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Genius scientist Ruan Xian was in a coma for several years. Once he opened his eyes, his waist no longer felt pain, his legs had healed, and he could jump around. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence outside ran out of control and ushered in the end of mankind.

Fortunately, his luck was still strong, and he successfully captured a partner with great survival skills.

Tang Yibu: Our models are old and especially easy to scrap.

Tang Yibu: Remember, the first principle of safety. Never get too close to humans.

Ruan Xian: ……What?

This is a story about a dumb AI x a cynical scientist.

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Wintercreeper rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c63
So far it's a quite mature story, a big step up from the writer's earlier work and in parts even more refined than the newer novel "Saving Unpermitted".

The characterisation is deep and nuanced, with gradual changes triggered either by specific incidences or naturally over time through the accumulation of experiences.
We have a very flawed cast that matches their circumstances, they are believable, no one plays the hero without gaining anything from it, calculations are made and people often classified as "useful" or "useless".
It's true to its setting, a... more>> dystopia where only the strong survive and nothing is given for free.

The couple's progression from enemies to pretend lovers, before real feelings slowly grow from companionship and trust that was painstakingly build up, is one of the rare organic ones you seldom find in webnovels.
Their relationship isn't smooth, it's not love at first sight, a seamless kind of evolution, nor driven by plot devices, they go back and forth for a long time, all the progress is earned, not given by the writer.

World building is not only creative even for its genre, but meticulous and extensive, the sphere of what we learn about it, and see of it, gets expended little by little through the eyes of our MCs.
And that's truly what makes this novel so unique and great, despite there being just one MC, both he and the ML are nearly equally involved in the whole plot, we see most of the progression from a two-person-view.
There really isn't the MC, and neither does it feels like either of them is more competent, better, or powerful than the other, the writer skipped the whole Shou & Gong dynamic and went straight to equals.

Some of the themes might be uncomfortable, there's blood, gore and body horror, as well as the question if innate traits are what defines and shapes a person, if they are an indicator for how they will turn out to be.
It reminds one of "Minority Report", a system that condemns you for what it thinks you will do at some point in your life, completely denying you the capability to make choices or change as an individual.

If you love dystopian Sci-Fi and like realistic characters that aren't goody-two-shoes playing hero but raw, ruthless, cunning survivors with all of their ugly sides, then give this novel a try. <<less
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crysaline rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c98
Captivating story, immediately met with a mystery that feels overarching and like it will unfold nicely into the niches of the plot. MC is smart but not pretentious and adapts realistically to the new world around him, and I especially appreciate how he and ML feel as though they are on equal footing. It's refreshing from the usual powerplay dynamics.

Definitely recommend for those that like a good mystery sci-fi.
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earlgreyt rated it
December 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Incredibly good/engrossing read.

Honestly wished the extras lasted forever... or wish there was a part 2, but of course, that would mean a second apocalypse (maybe aliens?) so maybe not. Our cast deserves a happily ever after.

I love post-apoc novels and this one is really quite excellent, read if you love:

  • Sci-fi/futuristic/androids/blade-runner vibes
  • Super OP MC and ML (extremely smart genius MC)
  • enemies-to-lovers (or similar tension)
  • ethical dilemmas (what makes human beings "human"? if you clone someone and give the clone all their memories up to that point, are they still the same person? is it worth it to take away free will for an "optimal" life? and so on.)
  • fun and varied supporting cast
  • people who disagree with the MC or ML are not boxed into being "the villains"
  • excellent worldbuilding, action/adventure with a lot of romance thrown in
The translation is really good! Much better than an earlier novel they worked on which I reviewed before. There are a few mistakes but overall super immersive, excellent sentence structure and pacing. I believe it's edited MTL, but again, not at all a bad thing depending on the translator.
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yellauraya rated it
January 10, 2023
Status: Completed
[★★★★☆/4 out of 5 stars]

Spoilers ahead, you've been warned...

This is one hell of a heavy sci-fi themed novel and I didn't think I'll liked it but I did! There are AIs, clones, androids, mechanical creatures, robots, etc., and the story was filled with terms that most of the time just past over my head. In all honesty, the plot is actually pretty complicated for my taste, but the execution of the author definitely helped a lot to make the story more engaging for me personally.

The plot is very interesting. Ruan... more>> Xian woke up 12 years after he was supposed to 'die' and his body that should be plague with incurable diseases, looks as good as new. And he found out that the world he once knew is now being controlled by an AI called MUL-01 or Mainbrain. He has no idea what exactly happened after he 'died' and the fact that there's another 'Ruan Xian' walking the surface of the earth even after he 'died', he has the strong urge to know the truth. Then he meets Tang Yibu, whose only goal is to finish the project given to him by his creator before the 'doomsday' happened. He has to observe and absorb as many information as he can and answer the final question his creator left him a few years ago. Both their goals are something personal and they both didn't want to get involve with the issue of overthrowing the Mainbrain, but since they have to find the same person to reach their personal goals, they were forced to cooperate to 'defeat' the Mainbrain.

What amused me the most is how Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu handled the situation. I just want you to know that despite having a strong attraction and love for the other person, they really don't trust each other. They have a very complicated relationship that will be tackled as you read the novel, and that's where the lack of trust comes from. And the fact that they fight the war between the Mainbrain and the rebels not because they wanted to help regain humanity but because they want to test their love and trust so that they can completely let down their vigilance against each other. It was so absurd but so like them, and I'm loving it so much!

Now, let's talk about the MC Ruan Xian and the ML Tang Yibu. I've always been looking for novels with manly gay couples in love ever since I've started reading BL novels. It's here and I loved it so much! Though I'm telling you, they're no ordinary manly gay couple! As I said, their relationship is actually so complicated, as complicated as the plot itself. They both want to be the one in control of the other and no one is willing to lose. Even in expressing their own love and affection, they would show it through their killing intent and the more mu*derous they felt towards the other, the more intense their feelings are. Ridiculous, right? But it was so fun to read! The frequency of Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu beating up each other black and blue is the same frequency of their intimate moments and I am absolutely so into it.

Ruan Xian is a cold, calculating and a not very compassionate guy. He's not the 'saving the pitiful ones' kind of person. There would be an injustice happening right in front of him and he would not even bat an eye, unless he got dragged into it. He has an extremely high intelligence and he was closely monitored (happened a few years before the actual plot took place) because he was considered a dangerous person for basically being a 'psychopath'. But that same psychopath is the one who fell in love first! And you'll be surprised on how intense his burning desire is with the android beside him.

Tang Yibu is an advanced AI with an intelligence higher that any human being ever exist, well maybe except his creator himself. Having lack of empathy and being indifferent when dealing with human being most of the time, but in reality, he's just basically a big baby whose curiousity reached the highest peak. He's good at observing people and absorbing new information and adding it into his system. He always has an explanation to everything, which is pretty much pulled up from the knowledge inputted into his system when he was created. That's why when he met Ruan Xian, who made him see a lot of illogical things and made him feel many unexplained emotions, which even his system can't seem to comprehend, he immediately associated the guy as someone dangerous that cannot be contained, thus has to be eliminated. Laughing out loud with this android's way of thinking. And from there, the threatening-attempted killing-hugging-kissing-smexy scenes routine starts. But he's incredibly adorable whenever he's being clingy and sticky and whenever his curiousity is practically leaking out of every pore of his body, he looks like an innocent little child. He's definitely a big baby!!

I also appreciates that the supporting chacters are not there just to make up for numbers but because they actually have a purpose, especially Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman. And of course I'm not going to forget the MVP of this novel, our cute and adorable little π. It was basically Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu's child that was being tossed around and used as a tool to fight LMAO But seriously, I didn't even think that an iron bead could stole my heart, but it did! If it only has a squishy cheeks, I would have love to pinch it, especially when it's throwing a tantrum and biting its parents' heels out of anger. It also got its own POV in the novel and it's so hilarious! And it's so cute that both Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu, who has no care for any human, has a soft spot for π.

There are lot of things going on in this novel and I seriously want to recommend this to everyone for you to find out for yourself, but honestly speaking, I think this is something that not all people would really love. You might consider this kind of boring, or that the plot is much more complex than you expected, but I personally really loved this novel so much. Maybe give it a try? <<less
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TamedFox rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: --
I don't remember what chapter I am but this novel is really good. I especially love knowing the mc's thoughts and how he thinks.

I really like mc's personality. I guess the way he analyzes things especially the way he analyzes his own emotions is very relatable.

The relationship between the MC and ML and how they handle the problems in between them is amazing.

I'm trying to ignore the jokes about ML being mc's son. It makes me a bit uncomfortable. Don't worry he isn't really mc's son


The novel likes to tackle some psychological and philosophical problems and hypothetical questions that may be disturbing for some. But I love it so much.

The world building is pretty cool in my opinion. But sometimes it's hard to imagine. The author is pretty descriptive but somehow it just doesnt make it clear. My mind fills in some of the gaps. I could make drawings of it and thsi novel did fuel my creativity for a while.
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Winterrz rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: --
I won't even beat around the bush with this one. It's one of the most boring novels I've ever read. Basically it's a book about humans and androids fighting after the end of the world. From start to end. I quickly got bored. I don't even know why it has the bl tag. It should just be tagged #scifi #boring.

Don't say I didn't warn you, you'll fall asleep reading this. Atleast it's well written and translated. But there's too much attention to detail, and that applies to all the details.... more>> You'll even forget who the main characters are. They're like side characters. I don't like the MC and the ML is an Android with secrets so I don't even know what his deal is. Blah blah blah this whole novel is just chapters and chapters of useless facts and random new characters being mean or happy with eachother...🙄 <<less
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Kit Grouke
Kit Grouke rated it
October 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is so good and I'm happy that I read it. I love the tension between the ML and MC. OMG!! The story is so well fleshed out and the world building is so well done. It wasn't hard to imagine the surroundings because it was well described.

My best and most favorite part is the chapter where they decided to kill each other but ended up making love after almost killing each other. It is at this part that they both genuinely start to realize the true value of... more>> the other that they can't live without the other that much. Anyways for me this is a 100/10 for me. One of the best futuristic stories I've read. Fully recommended yo people who love stories with matured love and extreme s*xual tension between the ML. <<less
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ricoerrr rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: c83
i chugged along for a good 80 chapters but I just couldnt do it anymore. The story doesnt make sense and I tortured myself for long enough.

i dont understand the whole alpha 092 thing or the s prototype thing or the difference between new cybernetic brains vs imitation brains thing and I thoroughly gave up in chapter 83 when MC was having his eureka moment and I was shitting tears because I literally understood nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not in the 'oh keep reading itll all come together' but in the... more>> 'this sentence doesnt make sense this paragraph doesnt make sense this entire f*cking chapter doesnt make any sense'.

this is a plot oriented novel where the details make or break the story but I can say with all honestly that the mtl ruined it completely. Like dead on arrival. I dont believe the tler knows wtf is happening either because whole thing reads like chatgpt on steroids <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: --
Wow, this took me way too long to finish (About 2 weeks). Honestly, this was a great Novel. Not only did I love how smart the MC was but I also enjoyed his lack of feelings for humanity. Or, better yet, his lacking sense of Justice and righteousness. I get tired of the goody goody characters that end up messing up the whole plan because their sense of right and wrong won’t let them choose to save many over the one.

I love characters who have a more flawed thinking because... more>> it allows them to really flourish and not care about things that may be sad for some. I also enjoyed the moral questions that this novel puts forth. I don’t think we as humans are close to anything like this just yet, but I also don’t doubt it could happen and when/if it does, defining what makes a person a person is definitely going to be raised.

The cp was very fun to watch, I loved the circles they went through and hoops they jumped trying to sand down their sharp edges and fit together nicely. It was really beautiful tbh.

On another note, I really enjoyed the side characters and how fleshed out they were made. How they didn’t try to force Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman together as a cp or hell, any other side character together, but instead hinted at a the possibility of what could have happened.

I really recommend this novel to anyone that can stand the amount of characters. Honestly I went through days of trying to force myself to continue because of how massive the information can be and how tiring trying to understand some of the happenings was. I think the translator did an excellent job at explaining most of the more complex aspects when they thought it was necessary so it wasn’t too bad in the end.

This is my second novel by the same Author and so far I’m completely convinced by their style and approach at writing.

i love it. 5/5 <<less
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Netsuyume rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is more of a dystopian sci-fi mystery with a romantic side plot, not a romance novel. It's a great read in every aspect, the translation is great, but if you're looking for a short and sweet light read or a satisfying face slapping, you might want to come back when you're in the mood for something more serious.

The main story is fresh and interesting, the worldbuilding is flawless and engaging, the main and side characters are all appropriatelly fleshed out and the actions they take make sense. I... more>> love the character archs for both the MC and ML, and although they are both very powerful compared to the usual Average Joe in the world, they don't come off as OP Gary Stues: for one, they have major flaws, and for two, they go up against opponents no Average Joe would dream of confronting, and finally, they both have clearly defined specialities where they shine, and other aspects where they may even need the help of the supporting characters.

The romance side of the story is more slow-burn, the writer leaves ample time for development as both MC and ML are somewhat emotionally challenged and they start out as quasi-enemies. The way they get together is gradual and it's in line with their personality, blending in with the flow of the main plot.

All in all it's a great novel, I'd recommend it to anyone (just don't go in with the expectation that the romance will be the main focus) ! <<less
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RiboseSugar rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: extras
An exciting and excellent reading. The way the mystery unfolded was excellent, the dynamics between characters were interest were exciting, it's definitely worth your time.
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Kekate rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: c112
Great translation & BL story that has interesting characters. The translation speed is very fast without compromising the quality. Evolving characters that drive the story rather than being taken along by the distopian world. At the same time the world building is expansive while minor characters aren't too many which to me reflects the "lonely in a crowd" mentality the characters feel.
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Ouryane00 rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: c49
It’s okay but maybe not just my cup of tea. That’s because I think that I find it difficult to imagine how everything went.

But!!! I do think that the ML and MC are a perfect fit haha I love the ML, he’s so cute!
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Cajuncroc2012 rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Great story! Interesting and thought provoking, with an excellent translation. If you're looking for a pure BL romance, this might not be for you. But the romance does develop beautifully (and slowly) over the course of the story.
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Scar21 rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: c1
Yo, I love this crazy couple! At first, although the translator seemed to find Yibu to be cute, I didn't understand why. Later on, he is actually very cute!

I read this right after reading stray, so considering how it's from the same Author-Nim, let me talk about them together for a bit

Potential spoilers.

... more>>

In stray, Ollie and Nimo become to be heroes. Literally. Through actions, thoughts, personalities...... they become heroes in every sense of the word. But this one is different. No, actually, it's the exact opposite. Really, I can't help but admire how beautifully the two stories were portrayed! 10/10


In the review for Stray, I said that the world building is fantastic. I've only read two of this author's works so far, but I think their stories have this beautifully crafted worlds that are vast and worth exploring.

Although I loved both the stories, I think I liked Stray a bit more than this one though. The intensity of emotions was much deeper in Stray, in my opinion. And I really appreciate that.

Anyway, good read!

Recommended for sure!

10/10 <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
A great story. Completely different than the author's last work. The author definitely came up with a very creative setting and ideas for their first book, then did something radically different but just as interesting for the second. Frankly I loved the setting of the second arc and would love to see someone draw it.

The MC and ML are both well developed characters with very interesting settings and interactions. They also fall into the anti-hero setting and have a lot of snark and comedy that reminds me of Deadpool.

The side... more>> characters are also interesting and not neglected. There's lots of crazy running around including androids, cyborgs, pirates and evil supercomputers.

Also I love the author's metaphor of two people solely playing chess to the death only to be interrupted by a pair of cats knocking the pieces everywhere. That's how I'll always see this story. Very much recommended! <<less
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HiddenHermit rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Very, very good novel. It is has a complex plot, fleshed out characters, well developed world, and draws in the reader to the extent to question their beliefs.

MC, Ruan Xian, is a genius scientist. ML, Tang Yibi, is an android.

... more>>

Although MC never hurt anyone in his life, he was tested as a psychopath as a baby. Therefore, he was always under surveillance. MC had lived his life hiding his true self to be acceptable to society.

ML is actually MC's creation, called NUL-00 and created in 2090.

On November 21, 2095, MC (28 years old) was mu*dered by his research partner, Fan Linsong. FL then wanted to backup ML's data and destroy ML (who was a cybernetic brain without a body at this point). ML mistakenly thought MC was the one who wanted to dispose of him for failing to complete his assignment. ML was able to escape his destruction and proceeded to work towards completing his assignment.

On March 16, 2107, MC's body was restored due to a series of events. MC is then captured by ML. At this time, ML believes MC is an android too. MC and ML did not know each other's real identity when they met. The story progresses with them being in cooperation, becoming attracted, falling in love, but still willing to kill the other if needed through most of the novel. However, the way it unfolds is with mild angst and a good bit of humorous cuteness. We can define ML's love meter for MC by his appetite and willingness to share his precious food with MC. 😂

They journey together with the goal of finding the rebel leader "Ruan Xian", aka Professor Ruan. PR is the clone created by FL to cover up his mu*der of MC. FL and PR had worked together and created ML's little brother, MUL-01 in 2096. MUL-01 took over the world on December 31, 2100. FL and PR were trying to kill it. At the start of the novel, FL had been captured and PR was missing.




MC and ML defeat MUL-01. Instead of killing it, they negotiate with MUL-01 to have it observe humanity until it naturally obliterates itself. MUL-01 had taken over the world to prevent humanity's destruction since it considered itself humanity's caretaker. Once humanity is gone, MUL-01 can use its stored data create a new world based on its own design.

MUL-01 agrees and works together with them to reset the world to December 31, 2100.

PR, who has become a brain without a body, becomes data and decides to join MUL-01 in observing the world.

MC and ML live together happily... dating and going on missions to stabilize the reset world.

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ZeyFletcher rated it
January 22, 2023
Status: c180
This is verrry good! Definitely recommended!!

Tang Yibu is soo cute and cool hehehe while Ruan Xian is fun and cool, I love their dynamics, I love how different they are compared to normal people. I love their relationship, I love the story, I love that it focuses on them and it has an appropriate division of action and romance, I love the development of their feelings. I love the seggsual tension, I love everything about them.

the only reason that I think I wouldn't be able to finish this is because... more>> of my own problem, , , I find it quite hard to imagine sci-fi novels, this is probably the 1st one that I've read that is completely sci-fi and I have to say, it challenges my mind lol. It was worth it tho, I love themmm. The story is also nice, everything is connected (tho I haven't finished it), the side characters are also likeable heheh, no unnecessary scenes. I love this

I don't know if I would reread this, cause like I said, I'm not a big fan of sci fi but THIS IS DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!! <<less
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amikyun rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Superb... I found my brain almost can't keep up with this author '' in a good way'' and... author, I really feel ur struggle for make every part of our character in their track, I find it crazy that I almost agree with everything in this novel, special thx for our translator that make summary so I can understand with my IQ, the little theatre from author is cute and make me laugh, gold novel, and they got enough sweet and sour, the part that they say they're crazy is... more>> good too, not gonna reread cus u know my IQ capacity is about to exploded lmao still I enjoy it, for the sho ai tag, u may think there will be not enough steamy spicy scene, but I find it they don't touch the part of steam and we can find them hot, Idk the hot scene may not specific but they still had it, our author thirsty enough to put it in this novel, good job author <<less
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