Age Of The Sirens


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Sirens can only have one undying love for one person in their whole life. Humans use this characteristic to emotionally bind the Sirens to human soldiers, forming the world-famous Siren Squad.

Second Lieutenant Tang Yi’s twin brother, Tang Ya, was one of the captains of the Siren Squad, but died in a battle. Tang Yi was ordered to impersonate Tang Ya to control his brother’s Siren, Mercury, but he was found out just a few days after meeting. In order to protect the life of the Siren and continue to live his dream of being in the Siren Squad, Tang Yi and Mercury begin a happy(?) life in disguise as lovers.

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An rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this through MTL and it was really easy to understand. It really pulls you in from the beginning and I binge-read it in a weekend. 107 chapters is way too short. I gave this around 4/4.5 stars because I feel like it went by so fast. The beginning and middle half felt fleshed out but when it hits the ending half, it suddenly rushes so many events. I have so many questions and there are some loose ends I wish were clarified. And while this was completed in... more>> 2016 and the author mentions at the end of the last chapter that there may be extras in the future, unfortunately, I don't think there are any.

I appreciate the societal commentary on climate change, and human greed for power and resources and, the ongoing battles and wars for literally any reason.

On the backgrounds of Tang Yi & Tang Ya and Mercury:


All three are clones of their ancestor. The twins are clones of the human who saved the siren god (Chen Yuan), the second human that Chen Yuan bound to after being betrayed. Mercury is the clone of Chen Yuan.


To me, the ending is

OE and almost leaning toward BE.


MC and ML ending:

Tang Yi and Mercury are literally separated for 8 long years with Mercury thinking TY is dead. TY doesn't want Mercury to see him because he doesn't want to burden Mercury as (yes, it gets worse...) he has cancer from radiation exposure and is very sick. Mercury only finally gets to see him at the last chapter and it just ends with them meeting. I'm so devasted that that's what readers get after they suffer sooo much their whole lives. It feels unjust. I get that in this bleak world, this is probably a realistic ending but I'm not satisfied by this ending. I just wish I never read the ending. TY and Mercury deserve so much more. I just want them to live well and I want to have a glimpse of their relationship without the wars that they've lived through. Funnily enough, it seems that their best relationship moments are well before the ending. The ending makes me feel like I lost something. I thought that with such a dark, depressing setting, that the ending was bound to be better for the MC and ML and it's not. I'm bitter about how TY and Mercury, for most of the story and what we know of their lives, live for others and live in a plot that's planned out by others (like literally they're just chess pieces in the grand schemes of those in higher positions than them. They just get thrown around left and right, falling into every single trap/path that was pre-planned for them.) And in the end, we see that they still live for others. When they meet in the end, it's implied that they will live for themselves but I want to see that. TY isn't expected to live long and is far from his strong, healthy self, while Mercury will live for hundreds of years. Some part of me wants to believe that Mercury is able to heal him and they are able to spend many wonderful years together.


On ending of comrades and others:

The fate of Tang Ya is just so sad as well. And Liu Huo and Jang Yanfeng dying together in the blast. I wish we got more about the rest of the lives of the 15th squad as it seems like everyone mostly separates to do their own thing.

If I re-read this, I would only go back to the better times of MC and ML.

I need to read something else to

cleanse this sad, bitter, devastated feeling.

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periperi rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: Completed
5 stars

Read the other reviews first to prepare myself because tragedy tag was not joking around. But I just loved the setting and so still decided to read it. But prepare yourself for the angst.

Some thoughts on the characters fates in the end: ... more>>

regarding the squad, I honestly didn't expect the sirens and their partners to get rid of their bond in the end. But then, looking back in the plot, it was understandable because the bond in the beginning was "fake" due to the brainwashing program. But they stayed in contact and it's implied most pairs are still in a relationship despite the distance. So the ending was almost bittersweet for all the relationships yet hopeful in the apocalypse setting. Also agree that MC and ML's ending was HFN and the most bittersweet. Their happiness and brief respite begins only at the end of the book and it seems to only a short moment. But author's note wrote that author finally wrote a HEA (does this mean author's other works are all BE?) so I guess this is the best ending we can expect already.


Side note on tragic side characters:

I just totally felt sad when Jiang YanFeng sacrificed himself. His unrequited love story was one of the strongest emotional points of the story for me even though it was like 1 chapter only.


The pacing of the story is undeniably fast (soo much happened in the span of 100 chapters) but the setting was interesting and with an open mind (of what happens in the end), it was a good read. <<less
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Mistygirl56 rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
5 stars on Angst. This book is angsty as f*ck and I loved it. It's a fast paced book and it pulls you in after the first 10 chapters, I couldn't stop reading it until the last chapter. Both characters are so fleshed out. I loved the MC even though he struggled with himself the entire book but that's what made him so real.

I wish the book had extras. I would have loved to read about MC/ ML daily life together ❤️.

Thanks to Lani-Anela for translating this book so well.... more>> It was so fun to read. <<less
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sakirol rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: --
4.5/5. Recommend a read but advise against getting strongly attached to characters. Read for the ride, but don't raise expectations too high.

Post apocalyptic setting with indentured servitude type of bonding. Lots and lots of angst (which I love). Well-fleshed out story for majority of the novel. Loved the progression of the main couple. The climax and ending were both below par (which is why I say you shouldn't get too attached to the characters). No real plot "holes" I would say, but there are some unsatisfying plot conclusions.
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dee_ism rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: --
Such a gem! A scifi story with a lot of actions yet I found myself cried a lot. The heartbreaks are real. It's a HE.

I love our MC so much. He's such a sunshine with a fleshed character. His internal struggling feels so real and I'm getting attached to him from a get go.

Our ML also such a good character. Their squad also lovely. The plot and conspiracy are heavy but interesting to read.

Definitely a must read!

Tho, I really hope there's an extra :')
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Unluckypuppy13 rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: Completed
A literal masterpiece. Part of my top all time bls. Fantastic word building and while melodramatic it's in a way that makes sense and I empathize with all the characters. It's not the frustrating kind of drama where you just want to yell at all of them. Also major shout out to the translator because it's very well done.
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mullet8 rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: Completed
this is my first time leaving a review in nu, imagine the impact this story has on me that moves me to write a review..

i missed the tragedy tag... which is dumb considering I cannot handle tragedy.... whereas its still HE but I wished there were more chapters or extras to really conclude the ending. This is a very brilliant story to me, fast paced, thicc plot and the angst are definitely angsting. Got me weeping at the last chapters but the plot is extremely executed well I wished this... more>> was talked more because this novel is truly truly good and deserve more than five stars, yall who rated this lower.. something is wrong with you... now im going to wallow in despair and continue reading more of the authors works. 🫶


the siblings affection in this one hits hard I cried so hard when reading abt tang ya's sacrifice for tang yi more so than the angst between tang yi and mercury and then Jian YanFeng??? I was shouting bloody mu*der reading that one chapter

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Liangmei rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: --
This is such a well-written story.

My experience with this story was beyond my expectations. Whenever something bad was happening I could feel the anxiety. When the main character was being ridiculous I could feel the secondhand embarrassment and the awkwardness of the situation.

I felt this story. And it isn't a pleased feeling.

After I finished I could feel a huge void in my guts. And it's amazing. I recommend it to everyone. You will probably cry while reading the story.

... more>>

Inferno and Jiang yangfeng tho. I cried because of them first. Then Tang ya. He adores his little brother. Finally Tang Yi. He will probably die in a few years and idk how will Mercury cope with that.


5/5 deserved. <<less
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