The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast


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On the Star Network there is a gourmet food broadcast, where all you can see are a pair of hands. However each dish that this broadcast comes out with is earthshakingly delicious. What’s more, the broadcast anchor’s voice is simply perfect!

With the broadcast’s rising popularity, several food programs extended him an olive branch. When the anchor appeared on screen, as they suspected, he is handsome enough to incur the wrath of both men and gods! The fans licked their screens with increasing frenzy, but after licking a while, they discovered…

Fans:…Wait a minute, isn’t this our fatally-ill idol who hasn’t long to live?

Small Gong: Take these damned nutrient solutions and throw them away! And get me that broadcast anchor!

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Live ทำอาหารของราชาจอเงิน!
Our Movie Star's Daily Live Cooking Show
Ying Di Tian Tian Zhi Bo Zuo Fan
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115 Reviews

Oct 15, 2019
Thanks for the effort, author. But your cooking is watery.

I think I'll never touch anything cooking-related again, since it's a waste of time. Chapter in and chapter out it's all about cooking for 100+ chapters, don't you think it's too much? I do. Maybe ppl who like Chinese cuisine will love this, but at the rubbery taste of chicken wings I retched, since I hate boiled chicken skin. And ppl say they gained weight reading this, give me your sturdy stomachs please.

Dumb contradictions everyone gives a pass:

    • The whole notion of entire cooking to be forgotten. Humanity always tried to preserve and protect the heritage of knowledge. I hardly believe that the knowledge of cooking didn't survive and it bugged me all the time;
    • HOW on earth are they recreating things that have been forgotten? Like give me science please. If you forgot the products and how they look who is responsible for formulating, visual looks etc. And if you have that means humanity hasn't lost anything and it breaks entire logic;
    • The ingredient release. Though it's logical for ppl to not know how to cook (at the beginning), but the long presence of Chef Association and the talks of all those restaurants contradicts the notion of newly released ingredients, which conveniently started to pop-up ceaslessly with MC's arrival. What I'm trying to say is - people are addicted to knowledge and experiments, I don't believe that entire network consists of people who only can consume and by the time MC arrives there would have been people who tried to cook in all ways possible, but happens they don't want to experiment themselves with ingredients that were on the market. This defies human nature. Otherwise entire network is a bunch of ignorant fools and they don't deserve to read about them. Sure thing they should serve as a contrast to MC, but it's just too much. The only "logical" part should be - the food cooked without recipe will taste bad. But what I don't get is why people eat that and it's being sold while it tastes bad? Like where's logic in that?;
    • Convenient bs of interstellar that authors try to pull;
    • Monopolization by Chef Association. Pointless and s*upid, since there's still nutritient sollutions widely used, so it's the biggest market rival and caring about small anchors is just s*upid...
Dumb water:

    • when authors don't know what to write they start to use lots of water. long sentences that describe every action, lots of chat comments that don't change the weather and worked only when there was a real conflict. but in other cases lots of water. and I don't have a disposition on reading something so empty.
Really so-so and tedious. I really wanted promised cuteness and fluff, but was splashed with water instead.
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Feb 03, 2020
Status: c104 part2

First of all, let me say that the translator did an outstanding job. The language flowed smoothly, and they provided a lot of info on the actual food through the notes, which was highly appreciated. If I were to judge the novel solely on the translation quality, I'd give it full marks, but I cannot do that.

Although I like food novels, I felt like it got too excessive here. Don't get me wrong, the first dozens chapter were a nice and fun read, but it got boring after a while...... more>>

The unceasing food descriptions didn't really advance the story further at some point. It felt like reading a food blog rather than a romance novel. Plus, it kinda got repetitive... He never faced any kind of challenge regarding his own cooking, which rendered the story bland after 40+ chapters. During his broadcasts he kept making "innovative" dishes which kept getting the highest praises... and that story goes on throughout the entire novel so far.

Moreover, the other elements of the story that are supposed to add to the suspense feel kinda cliché


One of such examples is the following: The villain in this story is a fellow actor who caused his accident that ultimately led to his 5-year coma at the start of the novel. And of course, that villain is s*upid and his plots all fail... All this was resolved in a couple of chapters (although granted, the lead up story has been mentioned in a few sentences throughout the novel)

Another example is the Zerg arc, where an alien insect race starts a war... and of course, our miraculous MC (who's from the technologically less developed ancient Earth times) actually saves the day with his superior knowledge on pesticides... He is able to find the solution to fight against these insects, whereas the scientists of the new world could not. The author explains it by claiming that they have never encountered insects before...

I feel like the author attributed too big of a role to the MC and his food knowledge, and thereby makes the rest of the Empire look s*upid. I feel like a few thousand years of future development should have significantly increased all kind of technologies and knowledge, instead of regressing it..


Yet, I still wanted to persevere, just to see how the romance plays out, because I actually liked the ML. And I feel like he should have gotten more screen time... but alas, he did not. Nevertheless, I did feel gratified when they finally got together (which was reaaaally late too). MC didn't take long to figure out his feelings, and kind of nonchalantly accepted it... which is fine, I guess. But I still wanted more internal struggle because his acceptance just seemed too abrupt. <<less
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Sep 19, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is good and simple. Reading this can be torture to a hungry stomach. T_T

If you want a novel that is all about the food, this is what you are looking for.


this novel adheres to the principle that cooked food can solve all the problems in the world, and in this case its universal???

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May 28, 2021
Status: c90
Typical chinese novel about a pretty MC with talent and a cold looking famous marshal. The ML is less monosyllabic and obsessed than usual, which is nice.

I usually like cooking slice of life, but the balance is wrong, way too much cooking and a lack of plot. Plus the food is repetitive, I don't know how many time I've read "scallion-ginger juice to remove fish/meat's fishy taste, vegetable's raw/earth taste" and wondered sincerely why it must be removed? I think there was more diversity toward the end, but I'd already... more>> stopped reading the cooking descriptions. And while the author boasted a MC with both asian and western food knowledge, 99% of the food was chinese.

The general plot was ok, but full of holes. Think about the big picture, but not the details. Right at the start my brain was already asking too many questions... Like at the first broadcast, the MC is supposed to have no money but send some of his dishes to viewers with the super fast and advanced delivery service and my brain asked me: uh, with what money? how does he know his viewers are in the same town? (and some chapters later:) sorry, the same planet? and that was only chapter 3...

The author tried to add some action (you already know, it's a typical chinese novel) with rumors on the net for MC and war against zerg for ML. The two situations are realy quickly resolved and quite useless, especially the war wich is full of big plot holes, kinda embarassing.

Well, honestly I always find those kind of novels a little racist. So the world experienced hard times, humanity escaped on space and created a new empire. This empire is chinese: chinese people, culture, langage... everything; bye bye to any other country, not even mixed raced people are seen. Then comes some alien villains : cowardly, s*upid, agressive, back-stabbing... and they have US names... I'm neither from China nor the USA but I was embarassed.

Finally, the love-story: friends who realise that they have feelings different from friendship. How, why, when... err it happened that's all you need to know. <<less
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Oct 09, 2019
Status: c78
The cooking scenes are good at the beginning, since it's a part of the plot, but later it's just pure word padding (boring and waste of time, I'm not here to read cook-book thx)

The plot is so-so, s*upid enemies with OP ML that fully supports MC.

Overall, it's just average.
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Dec 24, 2019
Status: c125
It's a light hearted, fluffy, optimistic novel that is heavily food based. The sort of thing you reach for when bored or want something light to read. While there are loopholes (MC can start cooking straight out of a coma, cooking is basically a lost art, gains followers at the speed of light with very little haters), it doesn't stop the story from being an enjoyable read, but it does overstay it's welcome at the end.

characterizarion wise; MC is pretty down to earth, but quite cheeky and playful. ML is... more>> your typical cool stoic guy, but is quite hilarious once we see more of him. The true stars that made me stick around however, are 100% the netizens and their comments. They're cheeky, funny and all around never fail to lighten up the story.

plot wise though; I must admit I basically skimmed most of the chapters and still got the story. 95% of the novel is just describing MC cook and the other 5% is plot. It's like reading a cookbook with no measurements to the recipes. The MC's too OP, whether it be food or life, he even figures out what can kill the enemy soldiers in a war before everyone else can?? What can't he do?! The ending drags on for quite a bit. There's a pointless tournament arc that has nothing really to do with MC (he's a judge) and then he and ML star on a variety show for no real reason. Overall; it's a good story but be prepared for most chapters to be nothing but the MC talking about how to cook xyz and for those OP skills to grant everything. It's definitely hit or miss because I do like the fact that it focuses on the cooking but those long chapters of nothing but cooking can be grating if you read them all in one go. <<less
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Sep 17, 2019
Status: c40
this story is pure food p*rn so be prepared for growling stomachs and a bit of drool as the author describes dish after dish in each chapter. So much good food, though I, being in the savory faction, don't care much for all the sweet added into the food since he is "a true Southerner"

the comments from the viewers are interesting and fun usually. I have a few small issues

... more>>

I find his meteoric rise a little fast (his viewership is in the 100, 000s by the third broadcast) and the MC is extremely OP for someone who supposedly decided not to be a cook in his past life, but I can suspend my disbelief since his parents were chefs and he cooked for himself all his life. I find it harder to believe that someone whose body was in a coma for five years and who is as weak and skinny as he's supposed to be would have the physical strength needed for cooking some of those foods since he leaves the hospital so soon after waking and he's waving around that knife and flipping the wok so energetically within a day. Woks are heavy. I'm surprised he could even walk without assistance, though this is the future so *shrug*, I'm trying not to let my own medical training get in the way of enjoying the story.

I do like that he hasn't suddenly become a genius actor just because he gained the body of a film emperor but I stopped at ch40 so it's possible that changes in the future. I decided to wait for the translations instead of plowing ahead because of a few things I didn't really get/ understand that I am hoping will be cleared up in the translation.

entertaining story that will leave you with a growling belly and a hunger for some good Chinese food. <<less
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Feb 27, 2020
Status: Completed

Urgh. I need to get it out of my head.

At first, I'm kinda okay with everything. The MC isekaid and kinda OP, even in the beginning. It's understandable to do something you know when you unfamiliar with the concept or anything about the world. And since in the past MC familiar with culinary world, it's no problem with that OPness in that aspect.

But, let's be real. He can't cooks anything beside Chinese foods. (I'm really don't mean to dragging Chinese cooking or anything, really. It's just... more>> annoying when he hailed as god of cookery and never even mentioning any foods beside Chinese foods. NOT EVEN MENTIONING. Urgh.)

Not to mention, all the humans are Chinese. It just ridiculous. The author can't even bother to mentioning other human race.

The non-Chinese name that mentioned belongs to non-human race. (Btw, I love Gilbert. And the Rutes. They're hilarious.)

At the beginning, the MC has character, after Water Monsters arc, he became cardboard character. No motivation whatsoever. Everything just conveniently fall into his lap.

The ML. I can't even connect to his character. There's nothing interesting. Just cardboard. Handsome, rich, stoic, influential. (Even his family more memorable than him.)

The romance feels rushed. I can't even bother to cheers for them. One seconds there's not even a hint (or just tiny bit nonsense), the next they're couple!

The world just copy-paste from many trope. Without even attempting to building any narration. I'm lucky familiar with many of the trope, so I can managed to imagine a bit of their world. For first time reader without any familiarity in such trope, it can be very confusing.

And the food. Horrible. (At first it's fine, okay. But the same thing just repeated over and over. It became boring.)

I really want to give this 1 star. But the translation just so good. Thank you, translator. <<less
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May 18, 2020
Status: c30

It started off rather interesting, but quickly became rather monotonous. It felt like every chapter was basically the same where the MC cooks and his fans praise/are amazed by him. The feeling was a bit novel at first, seeing this guy who used to be a modern day food vlogger wow these future peoples w/ his "ancient" recipes, but it gets really old, really fast when almost EVERY chapter seems to be in the same format.

There are also a lot of inconsistencies about food that kind of really boggles me.... more>> For example if processing foods isn't a thing, how is there vinegar, soy sauce, or flour? You would think, if that were the case, they'd be selling wheat grains in the store... not flour.

This is all very acceptable, I guess, if I found the characters more interesting or even if the relationship was more interesting, but it's not. The characters are rather one dimensional. And at Chapter 30, the romance is basically non-existent.

I love Chinese food--I'm Chinese--and it's interesting reading about how some of the foods are made, but after so many chapters and so many foods, there's no novelty in it. He doesn't really change it up as much. While he's being praised for being so innovative with foods, there's no actual innovation going on. They're all common, modern recipes.

If he'd done a smidgen of what he claims to be famous for in his previous life, that is a Chinese-Western fusion type thing, I'd buy more into it, but so far it's all very classic Chinese recipes. And as much as I love the foods he talks about making, it can only carry a novel so far. If I were only interested in the food, I'd go read a cookbook. And at least in cookbooks, they'll list all the ingredients and the amounts so I could try it out myself. <<less
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Feb 29, 2020
Status: Completed
The translator has done a great job. There are photos and recipes links given by the translator. Excellent work.

Unfortunately, the novel is a letdown. The title makes it clear that its a food novel so the expectations were low. However, the author doesn't even try to write a decent story. The world building, the characters, the face-slapping are all cliche. That's fine. But the romance is bland too. All the characters are flat. The novel is inconsistent on many points. The MC is described as emancipated and then next he... more>> is kneading dough for noodles. OK. Whatever. The ending is so rushed. I guess the author ran out of recipes.

A boring story whose saving grace is the translation. <<less
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Jul 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I meant to give this 2 stars. It was generic and boring. It was repetitive and had plot holes. I agree with many other of the reviews but what bothered me most was

... more>>
  1. The brother is already old enough to think for himself but he acts like a 4 year old. When I was 5 or 6 I already knew what a kiss was. This is especially ridiculous in the interstellar era. Ruan Yu watched Ruan Tang's movies so he should have common sense. He can be lacking in some knowledge but not to the point where he's naive.
  2. No one really questions Ruan Tang's knowledge. Maybe it's brought up every now and then but it's nothing really noted. He's just naturally talented. He has amnesia but he naturally knows everything. Eventually he would have to have come up with some sort of explanation. He Yun Yi was supposedly 'smart' but after just mentioning his little theory at the beginning he just brushes everything off. He doesn't talk about it anymore since I guess it was just a passing thought.
  3. His lame excuses worked for everything including for the Zerg war. Like please no chef can just come up with using chlorine to kill Zerg just because they can cook. Especially if it's an ingredient that they just found.
  4. what's with the whole 'this is as it should be' it like it's saying his soul was meant to be there. Is this like an unfulfilled plot? Like they basically fell in love at first sight. The ML fell for him by just looking at his skinny hands in the broadcast. It's unrealistic unless you say they have like some backstory and it was fated.
  5. They call RT innovative and he talks about his own achievements of his past life but it's all regular easy food. I see no western and Chinese mix. Everything is Chinese. The dishes are also repeated throughout the novel. Nothing was new. Nothing was extraordinary.
  6. Also he didn't mourn his past life he acted like it was nothing to be separated from your loved ones, your home, your friends, and the world you know.
  7. It was racist. As I mentioned, everything was Chinese. The only things that weren't, were the names of the villains and the rutes. It clearly depicted westerners as brutes, idiots, cunning, backstabbing people. It made it seem like they hit people at their weakest on one side but also as people lacking IQ and EQ on the other. It showed that like the rutes westerners have little to no common sense and can be s*upidly chummy and idiotic. Honestly as an American it isn't really offensive since there's a lot of idiots out here but nevertheless it is stereotypical and racist particularly so since there's idiots everywhere and we all know it. The world is full of all kids of s*upidity and it's not only in one country.

I have to say I find some of the crackheads here a little cute and funny.

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Apr 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 2.5/5- Uhm... this story took brain holes to a whole different level. Like read this if your common sense needs to take a break because this story is so far fetched and weird that you may find yourself scratching your head when you’re done.

Firstly, I don’t know if the author intended to convey that Chinese people eat everything that moves except cats, because this book literally did that. It became really upsetting when they started eating Zergs and then a black bear, frogs and snakes. I really felt that... more>> the author stopped thinking properly at this point. I enjoy food novels and I understand that all sorts of things can be eaten- however novels usually express preference. Like there are clearly people who like and dislike certain things that allows for variety and tolerance.

Secondly, it appears that the whole interstellar human race is Chinese, not another type of race at all as everything they eat is Chinese and no one can have differing tastes, because every single thing the MC cooks is seen is the most obscenely amazing meal that not a single person can dispute. Anyone who disputes taste or opinion is an idiot. I thought this was quite offensive because many Chinese novels do seem to be quite open minded- just not this one. I mean no such thing as preference exists and a single foodie can conquer wars, create pesticides and overtake millennia of scientific research because of some food knowledge.

The entire book made civilisation and science seem so s*upid. This book is simply a joke when it comes to making any actual sense.

Thirdly it reads for most of the part as a recipe book. You’re literally going to read ingredients and directions for making food at least 70% of this book where you may actually start skimping over chapters.

There’s really nothing good about this book because it becomes so far fetched and unrealistic and I really felt creeped out by the fact that the author pretty much wrote it as eat everything to solve your problems.

There’s only some romance in the last 20 chapters of the book and it’s not even that great. Both characters are very bland but I liked the side characters. They had potential.

Read at your own risk or if you want something to shut off your thinking capacity. <<less
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Oct 02, 2020
Status: c30

This story is just boring. At first few chapters it was interesting and it actually seemed to have plot. But very fast it just started to repeat itself and aside from Chinese food is supreme and nothing else can't possibly exist fillers, the villains etc other plot developments vere very cliche and s*upid...

Translation was perfect though.

Anyway this is just too slice of lifey repetitive boring novel with almost non existent plot developments, so I won't waste anymore time with this novel.
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Sep 24, 2019
Status: c83
MTLd this story up till chapter 83. If you don't like cooking descriptions this story ain't for you, srsly. I guess about 80% of this story is MC cooking and reactions, and the plot of this novel takes up the rest 20%, so besides the cooking, which sometimes take aaaages and the romance, this story is quite fast-paced.

It's basically a modern day Chinese food blogger (who also knows western food) transmigrating into an ex film emperor in interstellar.

... more>>

This film emperor got into an accident 5 years ago and since then has been in a vegetative state. Turns out earth back when our MC transmigrated was basically destroyed and humans had to leave and venture out into space. But since space is already occupied by all kinds of other lifeforms there was a continuous period of wars, and human kind survived on nutrient fluid for a long time. The time when our MC wakes up is just in time when the human empire experiences peace and are trying to reintroduce natural ingredients into the world, since they now have time and as it turns out, only drinking tasteless fluids is detrimental to mental health. But the problem is, while they can genetically regrow those ingredients, they don't know how to handle them, and in general how to cook. When our MC is released from the hospital he realizes that he's got no money and since the only thing he knows is cooking, he starts a live broadcast. And gets famous instantly, because he cooks well (and you can smell and taste food over a live broadcast) and he knows how to handle potatoes and fish, which even a cooking organization and a research institution can't figure out how to prepare and use properly....


And here we get to the problems I have with this story.


As you can already tell the MC got a huuuge golden finger (in this story his knowledge), is sth the author likes apparently. This isn't inherently bad, but the author does barely anything to build up tension, like srsly everything goes perfectly for the MC, nothing goes wrong at all. And no one really confronts him about the source of his knowledge, or just say they don't care, which tbh doesn't make much sense to me. And does anyone srsly believe that even though they can genetically regrow all kinds of ingredients and have entire institutions and cooks as well as researchers testing these out, they can't figure out that you can eat cucumber raw? And no one at all even dislikes any food MC makes, as soon as they taste his food any slight conflict is resolved... I get that he is an amazing chef, esp for those times, but still.. people have preferences... And even if there is a dangerous or possibly dangerous/bad situation for the MC, you don't even get anxious because you just know that nothing will go wrong, because everything in this story goes his way, 100%. The MC to me is barely characterized through his love for cooking and being generally a good human being. Can't say much about the romance since nothing really happened yet (at ~c80), but I hope the author will give our MC at least some reason to get together with ML in this story. But the MC being barely characterized, and there being no real reason for the MC and ML to get together is sth that I found in another story of the author as well, so this might be a problem I have with the author. Although they do it better in this novel.


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Sep 20, 2019
Status: c65
The novel is very good on the onset but it does get boring on the advanced chapters.

Very detailed descriptions of the food the MC makes can really be taxing to reader.

Not enough world building as food details. But it did make me hungry to grab a bowl of white, fluffy, tender rice. Mind you MTL keeps translating tender as rotten sooo. hahaha

... more>>

The author is obviously, painfully Chinese. I really cant get my head around scrambled eggs with chili! Yah... Nope. Bell peppers are more like it. Then we only have steak for western cuisine presented. When's pasta coming around? And I mean the Italian version. And cake Neeeeeds yeast to rise.?? No yeast. No yeast 'restored'. No yeast even mentioned in the food prep. yet they already have the rice cooker cake (made popular by the japanese) ? the text does describe it as fluffy hence my rant.


Anyhows, albeit all these I did really appreciate the author's perseverance to describe everything in painful detail. everytime.

But overall its a nice pasttime read. Romance is slow btw. haha <<less
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Oct 07, 2021
Status: Completed

I think this story is underrated in comparison to other interstellar stories that has the same formula:

1. MC is transmigrated and possesses an ability that is almost non-existent/extinct. MC is therefore highly valued, desired and coveted.

... more>> In this story, MC is an excellent chef. In the interstellar world that he transmigrated to almost everyone only uses nutritional drinks, which are bland and tasteless. The government has been trying too promote natural food for decades but progress is super slow. Natural food also makes people more emotionally stable and hence fewer depressions. But this world doesn't know the art of cooking.

MC is OP in his field but he is kind and not overbearing. Quite liked him.

2. Live broadcasting. MC's skill is discovered through live broadcasting. So do except netizens who are smitten with MC and regards him as their new god. There are some jealous villains and water armies during broadcasting. 3. ML is (yes) another marshall. His family, brother and parents are all very powerful. ML is typical cold, aloof type but these characteristics are far less prominent than in many other stories. Actually, he is very human I think. Shy and somewhat oblivious too. His OP skills isn't overbearing. I really appreciated that here! He feels more real. ML is a SS fighter, his senses are especially strong. So, usually he can't handle any natural food, because it tastes bad, until MC arrives.

4. Do expect the typical smooth sailing success story.

MC's skill is very quickly recognized. He is an instant star. I think somewhere around chapter 20 or so he already gets national recognition.



1. Though most chapters go to the food, the romance is there. It was very natural, pleasant and oh so sweet! Because there are both quite oblivious, their relationship blooms slowly, but in a very enjoyable and pleasant way. Nothing frustrating at all. They are more like friends that value eachother a lot and then due to a few dangerous situations and separation discover they love eachother. Very natural, very sweet. ML is also somewhat shy. Their confession was too sweet! It felt very down to earth and real and therefore really touched me.

2. ML and his brother! Their bond is so great. Older brother teases ML and calls him 'my idiot brother'. They bicker and fight like really close brothers do. ML's parents are equally great how they interact with their sons and MC. Nothing exaggerated, just very real.

3. Side characters are pretty OK and very likeable. More depth than usually in these formulaic interstellar stories! I really enjoyed them, especially the king of the neighboring county, the Rute king.

4. The food. 50% of the story is food description, yes. But I didn't mind. I just skimmed most of the elaborate descriptions. So, you can decide for yourself how to read them. But I did read most of them, because I liked it! No idea if it is all made up, but I also learned a few tricks. Also, the pictures were great! Made it visual. Also, all the food competitions were exciting too read!

PS there are a few inconsistencies in the story. But those were not too annoying. <<less
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Jul 31, 2020
Status: Completed
It would be great if we could give half ratings. This is a 3.5/5. It's very clear that the author went through a lot of trouble to do their research, because the descriptions of how to cook the food were fairly accurate.

However, that's about where this novel stops. This is essentially a giant cook book, and I found myself skimming over a lot of the methods in later chapters because honestly, I'm not really looking to learn how to stew a rabbit's head. Other than that, not much plot. There's... more>> a few antagonists but they're dealt with in a fairly straightforward manner, no drama at all.

MC and ML are cute, but I don't really know if they cultivated enough feelings to warrant a shotgun wedding. Oh well, to each their own I guess. <<less
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Sep 21, 2019
Status: Completed
A Chinese food p*rn story! A bit of drama, a bit of action, a bit of comedy, but a lot of food! Oh and a gradual romance too, one which builds throughout the story. Overall, I would say the story, the characters and the relationships all develop at a natural pace (where besides the futuristic setting, its sorta like slice of life?).
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May 02, 2021
Status: --
This is so boring that I will give it 2 stars just for the good translation, at first I decided to take it easy and I could read almost halfway through, hoping that at some point the rhythm would change or there would be some outcome, but as the reading progressed things alone They became more s*upid, I couldn't even feel the romance here and at some point I came to think that the recipes had more prominence than the protagonists, this could definitely happen as a cookbook rather than... more>> a novel and the food was not even delicious, as I said at the beginning I tolerated it but the recipes were nauseating for the most part and the story... There was no story other than when the author remembered that apparently this was not a cookbook and he had to add a little plot here or there, the protagonists could not to be more bland and irrelevant, I hated this to the point that every time some other story had to do with food I had to leave it, in fact until now it has left me psychological marks as, hahaha it's fine, that's not but I did torture myself trying to finish it and in the end I couldn't take it anymore and I had to leave it lying down, I'm sorry for the bad English but I hate this so much that I even used the translator to leave a review to vent my dissatisfaction. <<less
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Aug 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Pure food p*rn. That, in fact, takes up more than 80% of the text and everything else is an afterthought (but even that goes downhill later when they start eating weird ingredients). 2 stars for the food p*rn, which was well-described and detailed.

Plot: terrible and full of holes, it would have been better without a plot. So many eye-rolling events and moments.

World-building: uncreative to the point of being non-existent.

... more>> Characters: either barebones or ridiculous caricatures that yank you right out of immersion (I'm looking at you, mother).

Character growth: non-existent. You have a stereotypical powerhouse who breezes through everything to the point where it's boring and repetitive, and the stereotypical tyrant, but more badly written than other stereotypical tyrants you've seen.

Relationship development: bad, it goes from friends to lovers in one fell swoop. "Oh, we don't fight, therefore what's between us is love, not friendship, " that's literally how he discovered his feelings. The few interactions they did have after that lacked chemistry.

I'm usually fine with novels with or without smut/fluffy interactions/lovers vibes, but I have to mention this for those who care about this: if you think you'll get some redeeming interaction out of a bad novel, move on. The two characters interact so rarely that you forget they're the main characters. As for intimacy, there are literally 2 scenes in the whole novel, which are reduced to one sentence like "and they rolled around" or "and then sounds could be heard". Not even vague s*xual tension.

I usually keep reading because some novels get better towards the end, but this one never did. Unless you are interested in a food novel, I advise against wasting your time on this one. <<less
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