The Job of an Imperial Concubine


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To pass as an imperial concubine, one must be professional.

Actually, the profession of an imperial concubine is pretty good. The emperor will accompany you in eating and drinking, and even pay you for it. What’s not good about that?

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Nghề làm phi
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151 Reviews

New ReadingIsLif
May 29, 2024
Status: Completed
I’m not good reviews but I love this novel!! And I don’t know if I can mention this but you can find this novel if you google search it lol
so I find the novel and thought I should read a few chapters to see how’s the translated and got to say it perfect.

Usually the titles/rank+ names in novels like this confused me because of the translations haha but hey they got it perfectly!

All though it’s short but there’s 117 chapters & 4 extra chapters. It a 5 stars from me.
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Stop staring at my username
Stop staring
Jul 09, 2019
Status: Completed
I think that this is very much what To be a virtuous wife would be if the two leads did not meet at the right time.

Quoting Jiang Yongyu in TBAVW:

... more>>

"The Empress, she's the right person that he met at the right time. This is probably what is called fate."

If they had met later, like if the Emperor had already ascended the throne, then the Empress would, at maximum, become the Emperor's most favored woman but not his only one. She, herself, would not become Heng fei, but one of the many feipin the Emperor would have forgotten. She may not have even gotten the rank of a guipin.


because they met when the Feng Jin was already emperor for close to 10 years, it was unfortunate but


Up to the very end, Zhuang Luoyan was never Feng Jin's only woman and he never loved her the way He Heng was devoted to Qingju. It is also because of this that Zhuang Luoyan never truly loved Feng Jin.


The difference between He Heng and Feng Jin was that


He Heng knew Qingju hadn't given her full heart to him and he also knew why - she didn't have the assurance that he will only love her and protect her, so for self-protection and to survive, she couldn't give her full heart. It was his persistence that won her over, he showed her through his actions that she could trust him. Feng Jin couldn't give Luoyan that same security - she wasn't his only woman and he didn't love her as deeply. This meant that she was in constant danger of losing the emperor's favour no matter how slim the chance was. I was glad that she never fell in love because if she did, she could never see things as clearly which was really needed in this novel because the emperor was not above using her to maintain the power balance. Also, because she never loved, she wasn't hurt - Some of Feng Jin's actions were, although understandable as an emperor, disappointing as a man/ lover because he simply did not love deeply enough. Also, unlike He Heng, until the end, Feng Jin never knew that Luoyan didn't love him. He really thought that she truly loved him and like one concubine said at the end, he was pitiful, really pitiful because he couldn't even see through Luoyan's fake affections.


Parts I didn't like:


Tbh, Feng Jin's indifference to his children made him a really tr*sh absent father. He already had a bunch of kids when Luoyan transmigrated over. I don't remember the princesses ever being mentioned and he wasn't concerned about his princes either, I imagine them only seeing him during events or when they caused trouble. If Luoyan's son wasn't a genius and the other princes not as capable, Feng Jin would be like those tr*shy emperors in other novels only doting on his favourite consort's son. (Although I think Feng Jin is too level-headed to make him crown prince if he wasn't the most capable.)



I felt that although I know what kind person Luoyan was - calm, decisive, rational and willing to take risks, I also never really knew who she was. It's like some sort of invisible veil around her? She is a fighter who is very perceptive and understood the emperor's heart. So the way she acted - from pretending to be honest with him (she was taking a gamble), to crying in despair (nothing was wrong at all), being upset that he didn't trust her (she wasn't upset cuz she didn't even love him) etc, was all to gain the emperor's affections or manipulate situations. I think her occasional monologues scolding the emperor and calling the concubines his little wives cute yet at the same time I felt that just like the emperor who will never know her for who she really is, I wouldn't know what she really is like with her guard down and what she's actually feeling when not acting (although I think we all know her better than the emperor lol).


This novel is more realistic than TBAVW and it is interesting to see how a beautiful woman (who isn't the prettiest) without talent in the four arts could rise in ranks and dominate from understanding the workings of the harem and the emperor's heart. Honestly her life is really tiring, constantly acting and being cautious, but she didn't have a choice. Feng Jin's life isn't that great either because he not only has to think about the matters in court/ for the country, he also has to maintain the power balance in the harem (which would affect the court) by choosing who to favour more and who can give birth... I actually think that why Luoyan could start being be so favoured in the first place is firstly because her family background is clean and not too powerful, secondly she is 'honest' and also gives him a place to let his guard down/ relax.

It's well written but I gave it 4 stars because I go in reading these type of novels hoping that the ML and FL fall in love. (But given the plot, I'm so glad the FL didn't, oh well) <<less
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Dec 27, 2019
Status: Completed
The most realistic palace drama novel I've read so far. This novel left a bittersweet aftertaste when you look at the relationship of MC and ML. ML can't love her wholeheartedly because he's the the emperor, the master of the world, and she can't love him honestly because she's a mere concubine in the deep pit that is the imperial harem.

The redemption for both MC and ML is the crown prince I think, because both dedicate themselves so the crown prince won't have the sad childhood the emperor has.

This novel... more>> lived up to the title that is the job of an imperial concubine. MC used her wit to maintain a good life for herself in the harem despite the many schemes made against her by other concubines. This simply tell the story of how MC maneuvered as a concubine, staying within the boundaries, and still win the favor of the emperor. She did not became the only woman of the emperor nor did she became the master of the harem, but she's respected just the same.

I love this author's works because her MC characters are always strong female, not drunk in love nor overly vengeful and abusing the power in their hands. There's always a balance.

I saw many people didn't like this story because the emperor didn't only sleep with MC even until the last chapter, but I think this is also one of the charm of this novel. It is regrettable but sometimes love cannot overcome the situation.

I look forward for more translated chapters <<less
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Jul 12, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm not sure why so many people are hating on the novel because the emperor does not become monogamous. The novel's literally describes what the story is about: the job of an imperial concubine. I appreciate that it's not a fairy tale where the emperor falls heads-over-heels for her and abandons every other women he has. If it did happen, the whole story would be ruined and the meaning would be lost.

I find this story to be a very realistic and satisfying read on life in the imperial harem. There's... more>> plenty of drama to keep you entertained and some of the plotting and mysteries are never clearly explained - you need to infer it yourself. I quite enjoyed this little touch (even though it was slightly frustrating at first) because it's impossible for everyone to know who schemed against whom and for what.

The MC knows exactly what to do and what not do. She never goes beyond her limits, but doesn't allow others to scheme against her. She takes revenge on those who deserve it, but does it so beautifully, people never think it's her.

I like how she never tries to aim for the spot of the empress. In fact, she doesn't want it. When the emperor asked her in one scene what she thinks of the empress, she very cleverly shows she doesn't have the ambition and doesn't want the trouble.

I like how she knows how to satisfy the emperor and tricks him into believing she's whole-heartedly in love with him. It's quite funny to read from the emperor's perspective sometimes because he thinks she's a fool, but loves it all the same. Typical man-ego.

Overall, great story about harem drama. Can't wait for future translated chapters. <<less
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Aug 10, 2019
Status: --
Based on the question in the Synopsis, "What’s not good about that?"

How about "Never being allowed to leave the palace for the rest of your life" or "Never being allowed to see your family again"? The only real use money has is to pay your servants, so they'll continue working for you. You can dress however you want, but hardly anyone will be there to see it. Once the emperor loses interest in you, you'll be abandoned, forgotten, at this point you'll essentially be just a pretty prisoner in a... more>> fancy prison, so expect there to be a lot of conflict between the concubines to remain in the emperor's favor. The job of an imperial concubine is basically to be the emperor's personal live-in courtesan, so it's perfect for a selfish beauty, but really not meant for someone innocent... <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sove
Feb 20, 2021
Status: c105
I found the reason of low star review is somewhat s*upid, sorry not sorry.

This is not as good as To Be A Virtuous Wife, but this is good. (Certainly not in romance, but it's better in expressing the depth of schemes in imperial harem bcz she's a concubine of an emperor, not a Legal Wife of a Prince like the MC of TBAVW)

The moment I read the novel, I never expect the emperor to be monogamous, why would you? With that setting, characters, personalities, and depth of every character... more>> written in it, what makes you think that it will be a sweet romance story that will have a capable Female Lead "changing" the scum male lead? Sorry, if you're looking for that kind "I can change this bad boy to be a good boi" after all the setting, you're probably dumb.

If you want to read this, bear in mind, the ML will not change much, he's the emperor and the FMC is a woman he met after he's an emperor and a concubine at that. The FMC never fell for the ML and treated him as some kind of a client or boss, she did not feel like her fate was a desperate one but she worked hard to be better and survive the harem intrigue with her wits.

And someone (a dumb reviewer) mentioned that she could run away. That is so s*upid. Let alone running away, the emperor's head eunuch even KNOWS how many teacups shattered in a consort's palace. If you bother to read it, you might find that part funny and it was only a small thing in the story, but it's a perpective the author put meticulously with a veil of comedy: Within the harem, everyone is accounted for, especially the favored one. Running away? She'll die first before she could even escape the Six Palace. She wouldn't be the MC with that s*upid decision-making skill especially in a realistic harem intrigue novel.

The ML would not be monogamous.

The FMC will never fall in love and I believe she will continue on not loving him.

But the drama, plot, and intrigues keeps me entertained enough. If you read this for romance, you'll be very disappointed.

But it's crazy good at harem intrigue. It's really fun seeing these women and how they fought each other with knives behind their backs while smiling delicately. It's intriguing to see how their position might affect their family outside the harem or how their family's action might affect how the emperor treats them.

It's hilarious at how powerful and controlling the emperor is over his harem but he doesn't know that the woman who holds most of his heart is actually faking it. <<less
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Feb 02, 2020
Status: Completed
I must borrow one quote from author's other novel that I think fully describe this novel.

“The Empress, she’s the right person that he met at the right time. This is probably what is called fate. If they had met later, like if the Emperor had already ascended the throne, then the Empress would, at maximum, become the Emperor’s most favored woman but not his only one."

(To Be a Virtuous Wife)

Almost all of author's work have one thing we all like: mature, independent, strong & smart Female Lead. It's... more>> a satisfying read everytime we see the FL chooses what's good for her and doesn't fell head over heels in love with the Male Lead.

In this novel really maximize that setting.

Yes, this novel is more realistic than the usual one. But this aspect alone makes this one of the unique novels out there.

Usually, people stay because of the romance betweens the two main leads. In this novel, there are a lot of romantic scene, but the foreshadowing in every scene is so great that you feel like you know what will happen in the end but you will still read it. This is what happened to me.

The ending might be dissapointing for many people, but it's the best ending that I could have thought of if The author stayed true to the characters personality.


One thing that I was a little skeptical is the ML POV in the extra.

Like other reviewer said, in the POV, the ML felt bored until he met MC then thought when she's here it's fun.

This kind of personality really deviates from the ML original character! There might be some truth in that but it's only a small part.

What makes this so thrilling to read is that how deep the ML schemes. He meticulously planned things that happened in the novel to come out the way he wanted even if it's not the truth.

That's why when you see he actually believe that FL is in love with him when she's actually not felt so good!!

That's why even thought he's a scheming scum (like what FL said) but he's the only one from author's other novel that actually believe that the FL is in love with him. And fact: he will never get FL heart ever.


It's a great novel overall, totally recommend! <<less
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Dec 23, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the most realistic historical novel I've ever read and I liked it !!!!

I always wanted to read something like that, I mean when a FL is reborne in encian china and is married how does she adapt to the fact of sharing her husband much so if it's the imperial harem.

It's always pissed me off at how all historical novels have a sigle minded ML who can ignore centuries of traditions and life style for a women. even if a normal or noble man can do it but... more>> an empror who is watched by a bunch of ministers can he still be capable of accomplishing it ???!!

I love the averall feel of the novel, how the FL slowly gasped the key points of the empror preferences and how she instilled the idea of her being in love with him and entering the palace for his sake. I liked how he didn't fall deply for her, I mean he had some affection for her and some guilt so he favore her and protected her but that's it there no blind love...>>> that's so realistic. History teach us that there is many emprors/ kings who had a favorite that they pumpered et promoted to power but there is no one who was totally sigle minded from start to finish.

so averall it's a good read light hearted with some fluff and smuth and harem intrigues. <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: c100
Before anything, I want to clear up something because I think a lot of people are missing something that is only very vaguely hinted at from the author. MC can't just runaway from the harem and survive in the world because she physically can't walk by herself. Everyone in the harem, empress and empress dowager included, have their feet bound; it's the reason as to why they always have their servants support them as they walk. If she was to somehow escaped she'd be nothing more than a (literal) sitting... more>> duck because she's physically disabled.

Overall it's a refreshing, but realistic story that doesn't have the emperor just abolishing his harem out of love or making MC empress just because she's the FL, even her act of loving the emperor is all out of necessity rather than her own choice. Honestly, if you enjoy smart, scheming characters and political chess, I would highly recommend this one. However, if you want an uncomplicated romance story, I think this one will leave you lacking. The ending is more "the best it could be in this situation" rather than a "True happy ending". <<less
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Jul 27, 2020
Status: Completed

Rating 5 ?????

Among all the ancient Chinese novel I have read till now (it's a lot) this one gave the most realistic feel.. Granted the character were not all perfect but you have to realize why they did.. Their actions made sense..[every character seemed little pitiful to me.. For eg ML despite being an emperor he didn't get the love of the person whom he loved (mc) second is empress..I really admired her..I personally thought she was the most hard-working among the bunch though her position made her take... more>> action differently you have to admire she was smart.. Next is MC I think she is one of the intelligent female characters I have read till now and not just in name unlike some other novels.. The way she schemed reminds me of playing chess.. Step by step she played and won her gamble overall all the female characters made me truly sympathetic (even though emperor was scum towards the end I felt little sad don't know why]

I have to praise the author.. All the works are truly masterpiece but hopefully we will get more realistic setting. <<less
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Jul 06, 2019
Status: Completed
Okay...... I have to revise my opinion for this story. After days of reading this novel raws. I find it's a bit depressing.

... more>>

If you ever think the emperor is gonna change his status from a polygamous person to a monogamous person who is only loyal to MC.... No WRONG! That ain't happening. The emperor still sleeps with other females even at the end of the chapter. He only highly favours MC cuz he thinks MC is interesting and feels that if MC ever dies, the harem would be a boring place. He thinks she s*upidly loves him but NOPE. MC is just good in acting that she loves and care for the emperor until the end. In the end, the emperor might have love her but it wasn't declared much. Like you can only see through his action that he cares for MC.

Overall, the story has a lot of mysteries of death, attempted mu*der on MC but failed in the end. The way the story potrays really is accurate base on the ancient china custom. No Cinderella fairytale story. Personally I feel this story is not as good as to be a virtuous wife.

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Apr 07, 2021
Status: c94
I genuinely love this story, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it didn't truly wow me, but it's really, really good.

The MC, Laoyan is a very interesting person. ... more>>

She's cold in her affairs and cold in her passions, which makes for an excellent combination for surviving in the imperial harem. I'm torn between admiring her, because she's truly a master at portraying this perfectly tailored version of herself to the emperor and other concubines, and pitying her, because all that acting must be so tiring. She never drops the mask, always on her toes for voyeurs, constantly paranoid to step out of line. Some might fault her for how coldblooded she is, but she's trying to survive. She can't escape, she can't truly improve her position to the point where she could relax, so she's stuck acting for the rest of her life. Truly sad.

To me it seems like she's constantly disassociating in order to protect herself. She's lost her entire world, but it's like she doesn't even care. I think she's actually just incredibly traumatised by the transmigration so she's avoiding thinking about it or thinking about her previous life, focusing on material things like the tea and the jewellery and the food. She used to be a business woman, clearly had some ambition, but now she's just floating through the harem with zero aspirations beyond living another year, prostituting herself to Feng Jin, and treating other people like they're not real people, like they're cardboard cut-outs who just so happen to be capable of speech. She's also incredibly high-strung, paranoid, and hypervigilant, convinced that the second she lets her guard down, she'd end up dead. Which, is it paranoia if they really are out to get you? She's doing her best to survive, but it's still an incredibly unhealthy way of living that only fosters more fear and resentment in her, which she mostly aims at Feng Jin, for being the reason everybody else is lashing out at her for being favoured. But almost none of this reaches the surface. Outwardly, she's a porcelain doll, parroting her lines. Repression is a nasty thing, but it's necessary for her. If she showed everybody what she really thought about them, Feng Jin would execute her in a heartbeat.


The ML, Feng Jin is another screwed up emperor in the grand cnovel tradition.

He's just as cold as Laoyan, but even more cutthroat and callous. The way he deals with his concubines is frankly atrocious. He manipulates them for political gains, then discards them the second they stop being useful. And even while they're useful, they're treated like they're not all the way human, like they don't have feelings, like they exist solely for him to use.

He's a terrible father, his children run amok in the harem, and he doesn't care at all. I get that some people just aren't made for parenthood, but the way Feng Jin acts is more like utter indifference. One would think, given how devoted to politics he is, that he would take enough interest at least to avoid his sons growing up into tyrants, but no. He's just.... super apathetic. It's like he sees them as some wild birds that broke into his house, not his to care for, but it's also too much trouble to bother kicking them out.

His relationship with his mother and his late father is hinted to have been, by modern standards, outrageously abusive and neglectful. His mother is such a messed up person too, and they have a relationship so bad that they can't meet each other more often the a couple times a year without angering and upsetting each other. His mother basically lives in isolation, and Feng Jin keeps finding out about the terrible things she did when his father was still alive, and it's all just feeding into his trust issues, misogyny, and superiority complex.

His brothers also seem to have followed in the tropey ''imperial princes all hate each other and back-stab each other for power'' fashion. I'm pretty sure Feng Jin arranged to have his last brother burned alive, along with said brother's palace.

Feng Jin does have his good moments. He can be incredibly charming, and when he goes out of his way to do something nice for Laoyan, he really goes all out. The moment where he told her that they would have a child of their own was genuinely touching, and I think that, though he said it to console Laoyan, he surprised himself with how much he himself was moved by the notion. He craves love, he craves a true human connection, but he's such a mess that the second he gets near anything that resembles true affection, he breaks out in metaphorical hives and boots that person to the curb, or, well, the cold palace.


ML's relationship with the MC is complicated but compelling.

Feng Jin seems to recognise that Laoyan's actions indicate that she cares for him, but he's unable to realise she's faking it. I honestly can't tell if he's really ignorant or if he's willfully fooling himself, because Laoyan at least seems to have zero expectations of him and as such puts no pressure on him.

Laoyan doesn't need Feng Jin in order to survive, she's smart enough to claw out a living for herself without him, and therefore her acting the lovesick wife for him is just a way to get more benefits and security. But even if she lost favour, she's crafty and could think of something.

The two of them are basically two people pretending to have fallen in love with the mask the other wears. But when you wear a mask long enough, it becomes you and you become it. Feng Jin, I think, is very much on his way to really falling for Laoyan's mask. Laoyan herself is nowhere near that point yet, but maybe after more years have passed, when she's established in the harem and has a child to hide behind, she might allow herself to soften towards Feng Jin.

It's not a love story in the tradition of, say, Romeo and Juliet, or even love in the western sense of the word at all. It's a mutually beneficial co-manipulative coexistence of two incredibly screwed up people with trust issues through the roof, who keep trying to fill the void in their psyche with material goods and social standing (in Laoyan's case) and s*x, respect, and adoration (in Feng Jin's case), and they're using each other as a way of fulfilling those needs.


The outsider POV that appears at times is like a comedy break from all the intrigue.

Feng Jin's eunuchs and Laoyan's maids, as well as the other concubines and maybe even the empress, are all under the misapprehension that these two are having some great romance. The way Feng Jin's head eunuch sighs over that incredibly pretentious flower pot Feng Jin gifted to Laoyan had me in stitches. It's a tragicomedy, how Laoyan and Feng Jin have everybody fooled.


The translation is very good. It flows smoothly, everything that is a bit unclear has explanations in the translator's notes, and it's genuinely easy to understand and follow.

All in all, it's a very good novel, it doesn't have many plot holes, it's not boring (though it gets a bit slow at times), and the main characters are very interesting people. It's not for readers who are looking for a starcrossed love story or the kind of over the top face slapping that's so rampant in this genre, but if you come in knowing what to expect, it's a very satisfying read. 9/10, would recommend. <<less
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Aug 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Yep. 1/5 star.

The base story is quite interesting but the way it was delivered was disappointing.

There was no dept. Meh
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Oct 31, 2020
Status: Completed
The Translation
The translation is absolutely amazing, it's easy to read and there are a few footnotes at the end of chapters if there's something that should be illustrated further (like pictures of objects, a few lines of explanations of sayings, idioms, and further context to culture/social etiquette if required), but the translator has also incorporated these explanations into the main chapter itself (where you can hover over some highlighted text and the meaning pops up, it only works on PC, I think).

The Story
Oh boy, after reading so many reincarnation-into-a-character-who-wants-love-from-the-ML novels, this is a refreshing breeze.

A great (but maybe slightly dramatised) look into the politics of the Emperor's Harem, this novel captures how a resourceful and modern woman would survive in this political climate.

The female lead isn't omniscient and she doesn't know everything that happens in the palace, she's just 1-2 steps ahead of everyone else. I thoroughly enjoyed how she tricks the entire palace into thinking that's she's in love.


By the way, the female lead will not fall in love at all. The female lead will continue stand by her opinions and goals (which is to survive in a environment created to pit women against each other), and she will never throw this all away for love. This is the part that I have enjoyed the most so far.


Give this novel a try, I highly recommend reading this if you are into the machinations of Ancient China's royalty. You'll find a strong female lead who will not throw everything out for the love of one man, whose job is look after a nation. In fact, I found the story so good that I MTL'd the rest of it, and am still avidly waiting for the Sleepchaser's proper translations every week.

It's beautifully translated and the chapters aren't split by the translator, who is doing a fantastic job (they've also created a handy hierarchy/ranking order of the different and many concubine ranks used in the novel).
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Jul 06, 2019
Status: c121
I'm so glad someone's translating this! Ive always been very fond of Miss Butterfly's works and not to mention this novel is a harem drama that I'm crazy about these days.

It's fun to see how Zhuang Luoyan (transmigrated MC) rose from a low concubine (the previous owner was a brainless big breasted beauty) to the Imperial Concubine and finally gave birth to the Crown Prince.

Kudos to the translator! I hope youll not drop this. Ive only read this in raw and my Chinese was not that good so my understanding... more>> of the novel was not thorough. Id be glad to read this again. <<less
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Aug 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This is prolly one of the most realistic historical transmigration novel I've ever read (and I've read a lot. Trust me. Haha).

If you want political drama in a historical setting, give this a try.

People might think that the ML is scummy since he's very ruthless in his means to gather and consolidate power. He also sees his women more as political chess pieces than human beings with feelings who are trapped in the palace and whose lives depend on him. However, that's exactly what a level-headed emperor in ancient times... more>> is expected to be.


I think from the very beginning, he wanted to cripple the Su family and the Empress' family. From what I gather, their families are too influential and they seem to be using this influence to make themselves richer and suppress other people. Since the emperor wants to consolidate his power, he needs to put these families down.


The FL is also very smart and she knows exactly what she needs to do to protect herself in the imperial harem. She was even able to get a portion of the emperor's heart in the process.

Also, because the ML understands his responsibility as the emperor, he does not allow himself to fall head-over-heels with any of his women.


At some point, he even tried to distance himself with the MC because he thinks he's already falling for her.

Of course the FL did not allow him to continue doing this. She gambled her life but she ended up a winner in that round. The ML realized that he already can't bear to lose her.


This is very well-written and the translation is superb. It's up there with To be a Virtuous Wife and Eight Treasures Trousseau. &Lt;3 <<less
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Jun 09, 2020
Status: c21
I'm sorry, but this is not my cup of tea. I admire that she didn't fall in love with ML but couldn't she have run away?, I know it would be hard... without the s*upid favor because then she would have been mistreated by the servants.

Still, I will never understand and never want to understand how She... from modern society who had morals of a relationship only with a man and a woman only, willingly slept with a man who beds with so many women rather than go away from... more>> that nightmare place...

I am willing to read novels of Ancient China or any other eras only if there are no bed scenes in it. I guess the most thing I'm disappointed at the novel is that there are bed scenes in the novel which it's my fault for still reading the novel if it has the tag Josei. Everyone has its own liking... <<less
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Sep 21, 2019
Status: c13
I really like how cold and calculative and this just enjoy life character is MC. The Harem, the Emperor and others dont matter. I just enjoy how She/MC is controlling everything.

Cant wait for more. Thank you a lot Translator.
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May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I am so confused how the MC, modern women could tolerate being shared.

This comment really made me want to add a review. This seems like what a cannon fodder FL would say, lmao. Bruh, what else could she have done. Did she want her life or did she want her life? Obviously, she could not be dumb and just try and change the entire set of rules. Additionally, they did not meet at the right time. In To Be A Virtuous Wife Yue Xia Die Ying wrote:

The Empress, she's the right person that he met at the right time. This is probably what is called fate. If they had met later, like if the Emperor had already ascended the throne, then the Empress would, at maximum, become the Emperor's most favored woman but not his only one.

In this story, the ML and FL did not meet at the right time. FL transmigrated when she is a lower concubine, and just wants to live a goof life. Once she was asked if she wanted to be the Empress, but she said that the Empress did a good job. So the FL and ML in this novel did not even have a good fate to be an amorous loyal couple. I even remember how the FL of this work thought that ML... more>> was scum, that if it were the modern days, she would castrate him or divorce him. But these were not the modern times, but ancient. She did her best, and I really respect that.

For everyone who wants to try reading this story, some pointers:

    • The couple is not monogamous. She is not his only woman.
    • This has an open ending: Were they ever in love? Only themselves would know.
    • The FL is not going to be Empress.
    • ML is sometimes going to be heartless to be bone, even to her, mostly to other concubines.
    • ML is scum. FL says so herself. Mostly, he is just not too reliable as a husband or as a father. He is a good father only to FL's child.
Some good points if you want to know:

    • The Emperor does soften her. He seems to especially care for her, making her mood better, catering to her wants, need and desires, he comforts her when sad, and is there when she is injured.
    • They have a son together. He becomes the Crown Prince. They are doting parents.
    • FL makes friends with other concubines. Or at most has an agreeable/friendly relationship with others. The Empress is like her elder sister at the end of the novel.
    • This novel has a lot of face slapping and cannon fodders, so everyone will get the ending they deserve. The harem schemes are very good, and the plot thickens very often. It's very interesting.
    • The FL is just acting as if she loves him, she does not really fall for him. But he thinks she does, so that gives her an advantage in the way that the Emperor always sees her as naive, blunt, honest, caring, pure. So in a way, this novel is about a man thinking his woman loves him but she is just using him, lmao. I love that.
Regardless, because they were not romantic enough I only gave them 3 stars. I prefer Eight Treasures Trousseau where they actually are honest and slowly fall in love! In TBVW, He Heng, the ML was too lusty for other women, he is just tr*sh lmao He does get better with time, though. <<less
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Dec 12, 2021
Status: Completed
A truly beautiful story, the most realistic historical novel I've read until now!

I just finisbed reading it and I had to come back here to write about it hoping to make the undecisive people looking here read it. Don't hesitate and read it!! You won't be disappointed!

Such a fresh story of a concubine of a supposedly good ruler that is not foolish over love. A totally different approach from those overly sweet and unrealistic stories of emperors disbanding the whole harem one day after meeting the heroine! Oh this was... more>> so satisfying! I love the MC and the ML so much, both of them are realistic and great in their own way, and while the emperor might not be the fool in love some people want to read about, he is realistic for an actual emperor. He has a wonderful development but obviously, one that matches reality. The side characters are great too. There are some who succumb to jealousy or hatred and do bad things, but those characters are also pitiful in their way and it's somehow understandable how they got there. I can't even say that I hated a character while reading this story. Some characters that I thought they won't end well stayed through the whole story and others that I put my bets on didn't make it that far. I couldn't predict correctly what would happen with the characters and the story, which to me, it means the story is written well and it is original, și thank you author for this awesome novel.

This novel has a lot of sweet moments, it is not very dramatic, not angsty. It's perfect for a relaxing read. I feel so satisfied after reading this novel that it became one of my favorites, with a huge chance of re-reading it in the future.

Don't be shy and give the novel a chance, it's honestly one of the best novels I've ever read.

Thank you dear translator for giving us the chance of reading this gem! <<less
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Nov 08, 2020
Status: --
It's a realistic story but certainly not for everybody. There are many different aspects that disappoint in this novel that sometimes makes it hard to overlook. They story also felt too cold at times, and if you're searching for some warmth in your story, you might have to skip this.
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