The Times Spent in Pretense


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The Hua family, through generations, values loyalty and righteousness. Regardless of gender, everyone prioritizes defending their home and country. The harmony between ruler and subjects, sharing all kinds of emotions, all stem from the sense of righteousness in their hearts.

As the weather turns cooler, has the favored crown prince been dethroned by His Majesty?


As the weather turns hotter, has the loyal and brave Marquis Hua Residence been disposed of after its use?


Not only that, but the Crown Prince has also married Hua Liuli, the daughter of Marquis Hua.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Royal Rumours
Zao Zuo Shi Guang [Drama]
ช่วงเวลาดีๆ ที่มีแต่รัก
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New HiddenHermit rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Entertaining novel. The plot does have intrigue but has a light hearted feel overall.

MC, Hua Liuli, is 15/16 years old and seemingly innocent and frail, which belies her cunning and extraordinary strength. She enters the capital and inadvertently conquers it. Not only turning the scornful into her admirers but also overturning the wicked schemes of hidden enemies.

MC's romance with ML, the crown prince of Great Jin, starts off pure for both sides. So it's cute when ML falls for MC and starts his pursuit.

This spoiler is about the hidden enemy...... more>>


There are three hidden enemies who are trying to destroy the peace within the country and imperial family.

1. The Xie family from the south. They wanted to modify "the conventions of Great Jin to make the Xie family renowned once again".

2. The second princess (ML's sister). She thought her mother (who really died in childbirth) was mu*dered. She also blamed the emperor and the crown prince for the death of the man she loved.

3. The third prince of the country Daimao. He colluded with the Xie family and second princess to destroy Great Jin.

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New elliepot rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: extra 2
I love the FL, she’s the type that can truly stand on her own and I love how committed she is to acting like weak beauty. She stands by her principles from beginning to end, I love how loving her whole family is supportive of her antics. Admittedly, I also appreciate the fact that no transmigration, reincarnation or some type of system is involve, it’s solely just the FL with her charming personality and acquired skills.

I like the ML as well and his relationship with the emperor, he’s the one... more>> who did the pursuing. The way he courted her was very cute. But in the end it was really the FL who made me enjoy the novel.

Overall a short and enjoyable read! <<less
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sassyzoe rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Thanks to the translator Sleepchaser for recommending this story!

I'm a fan of the author and have "audio-read" her stories in the raw. I'm very thankful that I was introduced to her by dreamsofjianghu. Fortunately, sleepchaser has also taken to translating her stories. After reading the first chapter, I was intrigued enough to continue to the raws (because waiting is hard!)

It was good enough that I binged-read it through. I think compared to her other books, I particularly liked the fact that the author has taken the time to flesh... more>> out quite a few of the secondary characters in this novel. All of the secondary characters are quite interesting.

Her plot here is intelligent, light-hearted and humourous.

The FL is a hoot but the 'unrealistic' part is

how she manages to train her skills to be the lethal fighter that she is when she's pretending to be frail and weak all the time.

But she's quite funny. I love the girly friendships. Reading about their interactions is so enjoyable. The ML was okay. But because he is so laid-back, he gets a bit boring sometimes. However, we see occasional flashes of what a loyal and loving man he is, like when

he risked his life when returned to save the FL. And the little things he did because he genuinely cares for his dad, and not the throne. No wonder his position as the crown prince was unshakable!

Other than that, most of the time, he's rather lazy and arrogant, with a hint of danger. I thought the romance was rather sweet.

I liked how he liked her first and chased her and how she was initially oblivious to it.


Plot: 8/10
Characterisation: 9.5/10
Translation: 8.5/10 (Quality is good but need to be patient. Sleepchaser is translating this, as of this writing, at just one chapter a week.)

Recommendation: YES! However, if you understand mandarin, I suggest you can either read or listen to the raws. If not, you may want to wait a year or so till the translation is completed before you read. It's a really nice story and waiting can be quite a pain. <<less
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GoliathQueen rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Brought to you by the writer of "To be a virtuous wife", "Eight Treasures Trousseau", "Like Pearl like Jade", and "Ascending, do not disturb", which are some of my favorite c-novels.

A lot of pretense is going around in this story but compared to ETT and TBAVW, this is actually a lot more light-hearted.

What I love:

  • An Emperor who is smart and strong but not overly suspicious. He's very human and relatable. His relationship with the MC's parents are so adorable. It's funny that so many people are always overthinking his every move, thinking that he was moving against the General couple but he actually isn't lol
  • The Crown Prince isn't the typical cold, brooding, domineering ML. He's quite petty, with a vicious tongue. He was raised by the Emperor himself so their bond is strong and he really shows it in his action. He is lazy and carefree (no pretense) but actually smart.
  • The MC Hua Liuli grew up in a family of generals. She knew martial arts and is very good at it. But she has a dream: to become a famous sickly beauty like Xi Shi. She is VERY serious and devoted towards this goal. One really badass scene I can't forget was when she and Jiamin was kidnapped. Jiamin, who was just mocking her for not living up to her parents' name, saw the sickly beauty become the female demon lol.
  • Jiamin, Liuli, and their other two friends. I love how this author always manages to write beautiful and healthy relationships between women. Not like other authors who like to write women biting each other, and pulling each other down.
  • ML's brothers arent bad. I especially love the adorable Van Gogh (lol) little brother. His only love is painting. And the cold man of few words, fourth prince.
  • Most of the conflict come from other kingdoms
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aesprica rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Another hit from this author that I binge-read from the raws. In this one, I feel like she really turns the tropes of historical novels on its head (like suspicious emperor, fight for the throne between princes, scheming, etc). The MC starts off like a spoiled white lotus... and quickly turns that upside down. The ML is also more than what he seems, and the interactions between the two and the other characters are quite hilarious. These humorous parts helps lighten up the conspiracies that are threaded throughout this story... more>> that threaten the country's backbone, and they are all tied together in the end. The author does a great job in not losing balance and keeping the plot neat. I would say compared to Like Pearl Like Jade and The Job of an Imperial Concubine, this one is much more light-hearted in tone.

I love many of the side characters here, especially the imperial princes and the emperor. Each prince has his own special quirk and every prince thinks all of his other brothers are the weird ones. The emperor often silently laments about his children's oddities and constantly has to remind himself that there's no point in getting mad over their personality traits. He clearly cares about all of his kids, which is a refreshing change from most other emperors in novels. There's actually a really sweet part where he basically says to one of his sons, 'you are a gift to me from the heavens, how could I not treasure you?'

All in all, another great story! <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Another wonderful story by one of my favorite authors Yue Xia Die Ying!

I truly adore this author's historical works; this was one of my favorite stories. There are a lot of pros, and still some cons obviously, but for the most part this work was extremely enjoyable.

On the surface it's honestly a pretty light-hearted work that has quite a lot of comical moments in it, focusing on the relationship between the Hua family and the royal crown. It's hilarious because so many people operate under this pretense that the Emperor... more>> will dislike the Crown Prince as he grows older because of how 'tyrannical' the Crown Prince is, and that the Emperor will dispose of the Hua family as soon as they've come back to Beijing, but in reality everything...


was just a lie/cover to fool everybody else into thinking the Crown Prince was arrogant and tyrannical but in reality, he and the Emperor used that excuse as a way to cover up the Crown Prince cleaning up the court and ministers. Especially since the previous Emperor was a huge piece of garbage that caused a lot of chaos in the kingdom, I'm guessing they had to clean up a lot of bullsh*t because of it.


The only con I really found with this story was that sometimes I felt like it was dragging quite a bit without anything going on and that it felt much slower-paced compared to her other stories, but I still enjoyed the entire story and never felt the need to skip around like I sometimes feel with other, similarly themed stories.

As per usual with this author, the thing I enjoyed the most was connecting to the main cast of characters and their interactions with each other.

This isn't your typical historical, 宫斗 kind of novel. It focuses instead on the relationship that the Emperor and the royal family has with their most famous and powerful military family, the Hua family. It features intrigue not only from within the kingdom, but from outside of the kingdom. If you're hoping for a lot of face slapping, while there aren't that many moments, there are still a few moments that are honestly very satisfying. Everything else, to be frank, was just hilarious watching as the MC


charmed everybody into liking her with her 'frail and sickly could-die-with-a-single-blow-of-wind' kind of personality/fake persona.


The MC is one of my favorites, mostly because not only is she extremely clever, she's also very capable despite pretending to be a white lotus the entire time. It's hilarious watching her out-white-lotus Xie family's second miss, and her interactions/misunderstandings with the ML were some of my favorite parts of the entire novel.

The author has always done an excellent job of making you relate and love the entire cast of characters. Even though some of the female characters in this novel are brash, straight forward and a little tsun, they aren't bad or malicious people. In the same way you would want to defend your friend or the person they like from an unknown lady, it's not surprising that there would be some people who would initially be against the MC, especially since there was a possibility she would be marrying the eldest prince. But those people change and evolve through the story to become the MC's allies and friends, which I think is much more interesting compared to just having brainless young ladies who fight the MC for no reason, despite knowing there are misunderstandings.

That being said, there are obviously some young ladies who get face slapped, which is very satisfying. But it doesn't go overboard with how many people get smacked in the face, which I feel like makes the face slapping even sweeter.

The thing I like in this author's stories is her theme that, we're all women, why should we harm each other? There are no clear grievances, why trouble other women for a man? The comradery that the women have in this story is refreshing compared to the many historical novels where all the women hate the MC because of some man that likes the MC.

The court intrigue was also interesting, and I was curious as to who it was until near the end like in the 70 to 80% area of the novel when it was more clearly spelled out for me.

But if I'm totally honest, the court intrigue mostly took a back seat for me, because the most interesting part was watching the MC and the ML get closer, resolve their (hilarious) misunderstanding (that was mostly from the MC's side LOL) and eventually fall in love.

But I think my absolute favorite thing was the second epilogue, featuring half of a story about the fifth prince (who is hilariously adorable) and the fourth prince, the gloomy young prince that hated basically all social interaction.


The fourth prince, when he was born, never spoke, and as a result the Emperor took him to raise him up. Turns out he wasn't s*upid, he just didn't like talking to people. He's gloomy, and doesn't really understand social interaction. His mother, concubine Lin, while looking kind and gentle on the outside, was actually a very ambitious woman who came from a poor background. She met the Emperor and asked him to take her into the harem, and she was bitter that he favored the Crown Prince and wanted to push her son to the throne. However, the fourth prince never wanted to become the Emperor. When he confronted his mother about some harem scheme she used against the Crown Prince, she basically calls her son a monster when she realizes he remembers that when he was young, she called him a s*upid child and the shame of her life basically because he never spoke.

Anyways, concubine Lin gets banned and the fourth prince, this poor gloomy prince, has basically nobody in his life. I felt a lot of pity for the fourth prince, he seemed like a gloomy kid but he wasn't bad. However, he says that even if his mother doesn't want him, he still has his father, who called him a gift from Heaven, and the crown prince, who promised even if he was s*upid he'd still protect the fourth prince.

So I was really excited that there was an epilogue about the fourth prince. It was this cute, somewhat bittersweet moment. His mother dies, and he tells her that they will not have a mother-son relationship anymore, in this life or the next. When he leaves, the MC calls him over to look at the persimmon tree and asks him which one he wants. He sees his reflection in their eyes and says he's happy because he had these people to care for him, like the way they did in the past when his mother called him a monster and to get out of her courtyard. It ends with him saying that he hopes that if there's an after life, that his third brother and third sister-in-law will still be loving, and that he can follow them along like a cheeky oil bottle.


I absolutely died at the end of the second extra with the fourth prince, because it was just so cute and sweet. In all the other harem fight stories, there's basically no brotherhood between any of the princes, which I get - everybody wants power or whatever, but the brotherhood in this story was really touching for me, especially the relationship between the fourth prince and his family.

As usual, I felt bittersweet finishing this story as I do with the other stories by this author. It was an excellent, fun ride though, and I would definitely recommend this story to anybody who wants just a short, light hearted but interesting and romantic historical story. And if you haven't read anything else, I'd probably suggest reading her other historical stories early on (like To Be A Virtuous Wife and Eight Treasure Trousseau, in that order) because I know many people dislike how much pinyin is used in both stories (doesn't bother me but I can read Chinese lol) whereas the later translated stories have far less pinyin in it.

Anyways 10/10, highly recommend! <<less
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secret165 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: compeleted
This is one of the best novel from this author I have read. This novel have some conspiracies boiling behind, but the emperor in this novel is very good and rare monarch.

It was very rare to read the novel where the emperor really have feeling and heart. The emperor is a good monarch, husband and father to the children.

... more>>

The funny thing in the novel is over how the emperor tried his hardest in making his crown prince (ML) do his work in the court - ML is very smart unfortunately he is too lazy.

When ML tells emperor that he likes MC, emperor tried his hardest to sell his son for MC family and brooding over - son, your dad has done the best, you have to continue the rest.

I really likes emperor character, he treats his children equally and each prince has their own antic. While ML fits his taste and he spoil ML rotten, when minister impeach crown prince.. Emperor : Nobody can point on my son, only I can point on him.


You will loves this novel, there is no darker vibe in this novel. This novel really show how MC gets along with other supporting character after returning to the capital. <<less
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krish728 rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm the new translator who took over and completed the translation.

I read this novel as I translated, and honestly, while I loved translating every word of this novel, I felt it was not up to the standards of the author, Yue Xia Die Ying, but it is still a very good read and I recommend it. I mean, my favorite novel of this author remains Eight Treasures Trousseau, so the standards were set pretty high.

4.5/5 (Giving it a 5-star, because there is no option to rate it 4.5 on Novel... more>> Updates) <<less
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dramamonster rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c62
I read the translator's chapters and then continued with MTL.

In Great Jin, the Emperor has several capable princes, and a very powerful General. In other novels, the Emperor might be trying to kill off the General's family to protect his throne, the Princes would be killing each other to take the throne from their old man, while the FL schemes against everyone. Well, not this author.

Instead, the FL, who was raised lovingly at the dangerous border with her military General family, is a ferocious tiger pretending to be a weak,... more>> helpless beauty. Her family is loyal and smart, and she just wants to raise a few handsome men and live in leisure.

The ML is a Crown Prince who shrugs off the Emperor's pleas for him to help out more with running the country, and slowly falls in love with the FL. He's pretty wily and black-bellied, so his schemes to get the FL to turn to him are pretty funny.

Love it so far. Will update once more chapters are out.

One of my favourite parts is the development of a

Princess who is super bossy and snobby, but after witnessing the FL massacring some villains with her soft sword, the Princess becomes scared, docile, and supportive of the FL. Or the Emperor being a good, wise ruler, except for his holy terror of the FL's mom, General Wei, whom he unfortunately disrespected once in his youth and forever regretted. Or the Emperor and General's friendship, loyalty and trust in each other.


Same author as Eight Treasure Trousseau, I Am This Type of Woman, To Be A Virtuous Wife, Ascending Do Not Disturb, Hello Wife, The Job Of An Imperial Concubine, Like Pearl and Jade, Very Happy, More Than A Few Blessings. The author writes really good characters and more recently, very optimistic feeling novels. <<less
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xxchroniclerxx rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed
After having read ETT and TBAVW by the same author and various other historical novels, this story is a complete breath of fresh air.

The author uses several stereotypical roles and troupes but makes it work in a completely different way than you'd expect and it's even hilarious!

... more>>

It's funny how if our FL wasn't the protagonist, she would be the most infuriating and c*ckroach like villainous White lotus. (She's a White lotus but she's nowhere evil or spoiled here) She's a very skilfull actress and everyone goes on along with her (even the ML after he finds out and their rapport is extremely funny), as it's her dream to be a a famous sickly beauty (initially) and she does have another much serious reason for acting like that as well which is slightly revealed in the later half. As she's the daughter of two of the most influential and powerful generals, she knows her position is like a hot potato as whomever she marries will inevitably be connected with the general household and might be potentially put into suspicion so she uses her 'fragility' as a card to block anything and everything.


I love the family dynamics in the story so much, finally an imperial family where everyone is not out for blood, and an actual good Emperor who's not only a great monarch but also a great father and husband. And not to mention our FL's family, her relation with her brother and parents are so sweet and humorous.

In short, I enjoyed this novel a lot and there's a certain kick to it that makes me giggle everytime I think about it.

Although mtl was relatively easy to understand, I will still reread as the translator releases the chapters, as it's much smoother and the translator is doing such a great job.

Thank you for bringing this novel to us! Definitely a good read! <<less
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shinraeinna rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c12
I do not know what to say. But this is a truly extraordinary novel !.

I read TBAVW at first, and I fell in love with it right away. Then I found this novel here, and I have read the first few chapters. I also fell in love with this novel.

I was really shocked, when I found out that the author of this novel is the same as the author of TBAVW (a very strange coincidence isn't it?). And I thought, oh my, the writer is so talented.

Thanks to translator in... more>> here/sleepchaser for translating this novel. I will support you. Fighting !

Ialso want to support the author of this novel. But I know I can't connect directly with him/her. So for translators or anyone who knows the author and knows his/hers contact. Can you please tell him/her that I support him/her ?.

For now, I will support him/her first here.

For the author: Cheer up !!, fighting! I will continue to support you, and be patient waiting for your novel updates. Thank you very much.

🙂🙃🙂🙃🙇🏻‍♀️ <<less
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kyrez rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I laughed a lot when I was reading this story!

At first, I thought it will be a transmigration/rebirth story. I was even kind of expecting it-- and until the end, it never comes! 😅😂

However, the author doesn't disappoint with how clever and amazing the characters 'act' around others. For me, this 'specialty' of the author's is the highlight of every stories 😉

... more>>

So... the FL is a very pretentious white lotus. And she's so so lucky because everything she did-- usually being rude to her enemies or 'framing other females' or 'acting weak to gain sympathy'-- will always lead to auspicious events.

And the FL herself gets surprised with these outcomes. She usually gets so speechless when other people keep on misunderstanding her actions (that she was covering her good deeds with rude behaviours 😆). And believe me, this story has a lot of misunderstandings! So this always got me cracking!

The ML is a tiger hiding under a lazy cat skin. And the funny thing is, he also got deceived by the FL many times. But he finally smartened up in the end^^😁


The combination of the duo (FL&ML) is deadly. They become the most beautiful pretentious couple who take advantage of every situation 😂

The family value here is truly note-worthy. The FL and ML both have the greatest and most harmonious families ever! Like, I really really appreciate how they connect and trust each other.

I was very surprised reading this because I have never read any other stories with this kind of family set up and plot in a historical setting with many political schemes and conspiracies. It's truly one of a kind~ 😍


Because really.. in the end, I believe that it was the familial connection that actually saves the ML and FL from a lot of their troubles~ 😇😎


So yeah, I had a really good time reading this and I'd definitely recommend this to everyone 👍🏻😃

P.s. This actually becomes my no 1 favourite story for a historical setting^^ <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
August 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Romance comedy novel with ancient time background, this is a good one.

The story about a pampered girl in the mighty general's family who is known as weak, kind hearted but sickly beauty. At first she just wanna keep some beautiful white face men for fun but then she met the crown prince and amazed by his beautiful appearance and then their love story begin.

There are a few political scheming, love rivals, family's love and friendship.

There aren't hateful side characters in my opinion, although there are a few antagonists characters but... more>> they are not exaggeratingly evil and bad. They have been solved very quickly.


the most hillarious was the princess shu'an and her daughter feel intimidated by the FL and her general mum. The princess witnessed the mighty of General Wei and got scared for the rest od her life, and her daughter also saw the power of Hua Liuli, our MC and became terrified.

But FL had a few girl friends and their interaction were interesting.


The Emperor was the best emperor and good father that I read compare to others novels.

It is really a fluffy and fun novel, I loved this genre and also enjoy it. <<less
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Aeiru28 rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: Completed
One of my favorite author's novel. The story is relaxed, even if there is a bit of conspiracy between some character

... more>>

The MC has the so-called beautiful silly dream that she want to get known as a sickly beauty even though she is born from two generals. She even told about her dream to really select few who later know about her greatness (martial arts etc). And her family members act really well to make her dream comes true (I think that's why the novel is titled like that). The family is really loyal to the emperor and the emperor is really trust them. Even with some conspiracy that frame the MC household, the emperor's trust is really unshakeable.

And the ML is a crown prince of the country, even if he is lazy and has some tempers. He is really loved and spoiled by emperor and many people is jealous, and afraid of him. But, even he has that shortcomings, his position is unshakeable (though some ministers waited him to fall from grave), not because emperor's love for him but because he is actually has best brain and heart for it. XD

The best thing is when the two is finally engaged. The people pity the frail sickly girl for having a temperamental fiance. But, a girl (she is one of select few people that know MC is actually not a frail girl) pity her cousin for having a strong girl (she thought if the ML make MC angry, she will beat down the ML xD)

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Staringatastar rated it
September 1, 2023
Status: Completed
This author is amazing and this book is exactly what I needed after trudging through a dog-blooded, family-feud novel about a person striving to live her life to the selfish-est.

This novel is everything opposite. There's supportive families, supportive emporer/generals, mutually supportive couples, and people who are striving to leave their mark on history (some by promoting prosperity and some by any means necessary).

I love the quiet humor in this story, centered around the pretense that fools everyone except those closest to the FL. Her ability to destroy assassination plots looks... more>> like blind luck on the surface, but it's many times due to her vigilance and proactive nature. She's always looking out for others, even others that might not like her. And I think that's one of the reasons why her white lotus act doesn't grate as much - she uses her white lotus skills for her own amus**ent or for protecting others. It's not something she pulls out just to proactively put anyone down.

I'm also surprised how compelling the author was able to make the main couple, considering some of their initial attraction to each other is superficially for their appearances. However, it becomes clear as the story progresses that they've long seen through each other's pretense and appreciates each other for their own, unique personality. They know each other's flaws and are willing to indulge them, or in the case of the crown prince's laziness, convince the other to improve.

I think that's one of the most touching messages in this book. To treasure the people who can understand you, especially the ones who both understand and still like you. When finding someone to love, it's not just about finding the perfect person, but the person who sees through the masks and is still willing to stand beside you. That understanding and mutual respect can help a couple avoid many misunderstandings and stay strong despite unfavorable rumors.

Overall, this was such a heart warming story. Gentle, with tons of mystery and intrigue that lightly skim by due to the network of trust around the main characters. <<less
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maevalily rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: extra 2
Amazing translation of a great historical romance! Not too much annoying drama, great characters and lots of funny and cute moments! This author has written a couple more great stories like this I loved and the translator did this story great justice! ❤️
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Minlani rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtled here. Understood about 85% of the contents.

Maybe it was the fact that I mtled, I just didn't really feel much from this story.

I actually really loved all the characters but it kind of felt like the author was padding for time, so we got a bunch of content that wasn't relevant to story progression. It didn't really feel like the story was leading up to anything, just a series of events after a series of events. It felt like the author wandered wherever she wanted to. I loved... more>> the characters so it was a pleasant experience, only a little boring. But if you don't like the characters, this story will make you very impatient. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: c15
Initially, I have a high expectation of this novel.

There are many 5 star reviews, and it's MTL friendly.

Now that I've read more than half of the novel, it didn't meet my expectation.

... more>>

The ML didn't have any redeeming quality aside from his crown prince status. He's lazy, not good at martial art, bad mannered, and acted like a child.

Oh, he's good to the FL, but honestly I dunno why she wanna spend the rest of her life with him just because he looked good and a little bit melancholy.

The only thing that I really like was FL family interaction. It's heartwarming.

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Yumeru rated it
March 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Ahhhhh I love the storyyy!! A good getaway fr transmigration/rebirth/qt trope hahaha am full of them atm

Our FL really hides her own strengths and had a funny interaction with her maids +family 👌 ML was also quickwitted but not overpowered but he has his own means. I love FL's family and how they "protect the monarch&crown prince " fr FL haha. At the end of the story you'll have a different view on some royal family people^^ some wil also have their just punishments.

Finally A royal family that somehow 1... more>> way or another is not that super suspicious of courtiers and no Supeeeer deep palaces [ there are in the story but don't worry our FL will not make the accusations longer, she will face it head on] she is not to be taken down by mere intrigues. Sometimes it's just the people common gossips about palaces issues🤣. Worth the read for an ancient romance Novel. <<less
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July 25, 2023
Status: extra 2
The speed and quality if the translations are just wow. 10/10.

The story 4/5. It got really draggy at the end. What I love most in here is the family both leads have. MC's being the only girl in 4 generations, she was spoilt by her parents and brothers. And they are extremely closed to each other.

ML family is also the same for the most part. The emperor is a simp for his favorite son. We don't see much interactions between him and his other kids, but reading here and there,... more>> you can tell he loves his other sons equally. They are his gifts from heaven. He also love his consorts equally. Except for the ML, no one else got special treatment 😁

A good emperor that actually love his country and citizens. Someone who learned from the mistake his father did <<less
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LunadeSelene rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: c1
A bit of a boring story, I didn't like the main characters very much.

Just a story about how beautiful the female lead was and how everybody loves her and how handsome the crown prince was. Too boring
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rainydayromantic rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: --
This novel is a laugh-out-loud comedy masterpiece. The family relationships are heartwarming, the romance well-done, and the conspiracies and villains excellently plotted. There’s a ton of inside jokes about the genre of ancient royal court/harem novels, so if you enjoy this genre you will def get a kick out of this story.

-Thanks for all the giggles
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