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In the year 5711 of the New Gregorian calendar, Office 5 of the Security Building received three unsolicited messages from the Space Prison:

– My dear, I’m watching you.
– Relax, you’re just on the prison’s big broadcast screen.
– I’m suddenly really looking forward to reuniting with you. Would you greet me with a smile, or shoot me right in the head?

Chu Si sat behind a spacious desk, his face unchanged after reading the messages, and replied, “If I remember correctly, your sentence is the duration of the planet’s lifespan. So unfortunately, there will be no such day.”

Unless the world ends and the planet explodes.

But then two years later… the planet really did explode.

Chu Si: “…”

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Black Sky
Hei Tian
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aiji rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: Completed
It was like watching a high-end action-packed movie... until Chapter 96 happened xD

Not that I'm complaining, though. Who hates dog food, lol~


... more>> Anyway, I'm surprised and quite happy to know that this was also added here in NU. As a Musuli fan, I'm gonna leave a review-cum-overview after finishing the whole novel. And I'm telling you in advance, this is certainly one of the well-thought out plot I've ever read so far~

12/8: UPDATED!!

... Finally done, and I gotta say it was a very mind-blowing heck-of-a-ride. I mean, my imagination that involves outer space action is limited to Star Wars (nope, I'm not that old) and Cowboy Bebop (oh, I feel so old... xD), and I'm very bad at dealing with plots that involves time and space (Steins;Gate, anyone?).

Like my usual drill, I will try my best to make this as spoiler-free as possible—and with less emotional fangirling content. I MTLed the whole novel, and gonna be honest that my Chinese language grammar grasp is very weak compared to actual translators so take what I say here with a handful of salt. Nevertheless, despite my usual obvious struggle every time, fortunately the author's writing style is very smooth to MTL so it requires less 'dissecting' whenever I find something that sounds 'funny', that's why I'm very addicted in following her works and boldly enjoying it myself—in my own pace and own interpretation based on the context (thanks G***le and B***u). So whether I enjoyed it or not, I won't point fingers and say it's the translator's fault or the author's—I can only blame myself.

Anyway, enough of the 'disclaimer' stuff. Wall of words ahead, be warned...


Reading the provided description here in NU while trying to compose a short review, I found myself also a little speechless as Chu Si... Well I mean, it's wrong and also right at the same time if we're going to talk about expectation regarding the story because, first, I can only recall the latter part; second, it doesn't matter—given the two's personality and circumstances, it's highly likely that the first part happened in some point in time xD

Well anyway, to set your expectation, the Chu Si there is the shou or the MC, and the seemingly shameless guy is the ML, named Sae Yang. If you're into yandere-types or black-bellied ML trope, though he sound like he's one, I'm very sorry to say that he's not the type, so you better look somewhere else. His personality is just a little 'eccentric' at most to say the extreme. The whole plot and flow of the story will not revolve in a "cat-and-mouse"-like game, but instead focuses on mystery-solving, the pursuit in unlocking the truth that may have something to do with the 'present' sorry condition of their planet, the lurking conspiracy among the three governing bodies and other planets of the interstellar whole setting, the Space Prison, and certain major and minor characters surrounding the main protagonists.

So basically, this is a plot-driven story, inciting curiosity about the "five Ws and the How" of each event that starts from "why the heck was the MC's villa was 'taken' by the Space Prison he is still in charge of". And since I'm set to give a spoiler-free review (which is quite hard, I swear xD), I'll just give you a few tips for easier and smoother reading (or MTLing, lol) experience since the latter half of the plot is kinda 'chaotic' and will surely give you a grand headache due to confusion if you happen to miss a few key events and scenes. I strongly advise to pay attention to dates, especially the year. And maybe try to familiarize yourself how the "Dragon Pillar" system, the "transitioning" or "leaping" works as you will constantly encounter them along the way as you reach the climax up until the finale. And I really, really think that reading spoilers, skimming over chapters or completely skipping one is a big NO-NO.

Now talking about my personal take on the overall story, although I consider myself a Musuli tr*sh, I still pay attention to elements I am looking for an enjoyable read, so in this one, I gotta say the world-building is excellent and I can really picture it despite my experience in any mode of entertainment with sci-fi setting is very limited (yep, I did some googling a little like "is finding other habitable planet possible?", lol). The pacing is just right. The author was consistent all throughout the whole story progression and you won't sense any trace of "abandoning the ship" feeling or a.k.a "the story is good at first, but the author got lazy and decided to end the story in a very anticlimactic way". The romance element is also pretty natural and convincing since the characterization of the MC and ML is richly drawn, thereby the "why, when, and how" it was developed and matured is captured, although not specified in a straight way. Welp, I guess it's the beauty of the mature, manly gay couple not exchanging "I love you"s, but ya know, the inexplicable tension is so strong the only way to vent it is through kissing and... *cough*, and we were like: "Oh, okay. We're good with it. You're now boyfriends, spraying dog food is legal".

Oh, speaking of romance, please don't expect for this story to sprinkle sugar every few chapters since, like I said, this is plot-driven—and with heavy plot at that. Well, it's not really scarce but you have to make do with what's available and cherish every moment of interaction the two have—whether they are just casually bantering or *cough* got caught up in an ambiguous tension that led to... Oh yeah, I'm not exaggerating in my intro up there. It's really raining sugar and dog food from chapter 96 onwards after what seemed to be a long drought *wink*~

So yeah, overall, I have nothing much to criticize or complain about. Maybe just this trivial question of mine that didn't get an answer: When did Sae Yang start to use endearment when addressing Chu Si, and why? lol~


For the character introduction and overview, let's start with Chu Si, the MC. He holds the most powerful position in Security Building Office 5, who possesses the must-haves for an interesting and likable main protagonist, which is: tall, handsome, looks strict and cold but actually kind-hearted, and skilled in 'brainwashing'. His flaws? Well, he can shamelessly lie to your face without batting an eye—BUT there's a reason for that, which I won't say here. Go find it out yourself xD

And the ML, Sae Yang, the ever so carefree, the "I'm gonna do this and nothing can stop me" kind of guy, eccentric, genius, your kind of 'MacGyver'—plus the given handsomeness and badassness. Sounds like OP, right? Well, he's really OP. Again, there's a reason for that which I won't spill. I think it'll become a major spoiler if I do so. I know I've said this before in my previous reviews regarding the author's way of giving personality to her main characters, which is the MC or ML is like this and act like that not because the author said "this precious MC should be like this, so he acts like that, just deal with it", but because there is depth in their character, something or someone made them like the way they are.

So far, I have already read five (5) of the author's works, and I gotta say that her way of writing characterization is pretty much already established since her earlier works—solid and consistent. Like all of her other novels' characters, the characters here were given life you could vividly visualize them clearly in your head as they were described enough, and have even got their own personality so somehow, in some way or another, the move they make can stir up some emotions in you because they seem so alive and relatable. And this is not limited to only the main characters, which makes the world-building even more 'colourful'. The characterization of this story is one solid star rating for me.


A very awesome read.

It was wrapped up splendidly and beautifully presented given the very intricate twists and turns, which could otherwise lead to a huge confusion and plot holes had the author failed to link and explain the loose ends and effectively answer the "whys" and the "hows" upon reaching the conclusion.

Again, I highly—or rather, it's a must to not skip chapters, or even think about do some 'skimming' once you decided to give this a try. I'm telling you, once you've passed the half of the total chapter count, question marks will arise, along with the "Ohs" and "WTFs". You will only manage to connect everything if you paid attention right from the start. But of course, it really depends on you whether to take my advice or not. If, by any chance, the first couple of chapters failed to get you hooked... well, no helping it. It's already a "GG" case. It happens ¯_ (ツ) _/¯ Time to move on and pick up a new book.

Not a fan of sci-fi? No problem, I am too. But since I'm a proud 'biased' for this specific author, I still enjoyed it and can only flaunt the splendid plot, slight drama (yeah, angst is present xD), a little comedy, three-dimensional main characters, a heart-warming take for the story of friendship and family, and a BL story that bloomed and matured in outer space, transcending the test of time—literally.

Yep, I highly recommend it. <<less
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Ilover rated it
December 17, 2020
Status: Completed

This novel highlights the concept of time. With a bit of sci-fi and mystery elements to it, it made this novel shine. Our two MCs are not your average people, they have powerful identities and are directly involved, especially their past in the plot.

Chu Si, is the executive chief officer of office no. 5, and Sae Young, is that dangerous prisoner who doesn't give two fu*cks about the law and whose free time involves bombing planets and hacking into our chief officer's communicator. These 2 are caught up in a... more>> whole conspiracy involving the planet's destruction, the past generation's mistakes and certain involvements in undertaking illegal experiments on children.

This novel is a bit action-paced and uncovering mysteries than sweet and fluff. Although it has it's own share of moments between the cold chief and the teasing Sae Young, romance is a bit less to the side and not the focus of the plot, especially in earlier chapters.

Driven by it's mysteries and the fog surrounding the past, Black Sky, although with sci-fi elements covers various themes such as childhood sweethearts, uncovering long-lost feelings, devils and gods, mysterious strangers, immortality, and previous mistakes of predecessors; making themes that would be called 'overused' not that cliche when reading, because of the serious tone of the novel.


With the 'devil' and 'god' it makes this novel seem otherworldly even though it's a sci-fi novel. It connects immortality with time, and then it made sense. Made me have fantasy vibes even though its not


Read this and give it a try if you'd like. I completed this in two days though, mostly because I was absorbed in the plot I couldn't drop it.😁

"So time rushes to witness the eternity and immortality of the world over the long years." - Chapter 116: eternity

Thank you for the translator/s for translating this and I hope to read this great novel again. <<less
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sfarraday rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Who changed the title of this one? Black Sky is more appropriate and meaningful to the content of the novel. Nights is too generic and easy to discard. I almost thought a new novel with great reviews appeared 😑. Please change it back! 🙏 Anyway, this is a fantastic read with great mystery, fantastic adventure and a mind-blowing time cycle that will leave you a very happy reader.

It might be confusing at the beginning, but trust the process, all the details have a meaning.

The characters and plot are very well constructed,... more>> in such that you will care for the wellbeing of the protagonists (and side characters - ohhh, the feels!) and root for their success. And the love story is just right. The charm of the MC & ML 🤤

No nonsens expositions or worthless filler descriptions that we see everywhere in webnovels.

Mlt-ed this one since I lack patience, and even if the novel is complex, I did not have issues in understanding. A big recommend for smart BL, adventure, detective and time- sci fi fans. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: Completed
... (;v;)

This was amazing. Its so... magnificent. Its so great that I honestly have no words.

I- I

... more>> The characters, the world building, and the plot really hit hard and I just wished this got its own anime or webtoon.

The novel is plot driven but the author is consistent, has depth, and showcases emotions at top level.

I truly enjoyed every bit of this story and its hard to explain the novel because its better to experience it yourself.

The way the author foreshadowed the future and how everything came full circle made me so dizzy. Why? Because the concept of time is so philosophical in the novel.

And they way the author put meaning to time and how one spends it just made me tear up a little because she also tied it to the lead's relationship as well as the older generation who were literally willing to sacrifice everything.

The friendship and camaraderie also made my heart feel a bit sore and sour.

Once I learned the truth I was just so glad to see the light again after everything settled.

The sky was no longer black.

Read it. There's too much to say about this and I'd end up writing an entire essay if I continued. Readers should experience the journey for themselves. I'm just-Wow.


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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uriels_neverending_love rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I read these scifi/space fantasy novels because they give me that "loneliness in the void" feeling.

It's such a unique angst, yet it can also be turned into beautiful fluff.

I came into this novel looking for only two things: a ship, and a 'loneliness in the void'. I got both, and much more!

Ship Dynamic: Their ship name is SaChu, Sa'e Yang (ML) x Chu Si (MC). The angst and details throughout the story remind me a lot of Global University Entrance Exam (another novel by Musuli), so if you enjoyed that... more>> then you'll definitely enjoy this. Most importantly, Sachu's ship dynamic is SO dynamic. The range,

from bickering and feeling uncomfortable to being able to have a casual conversation, and then being soft and romantic. I love Chu Si's sudden understanding of Sa'e Yang's motives- that was one of my favorite scenes.

Also please, their UST 👌👌👌👌 And it goes without saying that Musuli's ships are always godly- the way the ship's woven with the plot, it's just too shippable, , it just gets you too attached to the ship-

Plot: Like any novel that Musuli writes, there's details and hints scattered throughout. Everything slowly builds up, there's a climax, and then everything's slowly understood later. Around the middle of the novel, like another review said, it really felt like an action packed movie lol. And I think the way Musuli tied everything up was so perfect ;;

Characters: Musuli always writes full and real side characters! They're so funny and they're not there only to make the main characters look OP - although that does happen sometimes lol. Also if you want to know about the main characters, I think the carrd will market them better than I can- heitian (.) carrd (.) co Also shoutout to the Divine Eye system, I love it so much, and you will love it too <3

Loneliness in the Void: If you're wondering, the very very specific scene I was waiting for happened at

chapter 93.

(I think the best way to explain this 'loneliness in the void' feeling is through watching a movie called The Wandering Earth- it's more science fiction, not BL.) Also for clarification, 'loneliness in the void' isn't necessarily referring to soul-shattering angst. There's angst, there's scenes where your heart feels like it's going to stop, and you're stressed and worrying about what's happening next, and it's written so well. But reminder that everything has a comedic undertone so if you can't take too much angst, that's ok! There's comedy everywhere to hold onto! But point is, the loneliness in the void can be turned into the opposite direction, like two people relying on each other, holding onto each other because they don't want the other to slip out of their grip like everyone else around them did. And that's why the ship is so shippable!! Sa'e Yang acts annoying sometimes but in his heart, Chu Si is always number one priority.

And the main themes of the novel are: time, and love. Happy reading <3 <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 22, 2021
Status: c17
Reading up to Chapter 17:

Shameless ML and MC who also takes no nonsense. Really entertaining. ML feels like a Hua Cheng from TGCF dialled up x2 times.
Can’t wait for future chapters!
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for it to rain rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: Completed
(Bought and finished through licensed Thai ver.) Well, this has got to be one of my favourite reads.

What a brilliant read! First of all, beautifully written by MuSiLi (as always), the plot, the pacing, the characters and most importantly, the ROMANCE/CHEMISTRY between the leads... absolutely remarkable. Nights is a sci-fi book that is centered around the idea of time and spacetime, theres a lot of themes relating to time traveling, wormholes and all that special relativity jazz (which so happens to be something I'm fascinated by!) Of course, the... more>> author themself stated that this is not a scientifically correct novel and theres a lot of made up things they improvised on, HOWEVER! The world building itself is great and the mysteries/early plot holes WILL be explained... solved... in the latter half of the novel. TRUST ME. Everything ties up nicely at the end (theres this whole arc around the climax).

OK! On to my favourite part of this novel - the dynamics of the MC and the ML. Absolutely perfect. Everything I ever wanted in a danmei. They leak of s*xual tension! The scenes where they are alone together is like... crazy. They have crazy chemistry is all I can say. The fact that they knew each other for a long... time... plus the mutual trust... plus they complex relationship of not being friends not being enemies... plus the teasing... plus the way ML calls MC 'My Dear'... plus the cold bottom + playful top dynamic... ALL THAT DELICIOUS STUFF! My favourite scenes are when they show vulnerability to each other despite being two very strong men. Very similar to JiuHou from Global Examination (also by MuSuLi). It is GREAT!

I don't wanna say too much BUT I AM CRAZY ABOUT THEM. Chu Si and Sa'e Yang... my Gs...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE even if you find the translated chapters boring.. FINISH THE FIRST BOOK (DUST) BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR JUDGEMENT. READ THE (1st) Time Travel ARC (CH38++) FIRST I BEG OF YOU!!! <<less
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May 31, 2022
Status: c12
Honestly I kinda don't like this rn. I know the author said in the beginning, this is a nonsense tech book, but I as a reader still need to comprehend it if the author continues to talk about space prisons, planet explosions etc as according to the plot background etc.

The fact is you lost me. I don't f*cking understand. Maybe it's my reading comprehension, but there's a lot of words with little meaning. The world background is poorly done imo bc I don't get it; dude also I still don't... more>> understand what they meant by planet explosion that isn't a explosion? Hello? Then The author keeps hyping up the ML terrorist with little to no actual detail. The mc/mops the whole time: that guy is so dangerous. The "dangerous guy": stands there and is powerful. Also the mc: no panic no fear just annoyance. I feel the danger. Sike. Stop telling, more showing damn it!!

Also the first 7 chapters is just the book description regurgitated. I suspect everything gets better sure in later chapters, but its lack of world building has left me too f*cking confused to continue rn. <<less
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damnmei rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Had to read the first 10 chapters twice because I made the mistake of skimming the first time through and could not comprehend the plot at first but now I'm so hooked?! This is already shaping up to be a great novel, but one I will have to exercise many brain cells to get through as you really can't slack off reading in any chapter. I tend to skim when I read if I get bored so good thing this novel is supremely interesting! The mystery development is perfect, the... more>> character dynamics are hilarious, and the moments where the main characters are finally sincere and open up to one another are just so touching given their history together and apart.

I have deeply loved every character written by 木苏里 and this novel is no exception, just the way that she writes such consistent and lifelike characters is a marvel. You can predict how they might respond to situations and there's backstory to support their thought and behavior patterns. She really is one of my absolute favorite authors when it comes to characterization and writing gripping plot lines.

Main couple is like if depression and mania became people and sh*t talked their way into falling in love lol. MC's backstory made me tear up multiple times, and ML's crazy antics and lackadaisical manner were always entertaining (before his backstory when finally revealed also made me want to cry). They're the perfect contrast/complement to each other, and the only ones who can make the other lose composure. As usual, this author writes the most compelling characters and understated but deep romances. I could go on and on about how wonderful her writing is, as the characterization alone just speaks to me on a spiritual level.

I always have a delulu filter on when I read the main couple bantering or literally interacting at all so it's all fluff to me even when Chu Si is talking sh*t or Sa'e Yang is being a pain in the ass haha. Their romance once they finally start actually opening up to each other made me cry multiple times, it was just so sweet. It's a slow burn for sure, but so fulfilling each step of the way. I just love when fake flirting turns to real flirting, and it's just too sweet when Sa'e Yang starts to mean it when he calls Chu Si his dear one. Because he is!!!!!! Please my heart cannot take this.

The last major arc where the mystery was unveiled honestly was one of the most mind bending and also satisfying reveals. The novel builds everything up slowly until this last arc and then suddenly it all comes together in just the most wonderful display. Every little question I had while reading was answered, and there were even plot points I didn't think were too important previously that were brought up once more and thoroughly explained. It's truly amazing how good the build up to the climax was, I really can't give enough praise.

Keeping a timeline of dates for myself as I go, spoilers up to about the midpoint of the novel (no major spoilers) :


5632 - end of a 100 year interstellar war

5653 - Chu Si born, enters Xixi City Orphanage

5654 - civil strife in military, internal cleansing of opponents to experimental group

5661- Chu Si adopted by Jiang Qi

5662 - current timeline Chu Si and Sa'e Yang meet past Jiang Qi

5667 - original Fort Barney incident which resulted in Jiang Qi's death

5668 - 15 yo Chu Si and Sa'e Yang start school at White Eagle Military Sanatorium

5679 - after 12 years, graduate from military school and join training camp

5580 - Chu Si has an equipment accident during a mission and is saved by Sa'e Yang

5681 - Sa'e Yang leaves training camp

5682 - Chu Si leaves training camp

5685 - Sa'e Yang destroys Red Maple Base, becomes wanted worldwide

5702 - Chu Si retires as Executive Training Officer of training camp due to body damage from accident, and transfers to Office No. 5 as Executive Officer; Sa'e Yang is arrested

5713 - planet explodes, Chu Si frozen in chamber

5763 - Chu Si awakens, start of novel

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