I am a Chef in the Modern Era


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Lin ShuYi was sentenced to death by the traitorous Emperor for a treasonous crime he didn’t commit. Before drinking the poisonous wine on the execution ground, he stared up at the snow falling from the sky and said to himself, “This is for the best, I will be a cook in my next life! I miss roast chicken…”

Then he woke up inside a body of a teenager in an era completely different from his past life. After that, he meets a nice old man who owns a small restaurant. Completely lost in this new modern world, he found that the only thing that would never change, no matter where one lived, was cooking.

Thus he picked up the promise he made to himself, to be a chef in this life.

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Wǒ zài xiàndài zuò chúzi [měishí]
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fuwa.fuwa rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: c71
[Edited comment >> lot of words to diss this story]

In the beginning, it was so fluffy and created 'meng' affection for readers.

But after reading up until ch. 71 I found this story was kind of 'greedy'.

  • First, because after the first arc, the MC and ML just started dating, but shortly after they're like forced to be wed? OR to be exact, because their close relationship (officially not dating yet) is exposed to public through socmed and the ML's family side felt this would harm the goodwill of their name, they wanted to release public statement of their engagement! For like-reason 'no good to play with a maiden's heart'... they're a tycoon and choosing a son-in-law that recklessly? I meant, they never met before making that decision... as readers knew how good the MC, they're as characters didn't know yet.
  • Second, after gain affection from both family side, the couple talked about baby/babies and wanted to have (at least) one!. I doubt it's been a while since they're dating. Beside, the point is their affection and feeling towards each other is not even written that much and well explained, but babies? Is this a het couple or a homo couple? Even het couple do not immediately talk about babies. And why did I catch the babies-talk was because the ML wanted to have s*x with the MC? | of course things happens and cannot be covered in detail, still rather than emphasize the babies-talk, it's better to focus on how trust and feeling is growing stronger day by day for this couple, so readers can understand why this creates 'meng'.
  • Every chapter, up to chapter I've read, there's food on the table. But the proposition of 'air-time' is unbalance in the end. Food only comes as decoration and to let MC gain an awe from the other parties. The title is [I am a Chef in the Modern Era] but the content is not well managed, ends up with no detail cooking narration but a bunch of plot filler that doesn't sit well all together. The good thing is the TL team puts a foodp*rn. It's better as [I am a Foodie in the Modern Era]
I agree with what iceflecks said about 2D characters
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Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c108
It's a good story, but I dropped it, and let me tell you why.

The story just from the summary already hooked me in, a reverse transmigration where someone from the ancient era gets put into the modern world and wants to be a chef? Sign me the hell up!
And it seemed like there actually was a plot in this story, Lin Shuyi is a foodie and his journey to become a chef was pretty interesting since it went in a completely different direction that I thought it would take... more>> (i.e. A Kdrama-esque route) but it was interesting. I didn't mind it, and he was still on his way to fulfilling his goal in his new life.

And then, I don't know what happened. I'm legitimately still confused even now.

Everyone's already saying it, they adopted kids. Out of nowhere. Shortly after getting together. Wtf..?


I dropped it, because the story didn't follow it's original path anymore. It completely betrayed its freaking title! Lin Shuyi finally gets his restaurant and I was so excited! Finally, the first step to becoming a chef! But he stops there. At the first step, he stops.
This 19-year old with his new boyfriend-turned (immediately) -fiance, decides to adopt kids, abandons his ambitions altogether, rushes to train his newly-hired novice chef so he can leave his restaurant to him while he raises his kids. Even the grandpa in the beginning is just thrown away to another family.

I. Am. So. Disappointed.

The story no longer followed what it said it would be about, which is to become a Chef in the modern era. I was so let down, it turned a story that could've potentially be a 4.5 to one I couldn't even finish. (3.5/5) <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance
January 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Update: So I finished. I kind of forced myself though since this was recommended by a friend because I thought I should give this a change. I regret doing that. I finished this novel with really sour feelings over the latter events of the novel.

From the summary, you can tell that the theme of the novel is all about cherishing and focusing on what truly makes you happy. The MC was an ambitious scholar and government official who shot up the ranks very quickly, while in contrast, he lived a... more>> more simplistic life in the modern era as a chef for a small noodle restaurant in a rural town.

Contrary to what the title I am a Chef in the Modern Era implies, this novel is less about culinary arts and more about relieving past burdens and cherishing what truly matters (your family and doing what you love doing). I thought this was a good set up for a slice-of-life novel as it celebrates the simple joys of life rather than fame & fortune. (for the MC, his joys of life was food and cooking).

But. All the sentimental values portrayed in the beginning of the novel lost its meaning by the end of the novel. I also felt that the author got out of touch with reality towards the end and got lazy with portraying human emotions and behaviors in a realistic manner.


Given this novel's emphasis on family bonds, it's not out of place for the MC to take interest in adopting kids. One of the things that he reflected about his past life is that he never got to experience what it's like to have a family since his relationship with the teacher who raised him wasn't really like a father-to-child relationship and kept strictly as teacher-student relationship. In this life, the MC's relationship with the ML was firmly established in spite of how quick it was and by this point, the MC had fully realized what he truly wanted in his life: his own family.

My discontent with the adoption thing was how unrealistically easy they integrated into the family. First of all, the two kids (Xiao Yu and Tao Tao) were just too perfect. They never caused any problems and were always well behaved and smiling. No crying. No child tantrum. No conflicts. No arguments. Nothing. Raising kids (adopted or not) cannot be this easy can it? Does the author actually know what it's like to raise kids?

Second, they adjusted to their new family too easily. This is too weird considering that the kids were taken home on the same day that they met. Is it realistic for total strangers to become family this quickly?

The elder kid (Xiao Yu) carried emotional scars from his previous adopted family and it shows as he talks to the MC with a smiling yet sad expression. Yet after taking the kids home, Xiao Yu shows no signs of his past scars. The sad expression and heavy weight in his voice he carried at the orphanage disappeared instantly with the MC's assurance. Is it possible for the emotional scars of a child to heal within a single day? Is it possible for a child to trust the words of a stranger this easily?

Another thing I hated was how the Old Man Yang's house became forgotten considering all the sentimental value that it carried during the arc with his daughter-in-law trying to sell it. The house was pretty much abandoned with the Old Man Yang moving in Xiao Wan's family. Old Man Yang moved out. The house was never mentioned again. No talks about how the house would be taken care of. No talks about keeping the house safe and clean. Nothing.

The biggest headache was that the MC actually gave up his profession as a chef and went into real estate. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Real estate? Seriously? Didn't the MC learn from his past mistakes of losing himself to his ambitions. Did the MC say he only wanted to focus this life on doing what he loves which was cooking?


In my opinion, it would have been better to end this novel at around ch. 70. I feel like the novel got its proper conclusion at ch.70. (Similar to when many people dropped the Shonen giant, Bleach, after the Arrancar Arc because they felt like they got their conclusion with a specific character.).

I feel like everyone had gotten what they wished for and the novel is pretty much dragging things after that with drama from side characters. The spoiler box below gives a summer of all the major events and arcs up to ch. 70.


After transmigration: MC wakes knowing absolutely nothing about the original owner of the body he transmigrated into. Old Man Yang takes him in and gives him a job at his restaurant, XiQin Restaurant. MC has his first encounter with the ML at ch. 5 when they walk into each other at a bayberry garden. The ML starts sticking to the MC (to his dismay) after the MC finds him beaten up and lying in Old Man Yang's vegetable garden. Together, the trio runs the XiQin Restaurant and the three becomes very close to the point that Old Man Yang regards the two, the MC in particular, as his grandsons. Things are peaceful and pretty much pure slice-of-life until the first arc.

Arc 1: Old Man Yang's daughter-in-law plotted to take and sell Old Man Yang's cherished house to start a beauty salon. This arc ends when his grandson's gambling debts tears the family apart and the ML uses his connections to save Old Man Yang who willingly gives himself up to resolve the debt. The grandson goes to prison, the daughter-in-law ends up in a mental hospital due to stress over the debt and the loss of her family, and the son divorces the daughter-in-law and moves on with his life.

Arc2: Old Man Yang gives the XiQin Restaurant to the MC. The MC renovates the restaurant and personally does all the architectural and interior designing.

Arc3: Old Master Shen (ML's grandfather) contacts the ML and urges him to introduce the MC to the family. ML brings MC to his home city. The old master of the Shen household (ML's grandfather) unexpectedly shows up at where they're staying and has a talk with each of them separately. Old Master Shen (ML's grandfather) leaves with a good impression of the MC and his attitude peaks the interests of ML's parents who become eager to meet the MC.

Arc4: With the approval from Old Master Shen to their relationship, the MC and ML returns home and spills the beans to Old Man Yang, whom MC considers as his family while finding out that Old Man Yang got together with Xiao Wan's widowed grandmother. Everyone involves accepts the new circumstances very easily and happily.

Arc5: ML brings the MC to the Shen household and they have dinner with the entire family. The entire family have long since accepted their relationship so the dinner goes really well. The entire family accompanies the couple to a press conference where the ML confirms the rumors about his homosexuality and formally announces his relationship with MC. The press conference ends peacefully with everyone having positive impression of the couple. So with this arc, the couple has gained the acceptance of ML's family and the general public.

Arc6 (Ch. 70-75) : The Shen family formally meets Old Man Yang and the entire family gets along very well.



Random quotes that describes the characters:

MC is all about food Ch. 25: The only difference was, all of Xiao Wan's bags contained things to play with, while all of Lin ShuYi's bags contained things to eat.

This quote from Xiao Wan's grandmother summed up Old Man Yang's character perfectly: That old man, he's always been too kind-hearted. Now if he had my temper, then even heaven would be in an uproar.

while her own personality on the other hand: Xiao Wan's grandmother might have a knife for a tongue, but she was actually soft at heart. Her only flaw was that she liked to gossip too much, but she was a good person. This was clear in the way she treated and took care of Old Man Yang.

And Old Man's relation with MC and ML: Seeing that Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu were cooking in the kitchen, no one was surprised anymore. From their point of view, these two kids were like old man Yang's real grandsons. No, they were more charming than his real grandson.


First Major Arc: Old Man Yang's family

  • This arc is centered on the conflict between Old Man Yang and his son's family, primarily his daughter-in-law. With this arc, we finally get to understand why Old Man Yang has been alone all these years and why he regarded so closely as to call him his grandson.
  • This arc officially started when Old Man Yang was invited to stay with his son's family in the city they live in. After years of no contact, Old Man Yang happily did so, but abruptly returned two days earlier with a downcast mood. Everyone notices that Old Man Yang doesn't want to talk about what happened and so no one asks any questions.
    However, very soon, Old Man Yang's son and grandson showed up at his restaurant and we find out what caused Old Man Yang's early return.... his daughter-in-law had an ulterior motive for inviting Old Man Yang: to extort money from Old Man Yang so that she can open up a beauty salon.

    With a deceiving smile, she offered to bring Old Man Yang to live with them in the city. This makes Old Man Yang feel touched, but all happy feelings goes away when she continues and brings up the underlying condition... Old Man Yang must sell his house and use it to open a beauty salon.

To add context to the arc, here's the background of each family member


Old Man Yang: Impoverished and owns a noodle restaurant. He bought his current house with is late wife with hard earned money. He refuses to sell it out of sentimental reason as it is a memento of his late wife who passed when their son was young. He has a calm temperament and doesn't hold a grudge over the fact his son hasn't contacted him in years. No matter how bad their arguments get in arc, he quickly gets over it and accepts his daughter-in-law's apology. Even though he dislikes his daughter-in-law, he still acknowledges her as family and wants to maintain close with his family.

Zhao XueMei (Daughter-in-law) : She studied cosmetology, but became a homemaker after she married Old Man Yang's son. In the first years of their marriage, they lived with Old Man Yang, but complained that it was old and run down. She wanted to live in the city and Old Man Yang gave up his live savings to make the down payments on their house. She also got her own parents to contribute to the payment. The reason why she seeks money from Old Man Yang specifically is because she ruined her relations with her and her husband's relatives with her bad attitude. Old Man Yang is the only relative willing to tolerate the daughter-in-law's terrible personality.

Yang JianGuo (Son) : The sole income earner of his household. He's been described as a refined gentlemen, perfect in every way except that he's a coward who can't stand up to his wife. He never made any attempts to stay in contact with his father all these years because of his wife's domineering control over him. Old Man Yang speculates that the lack of a mother's guide is the reason for why his son turned out this way.

Yang Xiao (Grandson) : 22 years old, graduated, and still unemployed (and sadly has no intentions of getting one). His continued dependence on his parents is what caused the daughter-in-law to consider opening a beauty salon. He was primarily raised by his mother who spoiled him. His father gave up on raising him because his wife would scold him with a shrill voice every time he attempts to discipline their son.


This quote is a perfect example of the hypocrisy in the daughter-in-laws words and how dysfunction the family is:


Ch. 27

Zhao XueMei disagreed. "Why are you being so harsh? Didn't he just play a few rounds and lose a bit of money? You're making it seem like he's doing something much worse. Xiao Xiao still has some friends at least, but look at you, you don't even have someone to help out if you need it."

Yang JianGuo was blocked again to the point that he had nothing else to say, even though the only reason he didn't have friends was all according to this fearsome wife's wishes.


Yang JianGuo couldn't bear to see Zhao XueMei spoiling Yang Xiao at all, but even though he couldn't bear it, his words didn't hold any weight either. In any case, Zhao XueMei never listened to him, so he picked up his bowl and went into the living room by himself.


Yang Xiao had known since long ago that the one who spoke up and got things done in this house was his mother. He only needed to deceive his mom, and his dad's objections would no longer hold any significance.

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iceflecks rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: Completed
A fluffy BL story that starts off with cooking, but is more about human interactions. The drama that exists in this story isn't for the MC but for side characters, which isn't a bad thing as it has more of a slow paced slice of life feel to it, especially by the last half of the story.

I give it a 4 because the characters felt a bit 2D to me, although I totally recommend this for fluff and readers who want to read about MCs that live a peaceful life.
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univrs rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I am back at this page a year after finishing this novel. I still reel at the thought of it.

Honestly, I forced myself to finish bc I was already at like 2 chapters left or so, and thought I might as well go through with it.

First of all, like many said, it's only good at the start. the premise and setting is interesting, and I liked the foodie concept and the "boyfriend that suddenly crashed into his life is actually rich" cliche wasn't bad, as it's quite a common one.

... more>> The problem is that this novel was only good for like the first quarter or so.

Not to mention the unnecessarily long drama about the grandpa's family that the MC gets wound up into, the latter half of the novel completely abandoned all the previous settings and the whole a** title as well.

The grandpa disappears as soon as he's done his part with contributing to MC's character, and the relationship between the MC and ML accelerates at breakneck speed.


MC and ML adopt a set of siblings who are perfect, obedient, sensible, model, 2D children. It's the same as reading about someone who adopts a puppy who is picked up off the street but it's already sensible, doesnt cry, doesnt wet the floor, is already potty trained, knows how to sit stay laydown rollover and bring the remote over from the table. yeah.

And on top of this, MC opens up a restaurant where he ends up never really cooking in? He inherits the restaurant from the grandpa, then he completely rebuilds on top of the old shop and makes it an appointment only type of restaurant, which I have no complaints about. the complaint is that he barely ever steps foot into the kitchen except to increase "flex" points I guess. In fact, he rarely ever cooks towards the end of the novel. He passes off his dream of opening a restaurant to an unwilling (?) employee after training him then runs off to his perfect family..... He opens up a bunch of other restaurants which are absolutely booming in business, and MC never has to ever go back to check how things are going or do any menu planning or etc, anything that entails to running a food service business I just OTL.....


Honestly, the minute details that used to irk me are all forgotten, but these major points I have never forgotten....
I personally wouldn't reread. If you're interested in reading bc of other reviews saying it's fluffy, then go ahead. It just wasn't my cup of tea, maybe you'll enjoy it. Take my review with a grain of salt. <<less
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April 3, 2019
Status: Completed
4.5 for me

Highly recommend

Fluffy bl story

Has many food details (well its obvious with the title)

Its a sweet slice of life story that has a very dramatic start but then lays off in the middle till the end. If you want to soothe your heart after reading a tragic one then u can read this, its also very easy to mtl but of course we must support the translator

Edit: NU wont submit my rating on stars so I can only put it here in the review
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YoriMei rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c88
It's a decent story, but it's just so fluffy and happy that it's a bit bland once you get to the middle/end. Basically, an innocent lamb is thrown into the modern world and ends up working at a restaurant while finding a father figure in the old man who owns the restaurant and a lover from the mysterious ML who works there for kinda no reason. It's not that MC is dumb (he knows how to ride a horse, poetry, skilled at drinking) but he mostly comes off as a... more>> pure, innocent 16-18 year old who hasn't been through much but is very hardworking.

Most of the conflict just comes from family issues, and mostly is about money and filial piety. The old man's family is basically tr*sh (except the dad who means well but is passive) and honestly most of the problems stem from the mother who wants money and babies their son (whose a pan ungrateful brat). The problem is that, once that situation is resolved, it loses tension and starts dragging in my opinion. It's still very fluffy, just loses steam and you're just waiting around for the two together. Honestly the side story is much more interesting at that point. <<less
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Dewwy rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: c30
Just a quick heads up to the future readers of this novel, if you're looking for a book that is mainly about cooking and food with a peaceful and calm setting, then this is the wrong place for you.

Although this book started out fine, everything steadily went downhill as the story progressed.

... more>>

To be more specific, when the Grandpa's family came into the picture.


As I flipped through the chapters, the story became more of a drama filled novel with cooking as a subplot rather than the main point of the story (even though the main character proclaimed to become a chef in this life).

The story slowly started becoming more and more focused on a whole new topic un-related to food, which makes me wonder about when we'll get to see the main character actually achieving his dream.

Other than the small and deatiled descriptions about the main character's love for food, there really isn't anything else he's doing

other than working in the tiny restaurant


The ML?

Well, he just mysteriously appeared by the main character and never left.

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Melange rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: Completed
If ever I needed a novel to lull me to sleep, it would be this one. It was a true visual lullaby. I dozed off no less than a dozen times trying to read this, trying desperately to read to the end while I struggled to stay awake lest I drop my phone on my face.

In a nutshell, MC transmigrates from an ancient society to modern times and meets ML. Then he builds a restaurant. MC and ML fall in love. They adopt kids. Get married. The end.

At first, MC... more>> and ML's personalities were refreshing, but at some point in time, the author decided to forego the plot and chase word count. I'm not exactly sure when this happened, though it was likely around the time when MC and ML got together. After they get together, there's basically no point to continuing the story as it becomes exceedingly boring.

What about MC's past? Well, it was just a plot device to explain why an otherwise unremarkable 18-year old has ungodly talents. After MC and ML got together, it was never brought up again. There are also some parts of the novel that are laughably unrealistic.


MC just had to whistle a bit to tame a horse he's only seen once. Guess he's a horse whisperer.

Let's not forget about how they just visited a shelter and picked out some kids like they were adopting a dog...

Also, they closed down their restaurant whenever they wanted, every few days, right after it opened and nobody seemed to mind. What a reliablebusinessplan, amazing.

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etsuhun rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: Completed
To be completely honest, I had some expectation on this danmei. How can the MC, a government official (not even a chef from what I remembered) from the past elevate cooking when in today's world food had a lot of improvements over the years? Cultures are being shared and with that comes food as well. The answer was, he didn't. I guess he only made it taste better? And judging from the recipe in the novel it seems like the standard way of cooking it too, so no secret ingredients... more>> added. Just MC's luck I guess. My expectation got shattered. I was really rooting for the author to come up with something, bummer.

Now, even if its like this I really didn't hate the danmei. It was bland, like a danmei to pass time. Overall, not bad. I kinda liked the arc about grandpa and his son. The "ending" of it was quite anticlimactic though, could've done more and didn't just stick into "bad guys end up in a pool of misery and never-ending sadness".

Also pretty sh*t characterization. Some characters that were mentioned just disappeared throughout the course of the novel.


MC first talked about this one dude from his old timeline that made ML pretty jealous. ML kept wondering "who was that guy" but he was never mentioned in the end. Author introduced him in the story like he's a big part of the novel but bro just dipped. Justice for that character lolol *lights a candle



OG MC's family: author also introduced the picture as like some sort of mystery but was never solved in the end. Who are those guys? Why bother even putting that in author? To add some "spice" on the MC cause he bland as hell??????


Seems like MCs only personality was eating. I mean I geddit, he's from the old era and theres a lot of new food in modern China but c'mon. There should be something else right??? And he wasn't a chef too so there "should" be other characteristics that he had through his old job but no just e a t I n g. I can't talk anything about the ML cause he has a forgettable personality.

Though what I remember is the rushed relationship that these guys had and boom kids right away. Dating, press conference, maRRIAGE and kids aw. As a person who doesn't enjoy being with kids, the children were adorable. Maybe because its not realistic. Managing a child is really hard and it wasn't portrayed well in this danmei

Overall, an "ehh" danmei. Author could've really put this in drafts first and made some research on "almost forgotten recipes in china" or made MC's old timeline into a different universe instead. If you're bored like I was then check this out, though disclaimer you might be even more bored reading this.

On another note, thanks translators for putting in pictures of the food and recipes! Probably the only reason why I kept trudging ahead to the end and dropped the novel on the extras haha sorry side couple (though I think they had more chemistry than the main cp, I just had to exit the tab cause I just cant read it anymore) <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
September 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I liked the book, though the beginning more than the end. The chapters with recipes were the best! However, the recipes disappeared towards the end, as did the fun cooking scenes, and the book became much more pure fluff with little plot.

I also thought the author's viewpoints a bit simplistic sometimes, especially some of the assumptions about the US and how easy it was to do things there.
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
August 10, 2019
Status: c83
The beginning: drama that kept my eyes glued open ?

... more>>

The Yang family is no joke. At least the grandpa isn't an a$$hole like the grandson and wife.


The middle: Relationship building, some kissy, a little touchy ? No smut so I was a bit disappointed. Minus 1 star.

I liked getting to know the ML's family.


For them to be rich as f*uck, they're super cool. Even grandpa eventually chills and accepts the relationship


The end... I never got there. It kind of got boring to me. ? After the relationship was stabilized, all I read was fluff. I don't mind light hearted stories, but I found myself not giving a d*mn.


I think it's because the MC had a pretty bland personality. Other than being OP and being able to do just about anything, I didn't find him that interesting. The few times he showed interesting traits were too far and few, like the time he shutdown the gay-hating fake reporter at the press conference when he and the ML came out. Other than those rare moments, the ML was far more interesting.


Minus 1 star

And something else that had me irritated


Are you telling me you went from rebirth, being the adopted grandson of a old man you've never met replacing the grandpa's own family, to owning your own restaurant, to being in a fully committed relationship, to meeting the parents, to talking about adopting kids in half a year?! Holy Sh*t! Now that's gold finger!! I admit I like my MC's to be overpowered, but this went waaaaaaaaay too fast.


I won't minus anymore stars cause the translation was decent.

I would have liked a bit more drama or tension, but that's just me. <<less
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Umbrosa rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c37
I'd probably give the story like a 4.5-ish? The story is really cute! A lot of fluff and heartwarming stuff too (since the old man ends up acting as the main characters' grandfather basically). I like the pacing of the story, but the romance part is slow so far. It's very pleasant if you're okay with that! Characters are also pretty well developed and believable.

Also the translation team is awesome! Happily gave it 5 stars because of them! High-quality, daily chapter releases for novels is no easy feat, but Exiled... more>> Rebels are masters at this stuff~ This story should be fully translated probably by... around August? Their team is seriously on top of things, in both their current and previous projects. Also the food pictures they add in are great. Reading might make you hungry, lol. <<less
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lighterxx rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: c85
Alright, going to be truthful.

Its cute and sweet story and if not for the thing that bothered me, I would probably give 5 stars.

The thing is they CONSTANTLY call Lin ShuYi call him wife its just plain sickening at this point. I'm sick of gay man getting called "female" or "woman" in these novels, and this one almost constantly does so. No matter what happens in bedroom, he is a male, I cannot understand this insistance to make things seem heterosexual. Like, come on Author, you criticized censorship, yet cannot... more>> fanthom two males liking each other without one seeing other as female? Plain insulting.

If I was Lin ShuYi I would break up in a heartbeat. <<less
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speracles rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c1
Excited to read a combo of several of my favorite genres! BL plus foodie recipes AND transmigration to a modern era? Sign me up! The first chapter already has a great recipe...
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 3, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all the translation is superb so it's definitely easy to read if you want to give it a go.

I had kinda high expectations because it's a foodie book and it has a relatively good rating but I was a little disappointed. I know it's a slice of life genre, but at the later half of the book something just fell short, making it a little more on the boring side and less on the comfortable read side which sets the tone of this review. Anyways, the book doesn't... more>> have much of the business management (I was soooo expecting more here)

he put so much thought into the restaurant just to almost immediately let it go. Maybe the author inserted the kids way to early resulting in the lack of development but this is one of the contributions to my dissatisfaction

or cooking part (it was good to a certain extend but somehow the later half's chapter titles just become some random food item that was bought) but it does have dog blood drama up (involving the Grandpa's family) and the kids are adorable (MORE PLEASE).

Side note, the male lead is not a gangster or part of the mafia in any way. God knows why he was portrayed like one though. Give it a go if you are interested (the first half is actually quite good but somewhere down the line it gets a bit flat). Drop it if you get bored. Read the spoilers if you can't get to the end. Enjoy! <<less
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ZiZi07 rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a bit boring, I have to play CoD to keep myself awake.. on c116 I almost fell asleep it got really really boring and bland that I just want to complete it and move on to another story... if you want so much fluff I won't really recommend this one but you're the one whose reading...
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Aachiin0914 rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is super fluffy.

It sometimes made my heart thumped because of the sweetness. And I specifically love how MC was so filial with grampa Yang.

I also give the translator a praise. Well done!!┏ (^0^) ┛

... more>> It's a food novel that mainly focused on love story between the protagonists. And there story is very straight to the point with no walls. In fact, I can't think but say that they made a shortcut.

They were also hastily made decision so fast, that if it was a novel with a bit of realisms MC's restaurant will go down in vain even with the help of protagonist hallo.

Well, over all. It's very entertaining. And I recommend this novel to those who like to read foods and those who like fluff and quick dev love.

However what I like to read though is their son's life after they grow up.

The older brother have a potential to become a possesive black bellied gong and the younger is the passive, sickly dependent shou.

(つ✧ω✧) つ <<less
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Chumchum rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: --
It is cute and fluffy... A good read to relax.

I can't really see MC as a person from ancient times more like a baby chick just hatched
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June 3, 2021
Status: Completed
While I did like like this novel that was only because I do like tyrannical ceo in bl settings novels because this is what this novel turned to after the introduction of the ml.

The theme of cooking and life in the modern is glossed over after the introduction of the ML and the novel becomes mainly about the ML and MC and their relationship with their friends and family and very fast introduction of children then marriage

I don't actually feel that the MC like the ML that much more like... more>> going around with the flow type so this novel is a solid 3. The translation is good and it's not very long <<less
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