The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


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The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined.

Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road.

This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.

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Dalbic Jogaksa
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Deliora112 rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: v50
All I can really say is: It does not change.

It gets really repetitive after having Pale say, for the 50ish time "Oh that's our Weed. Always so good at saving money."

The same jokes are made, the same sorts of hi-jinks, the same discussions and the same low key racist comments.

... more>> One can wonder if Weed actually intends to fulfill his promise he made. Since, for it being the reason the story started, it has not even been mentioned since volume 3.

The first 20 volumes are great. Some s*avery and things anyone would have thought of already in the game. But better than the standard game stories you can find here. After volume 20 there is no need to read it. It is just the same things, told using the same words, coming to similar conclusions. <<less
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luckymorris rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: v44c1
At first, the novel was fun, good world building, interessing quests, nice side characters and funny moments. The novel had plenty of originality, but it just get worse and worse.

The MC is frustrating to no end, a f*cking a**hole, doesn't change one bit. Sure, there is MC out there that are evil, except that the author doesn't portray the MC as such, resulting in someone that you grow to hate more and more. WE GET IT, HE IS GREEDY, CAN WE MOVE ON TO SOMETHING ELSE? I feel like reading... more>> peerless white emperor where the same jokes were used again and again but even worse.


Let's talk also about how the MC keeps abusing the main heroine just because he once saw her with a red name (meaning she killed human player), he kept thinking that she was an awfull person while the girl really was someone who didn't expressed emotion or speak because of her past, she proved numerous time that she was kind, but the MC kept f*cking do mental gymnastic to still think that she was bad, saving his life by taking care of him while sick? "ShE MuSt Be TrYiNg To ToRtUrE mE", that just one of the many example and that just frustrating to no end

The antagonist is complete tr*sh, at the level of a young master in chinese novel, except that this one stick around for all the story and doesnt seems close to GTFO. The antagonist is a guild called hermes guild, the author make us hate them, but this dumb f*ck keeps talking about how strong they are, how one of their player is the best in the game. The reason for attacking MC? He is more popular than them so they try to kill him. Sure, ok. They control cities and put high taxes and players hate them? "We don't care about public opinion" MOTHERf*ckER WHAT? Then why did you try to kill MC?

This so called "best player" killed the MC once, while he was surrounded by his teammates, with reinforcement incoming, with great gear, started one year earlier than MC and still almost losed despite MC having sh*t equipement for his level and was alone. Then the author managed to say something along the line of "it isn't an excuse, he losed" WTF? YES IT S A f*ckING EXCUSE THE f*ck IS WRONG WITH YOU?


Anyway, the novel keeps digging in the pile of shit, but depth seems endless because it keeps getting worse and worse, don't waste your time, you'll only end up frustrated seeing something good turning to shit. <<less
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tef0 rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: --
This story is perhaps one of the most mediocre things I’ve ever read and yet it’s regarded as the best thing since sliced bread.

The “comedy” isn’t funny.

There’s basically no story in the 20ish volumes I’ve read.

The characters are cookie-cutters.

Weed is like Mr. Krabs without the writers ability to make his greed funny.

The literal only redeeming feature this novel has are the fight scenes are pretty decent.
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Celebration rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: v40
Just to add on to the one below me, I don't think he is going to sell his account because he makes to much continuous money from it, through his "taxes". And honestly it is mostly a comedy. But for those thinkers out there, you can actually get a lot from it. I won't bore you with my musings from the story. But similar to One Piece, the more you look and research it, the more you get from it. ANd the comment below the one below me, is crazy.... more>> How are there too many characters? The ones that matter are introduced slowly and fully, so I don't understand how they can't keep up with the characters. So take that comment with a grain of salt. The might be some translation issues here and there, but not to the point where you can't read and enjoy the story. I give this story a 5, because I thoroughly enjoy this story. I can re-read it and find something fresh every time. It makes me think about society and myself. Weed does openly what people do secretly and I respect him for it. I love the slow romance as well. Because he is so suspicious and actually innocent in the way of love, it is a very refreshing take on it. Even though it isn't the main focus of this story, it is a cute side story. For someone so intelligent and calculation, he is so awkward and stubborn when it comes to his feelings (He is always in denial). The point is, there are many things you can get out of this story, and if you skim over it you will miss it, and if you can't comprehend the story, I don't know what to tell you. Because it really isn't that hard to comprehend the main points of the story. But it might take a little more brain power to read between the lines. <<less
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White Dragon
White Dragon rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: --
Read it so long ago. Back then rainbow turtle was my favourite translator. Infact deathblade and rainbow turtle are the translators I admire most.

Weed is one of my all-time favourite characters.

LMS is my all-time favourite novel.

... more>> This novel I wanna rate 1000/5. Lol.

Just want to add to newbies ranting it's overrated: it is one of the earliest novels to be translated and it didn't even have a donation link to it, when I read it. Heck, it appeared in front of me and it was up to readers wether they want to donate or not. They were few good novels out there. Coiling dragon, lms etc. These kinda novels opened a new world to us. There are far worse and tr*shy novels out there with even worse translations, fake ranked, fake accounts upvoting or rating and translators and authors being paid a lot. One gotta respect, as they (the novels and translators back then) are like the founders of this community today. And I believe most old readers will agree with me, because for us not only was it enjoyable but also has a profound meaning. Like watching kids grow or something. Haha.

I think others will know more or explain better.

I think I should never read reviews in the morning on a off day. Thankfully, I found a few comedies to make up for my bad mood due to these negative comments. <<less
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Crimson Nanashi
Crimson Nanashi rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: v23c4
Don’t get me wrong I do like this series overall but the reason for my 3 instead of a 5 is Weed. Arsehole characters are fine but he is just... so unlikible for me. The entire time I’m reading his interaction with the main girl (forget her name) and the other heroines I just feel bad for the girls because of how much of an arse he’s being to them. This bites because I like pretty much everything else about the series. I like the game the world the characters... more>> the quests the hidden quests the skills and pretty much everything other then Weed. The only thing I do like about Weed is his tenacity. The bit about how he trained for months in the game hitting the training dummy was rather funny. Not a fan of what they did with the animals Weed owns but I understand that’s their culture so I won’t berate him for that. <<less
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sgrey rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: v42
The story is pretty average, but at times entertaining. What I don't like is that timeline sometimes is messed up and the author jumps from present to the future, but then goes back to the past. And not for something important, but for trivial stuff. He often uses these kind of tricks to gain more interest, but what it causes are situation like "wait, did I just missed a chapter? Why are you talking about this random thing?"

I also hate MC. He is super rotten and treats his friends like... more>> crap. They are also handing out with him just for benefits. He also seem to have split personality where he thinks one thing and does another.

Really, he does not change at all, there is no character growth here. It is sad, but majority characters that are close to MC (except for the gf) have flat personalities. Really, Geomchies are most interesting out of them....

What is also quite irritating is that the author seem to think that he has to write about the game every few paragraphs. He will switch to it in the middle of some interesting event and talk about random things, as long as it is in the game or about the game (like in the middle of a dialog). This discontinuity becomes quite irritating as you keep reading.


One of the biggest disappointments for me was how Seoyoon started to speak. She was exchanging notes with MC because she was too shy one moment and then in the next paragraph she was working in a restaurant talking to a bunch of strangers. WTF? Huge deal was made of how she was able to communicate only with him and then sudden jump to complete cure. Such a missed opportunity for a good chapter.

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apsisodia rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: v35
(sorry, English isn't my native language)

I have mixed feelings for this novel. This is the father of all Virtual Reality type of novels.

Some storyline were very exciting and fun to read. Author knows how to write good fight scenes.

Despite all of this I can't continue reading it and am dropping the novel. And the reason is lack of Character development in the story. In the story MC is very poor so he is a very greedy and miser person. In the beginning every scene involving him was very... more>> funny. It's just even after 35 volumes. His character is the same. There is no progress in character development in the story. If you can ignore this issue, then you should go for it. Try it and form you own opinion. <<less
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Resutatto rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: v48

Arpen Kingdom's Earth Palace. Grass porridge members are kneeling and bowing down to their Goddess.

GrassPorridge: "Queen Goddess-nim, Please just sit comfortably in your throne while we go and wreak those Hermes bastards. They don't know who the true Goddess is. They should suffer in hell."

... more>> Porridge#: "kuuoh, Why is Weed sitting so closely to Goddess-nim?, Just him breathing the same air as the Goddess breathed, . It breaks my heart. He doesn't deserve it."

Porridge##: "kuuh.... We can't help it. He's the King. Of course He'll sit in his throne, . BUT.. I can't accept it too, , uggh,.."

Weed smirked

Weed: 'kekeke... Just having Seo-yoon besides me will make all the residents and users in my kingdom to be loyal s*aves. Yes, YES. this is it, They should work and pay their taxes. money, MONEY, kukuku..'

Weed: ' A true dictator doesn't rule with fear, They rule through exploitations!'

Seo-yoon gently smiled

Seo-yoon:'... They are all kind and hard working. They are all good people.'

Mapan who is sitting in a corner with his eyes shining brightly

Mapan: ' Ahh~, I can't really beat Weed-nim. I've still got a lot to learn.'

Bardray who is drinking in a certain tavern while watching Weed's broadcast.

Bardray:'... hm.. I'm still the strongest in Royal Road. No one can beat me. True, Weed is strong but I'm stronger'

Bardray stood up and exited the tavern.

Bardray:' So i'll go hunting now. so that i'll be MORE stronger.'

The Geomchis who're watching the broadcast too.

Geomchi-#:"Hyung, what are they talking about? why are a lot of people excited about it?"

Geomchi-##:" Hmm, , ,.. ah! It must be!... I don't know. they're talking gibberish, If they want to talk, they should do it with their fist!"

Geomchis: " oooooohh!!, as expected of Hyung-nim!"

SeasonedCrab is in a certain back alley of Morata. He placed his hand on his mouth while his body is shivering.

SeasonedCrab:'............ why are they celebrating this event monthly!!'


Pale, Irene, Zephyr, Romuna, Surka, Hwaryeong, Bellot, etc.
:'Pls, , , anything, just anything except hunting'

5 star., Cuz it took Weed 40 volumes to kiss his GF. WaW!, btw, lovin' the grinding. (He's not a human. SERIOUSLY, no can one can grind like weed. HE'S A TERMINATOR) <<less
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ItsAlive rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: v14c8
It's an enjoyable novel for the first 13 volumes, if you ignore the mountain of inconsistencies.

The antihero MC is pictured as the only hardcore gamer in the world who grinds stats and skills. Even in "real life" he's a super human, which only needs 4 hours of sleep and can also play for 8 days without rest.


- great battles / sieges


  1. no character development (w greed incarnate, no empathy)
  2. MC ignores to build up reputation through low lvl quests, even though he should know better.....
  3. he's the only hardcore gamer which plays a crafter/artist even though they can grow infinitely through grinding stats and also grant passive skills.
  4. MC is pictured as gaming ace but fails to exploit his op profession to learn all secondary professions (crafter, artists, etc.)
  5. fun fact: just in volume 7 he has more than 150 statpoints less than he should have (spends only points into strength/agility)
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VOLX98 rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: v40c5
Hi, this is my first light novel review.

I found this series through its manga, which had beautiful art. It was funny, full of suspense and intriguing, which led me to continue after the end of the manga. After I read all the available chapters at the moment, I consider this Korean masterpiece a 5. Why? Simply because it was the first light novel that I ever read and I can't stop reading it... many of you probably no this feeling, this desire for more of one's kind :)

It's a... more>> good feeling... I enjoy the repetitive insider jokes which run through the novel like a red string. I mean the barely bread, the geomchis <3, the always lamenting MC Lee Hyung and the so pretty second MC Seoyoon :D.

I know, people criticize this kind of romance, where there is too much misunderstanding and people don't like the MC for his wickedness, but think about his circumstances. He started to work all trades of work from the age of 14/15~ right? He solely provided for both sister and grandmother and also for his treatment, when he got sick from his hard labour. So the way he sees life as unfair and always repetitively states this is not only amusing but in a way very true, because not everybody can have the same life, where there will be higher ups, will be lower standing people, whom are being stepped on by superiors. It's so naturally that nature it self favorites the fittest. See survival of the fittest (eminem song or darwin's game a manga reference haha :D) And the second point about romance and misunderstandings between MCs, it's something that can be enjoyed by some people like me, as it is refreshing and new in comparison to other love relationships in fiction! <<less
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halilintar_007 rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
A nice story with lots of Author’s trolls. If you don’t have time to read about geomchis and some other insignificant plots happening, just use the Ctrl+F combo and find these names : (seo-yoon, lee hyun, bardray, weed). I think the Author purposely includes a lot of side characters and intermix between RL and game to change the pacing of the story while taking a breather, so that lots and lots of volume can be made. But if you have all the time in the world to kill, read everything... more>> and you will enjoy it. <<less
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Augustus7 rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
The translation has been dropped and picked up by many translators. So while you are reading half way through, you might realise you are lost due to the difference in styles of the translators. Nevertheless, it is one of my first novels, it has a deep impression on me. If you are looking for novel with virtual reality adventures, LMS tops the charts.
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mxbftw rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: v30c6
Let me say one thing before I write my review. I am a big fan of LMS manhwa, I enjoyed it even more than other top manhwas like Tower of God or Solo Leveling. But LMS web novel was such a huge disappointment.

There are many flaws in the novel - too many that I can list some of them here (may contain spoilers) :

  • The MC is a massive insensitive jerk. No, not a normal one, a massive jerk. Weed is so obsessed with making money, he stops at almost nothing to do so. He shamelessly lies to people to uses their labor. He treats his creations no more, and his friends a little more than tools. It was funny in the manhwa because it seems less serious with comics, but his thought process and feelings got magnified in the novel that it makes me feel sick. Idk how his "friends" can even put up with him.
  • The real world is nuts. The owner of the game, which is gonna go to the museum, decided to buy the account of the top player at an unimaginable price for "advertisement", only that it doesn't create them any sales at all. The dev who created the Royal Road can casually kidnap, threaten, and spy on people without a second thought.
  • The logic is wacky. Time in VR is faster than in real life, so broadcasting companies HAVE TO USE ADS TO FILL IN THE DISPARITY (what?). I know the boring parts of the adventure are edited out, but to keep broadcasting seems like live feed while maintaining all the actions, there would be no time for ads.
  • This is a big one, the main reason I could not stand it any longer: Common sense and people's behaviors are ridiculous. Would you like, after a stressful day of work, to go back home, connect to virtual reality and do more work? People in LMS would. Newbies who begin in the free realms ruled by Weed really appreciate the low tolls, taxes and fees (when they have never lived on other guilds' territories), meanwhile other players are also blindly loyal to their lands despite the hardship. I wonder what in the author's mind would explain that. Players treat guild leaders with such formality as if they were real royalties. I know it feels like a second life to them but it's just a game brah, have some pride! The Geomchi group is a bunch of macho maniacs whose actions are just painful to read. And the Grass Porridge Cult is a group of masochists willing to work their ass off for a bowl of porridge.
With such high expectation, I came to the web novel, I keep telling myself to be patient for the good part, I keep on reading and it has destroyed my good feelings about the manhwa. Now I doubt I can ever enjoy the manhwa again as I did before. Idk how it received such... more>> a deceiving rating. Guys, stay away from this, read the manhwa instead and pick up another novel if you must. <<less
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Rantmania rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: --
When I first started reading novels with vmmorpg I heard that LMS was the best of the best and that reading it would change everything. Then I picked it up and realized something....

This is one of if not the most overrated novels on this website.

It was nothing like I expected and you will see why in my ranting below

Let me begin by saying the translation is bloody awful and I don't mean to rude but this piece of sh*t translation is very bad for such a great book. It is... more>> like watching someone butcher the English language little by little.

Next we get to the MC called weed which is ironic because one would actually need a ton of weed to get high enough and actually enjoy his characterization. I get that he is supposed to be greedy because he needs money but for God's sake you don't have to remind us about it every f*cking chapter. He doesn't even develop his character at all, his personality stays the same throughout the novel. Even after going through different experiences and struggles his character development is mediocre at best and downright non-existent at worst. Even if you bring up the argument that his greediness is part of his charm you are wrong because even after so much there still no satisfying change when it is hinted in between the lines.

And for the worst offense I condemn the comedy. The author has no sense of comedic timing and demonstrates it throughout the novel, he tries to make some great comedic moments and he fails miserably. Weed's greed interweaves with the comedic undertone and at first it's manageable but for the sake of comedy weed doesn't even have common sense, all he thinks about is how tr*shy his class is (his class is directly linked to the former emperor and he gets op gradually because of all it's advantages but still says his class is bs), how to save more money than he is already saving (this is also s*upid because in the game he uses the in game currency to get things essential for his character but everytime he does it the author trys to make it funny because of his thriftyness and it gets more and more annoying) and how to just be a s*upid as*hole by using his thriftyness as an excuse for everything he can't provide for either himself or his sister even after he literally starts earning a steady income of millions from the game.

All of this flaws just cover the first 5 volumes of a novel this has 50+ volumes.

In fairness when compared to normal novels it is quite great but when you try to compare it to great works it is severely lacking.

So If I should rate it normally it would get 4 stars at best but if I should rate it based on the overwhelming hype behind it, it is hardly even 2 stars.

After getting to volume 5 chapter 8 the sheer amount of disappointment and dissatisfaction of the novel made drop it and to never follow it's hype train ever again.

So basically if you like being disappointed by a lack of development MC this novel is for you and if you also love misplaced comedy this is also for you.

All I have to say is f*ck Weed, f*ck his s*upidity and f*ck the very annoying geomchis.

I decided to read to volume 7 and now I regret even giving this piece of sh*t a rating as high as 4 stars <<less
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mitreremix rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: v53c9
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is definitly the best VRMMORPG web novel out there, it's no suprise that you see so many positive reviews, the few bad ones are from people that either are here for a quick read or just petty.

The translation was a bit rocky at the start and you had to go from one site to another to read it. All the waiting that ensued after vol 20 was out, the anxiety, what will happen to the novel? But the people picked it up, much of this work... more>> was translated by its fans for free. Which speak volumes how good this web novel is!

Let me tell you a bit about the story now.

The MC is a tightwad, but has a good heath and is relatable. He works hard for his plot armor, and he works smart! I've seen some comments that say that he was a loser before he hit it big, but does working hard for a small paycheck equal loser? There are many more character development beside the MCs, which is rare for this kind of web novel having in mind that there are many characters in there and even new ones being introduced.

The story pacing is the best I have seen out there, neither too fast nor too slow, and what I love the most about this web novel is that you see what is happening outside of the game, which works like a valve to vent some steam, it's not your regular filler chapter that is there for the word count. There isn't many tear jerking moments, or too many funny ones, but the story makes it up with the adventure feeling you get. The world building of LMS is beautiful, the game is definitly balanced and Weed isn't unbeatable which makes it exciting to read.

I have reread the story 3 times, and it never failed me.

TL;DR A must read for all MMORPG fans! <<less
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July 21, 2019
Status: v6c8
If I had to describe this novel in a single word: CRINGE.

It's an okay-ish read, to pass time when you have nothing else to read but that's it.

It is one of the, if not the cringiest novel I've ever read. The mc's behaviour towards his sister and vice versa is cringy, the way MC tries to silver tongue people is cringy and the romance, it's god awful cringy. Also idk if it's because I've not read a lot of Korean novels but I've noticed a trend where the author's desperately... more>> trying to make the MC look badass, in every situation possible. That trend is even more apparent in this novel.

I understand that the main background of this novel is how the MC has been harassed by loan sharks most of his life and almost every action he takes, is an act of rebelling against that cruel fate of his but honestly, I think this novel would've been a much more enjoyable and believable if the story went something like the MC was transported into the game world rather than playing it in virtual reality. I say so because the everyday life in game and irl doesn't make any sense in this novel. But then again, the real life events are so cringy that my fingers curl up.

I'm the kind of person who can't find a peace of mind unless I finish a novel I've started but this novel was too much for me to handle. <<less
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cleesus rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: v11c1
I dont absoultely hate this story but I really do hate the MC. He is one of the dumbiest a**holes without really any redeeming qualities I have read in a long time.

I would go into detail but whats the point, the MC doesnt get any character growth and treats everyone else like sh*t and is shortsighted and is always rewarded and warshipped for it even when it doesnt make sense

Dude beats his servants and abuses those around him and the prices for stuff in this world doesnt even make sense... more>> so lets not get on about him and his "probably supposed to be funny love of money" <<less
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Messageboy rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: v52c4
This is an excellent VRMMORPG novel, that only if you were part of the group that found it when it first started being translated and followed it since many years back. Now a days, there are so many different newer novels that are similar enough that those who don't start with this one, will end up having faults or not noticing the charms of it as easily.

This novel is an excellent example of the first readers of the new genre where there was less options compared to newer readers that... more>> had many options to begin from. It is the same when it comes to games, where older gamers are very fond of early era of games that stood at the top of the era back then but the newer gamers look down on them but praise the newer era games that are heavily influence or based on those older gems.

The major issue I seen people dislike this novel is because character isn't a paragon of good, isn't a classic hero or friendship is power quite of character. Fair enough, only those who don't want to read of a main character that follows the same ideology of 90% of every other novel on here, will most likely enjoy this. <<less
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BukuBuku rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: v51c3
I honestly give this novel a 5/5 because I want to boost its rating to counter-act its negative reviews because people who give up before reading a novel based on a personal preference are not doing anyone any good. In actual terms the novel rates a 5/5 on being entertaining and fun to read, but a 4/5 on translation which is not the fault of the author. People are so negative because they are quick to judge because they don't understand the cultural differences between us and Koreans, more than... more>> half of the critical reviews on here is about how THEY don't get the jokes when that is really a fault on their part, not the authors. Honestly the characterization is spot on to someone who is Korean, I'm not but my friends in Korea tell me so. Also people who are reviewing on personal preference is annoying because its like someone who is totally into blood and gore, goes to watch something wholesome and light hearted, then of course they think its bad on principle, but that doesn't help anyone at all and is not a constructive review.

Things I like objectively about this novel:

-Its actually entertaining to read, because the characters are more realistic and they are not some kind of purely driven plot character that believes in absolutes. People are not wholly good or bad and no real person is a saint. The main character and most side characters are like this and thats why many people like this novel and its MC. Weed is a person who is shrewd and greedy with money because he understands its value, he isn't some money obsessed person just because its money, he's greedy because he knows what its like to live without. He has realistic reasons. Then he also works hard, explores, and thinks like an actual person, yet people get mad because they think he has no self-improvement, when he in fact does improve himself. He trains himself, studies the game, adapts to situations and learns lessons, people think that he needs to self-improve like he's some traumatic character with a chip on his shoulder when in fact he's a healthy human being from the get go and not everyone needs to be dramatic, emotional or perfectly likable. None of the characters are driven with an absolute sense of anything and thats objectively good because that means that the characters have depth and are more than just simple beings that fall into predictable scenarios.

-The comedy is really funny even to me who has little knowledge on Korean culture. I understand some references but not all, and thats ok because this novel was written for Korean readers and was never officially translated for English readers so there is no real editing of certain things to account for cultural differences.

-Its original and unique in its own way. So many people are doing VRMMO nowadays but its really hard to set a new style in the same trope, this one definitely sets its now style and has its own spin on it.

-It Breaks the mold on certain tropes and even downright mocks them.


Weed is offered a really rare class and unlike the cliche of accepting it or getting it thrust upon him because of destiny, he rejects it and then it gets forced on him in the most unique way possible.


Objective Critique:

-The author can be wordy or overly explanatory on certain things.

-The author has some room for improvement but its in more of a general sense.

Subjective review (I.E personal preferences) :

-The characters are cute and hilarious because they keep on challenging the norm and taking things at their own pace. They don't rush the story along on some flimsy excuse of getting stronger or gotta be the best, they story and characters set their own pace and their own rules and actually work to get their rewards, nothing is handed to them on the premise of plot, all of it is derived by the characters own actions and personality. <<less
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