years on average

So like, it is hardly material when it comes to their age difference. I think 10 years or less at most? Eh- by the way, they were teacher and student before.

If you're alright with this, go ahead and enjoy the literature! It would be worth it. :)

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December 30, 2021
Status: c66
I like MC and ml. Their bickering is fun to read.

The cases are interesting and easy to follow.

I get a bit bored reading flowery descriptions tho even tho they sound nice.
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Fisukisuki rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: c157
So far, this novel has so many Pleasant moments that keep me falling in love in many moments.

Like how ML know MC's identity. MC's whole personality. The Romance between MC and ML. Their tender moments. And the Supporting Characters.

So many Good things in this novel. Almost everything is Good! Except of course the Villains. And the Dangers and Problems that need to be solved.

... more>> It's more than just a story of a Lawyer on Court. And it's Really Really Good!

I'm truly pleasantly surprised and very happy so far. Pray the rest of the story would give us Satisfactory! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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