The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


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The man forsaken by the world, the man a slave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined.

Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road.

This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.

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Dalbic Jogaksa
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tef0 rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: --
This story is perhaps one of the most mediocre things I’ve ever read and yet it’s regarded as the best thing since sliced bread.

The “comedy” isn’t funny.

There’s basically no story in the 20ish volumes I’ve read.

The characters are cookie-cutters.

Weed is like Mr. Krabs without the writers ability to make his greed funny.

The literal only redeeming feature this novel has are the fight scenes are pretty decent.
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Crimson Nanashi
Crimson Nanashi rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: v23c4
Don’t get me wrong I do like this series overall but the reason for my 3 instead of a 5 is Weed. Arsehole characters are fine but he is just... so unlikible for me. The entire time I’m reading his interaction with the main girl (forget her name) and the other heroines I just feel bad for the girls because of how much of an arse he’s being to them. This bites because I like pretty much everything else about the series. I like the game the world the characters... more>> the quests the hidden quests the skills and pretty much everything other then Weed. The only thing I do like about Weed is his tenacity. The bit about how he trained for months in the game hitting the training dummy was rather funny. Not a fan of what they did with the animals Weed owns but I understand that’s their culture so I won’t berate him for that. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: v14
Some people may like it, I did not.

The story about a sculptor who is basically a god at every single thing, and on top of that he can make OP sculptors that are apparently "super artistic" and give "a lot of buffs to players". I just found the whole premise of the story really dumb. Its just the standard MMORPG story where the MC gets all the main story quests, gets all the rep. Gets all the exp, gets all of the gear. These kinds of stories are absurd and... more>> stupid for someone who has actually played MMORPGs. Such stories need something else to grab my attention, and this novel just doesn't have any of that. I find this novel similar to Overgeared, there is a large percentage of people that will like it for some reason but I don't like it the same reason I don't like Overgeared. <<less
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sgrey rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: v42
The story is pretty average, but at times entertaining. What I don't like is that timeline sometimes is messed up and the author jumps from present to the future, but then goes back to the past. And not for something important, but for trivial stuff. He often uses these kind of tricks to gain more interest, but what it causes are situation like "wait, did I just missed a chapter? Why are you talking about this random thing?"

I also hate MC. He is super rotten and treats his friends like... more>> crap. They are also handing out with him just for benefits. He also seem to have split personality where he thinks one thing and does another.

Really, he does not change at all, there is no character growth here. It is sad, but majority characters that are close to MC (except for the gf) have flat personalities. Really, Geomchies are most interesting out of them....

What is also quite irritating is that the author seem to think that he has to write about the game every few paragraphs. He will switch to it in the middle of some interesting event and talk about random things, as long as it is in the game or about the game (like in the middle of a dialog). This discontinuity becomes quite irritating as you keep reading.


One of the biggest disappointments for me was how Seoyoon started to speak. She was exchanging notes with MC because she was too shy one moment and then in the next paragraph she was working in a restaurant talking to a bunch of strangers. WTF? Huge deal was made of how she was able to communicate only with him and then sudden jump to complete cure. Such a missed opportunity for a good chapter.

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Resutatto rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: v48

Arpen Kingdom's Earth Palace. Grass porridge members are kneeling and bowing down to their Goddess.

GrassPorridge: "Queen Goddess-nim, Please just sit comfortably in your throne while we go and wreak those Hermes bastards. They don't know who the true Goddess is. They should suffer in hell."

... more>> Porridge#: "kuuoh, Why is Weed sitting so closely to Goddess-nim?, Just him breathing the same air as the Goddess breathed, . It breaks my heart. He doesn't deserve it."

Porridge##: "kuuh.... We can't help it. He's the King. Of course He'll sit in his throne, . BUT.. I can't accept it too, , uggh,.."

Weed smirked

Weed: 'kekeke... Just having Seo-yoon besides me will make all the residents and users in my kingdom to be loyal slaves. Yes, YES. this is it, They should work and pay their taxes. money, MONEY, kukuku..'

Weed: ' A true dictator doesn't rule with fear, They rule through exploitations!'

Seo-yoon gently smiled

Seo-yoon:'... They are all kind and hard working. They are all good people.'

Mapan who is sitting in a corner with his eyes shining brightly

Mapan: ' Ahh~, I can't really beat Weed-nim. I've still got a lot to learn.'

Bardray who is drinking in a certain tavern while watching Weed's broadcast.

Bardray:'... hm.. I'm still the strongest in Royal Road. No one can beat me. True, Weed is strong but I'm stronger'

Bardray stood up and exited the tavern.

Bardray:' So i'll go hunting now. so that i'll be MORE stronger.'

The Geomchis who're watching the broadcast too.

Geomchi-#:"Hyung, what are they talking about? why are a lot of people excited about it?"

Geomchi-##:" Hmm, , ,.. ah! It must be!... I don't know. they're talking gibberish, If they want to talk, they should do it with their fist!"

Geomchis: " oooooohh!!, as expected of Hyung-nim!"

SeasonedCrab is in a certain back alley of Morata. He placed his hand on his mouth while his body is shivering.

SeasonedCrab:'............ why are they celebrating this event monthly!!'


Pale, Irene, Zephyr, Romuna, Surka, Hwaryeong, Bellot, etc.
:'Pls, , , anything, just anything except hunting'

5 star., Cuz it took Weed 40 volumes to kiss his GF. WaW!, btw, lovin' the grinding. (He's not a human. SERIOUSLY, no can one can grind like weed. HE'S A TERMINATOR) <<less
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VOLX98 rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: v40c5
Hi, this is my first light novel review.

I found this series through its manga, which had beautiful art. It was funny, full of suspense and intriguing, which led me to continue after the end of the manga. After I read all the available chapters at the moment, I consider this Korean masterpiece a 5. Why? Simply because it was the first light novel that I ever read and I can't stop reading it... many of you probably no this feeling, this desire for more of one's kind :)

It's a... more>> good feeling... I enjoy the repetitive insider jokes which run through the novel like a red string. I mean the barely bread, the geomchis <3, the always lamenting MC Lee Hyung and the so pretty second MC Seoyoon :D.

I know, people criticize this kind of romance, where there is too much misunderstanding and people don't like the MC for his wickedness, but think about his circumstances. He started to work all trades of work from the age of 14/15~ right? He solely provided for both sister and grandmother and also for his treatment, when he got sick from his hard labour. So the way he sees life as unfair and always repetitively states this is not only amusing but in a way very true, because not everybody can have the same life, where there will be higher ups, will be lower standing people, whom are being stepped on by superiors. It's so naturally that nature it self favorites the fittest. See survival of the fittest (eminem song or darwin's game a manga reference haha :D) And the second point about romance and misunderstandings between MCs, it's something that can be enjoyed by some people like me, as it is refreshing and new in comparison to other love relationships in fiction! <<less
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halilintar_007 rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
A nice story with lots of Author’s trolls. If you don’t have time to read about geomchis and some other insignificant plots happening, just use the Ctrl+F combo and find these names : (seo-yoon, lee hyun, bardray, weed). I think the Author purposely includes a lot of side characters and intermix between RL and game to change the pacing of the story while taking a breather, so that lots and lots of volume can be made. But if you have all the time in the world to kill, read everything... more>> and you will enjoy it. <<less
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Augustus7 rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
The translation has been dropped and picked up by many translators. So while you are reading half way through, you might realise you are lost due to the difference in styles of the translators. Nevertheless, it is one of my first novels, it has a deep impression on me. If you are looking for novel with virtual reality adventures, LMS tops the charts.
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cleesus rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: v11c1
I dont absoultely hate this story but I really do hate the MC. He is one of the dumbiest assholes without really any redeeming qualities I have read in a long time.

I would go into detail but whats the point, the MC doesnt get any character growth and treats everyone else like sh*t and is shortsighted and is always rewarded and warshipped for it even when it doesnt make sense

Dude beats his servants and abuses those around him and the prices for stuff in this world doesnt even make sense... more>> so lets not get on about him and his "probably supposed to be funny love of money" <<less
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Messageboy rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: v52c4
This is an excellent VRMMORPG novel, that only if you were part of the group that found it when it first started being translated and followed it since many years back. Now a days, there are so many different newer novels that are similar enough that those who don't start with this one, will end up having faults or not noticing the charms of it as easily.

This novel is an excellent example of the first readers of the new genre where there was less options compared to newer readers that... more>> had many options to begin from. It is the same when it comes to games, where older gamers are very fond of early era of games that stood at the top of the era back then but the newer gamers look down on them but praise the newer era games that are heavily influence or based on those older gems.

The major issue I seen people dislike this novel is because character isn't a paragon of good, isn't a classic hero or friendship is power quite of character. Fair enough, only those who don't want to read of a main character that follows the same ideology of 90% of every other novel on here, will most likely enjoy this. <<less
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BukuBuku rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: v51c3
I honestly give this novel a 5/5 because I want to boost its rating to counter-act its negative reviews because people who give up before reading a novel based on a personal preference are not doing anyone any good. In actual terms the novel rates a 5/5 on being entertaining and fun to read, but a 4/5 on translation which is not the fault of the author. People are so negative because they are quick to judge because they don't understand the cultural differences between us and Koreans, more than... more>> half of the critical reviews on here is about how THEY don't get the jokes when that is really a fault on their part, not the authors. Honestly the characterization is spot on to someone who is Korean, I'm not but my friends in Korea tell me so. Also people who are reviewing on personal preference is annoying because its like someone who is totally into blood and gore, goes to watch something wholesome and light hearted, then of course they think its bad on principle, but that doesn't help anyone at all and is not a constructive review.

Things I like objectively about this novel:

-Its actually entertaining to read, because the characters are more realistic and they are not some kind of purely driven plot character that believes in absolutes. People are not wholly good or bad and no real person is a saint. The main character and most side characters are like this and thats why many people like this novel and its MC. Weed is a person who is shrewd and greedy with money because he understands its value, he isn't some money obsessed person just because its money, he's greedy because he knows what its like to live without. He has realistic reasons. Then he also works hard, explores, and thinks like an actual person, yet people get mad because they think he has no self-improvement, when he in fact does improve himself. He trains himself, studies the game, adapts to situations and learns lessons, people think that he needs to self-improve like he's some traumatic character with a chip on his shoulder when in fact he's a healthy human being from the get go and not everyone needs to be dramatic, emotional or perfectly likable. None of the characters are driven with an absolute sense of anything and thats objectively good because that means that the characters have depth and are more than just simple beings that fall into predictable scenarios.

-The comedy is really funny even to me who has little knowledge on Korean culture. I understand some references but not all, and thats ok because this novel was written for Korean readers and was never officially translated for English readers so there is no real editing of certain things to account for cultural differences.

-Its original and unique in its own way. So many people are doing VRMMO nowadays but its really hard to set a new style in the same trope, this one definitely sets its now style and has its own spin on it.

-It Breaks the mold on certain tropes and even downright mocks them.


Weed is offered a really rare class and unlike the cliche of accepting it or getting it thrust upon him because of destiny, he rejects it and then it gets forced on him in the most unique way possible.


Objective Critique:

-The author can be wordy or overly explanatory on certain things.

-The author has some room for improvement but its in more of a general sense.

Subjective review (I.E personal preferences) :

-The characters are cute and hilarious because they keep on challenging the norm and taking things at their own pace. They don't rush the story along on some flimsy excuse of getting stronger or gotta be the best, they story and characters set their own pace and their own rules and actually work to get their rewards, nothing is handed to them on the premise of plot, all of it is derived by the characters own actions and personality. <<less
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ItsAlive rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: v14c8
It's an enjoyable novel for the first 13 volumes, if you ignore the mountain of inconsistencies.

The antihero MC is pictured as the only hardcore gamer in the world who grinds stats and skills. Even in "real life" he's a super human, which only needs 4 hours of sleep and can also play for 8 days without rest.


- great battles / sieges


  1. no character development (w greed incarnate, no empathy)
  2. MC ignores to build up reputation through low lvl quests, even though he should know better.....
  3. he's the only hardcore gamer which plays a crafter/artist even though they can grow infinitely through grinding stats and also grant passive skills.
  4. MC is pictured as gaming ace but fails to exploit his op profession to learn all secondary professions (crafter, artists, etc.)
  5. fun fact: just in volume 7 he has more than 150 statpoints less than he should have (spends only points into strength/agility)
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rhianirory rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: v48
i love this story despite some very badly translated parts before RT took over. Weed is number 2 in my top 3 light novel characters, the first being Zuo Mo from world of cultivation (also a money-grubber) and the third being Ye Cang/ lil'white (virtual world: peerless white emperor). since they are all ongoing its possible they'll change, but they've been my top 3 for a while now.

this isn't a story about a cool guy acting cool and beating down the competition, it's not like most online VRRPG stories i've... more>> read and its refreshingly free of the whole harem thing (women = loss of money), though woman are attracted to their ideal of him. the main bad guy so far is a little 2d, he's a lot like every other greedy, power hungry character in every other ln out there, (so much so that I tend to skip his and his guilds chapters) but I'm not reading this for bard ray, I'm reading it for weed.

I'm a long time online ln reader so i've been pretty saturated with the usual arrogant face-smacking characters who are all about destroying entire clans because someone calls them trash... or looks at them cross-eyed and adding woman after woman to their personal collection. Weed doesn't care about honor or glory, (you can't eat them and they're expensive to maintain) he only cares about making money to give his sister and grandmother a better life. he's a bit dense when it comes to things other than making money and gaming, and his misunderstanding and terror of SY never fails to amuse, though I do start to feel bad for the girl after a while. though weed isn't always as dense as he acts.

i find characters like weed to be a refreshing change from the usual norm and he's the main reason i've stuck with the series this long. like a lot of people out there this was my first VRRPG series and so far it's remained at the top of the list despite my having read many, many others since then. <<less
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graydragon12 rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: v46c8
I would give the first 20-30 or so volume a 5* and a 3.5-4* rating afterward. At first, the MC was the driving point of the novel. Weed personality carry the whole novel through out BUT that is also what hold the novel back. Weed had ZERO character development even until vol 40+.

... more>>

Weed and his family up victim of loan shark.


Weed family is very poor, so he become stingy to the max. That guy would jump into the sewer to dig up a $1 coin. It start out believable but as time pass, his personality become unbearable. He literally become millionaire with private TV show contract, streaming and even buying real estate. Yet he still care for the smallest digit in his bank account. He earn MILLIONS of Yen each time his show got broadcast but still complain about the 200 Yen more expensive salt he bought 2-3 years ago. The author might think it is a trademark for Weed but I got bored of it already.

He is quite distrusting of people because of his circumstance but even when his friends come with him, saves him and even die trying to revenge him, he still treat them like crap. Well Weed might think he is treating them good but from how I read it, he treat his friend SLIGHTLY better than a stranger asking you for direction. He call them friends while exploit them of everything from strength to money and even drag them into dangerous mission. One part is because his friends also want to go and help them and he cook to them as compensation but from what I see, it was never a fair trade since Weed always get 60-80% of the total profit. You can say that they only get those small cut because Weed did the majority of the work and is the one who found out about it but that doesn't make him less of an prick.

The romance is all over. The fact women interested in a person like Weed is absurd. Weed is an a***ole based on the way he treat other human and even his friends yet a shy, silence and World Class beauty is attracted to him. The way she developed feeling for Weed is understandable but I see zero reason why she still stay with him after 1 month. Any person with common sense would likely stay as far away from Weed as possible and yet Seoyoon see it as Weed being considerate, kind and other goodies. The only worthy that could be consider a romance was with Weed and Dale and that lasted for like 3-5 chapter and never to be heard from again. We get piece meal of information about what Dale is doing and other stuff but it is all just fluff and there was one time where his sister mentioned Dale being the best fit for Weed and that's everything about Dale. I have no idea why the Idol even like him. It just feel like the author slap it on and be like "Weed is even liked by an idol".


The idols "friends" betray Weed for some land and stuff happen later but it seem like that doesn't have any effect on Weed or his friends since they sometime even chat with each other after that.


Side characters got at least some development. While some people say this novel have no dedicated characters that exist as cannon fodder, they are right because beside the main cast which are around 20-50 mostly mentioned characters the rest ARE cannon fodder. They have nothing better to do than playing games, worshiping Weed, charging head first into battle and die while screaming "Grass Porridge". It was funny how it came to be the few first time but it got developed into something ridiculous as time pass. Weed got his own cult of millions of players that worshiped him and it make me wonder are normal people in this world that stupid. Even retired general, military and intelligence personnel join and lead the Grass Porridge. Grass Porridge is just a lazy excuse for Weed to get his personal cannon fodder army.

Weed complain too much. He keep screaming how sh*t his class is despite the fact that because of his class that he got to where he is now.


Unless you think the story don't have enough foreshadowing, his class is the same as the first Emperor that united the continent so yeah good luck finding out who would be the first to become Emperor of the whole continent


Just constant bitching "My class suck, wish I had a better class and then go full 180 few chapter later with sh*t like if it weren't for my job, I would have never finished this quest or I love my class yada yada".

All in all, the novel is a solid 5/5 for the first few dozen volume and enter a steady decline afterward. I do hope the author pick up something is off and proceed to address them cause I lost all interest as of vol 46 and is trying my hardest to digging through the rest. I could reread the novel the beginning but not sure if I can continue reading cause as I said, unless you no qualm with no MC development, questionable romance, a stingy millionaire that still treat his friend like crap even after all they been through then it could still be a good read. Plus the battle scene are still good so that is a plus. <<less
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IsekaiJake rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: v15c11
The novel starts like any other cliche: MC is poor, tragic past, has family to take care of, sick grandmother with health expenses, etc.

Then we have the MC with the best character in another game, sells the account to get money for the family and fetches an outstanding price and MC can be happily ever after... BUT guess what? Loan sharks come (who could have seen that one coming, right?) Not only do they come, but turns out the debt his death father left (again, who saw that one coming?)... more>> was the exact amount he got from selling his account. Seriously, it amazes me the accuracy of the price.

Now MC goes into Royal Road, a VR game, and decides to make the best character to sell his account again and send his sister to college.

Now that I've given the background, let's start with the actual reviews.


  • MC is hardworker
  • MC is very good at athletic activities and Martial Arts
  • Smart and cunning enough to get good quests and convince people
  • Great player, doesn't take shortcuts or cheats to advance
  • Makes the most out of his profession

    Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (big spoiler here)

  • MC tries his best for his sister all the time
  • Very good at solving quests
  • Very good MAIN story

  • MC is a whiner, he's whining all the time about his profession even when it's really useful (Ex. I hate sculpting, worst job ever (raises all stats by 4 and other stats individually), it's useless for money (makes 1000 gold in a day), useless for combat (sculpting skills affect combat directly), can't do anything alone! (

    Gives life to sculptures

  • Cheapskate, values money over all, you can't see MC having fun. 95% of the things he does is about money and doesn't really care about the game.
  • MC is over evaluated by other people. Ex. MC kicks a rock. Everyone else: "As expected of Weed, he must be up to something", "Such a genius, he must have discovered something". Weed: "I was sure there was a copper in there. Tsk"
  • So many useless side stories. You don't enjoy the main story much since it's interrupted all the time.
  • Has trust issues and too prejudicial towards other people.
  • Dense MC (Again, cliche)
  • Treats everyone else like sh*t if there's no personal investment. Too much ego.
  • Always thinking about money (different from point 2), he tries to get everything for himself even if it means screwing his friends.
  • His friends share all the quest information with him, but he only does it when he needs them. Yet again, they glorify him.
  • Has no dream, only plays to sell stuff from the game.
  • Very repetitive novel, only adds new skills or new places but the plot is always the same.
  • Women fell for him just because MC plot armor.
I give the MC 2/5 starts

Main story 4/5

Support character 3/5 (They are very plain but you don't dislike them) <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 29, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Vol. 31.

Alongside “Ark”, LMS is considered the definitive Korean VRMMO novel. The MCs from both stories share many similarities: in debt, poor, hardworking, persistent, socially awkward to the point of avoiding people, miserly and greedy.

Those who are expecting the drama and characterization of Sword Art Online will be disappointed here. Arguably, LMS (2007) and Ark (2008) popularized the use of statistic windows in this genre, influencing derivative works like Zhan Long (2013). LMS even has a cameo mention in the published Russian VRMMO novel series, “Play To... more>> Live (aka Alterworld) ”.

LMS is a story about the MC and mainly about the MC. Everything else that happens either relates to him indirectly or bring about a plot device that will involve him directly in the future. You are basically going to read about someone playing a game, achieving impossible feats that no other players can hope to emulate. Everything that happens offline are very generic encounters that only serve to enhance the MC’s traits, eg negotiating for a more lucrative contract.

The writing is very dry and to-the-point. It does has its moments but most of the time, imagine watching videos of people playing Minecraft, spending hours and hours looking at the players build their houses and landscapes.

There is a large cast of supporting characters (including love interests whom the MC have no clue about), each with their gaming personality but a very large majority of the novel focuses on the MC and their role is merely to serve as reaction foils to his gaming deeds and dastardly actions.

Is this any good? It is not something you’d recommend for new readers of LitRPG. The series is huge and unwieldy, and as of 2016; yet to be completed. <<less
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remy911 rated it
November 3, 2015
Status: --
Addictive at first, but gets grindy and predictable.

I dropped at around volume 8. (Inb4 “B-but it gets REALLY good at volume X!”)

Weed is one of those MCs that are slightly sly and self-serving in nature. An interesting lead, though his antics get a bit predictable much like the story. The side characters are one-dimensional. Let’s not even get into how beautiful and white so-and-so’s face is every time they appear.

Granted, I read 8 out of 20+ volumes, but there lacks an overall plot beyond leveling up and profiteering. If... more>> I can skip volumes and things are basically the same but just “more, ” it ain’t my kind of story. <<less
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mitreremix rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: v53c9
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is definitly the best VRMMORPG web novel out there, it's no suprise that you see so many positive reviews, the few bad ones are from people that either are here for a quick read or just petty.

The translation was a bit rocky at the start and you had to go from one site to another to read it. All the waiting that ensued after vol 20 was out, the anxiety, what will happen to the novel? But the people picked it up, much of this work... more>> was translated by its fans for free. Which speak volumes how good this web novel is!

Let me tell you a bit about the story now.

The MC is a tightwad, but has a good heath and is relatable. He works hard for his plot armor, and he works smart! I've seen some comments that say that he was a loser before he hit it big, but does working hard for a small paycheck equal loser? There are many more character development beside the MCs, which is rare for this kind of web novel having in mind that there are many characters in there and even new ones being introduced.

The story pacing is the best I have seen out there, neither too fast nor too slow, and what I love the most about this web novel is that you see what is happening outside of the game, which works like a valve to vent some steam, it's not your regular filler chapter that is there for the word count. There isn't many tear jerking moments, or too many funny ones, but the story makes it up with the adventure feeling you get. The world building of LMS is beautiful, the game is definitly balanced and Weed isn't unbeatable which makes it exciting to read.

I have reread the story 3 times, and it never failed me.

TL;DR A must read for all MMORPG fans! <<less
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Szatan0 rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: v15c11
Best vrmmo novel I read, hands down (id say few comes close, I managed to enjoy ark and few others only). Whenever I read other novels I compare them to this one and I can see how bland and unoriginal they are in settings.

Still, I started reading lms from begining so many times, ane rarely I get past my last bookmark.
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March 13, 2019
Status: v21c4
This Webnovel is easy to enjoy early on, but later, I do see where most readers complaints come from.

First is how the MC is rather plain and his defining characteristics hardly change, his core being Greed and Family, the Greed is notorious and easy to perceive, and being so strong as a point of this Protagonist, the Writer painted himsleh in a corner because of it, he cannot make any huge character development on the MC that's easy to sense within the Story progression without causing harm to his Core.

Second... more>> is how 99% of everyone he knows is rather incapable of seeing through all his faults, his qualities being put on show, but easily his faults would make them moot, one example is how he Scams players and NPCs all the time.

Third is that his build on his game character can be easily put as the most capable of all simply because of it being greater on late game, but mediocre on early levels. His super hardworking nature all for profit (Uncle Scrooge levels of hard work), and willingness for grind (which realistically speaking, should have ended with him being sent to hospitals quite often, since he stays 12+ hours inside the game, with his body barely moving, and his exercise routine wouldn't prevent issues with such ridiculously long game sessions), but he keeps complaining of how he always need to work hard for it to stay powerful and how Sculpting isn't worth the effort (he does diss ALL art, profit is what he wants, maybe IF he because a Black market Art dealer he would rethink of such ideas; he fails to notice that the only types of jobs that would cover his desire for money would be ones that require acute skills and experience to gamble at (Action papers market/Investors), or be outright gray area if not 100% illicit, which even the creator of the Unicorn AI dabbled into real deep for his megalomaniac dream), he got a combination that synergizes completely with him, but money is all he wants, that's what piss most people off.

His scamming is something that should be outright enough to make him suffer a lawsuit or end suffering endless PK attempts, if he ever met Scrooge MC Scrooge, both would end being good friends with how much they want profit over everything else (or end up becoming EA's CEO or executive, or go to Activision Blizzard, either one would welcome his greed).

All in all, the Story goes well and flows decently, the sore spot being a Character with horrible core issue covered by a partially justifiable reason, if it's not family or well known friends, his actions are basically Sociopathic to a T, and he keeps with such behavior always, I do wonder how even the Psychiatrist that's helping Seoyoon's treatment CANNOT perceive the subtle signs of such issues (it's a psychological issue, not sociopath/Antisocial behavior issues, but something that can reek of such).

Some things I saw rather annoying but samll were how the Unicorn corporation meeting board acted openly xenophobic to the possibility of having a foreigner achieving the end reward; and how the guy who spent 40 damn years to create his dream device, the AI that controls the Game AND the dirty crap he has done to achieve his desire, hasn't even perceived WHY he got dumped by his ONE love, he's a WORKAHOLIC and one that's probably would be diagnosed with NARCISSISTIC disorder, these two issues while small for the Story end up being rather clear signs on how some characters and the narrative is rather flawed like most Webnovels and light novels that are published on Asia (all tend to overly inflate their Nation's power to absurd levels, LMS having an AI and one guy near death housing enough power and influence to cause an economic crash globally in case any Nation's tries to defend their interests, just look at the Gate novel of Japanese source).

Yes, I can enjoy the novel, but some of these issues are issues from the core of it, any fix is probably a bleak future for the novel, so I think the writer ought to see the world more and do more in depth research to avoid some of these traps he set to himself from the start. <<less
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