The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir


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“I can’t accept this! I can’t! Even as a ghost, I’m going to spend eternity cursing that your relationship will shatter like glass! Break apart like a pair of mandarin ducks that fly away from each other!” With such a persisting obsession, it would be difficult for the vengeful departed spirit to move on.

Ji Man had only read a light novel to pass the time, but she was unexpectedly pulled into a very strange dream. She had become the novel’s most vicious villainess.

The novel rewinds to the beginning. The villainess that had been ordered to commit suicide reappears onto the stage and begins to follow the plot as she walk towards the novel’s ending once again. In a courtyard deep inside a marquis’s residence. A female lead that’s like the Holy Mother. Countless cannon fodder. The imperial family’s favor…

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Fuyuneko rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: Completed
Caution: This review is just the parts that I liked the most about The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir. There's a lot more to this novel than what I mention below. At first, I like the novel because the premise was very similar to Doomed to be a Cannon Fodder ("DCF"). MC transmigrates into a novel's villainess. But, the execution of this story and MC and ML's personalities are very different. If the MC and ML from DCF is like a rabbit and a sheepdog wolf hybrid, respectively, then the... more>> MC and ML from Boudoir Dreams is like an independent cat and a sly fox.

Have you ever read a story with an amazing beginning, but then it goes downhill with recycled antagonists and the characters suddenly acting out-of-character in order to follow cliche plots? This novel suffers from the opposite problem. The novel's characters are initially introduced as shallow two-dimensional characters because the MC only views them as storybook characters. She believes that she knows the original novel characters really well because she's read the novel and knows the original actions they will choose. But, this is a mistaken belief! She doesn't actually understand the reasoning behind their actions. She's not completely wrong, but her view is very limited. At the beginning, she only sees them as two dimensional novel characters and as the story unfolds, she will realized they are three dimensional, multifaceted people.

Overall, I really enjoy reading about MC and her actions with the other people. I like that MC and ML's values gradually change because of their experiences. The side characters also change either from their interactions with other people in the story or time as they grow older and view things differently than when they were younger. They feel like real people who have their own hopes and motivations instead of supporting characters in MC and ML's love story.

Random things that I like about this story and thought it made it stand out from other novels.

- The knowledge that the MC remembers from the modern world isn't a ridiculous detailed amount that easily solves all of her problems. She doesn't have any magical powers or over-powered cheats.
-- Edited to add on 6/14: I didn't consider her future knowledge as an over-powered cheat because she only used it to increase a few people's favorable impression of her. These people already liked her to begin with or have ulterior reasons.

And there will be a consequence to using this knowledge


- A more realistic slow burn romance between a modern women and a man from ancient times. They act and think like adults who are aware of their feelings. I really enjoyed reading their different views about love and how those views change during the story.

To be clear, ML is attracted to MC relatively early on once they spend more time together, but I don't think he's truly in love with her until later in the story. And MC will not wholeheartedly love ML until he places her as his highest priority


- MC's transmigrated body isn't a child or teenager. The body she transmigrates into is 20 years old and by the end of the story, she's in her late 20's or earlier 30's. She behaves like an adult, including her interactions with the male lead. To be clear, there are plenty of cnovels that have female main characters, who are very competent. But, when they're face with the male lead, they act like infatuated preteens that don't call out the male lead's overbearing or jerky behavior. So, I love how this MC is different.

- ML has to be clever with his schemes. He's not a cold, powerful prince or general that can just order everyone into doing what he wants.

- I love that the author shows that there are negative consequences to tampering with the original novel's plot. Occasionally unpleasant things will happen to the people that MC cares about because MC changes the events in the original novel. This isn't like other stories where X will happen and MC will figure out a cunning strategy, suddenly develop a magical skill, or ML saves her at the last minute. It doesn't reset to rainbows and puppies by the end of each story arc. But, I don't want to give the wrong impression of this novel. The sad parts of the novel only makes up about 5% or less of the novel.

There's one major devastating event and two minor events that's all linked to one motive. I really like how MC's emotions goes through the five stages of grief before moving on and figuring out the next step she will take. But, the last story arc of the novel is super fluffy, especially the cotton candy sweet ending.


- MC has female friends/allies instead of only love interests.

- Not all villains are one-dimensional and some of the "villains" are swayed to MC's side. By villains, I mean characters that traditionally become cannon fodder in other cnovels.

- A cat-like creature will briefly appear in the story in the most ridiculous way possible.


- She will eventually leave the residence and travel on her own.

- After the second male lead marries someone, his wife is jealous about the attention he pays MC. Instead of acting like a typical c-novel villainess, she and MC have a calm discussion of how they'll stop his behavior.

- MC crossdresses later in the story for a short period of time and people start gossiping that ML is bis*xual. It's very funny and I like that ML doesn't care about the gossip. It really shows how much he has changed since the beginning of the novel.


P.s. This doesn't doesn't bother me that much when I'm only a reading a novel, but as I'm translating this novel, I really appreciate that

1) Excluding the beginning chapters, the author uses the other POV's to create an interesting world that's full of diversity and complexity instead of using them to excessively praise or criticize the MC. The other characters focus on their own lives and offer the readers a different perspective or new information that the MC won't find out.

2) The author isn't constantly saying that MC's transmigrated body is an incomparably beautiful white jade-like beauty at every possible moment and how her every action is utter perfection because of her beauty. MC's first thought was that the transmigrated body resembles a fresh corpse. There's a few casual mention that she's beautiful in the early chapters when she dresses up, then not much is said about her appearance throughout the novel. <<less
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June 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Edit - I read the entire book in raw. This book, as per my personal opinion, is NOT romance. Though there is a MC and a ML who do fall in love and are together by the end of the book, this is a political intrigue novel. If you go in wanting to read a historical romance novel, then this book might be a tad disappointing coz ML is VERY TRUE to the time-line set.

I continued reading this book only for the political intrigue. Unlike most MLs in other books,... more>> this ML is not an all-powerful, all-knowing, even the king bows before him type. He is on his way to become one. So his schemes, sacrifices, ruthlessness and cunning was amazing. One of the most interesting political intrigue/mystery book I have ever read. So I suggest everyone to give this a try. Once you stop wanting romance or thinking of this as a romance story and start reading it for the dirty political intrigue that it is showing the progress of the ML and MC into becoming an OP character, you will definitely enjoy this! <<less
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KKristen rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c25
So far so good! Read this if you're looking for a transmigration story with a level-headed and understated female main character, with an unusual setup -- where both the main character, "female lead, " and several other concubines are already married to the male lead.


Ji Man was bored and reading an overly-dramatic novel about a kind-hearted common girl who marries a marquis. The margquis's official first wife, Nie Sangyu, was highly emotional, irrational, and overbearing, and after a series of obvious actions against the heroine, was put to death. "Wasn't... more>> it because the villainess was too stupid?" she scoffs before going to bed. She hears a voice saying, "I can't accept this..."

When Ji Man awakes, she finds that she is now stuck in the body of Nie Sangyu, and what's more, everyone already hates her. She's informed by the ghostly presence of the former host that she can't return until she helps her accomplish her dream. “Why is it any of my business if you can’t reincarnate?” Ji Man rolled her eyes.


I really like the main character in this story. I really enjoy how, unlike many other reincarnated heroines, Ji Man doesn't care about schemes, power, revenge, fame, or fortune. She just wants to improve her living situation, stay safe, get along with others, and return home. She doesn't have any super powers, and even when she chooses to use her modern knowledge to create, it is basic knowledge that many normal present-day women would have.

The pacing in this story is also very good, moving along and developing quickly, without feeling rushed.

I will update this review later after the story develops more.


Like Fuyuneko's other translation, Chongfei Manual, The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir was well-chosen and well-translated. The translation is smooth and error free, with chapters released daily. Fuyuneko includes notes, afterthoughts, and often participates in the chapter discussion comments. The website is very easy to navigate and the layout and font choices make this easy to read. Thank you for your hard work! <<less
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mya04 rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c165


no matter if the circonstances a good or bad the MC is always the losing one!!!!

At the point where I am =165 ch == the MC has her child kidnapped, her paternal clan beheaded and her husband=ML divorced her and throw her away from the Fu so she has to start from the point below 0.


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Mezhanos rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c9
Prepared to be frustrated and amazed at the ingenuity of this story as this doesn't start out how most stories of this genre does. You have the main lead Ji man who just transmigrated into the body of the previously main wife and now a concubine of a marquis. Pretty standard stuff, you have the tragic start with a cold aloof ML who clearly doesnt see the superiority of our MC. BUT thats where the story takes a wild turn and presents you with something a lot of novels conveniently... more>> forget and sweep under the rug. The past actions of the original host and their consequences. THEY MATTER ! Who woulda guessed !?

So from the start our MC has a body thats absolutely hated by nearly everyone and she cant really do anything to change that in the short term. At first the readers are not given a clear story on the things what the original host and at times it can be frustrating to read how the MC is treated by those around her. But bear with it cos it gets better and this story is gonna be one of the greats. <<less
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autumnscarf rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: c113
I'm rating this a 4, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to rate it, because I'm not sure I want to keep reading the story. I'm a little less than halfway through, judging by the chapter numbers.

This is a good story, but it's extremely depressing. My understanding is that it gets less tragic, but I'm honestly too depressed to keep going from the point I'm at.

The MC is always on her back foot and can never quite catch her breath or get any real wins. She can't... more>> get ahead or stabilize her position because her family background is too dangerous, and she can't walk away due to the circumstances in the novel. Her only real 'out' is completing the task assigned by the former owner of her body (get the ML to fall in love with her) so she can go back to the modern era, but that task is honestly soul-crushing to read about.

This feels much more realistic than a lot of transmigration/rebirth into ancient era novels. But it's also extremely depressing because the original circumstances are just awful for the MC.


ML is a d*ck whose life embodies 'spoiling the concubine and destroying the wife', hence his inner courtyard being on fire 80% of the time. This seems to be a political calculation, but I honestly can't see how it gets him ahead in terms of the imperial court.

Pre-transmigrated FL was a bitch, but the story basically goes into how the ML slowly drove her insane/destroyed her life because he never valued her to begin with. No wonder she went nuts and took things out on the concubines. Pre-transmigrated FL was apparently an easily-manipulated moron who was head over heels for him, so if the ML had spent the slightest effort he probably could have controlled her and prevented the utter disaster that was his inner courtyard.

Pretty much the entire story, I've been going, 'MC... you may as well forget going back to the modern era and just take your money and run away with the supporting ML.' But honestly, that isn't a solution for her situation either. She's backed up against a corner and has no outs because her own family is tied up in the struggle for the throne.

The point I quit reading was after she went through a huge struggle just to carry a baby on behalf of the original owner of the body, just for the story to go into a hugely depressing spiral. It was a tragedy conga and I finally gave up because I couldn't see how the situation could be turned around in the MC's favor.

The final goal of 'get the ML to fall in love with the MC' is just... I just find it depressing. The ML set his own backyard on fire, but the only possible happy ending for the MC is for the ML to also get a happy ending.

Nesting a spoiler because this was what made me quit reading:


After the MC goes through some insane struggles just to actually have the baby, the ML ignores the birth of the baby (he has good reasons for doing so) and the actual birth turns into a trap that destroys the MC's reputation and also results in said baby being handed to an enemy who wants her and her family dead. The ML is the one who personally hands the baby over. Again, he has his reasons for doing so, but honestly...

You can see this trap coming from miles away. The pregnancy itself is depressing enough, but it's very obvious during the pregnancy that things aren't going to get better when the baby is out of the womb.

(That said, I admit I thought it would take slightly longer in-universe for something to actually happen to the baby. I thought the MC would at least get one happy moment with her kid before it all went to sh*t.)

You'd think super awesome ML would have picked up on clues like 'the enemy who wants the MC dead showed up to stab her with a knife while she was pregnant because it looked like her husband was favoring her too much' and took some extra care with the birth process, right? Nope!

This dude can't decide on what he wants and he can't protect his own family. He also can't steel himself enough to clean out his backyard and instead runs around getting everyone he can pregnant. This is probably politically calculated, and MC's pregnancy was an accident he purposely tried to prevent, and like... I get it. I get why the ML acts the way he does, but I really do not like the guy.

I would honestly like the ML better if he had just killed off the original MC. At least that would mean he could make some hard decisions. Instead he's this guy who has one foot in one camp and the other foot in another camp, and the people who suffer for it are not him but rather his mother, wife and concubines.

ML probably has good reasons for ending up in this situation. It's the nature of the fight for the throne. But he has so few redeeming qualities made obvious up front, it's really really difficult to like him or root for him to get together with the MC in the end. So, I'm stopping at the point I'm at. Maybe I will pick this story back up later, after I work up my mental fortitude.

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frostcrystal rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c36
The story isn't too far in yet, but I really like it! I had been following along with Chongfei Manual and was thoroughly disillusioned due to the occasional petty heartlessness of both the male and female leads. This novel is the opposite - the MC is a cool-headed, intelligent, thoroughly down-to-earth adult woman, with a modern mindset. She isn't keen on dying for love and doesn't mind groveling a little bit to get to a comfortable place in life. So far the author has also been doing a great job... more>> of fleshing out the other female side characters, many of whom are not just allies or enemies, but actually people with their own thoughts and goals.

Meanwhile, the translation is smooth and clear, so no issues there at all. There is still quite a ways to go, so I'm looking forward to many, many more chapters! :) <<less
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Lola. rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: Completed
Dont let the bad review of the ML fools you.. This novel is GOOD! The plot is at least believable and true to its ancient time. Yeah there’s a harem to it, but its setting is in faraway ancient china, do you really think its easy to find someone as committed as the other transmigration ML novel? They dont just miraculously become monogamous, I always find that plot repetitive and predictable.

the MC is smart and independent, not overly cold (aka not an assassin or military personel), no cheat (she only... more>> used her knowledge as a chemist major, unless you count the talking ghost who sometimes mislead her).

The villains are complex and have their own stories, they dont just do it because they are evil, sometimes people do evil stuff to survive

The romance is slow but sure, you can actually see the development from when ML pay special attention to the MC and when he realized that he might actually love her

back again to the ML, great character development, read until the end to understand him more, he’s powerful at the background, but still is vulnerable because in that era, the way to gain control is by offering harems. What I dont like is he’s kinda weak hearted to his harems, maybe he felt guilty, or still respecting their histories together, and you just wanna throw punches at him.

if you like Mistaken Marriage : imperial harem, you’d like this one. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c27
Deeper and more interesting than many other examples in the genre. Very interesting, and is shaping up to be an excellent novel that's full of intrigue and interwoven relationships.

PS: Make sure to skip the comments, lots of mad girls irrationally getting angry at a man for acting typical of his status during the time period. Read a shoujo manga if you want a monogamous, perfect prince.
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mannel27 rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: c158
This is one of the few novels that I actually stayed up all night binge reading. It was very well-written that every sentence seems like a cliff-hanger making you want to know more. Even after reading some spoilers it doesn't diminish my interest but made me even more curious. It's a great novel with an interesting storyline. For me, it's so good that I have a hard time putting it down. Although it's tagged as romance, it has very little of it. So this is probably not for those readers... more>> looking for fluffy romantic themes. It's not super angsty compared to other transmigration novels. Compared to those, this is probably more of a light read. The main character is also very likable esp. Her witty dialogues. She's not the submissive easily bullied by the ML type but also not your over the top strong perfect MC. Lastly, it's not 1000 chapters long. ^_^ <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c200
Not a story for babies.

Not a story for little girls dreaming of prince charming on a white horse.

and for those who's reading list is full of titles like pampering wife overdose, pamper wife to death or pampering pampered evil pimp's peerless supersaiyan wife.

Not for those pervs and clean freaks drooling on a virgin ML protagonist who kept his plaything in a locked box for 2000 years specially waiting for FL to be born and offer his virginity to her on a platter (like most of those Cn novels anyway)... more>>

This is a story in a story. FL gets sucked into a story she was reading and the author spins another story from here... AND this trip into that story it's a rollercoaster of emotions.

I have not come to seek comfort in this story and the plot will not comfort your parched hearts. because the characters are so true to their personalities and don't succumb to plot armour, it's a very bittersweet narrative. remember FL isn't even looking for romance so you as a reader can't be that stupid to look for romance for her!

ML is flawed, FL is flawed. like everyone who read this I was extremely disappointed with FL and ML. Ugh especially the FL, in my eyes she got all the symptoms of disociattive identity disorder aka split personality disorder. Her excuse is the body doesn't belong to her so she thinks she can enjoy the situation or s*x or carry a pregnancy plus giving birth on commission #rolls eyes. Plus keeps talking to ghosts voices in her head randomly. yes it's random. and her acting cool is more like creepy.

So because I don't like this weird woman Many times I also wanted to drop reading. many times!

but believe me! Hang on tight! don't give up on this novel because the latter plot development is great and unexpected. plus the voices go away for a good while hahaha. Plus later she sorta settles for one identity

well almost. later she disguised as a man yo! even tried to marry a woman yo!

, discarding the multiple identity naming during reading which was giving me a headache. Only then it didn't seem like I'm reading a hilarious crazy woman comedy.

everything revolves about making the right choices. people Lives, circumstances, politics, balance, survival, protection, all depends on bitter strategic choices in this novel. And sometimes sacrifices like loved ones, feelings, money have to made constantly.

the entertainent level of this novel is high. it's not repetitive, fresh each page and beautifully translated. thank you fuyuneko. <<less
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Kurobito rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c15
First of all, I am giving this novel a 5 star due to the author himself/ herself for doing a great job in connecting the story very well as most of the chapters have link to its previous chapters. (I am reading the raws) The ML may be a douche bag that you can't help but to want to give him a thousand punches in the beginning but later in the story you'll start to accept him. This part makes it almost similar to the 'Empress with no Virtue'.

Next, I... more>> would like to give a big thumbs up for FuyuNeko for finding such a great novel to translate as this novel differ from the other romance novel. It is sort of a one-of-a-kind novel that makes you have a mix feelings towards it. I really look forward for every of its translated chapters. <<less
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ensaymadaroll rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c11
Honestly it's my first time to write a review. Please bear with my grammar LOL.

when u fuyunekON, , u cant fuyunekOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

translator ... more>>

First of all, I am rating this story 5/5 because of its translator, fuyu neko. I love her/him!!!!!! Literally the best translator ever. This person deserves all the love, support and recognition this world could give. After reading fuyu neko's works, my standard when it comes to chinese novels (ofc translated) became high LOLOLOLOL so... I found this novel through Chongfei Manual (fuyu neko announced there that he/she will translate another novel) and I got excited and because I'm a fan of his/her works so I checked it out as soon as possible. I am sorry I just love and admire the translator so much T___T I'm honestly thankful that I don't have to miss his/her works aka da wonderful translations since Chongfei Manual is ending soon. YAY!!!

ps I also recommend chongfei manual!!!!!!!!!!!



ok so back 2 the main point, , ,

It's not your ordinary girl from da modern world who transmigrated into a villain bc this girl is really different from your typical chinese female lead LOLOLOL. I just get frustrated with the ML but who knows, he might change but that doesn't change the fact the he WAS a casanova which turns me off (sorry if its just me but I really hate male leads who had past lovers, has concubines or I mean was/is a playboy, , , ya get me). Well, I do get his reasons for treating the MC that way. I also don't like how the new wife/the og female lead acts like I find it fake and annoying but okay, , , now I question myself for liking good female leads like the og FL here LOL. All in all, it's good to see another perspective (villain's pov.... I mean not the villain but u know other than the spoiled, pampered and nice MC like og fl) <<less
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Ainslee rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c14
This novel is sooo bad for my health. I wanna read all chapters but there's no more. Wanna MTL but it'll fry my brain. Wanna wait for the translation to finish but can't help reading when latest chapter updated.

So stressful 😶💦
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Apples and Oranges
Apples and Oranges rated it
June 16, 2018
Status: --
This a beautiful character novel that showcases characters in their era in a very believable way.

The male lead behaves typically and might not appeal to those who believe in the ideal one man one woman romance. His is the POV of the story that appealed to me the most. He is 15 when he gets married and takes multiple concubines for alliances, its really only when he is 21 that he falls in love and the journey of disillusionment with his 'first love' is heartbreaking.

We get to see most of... more>> this depressing, cruel and sometimed hilarious world through the FL's eyes and she's a transmigrated jaded and cynical 20-something.

An interesting character read. Not recommended for those who want a fluffy romance. <<less
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aovel rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: c154
I have never read a male lead as hateful as the one from this story. By far this guy is the worst scum of the earth in my book. True there was one instance that I felt like he redeemed himself but after what happened after I feel like the author is crazy to keep him as the male lead. I mean there are better candidates!

I haven't finished the story and I will finish this not for anything but simple curiosity as to how the male lead will come out... more>> of this muck he's been wallowing into.

This story is interesting in a sense that it does follow a sort of real life development for the characters involved but it's frustrating when you're not thinking rationally and just want to read a good romance story. Another interesting point that I want to see is the future of the other soul. This story is weird to be honest. The good points are overshadowed by the bad but who knows I'm still 150+ in there might be some changes coming my way in the future chapters.",) <<less
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Irene11__ rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: Completed
THIS BOOK frustrated me but hellll its GOOOD

I have mixed feelings about male lead, I hate him also love him 😂


... more>> And another point is the villians gets the karma they deserve without getting raped (which is f**kED UP)

Jiman also not completely Mary Sue. She is not assassin or possess incredible shocking talent.

All in all, the book is good despite the infuriating events later in the novel. Just prepare yourself 😂


When I read this novel, I didn't put in mind or focus with the title of the novel. But after I complete reading it, the author mention Jiman is actually just dreaming, she is not transmigrated. So yeah I dunno wht to feel abt tht hahah <<less
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The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug
October 13, 2018
Status: c127
This novel is similar to DCF only because the FL was transmigrated into a once-villainous role. Hence, she had to find ways to break the original female protagonist's (let's label her OFL) halo to preserve her life. That said, I'd actually rather say that this feels like TBAVW, except characters are less privileged so more drama and schemes.

[Skip to end if you don't want to read too long reviews]

... more>>

To start off, let me clarify some of my points by introducing the characters:

[1] Female Lead's family is powerful.

Now, what do you think happens to an FL who has a powerful backing and then married to an equally powerful house but not a Wang? (1) She is an eye-candy politically, so (2) a lot of people want to manipulate/use her, have her killed or get her as an ally. ML-FL relationship isn't simple.

[2] Male Lead's

family is powerful but not Imperial.

Now, what do you think happens to characters that aren't Imperial but powerful? Their family hangs on a scale. Princes either wanting to recruit them or have them killed. So to this, the ML tried his damnest to balance things out.

This ML has layers upon layers of schemes of his own and really manipulative.

(1) He is not Imperial so (2) he has limited privileges, and (3) he is good in martial arts but not ridiculously good, but (4) it doesn't matter anyway because martial arts is not a central point in this thing. So he isn't OP.

Now, the reason I say it's similar to TBAVW is because it's more of a politically intrigue novel where characters are not what they seemed.

In character temperament, and the romance aspect, both novels followed the same formula:

In both novels, ML use their women to gain advantage.

[1] Except in TBAVW, because the ML is a Wang and FL bg is powerful, he only had to look at her and insta-support. No need to be antagonistic to FL. Moreover, FL transmigrated early so she immediately behaved herself. Hence, we don't have drama and ML is only loving to her. Readers love him and everyone is happy.

[2] Here in DSB, on one hand we have an FL background who is skewed to one faction (i.e. FL's aunt who is the favoured Imperial Concubine, say IC) and another hand the scheming crown prince's under the Empress. FL married the ML because of IC in the first place, so yknow. Anyway, ML hangs on a delicate balance. And since this is ancient setting, we don't have the privilege of seeing an overly-doting ML on the FL.

Instead, he used that "ancient setting sh!t" to his advantage by:

using his harem like 100% more than TBAVW

because (1) he needs to, (2) yeah, he still has a choice not to but why not anyway, and (3) original owner's behaviour (original owner of body before FL transmigrated) was very disagreeable at the start so they had a major fall out.

Imagine being in a tricky situation where you are trying not to offend people to preserve your life, then here goes a person waltzing in and cannot even understand what you're trying to do so unintentionally wrecking havoc in your plans? I think ML felt that way to original!owner and so she lost his favour. And rather than doting on her, his original actions is more on the negative end and being antagonistic by appearing not too biased on a faction.

I stand my ground that ML on both novels are scheming and manipulative (and both FL's know this). Just that, because of circumstances, ML on former is doting on his wife and ML of latter is hot-cold.

This is also the reason why I say both followed the same formula. Most other novels followed a different one (and one that readers loved best) : ML is black-bellied, FL may or may not be black-bellied, and ML is only doting to FL because they are both black-bellied anyway so they don't mind offending people. Case in point: DCF, PGC, BBM, all other novels with once-assassin/doctor female transmigrated to ancient times.

That aside, other things about this novel so far:

The FL's modern knowledge doesn't make her OP, and she is sympathetic to fellow women.

But that doesn't make her the holy mother, that role belonged to OFL (lol). It's just that... she's not vengeful, very tolerant but doesn't mean she'll just allow others to bully her. She understand why women have to do this and that, and so doesn't take it against them.

Her view on love is also very similar to TBAVW's FL: she really doesn't care about ML but also won't actively push him away. To live well, she has to pretend to still like him. She also knew ML's status and so behaved properly according to her role.

Also, like I said she's not OP (unlike in DCF perhaps where later on Nee Bai used her knowledge on bombs and stuff to gain leverage and help ML) which is something I appreciate 'cause hey, it's not like you can just randomly see formulas of bombs anywhere, remember it and use it. Instead, her "modern" knowledge comes in the form of production of beauty products (which is more realistic imo), having business skills despite being a woman, earning money, and being able to cook despite being noble.

The characters have depth, the OFL halo is strong and FL's life is not given on a silver platter.

The characters aren't 2D, enough said. Putting aside ML's asshol-ic personality, I'm hands down to author for not making him black-bellied but still someone who knows his sh!t nonetheless. I mean... I appreciate his character the most. He is not all-good 2D. He is scheming, manipulative, to a point I find him hateful, funny, but interesting (yes, I am weird).

Not just he ML, but basically everyone. Cannon fodders aren't just cannot fodders. They didn't become hateful just for the sake of being one, but because they were pushed that way (another example is the antagonist of Rebirth of an Abandone Woman), as opposed to say OFL of DCF where, tbh, she became hateful just for the sake of it: I don't understand her because she's just too stupid. Something like that.

I appreciate smart antagonists, as oppose to plain unreasonable ones. And so far, the development here is good. Like, for example, the development of OFL to a true antagonist after her fall from grace is reasonable. There's a step-by-step process we get to see and I like that, and isn't because she's just inherently/became stupid.

OFL's halo is strong. Unlike DCF where it was slowly but surely being clipped, here it isn't (at least not obviously), which I appreciate. A lot of people might hate ML because she dotes on her while being antagonistic to FL, but do remember FL


villainous and cannon fodder originally. So why would ML have his sights on her?

It's strange how people don't bat an eyelid when ML of other novels act harsh on antagonists, but flip heaven and earth when ML is harsh on FL who is (again) supposed to be an antagonist. You don't pity women antagonists on other novels who died and was tortured by MLs, but complain when ML here had FL be punished and ignored her in favour of OFL who is the original protag? lol

FL's life isn't given on a silver platter. Unlike in DCF or TBAVW where everything is smooth-sailing, here is obviously not. Not only because the OFL halo is strong and the tricky part of FL's background, but like... every action of FL really has consequences.

I read a bit later on (before MTL fried my brain) and, yeah, the consequences can be

heavy. It's heart-wrenching, but provided the realism I need that not everything is rainbows and ponies. Just because she is now the FL doesn't mean she now gets the express lane in everything. In fact, the things that happened just made me appreciate her character more, for being strong, independent and... just so far, I really like her.


Summary: Read this if...

  • You love plot-driven stories (+ if political intrigue is your cup of tea)
  • You want characters that are neither 2D nor stupid
  • You're not an extremely escapist/romanticist reader
  • You don't mind a manipulative ML not being monogamous majority of the novel
  • You appreciate that not all the time protags are right, successful, good, get what they want; hence,
  • You want to read a relatively warm novel with some occasional major heartaches
  • You don't mind non-OP/black-bellied protagonists
  • You love a spunky mother-in-law who is in full-support to our protagonist lol
The translations are also very good, and fast. And fuyuneko is responsive to her readers. Overall, a nice experience.

That said and done, the MIL takes the cake in this novel. lol Sorry for too long review and wtf is wrong with NU, the format is all over the place. I've edited this like 4 times but ugh, well, at least my point got across (hopefully), sorry for the sudden tabs and next-lines. <<less
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September 13, 2018
Status: Completed
    • This novel is more on plot.. I like how it showed the complicated relationship between ML and FL. How close it is to reality. I like how the FL handle herself in Love relationship.
    • Love relationship always start with interest, how much interest each have. How her response towards ML. ML doesn't love her, so she does not love her too.
    • Oh well, but it will be more interesting if she can just leave ML, it's not like her marriage towards ML is important. If she left her she can protect her clan from the conspiracy of the throne. She's got brains and she's good in business.
    • If she left she won't suffer. Let ML deal with his Wife and concubines. As well as his family. She can just do whatever she wants and if she had enough power to protect herself she can plan meticulously to capture or revenge ML. Whatever the ghost wants.
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xchronicles rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: c86
I love everything in this novel. Gave it a 4 stars (my max score for inc novels) since the translation ain't complete yet.

Female Lead. Very clear headed. Not like those other female lead that is 'lazy' 'casual' 'easy going' but schemes all the way for power and love of ML.

She has clear goal: Fulfill the original's wish, survive and go back to the modern world.

And she doesn't deviates to that goal. Everything she did is for that purpose. Although it results to her being detached, that's what I like... more>> more.

Mature atittude. Like one of the reviews says, she isn't like those other FL that is originally 20-40 before rebirth but with a teeny atittude.

What I love the most:

She accepts the ancient life and live with its rules.

Male Lead. Finally a male lead that isn't head-over-heels for the FL.



Has a lot of concubines, gets them pregnant.

Sees women as tools (I guess it'll change in later chapters)

Power and scheming is everything


I honestly don't get the hate for him. Though his atittude is a douche, his atittude and view is realistically aligned with ancient times.

You want a doting/sweet ML? Nope.

Not love sick!!!!!!!! You can't tell how happy I am that I finally get a ML that isn't love sick with FL.

At this chap, the ML is just interested with FL. Just interested. Still a long way to being in love.

Sees his goal clearly (throne ????)

Characters/ Schemings

I've read some raws and I'd say besides those legit cannon fodders, most characters are smart and calculative.

It's not like those usual novels where only the main characters are smart and everyone else is stupid.

At some point, FL got calculated too and suffered but that's what make it more of an amazing novel. <<less
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