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The world’s No.1 professional player in [Erosion], ‘Undead Legend’ Shu Jun, was preparing to retire.

Finally returning to reality from virtual reality, Mr. Shu was in great spirits and even planned to confess his feelings.

[See You Tomorrow]: After we win the finals, let’s meet. I will come to find you.

[Haze]: Okay.

With Shu Jun’s countless calculations, his strategy didn’t get knocked out, his commands didn’t get knocked out and his own team also didn’t get knocked out. But, the world decided to knock him out instead.

When he opened his eyes again, he had become the game’s most dangerous monster.

Also, this isn’t an E-sports novel.

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Jìn Zhǐ Cún Dàng
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New Devrai rated it
May 18, 2024
Status: extra
Really hard to rate this.

The story and world building are good but have many flaws.

Story (not a spoiler cause the setting is explainedin the first 5 chapters) : More than 200 years ago the world got destroyed by an apocalyptic event. Erosion Swamps (think radioactive slime) started to hunt humanity and eroded the environment. Humans found a way to purify the Erosion, but to bring the purifiers near the swamps and fight them costed too much lives. The Erosion is too strong, so it is not possible to distribute... more>> by mechanical devices and if humans go, they will also be affected, get sick, mutations and die. Humanity was already on the brink of extinction when the "Synthetic Humans " and the "Player System" was introduced. Humans were able to synthesize people that were more resilient against the Erosion thanks to a kind of resonance with the swamps and they even had some special powers. Unfortunately their life span is limited. So which intelligent species would want to fight another's war while knowing that you will either die on duty or at age 30? Well... what if you don't know? So the "Player System " was born. The Synthetics got implanted with random childhood memories and put in a virtual game pod. They grew up in that world where "Erosion " is the top most important game and it is normal to go to a military school. For them, the game "Erosion " has a special setting that keeps things interesting. If you " die" you can not enter that game anymore and have to retire. Not knowing that only an AI "keeps people alive" in their world.

For the Synthetics it is a game and people are NPCs. For the public, the Synthetics are living weapons with only basic animalistic brains... only made in human forms to better work the instruments. For the government they are convenient tools and chess pieces.

So what happens if one of your best tools doesn't die in the swamp but somehow resonates with it and binds with one? What if a player learns about the truth and you can't delete his knowledge? Learning about all the real sacrifices. What if your Player System is more problematic than you thought?

So this novel is about MC, a Synthetic, and ML, a human, that fight for their own species survival. Finding new ways and possibilities. They do have a common history, which allows them the keep trust in each other.

You can imagine the moral problem.

So, why is it hard to rate? Because while the story is kind of sound, there are some holes and I do miss some drama. MC and ML are genius strategy masters. So basically everything went super smooth and in line with their planning. That annoys me.

I wasn't exactly bored but also not super entertained. It felt a bit mechanical. A good-ish read. But this might only be my impression and others might feel the story mood differently.

So would I recommend it? Well.. yeah kind off. But be prepared, there is no fluffyness. It's a fight for survival, concentrating on politics. <<less
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Celissiye rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7

I wanted to read something more plot-heavy/action-filled, compared to pointless romantic fluff, and this hit the spot. Don't worry, there is also just enough delicious gayness to keep one happy. This novel has also done a great job with both characters and story-pacing. It has certain secrets to unravel and issues to resolves and goes through them bit by bit in the story, without rushing everything in the end.

The MC has a downright charming and playful personality with hints of sinister evil because of his new life as a... more>> 'monster' in the 'game'. I enjoyed every line of dialogue he gave. He starts as pretty strong, then grows into the most OP character in the story. The ML might be more booksmart compared to the MC, but when it comes to strategy forming, they are evenly matched, and the MC takes the cake in combat strength, hands-down. The ML is a stark contrast in personality, reticent and vaguely shy when harassed by the MC. He is described as 'cold', but as readers we often see how he acts around the MC--a bit shyly and cute.

The relationship between them oozed equality and was deeply satisfying. Despite the dark content of the novel, the romance remained wholesome. Both parties cared a lot for each other (and after many chapters of both keeping their crush a secret) and weren't afraid to express that affection once they confessed. During hard times, there was an equal amount of saving each other and mental support. It was refreshing to have moments of them being 'a dangerous power couple'.

They are both manly and aggressive that I could easily see them having a switch relationship eventually, although in the story it is only hinted that the ML is on top (but these scenes are very few... so I still think it's possible that the MC would 'have his turn' later on, but for now just call the MC a power bottom). Additionally, the MC is non-human, sexy, and don't worry, he never loses his OP monster powers at the end for BS reasons like I have seen in other stories.


But because the relationship doesn't have as much drama once the two come clean about their feelings, I would say that the romantic aspect is often not the main focal point of the story. This is both a good and bad thing. If you are hungry for extra chapters of fluff romance, you will disappointed, but if you are the type who gets annoyed by unnecessary drama or dub-con relationships, you won't need to worry about such things between the MC and ML in this story.

I loved the characters in this story, none are truly 'good' or 'evil'. Even the antagonists who have chosen to be destructive may have started down such an evil path because of a legitimate reason and have moments where they doubt themselves or seem to even regret what has come to pass. Even the MC is only neutral good, with no real like for humans besides the ML... for reasons that are understandable once you read.

Notably, there is a lesbian side couple, and both of these female characters are well fleshed out and interesting. One is a grumpy researcher/doctor, while the other is a girl groomed to be a 'singer like a canary', but as she hated that restrictive life, took on another identity as a subordinate general under the ML.

Pacing goes like this: The first half of the novel is more focused on the MC and ML coming together and solving immediate problems and gives the reader a healthy dosage of angst, while the last half is about overarching problems (saying too much would ruin the fun), until there is a war and final boss fight for the last 35 ish chapters. This is my only real complaint with the novel--while I think it was necessary that the ending would take so long to wrap up and the author did a great job of not letting any of the previous characters or plotlines rot, the relationship between the MC and ML is very minimized because of combat/politics to the point that they rarely meet. I would have liked slightly more interactions afterwards (instead the typical 1 chapter of 'the future is optimistic'). It also didn't feel as thrilling as the earlier parts of the novel because you basically know where the MC and ML stand in viewpoints, so it doesn't seem like there would be any major conflicts or tragedies at the last moment (besides side characters). So while it was supposed to be the largest climax against the final antagonist, it didn't actually make me worry as much as it should have.

The novel has several interesting major themes. The environment and human rights, and how much people should bury their heads in the sand about certain issues before it comes back to bite later. For example, climate change and CO2 pollution is always present, but there are people who insist on maintaining the current status quo of oil usage and nuclear plants because they find that it has no other way. This novel points out that this then creates major issues for 'later generations--which could easily become your own, or your children's, to sort out. It may lead to bleak results because no one bothered to come up with better methods, and tried to keep using a system with major flaws long-term.

Honestly, I did not expect such a complex message from a BL novel alongside the already entertaining characters and action--so... if you like lots of drama alongside the BL, a wonderfully drama-free/OP cp, and somewhat interesting takes on morality as fodder for the brain, I highly recommend this novel.

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Raukatau rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: Completed
5/5 Just for plot. It hit hard from the first chapters, when you understand MC situation, you gonna be like "oh hell no". Theme is quite dark and heavy, but novel is more on idealistic side. Don't be afraid of word "drama", this is type of drama when everything turns to be better, the more heart-wretching past were, the more fulfilling future will be.

MC and ML most of the novel are together, but their relationship progress feels a bit to slow, they both to cautious with each other, yes there... more>> is a lot of reasons for this, but it still feels slow. MC and ML both strong, but still have some close calls, so I am not sure to call them "OP". If they were not that strong, they can't win this war, their goal close to impossible.

Other good thing about thins novel - villians, I cannot fully hate any of them. They all have their ideas, motivations, reasons and beliefs. Even Sigma have a reason to exist, humans reap what they sow.

Yes, there is some plot holes, and many things to idealistic (plans go to smooth to be real), but this novel deserves 5 stars. <<less
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sakirol rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: c7
No rating yet but seems really good so far. I won't say much, but the synopsis and first chapter are misleading.

This is not an e-sports, VRMMO, or gaming novel. What I mean is that there aren't things like 'quests', 'dungeons', 'classes'.
It's a post-apocalyptic, monster-killing type of novel.

4 years later - finished and really reviewing :)

4.5/5. Post-apocalyptic story. Plot-heavy, Interesting setting, beautiful twist to hook you in at the beginning, endearing relationship between MC and ML. HE. Worth reading, as are all the other works of this author.

The plot level is similar the the author's other works. There is an interesting premise, you will be completely hooked up until the climax, and the story is complete. But the execution post-climax can be a little bit lacking; not a big problem as it is still better than 90% of webnovels. Just note that you can distinctly feel that the author brushes through some things, particularly in later sections of the novel.

I am overall very happy with this read, and I love the main couple.
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Kaelle rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Oh, It's perfect!

The story is so complex and full of new informations every moment.

To sum up, Shu Jun is a player in the game Erosion, a really popular game with a different rule: You can only play with one character, if this character dies you cannot play Erosion anymore. He still has 2 years before retire from the game but he decide to get out with a big splash to finally retire and see Haze, the player he talks for a long time and never really met. Except that when... more>> he died in the game he couldn't get out! He was now one creature of the game, and worst, one of the enemies! And that's how the sh*t start.

I thought it would be something like Overlord, but it's completely different. The end of the first chapter give me goosebumps and the last line of second chapter made my mind blow!

My favorite thing about the story wasn't even the plot, that is amazing btw, but the relationship between MC and ML. The way they are always think about how to help each other, they are so perfect together <3

They are in opposite sides of the conflict, but they don't give a f*ck to this, everyone around them saying: "He is gonna betray you, you cannot trust him" and they are like "Okay! I really don't care." And this trust flows both ways! IT'S SO AMAZING! The unconditional trust they have made me give 5 starts to this.

I believed in them until the last moment and they didn't disappoint me. <<less
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.

Both the protagonist and ML were endearing. What added flavour to the story were their companions and even the antagonists. I was able to immerse myself while reading their adventures, struggles and victories.

This novel is totally worth re-reading.
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Poison rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: Completed
I see author 年终, I click. I'm a fan from her previous work 'Stray' and I kinda set my expectation high. The setting in 'Stray' is so solid; the mysterious aspect makes everyone guessing till the end.

However, it's abit let down in this novel. The mystery is still there, but the pacing is not good.

Rating : 3.5/5 ⭐

Don't get me wrong, the starting was quite good. Then when our MC and ML met, I was starting to get lost. The part here was tricky, because there was almost no dynamic... more>> between the two, I started to worry that author might force sudden romance. But once the past of the two was fleshed out, it got better. MC and ML got closer just nice without feeling disparity. I was back on track on following the storyline and their adventure.

The climax of the story was what got me bored. The power struggle, the politics, the rebellion, the war, everything was squished here. Author had skip through alot that sometimes I wasn't even sure if a day or a week had passed.

Besides, the side characters weren't as fleshed out as in 'Stray'. I felt no connection to anyone in the novel, that even if one died, I wouldn't get sad like how I did in 'Stray'; I cried in 'Stray' just because everyone got old in the epilogue. The side characters in this novel were just letters in my mind, I could hardly imagine how they actually looked like because there weren't even a description on who have blond hair, blue eyes etc. Except for MC and ML of course.

Last but not least, I was hoping for drama at the boss fight, to give some spice after all the skips and politic drama. But none. Just felt so anticlimatic after all the "dramatic" struggle everyone suffered.


Thing is, author did mention on one of the useless skills Sigma had, which was seeing your loved one died. I was fricken waiting for this skill to be used, either before or after self destruct. Had imagine countless possibilities could happen once it was used, such as ZYC saw SJ died and started to lose control, or the other way round. But sigh, nada. I think author started to get bored of this story so she flashed through the scene and ended it spontaneously. She might be lazy to clean up the aftermess if the skill was used and how she had to write another lengthy appeas**ent on both the humans and synthetics side.


Nevertheless, the saving point of this novel is our MC and ML. After the initial struggle between MC and ML, the dynamic between the two was really good and no unnecessary misunderstanding. The romance part was pretty soothing after the timeskip abuse.

Anyway, shouldn't force high expectation on this one. This novel felt more experimental because author mentioned that she was trying a new writing style. <<less
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July 26, 2023
Status: --
The story is actually good.

Unfortunately this story is quite weak when we compared it to other stories that made by this author.

How should I say it... although the whole story still has high tension things (which was this author characteristics) I still feel that at some points a lot of part from this story just end ambiguous and unclear...

Other than that, I personally don't feel any vibes/feelings for the characters from this story... For me they all are too shallow and easy to forget.
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Shrike1978 rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: Completed
First of all, applause for the author for taking on the challenge of weaving big, difficult and dark issues into a BL romance and making it work! Second for writing another great story. I agree that this story has a different flavor than some of the author's other works but I still thought it was great!

On a technical/geeky note, I just wanted to put in a complement for being able to write a long complicated siege battle in a way that was understandable, engaging and action-packed. I've tried writing a... more>> one-on-one single chapter fight scene and trying to describe action which is so visual is not easy, and this author chose to take on the hardest kind to portray expressively.

Once again, I will mention how amazing this author is to have come up with several stories all with very different plots and settings from cultivation to the apocalypse and in-between. It's definitely not easy to do.

I really liked the dynamics of the main couple and their personalities, also how the side characters who are developed all exist in varying shades of gray instead of simple black and white. Also, what a way to start a story, by turning one of the main protagonists into a huge monster in the first chapter!

Totally recommend this as well as all of this author's novels. Cheers! <<less
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HiddenHermit rated it
July 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Good novel with an interesting plot. Although some areas could've been fleshed out better, it was still an enjoyable.

MC, Shu Jun, is an extremely likable and fun character. He was planning on retiring from a game so he sacrificed himself to give his team a win. However, he actually died.

... more>>

MC thought that he was playing a game but actually the game was the real world and his "real world" was virtual reality. MC was a synthetic human created by humans to fight erosion swamps.

When MC fell into the erosion swamp, he merged with it and became an erosion swamp. He learned the truth about synthetic humans and schemed to save his teammates and the other synthetic humans.

MC already had feelings for ML, Zhu Yanchen, but he didn't know ML's identity since they never met. MC met ML again and they started working together to defeat the intelligent erosion swamps and end the player system.



MC and ML had known each other when they were young. They met in the virtual "real world" and became close friends. ML's father discovered their relationship and threatened to kill MC. ML agreed to have MC's memories of ML wiped out to protect MC. ML loved MC and worked tirelessly to save MC.

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twobada rated it
July 26, 2023
Status: c1
5 stars to pull up rating. 4.3 for me.

The story is really good and I like how the world building was just enough to support the story. No more, no less. The author gave us just enough to keep the plot going and to visualize the situations the characters were in.

My main gripe is that the flow and the pacing was too janky.

For a while, there would be action, and then it would be followed by several chapters of planning and dialogues leading up to another event. The problem here... more>> is that once the event actually arrives, the action just falls flat. Sometimes, even glossed over by narration or limited POV from a side character. And then the story would go back to several chapters of planning and dialogues all over again.

There definitely were times when I was too bored to continue or when I felt that reading through it was a chore (because the satisfaction from the big events was too mid).

Another thing is that although there were many interesting characters, the character development even for both leads fell short. Sure, everyone got distinct personalities and backstories. But a whole lot of them remained the same throughout. For me, the characters with the most development were Xia Yufeng, Xia Ling, and Yi Ning. Next would be Zhu Sheng.

The MC & ML, frankly, their character settings were already very fixed from the start. They were entertaining to read but underneath it all, how they were in the beginning was still the same in the end. Only their interactions with each other changed.

There are plenty of things that the author does right, though. Especially the portrayal of ideological conflicts, and distinction between what is human and what isn't. The author let the characters (and their experiences) do the talking, rather than philosophizing and virtue signalling through lengthy paragraphs. Us, readers, are left to ponder the questions and decide on our own.

The plans and plot twists are also not brain-dead or too contrived. They're intriguing enough to keep you hanging, and logical enough to make them all fit seamlessly. Not once did I encounter a plot twist so jarring and unbelievable that it broke the immersion from reading.

Overall, it was quite a good read. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c86
Pretty good! I think I lost interest in the plot a little though. Maybe it dragged out for too long, but it might just be preference, so I won't rate it low because of that.

I love the relationship between the MC and ML! Not toxic and quite wholesome despite the situation, haha.
The side characters are memorable enough, I suppose. I also appreciate how cool the MC's powers are.

I think the best thing about the novel is the worldbuilding and the twist/reveal that happens in the first few chapters. Very unique. The art for the novel is also very pretty. Couldn't stop myself from staring at the MC's face occasionally XD
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yellauraya rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: Completed
➺ 3.5/5 🌟

This danmei novel is quite plot-heavy and the romance is kind of a sub-plot, so anyone looking for a romance-focused plot, this might not be for you. The romantic relationship is a great anchor for both the MC and ML's stance in the situation, but it's not what drives the whole plot.

But even though the romance is just a subplot, what I love about this novel the most is the MC and ML's relationship dynamic. Both of them are standing on different side of the conflict and literally... more>> everyone is convinced that one of them would just betray the other. But the thing is, their level of trust for each other is not something anyone would understand. From the perspective of the outsiders, they are just collaborating for the sake of their personal gains, that they just clearly met and betrayal is very possible. What they didn't know is how much they rely on each other since they were kids, that even though Shu Jun lost his memories of A Yan, that instinctual trust he gave the other is very natural, how deep their feelings for each other are despite the growing hostility of their respective 'race'. No one is aware of their sincere love other than themselves. And I loved how nonchalant they are in their response when other people kept on provoking their trust on each other, because they're confident that backstabbing would not happen in their relationship. I love that relationship dynamic so much and for me, that's the best part of this novel.

I can't say I'm very into the plot itself, but it was still good. I just stayed here for both the MC and ML and their display of affection, regardless of the plot. I've read another novel of this author a few months ago (Happy Doomsday) and I can see how much she's focused on the complicated plot, but her characters and their dynamics are undoubtedly the best aspect of her works in my opinion, both in this novel and in Happy Doomsday. I will definitely read more of her novels in the future. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
September 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Very happy with this one. Wanted some BL with action mixed in with the romance, and this one didn't disappoint. The emotions are real, and our MC doesn't just magically fall in love out of nowhere. As we find out more about their memories and their history, you feel more pain for the two children, especially our ML who fought desperately for 16 years to try to save our MC while slowly dying himself. While his favorite person completely forgot about him. Brutal.

A lot of tension, but still some time... more>> for fluff. Plenty of things were kinda glossed over, but I didn't feel like there was that much missing. The extras were quite satisfying as well, it seems like I need to check out this author more. Would recommend. <<less
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